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  1. Would Lancebreaker 2 be enough? (Though I'll probably give him Lancebreaker 3 from Narcian when he's rereleased).
  2. These may be the stats if the map still only has Normal/Hard versions.
  3. I actually meant the 4* Lv. 35 version (the one where they gave a 3* F!Robin). Since I'm not sure I have something to take a lot of physical and magic damage at the same time, I kill the top Axe fighter with Kagero so she only has to take magic damage the first turn (because the lance fighter is too far to reach on one turn). Then Physic to cure that damage.
  4. Just seeing F!Robin map is going to return made me try to think how to clear it, and discovered that my 5* +HP/-Spd Kagero can solo it. I just need some physic healer + dancer support, though I haven't used Lachesis, so I still don't have Physic.
  5. I'm on the same position, though I do have a Quick Riposte Michalis.
  6. Yeah, I admit I do feel that even with these restrictions, abusing trading is easy. That said, it's fun to think ideas for this, even if it would be ineffective. Merges: Traded units can't be merged to another unit. Also, merged units can't be traded. Edit: Actually, give traded units a symbol that prevents loss of it other than by returning it home (and doing so gives less feathers) Edit 2: Maybe not that restricted, but something to limit trading just for skill fodder. Maybe so it's more like about trading to get your favorites and less about finding powerful units for easy wins (though it's still there).
  7. So, I still kinda wish trading was a thing, even as I know it could be very abusable. But I thought of some things to mitigate it. Play time/Pulls requeriment: Limiting trading to profiles that played for a certain amount of time and/or pulled a certain amount of characters could work to discourage players repeteadly rerolling to give themselves easy 5* characters. Maybe about 5-10 hours of active play time (actually playing through maps and not just leaving it on the main castle)/50 pulls would work. It would still be kinda abusable, but it would make it really slow, so some people may not bother with it. Reset levels upon trading: Reset the unit to level 1 and give it the skills it would have at it's current rarity (inherited skills stay there, but will be unlearned). This would prevent people from getting a Lv. 40 5* star unit and soloing the early game with that unit only (though some Lv. 1 5* can carry you through the early game anyway). Only code registered friends can be asked for a trade: This is so people don't add other people on the arena just to beg/pester them for one of their units on their arena team. This would also make the friend list more useful. Though even with these restrictions, I think it would still be abusable, but it would not be as quick.
  8. I'll be waiting until I have feathers for F!Corrin. Thanks for the answers. Also, should I keep him with Vantage or give him another B skill?
  9. I do have Draconic Aura from a -Atk F!Corrin, though she's 3* and I'm saving feathers to get someone to 5*.
  10. Whoops. Forgot to specify it was for Reinhardt. I'll edit it.
  11. What would be a good special skill for Reinhardt? I have Sol, Noontime and Luna from 4* units. I have other skills from 3* units, but I'm saving feathers for now.
  12. Well, I guess I'll keep Hone Cavalry in case I use Reinhardt on a Horse emblem team. Though I have two 4* Barsts that could pass Spur Atk 3 to him.
  13. Should I unlock Goad Cavalry for Reinhardt? He will be part of my main team once I get him to a high enough level. And the only other cavalry there is Abel. Due to how brave weapons work, I think it would be useful, even if he's the only one taking advantage of it.
  14. Looking back at my team, it has enough attack already. Speed, on the other hand, is kinda low.
  15. Thanks for the answers. Also, not related to horse teams, but what would be a good C skill for a +Def/-HP Roy? I have Hone Attack (F!Corn) and Speed (Matthew), along with Threaten Speed (Navarre or Selena) and Defense (Michalis or Peri).