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  1. I like a lot of what I have heard, but here's my top ones: Roy: "By my blade!" Michalis: "You are finished!" Xander: "Prepare yourself!" Takumi: "I'll shoot you down!" F!Robin: "Our bonds give me strength!" Ike: "Out of my way!"
  2. Was also thinking on using this set, as I have all of the skills for Roy, though mine is +Def/-HP. The only problem I have is that I only have one 4* Abel, and I don't know if I'll get another one sometime. I'm thinking the +Def boon would make Bonfire a good alternative to Iceberg, since I have more Bonfire fodder than Iceberg
  3. I'll be supporting Merric. Since Merric is likely to lose against Robin, he will be the next mage I support (this was planned before we knew the matchups) My FC is 8438079743, and my team leader is Reinhardt (no DB sadly)
  4. They both look awesome! Thanks!
  5. I have the 3* Xander from the GHB, and I'm going to get him to 5* while giving him other skills. Problem is, all of the skill fodder is 3*, so I'll need feathers to promote all of them. Since they're four units, and I'll still need feathers to promote Xander, I'll need 30k feathers to have him completely built. I currently have 17k feathers, so who should I promote first? The units for skill fodder or Xander?
  6. Current HM so far: Excuse me while I grind HM on my main team.
  7. Ike and Hector with each other weapons?
  8. I'll probably hoard my orbs in case this happens. Even if it isn't I'll still hoard orbs.
  9. Wanted to share my hero merit since everyone is doing so.
  10. I have a +Def/-Res and a +Def/-Spd Sheena. I'm probably going to use both since Effie and Zephiel are the only other 4* armors I have, but which one has a better bane?
  11. I want Orbs! Edit: I may have region restrictions, but my account has no money, so it may be possible to change.
  12. I'm planning on giving Elise Rehabilitate, Heavenly Light and Pain. She has enough SP to learn two of them, so which one should I leave for later? Or should I keep her balm/Gravity?
  13. Questions like this should be posted on the "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions " thread. Anyway, Takumi's resistance is crap, so you should be using a mage to OHKO him, especially Vantage ones. Brave weapon users may be able to kill him before he can counter, but Olwen and Reinhardt are notable since they have a brave tome. I have a Takumi myself and I'm aware of some of his weaknesses.
  14. A +Atk 5* Lilina would be the only mage capable of damaging him unbuffed Edit: Ursula, Linde and Nowi would too.
  15. If there's a lot of horses, Blarwolf Ursula may work well here. Otherwise, Blarblade Ursula it is. Gunter comes either way. F!Robin may also be useful if there's blue horses here. The last slot is between Roy (Draw Back/Hone Spd) or Olivia (Dance/Hone Atk)