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  1. What have been your "Black Week's" snatches?

    Nintendo Switch (299.99 (with a "free" $50 Gamestop Giftcard)), Octopath Traveller (59.99), and Valkyria Chronicles 4. (39.99) all together it took up about $350 due to the giftcard. A p good deal, I'd say
  2. If you could add one more FE character...

    Due to my Bias towards Sacred Stones, Ephraim would have to be my choice. I even have a potential moveset His moveset would probably be similar to Corrin's, in that the tip of his lance does more damage. His Neutral B could be or his crit, where it charges up and acts like Melee Marth's Sheild Breaker Side B would be a standard Lunge, used for horizontal recovery. Down B would be a counter, cuz FE character. Or it could be a sort of backstep-stab thingy, where it acts like a backroll without the invincible frames and an added attack. Up B would be some kinda recover. I have no clue what tbh. Maybe he throws Reginlief upwards, and uses it as a tether (Reginlief has a rope/ribbon thingy on it)? Side smash would be a shorter version of his lunge Up smash would be him jabbing upwards with it, maybe able to slightly angle the lance Down smash would be a sweep, kinda like Roy's. Maybe instead of launching the opponent, it trips them, allowing for a quick set up combo. Jabs and grabs would be basically Ike's and Roy's, I guess. His victory quote or one of his taunts would be "I don't pick fights I can't win" His final smash would either be -him and Eirika both doing a promoted crit, but coming from opposite sides of the screen (Ephraim in the direction he faces, Eirika from the opposite direction), hitting the opponents in a straight line, much like Marth's. It wouldn't be an insta-kill, unless both Ephraim and Eirika hit the opponent OR -Him doing a solo crit, as unpromoted Ephraim, where the spinny thingy draws people in close. (if it isn't his neutral-b)
  3. General Music Thread

    Priestess is great, and Lay Down is a personal fav of mine
  4. Weapons/Game mechanics speculation thread

    It also seems like weapon durability might return, which is a good thing imo. I
  5. Create a Personality Gimmick!

    I was thinking about this and thought of another character gimmick like this, but funnier. He's a chef, but his cooking is just god-awful. Like, people purposely keep him away from the kitchens. The one day he cooks is the day when the previously mentioned mercenary wanders into camp, and the merc still eats and loves it, which makes you wonder- just how bad is the opposing army's food?
  6. Create a Personality Gimmick!

    This would be hilarious, especially if his personal skill revolved around it, like, a 10 percent chance to decoy and then crit or smthn So basically Dolza but with the manliness turned up to 11. Okay, a bard who keeps trying to get people to listen to his hot musical score, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to.
  7. Next banner leaked in game *spoilers within*

    a Nino alt? Her continuing to try her best? Yes please
  8. General Music Thread

    Thank you Veela, for killing it on another DnB track. Like, how are you so versatile?
  9. General Music Thread

    Not sarcastic my man. Good choice from the RWBY soundtrack my guy. Die is one of the biggest bangers that Jeff Williams has put out so far imo
  10. General Music Thread

    Continuing with mentioning the classics, I've been on a Led Zeppelin kick as of two hours ago, and mainly these two songs- Using my headphone's mixer to bass boost these songs has opened my eyes to how truly good they are. I appreciated them before, but now... I think I'm in love. I was also literally about to make a music thread. Thanks for beating me too it.
  11. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    You don't have to delay a game if you never talk about it
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I think that while the 3DS Era did a lot of both bad and good, now that FE has a bigger fanbase, the next game should be closer to Classic FE. Fates ain't a bad game, but it is a bad FE Game (or at least a mediocre one)
  13. Create a Personality Gimmick!

    An armor knight who keeps buying more and more ridiculously ornate pieces of armor (whether or not they fit doesn't matter), and it's to the point where the army's caravan/supply wagons can't fit anything else. (Personal skill could be like, when battling a promoted unit (since their armor is usually more complex), gets +5 hit and attack or something like that) Someone like Gaius, but instead of a thief with a candy obsession, have it be like, an enemy merc who wandered into the camp because of the smell of the food, and immediately switches sides. Like, just have his whole thing be complaining about how bad the enemy's rations are. He became a merc to afford good food, dammit, and he will do anything to get it. (Personal skill could be get a boost in combat if paired with someone carrying a food-related item (Joke weapons, confections, ect.) OR if paired with one of the good cooks in the army) A trainee unit, but they are older, and have decided to practice Magic/Fighting because, at their age, why not?
  14. It's been 12 years, 10 months, and 11 days since the US release of Sacred Stones, and I still can't find the answer online. So please tell me, does ANYBODY know what kind of hat Joshua wears? Like, seriously. It's a nice hat, and I need to know what kind it is for cosplay reasons.