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  1. At least we have a new lance armour now? Actually you know what we don't have yet? An axe pegasus knight. Lissa would've been perfect because on her reclass options was Peg Knight and it also calls back to her Axe wielding War Cleric. But yeah I can deal with Axe Lissa at least. Her metal skirt thing is armour enough.
  2. And here are your picks: Eldigan - "By Mystletainn!" Lachesis- "You swine." Reinhardt- "Magic is everything!" Camilla - "Time to play!" Now we back to Valentia, where we take a look Celica's allies during her journey- it's Saber, Genny and Leon! You can listen to the voices here under Special Skills: My picks: Saber- "You don't know when to quit!" Keith's a perfect voice for Saber and you can tell Saber is a very experienced mercenary from his lines. Somehow I always connect Saber to complaining about Celica's actions (which is a good thing, being the voice of reason and the team dad), so him complaining about the enemy suits him! Genny- "I do not like you!" Sheep girl is angry- and that raspiness in her voice during the line really adds to the effect. Now fear her Wrathful Staff! Leon- "Excuse me?" Leon's VA totally nails the delivery of everyone's favourite sassy archer. It's just so Leon. Close second is "Hands off!" @Zeo To be honest, I connect that line to Hinoka when she enter battle and not exactly a battle quote. Also I still don't have special fodder for Hinoka
  3. Santa Hector with Armor March. Ho-ho indeed. lissa is the only one i'm close to interested in but only as a free summon. Wouldn't mind if i get Chrom since i didn't have Spring Chrom. now let's theorycraft joke weapon builds! Bartre with a bell? (Calling for Fir?) Arvis with the candle? (He should've been the armour) Lilina being a pyromaniac with the candle? Or Celica? Or religious Apostle candle Sanaki? Legion with the sack (and looking like a festive kidnapper?) christmas Michalis with the sack? Or Santa superhero Arthur?
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Hmmm, not really interested in the Christmas banner, so I went for a Shiro hunt. Bad news is I failed an I'm now below 50 orbs. Good news: Main account had a Cordelia 5 star pitybreaker. +Res/-Def so she can be Galeforce/Brave lance+ fodder. (already promoted +Spd/-Def one) Got my first Tailtiu at 4 star, +Res/-Def so decent. Got some Subaki fodder. Another +Atk/-HP Mae. +Atk/-HP Oboro. Robin bonfire fodder. Pretty meh summoning all around. Second account gave me a 5 star Clair pitybreaker! +Spd/-Def so she seems perfect! Also have my first Tailtiu, but she's +HP/-Spd so eh. Got a rare Hinata. Subaki, Shanna and Jagen fodder and I needed those. Also have a 4 star +Spd/-Def Cordelia! @Vaximillian @DefaultBeep At least I can experience Tailtiu now! Super happy for Clair as well :D Seems like it's Pegasus Knight training season.
  5. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Did it with horse emblem of Xander, Brave Lyn, Reinhardt and Cecilia (4 star blade set) yeah i know but it was actually a challenge because of the trees and I needed the right positioning assists. I had to switch Cecilia's Reposition to Draw Back just so Tana moves right instead of left. anyway first turn Reinhardt moves to left fort, next to Xander. The ranged ladies to the right of Xander with one of them destroying the wall. Reinhardt defeats red armour then Xander uses Swap to deal with green mage using Quick Riposte and the fort tile. Cecilia uses Draw Back. After that it's just me using trial and error to respond to situations, like using Brave Lyn to quickly delete fliers. Fully buffed 4 star +Atk Cecilia oneshots Infernal Tana exactly. i just have to be wary of the red guidance flier. Shout out to Fury 2 Xander who was left standing with 1 HP when only Amelia and the Vengeance Axe Armour was left. Had to soften that armour with Lyn and Cecilia first because of the charged special while Xander facetanked Amelia with 0 damage thanks to Fortify buffs
  6. In before it's another Lucina. (if that is a Falchion on the side) Or Christmas 'Marth'. Lissa does look like she's swinging an axe so Axe Lissa would be cool.
  7. And the chosen ones are: Jagen - "Do not turn your back on me!" Cain- "Ha! Gored by the horns!" Abel- "Make your peace." Hinoka has "Clear the way!" as her winning quote, while Camilla will have another tiebreaker to narrow it down (just like Hinoka!) between "Time to play!" and "Sweet dreams." Now we move to Jugdral where we take a look at some characters with peculiar sibling bonds- it's Eldigan, Lachesis and Reinhardt! You can listen to the voices here under Special Skills: My picks: Eldigan- "Yield or perish!" I just really love the words used in this quote- "By Mystletainn!" fits him very much but I don't like how Greg Chun prolonged the "By" so it feels strange to hear on its own/ Lachesis- "Cease this nonsense." I love her VA, I just wish she had better art! I love a lot of her lines actually, but this one feels like it represents her more. Shoutout to "Sincere apologies" for being one of the best 'apologetic' quotes and you can feel that she is looking down on you with a smile as she says it, Reinhardt- "Magic is everything!" It can't be anything else really- when you face this guy, you will know face the true fear that is the brave magic tome. That said, I like the way he says "I'll give it my all" as well.
  8. Holiday banner predictions

    I don't think they'll do Chrom again but who could the other guy be... Stahl? (one half of Christmas Knights?) Defintely not Lon'qu. Gaius has been done before, too so not him. Not donnel either
  9. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Purple-garbed Anna is something I never thought I needed until now
  10. Now I'm intrigued on what the buffness threshold is haha. Saber? Barst? Hawkeye? I guess Bartre would be too buff, further maximised by his moustache lol Hmm who do we have for Moustache Emblem? Also yeah the archetype is recognised but I don't know if they call it a specific name or associate it with Christmas.
  11. Does Japan even name them as "Christmas Knights"? I feel that could be just a Western nickname, so I'm not sure if they will capitalise on that. @Cute Chao Maybe his blue sweater 'softens' his buffness. I have to admit, he has some really good leg muscles though in his damaged art. In comparison Gaius is just shirtless. Not exactly too muscular. Xander on the other hand is, but looks way to absurd with his Lilith weapon haha FE has a lot more bishies anyway haha
  12. As of right now I feel Jeorge and Olwen are the ones that want other weapons (for this current metagame anyway). Dire Thunder Olwen already has lower attack but the addition of Deflect Magic weakens her Dire Thunder builds even further. I don't think they'll do a prf upgrade for Dire Thunder though (since that would also mean buffing Reinhardt) so Olwen is kind of stuck. Quad Thunder is still an interesting niche but I don't think it fares well with high arena. Maybe Jeorge's weapon can be effective to magic instead? Then he'd be super good against mage fliers (although I doubt it would stack) Speaking of, Neko Sakura has been so useful in story chapters. I think I'm ready next time I have to face the Nuibaba Celica map because dang, Neko Sakura is such a good counter to mages.
  13. Looks like something Odin (who has the same VA) would wear (the amount of feathers is similar to the Sorcerer outfit lol) Feh with more feathers means we get more feathers!
  14. And here are your picks! Selena - "Loser!" Beruka- "Finishing the mission." Interestingly, just her Hoshidan counterpart, Camilla has a three way tie! It's between "Time to play!", "Sweet dreams." and "You've been naughty." Hinoka also has another tie, although now we've narrowed it down to "Clear the way!" and "Here to help!" so we'll do a final tie-breaker. Now we move back to a set of trailblazing cavaliers who start setting the trends for future character archetypes- it's the veteran Jagen and the original Christmas Knight cavalier duo Cain and Abel! You can listen to the voices here under Special Skills: My picks: Jagen- "Do not turn your back on me!" Logic goes I should go with "For Prince Marth!" (which is also very well voiced with the stressed words) because it suits his character but I just REALLY like how strong the VA is with "Do not turn your back on me!". It's so challenging and daring, not bad for a seasoned veteran. Cain- "Ha! Gored by the horns!" Whenever I hear this- I just think of the Red Bull (that gives you Wings...of Mercy). I just love how Cain gets a fun and really likeable voice, it's always nice hearing his lines. Plus points for the perfect metaphor. VERY close second is "Prepare to be vanquished!" because I love the word vanquished, although "Gored by the horns" just fits Cain's title so much more. Abel- "Make your peace." His quotes are a bit tamer than Cain's but I di like that small raspiness in his voice when he says "peace". (Also really impressed with the lighting in Abel's special art!) Speaking of, they all similar diagonal poses in their art!
  15. Chirstmas Marth? Chris-Marth? Kris x Marth? Definitely need a Christmas version of the Christmas Knights. Or Rudolph from Echoes with a red nose. @Cute Chao No love for buff guys? xD