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  1. You know, i kinda like ponytail Gaiden Genny than sheep girl Echoes Genny she looks spunkier
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Now you just need a -Spd Brave Lyn and the set will be complete! So back to disappointing pulls. I wanted any green dancer for the second account, since having Axura in my main really made me appreciate her being green as I used her in the new maps Sadly green orbs are stupid rare in that account. Pity rate up to 4% and the only greens I have to show for are meh Sheena and a Cherche for Pivot fodder for Arden when I get him. :( I hope they don't dial back on orb rewards on TT since they're adding Sacred Coins..
  3. I mean as bad as Merric is, he sometimes survives some red attacks which can be a nice surprise. Speaking of green units....sigh I just want 1 green dancer. Anyone. But the game won't give me green orbs :/ and now I am out of orbs again...(I already resigned myself to just using Arvis as a bonus unit)
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Oh hey Ogma appeared in my summon too, although just a 4 star. 2 red orbs in Holy War banner- I wanted some kind of focus unit but got some 4 star reds instead New Ogma is still better than my other Ogma which is +Res/-Atk. New one is +HP/-Res which I can work with. Also got a 4 star Chrom who is +Atk/-Res. Great! I merged my old +Res/-Def Chrom into him and also sacrificed my old Ogma so he can have a Brave Sword. I guess the pull wasn't too disappointing.
  5. Hey, I think PA!Olivia has the best design out of the bunch, and she actually beats Nohrzura! The art is lovely and I just love her darker look. And she uses a fan for dancing and attacking! I always love fan weapon users! Worth it to go through colourless hell just for her. I mean if I had more orbs of course, but I'd be delighted to get her even if she's a bad nature
  6. You know, this reminds me, I like how the kids share critical quotes with their non-variable parents in the Japanese. It's a nice touch. That said, English voices have some great one-liner crit quotes
  7. Well, at least there are Warriors Log-in bonuses to help ease the pain of being orbless..
  8. I still find it ironic she actually won't exist if Niles x M!Corrin happens, which would be the best thing for her interests @DefaultBeep Would you give Arden Armor March for a walking bulldoze of destruction?
  9. Nina's stats have been boosted! @Interdimensional Observer Too bad they didn't really expand on it. Or Shura with his implied backstory.
  10. The pain of being a 'secret unit' and being Corrinsexual At least he has an interesting class and wears glasses? Miriel x Yukimura crackship I'd actually use him more if he showed up earlier and had more supports. Also it's implied he gave orders to Shura to kidnap Azura in retaliation for Corrin's kidnapping, so yeah those aren't exactly heroic tactics.
  11. Reina from Fates can make do as a GHB archer flier. Sure she's not villainous per se but she's not exactly a goodie two shoes anyway and likes seeing the blood of her enemies (and is an enemy in CQ). Also Yukimura could be interesting as a GHB. He's not really a unit that you can encounter/recruit by normal means (and even then in Birthright it's through special building upgrades) and if you don't do BR he's an enemy unit. If anything I'm more for interesting units as free units/variety. Remember when the first GHBs were mostly swords?
  12. Did you do away with your neutral Palla back when there were the free Whitewings? Maybe that's her? I already unlocked the 5 star convo with the free summon Palla at least (I'll do this for 20k skill promotions like Gordin and Odin eventually). Can't lie, I do like seeing the gold border and 5 stars on her though, so it pains me to use her for fodder. And wow that's a lot of Caedas. I only summoned one 4 star one and boy was she hard to train...
  13. At least you're halfway there, Palla really likes a Speed boon. I had the same nature as my best one too before Elincia came along. now i have a +spd/-res and +spd/-HP one though and i'm not sure who to choose. might upgrade one of her anyway to replace my 5 star one that will be fodder for Olivia. A part of me feels like i should replace a bad 5 star that i feed off for inheritance eventually. i mean i could 4 star+10 a Palla instead but her skills are just too good to inherit!
  14. I wonder if they'll ever do an Echoes version of the Whitewings. I mean, pretty unlikely and only if they were really running out of characters but I really love their designs in Echoes Not sure what they can do to their stats though. Maybe just better skills/weapons? Sapphire Lance Palla? Ridesbane Catria? Slaying Lance Est?
  15. The ironic (?) thing is Ayra was in the trailer....just a map sprite in the actual paralogue map Had they actually featured her properly with Sigurd and the rest, I would have actually been more excited to pull for that focus since both red units would be good to have. (I was more 'meh do a full pull then go back to Dancer banner') Until the need for a TT bonus unit arrived