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  1. I think Lyn and Folkvangr Alfonse would like those. Maybe bulky mixed phase units who don't have access to Breath skills? Xander if you don't like Fury damage or have no access to A skill Close/Distant Def?
  2. I mean if anything you can give Sharena extra stats by refining it? and can be spoon weaopon buddies with his Spring brother Def/Res buff is amusing since Sharena was a good buffbot in the early days of FEH.
  3. @Xenomata Ah thanks for the tidbit. I'm always paranoid when inheriting 5 star units/skills. @NekoKnight Personally, I say you can never have too much Spd on a dancer. Especially since there are many speedy swordies out there, so even with color advantage I think avoiding doubles (and possible special charging) is an advantage. Might need a second opinion though.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @Tybrosion @mampfoid Nice! Congrats on the perfect natured Bridelias! I used more orbs than I should've since I realised I'm out of Lissas for Gravity+ fodder, so I wanted Lissa, and the coluorless brides in the banner. Unfortunately after 50 orbs I was in colourless hell of bad natured units. I think that's a sign to stop for now. I should've waited until after the Legendary banner.
  5. Give it to Sharena as an anniversary callback
  6. Thanks for the responses! I've ended up on a feather spending spree and upgraded both Marth and Chrom, plus Beruka, Kaze and a Setsuna for Guard Bow (although I guess I have to upgrade Assassin's Bow first before changing it to Guard Bow it seems). @XRay Fair enough on Newmilla, I don't have her though so maybe I'll just wait if she pitybreaks me in a future legendary banner or another good sword unit comes out. @mampfoid @Vaximillian Ah fair enough, I was more worried about the -HP in terms of PvE like GHBs with their inflated stats and his physical bulk being slightly less. but I guess I'll just upgrade him now to get as much SP from the TT, then merge a +Spd/-Res one if he ever drops by in the future. He's mostly a support bot anyway so arena scoring from the superbane is less of a worry compared to lesser physical bulk (although I guess Chrom is there if I need a bulkier Falchion user). @Ginko I didn't want to! Unless I'm saccing a Brave Ike for Steady Breath + Aether (maybe Adult Tiki could use it). As for Beruka, thanks, I'll just inherit my spare L'Ephraim then. Don't have spare Fortress Def or Earth Boost fodder anyway. @Ice Dragon Ah okay, I guess Wo Dao (and I guess Slaying Edge) is more if a unit can be good in both phases. Good to keep in mind. I don't have a +Spd Cain anyway (can't pull Cains to save my life) so I'll just work with I have. Even with Wo Dao I can at least refine +Spd for a pseudo-Spd boon as well as having the +Atk boost that I can't emulate from a +Atk refine. Brave Sword can still be an option anyway if I just want to Player Phase delete things in PvE then where he doesn't want to get hit. I guess similarly, I'll just upgrade Soleil in the near future and go +Spd refine for now. I guess I have 1 more spare Athena, but I also a few more spare Lon'qus so I'll just decide the weapon based on current availability. ---- Another quick question- I decided I'll fodder off my 5 star Catrias with bad natures to clear barracks space for Slaying Lance and Luna. What's the most efficient way of giving someone the Slaying Lance? Have Catria learn it then inherit her away I assume? I already have a +Spd/-Res in the 4 star anyway so she's free to fodder off. Also out of these candidates for Slaying Lance, who would use it the best? (Order is current train of thought in priority) Main account- Oboro (+Def/-Res but I also have a +Atk/-HP that needs to be trained), Finn. Second account- Finn (already have a +Atk Abel for Brave Lance needs) or Oscar (+HP/-Res, although Sapphire Lance + Lancebreaker is also a thing for AA). Maybe LA!Eliwood and Oboro as well, although maybe these two could be Berkut's lance users (have a choice +Atk, +Def or +Res Oboro). (Yeah I know Oboro isn't the most meta lance unit but it's more out of favouritism and she needs a weapon change anyway)
  7. Seconding +Spd. Always the best refine for dancers as they want to survive as much as they can and Spd gives her bulk in both defensive sides. I have a few questions: 1.) Should I upgrade a +Spd/-HP Marth? HP superbane is kind of disappointing though, but I haven't pulled Marth in a while and +Spd is a great boon. The refine seems good for infernal PvE content. My main reason is I need more Falchion users besides Masked Marth for AA. It's either him or a +Atk/-Res Chrom (or both?) but I was just wondering if it's better to wait or train him now while he is a TT bonus unit? 2.) I have 4 star +Atk/-HP Soleil. Good to upgrade or wait for +Spd or a -Res? I guess if I give her a Slaying Edge I could patch the -HP? Or is Wo Dao better for +Atk? 3.) Speaking of Soleil, who wants a Firesweep Sword+? I have a -Spd one ready to fodder off. I hear Elincia can use it but I prefer Amiti (and she's -Spd as well so I feel other users can use it better). I guess Hana as well (+Spd or +Atk?) but I'm not too invested in her. The only other ones in my barracks that don't want to change their prf weapon besides Hana is maybe +Spd Ogma or Gray (Lon'qu's Atk seems to low for it and I have no good Athenas). 4.) What's a good sword for +Atk/-Res Cain? Mostly going to upgrade him out of favouritism but I'm unsure if Slaying Edge, Wo Dao or maybe even Firesweep is the best for him? I mean I can use Brave Sword for now but just as a long term weapon, what's a good suggestion? 5.) Planning to upgrade a +Def/-Res Beruka. Steady Stance for A skill seems good but I'm a bit wary of sacrificing a Shiro right now. Would a Sturdy Stance from L'Ephraim be a good A skill for her? I don't have spare Close/Distant Defense fodder for A skill.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid oh nice! Neutral is good, and the green 5 star pool is good now so it’s great that you had a nice pitybreaker (?) not sure if YOLOs count as one if the rate is reset haha
  9. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    @Frosty Wow, Lilina sure is amazing with Forblaze. Savage Blow is perfect for those pesky Wary Fighter armours, and it helps her matchups with those blue units, so good job! @NegativeExponents- Maybe this helps with your decision on which red mage to use?
  10. @NegativeExponents- Arvis is great for overall support. Ploys + healing every turn is really great for team support. At the very least, he is fun to use.Fury is great on him both for better Ploys and just because it goes well with Recovery Ring. If you have the Divine Dew, Lilina would be fun to use with her Death Blow + Chill Res. Might not have as much Res to tank unlike Sanaki, but if you want to go full on Player Phase, go with this. Sophia is pretty much outclassed by Winter Tharja and needs much investment. I half-invested on her but the just stopped halfway. At least she has good bulk so depending on the map (and if you need more movement and don't want Armoured Boots Winter Tharja) she can be a substitute. As for Julius, I only promoted him because I needed a red mage with good Res since Tharja and Katarina are both -Res. Mostly to fill a role for a GHB or something if I need to tank a green mage. Higher res means better ploys than his dad at least, and there was a calc that with the right conditions he can tank a Reinhardt hit so there's that.
  11. @Zeo @mampfoid Quick question, mostly out of curiosity, do you do Infernal clears first or start from Lunatic to make strategies? Did your strategies have to differ wildly? I realised today that it was the last hours of this GHB, so I did Lunatic and Hard for the extra copies of Atk Ploy fodder. (I did Infernal first msotly because of barracks space issues until I could clear space for other copies.) Curiously enough, I tried emulating that Deirdre/Saias/Arvis/Zelgius run but I actually couldn't do it with that team on Lunatic despite clearing it in Infernal. Amazing how the addition of 1 unit (in this case the dagger user) changes movement patterns (maybe blocking some paths) and changes the run where I could clear it in Infernal but not in Lunatic. Although I guess with your strategies (Matthew's debuffs, GF one turn clears) maybe you don't exactly have this problem. Because I was running out of time I just went Horse Emblem plus dancer in the end though. Heh.
  12. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    @Ginko Wow, I wish I had a Micaiah! (108 damage at one point is satisfying to watch!) Wary Fighters armours are annoying to face without a dancer. Summer Gaius is pretty cool as well, and Shiro does some good tanking. I might try and take my new Rhompaia Clair along sometime. Might not be as effective because melee, and Clair's low Atk though. @Rafiel's Aria Again, wow, I wish I had a Micaiah. Lucius being a healer is funny after being used to him being a colorless mage. And again, DC Mia is an unstoppable force! @mampfoid Nice clear! I expected Refined Fujin Yumi Takumi teleporting shenanigans, but Slaying Bow works, and is pretty unique! Also Armorslayer Roy is pretty cool, it's nice how it was the perfect weapon for the job! Trying to think up of a Sacred Stones only clear but...I really wish we had Tethys or something so a Sacred Stones Team can have a dancer. Between the bloated Infernal Armor HP stats and my very limited selection of Sacred Stone units (RIP no Tana/Myrrh), this is pretty tricky. Also darn those Wary Fighter armours. Armour Lunatic was pretty easy though with Halloween Henry, BK, Vector and Armour Boots V!Eliwood. Armours love defense tiles <3
  13. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid Oooh nice one! Is this normal Tharja or bride Tharja? Either way, that's a really nice nature. I have a normal Tharja like that and she wrecks things. Also Fury Master is always nice
  14. Ironically, technically Fallen Takumi is the second Fury fodder at 4 star
  15. The one time i wanted reds for fodder and i had 4 blues and 1 green. Gacha is funny sometimes.