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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    and butts apparently. I hear he did thus Jakob Cipher art
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Darn, 4 unit banners are making everyone's pulls a bit painful I see :( Sorry to those being pitybroken or with high rates. @Zeo @mampfoid Well after deciding I won't go beyond the first summon/tickets for the new beasts banners, I was impatient and used more orbs for the elusive Flying Sakura. It might have gone up to 4.5%, I didn't check because I was being frustrated how only 1 colourless orb would appear each time. the end, I got a Hoshidan healer.. Sakura's mother Mikoto....which I am okay with! She's +Atk/-Def which works out really well, and any new 5 star is welcome. I decided to open green anyway just in case I can fix my -Spd HS!Hinoka and voila, I can't believe I got another one! She's +Atk/-HP this time as well, so she came with the same boon as her mother! Not quite sure if I should merge to get rid of the HP superbane or give her weapon to someone else though. (Kaze? Halloween Sakura?) Didn't have enough orbs to try the others but with 2 +Atk units I can be content with this ending. Maybe I'll do a final YOLO in the banner end but I'm pretty much done with this banner, don't have much orb reserves left (karma for the free summons last week?) and I had to start doing Blessed Gardens for a quick 10 orbs for this. I still want an emergency fund for Halloween Mia's return (really like her weapon). @NegativeExponents- Wow, nice B!Celica! My V!Ike's -Def as well and to be honest, it's not too much of a handicap. Refining a sword for +4 Def is one way to fix it.
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I love how the kitsune can't even go through forests heh Well I'm happy with getting at least 1 laguz from their banner so I have no real desperation for the new Fates beast, atlhough getting Keaton would be nice but you hell.
  4. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @NegativeExponents- Wow, Owain sure did some work in the first video! Never thought about Aether but it works out for him and he can get a skill that he couldn't get in Awakening. Nice job of using Gerome's Fortress Def as well to 'bait' the Chill Def, I actually forgot he even had that skill. I like it when you can use a unit's base skill to your advantage! As for the Gerome clear, glad to help you out in initiating the map, I had trouble as well at the start because the right side was full of things he didn't want to get hit by (mages and archers). Jealous of your Halloween Mia, and it's nice how you made Gerome double his mom. @Alexmender The return of Cordelia Emblem! I like how you made Cav Cordelia work, her extra mov is really useful in manoeuvring around the forests. Bridelia as always is a monster and now you have me curious in investing in a Slaying Lance Cordelia instead of Firesweep. Too bad it was hard for Selena to get a kill but at least she managed one in the end. If Caelori gets to be in heroes will Selena be replaced?
  5. Official Pull Topic

    The game really wants to make me work through colourless hell for flying healers. The hunt for Flying Sakura on my second account just gives me a painful 4.25% rate so far, since the game knows you want colourless this time and gives like, 1 or 0... At the very least my last session gave me a nice +Atk/-Res Legault whenever I decide to build him. Also got two Lissas very near to each other, which is acceptible since Gravity+ fodder is rare in my second account. A painfully funny coincidence was getting 3 star +Spd/-Def Jeorges in a row when there was only 1 colourless orb per session.. he doesn't really have good fodder unlike Lissa. Getting hard to save until the banner trailer whenever I look at that pity rate. Need to keep myself busy to forget about it for a while..
  6. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @Nanima Thanks, and nice superstar clear! Maybe Reyson felt bad for the enemies and wanted to nerf the team with a more 'normal' movement :P Sakunyan sure held on to survive that lancer. Maribelle really dished out the Pain+! @mampfoid Yeah Cherche is pretty much a servant to Virion and is also good at cooking and sewing. I love her as a character (probably my favourite Awakening Gen 1 female) and using her, so it's nice to use her in a clear again :) Being a bad archer? He seems to always be the butt of jokes, even Cherche isn't afraid to put him in his place haha. @Landmaster Actually I was planning to use Frederick but there were a bit too many red units (and trees) and I needed Jakob's firepower. As for original Jakob...unless he gets a really good refine for his tray I don't think I'll use him anytime soon ^^
  7. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @mampfoid Nice and efficient, Cherche vs Cherche would've been nice to see. Also more Hector assists is great! I feel bad doing late video clear posts with your limited time lol @Alexmender Yeah you're not the only one to be surprised by Air Orders. Nice use of the right side, making the enemies crowd around. Eirika didn't break a sweat. @Nanima Cherche didn't stand a chance against Sunkumi. Skadi again disrupts the foes while Skadikumi tanks the bow knight solidly. Daggerkumi shrugs off the raventome as well. While the girls had some trouble with the raven mage at least the Kitty Paddle came in handy. The princesses also worked well as a team, and Pain tactics are always satisfying to see. @daisy jane Wow +1 Ophelia?! Strong plkayer phase mages with double dancers are sure to spell doom on their enemies/ They didn't stance a chance and stayed healthy in the end. @Landmaster So jealous of your Halloween Mia. Soren/Mia Emblem has great colour coverage- blue Soren took a lot of damage at first. Things seemed a bit shaky when you were cornered but you managed it well. Soren going against the weapon triangle in the end was satisfying. You're on a roll with video clears! Horse daggers seem fun to use and poor Virion can't double Elise. Nice use of the Balm skill as well. Spd stacked Summer Leo! It's amazing how much Spd they gave Virion in this map. Poor Cherche being sniped so easily. Rogue Dagger buffs are always fun to see. Elise and Takumi are really aggeressive about their summer lines heh. Ike Emblem looks fun to use, and it's a good thing there's not a lot of blues. New Ike looks really fun to use with fast Radiant Aether. Always nice to see young Ike in action s well. @Ginko Kagero just walked in there and wreaked some havoc with Bold Fighter. (What trees?) Lovely Galeforce strats on Siegbert as well, making this a quick clear. Flier clear was smooth sailing, who cares about trees when you can fly over them? Nice management as well with the two archers on the opposing team. Firesweep lobster looks really fun to use while Myrrh tanks (I love how the bow cav moved forward but couldn't even attack). Great music as well, what's this track? More Kaze clears is always nice to see, and boy was it so satisfying to see him beat the red mage! Firesweep Summer Gaius is interesting to see. Nice to let Ryoma finish things off. @Zeo @SatsumaFSoysoy @Azuris @NegativeExponents- So late clears time. First is a theme I thought of when they announced who the new BHB units were and since Cherche is pretty much a flying axe maid, have a Servants Team! Team is +Res/-Atk Flora, +Spd/-Def Felicia, +Atk Cherche +1 and +Def/-HP Halloween Jakob Music is Splendid Soldier from the King of Fighters XIV -Since the Ice Tribe maids are pretty frail physically, and Cherche blows up to magic and is slow, I need Jakob's firepower (or bow power?) to quickly delete Cherche at the start. I did try and not use him too much though (and Wary Fighter is useless against Virion) so I had to be a bit more creative in the next steps. -Using dagger units was actually a bad thing because Harsh Command can be annoying. Then again, the Def/Res debuffs would keep the bow cav busy to that can also be a good thing in the end. -Felicia held strong with 1 HP after a Distant Def seal. I needed to keep Virion busy for a bit, and lure him so his servant can dish out the discipline with her axe safely. -This was one of those times where Flora not being colourless was nice, since the Raven tome would be more annoying if she was. --- And now, here is the perfect map to do a Minerva Emblem! (and Minerva's sister). Team is neutral Gerome, +Atk +1 Cherche, +Spd/-Def Minerva an +Atk/-Def Maria. Music is Fairy from the King of Fighters 1998. -So we have Minerva, Cherche and Gerome who have the same wyvern named Minerva, and Minerva's sister (it's in her title!) Maria. -Gerome's base kit was pretty perfect for this map- Poleaxe was helpful in safely initiating the map with Hit and Run. The dual Rally was also important in letting Maria take enough hits and activate Miracle and also support his mother with the final blow. -Speaking of, Maria also did her share of work, hitting enemy Cherche's low Res pretty hard despite not having Wrathful Staff. -Cherche appreciated the Heavy Blade seal in this clear to try and do as much damage as possible to Virion since his HP is a bit high without special procs. Also I considered making Gerome finish his mother but...Cherche vs Cherche will do. --------- And now the obligatory Awakening kids clear, this time with Gerome in the spotlight against his mom. Team is neutral Gerome, +Spd/-HP Owain, +HP/-Atk Legendary Lucina and +Res/-Def Performing Inigo Music is Emergence (Rock Howard theme) from the King of Fighters XIV -Batman Gerome steps up in this map as flier movement ignores the forests. He needed Poison Strike support from Inigo so he can defeat his mom. -Virion doing a laughable 8 damage to Owain made me chuckle. He may be male Ayra stat-wise, but I'm so proud of Owain's bulk. He also was nice melee support to soften up Virion's stupidly high HP for Gerome to finish things off
  8. Interesting how normal Hector is adjacent to Vector. But yeah disappointed about Lyn, but I guess I can fix her -Atk if I get her. At least you can overkill L!Azura with her Have everyone, except Duma for my second, but he's not a priority (RIP Summer Micaiah, Halloween Mia dreams).
  9. To be honest I haven't finished all of them yet, just the orb quests. I just went with Tharja to test out her new tome and L!Azura.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo OH BOY! What awesome summoning sessions!!!! So happy for you I almost shouted in joy for you haha. Flying healers are awesome, you can never go back. Mobility is so good. +Spd/-Res Vector is better than my +Spd/-Def one so congrats on that :) That said, seeing how much I enjoyed a flying healer I decided to spend my 40 orbs on my second account last night to try for Sakura and was frustratingly annoyed at lack of anything to do and the create your own banner winners. Unfortunately I'm left with 9 orbs with nothing good, 3 sessions in a row without colourless as well so some wasted orbs there. Did get 2 Kageros (amazing compared to how long it took for me to summon 1 since launch) and 2 Serras I guess? Well glad recent luck transferred to you at least :D
  11. Maybe it could be a Brave version of the gauntlet weapon? Just cautiously optimistic, I like Sylvain and the gauntlet guy right now. Guess have to wait for more news to really get a stronger opinion.
  12. Wonder how they’ll do the new fist type weapons? colourless melee?
  13. Thanks for the help for the last questions, I ended up going +Spd for Azama since I'm not planning to merge him and is mostly just for PvE purposes. So I think I'm planning to upgrade some launch units that recently had weapon refines and also merge some dupe 5 stars. Asking for advice on what asset to go with- 1. Rhajat - +HP or +Def? Right now I mainly use her as anti-cav baiter with Distant Def and Vantage. Currently built one is +HP. 2. Eliwood - +Spd or +Atk? Usually Spd means two attacks but since he is kind of frail Def-wise maybe it's just better to one-shot if possible? 3. Oboro- +Def or +Res? Lukas beats her in pure Def alone, so I was wondering if I should just make use of her Res superboon for mixed tank capabilities? I was originally thinking of Berkut's Lance but with her new refine maybe she can at least deal with armored dragons easily? 4. Palla- +Atk or +Spd? I also have Elincia for pure player phase but she's -Spd, so I was thinking of having Palla as a backup red flier unit who can tank better but also have that Brave effect when near fliers. Originally I was gonna go +Spd but again, after her refine is it better to just focus on +Atk instead of doubling? 5. Myrrh - I have a perfect +Def/-Spd but is it worth fixing her Spd flaw at all? Her first merge doesn't add Def yet right (just in case I want to inherit Hone Dragons in the future)? 6. Summer Adult Tiki- I have a +Def/-Spd one, I guess she wants lower Spd for more special charge? So it's better not to get rid of the bane? (I could give Melon Crusher + Close Def to someone but not sure who...maybe Barst?) 7. Flying Nino- +Res or +Def? I want to maximise her survivability so not sure if the extra points in Def helps her have close calls with a stray physical hit, or if I should just bump up her Res? (Or wait for a +Spd/+Atk one and save one of these for fodder). 8. Saber- +Res or +HP? I've had the +Res one built and it's kind of fun using the Res boon for his DC refine, but is HP overall better for survivability for DC purposes? He is currently +Res/-HP so I've been using him with Dorcas for Infantry Pulse support for a Miracle build, but I guess going with +HP means he'll go over the Infantry Pulse threshold. Thanks in advance!
  14. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo congrats on your better Lyn! +Res makes for some nice ploy support! did you mean Bow Hinoka? All Hinokas fly haha. I’ll consider it but there’s no one who really urgently needs it yet. Bow Jakob can’t get it since armours thankfully can’t inherit it. Kind of tempted for a meme Flora with Sturdy Impact to go with her Hoarfrost Knife haha. Not really into building Ephraim and the only infantry who has my favouritism at the moment is Owain who already has a serviceable base kit. as for Summer Fred, that’s more of a favouritism thing since i’m not a merge-focused person. Already gave him Atk Smok and so far I’m having fun sealing all stats with Atk/Spd smoke. Hope you get your Vector soon!
  15. Hmm a lot of those options involve colour-sharing. I think he was already in a stance banner with Shiro and Morgan so that's out. (Unless he is like Klein who returns in Death Blow banners and he'll come with Kana F, Dorcas and Silas). Or have a specifically Fierce Stance banner with Zelgius, Dorcas and Kana F. Unique Specials would mean he shares with Ayra (maybe 2 unit banner?). Or maybe add Owain since Blue Flame only comes from him, even if it's inheritable. Unique Passive Skills could be interesting. It could be Zelgius's Warp Powder, Brave Hector's Ostian Counter, Nailah's Glare and/or Brave Celica's Double Lion. They could even add Sigurd's Crusader's Ward, B!Lyn's Sacae's Blessing and B!Ike Beorc Blessing but they were already in the Ward skills Banner. DC weapons would mean a lot of swords though, with Raijinto and Ragnell. Dorcas again could appear here though, maybe with Hardin. That or just hope for a Zelgius BHB with someone- maybe Micaiah again, since they do repeat units now for BHBs.