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  1. Yeah Saizo's Res isn't very good so Poison Dagger allows you to KO squishy mages asap before they can open their tomes. At the very least, Sacred Cowl might lessen the damage on the weaker mages. Stay away from Henry/Robin though.
  2. I think Ursula would still be a good investment at 3 star (upgraded her from that in my second account), you get extra SP to spend in case you want to give her inherited skills Otherwise, maybe just do maps where you only have 3 units to beat and if not, just do a first stratum map to reset the units.
  3. So I found out I have a +Atk Lon'qu and a +Spd Lon'qu, both having Res as a bane. I've been training the Attack boon one but before I sacrifice the Speed boon, is he also worth training as well? Is there anything where the extra speed stat matters?
  4. Have you tried using Ursula? I find she was vital to my Cavalry quest, she, Frederick and Abel would stick close to Gunter and whenever there's a mage, Ursula would be there to take do some player phase sniping since she has the best Res out of that team. Her Thunder proc skill also helps when its charged. Abel's Aegis softens up the blow from some Red mages though- I use him as a fast Sword Killer, and after the Brave Lances, he usually gets Aegis up. Gunter and Frederick are there to be melee shields and to tank dagger/archer weapons. Frederick helped with the knights, although Ursula took care of the blue knights. But yeah I think the key is to using Ursula- her Wolf tome really helps as well since there can be a lot of horse units in the Training Tower. That or some other ranged units to with good res to cover mage weakness. Not that they were all 4 star, with Abel having a +1 level.
  5. Also I recently rolled 4 star Gunter and 4 star Eliwood in one pull in my second account. It's like the game is telling me to do the cavalry quest now (I only had a lv 40 Sully, lv 30 Cain, lv 22 Ursula and lv 1 Clarine before). It's telling me to go boost the cavalry away! Needless to say I've been training them and am finally in the 30s. I've used the Gunter + Ursula combo in my main account and that worked super well with Abel the swordkiller and Frederick the merciful, mobile tank.
  6. Yeah I know, it's understable was just kidding haha Also Easter Xander can bond with Leo as they talk about tomatoes and carrots.
  7. Ah, the sweet sound of completing the fliers quest (joining the already finished infantry and cavalry quests). Boxing in Clarine had never been more satisfying (I hated this map because of the cavalries and Leo's Bryhindlr ruining the flier's movement advantage). Yeah, anytime there are 3 or 4 Lances it's likely they are four fliers in the Cordelia map, and is the easiest to manage for the Lunatic Fliers quest because the enemies are all separated. Otherwise, look for maps without arhcers obviously, or where there are only 3 units. Or if you have lots of wyvern riders, lots of lances (just be sure to have a Hammer user in case of Knights) So glad I trained up Narcian and Subaki for the Michalis map, since their gem weapons and Subaki's Swap have been super useful in these Lunatic quests. Subaki is really good as a melee wall against Sword units, and I've loved Swap after using him. Shoutout to Cherche for dealing with units that turned out to be Knights (which is super annoying). Palla's best moment was tanking Hector, who annoyed me in my other account because I didn't have a Sword flier. Also one of the more err...interesting challenge in my other file's fliers quest was where I had to separate Effie/Hector/Gwendolyn from each other in the Narcian map. They boosted each other, and it didn't help there was a Sakura before to heal at the start. All my fliers went down to the south, trying to bait the Sakura which took forever (so many turns I lost count) because of Hector's reposition. I eventually split my fliers team in two directions, where I could finally bait and defeat Sakura- then splitting apart the armours also took so long. Again, thank goodness for Cherche's Hammer!
  8. That feel during training your units and your Olivia has more Defense than Eliwood. Weird I'm using her as a front liner for now just to get some kills for that last Hone Attack.
  9. A few days ago I did a summon and got this: +HP/-Spd Lucius, but finally can have a team of four 5 stars! Granted 2 of them are healers with Sakura (and not counting a duplicate Merric), but at least it's a whole team! The I did a last YOLO summon on the Michalis banner before it ended: I was looking for Minerva, but Raven came instead! (to follow Lucius?) Not too bad since I don't have him and I need an infantry Axe user. Also the irony of getting lower star versions (and also duplicates) of Eliwood/Selena when Minerva was the only one I didn't have from the banner. Still at least this Eliwood is better since he's 4 star and more usable.
  10. While I'm indifferent to the bunny ears effect, I at least prefer her with those than the strange cow horn-like princess crown.
  11. Also I'll give this a go, I'll let other number crunchers correct me if I'm wrong (can't seem to find all the max stats on the wiki for 5 stars). Let's make Stahl at least have some kind of role. If you want to enhance his innate ability to Swap and destroy Green melee units how about a Shield role for your ranged units? He already has Ruby Sword+ and Swap. If you want to be more defensive maybe Escutcheon/Sacred Cowl but since yours it would be for +Attack Moonbow (Wo Dao+ if you can) works. -If you want an instant teleporting shield for ranged units, use Wings of Mercy and use Swap if you need to. Hone Atk/Speed will buff your ally on their next turn. -If you really want to upgrade his stats a bit, Fury is the way to go. Fury + Swordbreaker is also a great offensive combo so you threaten both Axes and Swords. Vantage also works. Otherwise, if you want to be more defensive, maybe Renewal to offset the Fury damage? -As stated before, a Hone skill works if you intend to use Swap a lot. Threaten Speed/Attack also works as other options. -Alternatively, if you really want to go super offensive with the +Atk, maybe Wo Dao+, Death Blow, Swordbreaker/Desperation and Threaten Speed/Defense? ---- Anyone have any ideas for a +HP/-Speed Lucius? Maybe Pain, Rehabilitate, Heavenly Light and maybe HP+5, Live to Serve/Renewal, Savage Blow/Breath of Life? Or would having a combination of Speed+3 and/or Threaten Speed be useful to offset the Speed bane? Also found out the best Nino in my main account is -Attack and +Speed. Minus Attack sucks but Speed is great, is it still salvageable with the right skills? Maybe Life and Death and Desperation? Would Draconic Aura be a good choice despite the Attack bane? edit: Also @Ryuke I thought of another Saizo build to go with his nice defense for a dagger user. Maybe an anti-Archer unit with Bowbreaker? So, Smoke Dagger/Poison Dagger, Swap, Sacred Cowl/Bonfire with Death Blow, Bowbreaker, Threaten Attack?
  12. I think it's because they were the first four summoned heroes revealed in the opening movie of the Heroes trailer/game so it's more of a celebration of the app. Still, i have a headcanon that Chrom picked up an axe after the Ephraim fight should they ever duel again. (Reclassed to Great Knight? Frederick tailoring his suit for him?) As for someone who mentioned why Lucina is magical, maybe marriage bells tolled for Maribelle in Easter Lucina's world (who is probably good friends with Yarne) yeah, totally missed opportunity for taguel but I guess business decisions go with the main advertised heroes but yeah Xander is so serious normally it's very...disturbingly hilarious to see him with his carrot spear haha
  13. But Chrom can just respond with his Summer Scramble swim trunks complete with the Exalt symbol on his behind/ courtesy of Anna
  14. Closest thing to Dark Knight Maribelle!Lucina lol (side note: I love how in Awakening Dark Knight Lucina has the short rolled-up hair) Very strange but at least flying mage would be great, since Malig Knight is really Camilla's thing. Better way to reach and ko those Lindes and Reinhardts? Also Chrom has an axe for his next rematch against Ephraim lol
  15. i posted a support AOE debuffer Saizo with Savage Blow/Smoke Dagger/Death Blow/Threaten speed/Growing Wind here if you're interested: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/70033-skill-inheritance-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=4762016 Although it seems like you have a pretty good frontliner Saizo, too. Maybe Threaten Speed for the last slot? He'll be even more like Takumi but it's good team support.