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  1. @Zeo I really enjoyed your Lyn clear the most! Those Galeforce procs are so satisfying, it's great to see OG Lyn get some spotlight. Also like Ninian hanging by a thread after a worthy win. @mampfoid Ah, the return of Quad Cherche! Always satisfying to see, great use of Smoke skills! @Ginko Nice clear! Yeah Lucius can be annoying with that Miracle. Those positional skills really are key in this map! Also nice QuadGaius. Peshkatz debuffs are always nice to see and Desperation Micaiah is different
  2. So I pulled a +Atk/-Def Clair and am planning to build her up with the Rhomphaia Flashing Blade effect. Questions is, what special is the best one to use to utilise it with the FB effect? Glimmer, Moonbow, Iceberg or Glacies? If it helps, she's mainly going to be a AA unit. As for the B skill, I was thinking of having Guard but Desperation could be an option if I inherit it with Iceberg from Shanna. ------ Also, who wants a Brave Axe+ these days? I have a spare Camilla that I won't be using now (will promote a +Spd one), so I can fodder off her weapon to someone. Frederick and Cherche already have a Brave Axe+, so who else wants it? I feel that as units are bulkier, less units want the Brave Axe but looking through my barracks, the possible options are: - +Atk/-Res Amelia. Currently Slaying Axe with Spd refine. Was going to give her Brave Axe ages ago, so I have her LaD but that didn't happen since I kind of like her humongous boost in Spd. - +Atk/-HP Winter Lissa. I've been a bit too used to Handbell, although Brave Axe+ could be fun with Bold Fighter. Is it worth it with the bulkier units in today's metagame though? - +Def/-Spd Summer Tiki. Although I kind of like her Melon Crusher. Plus she's mainly a training unit plus AA unit. - a distant fourth is Gerome. I kind of feel like just having Poleaxe on him for Arena Assault and his mom is already the flying Brave Axe unit so I'd rather choose someone else. - maybe...Legion? But I barely use him since I have upgraded Raven and Linus, so not sure it's worth it. - Other units that may want it but I barely use or are 4 star - Bartre, Gunther, Hawkeye - Save it if I get Winter Chrom/Summer Innes?
  3. Official Pull Topic

    @DefaultBeep congrats!!!! She’s finally home! Did you hunt for her or was she free? @Poimagic nice! Another great addition to your flier squad, and i’m jealous of that Spd boon! @Zeo awesome! Very nice nature and horse Chrom is a really greated unit with his kit. Have fun using him, i’m jealous of your bane since mine is -Spd haha as for me, nothing noteworthy although i did pull other orbs besides the free one. main account’s free was a 3 star Clair, who turns out to be +Atk/-Def! Perfect, i’m gonna train her up with her weapon! Took a while to get a good combo but now I can build her up! Other blue orb was a -Atk Donnel so i can probably fodder him off for Summer Cordelia. as for my second, free orb was a 3 star Oboro with Atk bane. Tried another blue and i finally get another Shanna for fodder! Curiously opened red but it was just an Ogma. oh well at least Clair and Shanna made it worthwhile! Now to patiently wait for new heroes before deciding to summon.
  4. Bringing this back with the results! Linus - "Will you stop yammering!" Legault - "Gotta fight dirty." Flying Nino - "Fly, pegasus!" Now let's go back to Thracia, as we take a look at Saias, Green Olwen and Sword Reinhardt! You can have a listen to their quote in these links, under the 'Quotes' section:'s_Sword/Quotes ------- My thoughts- Saias- "All of this was inevitable." I picked the one that was the least generic, and this gives a feel that his tactics are working as intended. Green Olwen- "With this newfound power..." This quote stands out from the rest, and helps distinguish her from her original self. Probably not the most subtle in trying to explain why she is suddenly green, but hey it works. Sword Reinhardt- "Forgive me." Text-wise his quotes aren't as good as his original self, but I feel the VA delivers the lines well enough. I think this line has the right balance of a powerful delivery but also showing his personality of being polite/distinguished while being a deadly offensive presence.
  5. Huh, I got a defense win from running the 3 different Hectors plus a bonus unit. Probably double omni-breaker? Hope this continues next week.
  6. I want Miriel in. Need more megane. Maybe I'll support her with Canas and his monocle for the lulz. Late addition to the discussion but I think my first promotion was Sharena- because all my blue units were either -Atk or -Spd back then. Gosh I have bad luck with blue unit natures for the longest time. Random thought, whenever Rinkah gets in the game, she should come with the Firesweep Axe because Fire tribe. I mean sure she uses clubs but eh, she'll be an axe unit anyway.
  7. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    So, Summer Marth when? Been using a flier team of S!Tana, S!Corrin, S!Takumi and NY!Azura. Swapping Azura out for MMarth after the bonus is over. So yeah, final map is made for flier emblem cheese. Love the map design/bg though
  8. @Zeo Well, I've replied a bit late but I was going to recommend to try the budget build first since you have all the SP. Get a feel for it, and if the lower Mt is not your thing (and you really want a Breath Rogue Dagger) then you can switch sets. Why don't you give Lightning Breath+ Fae Atk Smoke as well? It could be a compromise for now. @Humanoid How many LnD2 fodder do you have right now? If you have a lot, maybe just try for that and get a feel for it, and if you think she misses out on some kills then upgrade?
  9. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid Niiiiicceee!!! Perfect nature as well! DC could be nice if you have the spare Hectors i guess but in my case, i think i will wait for a Myrrh to give it to since her stats seem better for enemy phase. Plus Blue tomes seem more dangerous and Myrrh can deny followups. With the teams i’m facing, i’m not sure i see enough dangerous green mages to warrant it (fully merged Ninos i guess but bladetome buffs can be dangerous with Tiki’s low Res) Maybe ask around for better opinions. still, a SB breath weapon sounds interesting enough so it could be nice with DC? Plus DC scores well with her huge BST so there’s that as well.
  10. Wooo 10 orbs, more than I was expecting. makes up for my weakness of summoning this morning
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Haha oops, I just woke up back them haha. I thought your statement meant there were no red orbs. Well, +HP is better for his native skills anyway so that still works. Congrats on getting one of the rarest units in the game at least haha
  12. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    @Junkhead Hadn't had time to watch videos properly back then, but wow, that's an amazing Henry, Close Counter works really well on him :) Defintely a good user of the owl tome. Would having 1 seal missing be enough for him to take damage again?
  13. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    @mampfoid Yeah I wish more weapons had in-built breakers that don't need HP thresholds. I get why they don't since it might be a bit OP but it's still nice to use a niche weapon. Roy's 30 Def and 30 Res is so satisfying to my eyes that I haven't even decided which refine to give his Guard Bow yet lol. (maybe leaning towards Def since B!Lyn can deal with mages with her Res) @Ginko Yeah -Spd Lyn is a shame, but if I get a Fighter skill (hopefully Bold) then that shouldn't matter. Your doubling Lyn makes me jealous though haha, but I need to give her Blarowl (or if I'm ever lucky to get two Summer Camillas, the Summer Desperation drink weapon). Lyn defying WTD and tanking that green mage was satisfying, as well as finishing Hector. Armour March is so great for armour teams. Yeah I had a spare -Atk L'Ephraim, and best assassin girl deserves the best A skill (also I don't have Close Def fodder, and would rather not fodder Shiro for Steady Stance). She can't learn Breaths anyway and this gives her more Attack. So here are the rest of the videos. @NegativeExponents- @Usana @Zeo @Rafiel's Aria Speaking of is a fun little clear. Best way to beat Armads is Armads. Since I hadn't fodder off my first -Atk Hector (the Vantage one), I figured he could join in with the other Hectors for this clear. @mampfoid Armour and Swap OP :P ---- Also here is my final one- the alts of the main FE7 lords. The same team who defeated Lector's LHB. Team is +Def/-Spd Legendary Hector, neutral LA!Eliwood, +Atk/-Def Bridal Lyn, +Res/-Def Bridal Ninian) Music is Esaka Continues from the King of Fighters XIII soundtrack. I did have one clear where Hector moved up more on the left side, forcing only Hector to attack him in the choke point and the Wings of Mercy lance armour couldn't fly in front of Eliwood. Then proceeded to finish everyone else with 1 HP. But this video is more satisfying since everyone had a part.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats on the Lute! She's a great Ploy user at least and has Spd Ploy built in so that's something! @Cute Chao @Zeo @Rafiel's Aria @Usana So I woke up this morning with an urge to do one snipe and try and get a non -Atk Kinoka for my main while she's a focus. I mean I know seasonals would probably be a better priority, but 1 summon wouldn't hurt since I had 20 orbs. 1 colourless showed up and it was Niles- I'll take Iceberg fodder/ I was happy at that but something told me to summon in the summer banner on my second account which had 19 orbs. I also need some Lissas for her staff so I figured I'd give it a try since I have a reason to pull colourless. I think I had 3.25% so I entered the banner. Only 1 colourless orb and a 3 star Gaius. Sure okay. Well there were 3 orbs and 1 green, so I thought I might as well pull red for fodder. 1st orb was a 3 star Fir which is decent. Second red.. Oh hello there Baby Summer Tiki! +HP/-Def, although I guess the weapons +3 Def makes up for the bane. Now I have both Summer Tikis in my second (funny how both of then have Valour skills) I guess I can just rule out giving her DC then since the stat spread doesn't seem as great for enemy phase. But still, glad to have her since she seems to be the premium unit in the banner! Last red orb was a Tharja which makes up for the one I just foddered off I guess. ---- So riding off this luck I decided to try the summer banner in my main again. Only did 1 session last time so I think this would be 3.25% Wouldn't it be funny if I get Kinoka randomly here? Umm, okay! I got better Kinoka! (I wasn't expecting to get him at all to be honest) Now I can complete the Kinshi Knight Hoshidan family! He is +Res/-Def, so I was relieved his offenses were left untouched. He was my first summon, so I went ahead and tried the others and forgot I only had 15 orbs and did my maths wrong, leaving the last red unknown. But at least I received my first Ares out of it! +HP/-Def, so I'll wait for a better one. Guess I'm still squeezing out what's left of my luck. So much for orb saving but the TT approaches and I still have a few Chain Challenges and Tactics Drills to do. Here's hoping next week's banner isn't Fates-related so I can replenish my orbs. Still, today's lack of self-control was worth it.