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  1. Aether Raids first impressions

    Darn, I shouldn't play when I'm tired, I forgot to check armoured boots on some Hectors.. Looks like I won't get the rank that gives 100 stones. Also I guess I should u[date the Amphorae to level 3 before the season ends and ignore the Fortress upgrade for now?
  2. Legendary Hero Battle Across the Plains: Lyn

    @Zeo I think it's nice how sometimes, unintended unit combos can become a trademark. That's part of the appeal of the FEH crossover, since characters you never thought you'd use may just work together pretty well. Daggers really are a fun unit to use though, and your clears really show that as the debuff sounds are music to my ears. Rogue Dagger+ with horse/flier mobility sounds super fun though, I wish we had that unity type in the normal pull Matthew alt when?
  3. Bound Hero Battle: The Divine (Tiki & Nowi)

    Frederick was pretty useful though with his WoM! Oh and Maribelle needed the speed support from Hone Cav. Nothing can be fluffier than Fae. Well maybe Feh but Feh's not a dragon...or maybe..? Well this is a super late reply to a late reply as well haha, but thanks, really appreciate it. I felt bad I almost wasted a day doing these clears when I had other things I could've done but at least reading comments like these help :) @Zeo It was pretty...err...addicting (?) to use an evil team theme since I get to use ominous music heh. I still haven't made a decision on Aversa's skills but at least she's doing more in other clears (Julius GHB for example but that failed to record). Once I finally decide on her B skill (and get more Reposition fodder) then she'll probably do more than guide Grima around. Her tome's not the best for the inflated HP pools though for these clears. As for Lon'qu, part of it was just wanting to use Vantage she that's THE skill that I associate with Lon'qu (both here and in Awakening), so I just wanted to show off that he can kill Nowi with it- although healing is needed afterwards. Also partly because Shannas are rare these days so I'm being super picky about that B skill these days (same with Reposition). As for the dragon clear, I just noticed how a lot of the Divine Dragons are in heroes. Adult Tiki is the best Divine Dragon, her graceful presence >>> kindergarten dragons :P That said I needed an excuse to use that Psycho Soldier theme so the kindergarten dragons at least fit the music. Yeah it felt a bit cheap using the loli dragons but I just couldn't resist the theme with the place the map is based on, so it just had to be done. @Alexmender Thanks! I kind wish I had a L!Marth though since yeah, armoured dragons especially can be OP with Fighter skills
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah, I find it's more frustrating with colourless than other colours because even if there are more useful skill fodder like Atk Tactic in the pool, units like Legaults are still super rare to me and I get healers that have poor inheritance (*coughClarinecough*). Either way, I'll take what I can get Free summon for BHB banner was a Lilina. (amusingly, 1 red and 4 colourless.....these sure like to appear when I'm not hunting for colourless, but disappear when I want them...) ....and I finally get a +Atk Lilina! -HP but I'll take it, Lilinas are really for me actually, and Atk is pretty much her only important stat anyway. Second account was a Nino but since I had 50 orbs, I decided to open other orbs to see if I get good fodder. 2 Odins and a Beruka, decent and I've been running out of Glimmer/Moonbow, so that worked out.
  5. @Zeo @mampfoid @Alexmender @Vaximillian @NegativeExponents- @Landmaster @daisy jane @SatsumaFSoysoy @eclipse Okay super late post time- have a Jugdral theme clear! Team is +Def/-HP Ishtar, +Atk/-HP, +Res/-Atk Deirdre, +Spd/-HP Lewyn. Music is the main theme from Fate Apocrypha soundtrack It was time to get Deirdre to ORKO her son again. This time, now with some Judgral units that I obtained since the GHB first came out. +Res Deirdre Glacies bombs sure are something, and it's magical to see the irony of her defeating her son with a tome that has weapon triangle disadvantage- as long as he counters with QR anyway. As for the later half? This has been a case of nice accidental AI manipulation. Poor melee swordies really want to hit Deirder's paper defense and had tunnel vision. The trick was knowing when not to attack, as the other mages snipe the enemies one by one, so I don't get overwhelmed by multiple Deadlord reinforcements. I've also done a clear after this with Arvis replacing Ishtar for a more coherent 1st Gen theme, but since Arvis doesn't have as much firepower as Ishtar, I had to make more turns and the video was a bit over 8 minutes long. The steps were mostly the same though with Deirdre attracting enemies into a chokepoint so not entirely sure that's worth another long video. ---- Also I reaaaallly wanted to do a clear with my Grimleal team of Aversa, both Grimas and Morgan- and I even managed to do it! But alas, my computer suddenly ran out of space so the recording didn't save which was really frustrating, since it was a really epic clear with everyone at low HP by the end. It would have been a really perfect theme as well, since Aversa summons Dreadlords in Awakening, and she would fight Julius and his original Dreadlords. It was Distant Def Male Grima, Brazen Atk/Res Vantage Female Grima, Guidance Aversa and Drive Atk Morgan M. The steps were pretty specific so I ran out of time because I spent about an hour trying to recreate the clear, but it mainly consisted of F Grima creating a choke point on the right, and Morgan's debuffs going well with F Grima's Res Smoke. Spur Def/Res was also useful so Aversa can tank the red mage with her Res wave up. Distant Def was needed for male Grima to survive a double Moonbow from the thief. I hope this gets rerun soon (maybe GHB Elite Quests 3 with Book 3?) just so I could record this. ---- Now for some late comments! @Zeo I love the Ishtar video ending! All those Reinhardt spurs supporting Ishtar was poetic. Also nice to see a Linde clear, and making use of her refine! I didn't even remeber you having a Linde, it's nice to see she's still a powerhouse with her stat spread. Serra makes a good partner for her with her fragile defenses. As for the Morgan clear, yes Brazen Atk/Res is addictive! As always, Grima's Truth is a really good tome against enemies that group together, and I've been getting more used to Morgan support plays myself. Unlike you, my (unrecorded) clear had my team split up to not get too overwhelmed by the reinforcements, but your Morgan team just held on and didn't move too much, so that's neat! @Nanima Sakunyan is amazing! That bout with Julius with 1 HP left made me nervous, but boy did she make up for that. Also the Hoshidan headpiece looks great on Sakura. That right side of the castle makes for a really good chokepoint, and Gravity staff is useful as always. Also nice to see you make the Takumi clear without too much new skill inheritance. Always satisfying to see Skadi activate on a reinforcement-heavy map. Arnours seem really annoying for your Takumis but at least NYTakumi's debuffs help soften those up. Again, low HP units near the end made me nervous but I guess that's a good thing with Wings of Mercy! @Landmaster Wow, I really need to pull more Areses (?). Don't have an ideal nature yet but he seems fun to use. Also again, Sakunyan doing work! I'm glad she's doing work, she's great for PvE against pesky mages- I kind of didn't realised how mage heavy the map is until you pointed it out. Well I think that's all for now. Will comment on the new BHB videos another time when I'm not busy and after I clear a themed run first.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    I don't have her either. I don't mind getting her once or if she was in the first circle and not 4%+
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Oh nice! I haven't pulled Shannas in forever! I still have yet to pull a Silas after his banner as well, so it was a good thing I got him when he was still a focus, even if he was an obvious demote lol @Usana Darn, sorry to hear the lack of Saber (funny how people used to dread the sudden Saber), but at least a +Atk Sothe is really good! @mampfoid I kind of want a seasonal banner that's only seasonal focus units, kind of like a legendary banner in that no non-seasonal can pitybreak you. I'm just glad I didn't get Mist'd or something.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo @mampfoid Welp. I can finally be released from my misery- looks like I missed Halloween Jakob again. I get two Halloween Sakuras (one +Spd, one +Atk) so at least I didn't leave the banner too empty-handed. Did most of the chain challenges to day to get a few more tries but I just had to leave at 4%. At least the game decided to throw me a bone from pulling colourless, since the I got 3 Kleins in a row (from consecutive sessions) and my final 5 orb YOLO was a Sothe. @Vaximillian looks like colourless hell took pity on me in the end as a consolation with some good A skills Congrats on Bowbreaker (or Guard Bow) at least! But yeah not really sure when Jakob will appear again so hopefully they rerun old seasonals again soon. Don't want to wait another year again. It's funny, I didn't try too hard last year since I wanted to avoid the colour sharing pitybreaking curse and this happens this year haha (the exact reason why I didn't try too hard last year). Well at least I have my favourite characters in the game so hopefully now I can get more orbs back up (unless they throw a random seasonal of a favourite character).
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Funny that, I just got a Lucius trying for Halloween Jakob. Also a normal least he can't be 5 star anymore... @Zeo Wow, congrats on another Celica? Chill Spd is one of the more useful Chill skills at least....I wonder if Matthew can use it since his B skill is so flexible? Congrats on Aether as well, I am running out.. @Landmaster Ouch.... this is making me nervous summoning again :( ... Shared focus on a 4 unit banner is hell... but I'm kind of desperate I had to put more blessings to units to do Blessed Grounds despite hating the concept of it.. Oh and free summon only had 1 red, and it was just Stahl Swap fodder. Even if I had Saber in my second account, I opened both red orbs (in case I get a better natured one). Caeda and least Caeda is nice since she's rare for me, although she's -Atk.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats on another Nowi! I tried again with 20 orbs, 1st session only had 1 colourless and it was a Kaze. Tried again impatiently with 15 orbs, since I rarely get more than 3 colourless orbs and...... I get 4 colourless orbs :( Of course I didn't have enough to open all of them- if only I farmed 2 more orbs. Oh well, I missed 1 one of the orbs but all I got was some meh colourless fodder. Best one was a 3 star +Atk/-Def Priscilla I guess.
  11. Aether Raids first impressions

    Silly me wasted the free run because I forgot about Aversa's tome doing the Panic effect on my Urdr boosted Owain while I was doing Solid Snake strategies to get to the pots. Then Veronica just couldn't dent Aversa at all so I lost after that. At least I finally have a defense win!
  12. Tempest Trials: Before We Met…

    ...maaaaajjooooorrrr disappointment on the final map theme. If they were gonna be lazy, at least use Desire Below again for the final map. I doubt we'd get any more Revelations music anytime soon so another track is a missed opportunity. Also I didn't realise Mikoto had Miracle so my second run wasn't perfect because she healed Helbindi too many times. Also Helbindi is pretty bulky :(
  13. Vantage banner is probably Swordhart, Ishtar and Mia. Ward banner...if they want all 5 star exclusives would be Minerva, Olwen and Male Grima. If they want to have 4-5 star they can probably add Shigure. Or randomly have Draug/Eliwood although come to think of it, we need more Ward Armour sources since Draug is kind of hard to get in the saturated red pool for me...
  14. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    @Zeo WOW. I really like the surprised, but still, it's nice to see the new Summer Tana do pretty well in this map. Everything just seemed to fall in place, especially the Tana/Myrrh combo since their flight just ignores the terrain issue. Ephraim vs Valter was epic with that 1 HP. The actual clear seemed to go pretty smoothly as well, and it's nice to see Lute there. As usual a Brave Bow archer works well in this map, so Innes was just effortlessly shooting things out of the sky. L'Ephraim's Astra + healing combo was nice to see as well. Nice to see you've got a good bunch of FE8 units to work with. Really enjoyed this and I love the promotion transition you put in there!
  15. @Johann Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Kana F has been on a legendary banner yet either? Wouldn't she be before Flying Nino? It finally took this long for M Grima to be featured on the last legendary banner and I think the next green 5 star exclusive would be Kana (if they skip Green Olwen because of shared movement with Gunnthra). I mean sure she's not as impressive and is probably powercrept by the Adrift version of Corrin now, but I guess she serves as the filler green pitybreaker?