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  1. I like the concept of being defensive so units like Beruka and Odin can shine but yeah the inflated stats just kill it for me
  2. Didn’t they say Rival domains is back after this? (I hate how they have the same acronym. Fingers too lazy) I used his guide as well but wow Abyssal 8 is the easiest one to replicate as long as you have a Beruka with Lunge and Kaze with QR. maybe Kaze can be replaced with Felicia, i haven’t tried, but after creating a chokepoint and defeating Priscilla it is pretty much press end turn. map 7 was more annoying than 8 because of the central path, but you can replace PM1’s Gordin with any brave bow archer and you just need to take out Camilla quick and prevent Faye from teleporting (he used Narcian without Lancebreaker but any slow bulky Green will do)
  3. I think Lucina gives you a game over in higher difficulties in Awakening so not sure if that counts?
  4. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    @mampfoid Thanks! Actually that Silas build is just a cheap build for Tempest Trial grinding (Swordbreaker is great for TT). Once I get more SP I'm gonna go find him a Slaying Lance and Ignis fodder. Flora destroying the TA green mage was very satisfying. She is a bit slow though, even with +Spd. ...sure...that's why I let Elise get hit by her dad....yes that's the reason... Haha I actually was stuck with that turn after a while because I was so focused on trying to stop Garon with Gravity and kept moving right. Took me a while to realise I could move left, and Elise proccing Miracle was a calculated risk, but I never actually thought about the fact that it removed Dragon Fang as a threat haha.
  5. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    Part of the reason why I kept Astra in this clear because that sure impressed me haha Also @Nanimaregarding Gerome surviving the mage in the other clear- yeah at least those extra points in Res compared to her mother was good for something!
  6. @Vaximillian Flying axe maid of death. I like it. Now I have the urge to support her withy Flora Also what's BSFE?
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Wow congrats @Xenomata! Is that the first session? Also nice freebie @Korath88! Second account gave me 3 reds- Palla, Tiki and a +Spd/-Def Eliwood. Decent pull I guess. Main account had 1 red and 4 colourless. That makes things easier, since I really lacked the orbs on this account. 4 star Olivia, next. Sadly no green orbs but they're here for a month. @Zeo Thanks, those quick successions of Lewyn were really mind-boggling, especially since I see people having a hard time pulling him so I feel bad. I can't complain though, good luck with the orb-saving! I pray the next banners would be kind since I would like a Fanlivia.
  8. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    @Zeo @mampfoid @NegativeExponents- @Ginko @Rafiel's Aria @Usana @Nanima Team is +Atk/-Res Cherche +1, +Atk/-Res Lon'qu, +Spd/-HP Robin M and 4 star+10 +Spd/-HP Olivia Music is The Wandering Wolf (Akihiko's theme) from Persona 4 Arena soundtrack. So I had an Awakening Gen 1 clear as well for this- just like how the 2nd gen clear featured Odin's new tome, this one features Cherche's new axe. Well, not like it's much of a difference, she still kills things. Oh and she has Astra because I forgot to unequip it from the Abyssal Robin map because there is no kill like overkill.
  9. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    @Zeo @Vaximillian @NegativeExponents- @mampfoid @Ginko @Nanima @Usana @Rezzy @Rafiel's Aria Team is +Spd/-HP Flora, +Def/-Res Silas, +Spd/-Res Elise and +Spd/-HP PA!Azura Music is Kekkai from Ao no Exorcist the Movie soundtrack So here is the debut of the latest Nohrians in a themed clear against their King. Took a good number of tries and changing some skills because enemies would deal exact damage against Elise and Flora's low HP, but I'm glad I pulled it off for Flora and Silas's debut. Video's a bit long though (darn Distant Defense). -The walls are annoying, but at the same time, it made Razzle Dazzle Gravity and Savage Blow shenanigans work better. Savage Blow is a really good seal for these PvEs. -Had to unequip Axura's usual Hone Atk because Panic Ploy is annoying. -Silas and Flora's base kits work really well here. Silas coming with Reposition is such a great thing and him duelling against the armour in the end was pretty fitting. @mampfoid That's a lot of Celicas, good thing she's such a good unit. The perfect positioning for Blazing Light was satisfying! Yeah maybe the music is a bit too masculine for a Celica clear lol Stahl surviving Garon was surprising! Also very satisfying to see Skadi work well in this map - and for the Conquest boss to defeat the Birthright boss lol. And you get feathers from Walhart as a reward! lol Roy's special art is so nice, I wish Galeforce would show the special art at least. Nice, clean clear again!
  10. Geh. 4 orbs and not even a Paralogue or Xenelogue? well at least they’re not limited.
  11. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    I love how they added an inferiority layer to him that I don't think was there in Fates? Makes me relate to him a lot more since I need someone to feel inferior with (?) right now haha
  12. Official Pull Topic

    No I appreciate the chuckle that you gave me and I appreciate your post since I was beginning to be tempted to do another YOLO to fix the -Spd, but as you said, a slower Lewyn is better than having none. I should really save, suddenly my stash went under 20 orbs again. Suddenly I have to think about the rerun colourless units that I should be saving for (Halloween Jakob who shares with Halloween Sakura, PA!Olivia if I'm lucky) and I'm dreading going back to the colourless pool again with limited orbs. I guess that's my short term goal for now, since the only unit I'm really waiting for is Owain.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    We need more Tomebreakers in the pool in general. Going for 1 specific unit to counter a specific tome can be pretty annoying, especially with the pool getting bigger and bigger. Especially if said unit also has other good skill inheritance options (Red Raven, Ignis for Henry, Moonbow and Blarblade for Odin)
  14. Official Pull Topic

    You mean green tomebreakers? Hmm, I need more Henrys. Also @TheSilentChloey congrats on getting your Celica and Morgan merge :D
  15. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid @Zeo @Vaximillian Huh. Was suddenly tempted to do a red pull for Flora in my second account. There were 3 reds- a Seliph, a Corrin... ...and an Elincia. Wow, 3% as well. I've been getting quick 5 stars in the Fates banner for some reason. She's +Atk/-Spd which is the same as my +1 Elincia. (I seem to attract slow Elincias haha) Not sure if I want to merge her yet. Don't think anyone wants her skills...unless Death Blow 3? If an Abyssal map really needs the extra stats maybe then I'll merge. I'll keep the level 1 for now for VG cheesing if she appears in a VG I guess. @Cute Chao Oh good, to know he still wrecks things with -Spd! His base kit is just so good, with Swift Sparrow patching some of that bane. Maybe I should permanently give him a Spd+3 seal for now for AA haha