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  1. The only bug I could think of is that small typo with the Tempest Trial scoring, but it's a bit too late to fix that with only over a day left.
  2. So there was a small update, anyone know what that one was for? Also, dang, I'm going to have to give up on Gray/Celica. 2 orbs left again and the only reds I pulled were more Raighs and Lon'qus. At least give me some variety :(
  3. It's been a month of ups and downs. Ups include finally getting an Ike and a non +Atk Hinoka. I just also passed 100k in my second account for Tempest Trials and now have 100k feathers stashed. The free summons were a very good QoL thing to have as well. Gettin a +Def Lukas was also a joy. Downsides include being very low on orbs for my main and still not having Gray/Celica, while the Ike was -Atk (although +Spd is making up for it). Not sure if I should do 1 last push for TT banner just to get at least some 5 star even if its not Gray, because it feels like a 4.50% pity rate will go to waste. Currently at 10 orbs now, and the new missions will add 10 more but not sure if i should hold out on the CYL.
  4. I know but it would be a nice callback. Hmm maybe can be an Oni costume wielding a club. @Poimagic bones of the people she failed to cure? hmm maybe a Dark magic witch Sakura would be interesting
  5. She should get Bows, just like her Priestess promotion Not sure how to fit that in Halloween though
  6. At least Gunter is a free rotation battle unit, so he'll be back as an arena bonus unit in the future (he already came back a few weeks ago)
  7. 4 star -Atk Cain was too annoying to level up to 40 :( Now I'm just waiting for a spare Cain so I can pass his WoM off to someone else Also even if my Ike is -Atk, I've been having so much fun training him in the lower Lunatic TT. Reposition chains with him and Minerva are really useful (hah, take that forest maps!). Also, Vantage, Luna and Quickened Pulse makes sure he can go against Sonya with mostly no problems.
  8. So I've been playing around with calculations of using Close Counter, Quick Riposte and Poison Dagger+ and it looks like +Spd Summer Frederick is the best enemy phase user of the build, just barely edging out Gaius. Assuming everyone has Poison Dagger+, Close Counter, Quick Riposte, Attack +1 Seal and Reprisal (enemy phase build because why not and just to compare with Kagero who has PD and Reprisal naturally) +Spd/-Def Summer Frederick- 108 wins, 6 losses, 50 draws (100 wins, if no Reprisal) +Atk/-HP Summer Frederick- 109 wins, 17 losses, 38 draws (100 wins if no Reprisal) (most advantages in exchange for more losses against Gaius) +Atk/-Res Summer Frederick (with HP+3 Sacred Seal instead)- 109 wins, 13 losses, 55 draws (99 wins if no Reprisal) Compared to: +Atk/-Res Gaius- 107 wins, 7 losses, 50 draws (100 wins, if no Reprisal) +Atk/-Res Kagero- 109 wins, 31 losses, 24 draws (103 wins if no Reprisal) Interesting to see that if using Attack+1 seal, Frederick gets the least losses with +Spd/-Def, only sacrificing 1 win if he wasn't +Atk in exchange for more survivability. In particular, 1 more win and 1 less loss against Gaius is pretty impressive. Kagero of course has the most wins naturally but loses to a lot more units during enemy phase. That said, if we're also looking at Player Phase, then Gaius gets more wins when initiating battle. Still, it's pretty impressive for Summer Frederick.
  9. Passed the 85k mark now on my main account. Mostly just SP grinding Minerva and Ike, who is supported by Olivia and Clive (who just got to 500 HM). Going to try and squeeze out as much feathers for Clive- I stopped using Berkut and even then he only has just over 1500 HM. Second account has passed 90k though. Go Delthea, 40% bonus makes life easier.
  10. Still no Gray/Celica after using 18 orbs (one pull had no reds) getting real sick of 4 star Stahls since 2 popped up within those session in addition to like 3 while searching since the TT started at least give me some variety in reds luckily there are orbs again but i might save it for cyl or something. Not sure if i should continue feeding my now 4.75% rate
  11. Nothing wrong with being invested in a character, if you want do it. I like Clive even more because of his art and I just raised his 5 star version for the Tempest Trial (the stat boost helps buff him up at least). In terms of Anna, she really shines more when she has her personal weapon Noatun, because she can then warp around the map when her health is low. I use it with Reciprocal Aid/Desperation to either heal my allies or activate Desperation and KO with her high speed. I also have Fury with her to activate Noatun/Desperation faster. Most of my units have poor Res, so for my team composition, having someone with high Res (and a green unit) really helps out. I just like her versatiity with this specific set that fits my poor Res cavalry team. Also it's just quite fun to use personally. I haven't 5 starred Legion yet so I can't really give that much opinion on him, but he's even more player phase orientated especially if you give him Brave Axe. Natural Fury also helps buff up his stats, but he can do with Life and Death as well.
  12. 2. If you really like Clive and want to inherit a lot of skills then 4 star for more SP. He is a bit expensive to make good though since his base kit is a bit meh. 3. Felicia makes the best use of it because of her high speed, especially when battling against the mages that she counters (although expensive, Distant Counter + Watersweep Felicia can shut down magical units). +Spd Saizo can also make some interesting use of it with Smoke Dagger shenanigans- similarly, maybe Clarrise if you want to focus on making her a debuffer. Other than that, it's usually pretty niche and not exactly for arena use but would help in certain GHBs. 4. If you need someone to take a Reinhardt hit, Anna is the best bet and is a bonus unit quite frequently. Otherwise, Legion would be good. Unless you really like Clive, I don't think it's worth promoting him since he's pretty outclassed by other lance cavalry.
  13. To quote Est: "But...DRAGONS!" If only I could find where the Book of Naga effects are because they're not in the Family Bonds zip
  14. Well this Titania may not have Cancel Affinity, but now she's fully dressed for summer: Also have some dragons wielding dragon floaties, too. Including the dragon, riding a dragon wielding a dragon-looking weapon. (Maybe I'll do a Book of Naga version so she can summon dragons, too)
  15. At least there's some good Flier Emblem tools in that summon