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  1. Okay I might go Luna then since I've got a spare Catria and not enough Bonfire fodder. Don't really have an Axebreaker unit (well maybe Eliwood but Ward Cavalry is better to inherit to someone since I only have 1 extra one). I guess the only spare -breaker skill I can give him is maybe Blue Tomebreaker but he has low res to begin with. I'll just give him a spare Renewal from Lissa, since I've got quite a few from trying to hunt Klein...
  2. Bah, finally finished 11-5 Lunatic. I had to use nstyler's guide as a basis, but had to change a few things (because F!Robin is 3 star and doesn't do enough damage to Mae, and I had no Sophia) Basically, I replaced Sophia with 4* Tharja (with Desperation 2), and in the end, replaced Robin with 4* Cecilia (with a Gronnblade and Attack+1 seal while 3* Donnel had Fortify Res sacred seal). Olivia had Wings of Mercy as well, although that wasn't really needed. Tharja kills Boey faster than Sophia. Cecilia doesn't exactly oneshot Masked Guy, so she has to take a hit after his tome's Vantage effect activates which leaves her at red health but Donnel can use Reciprocal Aid to heal. Everything is the same until the last few turns- Cecilia needs Olivia's Dance to finish off Mae. As for Genny, she is one space further than the video (because Boey was KOed instantly), so last turn was a team effort. Donnel went up, Olicia danced him further so he can reach Genny with Brave Lance. Cecilia can't attack because she is in red health, so she moves away to make way for Tharja, who is in Desperation zone after Boey's battle, to finish off the healer. I really appreciated Cecilia's extra movement as cavalry here.
  3. So I'm warming up to Lloyd again because I lack good res swordies, and Eliwood has been disappointing so Lloyd is a very welcome addition. Also he's voiced by Kaiji Tang so this is the closest I can get to Myrmidon Owain if I close my eyes and ignore the art so I'm a bit happier again! (Even though it bothers me that his standard portrait looks like he should be holding a sword but there is no sword) Maybe someday I'll do a Kaiji Tang voice team and have Lloyd, Odin and Narcian...
  4. Okay fair enough, although I don't really have an extra cavalier to give Fortify to currently (I have a 4 star +Hp/-Def Cecilia but she has nowhere the SP to get it and she's already level 40, unless I raise a neutral one from 3 star). Unless I use Ursula, and give her a regular Blarblade but then I'd be weaker to green units if Xander can't kill. ----- Also, on my other account I have a +Res/-HP Peri. I initially wasn't going to use her, but after repeatedly failing that last Lunatic mission with Celica's group, I find her high res is actually pretty useful at least since I notice I don't have enough good Res units in my other account (Lloyd is a welcome addition though). So I'm thinking for a fairly cheap build, making use of her Res boon and turning her into a mage killer- -Killer Lance+ -Iceberg -Fury 2 (have a few Bartre fodder units)/Resistance 3 (for cheapness? I don't have a lot of SP since I pulled her as 5 star) -Swordbreaker/Lancebreaker (depending on amount of Sully/Arthur fodder I have left, mostly filler for melee combat) -Threaten Def Any thoughts? edit: Also I'm merging my Merrics and 4 star Jeorges together to make space. Any suggestions on them so I can learn the skills before merging? So far Jeorge ate a Gordin for Brave Bow (no plans on upgrading Jeorge soon, so no Parthia). He gets more kills with it then Silver Bow, and he's +Spd/-HP. For Merric, I already inherited a Gronnraven/Rally Resistance from Cecilia. I guess Triangle Adept will come soon, too, although not sure what special to give Merric. Maybe Gronnblade as well as another option in certain GHBs? The final Merric is +Res/-HP. ...Maybe Gronnraven, Triangle Adept and Renewal/Escape Route?
  5. So i was having trouble on my second account for Lunatic because all my green 5 stars are wyvern riders. Then i saw you mention this earlier before and used my cavalry defense team and it worked! well mostly cavalry. I had Olivia first try but Xander took too much damage with Fury 1 so I replaced her with Lissa for Rehabilitate. basically i positioned Reinhardt and Xander next to Gunter, have Xander bait bow knight and kill it with Quick Riposte and Siegfried. Xander also deals with axe flier (after a Rehabilitate from Lissa to go back to full health) but uses Swap tactics so Gunter can deal with lancer, escape then go back in to attack blue mage. Reinhardt was there mostly for support since he is Attack bane, and just helped finish off the blue mage after Gunter's initial attack. He couldn't really KO Lloyd so just did Goad Cavalry support for Xander. i tried different strategies (including Michalis, Abel and Olivia) but the answer was just under my nose the whole time!
  6. So I have a spare Roy as Triangle Adept fodder. Who's a better unit to use it on with the current metagame? +Def/-Spd Nowi for eating Falchions or +Res/-HP Robin for colour coverage?
  7. So the art turned me off otherwise a character I was a really interested in But if he's really that good stat-wise maybe's he's back to the 5 starring option then (I lack red 5 stars)
  8. So I pulled on my second account because the Battling Lloyd banner looked really awesome (I need a lot of Kleins!) The results: 5 star Hinoka first try!!! Didn't have her on this account.....and she's -Atk/+HP, completely identical to my Attack bane Hinoka on my main. At least I now have more tools for my flier team and I love her anyway! Second go was an Azama....then a freaking 5 star Klein!!!! +Atk/-Res too!!! Now I don't want to use him as fodder and I finally have a good archer in this file! So happy, I was tempted to do more summons but my barracks is full. ------ My main account didn't have much luck though. I had 3-4 three star Gordin's in a row. I sacrificed one of them for my +Atk/-Res Virion for Brave Bow fodder...and the next colorless orb was the exact same +Atk/-HP Virion... Oh and there was a 3 star Lissa somewhere but she can be Renewal fodder. Sadly I am now down to 1 orb on my main account with a full barracks as well. Oh well no Echoes summons or Genny for me until I get more orbs.
  9. Cleared Lunatic with Hector, Effie, Olivia and Sakura. Sakura had Fortify Res Sacred Seal + Fortify Def so Hector with HP+3 can survive both Bow Knight and Mage. Effie was there to smite Hector to bottom right. Another Dance from Olivia made Effie smite Sakura over. After Hector deals with the archer/mage, Sakura heals Hector up with Rehabilitate (which I mistakenly didn't want to do, so Olivia can use Wings of Mercy to Hector). So with the plan in shambles, I decided to just go with it and let Effie and Olivia deal with the left side. Olivia let the axe flier hit her, and after fighting back, her New Moon was charged. I was kind of nervous because Lance knight was within range. The rest of the steps were a bit of a blur because of the sudden change in plan and I was just winging it so my memory may not be right. Either way, it took a combined effort of Effie and Olivia's New Moon to kill the lancer. On the other side, Lloyd went down to Hector but if I remember right, because of Sakura's buffs/healing, Hector survived Lloyd's attack and KOed him back. I love Hector.
  10. @BANRYU Okay cool, thanks for the tips! Yeah Threaten Res was more of a filler since I have too many Oboros, and it's more if she's in range behind an ally/obstacle. I guess teammates having it would be better and she can just go default Fortify Res to support other teammates more directly. Also quick question! I run a part horse emblem team with a Frederick/Xander/Reinhardt core. I gave Frederick Hone Cavalry to replace Gunter, and now I need to get rid of units for fodder and I'm looking at my Jagens and Gunters. Which is better for Xander? Hone or Fortify Cavalry? (Sort of leaning to Fortify so I can at least give him Fury 2 while I don't have Hinatas I guess?) I'm just curious, if we're ignoring Fury 2, if Hone is better to buff up Reinhardt even more.
  11. I pulled a fair bit trying to snipe blue orbs so I guess I was lucky! (Plus I still had those free Subakis) Err, Klein can also work? (Although he really wants to pass Death Blow)
  12. Well now that I think about it, it seems I have no luck in blue 5 star summons. First was -Atk Hinoka. Then -Atk Reinhardt on my other account. Now -Atk Linde. Add in a -Spd Catria to the mix, it seems the only good blue I had is a +Atk Abel. (and a decent Peri which is pretty okay against the Celica Lunatic missions surprisingly) @Arcanite: Congrats! What are the other 2 stars :O
  13. +Attack Kagero is very good, her HP is low enough anyway (and even then, if you want to, HP+3 sacred seal usually brings the HP back to neutral) Upgrading Xander is also a very good idea, especially if you give him Quick Riposte with his Siegfried, and Bonfire for special. One of the best decisions I made.
  14. So I pulled a -Atk/+Res Linde, an unfortunate bane but I want to at least make her work until I get a better one. Would this set be good for her? Aura (eventually Blarblade whenver I get more feathers- need another gauntlet!) Iceberg/Glacies (for her Res boon?) A- Darting Blow/Death Blow/Fury B- Desperation C- Threaten Res (for better damage output/team support?) For her A skill, it's in order of how easy it is to get for me. Unfortunately have never summoned a Hinata and I have 1 Barst left for Fury 2 at least. Death Blow...a lot of units (Reinhardt) wants it more so until I get more Kleins that's a bit of a stretch. Maybe Darting Blow since I've got a few Florinas, and maybe the doubling will make up for her lack of attack? I didn't want to use Life and Death since I can only go up to 2 with a Hana, and I'll have to get Moonbow instead of Iceberg (which needs more Odins). Glacies is a possible replacement since I have more Felicias than Niles, but I guess faster activation is better?
  15. I just got this exact same quote today. Did she ever say this before? Also yay, at least Lloyd's chibi sprite looks good! And woo I summoned a YOLO Linde on the last day! Too bad she's -Atk but a Linde is a Linde!