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  1. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring!

    Welp, Oboro can't oneshot Flora like I originally thought since my one isn't fas enough. I resorted to just giving Silas his original weapon for the TT (extra move is great for quickly sniping her), and gave him Darting Blow to double Flora and ORKO her straight away. Her spawning with Idunn by her side does get annoying though.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    @Nanima Summer Takumi sure rules the skies early on, flier movement is just so good when you are ranged. Maribelle continues to hit hard as well, Veronica who? @Landmaster Yeah Innes can be really frail, but good that you made up for it with the seals and team support. Poor Ephraim though, being abandoned by his sister like that. I guess that's what he gets for having skills that want to make him go solo. @NegativeExponents- @mampfoid @Alexmender @daisy jane @Ginko @Azuris Speaking of Innes, here is him with some Tactician friends! Team is +Atk/-Spd Innes, +Atk/-Def Katarina, +Spd/-HP Male Robin and neutral Saias. Music is In Operation from Katekyo Hitman Reborn OST. -Saias really shines with his Ploy support. TA Bowbreaker Robin was the perfect unit to start the map as well, but he need QR support to deal with the red mage quicker. -Katarina had to take a hit so everyone can deal with Myrrh. She actually didn't need Close Defense to survive Myrrh, it was mostly to bait the AI in a specific way during Turn 1. -I'm sure Innes feels pretty good about beating his rival. --- Next is a Forest Emblem, since this BHB takes place in Myrrh's forest home. Team is +Res/-Atk Deirdre (her title is Lady of the Forest), +Atk/-HP Myrrh (lives in Darkling Woods), +Atk/-HP 4* Reyson (lives in Serenes Forest) and +HP/-Spd Leo (his tome has tree powers. Also his son's name is Forrest, lol. Forrest when IS?) Music is Four Seasons from Samurai Shodown 64 soundtrack -Using Leo with his original, unrefined tome is a real challenge but I wanted to do it for the theme. His low Speed is an obstacle but I managed to use it to my advantage, so he can charge Glacies. When 3/4 of your team is green, I needed a firepower move to delete the red threats in the game, and that red flier needed to be go fast. -Myrrh needed the Brazen to one shot the archer, who was a threat with its range and me having two fliers. Deirdre's Ploy support is always useful and Dragon effectiveness really helps with this map. --- Lastly is an Androgynous Team theme- made of characters who can be mistaken for the other gender. Team is +Spd/-HP Libra, +Atk/-Spd Lucius, +Atk/-HP 4* Reyson and neutral Masked Marth +8. Music is Inner Shade from the King of Fighters 2000. Again, Forrest when IS? -Starting the map was actually pretty hard when half the team is green (red mage is annoying and red flier with Swordbreaker for coverage is ugh). Masked Marth needed some seal support to duel with the Swordbreaker flier comfortably. -Reyson's first move was mostly baiting one of the threats father away from the main team, before beaming across the map with his wings. -Lucius took over the last moments in the map, flexing his nice Res against the mage. Poison Strike didn't matter when he has Martyr to heal it all up. Made Reyson finish the last enemy off ala Nanima style just so he can do something offensive.
  3. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Late reply time! @mampfoid Walhart just paraded down the bottom left like nothing! Those Wolf Berg stats made sure he shrugged off those in his way! Nice Oliver finisher, and Stahl did some nice tanking. Also hooray, Knock Back strats! I'm sure Defiant is easier to use than Knock back in a clear though heh, but nice clear, all red doesn't matter when you have Celicas in your team. @Landmaster Ooo, nice Ryoma use! Still enjoy offensive dancers in these clears, and Lene had a close moment there but it worked out. Poor Haat couldn't do a thing against Lene
  4. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring!

    Looking at that enemy Flora, I guess it's time to use Oboro more often with her new refine. Except for Est, now I realise I don't have a lot of blue armor slayers in my roster (well I guess their Silas. Maybe I should swap his weapon back for the TT, then I can run him with Leo).
  5. @Alexmender @NegativeExponents- Bianchi with Dino's clumsiness. That's a real dangerous weapon there. And the fact the weapon is in the pot must be because it's boiling hot, I feel sorry for any beasts who are unfortunate enough to come acroos Felicia. Also woo more KHR fans As for the general feeling on the banner, it's a nice filler banner and I like the unit choices, but less orbs means I'll probably skip after the first summon. I do like Lukas and Flora getting some love though and at least Leo has a different weapon type with a more useful colour. I wonder if they'll redo this theme next year...missed opportunities for Peri and Oscar and maybe a hungry Effie alt? Or even Sully as the Felicia-type unit with dangerous cooking.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @Nanima oh nice! Make me wish i went for red even if I was going to promote a Cain. For some reason i just tried green in case i get the now rare Hector or something. got a Reyson at least which is awesome since i don’t have a heron in that account yet. +Atk/-HP, a 3 move dancer is pretty much as good as a 5 star. Tibarn will be even scarier now.
  7. Kind of a strange coincidence ha arrives straight after Idunn and the same month Peri has a refine- both characters who also have two different eye colours. now we just need 1 more character to have an emblem team
  8. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid Ooh congrats on your Spring Alfonse! That circle really makes the image look extra shiny haha. Also I guess it highlights his assets, too. Green colour sharing is rough but good to have a happy ending. @Tybrosion Oof, -Atk is rough but she can still work, although mine is +Spd. Gen 3 stats make her plenty useable either way. @Fire Emblem Fan Congrats on the lion king! His art looks so good, very imposing indeed. @Landmaster @daisy jane So I got nothing from tickets, (well, green snipes since i wanted Ranulf and occasional colourless if no greens). Went up to 3.75% eventually, so I was impatient and summoned with 11 orbs. Finally got Ranulf although he was hit with a very unfortunate -Atk superbane. Opened the other green orb hoping for a flaw-erasing merge but it was a Cherche. In hindsight should have tried the single colourless just in case it was Caineghis but oh well. Main account still has a pity rate of 3.75% though. 4 unit banners are rough. I'll try to wait until the seasonal reveal before going back.
  9. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    @mampfoid Oooh, another green horse joins the GF army! Also pretty fitting that Elincia drops by in a Tellius map. Never get tried of GF clears with Lector and Roy combo. Also wow you have a lot of bunnies but yeah the OC one outshone the other (even if Kagero had some funny lines). Funny how the (actual) OC bunnies are all green, though you made a good decision using Spring Xander to somewhat balance things out. As for Haar, I don't think he is a Black Knight in his game, although I haven't played it. The clear was mostly because his FEH title is Black Tempest. @Nanima Another map where Sakura just destroyed her enemies. I'm sure Hinoka was just smiling proudly at her sisters. Star squad felt unique ecause of the hit and run tactics, I don't think I've even thought about retreating that far back. @Alexmender Kaden support looks so much fun to use. Also wow you're tempting me to do another theme clear with my Thunder Emblem lol...I think I'm already posting a lot after this post (including an Wind Emblem team but I already made so much haha) @Azuris @daisy jane @Landmaster @Ginko @NegativeExponents- @SatsumaFSoysoy First of all not sure why my previous video had playback issues for some, but in case it still isn't showing up, maybe try this link? Now for new clears! First is an Eyepatch Emblem team! Team is neutral Haar, +HP/-Atk Saber, +Atk/-Res 4* Niles and neutral Nailah Basilio when? Music is The Way to Rebirth from the King of Fighters 1999. -So pretty much the only skill inheritance was Nailah's Swap. Still somehow made it work with a 4* -Res Niles and a -Atk Saber after some seal shuffling. -Saber's Aegis really saved his skin against the blue mage. Haar's flier status means he can support with Guidance, giving Saber a quick escape through the wall...somehow. -Didn't promote Niles yet but he gave good support with Iceberg bombs and Spur Res/Attack Smoke to help Saber's survivability. Nailah is a beast, laughing at the Firesweep lance with her Null C-disrupt, although she needed Fierce Stance to cleanly ORKO. --- Next is what I call a Tempest Boys clear- a team of units who have titles related to the wind, and who happen to be all guys. Team is neutral Haar (Black Tempest), neutral Joshua (Tempest King), 4* +Atk/-Res Legault (The Hurricane) and +Atk/-Def Sothe (Zephyr). Music is the Trooper from the King of Fighters 2000. -Order was REALLY important for this clear, I didn't realise until I spent a good hour trying to recreate this. The crucial turn was Sothe giving Peshkatz buffs to Joshua, THEN Joshua moves to the blue mage in range of his Panic Ploy so Joshua gets panicked. If Joshua doesn't get panicked, then the blue raven mage moves to the right, which is bad for my dagger users. Still, Joshua held his own, not feeling Haar's axe while surviving a shot from the blue mage. -First time using Legault, and I hadn't had a chance to promote him yet. Mostly support duty, and the QP seal was mostly so he can say his special line in the video with his deep voice lol. -Haar makes good use of Swap in his base kit for this clear. Sure he might not be the most unique green axe, but his stats are fine when you play to his strengths. --- Lastly, sort of similar to my Black Knight emblem team, is a Black Emblem. Team is Black Knight +1 (obviously...and with Black Luna!), +Atk/-Def Ares (Black Knight), neutral Haar (Black Tempest) and +HP/-Def Rhajat (Black Magician) Music is N Battle Theme from Pokemon Black. -Pretty straightforward, second half was actually different from the original clear because I misclicked but it still worked out. Ares needed double Brazen and Drive support to survive repeated physical attacks with his -Def though.
  10. Mythic Hero Battle: Yune - Chaos Goddess

    That's okay, no pressure, just knowing you watch is enough since life can get busy and commenting on clears take time :) Haha yeah Armads animation can be a bit slow especially when the video is getting a bit long but the final hit is satisfying at least
  11. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    @mampfoid Yeah I played Fates, although the inspiring part is mostly because I know the characters enough to make multiple themes (or Fates having a good amount of characters (maybe too much?) to make teams out of). I enjoyed Fates gameplay, and it makes you think especially since enemies can also Pair Up against you, and Personal Skills were a great feature that made each character unique. Story is not the strongest but Conquest is one of the most engaging 3DS FE games because of its varied missions and gameplay (other games are usually route/defeat everyone, while Conquest has a certain famous defense map to provide challenges) @Landmaster No worries! Hope you're essay turns out well
  12. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    @Nanima Oof. Poor Haar didn't stance a chance. Well Haar is pretty lazy and doesn't try much so I guess it makes sense? At least the map is a nice pace for your Takumis with no tin cans in sight. @Ginko Yeah, Haar would be a lot scarier if he had a pre-charged Ignis or something. Oh well at least we can all get a free Haar easily, I always wanted to try him out since I never had access to Tellius. Interesting how your team faced things head on by going to the right side, and they had no problems. @mampfoid @Azuris @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @daisy jane So the Black Tempest is here. Well, guess it's time to for Black Knight Emblem to see if he deserves the Black in his title. Team is neutral Black Knight +1, +Atk/-Spd Zelgius, +HP/-Res Ares and neutral Camus Music is the Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance -Right away the team is a bit handicapped by having two armours (against a very mobile Armorslayer horse) and being 3 reds. Managed to figure it out, although Zelgius's Drive Atk support was crucial since BK would leave two enemies at 1 HP without it. -Ares needed both Brazens + Bonfire to one shot the blue mage (50 HP Panic Ploy on mage?!?). Otherwise, the mage would have 1 HP left. -Camus technically didn't need Darting Stance, that was leftover from me trying to battle the blue mage with him. Still, his blue colour was crucial against the armorslayer horse. Got a few more ideas for clears but I need to train up Haar first. At least no-reinforcement maps means I can do more varied theme teams.
  13. So would the Christmas Cavaliers prefer +Atk or +Spd? also feels nice to use them without the Brave Speed drop
  14. How many 5 star units do you have?

    5 star Total 488, all f2p Main account (232, 172 of them are pulled as 5 stars): Hide contents 1. Lyn +Def -Res 2. Merric +Hp -Res (now +1) 3. Sakura +Res -Def 4. Merric +Res -Spd (now merged into my first Merric) 5. Lucius +HP -Spd 6. Sharena Neutral (promoted) 7. Reinhardt +Res -HP (promoted) 8. Camilla +Def -Spd (Brave Axe+ fodder for Cherche) 9. Raven +Res -Spd 10. Hinoka +HP -Atk 11. Xander Neutral (promoted) 12. Minerva +Atk -Spd 13. Hector +HP -Def 14. Linde +Res -Atk 15. Camus Neutral (promoted) 16. Tharja +Spd -Res (promoted) 17. Masked Marth Neutral 18. Tobin Neutral 19. Elise +Spd -Res (thought it was -Def before) 20. Summer Frederick +Def -HP 21. Anna Neutral (promoted) 22. Clive Neutral 23. Ike +Spd -Atk 24. Brave Lyn Neutral 25. Cherche +Atk -HP (promoted) 26. Catria +Res -Atk 27. Masked Marth Neutral (no. 2) 28. Robin M +Spd -Res (promoted) 29. Black Knight Neutral (merged to other BK) 30. Black Knight Neutral (promoted and now +1) 31. Elincia +Res -Spd 32. Performing Azura +Atk -HP 33. Takumi +HP -Res 34. Ninian +Def -Spd 35. Palla +HP -Def (to be foddered for Olivia eventually) 36. Maria +Res -Spd 37. Arvis Neutral (Promoted) 38. Karel +Atk -Spd 39. Performing Azura +Spd -HP (may merge old one to this one) 40. Arden neutral 41. Cordelia +Spd/-Def (promoted) 42. Katarina +Spd/-Res 43. Joshua neutral 44. Halloween Henry +Def/-HP 45. Bride Cordelia neutral 46. Fjorm neutral 47. Gordin +Spd/-Res (fodder for Bridelia or Lyn) 48. Hana -Atk/+Def (LaD fodder) 49. Roderick +HP/-Def (Firesweep fodder for Cordelia) 50. Soleil +Def/-Spd 51. Azura +Atk/-Spd 52. Cordelia +Res/-Def (future fodder) 52. Shiro +Res/-Spd 52. Frederick +Atk/-Res (promoted) 53. Bride Lyn +HP/-Spd 54. Leon +Spd/-HP 55. Tailtiu +Res/-Spd 56. NY Azura neutral 57. NY Corrin neutral 58. Fae +Atk/-Def (promoted) 59. Gray +Def/-HP 60. Subaki +Def/-Res (I think, anyway QR fodder) 61. Cecilia (Gronnraven+ fodder) 62. Siegbert +Spd/-Res 63. Marisa neutral 64. Brave Ike +Res/-HP 65. Brave Ike +HP/-Spd 66. Nino +Spd/-HP 67. Valentine Lilina +Def/-Res (merged to next Valentine Lilina) 68. Valentine Lilina +Spd/-Res 69. Valentine Hector +Def/-HP 70. Valentine Eliwood neutral 71. Lyon neutral 72. Shiro +Spd/-Res 73. Legendary Ephraim +Atk/-Spd 74. Shiro +Res/-Atk 75. Legendary Ike Neutral 76. Legendary Ephraim +Res/-HP 77. Legendary Ephraim +Res/-Atk 78. Summer Corrin +Def/-Res 79. Adult Tiki +Atk/-Spd (promoted) 80. Rhajat +HP/-Def 81. Valentine Roy +Def/-Spd 82. Klein +Def/-Res (promoted as Brave Bow+ fodder to Roy) neutral Gerome 83. +HP/-Def Fjorm 84. +Def/-Res Beruka (promoted) 85. +Spd/-HP Spring Camilla 86. +HP/-Res Lute 87. neutral Saias 88. neutral Finn 89. +Res/-Def Legendary Lyn 100. +Res/-Def Performing Inigo 101. Cecilia Gronnraven for Bunmilla 102. +Res/-HP Reinhardt (merge) 103. +Atk/-Res Reinhardt (promoted) 104. Cecilia for Inigo 105. neutral Kaze 106. neutral Kana M 107. +Atk/-Res Legendary Robin 108. +Spd/-Res Saizo 109. +Atk/-Res Sothe 110. +Def/-Spd Genny 111. neutral Julius 112. neutral Groom Marth 113. +Def/-Spd Ryoma 114. +Def/-Res Lukas (promoted) 115. +Atk/-Spd Fjorm 116. +Res/-Atk Fjorm 117. +Def/-Res Julia 118. neutral Linus (promoted) 119. +Def/-Atk Kinshi Hinoka 120. +Atk/-HP Bride Ninian 121. +Res(?)/-Spd Bride Ninian 122. neutral Canas 123. +HP/-Atk L'Arachel 124. +Atk/-Res Shigure (promoted) 125. +Atk/-Res Hinoka 126-130. 5 Masked Marths (merge and promote) 131. +HP/-Def Leif 132. +Def/-Spd Legendary Hector 133. +Atk/-Res Summer Tana 134. +Spd/-Atk Summer Cordelia 135. +Spd/-Atk Hector 136. +Res/-Def Summer Takumi 137. +Atk/-Def Clair (promoted) 138. +HP/-Def Morgan M 139. +Spd/-Atk Azura 140. neutral Ishtar 141. +Def/-Atk Azura (merged) 142. +Def/-Spd Sanaki 143. +HP/-Atk Legendary Lucina 144. +HP/-Res Legendary Robin 145. Boey (Gronnowl fodder) 146. Mae (Blarowl fodder) 147. +Spd/-Atk Maribelle 148. Azama (Pain fodder for Maribelle) 149. +HP/-Atk Brave Lyn 150. +HP/-Atk Sonya 151. Neutral Black Knight 152. Neutral Joshua 153. +HP/-Spd Ephraim 154. Neutral Ethlyn 155. +Res/-HP Brave Hector 156. Neutral Veronica 157. +Spd/-HP Flora 158. +Def/-Res Silas 159. Peri for Silas 160. Subaki for Silas 161. +HP/-Spd Lewyn 162. +HP/-Atk Sothe 163. +Def/-Res Brave Ike 164. +Atk/-Spd Legendary Young Tiki 165. +Def/-Res Chrom (Aether fodder for L!Tiki) 166. Setsuna (Guard Bow for LA Roy) 167. Raven +Atk/-Res (promoted) 168. Cain +Spd/-Res (promoted) 169. Odin +Spd/-Res (promoted) 170. Halloween Dorcas Neutral 171. Luke +Res/-Atk 172. Owain +Spd/-HP 173. Reinhardt +Atk/-HP 174. Aversa Neutral (promoted) 175. Odin +HP/-Atk 176. Male Grima +Spd/-HP 177. Summer Tana +HP/-Res 178. Halloween Sakura +Spd/-Def 179. Halloween Sakura +Atk/-HP 180. Young Azura neutral 181. Lilina +Atk/-HP (promoted) 182. Saber +HP/-Atk 183. Caeda +Atk/-HP (promoted) 184. Hrid +Spd/-Atk 185. Eir neutral 186. Myrrh +Def/-Spd 187. Ryoma +Spd/-Def 188. Eir +Res/-Spd 189. Ophelia +Atk/-Spd 190. Minerva +Def/-Res 191. Rhajat +Def/-Res 192. Lewyn neutral 193. Summer Young Tiki +Atk/-Def 194. Karla +HP/-Atk 195. New Year Laegjarn neutral 196. New Year Hrid +Spd/-Atk 197. Nailah neutral 198. Naesala (promoted) 199. Winter Fae +Res/-Def 200. Rhajat +HP/-Res 201. Julia +HP/-Res 202. Leo +HP/-Res 203. Ares +Atk/-Def 204. Bath Camilla neutral 205. Felicia +Atk/-Def 206. Brave Veronica +HP/-Res 207. Bath Hinoka +Spd/-Def 208. Duma +Res/-HP 209. New year Takumi +Atk/-Spd 210. Lute +Res/-Spd 211. Hallowween Myrrh +Spd/-Def 212. Bath Sakura +Res/-Spd 213. Adrift Male Corrin +Atk/-Def 214. Valentine Titania neutral 215. Panne neutral (promoted) 216. Legendary Lyn +Atk/-Res 217. Dancer Xander +Atk/-Res 218. Summer Micaiah +Spd/-Atk 219. Adrift Female Corrin +Spd/-Atk 220. Summer Micaiah +Spd/-Def 221. Surtr neutral 222. Female Grima +HP/-Spd 223. Elincia +Res/-Spd 224. Spring Loki neutral 225. Male Grima +HP/-Res 226. Halloween Mia +Atk/-Def 227. Lissa (Gravity+ fodder) 228. Lucius (Pain+ fodder) 229. Winter Cecilia 230. Sophia +Atk/-Spd 231. Oboro (Oboro's spear merge) 232. Est (Whitewing Spear merge) Second account Ipad (256!, 217 pulled as 5 stars) : Hide contents 1. Camilla +Atk -Res 2. Lucina Neutral 3. Sanaki +HP -Def 4. Minerva +Spd -Atk (will be fodder) 5. Minerva +Spd -Res 6. Cherche +Atk -Spd 7. Beruka +HP -Spd 8. Lilina +Spd -Res 9. Reinhardt +Def -Atk (merged into new Reinhardt) 10. Maria +Atk -Def 11. Xander Neutral (promoted) 12. Nino +Spd -Def (promoted) 13. Abel +Atk -Res 14. Catria +HP -Spd 15. Peri +Res -HP 16. Reinhardt +Spd -HP (promoted, and now +1) 17. Hinoka +HP -Atk (will be fodder in the future) 18. Klein +Atk -Res 19. Camus Neutral (promoted) 20. Masked Marth Neutral (now +1) 21. Athena +HP -Atk 22. Saber +Res -HP 23. Summer Tiki +Def -Spd 24. Delthea +Atk -Def 25. Genny Neutral 26. Tobin Neutral 27. Jeorge +Def -HP 28. Alphonse Neutral (Promoted) 29. Anna Neutral (Promoted) 30. Lucina +Spd -Def 31. Clive Neutral 32. Lucius +Atk -Spd 33. Hinoka +Atk -HP 34. Olwen +Def -Res 35. Celica +Res -Atk 36. Brave Ike +Def -Atk (foddered to BK) 37. Brave Ike +Res -HP 38. Brave Lyn Neutral 39. Reinhardt +Res -Def (promoted) 40. Hector +Spd -Atk 41. Masked Marth (merged to Masked Marth no.1) 42. Ninian +Spd -Atk 43. Leo +HP -Spd 44. Robin M +Spd -HP (promoted) 45. Elincia +Res HP 46. Black Knight Neutral (merged) 47. Black Knight+1 Neutral 48. Klein +HP -Atk (fodder for Brave Lyn) 49. Performing Olivia +Spd -Def 50. Amelia +Atk -Res 51. Minerva +Res -Spd (fodder to Amelia for Life and Death) 52. Sharena (promoted) 53. Arvis (promoted) 54. Performing Shigure +Atk -Def 55. Arden (promoted) 56. Innes +Atk/-Spd 57. Saber +Res/-Spd (will be future fodder) 58. Tharja +HP/-Res (Rawrblade fodder for Leo) 59. Joshua Neutral 60. Halloween Sakura +Def/-HP 61. Genny +Def/-Res 62. Fjorm Neutral 63. Deirdre +Res/-Atk 64. Shiro +Spd/-Atk 65. Ephraim +Res/-HP 66. Clair +Spd/-Def 67. Adult Tiki +Atk/-Spd (promoted) 68. Nowi +Atk/-Res 69. Subaki +Def/-HP (promoted and QR fodder- one of many) 70. Barst +Spd/-Def (promoted to be Brave Axe+ fodder) 71. Frederick +Atk/-Res (promoted) 72. Christmas Lissa +Atk/-HP 73. NY Takumi +Def/-Atk 74. Ryoma +Spd/-Res 75. NY Azura +Spd/-Res 76. NY Corrin neutral 77. Fae +Res/-HP (promoted) 78. Elincia +Atk/-Spd 79. Subaki (QR fodder) 80. Lyon neutral 81. Marisa neutral 82. Performing Azura +Def/-Spd 83. Oscar +HP/-Res 84. Raven +Spd/-HP 85. Valentine Lyn +Def/-Res 86. Valentine Eliwood neutral 87. Raven +HP/-Res (Brave Axe+ fodder for Cherche) 88. Clarine +Atk/-Spd (Fear+ fodder for Maria) 89. Summer Corrin +Atk/-Res 90. Shiro +Res/-Atk 91. Legendary Ike neutral 92. Boey +Def/-Res 93. Odin +Res/-Def (Blarblade+ fodder) 94. Mae +Def/-Spd (Blarowl+ fodder for Lyn) 95. Valentine Lilina neutral 96. Valentine Hector +Spd/-Def 97. Valentine Roy +Res/-HP (unexpectedly completing the LA banner!) 98. King's Exalt Chrom +HP/-Spd (free summon) 99. Nino +Def/-Res (Gronnblade+ fodder for Lilina) 100. Neutral Ike 101. Neutral Gerome 102. +Def/-HP Hector 103. +Def/-Spd Spring Camilla 104. Cecilia fodder for Bunmilla 105. +Atk/-Spd Karel 106. +Spd/-Atk Legendary Robin 107. +HP/-Atk Brave Lyn 108. Neutral Silas 109. +Res/-Def Cecilia 110. Neutral Finn 111. +Atk/-Res Kinshi Hinoka 112. +Spd/-Atk Legendary Lyn 113. +Def/-HP Legendary Lyn 114. +Def/-HP Halloween Jakob 115. +Spd/-Res Halloween Henry 116. +Atk/-Res Soleil (promoted) 117. +Spd/-Atk Dorcas 118. +Spd/-Def Halloween Henry 119. +HP/-Res Performing Inigo 120. +Atk/-Spd Lilina (promoted) 121. +Res/-Def Bridal Ninian 122. Neutral Groom Marth 123. +Spd/-HP Klein fodder for Jakob 124. +Atk/HP Fjorm 125. +Def/-Spd Beruka (promoted) 126. +Atk/-Res Bride Lyn 127. +Def/-Res Flying Nino 128. +Def/-Atk Shiro 129. neutral Linus 130. neutral Canas 131. +Res/-Atk Flying Nino 132. +HP/-Res Nino fodder for PegaNino 133. +HP/-Res Cecilia fodder for Inigo 134. +Def/-HP Summer Tana 135. +Def/-HP Legendary Ike 136. +Def/-HP Legendary Hector 137. +Atk/-HP Sigurd 138. +HP/-Res Tharja for Tana 139. +Def/-Spd Winter Tharja 140. +Atk/-Res Brave Ike 141. +HP/-Res Kinshi Hinoka 142. +HP/-Def Summer Young Tiki 143. +Def/-HP Summer Camilla 144. +Atk/-Res Cherche (promoted) 145. +Res/-Spd Ishtar 146. +Spd/-Atk Legendary Lyn 147. +Def/-HP Ishtar 148. +Atk/-Spd Effie (promoted) 149. +Res/-HP Legendary Lucina 150. +Atk/-Def Reinhardt (promoted) 151. +HP/-Res Summer Micaiah 152. +HP/-Res Brave Lucina 153. +Spd/-Def Felicia (promoted) 154. +Def/-Atk Sigurd 155. Neutral Black Knight 156. Neutral Joshua 157. +Spd/-Res Sothe 158. +Res/-HP Leif 159. +Atk/-HP Maribelle 160. Azama (Pain for Maribelle) 161. Lissa (Gravity for Maribelle) 162. +Atk/-HP Nanna 163. +Def/-Spd Lucius for Nanna 164. +Spd/-Atk Brave Hector 165. +HP/-Spd Julia 166. +Atk/-Def Spring Kagero 167. +Res/-Atk Lene 168. +HP/-Spd Fjorm 169. +Atk/-Res Odin (promoted) 170. +Def/-Atk Lewyn 171. Neutral Ethlyn 172. Neutral L'arachel 173. +Atk/-Def Mage Eirika 174. +Atk-HP Hinoka 175. +Def/-HP Silas 176. Neutral Berkut for Silas 177. Subaki for Silas 178. +Spd/-HP Lewyn 179. +Atk/-Spd Elincia 180. +Atk/-Def Katarina 181. +Atk/-Res Performing Inigo 182. +Atk/-Res L'arachel 183. +HP/-Spd Brave Ike 184. +HP/-Spd Legendary Young Tiki 185. Neutral Veronica 186. +Spd/-Res L'arachel (promoted) 187. Subaki (QR fodder) 188. Ike +Atk/-Def 189. Halloween Dorcas Neutral 190. Tana +Res/-Atk 191. Halloween Myrrh +Def/-Res 192. Performing Azura +Spd/-Res 193. Ares +HP/-Res (promoted) 194. Aversa Neutral 195. Owain +HP/-Def 196. Young Azura Neutral 197. Legendary Ryoma +Spd/-Atk 198. Hrid Neutral 199. Barst +Spd/-Res 200. Ylgr +HP/-Def 201. Surtr +Spd/-Atk 202. Eir Neutral 203. Winter Eirika +Spd/-HP 204. Winter Cecilia Neutral 205. Winter Lissa +Spd/-Def 206. Lachesis +Res/-HP (promoted, Absorb+ fodder) 207. Summer Young Tiki +Atk/-Res 208. Saber +HP/-Atk 209. New Year Laegjarn Neutral 210. Flora +Res/-Atk 211. Brave Veronica +Spd/-Res 212. Legendary Azura +Atk/-Res 213. Linde +Def/-Spd 214. Naesala Neutral 215. Horse Chrom +HP/-Atk 216. Gray +Res/-Spd 217. Brave Ike +Def/-Atk 218. Bath Camilla Neutral 219. Tibarn +Def/-Res 220. Bath Hinoka +Def/-Spd 221. Summer Adult Tiki +Res/-Atk 222. Walhart neutral 223. Kliff +Spd/-HP 224. Valentine Ike +HP/-Def 225. Myrrh +Atk/-HP 226. Valentine Roy +Def/-Res 227. Valentine Titania Neutral 228. Tibarn +HP/-Def 229. Mikoto +Atk/-Def 230. Bath Hinoka +Atk/-Def 231. Brave Veronica +Atk/-Def 232. Nanna +Res/-Def 233. Panne Neutral 234. Legendary Lyn +Def/-Res 235. Adrift Female Corrin +Spd/-HP 236. Adrift Male Corrin +Spd/-HP 237. Spring Loki Neutral 238. Halloween Mia Neutral 239. Halloween Myrrh +Spd/-Res 240. Legendary Azura +Atk/-Def 241. Legendary Azura +Def/-Spd 242. Legendary Lucina +Atk/-Spd 243. Eir +Spd/-HP 244. Legendary Azura +HP/-Atk 245. Legendary Azura +Res/-HP 246. Legendary Azura +Atk/-HP 247. Legendary Lucina +HP/-Atk 248. Legendary Azura +Res/-Atk 249. Fallen Takumi Neutral 250. Oboro +Res/-Spd (promoted) 251. Est (promoted) 252. Catria +Spd/-Res (promoted) 253. Libra +Spd/-HP (promoted) 254. Azama +Spd/-Atk 255. Lloyd neutral 256. Sophia +Atk/-Spd