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  1. I was hoping for a bit more orb rewards for the new quests, but oh well the other rewards are nice, too! Sacred Coins are always welcome! I wish the crystals rewards in the TT would change...I have like, 99,999 of the big crystals that I never use.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid Thanks! Actually maybe I'll wait for Myrrh or something, I think she's one of the units that really wants DC as an A skill. Right now I don't think I have anyone that REALLY needs it, except maybe LA!Eliwood but LA!Lyn is already filling the blue spot for my armour team. Effie would also be a good choice, but she needs Berkut's Lance+ and again, Lyn is already my go-to blue armour. I guess I also have a +Res/-Spd Sheena that could be good when built up, but she's still 4 star plus there's already competition for the green armour spot, with Amelia, Winter Lissa and Vector being my main picks. Amelia already has LaD and I'm used to her not having DC, so it would be a waste of a Minerva if I replaced LaD with DC. @Cute Chao Thanks! I'll think of a use for him, at the very least he's more usable than my Athena right now. Someone wants a Wo Dao+ in my barracks anyway. Maybe Lon'qu that I can finally build up!
  3. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo @mampfoid @Cute Chao @Rafiel's Aria @Vaximillian So Counter banner is ending soon and I just couldn't resist another pull on such a good banner. It all started in my main account where I wouldn't mind pulling another Takumi, but I was actually looking for more Kleins. Opened 4 orbs, and got some okay fodder- notably a 4 star Cecilia (I was surprisingly running out of 3 star fodder of her) and a +HP/-Res Beruka (hey I need more of her! Want to build her up but my best one at the moment is +Res/-Spd). So I jumped on to my second account. I already pulled a neutral Ike on the first summon session and threw my orbs at green and colourless for a better Hector or a Takumi since I don't have him. Pity rate was 3.50% so I just went ahead and... First green orb was a +Def/-HP Hector!!! Definitely better than my +Spd/-Atk Hector (I guess I can change summoner supports now)!!! Amusingly, the opposite boon/bane of my main account's Hector. So now my mind wanted to merge the bad Hector into this one, because it would be such a waste of the skills that I already inherited on my first Hector! Then I looked at the skill list, so far his inherited ones are Bonfire, Vantage, WoM 2, Wary Fighter, Swap and Pivot... Not as much as I thought actually. Maybe I can fodder off my first Hector after all? I'm so glad I kept a spare Effie...and while Lon'qus are rare I did pull one fairly recently. Also the free Cherche makes for great Pivot fodder... Now the only question is I'm not sure who I'll give Distant Counter to. I'll have to think pretty hard about this one.. So in the successful summon, I decided to open the other green orb in case I can double up on DC (sadly no), but then decided to open the other stones anyway in case my pity rate did some magic and gave me multiple 5 stars, and... My first Karel! +Atk/-Def: great boon, bane could be better but not as bad as -Spd like my main account's Karel. (Amusingly, my other 5 star Wo Dao+ user Athena, is +Def/-Atk. Guess I can safely fodder her off now since I have a better 4 star Athena) The other colours weren't too bad fodder wise. I was actually looking for a Setsuna in the fodder banner, glad she finally graced me with her presence now, at least. And she's +Atk/-HP, so that's not too bad, in fact that's her best boon. Again running out of Cecilias, so extra Gronnraven is nice if I need it. Also Red raven tome and G Tomebreaker is nice fodder as well! (+Atk/-HP as well, although I think I have a better +Def one somewhere) ....Not gonna lie still tempted to pull in my main just so I can at least get 1 of the focus counter units. But then I already have them, just with not so great boon/bane combos. But then they're already fairly I guess I'll just take what I can get and try to fight the urge. My orb count is at an okay-is 36... a bit lower than I wanted for the Legendary Banner but it looks like I'm not too tempted by the new seasonal right now anyway. Hopefully we get stats tomorrow to seal the deal on whether I should do a final summon or not. Probably not though since the update is usually just before the banner's release and the trailer is unusually early...
  4. Not gonna lie, the uniqueness of the class in enticing for me. Ranged flier options are always welcome, and hey maybe depending on the stats maybe she will be the missing link to Flier Emblem vs. Ursula GHB for me. Might casually try for her in the first summon. If they rerun the old spring units though I'll have to go to Camilla for that one. Too bad she'll share with Chrom.
  5. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of disappointed there's no Red Egg+ to complete the set
  6. Well I was dangerously getting close to the cutoff and I was so near to going up to Tier 20, so I went ahead and fished for 700 only battles, and put a Fire Blessing on my Vector and started S supporting Halloween Henry. One of the best decisions I've made actually. Vector managed to ORKO an enemy Zelgius thanks to L'Ephraim buffed Ignis! Halloween Henry also took no damage from a Winter Tharja (granted he was on a defense tile but still, the fact he had more Res and was able to Atk Ploy her was something). So with less than an hour left, I'm rank 10,718 with a score of 4900, 3000+ ranks higher than when I had 4882. Also my second account only had 1 Defense win, but I think is my highest scoring ever with 592. Blarowl Lyn doing work I guess?
  7. Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties!

    Passed 50k, and I now have exactly 50 orbs. There's something satisfying about that benchmark...
  8. I think I might do it anyway just to give my support more survivability. At the very least, extra stats is always nice :)
  9. I wonder if they built up a Dorcas as well in the meantime. So I actually decided to try in Arena Assault, by using armours for the first team. Currently in the Also had a personal best of 4,882 on my main account's arena team, using Legendary Ephraim alongside my armour team. Currently cutting it close at 12,173, going into Tier 20 with a defense win of 590 (Thank you debuff king Arvis). I hope I don't drop too much in the morning. I think if I merged my other L!Ephraim I can probably score a few more points. Maybe even give a Fire blessing to either +Def Halloween Henry or +Def Vector. Maybe I should switch my summoner support to Halloween Henry now- do those stats affect arena score?
  10. The world isn't ready for a powercreeping Bunny Grima. I think I really want these to be Merric and Linde. and somehow Marth in there somewhere, so Archanea fans get something.
  11. I'd love to have staff valour, getting SP for healers can be time-consuming... Oh and Breath Valour is missing as well. Maybe for the colourless dragon?
  12. @mampfoid Ylissean summer had the tamest seasonal units, but they at least introduced Valour skills which is neat
  13. Armored staff. IS loves their seasonal armours lately :P Wary Fighter Armored Azama when?
  14. Hmmm trying to think of girls with ponytails... how about Linde as the right unit? then maybe either Merric or Marth on the left?