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  1. Decided to try Vantage banner and Mystery of the Emblem. Nothing noteworthy from Vantage banners. For the New Mystery of the Emblem- I finally got axebreaker fodder AFTER the Legion map :/ (3 star Eliwood and Laslow). My second account at least got a 5 star though- Athena! Although she's +HP/-Atk, which is...awkward. At least I finally have a Wo Dao user! Also received a duplicate Hinata (4 star, and +Atk) and a Selena for Reposition fodder.
  2. On the plus side, if you give Zephiel his Eckesachs weapon (which is Threaten Def), then it at least goes well with Threaten Attack for a double debuff (and improves survivability with Wary Fighter)
  3. To be honest I hate the Celica 'final story map' more. The one with the mountain and four defensive fort tiles in a square- especially if there are a good number of ranged units.
  4. I just don't do anything on the boat map now on the 1st turn to scout the AI patterns. I used to break some boxes but that led to my downfall if they had a dancer. I feel I'm not as scared anymore because of this, although things like WoM units cans till be annoying especially because the ships are so congested/small in space. With the mountain one with the L defense tiles, my new strategy is placing some units at the top/bottom to try and split up the enemy forces. Cavalry is good because of their extra movement for this. That map is really bad though if the enemy has a ranged unit with a dancer.
  5. To be fair, Sharena is a good character to have a bonus for :P Yeah I try to back someone with a bonus character for as good as ranking as I can because feathers. Trying to figure out the best way to get as much feathers as I can with the new system changes though, but I guess it involves being on the losing team firstly for a better early ranking. It's probably going to be trickier to predict the initial winner early on with the increasing multiplier bonus though.
  6. So I pulled a second Lucius at 4 star, and is +Spd/-Atk. Trouble is, I already have a 5 star Lucius who is +HP/-Spd. Is it a better idea to get rid of my 5 star and merge him with my 4 star? I think even at 5 star a -Spd Lucius loses more battles? (Although the added total HP means he heals better with Martyr I guess). I guess if he has the 5 star skills, then the 4 star Lucius is pretty much as good as the 5 star...? I guess I just wanted a final confirmation before merging, since I'm f2p and the thought of getting rid of a 5 star makes me uneasy but I need barracks space.
  7. to be fair this would be easier in the healer gauntlets but I really liked the 110x bonus points when using your supporting hero especially in those days where I have to work and can't check every 30 minutes
  8. archers would be appreciated, since I always seem to get less colorless allies than other colours. (more so for the quest requirements where you need a certain color to win)
  9. I'm thinking of being Team Sakura since I have a 5 star of her snd my only skill inherited healer! but also I need feathers so I want to be on the losing side for round 1. It's hard to judge if she'll win against Elise though...
  10. I planned on giving Lucina Desperation 3 from Shanna but somehow my brain mixed up the Inherit Skill screen with the Learn Skills screen so I only inherited Desperation 1 instead of all 3 levels... then i just said screw it i'm running iut of barracks space and sacrificed my extra Navarre for Desperation 2. Totally blaming Tempest Trial fatigue for the mixup. Oh and i didn't realise it was cheaper to give Frederick Fortify Cavalry rather than the Hone Cavalry line so Brave Axe Frederick will be delayed for an even longer time. I didn't know Fortify Def can go straight to Fortify Cavalry and though you needed Fortify Res exclusively for that. Otherwise giving a unit too many expensive skills when I could have given it to a duplicate and merged that instead. Gave Effie Pivot and Draconic Aura where I should have given Draconic Aura to spare Effie then merged them, since Effie had low SP by that point.
  11. No Azama or Wrys makes me sad for the lack of memes :( Hmm I have a few options to go. I do have a 5 star Sakura and a 5 star Maria so I'd like to go with those, but I also want to be on the losing side for Round 1 for feathers. Backup options would be Lissa. I don't really have any of the other ones though except maybe Clarine. Actually I don't see Clarine winning so maybe going with her for first round might be good.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! Although i cheesed one of the Alfonse quests by just using the Hard version of the map since his level isn't high enough yet. I just used Sanaki, Hinoka and Minerva- luckily Sanaki had enough HP to face tank the sword cavalier (because Alfonse can't fly like Michalis there wasn't enough room to run away when the enemies closed in)
  13. Stopped at 60k points just so I can at least get the first benchmark of 3 Orbs. Ranking gave me 4000 feathers, which is decent. I didn't really have enough time/energy to do more after getting the Sacred Seals- 7 battles per session can get really draining. Congrats on the top rankers though! Never though I'd max out Lucina/Tharja before my other more arena-used units, so this was still a good SP/HM grind.
  14. Congrats on the Cherche! That's a lovely boon/bane combo you have there. Mine is +Atk/-Spd and she murders things on enemy phase even with just a Hammer+. (I do have a Camilla but I'm keeping her for now since she's +Atk/-Res and she's still pretty useful against mages in things like Tempest Trials. Just have to wait for a duplicate). Get ready to one-shot murder Hectors and Effies ahoy! (I gave her Brave Axe but didn't equip it yet since Hammer was stronger. The one time I was about to, I decided against it and all the next three or four arena battles had Hectors/Effies to murder). I also recommend giving her Reposition when you can! (Barst would be good to inherit from since he also has Brave Axe)
  15. So Michalis's GHB is back. Managed to use 4 star Michalis to beat enemy Michalis, killing two birds with one stone, using a flier emblem team + red mage. Team is Hinoka, Minerva, Michalis (red head fliers team?) + red mage (Tharja/Sanaki) I put Michalis in enemy Michalis's range, after receiving a Hone Fliers buff from Hinoka. Hinoka moves behind Michalis, red mage moves to the left of Michalis while Minerva sits next to Hinoka so both fliers receive Ward Fliers buff. Enemy Michalis will attack my 4 star Michalis straight away, triggering every flier to follow him south. I then use Minerva to defeat the lance flier to the right of Michalis. Your chosen red mage on the left (should be below the left brick wall), attacks Michalis, bringing the enemy Michalis to low health for your own Michalis to finish off. (Sanaki can do it fine but In Tharja's case, mine was 5 star but I had to remove Rauodrblade+ and use the normal one. Darting Blow is needed though otherwise she can't double even with +Spd). Also I say this now, I tried using a 4 star Raigh for this but he wasn't fast nor powerful enough to bring the enemy Michalis's health enough for my own Michalis to finish the job. After Michalis defeats himself, I send Hinoka in front of my Michalis to delete the sword flier. Lance guy from the left will close in to my red mage so I move Minerva to the left to block the lancer's path. After this, you only need to worry about the sword cavalier on the right- which Hinoka can finsh off. (Although mine was -Atk so she needed help from Sanaki/Tharja). Still not sure how to do this with Alphonse though, since mine is still 2 star, unless someone can find a way to finish the map with just 3 units while Alphonse hangs around.