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  1. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.1

    I've been playing with this for a week or so now and it's a great time, it's really useful to be able to randomise a ROM easily like this and not have to use an external program. Skill system also makes the experience a lot nicer. Did notice one potential issue with skills that I'll point out in a spoiler just in case.
  2. What are some devastating Affinity combos?

    A pretty weird one I came up with was: Hector/Eliwood B support Eliwood/Fiora A support Hector/Florina A support Florina/Lyn B support Lyn/Kent A support Kent/Fiora B support I think that's it. I believe the combo of Wind/Light/Thunder/Anima (the first three all giving crit) works pretty well, and Anima at least gives extra damage, defense and avoid. For example, Eliwood gets +12.5 crit, +5 evasion, +12.5 crit evade, +7.5 hit, +1.5 attack, +1 defense. Which is all right, considering that's just base without any of his stats or weapons factored into the mix.
  3. Worst GBA FE Chapter

    Probably just Arcadia on Hard Mode or Battle Before Dawn HHM. I've always loved Cog of Destiny for whatever reason. Just the layout of the map, the satisfying boss, getting a Warp all makes it pretty good. Plus the main lord getting their long awaited promotion is nice. I feel like it's a fair difficulty.
  4. Without grinding in vanilla the only one which is usable really is Ross because he can easily gain his first 10 levels in a chapter (or two) and be a strong earlygame pirate. All that making the game harder would do is make Amelia and Ewan even more useless (without tons of babying in the tower). They have it hard enough as it is being completely outclassed (Amelia even outclassed by Chapter 1), difficulty will just make it worse for them.
  5. I feel like it'll be a bit harder to decide on actual team balance since, because of the randomiser, we don't know what they'll be. I guess I'll just vote for my favourite characters, let's hope that they don't all turn out to be thieves or knights or something.
  6. Who makes better couple with Tana? Ephraim or Cormag?

    I usually tend to get her an A support with Cormag. For gameplay reasons, they're both fliers from the get go so they will usually be able to be in support range of each other at all times thanks to their superior movement. I guess there could be something there story wise since she has the ability to recruit him. They also have a pretty nice support, with the C and B supports being some good stuff about enemy archers but then their A support getting pretty deep and real, even somewhat existential which is great to see. And though it isn't the point of the thread, you also mentioned Ephraim. I tend to support him with L'Arachel and/or Eirika, since based on join times and promotion times (not including grinding), the three probably will all promote around the same time, and then we're back to the point about the previously mentioned similar movement = constant bonuses idea.