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  1. No, you cannot. At least not to my knowledge.
  2. Damn. Forgot all about that. XD That definitely makes a difference as well lmao.
  3. Ironically it's the door of the dead. When you enter it, take the first right then left.
  4. I just finished her side in Act 4 and she does seem to have gotten slightly better. I feel like by Act 5 she'll be a lot better in terms of her naivety. (But we'll see I guess. Still have to get there lol)
  5. Yeah. That's how I see it at least. I mean, she definitely does seem rather naive especially at the beginning of her route. A good example is when she tried to reason with the pirates but Saber told her that there's no point.
  6. I believe she had it in her head that as long as she reached the temple of Mila everything would be fine and fix itself so there'd be "no need for Alm to go to war" which is why she got upset. I think she overreacted but I understand her reasons. :p
  7. Definitely tied for favorite. While I know other FE games are objectively better game-play wise, this is probably my personal favorite for that kind of stuff. I really do enjoy it and even the maps lmao. It really nailed the things I really like in not only a FE game, but a RPG game as well. So 10/10 would play again.
  8. The only characters I haven't gotten yet are Tatiana, Zeke/Camus and Mycen, so just note that. Favorites: Saber: I really like how he's sort of a "dad" figure for Celica, and I love how is interactions grow with her throughout the game as well as the fact that he's quite plot-important and prominent throughout the entire thing. (so far) Also I love how he got his own map with Celica. That was really cool. Est: I like her voice a lot and how her lines are delivered. She's also an amazing unit (as always) and my party would honestly be worse off without her. Delthea: Even though she's bratty, she does actually care about people as seen in her A ranks with Claire and Luthier, which makes me happy. Her voice is pretty good although I think there's a bit much of the whole, "Call me awesome!" thing going on with her. She's a complete monster on the battle field and I respect that. Also I think her artwork is adorkable. Mae: I love Cherami Leigh so I knew I was going to love Mae's character and love her I do. Her interactions are all really great along side her supports, which makes me happy. Sonya: Sonya's support conversation with Genny was really good and made me like her a lot more as a character - same with her base conversations. And she's also amazing as a unit, which is a plus. Honorable mentions: Alm, Gray, Tobin, Catria, Luthier, Boey and Leon. Least Favorites/Dislikes: None. At least not really. I don't particularly dislike any character when referring to personality if I'm honest, only characters gameplay wise. (Though I do wish Faye wasn't so thirsty. :/) And really the only character I've had a HUGE problem with so far has been Clive. My Clive sucks so bad. RIP Clive and all his dreams 2K17
  9. Oh, yeah. He's flaming. But seriously, they handled it well and for that I'm glad. I'm happy it's not like a whole "I'm gay~! *insert rainbow*" sorta thing where him being gay is extremely forced/is his only personality trait. So kudos to Nintendo for making a good gay character. *claps* As far as my thoughts on him though, I like him a good amount. I really liked his base conversations and supports as well as him as a unit.
  10. Huh, that's interesting. Could be pretty cool, though. If another remake happens, then I'm done with it lol.
  11. Oh I know. I meant for future FE games. I can imagine certain dungeons presenting... more challenges without having so many uses lol.
  12. I like it a lot, actually. Sure as hell beats restarting whenever someone dies, that's for sure. I'd be lying if I said I haven't used it lol. I think the most I've ever used it was like, two or three times in one battle? Mostly due to me accidentally eating food items or clicking wait on people though, lmao. I wouldn't mind seeing it return at all, but with less uses. I think I have 9 atm? If I'm being honest, that's a bit excessive. I think a more appropriate number would be 5 max. But again, it's a very nice and handy feature.
  13. I really like the maps because they feel natural and they look pretty. I don't care if they're "poorly designed." To me they're just fun, and as long as I enjoy them then I'm happy. :3 I wouldn't claim these maps to be the best in the series, because I know objectively there a much better maps. However, as far as personal preference goes, I find them great. :P
  14. I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far, or dare I say I'm loving it? For me, this is easily one of my favorite FE games, though I'm still trying to work out it's placing compared to my other faves. Thoughts on maps/gameplay/voice acting/music/art/characters/story/writing/forging/villages/dungeons/complaints/fatigue/additional thoughts. WARNING: LONG. Anyways I have to say, Saber has honestly been a godsend so far. My Saber has been getting great stat growths and he has carried/saved me countless times on Celica's route. Without him I think I'd have a lot more trouble lmao. Faye in Alm's route is a friggin' god as well. Not as much anymore, but during the first Act she got tons of defense and wouldn't take damage from anybody. That mixed in with Nosferatu and her oddly high success with it made her that much better. Too bad she's thirsty af. Est is also amazing as always, same with Catria. And I find it extremely satisfying on maps with Cantors because of all the kills that appear when you finish the map. Verrrrrrry satisfying. 10/10 would echo again. I hope for more remakes in the future. :p
  15. This is so true and what I tend to stick with, especially after seeing games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer's of Sky get a freaking 4.9/10 on IGN. (that game was great, mind you) Well, that kind of review among other ones. I just really avoid taking reviews in general to heart due to how it all comes down to the reviewer's subjective thoughts, though that's a given. Either way, good on Echoes I suppose. Hopefully it's as good as I think it'll be. :p (gameplay wise, that is)