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  1. lol honestly I don't care about stats, skills or anything related, I just wanted to choose classes that I thought would be fitting for the character based off the artwork. Tobin -> Mercenary (Tobin seems like a basic-b, which screams mercenary to me lol) Grey -> Archer (I dunno why, but I get archer vibes from Grey) Kliff -> Mage (His whole demeanor and style reminds me of mages from other games, so I feel like it's fitting for him here) Faye -> Pegasus Knight (If not this class, then Cavalier. I feel like she's just perfect for this class though) Atlus -> Mercenary (Closest thing I feel like I can get to a "barbarian-esque" class, lmao)
  2. lmao I immediately thought of Hayato as an oni savage. *shivers*
  3. Oh yeah, you're right. I just assumed female since from the posts I've seen, people have been using female pronouns.
  4. Exactly the characters that most people are talking about. (Boey is indeed the best and funniest example,heh) Sure, but they were generic as hell. It's for the best that they're getting spiced up. Do you honestly want Kliff, Green hair/blue armor Kliff (Gray), and Magenta hair/purple armor Kliff (Leon), or would you rather have more original, inspired characters? I much prefer the latter. Heh, apparently not obvious enough lol. I'm not trying to target your opinion or say "that's wrong" or whatever, but I don't really get why you dislike the updated appearances and prefer the more uninspired designs. I think it's good to stick to original game as much as it's possible, but a lot of stuff, art included, is dated.
  5. Their original designs? I'd hardly say they had one, considering they've all been redesigned multiple times. At any rate, no, I don't think she changed them "too much." I think they all look great and were in need of these changes. This artist is doing an excellent job so far, everything she's done has been great. Can't wait to see more, honestly.
  6. Knowing Nintendo, that definitely is what it is, and people are just taking it as an insult lol. Nintendo has done explanation in humor like that before, it's not terribly surprising. Anyways, this trailer has certainly gotten me even more pumped! It seems like since everyone is more-or-less delegated to one class (save for villagers) so it seems like they all have more animations unique to them, which is certainly cool. (looks at Saber. Lovin' his animations haha) I think it'd make sense if that is true though, seeing as in Awakening and Fates there were a bunch of potential classes characters could be, so it'd take much more time to make everyone have unique animations. Villages seem cool. I never played the original Gaiden so I can't feel the same disappointment others felt when they found out that you can't really explore them, but either way they still look good. Honestly the narrator's voice isn't that bad. A LOT of games have those "overly-excited" narrators so I don't really care all that much and honestly, this dude is better than most haha.
  7. I'd definitely agree with that. All I hope is that support conversations are added... I think that might be the deal breaker for a lot of people. If they aren't added then oh well, but that's definitely an aspect that the modern FE games have done rather well with.
  8. I don't even know, man. xD Regardless Echoes seems like it'll do better at this, so that's good I guess.
  9. I mean yeah, but I was specifically talking about how doing that isn't an attempt to "bridge the gap" between older and newer fans lol.
  10. Even if that is the case, they still don't complain about any other race. Honestly I don't get why some people get bothered in the first place.
  11. Only Conquest was tailored for older FE fans and from what I noticed, older FE fans did like and appreciate it. The stuff that bothered most older FE fans was all the fan-service-y stuff, which Echoes seems to not have. The multiple routes was definitely not an attempt to unite the different generations of fans and just because there are a lot of characters, doesn't mean people will inherently like them. Sorry if I'm coming off as like, "attacking" you or whatever. That's not my intention... I just want to add clarity. I think Echoes has a much better chance than Fates, if I'm being honest. Then again, I don't think it really matters one way or another. Phoenix mode REALLY shouldn't bother you. It's optional for a reason. You act as if it's the worse thing to happen to FE. I get your reasons, but seriously? I know that you still acknowledge it even though it's optional, but it's just another play-style for those who want to play literally for the story. I don't get why people playing a certain way should bug you, it just makes no sense.
  12. I think I saw something about how it makes sense most characters are white because the game is based off Europe or something, but don't forget that Fire Emblem games take place in their own land. It doesn't matter if the games take inspiration from our world in terms of design, it still is it's own thing, so I don't think talking about that kinda stuff matters at all. Anyways I mostly skimmed pages two, three and I didn't bother reading page four. But my two cents is that it honestly doesn't matter because they've all gone through redesigns before and the side characters (a.k.a. not Alm, Celica and the whitewing sisters) really don't seem to be set-in-stone. Also I definitely don't believe Nintendo makes characters "racially diverse" for the sake of it, judging by them never even talking about race like, ever. (unlike other companies, namely American ones) I am curious though. are people actually bothered by this? Like, genuinely? I'm pretty sure most people in say, Japan, could care less. It's like the whole "Soleil controversy." I mean, they flat-out made fun of the over-sensitive westerners for that. I don't see all the "non-white" people in Japan getting upset by this stuff. I'm pretty sure it's literally the "majority" group getting upset for the "minority" group in these western countries. I dunno... just kinda feels that way...
  13. Like others have said, Mae is definitely Cherami Leigh. She sounds exactly the same as Natsumi from Sgt. Frog which she did the voice for, and same goes for Gaige from Borderlands 2. That's really the only one I payed attention to since her voice is just so recognizable to me.
  14. lmao I like Saber's the most because, well... his original is something special... I mean look at this. Of course, other characters definitely have changed just as much as him, he's just most notable for me. Also can someone please explain to me why googling "Saber Fire Emblem" and clicking images gets you very... "unique" results? It's not just me, right? lol. Anywho I voted Faye because she looks cooler to me. Once more is revealed we'll see I suppose.
  15. Bless. I'm totally okay with Weight being back in. I prefer having it, anyways. Glad to see this weapon system seems like it's going to be much better than Fates' awful one. (imo)