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  1. Sorry for replying late, I just wanted to thank you for giving me that translation!
  2. For fun I've been making more rhythmically correct lyrics for TMS songs (At least trying to make them better, which I've done to songs like Black Rain, Beastie Game and Dream Catcher) and I was able to do this because I was able to find either official English translations for those songs or fan translated lyrics for them. Recently I tried to find official/fan-translated English lyrics for the song "Give Me!" from TMS, but have not been able to find any and instead, only the full Romaji lyrics. Basically I was wondering if anybody would either A. give a basic translation for me to go off of or B. tell me the easiest way I can translate it myself so I don't need to take up others' time. Any help would be appreciated. I just really want to know the rest of the lyrics since this is probably one of, if not my favorite songs in the game. Romaji Lyrics:
  3. Top tier voice acting. There weren't any characters who's voice I hated, although Catria's was a little more bland than I would've liked. (I thought she would've been a little more soft-pitched and have had more emotion.) My personal favorites are probably; Alm, Celica, Mae, Claire, Berkut, Delthea, Saber, Leon, Est, Fernand and Shade (DLC). So like... a lot of the cast lol. I really do hope the FE for the Switch and future FE games will continue to be fully voiced - it really does make the game much more enjoyable, especially when all the VAs do a fantastic job.
  4. Over a FE mobile game? I mean, play the game how you want to play but I find that an extremely odd thing to do, specifically as retaliation to the gauntlet results. ANYWAYS, I'm glad Shanna won. I thought she was pretty cool in Binding Blade and I liked to use her, so, good for her. I honestly thought Takumi would've won because he's a lord character and he's from Fates, but nope! So that was a pleasant surprise. Nice to see older FE characters do indeed stand a chance. I'm also glad I just choose to support characters I like rather than who I think will win. Makes it much more enjoyable. And you know what? If the character I like doesn't win, it's fine. It's just a free mobile game and it will never be worth the effort to complain about something like this.
  5. Awww, that's pessimistic. I wouldn't exactly discount the idea ever happening by any means. :p I guess we'll have to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe the FE game for the Switch will star an older protagonist. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.
  6. Such inspiring words of wisdom. Amen.
  7. I mean, to be fair they've had plenty older characters start in base-classes at low levels before, but I get what you mean lol. Hmmmm, what KIND of beard? Also if the lord is female will they still have said beard? ;O
  8. Lyn Confirmed

    First off, why are fanbases for certain characters suddenly a common thing now (in terms of specific FE characters)? Second off I'd avoid grouping people off like this entirely, otherwise you'll end up just as toxic as the smash community is over their "reps." Personally I think the best thing to do for those who are concerned about this game is to wait for the rest of the roster to be revealed. Who knows, it may be pleasantly surprising.
  9. My original thought was that they would be older than that seeing as we already have existing lords around those ages in the series. I feel like if they were at least 25+ (around there) then that would give different and more story options to work with. Ah, I apologize if you feel that way. Although when I say "older" I more mean older than what we currently have in stock. Don't worry, 25 is plenty young, haha. I assume you mean you'd choose to play as either an older or a younger lord? Either way that could be a good idea.
  10. Lyn Confirmed

    Huh, that's rude and unfair to say. An exaggeration, perhaps?
  11. Lyn Confirmed

    Yes I'm aware, but it doesn't make it any less pathetic. On the bright side, although people will still be upset by it, it being over should help people care less and forget about it.
  12. Lyn Confirmed

    Being completely serious, those who got genuinely upset over that and those who said very... upsetting things because of the gauntlet are honestly pathetic. How childish and immature can you get? It legitimately annoys me that people could become so hateful over something so inconsequential. At least it's over, yes?
  13. Lyn Confirmed

    Wow so many people are upset by this. What happened to, "omg I only will buy this game if MY FAVORITE character is in it? Screw weapon triangle!" and "Wow, only Awakening, Fates and SD? DISGUSTING! The older games are MUCH better!" Like yikes, I'd think you'd be happy that Lyn is in the game meaning other popular characters from older FE games could make it in as well. Also I love the people saying stuff like, "Lyn fans this" and "Ike fans that." I dunno, just comes off as silly. And what, there have been twenty-one, maybe twenty-two characters confirmed now? I'm rather confident that not only will there be more characters, probably around thirty of them in total. Meaning I'd still expect around 5-10 more characters being revealed - plenty enough to fill those gaping voids in your die-hard "Ike" or "Hector" or "Shadow Dragon" hearts. But tbh people should chill. As someone who doesn't care all that much about this game, those who are hard-core complaining/upset are coming off as really immature and childish, regardless of the promised "weapon diversity" and "focused games" thing.
  14. I'd buy it. I never even thought of that. That'd definitely make for an interesting game/story. Anyways, glad to see people are still taking interest in this idea, haha. It does make me excited to see what the new FE will have in store for us. Fingers crossed that it'll be good!
  15. What artstyle do you want for the cutscenes?

    ohmahlord I never knew. *slowly crawls back into the void from whence I came*