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  1. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    I just saw this thread and now I'm emotionally invested.
  2. I think she's referring to when he says something along the lines of "Idiot. If you touch me like that then I won't be able to hold back... or is it that you're hoping for something?" So you know. Implying doing the frick-frack. Unless he says something else that I don't know, I'm assuming that's it.
  3. do you like minimalism as an interior decor aesthetic?

    Depends on the style, I suppose. I think minimalism can look quite nice, but depending on the complexity and design of other styles, I could get down with those as well. I guess it's just whatever makes me go "Oh, that's nice", and for the most part, that tends to be minimalism for me.
  4. Alrighty! Sounds good! Either way, I'd join whatever Discord that's decided on. The hype cannot be contained >3< (I'm so excited. December 7th can't get here soon enough!)
  5. Mmmm kind of? But it seems that it lost a lot of emphasis on the "Smash Bros" part though. So maybe making a new one is for the best.
  6. Oh wait I'm dumb - I just looked at the general SF discord server. Apparently there is a smash one.
  7. Mmmm I don't see anything for Smash on the Discord, no. The only other game series on it is Pokemon
  8. Ooooh definitely yes. I think that'd be a good idea tbh. Yeah, you right. Oh oh and I just need to say that, if Daisy doesn't scream "HI I'M DAISY" as her victory quote, then I'm rioting.
  9. Do you think they might have the TP designs as alts? I mean, you never know, right? (Side-note, new Zelda is hella cute tho. She's adorable) Anywho I am so content with everything Smash right now. It's honestly more than I expected and I'm really glad about that. I do wonder if there are more new characters they haven't revealed though, and if not, then that's fine. Having every single character from all the games is quite enough.
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Hmmm I thought that the trailer looked alright. Admittedly I'm not as hyped as I thought I'd be, but I don't think it looks bad by any means. I like the artsytle so far (Although people complained it look too much like Atlus'? Is that a bad thing or something lol?). I think my only concern is the whole "squad" thing. It looks like it'll just add a bunch of clutter, so hopefully it's not in every chapter. Plus with the direction they're going with the 3D models, I think having a bunch on screen will make it look kind of ugly tbh. Edelgard looks cool though, and it seems that there'll be an avatar? Kinda looks like there'll be one @teal-haired-dude (Which I don't mind. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes story-wise) EDIT: Okay but like, for those couple of people saying that the game looks "trash", I'd hold off on that for now, I mean, we've only been shown a single 2-minute trailer that showed barely anything. Also I don't think that the English Lyrics from the song sounded forced or bad? Idk why that was thought.
  11. Animated characters you guessed their gender wrong

    Well, mine's kinda a spoiler for danganronpa 1 so don't look if you wanna play the game/watch the anime.
  12. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go

    Haha all of my hype was thrown out the window after seeing it basically was Pokemon Go but Switch edition. At least it's a spin-off because I think I'd feel really let down if it was considered a core game. Although now I'm curious as to when they'll show off the actual new core game at E3 or some other time this year, as it's coming out in 2019. EDIT: Wait, I think I made a mistake - are the Pokemon Let's Go games coming out 2019 or the core game or both? Cuz I know a core game is in development but I may have gotten the release year wrong, I'm not sure.
  13. So what's going on in North and South Korea?

    Tch, wouldn't you think Trump's reasons for cancelling would only make it more important to have the summit in the first place? I understand concerns with holding a meeting with Kim Jong Un exhibiting "tremendous anger and open hostility", however, that would only make the summit more valuable as a way to address such concerns, would it not? Now he too is resorting back to threats, which will surely dismantle any resemblance of progress made. This seems like the least optimal solution and makes me wonder how the decision to cancel the summit ultimately came up.
  14. Regarding the Sanaki controversy.

    I... don't think I could care much less. The outfits are for fun and mean nothing *cough*bunnyoutfits*cough* I feel like people getting upset over this is really... unnecessary. Like, people bring up "there are actual child brides" and the thing is, if that's an issue you're concerned about, focus on that, an actual issue over something like virtual waifu brides, a non-issue. It seems pointless to be upset about and I bet you that people can spend their time better addressing issues that matter. :/ But that's just my two-cents~ *throws glitter and vanishes*
  15. General "mass killings" thread

    "Common-sense changes" Mmmmmmmm yeeeeeeah okay then. Something tells me that simply granting the death penalty won't help improve the situation. Also, it irks me that the host says, "Disgusting--I think many of our viewers are going to be as shocked to hear that". Just feels kind of gross to me.