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  1. ohmahlord I never knew. *slowly crawls back into the void from whence I came*
  2. Oh no, I voted for Echoes. I meant to click Fates. Ahhhhh- Okay but yeah I really did like Fates' cutscenes but I really wouldn't mind 2D Anime or PoR/RD-styled cutscenes either. Just not Echoes' style because the people... felt really lifeless. (Save for a couple moments here and there)
  3. lol wait what? Now I'm curious. What game are you referring to? xD
  4. I mean, to be fair, it makes sense why it's called "ARMS." I honestly can't think of any other name to call it that would be as fitting as ARMS lmao. I would call it less lazy and more Nintendo being Nintendo.
  5. Well, that's assuming the character themselves are more matured and smarter to begin with. I mean, just because someone's older doesn't mean they're anymore wiser or intelligent than someone who's younger, even if that's commonly the case. But yeah it depends on the story.
  6. Fire Emblem: Friendship is Magic
  7. By lolita mage do you mean Ricken? I guess it depends on how they handle romance? I mean, I'd be interested to see how that turns out lol. I suppose worst case scenario you can always pretend those ships don't exist haha. Regardless, romancing has never really interested me all that much in Fire Emblem so whatever they'd do I likely wouldn't care all that much but I can see how others could be bothered by it if they do have young characters romance-able. Or they could just not cash in on lolita fetishes/limit the characters that can be romanced. o h m y Wow, she doesn't look it. I mean, I played RD but I don't remember the ages of characters so this surprises me lol. That's a pretty cool concept. I'd be interested to see how something like that would be executed. Definitely. For me, age isn't really a barrier when it comes to being able to relate with someone (fictional or otherwise), but rather experiences, their personality and that of the like. As long as the writing is good, I don't feel like anybody would have a problem with this. Agreed. I'd say that anybody can expand as a character or person, It's not like everyone comes with a pool of infinite knowledge or wisdom as they grow older or something. It's all based on prior experience, which should be something very feasible to incorporate into a written character. *gasp* How dare you suggest getting rid of the most natural hair color from the Fire Emblem franchise that for some reason almost every lord has?
  8. Assuming there is no Character Creation (Or assuming that CC doesn't let you choose an older build), would you like to see a character who is older in age compared to previous lords? Based off all the FE games I've played, it seems that the Protagonist tends to be under the age of what, eighteen? Twenty? I've felt like it's odd that we've never really had an older protagonist before, so I'm curious on people's thoughts about this or if people even care in the first place. So, would you like to see a protagonist who's say, twenty-five, maybe even thirty-five, or perhaps... SEVENTY-FIVE? Okay, maybe not that high, but still. Feel free to mention ideas for them as well. (i.e. backstory, usable weapons, class, etc. etc.)
  9. Pfft, Bowser Jr.?! I wouldn't miss him, only top-tier characters like Wendy O. Koopa. I like sword-wielding characters so I really don't mind what kind of weapon they use but I'd like to actually know about the lord first before they put him/her into the game. It's hard to form an opinion about something we don't know anything about. Also I highly doubt that they'd cut characters. I'd think that if anything, Smash 5 would just be a port but with more content, yeah? But who knows. Although if they were to potentially cut a character, then it'd probably only be one. (I'm placing bets on Roy)
  10. I actually like making avatars as I find it fun and that it adds a lot of replay-ability. However, considering this will be on the Switch, if they do add CC, I expect it to be good lol. Also well written? :O I'd prefer no children. I'm second-generation-ed out. Romance is whatever. I don't really have an opinion on it. I'd just hope that the romances are written well, although I think I'd prefer mostly platonic relationships anyways.
  11. What are you talking about? With works of art like "Neko Sugar Girls" how can you possibly say anime is bad?
  12. I'm okay with avatars as long as they're good characters and have good customization because I always find making characters fun. As for good customization, I mean that I would want a decent selection for voices (Like Xenoblade Chronicles X), at least 3 builds (Like Awakening's), and a plethora of faces, hairs, etc. etc. because otherwise the customization can become rather lackluster. (@MaleCorrin. If only I didn't dislike the builds and almost every hairstyle.) But seriously if they're doing avatars again I wanna see them go all out with character customization for the Switch. As for S-Supports, I'd rather just keep them maxed out at A and have canonical pairings already made, mostly because I don't care all that much about pairing people up. Yes yes yes I can attest to this. I may be bias but they really did do a great job at making your decisions feel like your own and I never felt like my avatar was worshiped all that much.
  13. Is that like, your go-to thing to say about people/companies you don't like? I swear it's the only thing I see you call them. (I think it's been mentioned before, but people will probably take you a lot less seriously if you keep using insults like that, but you do you) Anyways this entire argument seems to have gone on way too long and should've ended a while ago. I'd suggest just waiting for more information about the upcoming games and/or waiting for their release before assuming that they'll get ruined, that way people don't have to waste time on pointless speculation that's already been talked about in this thread! Maybe I'm out of line, (probably am a bit, I mean this is a public forum) but I really don't think this discussion matters (anymore) at all, but that's just me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Whooo~! Thanks for this, I'll make sure to try it out later! :D
  15. Hahaha I can see why. Oh well, we can't all be winners I guess.