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  1. Hahaha I can see why. Oh well, we can't all be winners I guess.
  2. 1.) Stop calling everyone SJWs, my god. 2.) They wouldn't go bankrupt, they'd probably just stop releasing games in the west or stop making games for the series in general. (Well, that and I doubt a hundred or so butt-hurt fans will significantly put a dent in their profits) 3.) No, don't even suggest pirating. Just straight-up buy the JP version. 4.) You don't give English VAs enough credit. If you're mainly directing this at Fates, then that may be because they hired a lot of newer VAs for that game - some of which did excellent while others did not. (@Siegbert) 5.) And you can be upset about that, but if you don't have to pirate, then don't. 6.) Again with calling everyone SJWs. People can be bothered by something and don't have to be a "SJW." 7.) Most people didn't pirate Fates? I know people used the fans-translation mod on the English version, but if they didn't buy that version in the first place then they bought the JP one. 8.) As for Mother 3, I don't approve of pirating but if you can't access the game in the first place then I'm not heavily bothered. But for Fates, Echoes, etc. you CAN access them and you CAN buy them, so there's no reason to pirate them.
  3. Tbh I liked the NoA localisation of Tri-Force Heroes due to the themes and the silliness of the game. ...It was quite fitting, haha. It very much depends on the tone of the game, of course. If it were something serious then obviously it would be ill-suited. That's just fucking stupid. If everyone did that they wouldn't continue making games for that franchise, that and you can be critical without pirating or engaging in any illegal activity. And why would you even bother pirating the games if you don't like them anyways? What's the point in that? Additionally, the way you worded what you said makes it come off as if you're simply spiteful - it doesn't even sound like you want them to improve... Sorry if I'm being too rash, but imposing that idea is just plain stupid and hardly benefits anybody.
  4. When Python has the 2nd highest Spd and Str in your Alm's party and actually has a Skl stat. Bless.
  5. lol yesss. Tbh I really liked act 5. It had 2 really fun fights (imo) and a pretty cool cutscene, so I hope that inspires you, haha. Also the credits song is 10/10 and definitely worth hearing. :3
  6. Alm wasn't that bad to me, but there were a couple weird things on his route. Mostly stuff to do with people seeing the brand on his hand even though he was wearing gloves lmao Btw, have you finished the game yet or are you on act 4/5?
  7. How her character "developed" and changed in act 4 did feel really rushed, which is too bad - especially since she was great in the first arc.
  8. Is Celica being naive native to Echoes or was she like that in Gaiden as well? lmao yes that line... felt out of place. I was 100% with Mae's reaction when she said "Celica! That isn't fair..." Honestly though.
  9. It's like the c-stick on a N3DS though I find it kind of annoying to use, haha. Regardless, good to know.
  10. I got an Astra my first visit, but then I saved over that file when I was making another one cuz I'm dumb lol Here's to hoping I get that lucky on my new file.
  11. I don't actually know how much the DLC gives but I assume it'd probably be better. I'm guessing if you want Gold marks then yeah, the DLC would definitely be better.
  12. I'd like to think that Saber becomes the personal bodyguard to Celica. I think that'd be really cool. (Just a bodyguard, nothing more)
  13. Just go to a Smithy and select the "trade-in" (It's called that or "convert." I forget which) option and you should be good to go. 500 Silver marks = 1 Gold mark. If you don't have at least 500 silver marks, you won't even be able to click the button.
  14. In Thabes Labyrinth I made like, 1000 silver marks on my first go. I was pretty lucky of course, but I seem to usually make around 500 otherwise. As for gold marks, there's a fountain room on the 8th floor I believe and there's a 1/6 chance of a gold mark dropping if you cut the grass. (Only 3 coins will drop. Exit the room then re-enter and 2 will drop, then 1, then none.) Also you should always be able to get at least 1 gold mark via converting silver marks.