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  1. General "mass killings" thread

    I'm surprised people are even concerned about pornography in the first place right now lmao I mean, it just seems like the least of our issues. Maybe that's just me though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. General "mass killings" thread

    I'm gonna make the same response as everyone else and just ask "what"? This is a general, open question, but what do people apply the term "mental disorder" to when regarding guns and regulations? Like, there are so many things that could fall under that, not to mention that going around using that term might attribute to the stigma it already has. That annoyed me so much. I mean, it was a simple proposal just to debate, it wasn't meant to instantaneously create gun regulation laws or anything, so I find it very perplexing that they voted it down. (It probably doesn't help their image doing that, not to mention the whole SUPER IMPORTANT "pornography risk" you mentioned) Also, any thoughts on the Texas school district who's superintendent threatened to suspend any student for three days who chooses to participate in organized walkouts or protests? The dude said that the district “will not allow a student demonstration during school hours for any type of protest or awareness!!” I mean yikes. I love telling people not to protest or to spread awareness... I understand their concern but I'm pretty sure everybody has a right to do such things especially students when it comes to, you know, school shootings and the abundance of them we have here in the US. I just wanted to bring this up cuz I thought it was odd and no one mentioned it yet. (I think)
  3. General "mass killings" thread

    If that ever does actually happen, I'm either switching majors or planning on moving to another country lmao. I cannot stress enough (like most) how stupid the idea to arm teachers is. I've already had my say on this subject, but whenever I see anybody propose this, I get extremely bothered. I am sure there are some teachers who are totally like what you said, willing to kill, but nope, not me, or most teachers for that matter... (also I would not trust some teachers with a weapon in the first place...)
  4. How important is abstinence?

    Oh, sorry, this wasn't a general question, but towards the person I quoted before. :p
  5. How important is abstinence?

    Hmm, as for my two cents, I personally don't think abstinence is important. pretty much for the same reasons that Slumber mentioned. Like, if abstinence is appealing to you, then go for it. If not? Eh, whatever. Just do whatever makes you comfortable, yeah? Although I'd if you'd be practicing abstinence, it may be wise to mention that to whomever your partner may be so that they won't get any wrong ideas, ahaha. As far as marriage goes, again, what Slumber said. But I suppose that also depends on who you are. For me, while I don't really care for any of the religious aspects of it, and certainly don't need it to cement my feelings towards my partner, it kinda feels like a "promise" of being together to me, as cheesy as that may sound. This is just out of curiosity, but what about two people who are physically incapable of conception? Or a couple that don't want kids? Again, this is just me being curious, I'm not making rebuttals or anything.
  6. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    (Actually if the voice acting would be like that of Fire Emblem Warriors then I'd change my stance on this, no offense to people who enjoyed that game but like, yikes to some of it. But if it's like SoV then we all gucci.)
  7. General "mass killings" thread

    Who would even pay for that? Most budgets for public schools aren't even that great in the first place, and that could lead to salary or staff cuts if the school is expected to pay. And if the idea is that the teachers and staff would have to pay for that, then yeah, no thanks. Not to mention the fact that the very idea of teachers being armed means that there's now another way for students to get access to a weapon. Sure, it'd be secured, but if the teacher can access it, that means the student can as well, even if they'd have to over-power the teacher to reach it. No offense but, there's no way I'd ever be okay with that idea. I'd honestly rather move to another country than have to work/attend a school where the staff are armed. Also, I'd like to point out that it's not even a solution to the overarching problem. A solution would be finding a way to prevent further shootings from occurring, not to prepare for and to expect more. I'm sorry if I sound like an ass towards you, I truly apologize for that, but this kind of idea is extremely unsettling for me.
  8. General "mass killings" thread

    You know what's really fun to think about? How I plan on getting a teaching license to teach English in high schools in the coming few years, and then keeping track of all the school shooting we've had in the US just this year~! I honestly don't understand how nothing has really been done or changed to stop this. I keep looking at the gun-related homicide rates of other developed countries and compare them to the US and just, wow. It's almost feels as if... you know, other countries have done something right with their gun control... but who knows, maybe I'm just imagining things. Obviously there are other ways to commit crimes, but those other ways are either less effective, easier to get caught or both. Seriously though, I am mildly scared about actually getting into teaching when more and more shootings have been cropping up at schools lately. It's just... not great to feel like you won't even be safe at an education facility, which applies to both teachers and students. Also I resent the very idea that some people propose arming teachers and staff with guns. That's even more terrifying and sad to think that the "solution" to school shootings is to expect more by preparing adults to fire back. Honestly disgusting. I would never work at a school that armed teachers. No way in hell. There's no way I could ever feel safe or teach without the fear that something bad could happen.
  9. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    Being rationale isn't that same as moral though, which is why I brought it up. Yes you are indeed correct about this, but I believe when the Bible uses the word "man", it often implies "mankind", as in all humans, as that seems to be the case in earlier societies/writings. I could be wrong, of course, though it's just a hunch. Also I should mention that, in my previous post, I was specifically talking about homosexual men, not women, which I should've made clear. I apologize for that. For the Japan example, I'm not quite sure how lesbians were treated, I'd have to do research on that. lol you got me there. I wouldn't be surprised if it's different from culture to culture, religion to religion though. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if the reason in some cultures is that so you could acquire a woman as "property." That doesn't seem too far-fetched tbh. All in all, as far as marriage goes, it certainly has changed substantially since it first appeared, whenever that may have been.
  10. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    Religions were created in the first place to install moral codes and laws, more-or-less starting around the Mesopotamia area (at least, to the best of our knowledge). For the most part, religions have been used for good and have been rather ethical, however, not always. I'll give an example. I'd argue that for Christianity and the bible, you could say the condemnation of homosexuals is innately bad, but the cause of it is directly from the religion as homosexuality is labeled as a sin. Obviously people are split on this notion in the first place (that homosexuality is "bad" or not - I'm taking the stance that it's not), but as far as I can tell, most, if not all of the distaste for HS (I'm gonna use HS for homosexuality to abbreviate) people has been attributed to religion. Take feudal Japan for example. Before western migration and the introduction of Christianity in Japan, HS (more specifically for those in samurai classes) wasn't all that uncommon nor was it frowned upon. But after Christianity started being preached there, HS began to become immoral or unacceptable. And whenever people are to argue why being HS is bad, the majority of the time they point to religion or their religious texts and say "Well the Bible says 'this'" or "God said 'that'". EDIT: I failed to mention that for my example, I was specifically talking about homosexual men in Japan. I don't really know if it's any different for females or if they were treated the same. Basically, as a tl;dr, religion has served good purposes for setting morals and rules in society, and while the majority of cases involving religion being seen as bad stems from bad people, who proclaim they are apart of the religion, I'd argue that some of the bad is directly tied to the religion itself. And then there's other fun stuff like talking about religious leaders who have influence over their community but I'm not going to go into that right now. As for my personal stance on religion, I'm neutral. It's done good, it's done bad, it's been used for good, it's been used for bad... I myself am not religious but I think one of the main problems with religion in general is that, for some people, it blinds them and all of their stances and politics (mostly social) become solely reliant on said religion, resulting in them being less open minded. Obviously this doesn't apply to all, but it certainly does for some, I can certainly attest to that...
  11. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    Then you may want to edit the first comment to change the wording, because I don't think anybody would instantly understand what you were trying to convey. Now, I actually looked at the previous page and at what the other person and you were talking about, but didn't really when I posted my previous comment. Sorry~ I'd argue that they shouldn't have a problem doing full voice-acting and making a good story/overall game if they have the money to do so. I don't think they really need to reallocate their assets only for the base game, because if they need to do that, they clearly messed up in their initial budgeting anyways. So basically, as long as they have the means to do it, I feel like they should. Besides, it really would feel like a step backwards if they didn't. The voice acting really did make Echoes a better game. Without it, I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun with it as I did. Don't discount what voice acting can do for a game, it really can make things a lot better.
  12. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    Oh, absolutely. As long as all the characters have strong voice acting, I would be all for it. To me, Echoes showed that they can actually pull it off, so I see no reason to not fully voice the game. The voices really weren't that bad. Obviously some weren't as good as others, but I think I can definitely say there was no "bad" voice acting in Echoes, at least. (Definitely were some questionable voices in like, Fates. @Siegbert and others. Maybe Awakening too? idk, I don't remember them that well lol.)
  13. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

    People using the japanese spelling for Jagen really threw me off for a moment lol Also I'm with EdeaCreamer on weapon durability. I wasn't a fan of having negative side-effects for using certain weapons and would much rather have a more powerful weapon at the cost of having less usage of it. In Fates, I never touched Silver weapons at all, or a lot of the other weapons that have crappy side-effects. What's the point in using those when you can just forge a crap ton of iron weapons and make them just as good? Having no durability removes the uniqueness of the supposedly stronger and more rare items, at least, that's what I find to be the case.
  14. My GBAs and Xbox 360. I just haven't played a GBA game on a while and the only ones I really play are Pokemon games on it. As for the Xbox, it's basically just a glorified Netflix machine. I don't actually play any games on it as most I also own on PC. The only games I'd play on it would be like, Halo or something. But idk, I don't care too much for it. I do care for my GBAs tho. <3 hearts for GBA <3
  15. Tbh I'm not too big on the idea of more interactivity. I feel like it could easily get tedious having to be involved in all the battles and I'm also concerned about the potential removal of the options to turn animations off and to skip combat, which are very nice to have. I mean, normal FE maps already take me a good chunk of time to complete, I don't think I would have the patience or the time if it were to be extended by having battles take longer. If it were a spin-off, then sure. But main series? I'm inclined to say no.