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  1. What's your favorite Pokemon?

    Togekiss! Preferably with Serene(s) Grace.
  2. What do you think is the best battle theme in the series?

    BW2's World Tournament Finale Battle theme. Although the Sun & Moon Elite 4 theme's intro is haunting. Also shout out to the glory that is Pokemon Colosseum and XD's soundtrack.
  3. Conquest Lunatic PMU: Making it harder

    Since no one (I have seen) said what class Haitaka should be... Make him another Basara!
  4. So I haven't beaten Conquest on Lunatic, and I remembered bond units were in the game. Thus an idea was born! I will be playing the game normally until I get the Accessory Shop. After that I will only be using Bond Units created in this run. Additionally, my main character will be using the Troubadour class tree (A.K.A Strategist & Maid) only. After all, who needs a yato! Currently on Chapter 16 ------------------------------- Quality of Life rules: ------------------------------- Bond Unit List: ------------------------------- General Castle and My Unit Information:
  5. Which Weapon Triangle should comeback?

    I like pre-fates... but daggers are cool. Can we keep daggers? Plz?!
  6. I specifically liked Zeke and Clive. Especially the alternate dialogue for Clive, there is a lot of emotion there.
  7. Atlas - I always use him, I think he works best as a mage because his high attack and Saggitae just wrecks everything. 7.5/10 Jesse - I didn't realize he sucked until I read about everyone complaining about him. I gave him the blessed sword and he just crit everything. 8/10, but maybe I just got lucky... or he did with that luck growth.
  8. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Thought I would try my hand at this, Presenting... The Valmese Conqueror's banner! Walhart: Yen'fay Cervantes Excellus (Everyone's favorite character!) Pheros (That one boss in Awakening Chapter 17...)
  9. Bored, so let's do a Birthright Lunatic PMU!

    Sorry, wrote that on the wrong forum. How about Dwyer? Nothing special... just dwyer?
  10. Revelation Lunatic PMU Corrin & kids

    Yeah, lets do that.
  11. Bored, so let's do a Birthright Lunatic PMU!

    Hero!Percy? Any parent works.
  12. Revelation Lunatic PMU Corrin & kids

    Kinshi Knight!Kana With Orochi as mother.
  13. Bored, so let's do a Birthright Lunatic PMU!

    If you have amiibo, Dread Fighter Robin :P
  14. Wrymslayers - How do they work?

    I know in a couple games, the Wyrmslayer is effective against wyvern knights.Giant dragon riding knights, usually using axes, are a pretty good reason to use anti-dragon swords.
  15. Mistakes or errors on the site 2 Under the promotion category for villagers (in the pull-down menu) it lists Knight (M) as a promotion, it should be Soldier (M) based on what the rest of the sight says.