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  1. Atlas - I always use him, I think he works best as a mage because his high attack and Saggitae just wrecks everything. 7.5/10 Jesse - I didn't realize he sucked until I read about everyone complaining about him. I gave him the blessed sword and he just crit everything. 8/10, but maybe I just got lucky... or he did with that luck growth.
  2. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Thought I would try my hand at this, Presenting... The Valmese Conqueror's banner! Walhart: Yen'fay Cervantes Excellus (Everyone's favorite character!) Pheros (That one boss in Awakening Chapter 17...)
  3. Bored, so let's do a Birthright Lunatic PMU!

    Sorry, wrote that on the wrong forum. How about Dwyer? Nothing special... just dwyer?
  4. Revelation Lunatic PMU Corrin & kids

    Yeah, lets do that.
  5. Bored, so let's do a Birthright Lunatic PMU!

    Hero!Percy? Any parent works.
  6. Revelation Lunatic PMU Corrin & kids

    Kinshi Knight!Kana With Orochi as mother.
  7. Bored, so let's do a Birthright Lunatic PMU!

    If you have amiibo, Dread Fighter Robin :P
  8. Wrymslayers - How do they work?

    I know in a couple games, the Wyrmslayer is effective against wyvern knights.Giant dragon riding knights, usually using axes, are a pretty good reason to use anti-dragon swords.
  9. Mistakes or errors on the site 2 Under the promotion category for villagers (in the pull-down menu) it lists Knight (M) as a promotion, it should be Soldier (M) based on what the rest of the sight says.
  10. Future Gauntlets

    I'd love it if we got these battle royal gauntlets, maybe depending on weapons like an all-lance wielders or all magic wielders gauntlet.
  11. Want to create Bond Units with me?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm european ;-; So sad T_T
  12. Revelations Selena

    I made her a Sniper, and she did pretty well as that, gave her Certain Blow and Heavy Blade (Vanguard DLC Only), plus it helps that bows have some power behind them. If this interests you just have her A+ with Setsuna.
  13. Want to create Bond Units with me?

    Game: Revelations Characters Name: Cicero Castle Name: Bluff of Bonds (Wind Tribe Style) Castle Address: 13258 - 07035 51660 - 26068 Boon/Bane/Talent: +Magic -Speed / Dark Mage Last Skill Equipped: Bowbreaker (Subject to change) I may change to different saves every once in a while, BUT I will still give accessories!