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  1. I see people here and there bring out the old "Pokemon will follow you" canard. Those poor, unfortunate people.
  2. First avatar and sig change for a thousand years! Sorry Rinne.

  3. Heres my latest project. I tried going back to the same sort of style as my earlier Sophia piece, though this one is a bit more ambitious.
  4. The background in your Micaiah piece certainly lends a distinctive atmosphere. It's pretty cool.
  5. It's a great first attempt at a full body. I can't really comment on anatomy. If I could make one suggestion for any improvement, I'd try and find a way to make the armour trim stand out more from the rest of the armour. I think some distinctive golden trim could make the picture really pop out.
  6. It's a really stunning piece. The colouring on the clothes in particular impresses me. I can see what you mean about the face, but I can't quite put my finger on it, even though I think it looks all right in the wip you posted before. I find my attention being drawn to the nose more than I think it should, like it's been rendered in more detail than the rest of the face. Not sure if that ramble was of any use. It's a great picture regardless.
  7. Thanks for that chart. It's definitely something I'll need to keep in mind for the future. I've been a bit busy to devote my time to any particular project this week. Here's a hodgepodge of various rough sketches.
  8. To agree with Sietje, I think the hair is much improved. I really envy how you've got a more painterly style of colouring, it feels natural and far more subtle than my own colouring. It suits the character so well. If I could add my own advice on how the piece could be imrpoved, I'd recommend working on the arm anatomy. Currently, and this is going to come across as seriously rude, the arms have a kind of sasuage look to them. You could try adding something to hint at the shoulder muscles, similar to what you've done to the collar bone, particularly where it meets the upper arm. I get you don't want her to appear buff but I think some consideration to the shoulder could make the arm's shape more appealing. Regardless, it's some fine work, and I look forward to seeing what you do next.
  9. Nomad Troopers. They just seem more flavourful than Rangers or Bow Knights. Or maybe it's because I love the idea of fantasy Mongols.
  10. I decided to try the method on something a bit more ambitious. I've never actually played Fates, but this design appealed to me a little bit, so I had a crack at it.
  11. So I decided to try out a different method of character drawing than what I'm used to. Here's a doodle of my results so far. Not really sure who this is or whatever, but it looks vaguely FEish. For some context. here's what I started out with.
  12. And finished, I think.
  13. I think the pop up is there 'cause if people came on and saw Serenes running like arse they'd think that was business as usual. I'm assuming that's all part of the protest, right...
  14. Here's a work in progress.
  15. This question made me laugh, then sob. Jarly was my only friend.