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  1. Colours! But seriously, I had no idea what I was doing by the end of this one.
  2. Must... keep... thread... relevant... with... animu...
  3. At last, something worth showing.
  4. I suspected I might have gotten that mixed up. But still, I don't think any of these poll options would suffice for a game on the mainline console.
  5. I don't think this bodes well for the series personally. Ever since the 4th gen, Pokemon has benefitted from having dual screens and touch controls on its menus. These features have helped alleviate the sluggish gameplay the series suffers from. Without them I suspect Pokemon will play a whole lot worse. You're going back to the Gameboy era, and what was a forgivable limitation of technology then will not go down well on a mainline console in 2018. In that respect a D/P remakes could be a disaster (not being Pt would make them bad enough). "Hey, remember when you could go through the PC using the touch controls? Well here's what it's like when you can't!" I also don't think jumping to "8th gen" would be good for the series either. Pokemon is already developing problems with pushing games out too quickly. X&Y felt shafted, and Ultra S&M (phwoar) is coming out in a matter of months. I'd hate to see it go full CoD. How many new Pokemon will they be able to create when the gap between generations is shrinking? The only way I can see a mainline Pokemon game on the Switch being good is if they completely revolutionised the series. Not just a few minor changes like S/M, but a total overhaul. Anything less would just seem like Gamefreak coasting on fan loyalty and brand recognistion. Pokemon has always gotten away with its failings because it's an old, venerated series, and because they've always been handheld games. But when a game goes from handheld to mainline console, peoples expectations are going to rise accordingly. I think reviewers and people who aren't fans aren't going to be so kind to a Switch Pokemon game that just repeats what was on the DS. Of course, Pokemon is so popular they could probably get away with anything at this point. I just wish they couldn't. To answer the poll, I hope none of those options are true, but I'm not expecting great things right now.
  6. I'm curious as to why this even matters. I'm sure whatever arguement you're having isn't worth the effort.
  7. Personally, looking at both your most recent pieces, I think they'd look better if you made the lines above the upper lip (don't know the technical term) more subtle. Right now they feel like they're drawing my attention more than they should.
  8. Metroid 2: Cease & Desist kind of looks a bit tacky in my opinion. Compared to fine pixel art I remember from Fusion and Zero Mission, the 3D isn't very appealing.
  9. Guys, I think that dragon might be evil.
  10. Sounds like it could be a laugh. I'd go for it.
  11. Actually, mega evolved forms do have their own Pokedex entries now. While I don't have any inside knowledge of how Pokemon are designed, my intuition is that designing an Alolan form doesn't require that much more effort than a Mega form, especially when they both serve the same basic purpose of reinvigorating older Pokemon. The core difference is that a Mega is an exaggerated version of a Pokemon, while an Alolan is an alternative version. I dunno. I'm waiting for some more information before having any real opinions on Ultra S&M (phwoar).
  12. ORAS introduced new mega evolutions halfway through a generation. Adding new Alolan forms would not be too disimiliar a move. Not that I necessarily believe they'll make new ones yet, just that it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  13. But it's not exactly what I wanted, Daddy! I want Stars now, Daddy!
  14. Wasn't it the other way around? Mareep wasn't available in Crystal.