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  1. Birthright was the probably the worst. I mean the story was the best, but i'm not really a story person and Conquest and Revelation just outclass it Conquest was the most fun to play through, though to be fair there were a LOT of frustrating moments that i really didn't like (cough chapters 10,21 and 24) Revelation, while i didn't like the map design for the most part, you did get access to all the characters, and i really love the way Valla looks and how different it is, even more so than Hoshido. And about the whole unit imbalance? Well you can grind in Revelation so i don't see it as that big of a problem for the most part. But well that's just my take on it and feel free to disagree
  2. Ok can we all take a moment to notice Duma is actually a dragon now and not some weird slime thing
  3. (Insert Severa joke here) I love this game
  4. I want a Walmart DLC, for more Awakening tie-ins Spoilers! An apotheosis style DLC to make it worthwhile to max out your characters An EXP DLC to make grinding easier Maybe a Marth DLC to tie into Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem
  5. Sadly we only have the picture, i asked for the model earlier but it's unavalible. Still really creepy and wierd tho
  6. Duma's is probably my favourite right now, but the final map and Berkut's themes are pretty close
  7. More giant evil dragons to beat up? Heck yeah! Ok siriusly though, this is pretty cool. It explains Grima's backstory, which is neat since he's pretty much the only big evil final boss dragon without one (until now)
  8. Is it possible to get the models for Duma and Grima? Is it possible to get the music files? Also wow May 19th cannot come soon enough this game is too good.
  9. Naga would probably have REALLY OP starting stats, growth rates and stat caps. As for classes, she would likley have the same or very similar classes to Tiki and Nowi though, so that would be her main downside, but she is pretty close to a god so they could just give her every class like Robin or Morgan. And speaking of Morgan, Naga!Morgan would be pretty awesome. What if there were more Taguel/Manaketes in Awakening?
  10. One of the other kids could have taken her place and the game would be largley the same. Otherwise the bad future would simply continue untill Grima killed everyone. What if Gangrel won against Chrom?
  11. Scenario 1 is that the three end up killing everyone before anyone can do anything about it Scenario 2 is that Chrom preforms the awakening, and then they kill the dragons in succesion What if Tiki could marry Chrom?
  12. What if instead of being found by Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick, Robin was found by Gangrel and Aversa?
  13. Aparently i'm a thing now.