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  1. Do these games come in pairs and trios?

    The human tendency to stubbornly look for trends and patterns where they have never been is both fascinating and dumb.
  2. Who's The First Gen Favorite?

    Miriel. Her design and nerdspeak are adorable.
  3. I’d be 100% for this. Just let me do something—anything—with my badges and medals.
  4. Cut the current three-stars (and possibly the demotions from four-star-dom) into an orbless pull that uses, I dunno, arena medals.
  5. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    no idea what you’re talking about I mean yes, mine is +Atk, +2, under a Hone Cav buff, runs DB3 and Atk+3 but hey
  6. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Cecilia sniped the lance cav over the trenches and got repositioned back by Reinhardt. On my next player phase, Titania fried Cherche and Reinhardt zapped Virion. Then Titania (with DD3 seal equipped) deleted the bow cav while Reinhardt shot down the flier. Then the mage killed herself at Reinhardt and stage clear.
  7. It is a way to prepare the playerbase for eventual and inevitable Gen 3 stat creep. A free seasonal alt with beautiful art, filling a niche in my line-up, and of a character I like a lot. Also she is free.
  8. Seliph glitch

    Have you by chance ever dismounted him? This can cause the glitch.
  9. About a week ago. Since three Ishtars on her BHB banner, and now Titania.
  10. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    I like this:
  11. Go ayther or go home, kids. Moronic ordeals are just a taste of power.
  12. Who has the "worst art"?

    None of them.
  13. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    Rival domains as well.
  14. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    Training tower, too.
  15. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    Hyped as all hell for Titania. Already have a Tharja promoted for her, got a Shanna and a Barst recently, and there was a −Spd Ayra somewhere in my barracks gathering dust. Oh, and enough feathers to +1 her immediately. The Darting Blow seal would look wonderfully on her too.