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  1. I accidentally led my horse farming team (Eldigan, Ursula, Olwen, Lyn) into the tempest. Had to surrender at map 7 so that they don’t roll over everything without me earining those bonus points. If only I had Oscar, I’d run horses every time.
  2. I did keep a four-star −Spd Virion. It’s not the starter one (obviously), but getting these five orbs will be easy. Actually levelling up a Shanna is another story. I eneded up using all my Shannas up for Desperation. Shanna is so good as a fodder.
  3. Ashnard and/or Julius. The others don’t really make much sense to be playable heroes in Heroes. Veld is irrelevant, sorry, dude.
  4. +Spd is better for Tharja because blade buffs increase her Atk much more than they do her Spd. With +Spd she can double much stuff, which is especially deadly with Desperation.
  5. Guess my unpopular opinion is that I like the DS art/art direction. Except that weird thick black outline of Shadow Dragon’s map sprites. It’s just ugly. My other unpopular opinion is when they remake Genealogy, they should keep everything that makes Genealogy Genealogy: huge maps, item management, enemy swarms. They might (and should) rebalance the items and characters, but overall impression shouldn’t change. Seeing how E:SoV compares with Gaiden and how faithful it has been is reassuring.
  6. Misc. → FAQ/Etc. → Customer Support → Orb Balance?
  7. Nothing more exciting than some good old infighting in the player’s team! You probably meant Ninian here.
  8. Titania amiibo when?
  9. Calling it a day with 13,663 points and one potion spent. The boat map sucks, as does every boat map in the series.
  10. It doesn’t stack in terms of bonus. You either have a 40% bonus, a 20% bonus, or no bonus. You can’t field Ike, Elincia, Oscar, and Nephenee to get +160% points.
  11. The +10 damage part of the skill does, in fact, activate if the user drops below the threshold during the combat.
  12. I dunno, in my tempest runs the BK is usually fried by Reinhardt. Or Blárbladed by Ursula.
  13. Nephenee is a monster, as expected. Soren is too, even disregarding the boost. I removed Fury from both, though. Last time I had Lyn with Reciprocal Aid to exploit Soren’s Fury, this time I don’t have Rec Aid on anybody. My team is Nephenee, Celica, Reinhardt, and Soren. The backup team is Xander, Ursula, Camus, and CYL Lyn. In other words, nothing ever changes in my team, only the bonus units come and go, the backbone stays the same. Just crossed the 6k checkpoint; not going to bother with the four-star BK yet.
  14. Irish names look incredibly odd and never come with any pronunciation guide, but at least using 50% Irish and 40% Norse is consistent across Jugdral.
  15. The main thing is, Hone requires Hinoka—who is 5★-locked,—while Goad only requires Palla—who is available at 3–4★. I’ve got more than a dozen Pallas since release, and no Hinokas.