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  1. Is Karcist included on the chart? For some reason I can’t find him there.
  2. And you say there is no dismounting feature in Heroes. Because this is clearly a dismounted Mathilda:
  3. Look at the bulletin board. Date and time there is auto-converted for your time zone.
  4. She eats so much she’s already eaten paralogue!Xander and his horse. The horror. For me to be able to pull reds without having to fear to ever pull a seasonal.
  5. Yes, she gets negative avoid when near Alm. She’s too focused on him for her own good, you know.
  6. I’M READY TO ROLL! I’m watching a E:SoV LP at the moment, so yeah, this game being (almost) fully voiced is awesome.
  7. Julie Maddalena plz :( The voice adds tremendously to Sharena’s overall cuteness and adorablity. No idea. But they share their Japanese VA.
  8. Just give me that not-Sharena and have her be voiced by Sharena’s VA.
  9. The channel only got announced in-game this time because we’re getting it translated.
  10. Gem weapons and raven tomes work completely differently, though. Gem weapons have inherent TA3, and raven tomes only have WTA over greys and not TA.
  11. I’m fine with both, and he has better art in Heroes.
  12. Nice to see how much of that actually agrees with what was heard in this thread. Thanks for sharing!
  13. I’m still maintaining the wish for witch!F!Corrin, as per her Cipher art:
  14. Feh flapping her wings was too cute last time. Patapatapatapatapatapatapata~ I know, that’s where they got the wrong meaning for jerk from.
  15. рывок? Ah, it’s probably “jerk”. It should be мудак (lit. nuthead), дебил (lit. debil), кретин (lit. cretin), идиот (lit. idiot), засранец (lit. shitter), уёбок (lit. fucker-up)… Russian has many ways to call your vis-à-vis names. Well, that’s not so bad, except improve (yourself) needs a reflexive suffix (совершенствоваться) and it’s usually not “recommend for smb” but rather “recommend to smb” (рекомендовать всем instead of рекомендовать для всех)