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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    I want it to be real. That's all I really have to say. I think this could be a really cool take on Fire Emblem, so I want it to be real.
  2. Could PVP be implemented?

    PVP can work if they do fog of war. Maybe even allowing the player that moves more to be able to see more.
  3. Together We Ride For Jazz

    I was messing around with Sibelius, and thought I would share this with everyone. Together We Ride For Jazz.mp3
  4. My internet is slow like crazy, so I accidentally submitted my last topic twice so I just have to find out how to delete this
  5. Guys, Yee is confirmed to be in echoes
  6. Guys, Yee is confirmed to be in echoes
  7. Every time I hear Judah's Translated name of Jedah, I can only think of this
  8. So... what about Atlas?

    I say make him a merc. Pretty much he makes a good dread fighter because everyone makes a good dread fighter. Either that or be patient and get an archer. I don't know what is witth the people that want to make him a cavalier because in my opinion the only good horsed units in the game are Zeke and Mycen. Clive and Mathilda will always fall behind. Mathilda will be great at first, but at least for me, she drops off in the middle of chapter 4. Not counting pegusus knights that is.
  9. How about the scene where Alm pulls out the Falchion, and Juda screems after seeing the light?
  10. I like Conrad, but I feel like he is out of place. It doesn't explain why Celica gets the throne instead of him. Did he just give it up for her and Alm? Was it just because Celica married Alm? Does Alm getting the throne with Celica mean Rigel technically won the war? Isn't that what Alm stood against the entire game? If Conrad got married, who would be king, Alm or Conrad?
  11. Canonicity

    Should heroes be put in the timeline at all? Should it be considered a "canon" game that is coexisting in the same way as every other game in the series?
  12. Okay, okay, I think I'm a little lost with this. Help me out where I am wrong here: Duma and Mila were on Archanea under Naga long before the game Duma always argued with Naga, so Naga banished him after giving him the Falchion? Duma traveled West and Mila followed, and they made Valentia They argued how to set up basically the government in this new land, so they split it off giving two royal families divine dragon blood Mila sealed off the Falchion in order to protect her brother Rudolf posed as a destroyer to get a rise of Valentian heroes to rise from the turmoil to eliminate out Duma and Mila.. If it is how I think it is, someone answer me these questions: Why didn't Rudolf eliminate Duma himself if he had the royal blood to wield the Falchion, and was able to ward off Mila anyway? How did the Falchion get to Archanea for Marth to use in FE1/11 if it was always in Valentia? How did it get back to Archanea for FE 3/12?\ How did Mercurius, Gradivus, and Parthia get to Valentia? How did they get back? Who wrote the Valentian Revelations? Why does Alm go to Archanea for Chapter 6? The war was over, and foreign affairs shouldn't be strongly addressed after a war. When Mila says she sealed the Falchion, did she mean when she took a hit from Rudolf? How did Rudolf get the Falchion? Did Duma give it to him? If so, why did Duma want to break the god's pact?
  13. I don't like his character, I love it. I spent a while myself trying to think of how you could possibly fit his character in the plot, and this is honestly a million times better than I ever could have come up with. I don't know how I feel about Alm randomly being able survive the mirror with a plot device, but that is on Alm's character and not Berkut's.
  14. Gaiden's single RNG was absolutely unforgiving...what do you think they are going to do for the remake?
  15. You know, I asked myself that question for the past few days, and that is the best idea I have heard for the reason it raises avoid so much.