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  1. Increased Dramatization for a Potential FE 4 Echoes?

    I feel like they should remake without changing much just like Shadows of Valentia. Gaiden map design is terrible, and people thought the game would be terrible as well. Genealogy just needs support conversations and a faster pace.
  2. Which translation patch for FE4 would you recommend?

    Project Naga is really the best. Gharnef's translation is alright and does its job, but I have a hard time with the font. I always use project Naga because of the font and the stability of the patch.
  3. Thracia 776 Support Branch

    You're right. My bad. That ought to do it. I think I might do this with GBA games and possible supports next, but those might be a little more messy.
  4. Thracia 776 Support Branch

    Let me know if I made any mistakes here, because there is always the chance I did.
  5. Thracia 776 Support Branch

    I started playing FE5 for the first time, and I knew that units supported each other when they were nearby, and it bothered me that I couldn't find a diagram that shows what characters supported who. And I would have to look up each individual character to find out supports. So I just said screw it and made this for everyone's convenience. Might do it for other games like FE3 too.
  6. (FE 1-8) Casual mode project

    Not really sure about this one. Only messed with hex tables to mess with the translation in those games. But honestly you can just use save states in those games if you are going as far as to try to make a casual mode. I think someone succeeded in doing it in FE8 though. Good luck with SNES and NES games.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    I want it to be real. That's all I really have to say. I think this could be a really cool take on Fire Emblem, so I want it to be real.
  8. Could PVP be implemented?

    PVP can work if they do fog of war. Maybe even allowing the player that moves more to be able to see more.
  9. Together We Ride For Jazz

    I was messing around with Sibelius, and thought I would share this with everyone. Together We Ride For Jazz.mp3
  10. My internet is slow like crazy, so I accidentally submitted my last topic twice so I just have to find out how to delete this
  11. Guys, Yee is confirmed to be in echoes
  12. Guys, Yee is confirmed to be in echoes
  13. Every time I hear Judah's Translated name of Jedah, I can only think of this
  14. So... what about Atlas?

    I say make him a merc. Pretty much he makes a good dread fighter because everyone makes a good dread fighter. Either that or be patient and get an archer. I don't know what is witth the people that want to make him a cavalier because in my opinion the only good horsed units in the game are Zeke and Mycen. Clive and Mathilda will always fall behind. Mathilda will be great at first, but at least for me, she drops off in the middle of chapter 4. Not counting pegusus knights that is.
  15. How about the scene where Alm pulls out the Falchion, and Juda screems after seeing the light?