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  1. Gaiden's single RNG was absolutely unforgiving...what do you think they are going to do for the remake?
  2. You know, I asked myself that question for the past few days, and that is the best idea I have heard for the reason it raises avoid so much.
  3. I mean...4 mages, and one sucks at hitting. The only other mages on Celica's side are Sonia and Nomah, and the only one that needs to fight graves is Sonia. And that's only for one map. But I just thought this was a funny comparison considering how dodgy Ryoma is.
  4. Well, I mean screenshots and gameplay show a 60 in the top left of the screen when the cursor is on graves, plus it was like that in Gaiden so I think the assumption is safe. And sure you have a full team of mages...like 3 of them not counting Genny.
  5. At base at chapter 13 Birthright and 16 Revelation, with the Raijinto, Ryoma has 56 avoid. You think it's fair that graves give 4 more avoid than that? This game's going to be so balanced, right?
  6. The only reason I got Deen on my first playthrough is because I didn't know he actually sucked.
  7. Arthur. Berserker Arthur would be awesome.
  8. I think it's more of IS's way of not showing the joining your party the same way they did in Gaiden, by disappearing with text that says something like "Luka has joined your party".
  9. Uhhh, didn't really understand most of that, but chill. Not sure if you played FE12 with their attempt at a semi-minor character avatar, but their characters have never been good, and have always hurt the story. I would have liked an Awakening without Robin honestly.
  10. I think the switch games have heavy Tellius inspiration, so they will probably make the game from scratch with 3d models on the overworld and all. But I wouldn't doubt borrowing some code from the 3ds games to make the whole game programming less painful.
  11. They make the game...better? That's a very bold statement, and I thought that this was a joke when I read it the first time. Just...no... no
  12. And boat maps...the best and most intricately designed maps in the series at that.
  13. Yeah that's fair, but I was looking for something that would be accurate to the nearest percent. It seems close enough to a normal function to be able to find something close. I attempted it with a sine wave function, and I want to see if anyone has any ideas that can do it better.
  14. It'll sell well after the success of awakening. Nintendo will market the crap out of it and it will sell tons of units for that. But we might get a third split in the community from it. Veteran fans, newer fans, and Gaiden fans. Vets are going to want to see an fe4 or fe7 type game or remake. Newer fans will want to see another fe13 or fe14 like game. And the Gaiden fans will want to see more fe2 or fe15 like games. I think that it will sell well due to the large mass of new fans, but only rated highly by Gaiden fans, and because of this, initial sales will be insane, but bad reviews from people who hate Gaiden will kick in hurting it in the long run. And if my predictin comes true, that would be a real shame. I mean, look at my favorite FE game.
  15. The only reason I didn't preorder it is because I download all my FE games on my 3DS off the eshop