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  1. FE7 PMU: Pink Suit Edition

    Lucius (Monk -> Fighter)
  2. tidbit on this part: the reason why Zephiel doesn't get hard mode bonuses (or noticeable ones, rather) is because the growths of his King class (which would be used to determine his hard mode bonuses) are all set to 0%, aside from HP which is 10%. Basically, he technically gets Hard Mode bonuses, but they only amount to 1-2 HP, nothing more. (The final boss is in the same situation.) For Douglas, Hugh, and Raigh, who are all in normal classes, the situation is different; there's actually a list of numbers in the game's data indicating character slots which shouldn't get hard mode bonuses, which includes all recruitable enemies (plus Cecilia, which might indicate she was originally planned to be a recruitable enemy?) The reason why they still get bonuses despite this is because the game only checks the list for characters who are loaded on the map immediately; all recruitable enemies besides those three, and Ch13 Perceval (but who actually recruits him there lol), are loaded in as reinforcements, so they get bonuses. (It's worth noting that Dougy boy wouldn't get bonuses anyway because he isn't recruited on the same map where he's an enemy, and Hugh might not if his reduced stats are hard-coded, but Raigh definitely got screwed) For curiosity's sake, here's how HM Zephiel might look if the King class had the General's growths (used for comparison to Murdock's sake, and that King is most similar to General anyway): Certainly more formidable, but his Speed is still in a hole.
  3. you should totally make your next Let's Play an ironman of TLP even though I'm pretty sure you said you wouldn't at the end of your first LP or somewhere I can't actually find the post where you said that but I thought you did somewhere recruit Logan for extra memes
  4. Glad to see this is still here! I didn't make much of a concerted effort to use Tiger (i.e. I think I gave him a few kills but I dropped him straight after this chapter anyway), but that Brave Axe of his is definitely going to look good on Toby with his massive Strength.
  5. yeah I accidentally posted early, I'm editing the images/my commentary in right now edit: I fixed it
  6. hopefully this isn't old enough to count as a necropost- I read this entire thread and decided to try out Sword of Heaven and Earth myself. Currently up to Ch. 17x (17 was kicking my ass for awhile so I stopped, but I picked it up again recently and beat that chapter), and it's really good. Mimics the feel of the GBA Fire Emblem games really well, far better than most other hacks I've played; overall, I'd say it's a lot like Binding Blade with some of the jankier stuff removed, and I love that game. Might be a bit premature to do this since I've not completed the game yet, but I figure I might as well show off my current team (in a spoiler tag for space reasons; there's nobody I'm using who hasn't been introduced in the LP)
  7. The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

    I know she's a joke character and all but Kelly's stat screen is actually painful to look at. 5 defense on an armor? What is she doing with that magic? honestly pretty hyped for this though tbh, I kinda enjoyed the original TLP so it'll be interesting to see how this unfolds
  8. real talk, this is a good line. as someone who obviously hasn't been led on a genocidal warpath by a tyrant, I agree with a lot of what Sid's saying here; even within the realm of Fire Emblem, prioritizing loyalty to a country over friendship/love leads to a hell of a lot of heartbreak. and, it might not be quite the same thing, but in real life too, I'm American and there are a lot of horrible things many Americans will justify in the name of patriotism or somesuch ah man, Humphrey got destroyed the dastard's had it coming for him for a while, to be fair (incidentally, I like Margaret's battle palette here. is the sprite based off of the Eirika lord?) aaand that isn't good gonna blame Margaret for not stabbing him enough, and also telling him what the gem does, though to be fair he wouldn't be able to do anything with that knowledge if he didn't have assistance, and said assistance isn't something Margaret could have known about. still could've stabbed him a bit more though (probably worth noting that before this scene I assumed that Humphrey was the demon possessing Lugh, for some reason. now I know that the demon is someone/something else entirely... and even more powerful, if the gem not working is proof enough. jeez, wasn't Humphrey strong enough already?) also just editing this in to say I really admire how dedicated you are to the joke of calling Shin "Sue's brother" (not sure why the quote here is double-stacked, I probably messed up when quoting it)
  9. ah man, this Marcus is legendary truly the only one who can be of any use to Lord Roy, indeed (and come to think of it, he could probably be your Durandal user, right? it depends on what his sword rank looks like now, of course, but it's not like you have any better sword users at this point) i guess i can kind of answer the bit about Fates's Oifey: some people consider Jakob or Felicia (you only get one of them early depending on your avatar's gender, the other comes later) to fulfill that role, but I don't since the game basically treats them as unpromoted units in a promoted class since they have low personal bases, unpromoted experience gain, and can level up to level 40 ah, I was just wondering when Margaret would show up again. it's been awhile since we've seen her, hasn't it?
  10. Editing Promotion Bonuses in FE6?

    Promotion bonuses in FE6 are calculated by taking the promoted class's bases and then subtracting the unpromoted class's bases For example, if you wanted to give the male Assassin its promotion gains from FE7, you'd give it 19 HP, 4 Strength, 1 Skill, 9 Speed, 4 Defense, and 2 Resistance (assuming you didn't alter the male Thief's bases) also, I recommend you use FEBuilderGBA instead of Nightmare, it's a lot more user-friendly than the Nightmare modules and it's much more feature-heavy too
  11. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm

    fun hack I haven't completed all the content there is in this version yet but since I'm on Chapter 18 which I think is nearing the end of the current content and I've gotten my entire team promoted now's as good a time as ever to do a screenshot dump Main team:
  12. i think the reason behind this at least in the GBA Fire Emblem games is mostly because of palette limitations, each of the face sprites in the game can only have 15 different colors in it plus the background so it'd be easier to just re-use the hair colors for the eyes too that said I think it being a purposeful design decision could also factor into it since a lot of anime does this sort of thing too and there are definitely examples later in the series as well
  13. FE6 Randomized 2: The Quickening

    idk if this is what you intended but increasing growths by 100% increases every individual stat growth for every enemy class by 100%, it doesn't try to distribute the growths evenly through each stat or anything (if that's what you wanted you'll probably want to set it to 15% instead) The reason I'm mentioning this is because I learned this the hard way when I did an FE7 randomizer, it ended in the prologue with Batta becoming actually impossible to defeat With that said though if FE6 treats enemy growths the way FE8 does enemy growths that are more than 27% will underflow and (excluding bosses evidently) they'll never actually get any stronger in those areas, they'll still be incredibly intimidating in the areas that don't underflow though Micaiah, is that you??? (Well Micaiah is Luck instead of Skill, but still)