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  1. i think the reason behind this at least in the GBA Fire Emblem games is mostly because of palette limitations, each of the face sprites in the game can only have 15 different colors in it plus the background so it'd be easier to just re-use the hair colors for the eyes too that said I think it being a purposeful design decision could also factor into it since a lot of anime does this sort of thing too and there are definitely examples later in the series as well
  2. idk if this is what you intended but increasing growths by 100% increases every individual stat growth for every enemy class by 100%, it doesn't try to distribute the growths evenly through each stat or anything (if that's what you wanted you'll probably want to set it to 15% instead) The reason I'm mentioning this is because I learned this the hard way when I did an FE7 randomizer, it ended in the prologue with Batta becoming actually impossible to defeat With that said though if FE6 treats enemy growths the way FE8 does enemy growths that are more than 27% will underflow and (excluding bosses evidently) they'll never actually get any stronger in those areas, they'll still be incredibly intimidating in the areas that don't underflow though Micaiah, is that you??? (Well Micaiah is Luck instead of Skill, but still)