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  1. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm

    fun hack I haven't completed all the content there is in this version yet but since I'm on Chapter 18 which I think is nearing the end of the current content and I've gotten my entire team promoted now's as good a time as ever to do a screenshot dump Main team: Algimas: While not nearly as fantastic as his brother, Al's still a very good unit. For awhile he was Speed-deprived which made it hard for him to double many foes with anything heavier than an Iron Lance, but he ended up correcting that by himself without the need of any Speedwings, making him a very well-rounded and reasonably versatile unit. Wayland: Easily my favorite playable character in this hack, no questions asked. If there's any character I could compare him to it'd be Hector: He's got absolutely fantastic HP, Strength, and Defense, decent enough Speed that the only times he'd had trouble doubling the enemy types who could even scratch him were in his side chapters, and following promotion decent Resistance for a physical unit too. That comparison doesn't really do him all the justice he deserves, though, because he gets a wyvern mount on top of all that when he promotes, giving him 8 movement. (Yup, that's totally not broken.) The only flaws I'd really say he has are his maintained sword lock after promotion and the fact that it can be a bit hard to get him off the ground, but his side chapters alleviate that a lot. Tactician (Kamille): Sort of an unconventional crutch character in that they start at only level 1 but with an increased experience growth rate which combined with their access to magic from the first chapter makes them a real force to be reckoned with early on, but they ended up lacking in the requisite Speed to double many foes later on in the game. Still a good unit regardless of their speed issues though, because the effectiveness of a magic user acquired as of the very first chapter isn't really something that can be overstated. Sven: Sven's sort of one of those units who are defined more by their availability more than anything. His Resistance and particularly Luck are abysmal making him extremely vulnerable to magic attacks and making him being randomly critted a very plausible scenario, his Speed is pretty mediocre even with the Speedwing I fed him, and even his Defense isn't particularly spectacular for what you might expect out of his class. With that said, he's the first flier you acquire (with the next, Lani, coming around 7 chapters later iirc, and I didn't end up using her anyway though I've heard good things about her in this thread), and that alone comes with immeasurable utility. He also benefits a lot from the fact that his class uses Axes in this game since the game has a lot of spear-wielders as enemies. Haylyn: Though she's just your early-game healer I like her quite a lot, she turned out extremely fast for me (her Speed is already capped as only a level 9 bishop!) and she's got good Magic, Luck, and Resistance as well, as you might expect from a Cleric. Her Skill turned out rather poor but she hasn't had any accuracy issues due to the high accuracy of Light tomes so she should be alright in that department too. On top of all of that, the increased experience gain from staves makes her level up extremely quickly if you heal at all opportunities like I did, making it feasible to get her to level 20 before promoting if you feel comfortable doing so (I got her to 18, personally) Kurtis: Like the Tactician, Kurtis also gets increased experience gain from enemies. Stats-wise though he's sort of like a mirror-world Algimas in that he's got slightly lower parameters in Strength/Skill/Speed but much higher Defense; like Al he was bereft of Speed for quite awhile but fixed it himself. I found having high Defense to be a lot more useful in this game than in standard FE7 because enemies are stronger, so Kurtis always found a way to make himself useful even during the times he couldn't double reliably. Chiara: Chiara's another one of my favorite units to use in this hack. Her Strength may have turned out on the low side but it's made up for by the fact that her Skill and Speed are incredibly high, allowing her to wield heavier weapons with impunity despite her Con being fairly low as well. If it gives any insight, she had already maxed Skill and Speed as a level 18 Mercenary by the time I'd promoted her to Hero, and her evasion while in a forest is so high that she was able to hold off Roswell's death mage squad by herself for two turns despite having low Resistance. Elaine: Elaine turned out pretty much strictly worse than Haylyn statistically, but I still decided to run her because running two healers is something I always feel the need to do in Fire Emblem games. That's about all there is to say, she's a healer on a horse Celia: Her stats make her look a bit better than she actually was because I kept forgetting to buy her any Steel Bows, whoops... With that said I still liked using her a lot despite generally hating to use Archers, she made for a very good mage killer because of her high Strength, Speed, and Resistance and that's an extremely important niche in this game because unlike in vanilla FE7 generic enemy mages can actually be significant threats to most of your physical units (this is an improvement I like quite a bit about this game, by the way) Katarina: She's a Dancer. That's about all there is to say about her except that I was pretty impressed by how high her Speed and Luck were at base (didn't take a screenshot at the time so don't remember now, unfortunately) and that she has the ability to throw in Staves too, but I never did this because she was invariably always better off just Dancing. I gave her the Boots because I think Dancers always benefit more from having them as opposed to other units, even Generals. Warren: Speaking of Generals, Warren was alright. He was actually extremely useful in his joining chapter because of the fact that he has both high Defense and high Resistance for a physical unit in combination with starting with a Hand Axe to kill magic users on the counter, but I didn't get much use out of him after that except as just a filler unit. Still, that Resistance seems extremely appealing if you want to try using a General in this game. Danica: Much like Warren, her late joining time means that I didn't get much use out of her, but her bases impressed me enough that I considered dropping Ernst for her. (I eventually decided to run both of them at once, and I think I'll continue doing so for the rest of this version) Ernst: Ah, Ernst. He's a pretty interesting unit imo for two reasons: The first being that he's a Myrmidon with good defense, which aside from his low-ish Con makes him play more like a Mercenary at least until his promotion, and the second being his experience progression, which is pretty similar to that of an Oifey except that he doesn't start overwhelmingly powerful like an Oifey does. Instead, before the rest of my party members caught up with him I got the most use of him by using him to feed kills of tough physical enemies to my weaker units, which isn't something you could do with, say, Seth. At times his awful Resistance could make him a liability when going up against magical units, but he was always pretty solid on the whole. Supporting cast: Meila: Pretty bog-standard Thief aside from her Resistance which is quite good for a physical unit. This thread has said lots of good things about her so I probably could have gotten something better out of her if I'd tried to train her up, but I generally find training Thieves to be far more trouble than it's worth and I don't know if she'd for sure be an exception to that. As an aside, I like how she looks kind of sleepy in her portrait... I don't know why, I just do. Beatrice: I was actually using her for quite awhile hence her high level, but I opted to drop her because she really wasn't impressing me in terms of Magic and Speed and I didn't really need more offensive magic users than Kamille and Haylyn (who I'm pretty sure I'd promoted by the time I dropped her). Perhaps she'd have been better if I'd made an attempt to use her husband as well, given the Support they start out with? Gerwulf: He was originally going to be part of my main team but I promoted him as early as level 10 out of necessity for having a unit with 8 move (I believe this was in the chapter where you recruit Nilda, I was having a lot of trouble trying to recruit her before she kills herself on the enemies with 7-move units as the maximum) and then dropped him shortly after. Since I like this game's version of the Great Knight so much I may try to use either him or Dita on my return playthrough if I do one, but it's hard to say. Negu: She was awful Franck: I honestly forget why I even screenshotted this guy, he was reasonably useful in his join chapter for most of the same reasons Warren was albeit diminished due to his lower defenses (although being able to double enemies besides knights unlike Warren was handy) but I never once deployed him afterwards. Maybe it's just because I really like his portrait? I don't know. (hopefully I did the screenshots right btw, I'm still a bit unused to this forum)
  2. i think the reason behind this at least in the GBA Fire Emblem games is mostly because of palette limitations, each of the face sprites in the game can only have 15 different colors in it plus the background so it'd be easier to just re-use the hair colors for the eyes too that said I think it being a purposeful design decision could also factor into it since a lot of anime does this sort of thing too and there are definitely examples later in the series as well
  3. FE6 Randomized 2: The Quickening

    idk if this is what you intended but increasing growths by 100% increases every individual stat growth for every enemy class by 100%, it doesn't try to distribute the growths evenly through each stat or anything (if that's what you wanted you'll probably want to set it to 15% instead) The reason I'm mentioning this is because I learned this the hard way when I did an FE7 randomizer, it ended in the prologue with Batta becoming actually impossible to defeat With that said though if FE6 treats enemy growths the way FE8 does enemy growths that are more than 27% will underflow and (excluding bosses evidently) they'll never actually get any stronger in those areas, they'll still be incredibly intimidating in the areas that don't underflow though Micaiah, is that you??? (Well Micaiah is Luck instead of Skill, but still)