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  1. Google image war

  2. Google image war

  3. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    I'm a little concerned they may just make it Fates 2.0, with all the annoying things like multiple versions. That said, even if the game does end up being a washout, one can always escape by just not buying it.
  4. The Special edition up for preorder

    Oh no. This is going to be Fates 2.0...
  5. Google image war

  6. Google image war

  7. Google image war

    It's national pun day where I live!
  8. Google image war

  9. Which of these would you rather do?

    Slowly stop growing. I'd rather have a mediocre long term than a nice short term. If you were forced to play Awakening in real life, WYR be in classic mode of casual?
  10. Google image war

  11. Attack the Poster Below!

    Recover with side-B, rushing straight at the next poster.
  12. Count as high as possible without getting ninja'd!

    The worst Fallout game
  13. Google image war

  14. Google image war