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  1. Are you excited for Three Houses?

    Excited...Sadly I don't have a Switch!
  2. Favourites : Blazing Sword, Echoes, Genealogy Great : Radiant Dawn, Conquest Good : Path of Radiance, Mystery of the emblem medium : Sacred Stones, Awakening, new mystery (didn't finished) meh : Shadow Dragon Didn't finished : Thracia, Binding Blade,
  3. Positivity Thread

    I'm glad that the "rewind time" is coming back! It was my favourite thing SoV made. Also, I preorder it today! (even If I don't have a Switch)
  4. Well Odin could be good or bad :/ he got lucky twice in Conquest. Also forged killing weapon his speciality but that's it.
  5. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    woops right, I mean what's the math for it. It is STR (FE9&10&11?) or CON (GBA) or you lose Attack Speed anyway (FE3&FE4).
  6. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    Slim :P we still don't know if weight stay here and also, slim give some crit chance.
  7. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    If weapons debuff is back then we need the restore staff. the Inevitable end in Conquest and hexing rod was cancer.
  8. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    stats augment, like rings / shield from FE4 and Gaiden. I hopw that if status aliment came back, restore staff!
  9. The one chapter you'd always Warp skip

    Urgh that chapter. At least in FE3 the wyvern knight aren't moving so Palla can finish them I do use warp but not for skipping. I abused it with rescue in Thabes Dungeon
  10. Probably Ryoma chapter in Fates in Lunatic. The ninja passage is hell incarnated (inevitable end) and the lunge is bullshit (Had a Xander with 5 to 15 def) Also freaking Takumi and I finished that one in 4 to 6 with the rescue staff (no, not attack and rescue, rescue AND attack)
  11. Best? Echoes, RD, Genealogy and Blazing..which are like my favourite FE Worst: Fates? I mean the cast here are not interested in bringing an end to the war excepting some. also there is 2 retainers per royal (excepting Corrin which have 2 + Flora/Gunter (Conquest/Revelations)). Everybody is centered to Keaton reason is like "oh you smell good so I'll join you". Mozu is a good way to get her. Also upgrading the castle to get some character like Flora or the white hair dude (sorry don't remember the name) is stupid. Also some character are "useless" in higher difficulty like Arthur or Nyx. They should do the next FE similar to FE4, which you can bring out all of your army at once.
  12. What does the word Casual mean to you.

    In fire emblem context? Just to get battle save. it's a damn shame they separated the casual and the classic that way. but played Echoes mid-blind in classic mode. Didn't know the mila's turnwheel.before and it's so a life saver. Also you can revive dead character.
  13. Don't mind either but in mean in PoR, RD and Echoes have a character portrait change which is a nice touch to see. (forced change excepting Alm which can be trained to lv 20)
  14. Do You Prefer Animations On or Off?

    Always off..well because I played Echoes BEFORE fates. Echoes animation are great..oh FE10 and SNES FE are also nice, gba too.
  15. What if: Fates Collection on the switch

    I would like to see a three-way stories similar to Radiant example the protagonist could be Corrin (Valla Route), Xander (Conquest Route..wondering about Garon's up to) and Ryoma (defending Hoshido and preparing war). in example in ch6 Xander will explain that Corrin runs away, blabla bla. Chapter 7 began with Xander as a Paladin (hero), Laslow and Peri. He began to have thought about the war... for Corrin, while he/she doubt who was using the cursed sword, run away so fart. He/She get ambushed by Silas little army. he will join your army when (silas) defeated. The next chapter Corrin's go to Mozu's Village, which is attacked by some monsters and you need to rout them. Izama/Shura and neutral stuff should goes here. There is the discovery of Valla, which is a Secret Land, but there is nothing,excepting the story about the Dusk & Dawn dragon.. for Ryouma..Well, he is still a Prince. So he need to do a trial to becoming King of Hoshido, but problem arise...(ninja and stuff) And I would like to see character switching to Corrin's Kaze would be playable in Hoshido until Corrin will recruit him.