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  1. Do You Prefer Animations On or Off?

    Always off..well because I played Echoes BEFORE fates. Echoes animation are great..oh FE10 and SNES FE are also nice, gba too.
  2. What if: Fates Collection on the switch

    I would like to see a three-way stories similar to Radiant example the protagonist could be Corrin (Valla Route), Xander (Conquest Route..wondering about Garon's up to) and Ryoma (defending Hoshido and preparing war). in example in ch6 Xander will explain that Corrin runs away, blabla bla. Chapter 7 began with Xander as a Paladin (hero), Laslow and Peri. He began to have thought about the war... for Corrin, while he/she doubt who was using the cursed sword, run away so fart. He/She get ambushed by Silas little army. he will join your army when (silas) defeated. The next chapter Corrin's go to Mozu's Village, which is attacked by some monsters and you need to rout them. Izama/Shura and neutral stuff should goes here. There is the discovery of Valla, which is a Secret Land, but there is nothing,excepting the story about the Dusk & Dawn dragon.. for Ryouma..Well, he is still a Prince. So he need to do a trial to becoming King of Hoshido, but problem arise...(ninja and stuff) And I would like to see character switching to Corrin's Kaze would be playable in Hoshido until Corrin will recruit him.
  3. Move a character to another game.

    Arthur have a nice personal skill, but shitty stats. My Claire was the 3rd powerhouse of my team behind Alm and Kliff. mm Kurthnaga or any laguz in FE archanea VS medeus, so they can claim : how you can transform without dragonstone :P Chiki in Awakening..oh boy the paradox.
  4. Favorite OST from the series?

    Oh shit someone one use dorcas pic..but with a smile! FE4 OST and FE15 is awesome! I like FE OST in general (excepting FE12 remake),well, there is one theme I dislike in Fates and it's Vanity Judge lol
  5. mm I know in Langrisser 2 there is different branch path.
  6. Weapons/Game mechanics speculation thread

    FYI in mystery of the emblem you can double when you have 3 AS more than the enemy, in GBA it's 4 and in 3DS it's five =S mm if bow user can counter at close range then np! it's one of the reason archer in Gaiden and SoV were good. I wish we had more information..probably in November?
  7. New ways to play YOUR F.E.!

    mmm what about no pre-promoted unit? (like marcus, seth or pent) also about the 2.b challenge, in FE9 and FE10 units can be lv 21 and change class...what about it?
  8. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I don't mind limited support. Actually I like how Echoes SoV designed it...access to higher support with chapter. topic : Probably, since we move with him...or it could probably be the default hero for a group and then later you play another group (advance wars/Shining force III CD2 and CD3)
  9. Characters in the Wrong Class

    FE10 Meg, the knight who wanted to best the fastest knight ever! She has high spd and lck compared to her def
  10. at least in FE PoR you can see character design from FE6, FE7 and FE8 (if GBA linked)...or was it in RD?
  11. similar to echoes, but let them counter at 1 to 3, high dmg but low accuracy. uh...bring back Fog of War...I kinda like it but the enemy needs to be affected too.
  12. mmm Quirk's not fitting to FE. They can have personality... but this is not Rune Factory 3! (or 4) Protagonist using a sword...geez all of them, excepting Hector (unpromoted), Ephraim and Micaiah use other weapon at start Triangle weapon should be like in FE4 or FE7..if not then change the hit of the weapon to be bit lower. (I hate how you can't be a dodge tank) Bows user are incapable of counter at close range, excepting minibow and Gaiden/SoV. Magic can but bow cannot. Cannot use all your character in battle. Only Gaiden/SoV (excepting dungeon) and Genealogy do this. "All" character is useful.
  13. Most annoying boss or unique enemy?

    mmm yeah forgot about Jakob and female Corrin. Sadly Harold/Arthur is worse than Elfie. Silas can do well too...If Corrin have low hp. Mozu can be powerful if you train her and change her class to archer. get raider bow, pair-up with elfie, put her near elise (-3 dmg reduction) and jakob (-2 dmg reduction) and she will "have +9 def" (+7 if you don't have Jakob)...I forgot with Niles it can works too, (or any distant weapon user). And Elise can heal your character per turn. Azura can give a character skl, spd and luck...If you have train her up to lvl 15? in chp.5. A lot of IF...even the game in japan is called IF! XD Draconic Hex, 1 of the best skills!
  14. Most annoying boss or unique enemy?

    he's not that bad, use jakob to reduce his def, then put odin or nyx close to him to reduce avoid. but I'm gonna agree he is "on" a "throne" and he is annoying ninjas in ryoma chapter with inevitable end...those are the most bullshiest thing ever done. (along with 40-60% hp reduction)
  15. - Awakening bring the series from the ashes! - Skills are back and you can learn it by gaining lvl with respective class. - overhaul to the support system. - World map is back. so you can grind or shopping. - Finally a physical and magical user. Fates: - Weapons don't have usage anymore. - A lot of weapon changed, like killing edge doing x4 critical dmg or steel sword giving -3 SPD. - Hidden weapons...a "weak" weapon who can debuff character. Nice concept but too much powerful later. - Personal skills in Fates. They also determined some character personality. - 3 different routes to choose. Echoes - A Faithful remake of Gaiden, the black sheep of the series. - Fire emblem Echoes show us how battle animations can be better compared to Awakening and fates. sadly no camera position. - Battle music! they were absent since Awakening and Fates got one calm version and "battle" version of the battle map - Battle "background" are realistic (if you are fighting on the stairs you will be on the stairs and not a flat platforms. (seriously, this is the one thing I ADORE from the traier) - nearly full-voice acting, which bring "fine, twist my arm...". - Bring back the GBA support (limited character) but no limit...also bring negative stat - First FE in America to come with french and spanish language!