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  1. Who deserves to be in the game the most?

    Sumia - staff wielding pegasus knight awakening trio(awakening version) Rinea - probably like a GBH and she has the skill like if she falls below max hp she can turn into her witch form. BEASTIES from Fates - They were extremely popular in CYL Round 1 and 2 why aren't they in there IS. Nils - he is as equally popular as ninian but was treated like a side character. Louise - to see Mangs reaction Caeldori - if rhajat can make it so can she Asugi - same for caeldori except he Idunn - should have been the gray dragon not robin(f) because guess what idunn would beat robin(f) possessed grima anyday of the week Altenna - important to leif's story why can't she be in it
  2. the manaketes were there before the laguz as they were the ones who gave about like every hero in every game(except fe10 and fe11) but on an other note I would like some sort of Swan Laguz or Duck Laguz they would have great hp, spd, skill, bad def, and god res and strength
  3. New to the forums

  4. Elice - change her class to Mage Knight or Sage and give her the hammerne staff she'll be all set alongside a tome or something. Maria - The trobadour idea is good and then have her promote to mage knight or Bishop.
  5. *cough cough* if you were to remove Catria then who would be able to perform the triangle attack due to the fact Caeda barely interacts with the whitewings but on an other note Wrys - he'll be forgotten one Lena or Maria joins so what's the point of having him
  6. You Can Count On Me!
  7. I want to give him a present of what they would look like in the gba games
  8. Fire Emblem: Ascension Feedback

    will this be made into a rom might be even better than staff of ages or the last promise
  9. Fire Emblem: Ascension Feedback

    Cool what are the class variations for the avatar
  10. Fire Emblem: Ascension Feedback

    so it says drusilla has a big body what does that mean like is she tall?
  11. Anyone else miss fog of war?

    yep really fun didn't know where enemies were had to be careful
  12. The Fire Emblem Heroes supports topic

    Julius/Leon - two princes possessed by dark gods really wish this happened in fates Arthur/Odin - fights for the name of justice duo Odin/Ares or Eldigan - Odin recognizes the mystletainn "swordhand hungers for dark sword"
  13. Fire Emblem - Genealogy 2nd Generation Remake [V. 1.5]

    not trying to be mean or anything but could you possibly fix lana's portrait it looks like her hair is covering her face and you can barely see her eyes
  14. War Cleric or Sage For Lissa

    you might miss out on a child unit without libra because some mother unit will be unpaired what are you're future pairings? but like Water Mage said it depends on how you are going to use Lissa
  15. Favorite Royals in Fates.

    Sakura - because you somewhat see her progress through birthright's story as she was brave enough to attack Iago. Elise - Because you somewhat see her progress not in the story but in her supports like with xander how she soon learns that the world isn't all sunshine and lolipops Azura - I liked Azura's character more than i liked corrin's mainly because she isn't all that trustworthy of people while if corrin meets a total stranger "Hey you must be a nice person lets be friends although my family says that you might try to kill me"