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  1. So I've been watching phoenixmaster1's videos and I wonder are their voiced clips if certain theme heroes go against the grand heroes ex: Seliph and Julia vs Arivs
  2. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    love and thanks to SoA team hope this gets made into real fire emblem game Im rooting for you
  3. Balistician Corrin Playthrough

    run him through tactician to get ignis and pass down Pavise because kana won't be able to a whole lot of damage make her mother selkie for speed
  4. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    Do you have anyone you ship in staff of Ages
  5. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    Pairing Owen with Sawyer or with Belle
  6. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    Charles was one of my favorites too but what if it backfires on him what if they made a unit with the personal skill that would prevent backfire damage or stat drops from weapons. Also same from Kate she could use a bit more characterization and probably add a little bit of backstory or if she had an older sibling who you fight as a boss.
  7. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    Loved this game's story you could really tell where the characters were coming from with their beliefs and ideals Loved the entire cast but question will there be supports and paired endings?
  8. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    Well who was your favorite character from the game
  9. I just recruited Kate the wyvern rider and i want to know how good she is as a unit
  10. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    Can anyone see if mangs can redo his playthrough of the game
  11. Your FE: Conquest Pairings, and Why?

    Inheritance Plan (Conquest).csv
  12. Optimal pairings for Revelations?

    Inheritance Plan (Revelation).csv
  13. Selkie - Builds (Birthright)

    Mom: Yulia (Corrin) Skills: Luna Beastbane Grisly Wound Sol Rend Heaven Death Blow
  14. would you want children units in Fire Emblem switch honestly I might but I want to know what you think
  15. What class should I make Rhajat for Revelation Endgame her mom is Nyx I was thinking Witch or Dark Falcon or Sorcerer