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  1. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    Update: We've been doing some work updating the game for our 1.5, but since I have officially started university, time is going to be difficult to come by. We still hope to release 1.5 soon, so we'll keep you guys updated. For now, I'll just send a screenshot of a unit a lot of people called underwhelming, so we went ahead and buffed her quite a bit
  2. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    Update: After a multi hour call with my writing team, we have made massive changes to our original script for the chapters later on, as such, we have scrapped a story arc we felt unnecessary and are instead focusing on the primary conflict establish in Act 1 even further. Because of this, we are now fairly confident in our chapter count being around 31, with 28 main chapters and 3 Gaiden-type maps, which though I can't spoil, 2 of said 3 are some of my favorite maps as both a developer but mainly as a writer. Because of this, we will be restructuring our release schedule not in entire acts, but chunks of acts, as completing an entire act in a timely fashion when University exists is not going to happen. As such, the next patch will contain 6 chapters, 2-P, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4 and 1 Gaiden chapter. 2-P is completed minus writing and eventing, with the gaiden not far behind and 2-1 and 2-2 are already on the path to being made. 2-3 and 2-4 have rough outlines but have not entered the design process yet. That's it for 2.0 updates
  3. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    When Part 2 comes out, we only want to do major updates, not small updates
  4. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    - That was an error on my part, this is already fixed -Hound does promote, it's available in Part 2 -Grassrunner used to be a second promotion for Thief, but we have changed it, Centurion is what should be the 2nd Soldier promotion, -Audrey should be able to use the Infantry Seal, it is fixed now -Yes, eventually
  5. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    Quick Progress Update: We have finished the first draft of 2-P and have basic ideas of designs for 2-1 and 2-2, and our writing team have been working extra hard to refine the script! All the nitty gritty changes can be found on the discord's public change log. I'll just leave you guys with an image of someone briefly seen in the final moment of Part 1 I'm sure many people will be appreciating far more very soon...
  6. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    We have reduced the HP of Walls to 20, this should make it much easier to progress quickly through the map!
  7. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it, and there is some good stuff in here! Just for a bit of reference into what we are doing currently that will more or less serve as a universal update on progress. -The writing is going to be receiving a major overhaul, it's just that our head editor and my assistant writer was busy with some IRL things -Likewise, our Art-Team has already done some of the blinking and mouth frames for Ray and Audrey -0 Luk enemies is just a quality of life feature, as all of our design team believes that having enemies with Luk can potentially lead to some hit issues. As per Lopez critting, our plan was to have Bronze Weapons be unable to crit, however our ASM guy found that there was something different in the ROM, likely due to patches, that made this unable to happen. As such, the only compromise aside from greatly lowering Lopez's Base Skl, which none of us liked the idea of, was to just have to deal with the occasional stray crit. -The logic behind the lack of 1-2 range was a suggestion by one of my assistant game designers in lowering the amount of Javelins/Hand Axes the player gets to further promote the use of bows, as there is no 1-2 range bows. Hand Axes and Javelins available to player units will be rarer then most FEs and thus gives incentive the use of bows and conserve the valuable uses of Hand Axes and Javelins -As for enemy hounds, we found a common thread among our players was that Beo was a bit underwhelming as he had no enemies the Fang was effective against until 1-4 where Cavaliers show up. As a result we have gone back and rebalanced some enemy placements and added some more enemy hounds and made Beo's fang, not all hounds, just Beo's base Fang, effective verses then, to give Beo a more specialized niche -The freeroaming archer killing Leanne was something we have never seen before. This is quite and issue and we will look into it because as your only healer in this part, having Leanne be so vulnerable if you don't play in a certain way is harmful to the more open-ended nature of the chapter, which we aren't a fan of at all. Overall, thank you for the feedback, your support and critique is very much appreciated!
  8. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    okay, I think you're misreading the story, Cole and Fern are indeed Lopez's children, however Lopez is not related to Bruce at all, he is a friend of Bruce's grandfather who was the one raised Bruce. Bruce is actually 2 years older then Fern and Cole. However I can understand how one could misinterpret this, I will look over ways to make it more apparent
  9. Hey guys! I'm here to finally announce the first public release of my ROM Hack, Under Grey Skies! For those of you who haven't seen my ramblings on the FEU Discord, Under Grey Skies is a project I've been working on since early January. It follows the story of a young villager named Bruce, who sets out with some of his fellow villagers in order to fight in a civil war that, if lost, threatens to destroy their home and country. The gameplay of UGS is heavily inspired by the idea of hard hitting enemies with lower durability, while also utilizing the Circles Skill Patch (though unfortunately there have been some complications with skills due to classes not being able to learn multiple skills immediately upon promotion). This first version contain 7 Chapters, with 14 playable units as well as a completed arc of the overall story and supports (though at the moment many of the supports only go up to C in terms of writing). Attached to this are some basic screenshots from the game as well as links to the patch for you to download as well as the public discord server I have for the project if you have any questions or feedback. Keep in mind we are aware of a few non major but noticeable bugs, so I'll just list them here. -The units Ray and Leanne are currently unable to be Shoved -There is a minor spot in the battle screen that covers up that weapon name That's all, I hope you enjoy!
  10. Hey guys! I've trying to do an all Corrin run LP of Birthright for my channel but I'm lacking Corrins so someone suggested I try using Serene's for finding Corrins for the playthrough, if anyone would be willing to help me I would really appreciate it! I typed up the rules below (US Corrins) 1) All Corrins must be Lv10 and already classed changed, any class even hacked classes like Wolfskin and Songstress will be allowed with the exception of final boss classes like Empty Vessel, Garon Dragon and Silent Dragon, as well as no Great Lords because that is my Corrin's class and I want her to be the only GL. 2) Your Corrin can have 1 extra skill that isn't tied to the class (they can keep Nobility and Dragon Fang though). Any extra skill is allowed with the exception of Bold Stance and Dragonskin 3)The only stat boosters I will allow will be an Arms Scroll if your Corrin is not in a sword based class like Mercenary or Samurai or 1 pair of boots if your Corrin is a knight 4) Please make it so you set your castle defense units away from the throne and set tactics to hold for an easy capture, also make sure your Corrin has no equipment 5) Try to make the Corrins unique, not just overpowered, yet still usable, you could even make units based on past units (Ex: A luk+ Cav Corrin with Miracle based on Finn)
  11. Offset Questions with Tiled Inserter

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, so I'm trying to insert my chapter 2 map into the game, I made the offset the free space after my chapter 1 events end, switched the map tileset in nightmare to the proper set I used in Tiled, but when I loaded the map, the screen was black. I used Event assembler to add the OOBB, but it was still black, did I mess up the offset number or something, or did I write the events to the wrong offset? I attached screenshots of the two applications with the same data I used when importing
  12. So I was rewatching the trailer for my analysis video for Youtube it and I noticed that Saber retaliates against an archer at 1 range. Does this mean that Gaiden's 1-3/5 range bows are returning? Also, I watched both Ghast and Mang's videos on it and neither mentioned it, is this just something people already know so they don't feel the need to point it out?
  13. Error with adding in Tiled map changes?

    so simply add 0x06 and 0x07 to the start of the two events? Will this also fix the village gate not closing after visiting?