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  1. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  2. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  3. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  4. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  5. Serenes Forest 5★ Lv.40+10 Compendium Thread

    can i post 2 star +10s? here, ill contribute my selena, my first, and probably only, 5 star +10
  6. Which character has your favorite art?

    Yamada Akihiro with that nice old looking art style, on top of actually having a different attacking and special pose
  7. What game got you into gaming?

    I dont remember. Probably CoD WaW or Mario Galaxy. Parents are huge gamers.
  8. Ishtar: Spring Goddess

    Spring is the season of storms, after all
  9. Hello. Isn’t it funny that we’re only a month apart in age?

  10. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    Robin main in smash.
  11. My friend joined recently and can't post anything

    As the title says, my friend @Byliyth recently joined the site and and he can't post anything. Pls help
  12. Hi, how are you?

    Finally arrived, huh?