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  1. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I can see the direction you're going here but that isn't the theme at all. From what I gather the theme is more balanced in the sense that the heroes still adopt the battle of their ancestors while learning from their mistakes. Getting holy weapons doesn't infringe on this theme at all, in fact it would actually support the theme if receiving the holy weapons is done in an act of redemption. The game does challenge the idea of unchecked birthright as some characters achieve power but fail due to being selfish and incompetent. The heroes fight to earn their birthright, and just as they become the rulers of their dukedom or country, it shouldn't be so far fetched to have them earn a holy weapon. Plus who doesn't want to Valflame poor fools into oblivion? In regards to this, once again you aren't wrong but you might be ignoring the fact that this is fiction and boundary-pushing relationships between siblings has always been a theme or at the very least an inside joke in the series. What I referenced is the fact that the inclusion of siscons and brocons is just attractive to a particular demographic which happened to be part of the larger demographic that ate Fates up. Ultimately, a properly executed story or character arc that uses incest could be very interesting as Eldigan and Lachesis show in the manga.
  2. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    You make a good point about the holy weapons here, but I think that a post-game could remedy this. SoV had a post game that was interesting enough, and if that were pulled off in an FE4 remake then it wouldn't be a deal breaker to gain access to all the holy weapons as long as non-holy blood units can still be good. You are the only other person besides me who is ok with this haha. I find it odd that people hate this kind of stuff in FE4 when Fates sold like crazy thanks to stuff like that.
  3. Better late than never

    It sounds like we're two of a kind! I forgot to mention that I got Shadows of Valentia on release and I honestly think it's the height of the series right now. Second to FE4 obviously. On a side note you should check out the Oosawa manga if you haven't already. Excellent side material to the game.
  4. Better late than never

    Hey guys, hows it going! I just thought I should actually introduce myself now even though it's been almost a year since I've been on the site. The majority of my posts as of yet have been Genealogy related, so you could probably guess that's my favorite game. I guess as a preface I should explain my history with FE and why I'm here in the first place, so I'll make it quick. I started the series by playing Blazing Sword on the vizzed website around 2009 or 2010. I had heard of Fire Emblem before, especially through smash and reading through the wiki at the time, but I hadn't had a complete experience with it until I played FE7. After beating it sometime around 2011, the news for Awakening came out so I had a reason to stay with the series. I had picked up Sacred Stones and Binding Blade at the time but I didn't actually complete Sacred Stones until somewhat recently. I got hooked with Awakening(although I realize it wasn't the best FE game) and continued on playing a little bit of the other games. Once I played Genealogy of the Holy War I knew I had to talk about it, and what better place than here. In terms of being on Serenes Forest, I had seen it several times before but it wasn't until I had the burning desire to read and write about FE4 that I got particularly interested. So here I am, gushing about a 20 year old game that I doubt a third of the current fan base has even played. This was a bit long but just to put myself out there, just fulfilling some formalities and such. I guess I'll talk more about myself if people ask but that's all I have for now. P.S. If you wanna gush about FE4 I'm your man!
  5. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I'm not big on a total redesign of the characters but I do want their design updated. SoV needed redesigns because a lot of the characters in the game had generic and/or simple designs, but GotHW has pretty good and unique designs (at least for playable characters). I'm not the biggest fan of the redesigns for Eldigan and Seliph in Heroes so I hope IS comes up with something good.
  6. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    Technically Berserk is in the game. As far as I can remember, Fee comes with a Berserk sword, which, I believe, is the only way to inflict Berserk in the game.
  7. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    This right here. We need more character relationships and first hand insight into what happens with the bad guys too. Honestly the Oosawa manga does a phenomenal job with this so I hope a handful of the character personalities and relationships from that are carried over.
  8. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    Well here's my take: You kill Arvis and you take Valflame from him but no one can use it. Let's say Arthur is Azel's son, and therefore has minor Vala blood. A little bit of lore twisting and now since Arthur would inherit Velthomer when Seliph wins, he magically gets the possibility to use Valflame. As for Brian I'm not sure how that could be handled, maybe if Ulster is the son then they can make Heroes be able to use axes like in the GBA titles. I just want to fight the 12 Deadlords with my own 12 Crusaders, you know?
  9. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I'm stumped as to why people don't want all the holy weapons to be accessible. You aren't the first to mention it. What I was thinking is that after you kill Brian, Arvis, and Ishtar, one of your units can then use the holy weapon after that. And yeah, Arion should be recruitable, even if it's just for the final chapter. On a side note, the Valkyrie Staff should have some other effect besides reviving units. If you play a no-deaths run, the Valkyrie Staff is just there to take up inventory space.
  10. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    If you think about it those "wretched" aspects of the series are what draw in a lot of people. Need I remind you the shameless waifu-baiting and possibly even the siscon aspects of Fates are what drew in a big chunk of the fanbase to begin with? I don't think the incestual undertones(that are sometimes not so subtle) ruin the series, and acknowledging their existence doesn't remove any of the enjoyment you can get out of the games. Obviously it isn't a topic for everyone but it's also clear that more than a few people get a kick out of it. If I really have to explain it, it's the shock value that makes EldiganxLachesis, ArvisxDeirdre, etc., interesting for some people and sets FE4 apart from the rest of the games(even though people still bring up thinks like Ephraim and Eirika). As for your warning: let me enjoy the games for what I like!
  11. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I totally agree with the last part, I must have forgotten to consider the trade mechanic. That definitely NEEDS to be in the remake. And as for supports, I agree as well, the standard C to A or S works just fine, it also gives the opportunity for more non-romantic supports too. You make a good point about the save mechanic, but I think it would make sense for the ability to save anywhere to be replaced with the Turnwheel, that way you can't totally abuse the save mechanic. And no, not joking about the Seliph and Julia thing, lol. It's FE4, the whole game is practically about that stuff. If that bothers you wait until you hear about Sylvia and Claud...
  12. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    Now that Shadows of Valentia has been released and has found success in Japan and all over the world, it seems like IS wants to continue the "Echoes" sub-series. For now it seems like they're leaning toward remaking Binding Blade but I can still hope that Genealogy of the Holy War will get a glorious and proper remake. Assuming that a Genealogy Echoes will be released, what kind of things do you want to see in it? I have a few ideas: Lots and lots of animated cut scenes. GotHW has the best story in FE so I would love to see as much of it developed as possible. Side-stories, flashbacks, all that good stuff. Breaks during the chapters. It not news to anyone that the maps are huge and have a lot of empty space, so breaking them up with cut scenes and a camp or something will make the maps less overwhelming. Add the possibility to get ALL holy weapons. Make it so Lex's kids can inherit Helswath and Azel's kids can get Valflame, etc. Return of the Turnwheel mechanic but obviously with some other lore-friendly gimmick More lovers(support) conversations for all the characters Bonus chapters for other scenarios like Ares retaking Agustria Excellent orchestrations of the OST and new music Fully voice acted(or mostly like SoV) Being able to pair Seliph and Julia without a glitch Adapt that sweet, sweet Eldigan arc from the Oosawa manga That's what I had in mind, anyone have other thoughts? Ideas? I want to know what other people expect for a game like this.
  13. Different routes (NOT THE FATES WAY)

    Yeah it sounds great. On a side note, what if there was a game where you can choose a route and all the characters in the route you didn't select slowly join the enemy army until the last couple chapters where you face off against the main villain and his army of soldiers that you couldn't recruit. Somewhat like Thracia 776 and the Dreadlords I admit it would be frustrating and potentially heartbreaking but it sounds like it could make for an excellent plot.
  14. Different routes (NOT THE FATES WAY)

    This has been brought up before but branching paths are a huge pain for completionists or people who just want to get every character. I would honestly prefer a split-up deal kind of like in Gaiden/SoV except the two teams meet up and separate on multiple occasions. Sacred Stones could have been even better if you could play Eirika's and Ephraim's routes simultaneously.
  15. The Southern Continent

    You have a point here, it's important to notice that Silesse is at the same height as Isaach and it's southernmost tip is approximately at the same latitude as Phinora in Yied. I'm inclined to believe that the reason for the colder temperatures may be because of altitude, since both Silesse and Isaach have many mountains. We never see Isaach in winter however, though I think it would be reasonable to believe that it may be just as snowy as Silesse, at least from Tirnanog to Sophara.