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  1. 1. Pass Bronze Sword to Frederic as soon as possible 2. Throw Frederick into fire zone 3. You get near-death enemies around Frederick This pattern makes game so much easier up to the point that I have to deliberately let someone getting attacked so Lissa can heal and gain level. :D
  2. I'll consider replacing Luna for Chrom later. Thank you. I'm trying to optimize the build for main game so I'll consider moving from Sniper to Bow Knight later after getting Bowfaire. Truth be told, I actually want to spam Sorcerer with Nosferatu especially on Cordelia who has Armsthrift but I'm keeping up with no duplicated class right now. I'd love to marry Sumia with Chrom but passing good skills to Lucina requires grinding so Olivia seems to be more doable for no grind run.
  3. After playing around with Fates and Echoes for a while, I miss Awakening's class utilization which is somehow even more fun to play than Fates. Here's my final party for planning through no grind run. I'm not really sure if I can pick all the skills I want until the end of the game though. Chrom -> Paladin Dual Strike+ Aether Rightful King Defender Aegis Avatar -> Sorcerer Ignis Armsthrift Vantage Wrath Vengeance Frederick -> Wyvern Lord Luna Deliverer Lancebreaker Quick Burn Swordbreaker Virion -> Sniper Prescience Strength +2 Deliverer Hit Rate +20 Bowfaire Lon'qu -> Swordmaster Vantage Locktouch Lethality Astra Swordfaire Gaius -> Trickster Locktouch Vantage Astra Swordfaire Lucky Seven Gregor -> Hero Armsthrift Vantage Astra Wrath Sol Lissa -> Sage Miracle Healtouch Renewal Tomefaire Panne -> Assassin Even Rhythm Locktouch Movement +1 Lucky Seven Lethality Cordelia -> Dark Flier Armsthrift Hex Anathema Vengeance Galeforce Nowi -> Manakete Quick Burn Swordbreaker Lifetaker Odd Rhythm Wyrmsbane Tharja -> Dark Knight Hex Anathema Hit Rate +20 Vengeance Lifetaker Olivia -> Dancer Vantage Lethality Astra Swordfaire Special Dance Cherche -> War Cleric Strength +2 Deliverer Miracle Healtouch Renewal Lucina -> Great Lord Aether Rightful King Lethality Vantage Astra Pairings Chrom x Olivia Avatar x Nowi Frederick x Lissa Virion x Cherche Lon'qu x Cordelia Gaius x Panne Gregor x Tharja Lucina Please let me know if there's any optimizations I should make before start.
  4. I see. Thank you. Guess I should promote and re-class to War Cleric asap.
  5. As Cherche has both Cleric and Troubadour, reclassing to War Cleric will get skills from both classes?
  6. Restarted again with +LUK/-STR. LUK cap is 49. I hope 98% will not fail me as much as 1% critical that hits lol.
  7. I started another Awakening gameplay hoping to abuse dark tomes this time. I haven't used this before as Tharja got to be Sorcerer class in last few chapters. This time I plan to make my Avatar a sorcerer with this setup. Asset/Flaw: +SPD/-Res (Good SPD without some boosts on SKL and LUK but hurt RES and little of MAG) Skills: Ignis Armsthrift Vantage Vengeance Wrath Class change setup: Tactician (10) -> Grandmaster (5) -> Mercenary (10) -> Myrmidon (10) -> Dark Mage (10) -> Sorcerer Will this work out? Will I reach 50 LUK by the end of the game?
  8. It looks like she was quited blessed with good SPD and OK DEF. She got 11 SPD and 6 DEF right now before changing to Witch. Not that high but I'll work on it.
  9. I intend to use Witch seal and I already plan Sakura and Felicia to be healer with decent damage so only Orochi is free for Witch seal. Since Azura has good enough DEF for now in my run, I plan to use one Dracoshield on Orochi to make her more durable. It should be enough with increased DEF from Witch.
  10. How about Kaze X Oboro and Silas X Sakura instead? Parents only but I changed Hisame to Hana instead. Not that he gets much better though. Orochi with give birth to Ryoma's child.
  11. Kaze can save Sakura without Miracle on her. His luck should increase from pair-up with Sakura. I'm trying to run immortal Kaze with Miraculous Save/Miracle/Renewal/Vantage/Astra. Anyway, I improved my pairing after giving up Vantage on Rinkah so Takumi can have Counter. Corrin X Azura Kaze X Sakura Azama X Felicia Takumi X Rinkah Ryoma X Orochi Hinata X Hana Subaki X Hinoka Silas X Oboro Is it better now?
  12. You're right. I completely forget Takumi already has Spear Fighter. I want to pass Renewal from Hana to others but I also want to pass Vantage to Rinkah. Hinata won't have anything useful from Rinkah pairing at all. What should I do?
  13. I agree that level 15 skills won't be useful. Heck, I didn't get to use any level 15 skills in my previous runs. You spotted right on Takumi X Orochi. I smell canon vibe from this pairing so I hooked them up considering Takumi is already OP with his awfully strong bow.
  14. I'm playing Hard/Classic right now. Looks like I won't need to use heal as much as Awakening so Sakura barely level ups which is too bad. Damn all those healing floors. As I find how productive auto healing is, I intend to maximize Amaterasu/Renewal skills as much as possible on my selected characters. I also love good support story and obtainable skills too. Corrin X Azura I chose SPD/LUK with Lancer talent giving decent spear skills for Asura. Giving Amaterasu for Corrin would be nice too. Kaze X Sakura Kaze gets Miracle, Renewal and Countermagic. Sakura gets Locktouch, Poison Strike and Lethality. Poison Strike should help Sakura chipping more damage with rank E bow. Azama X Felicia Azama gets Live to Serve, Inspiration and Tomebreaker and Felicia gets Miracle, Renewal and also Tomefaire for Strategist Ryoma X Rinkah Ryoma gets Deathblow and Counter making full use of Rajinto to 2 range attacks. Rinkah also gets Vantage which works well with her personal skills and Astra. Hinata X Hana Hinata gets Miracle, Renewal and Countermagic. Hana gets Locktouch, Poison Strike and Lethality. We can't waste Hana's Renewal skill. Takumi X Orochi Takumi gets Rend Heaven, Profiteer, and Spendthrift. Orochi gets Quick Draw, Certain Blow, and Amaterasu. I also like their support. Subaki X Hinoka Subaki get Spear awesomeness and Hinoka gets Samurai skills. They also make the best daughter too. We can't waste Hinoka's hidden spear talent. Silas X Oboro Silas gets spear awesomeness. Oboro gets Luna, Armored Blow and Aegis. Pairing Nohrian hater to good Nohrian sounds cool. And I also plan to use Lodester on Hinata for SpeedTaker to coup with his low Speed growth, Great Lord on Hana since she's the only woman who uses Sword, and Witch on Orochi for better growth rate. Thank you. :)
  15. Actually, I didn't do any boost. Lucina and Chrom hits unexpectedly hard with STR over 30. She'd be even monsterous if I grind Olivia but she's still doing great without grinding. My avatar has 28/28 STR/MAG in final chapter. Regards, Keetakawee