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  1. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    Why does Canas' and Linus' VAs sound so familiar and I can't put my finger on it
  2. I generally do it with units I pull a lot. Abel and Arthur (both 4* and Abel soon to be +10) are really common for me looking for god tier units like Reinhardt (who I have 8 of and I don't merge for some damn reason). Just start with the commons and work your way up. My favorite characters are either limited (berkut) or not in the game (anthony) so I've been poking around at Leon.
  3. Most Welcome Pitybreakers

    Tharja on the RD banner. I got pissed and saced her to Lyon. He is now a smol god. Lene and B!Sanaki on the 2018 brides Julia, Clair and S!Tiki on the Summer banner Ephraim on the Ishtar banner (my free summon and i never got anything else.) S!Eirika: I can't remember Spring Sharena: I wanted Kagero... Olwen: Wanted her blade brother, got Sonya on a horse instead Abel: Not sure, almost foddered him until i learned he had perfect ivs
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    Anthony Conrad Darios. Mainly Anthony so I can laugh at him destroying men twice his size with his stupid Pop Team Epic face on.
  5. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Can you explain the B skill? Because what I'm seeing is broken
  6. Holy Shit. Leon's sounds straight out of Mother 3. Also I kind of have an idea that Lukas manages to kill a zombie Fernand but gets killed by Berkut in the process, turning Duma possessed, but still fighting on the inside. He manages to rip through Berkut, Rinea and knocks Duma to about half hp with his own power before dying to Leon, still seeing him as "an old friend from Askr"
  7. I'm in the middle of reworking her since she has a lot to fix but here's her jist 'Suki (original name Moonlight: the first thing i am changing) is Lon'qu's future daughter, sister to Nah (biologically or in terms of bonds) and in my verse, Nowi's daughter as well.She inherits a lot of Nowi's bubblyness but knows when she needs to take it down a notch and often watches her sister read during her cooldown. When her father returned from a trip, 'Suki loved all of his stories from Askr, mainly the ones about Reinhardt, Lon'qu's sort of partner in crime and aspires to be like him in heroics. Unfortunately, she doesn't know of his anti villian nature but is aware of her fear of horses (gone in depth in Cynthia's support) but does get more involved with Owain's and Morgan's "fights" as an honorary fourth member of the Justice Cabal. Aka i thought it was a good idea to give Lon'qu a daughter
  8. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    I'm confused on who I should run for this. I have a set core 3 of Reinhardt, Lyn and Julia to cover all colors plus other things. My Nino is all ready to go so I could make her my 4th spot or replace Julia but I'd have to bring a healer with (Julia has 2 BoL 3 so she heals 14 damage) but Linus and Canas prove useful as well.... *insert thinking emoji*
  9. Create a Personality Gimmick!

    I'm gonna steal that for my fic real quick
  10. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Groom Marth: Blessing Vanguard Ike: Mike (bc Manly Ike) Eliwood: Eliweed B!Sanaki: Bridelash (see FE Amino for more details) B!Tharja: Brideja, Not Faye B!Ninian: Brideian Valentine's Lyn: Vlyn S!Alfonse: Bulgefonse, Bunfonse S!Sharena: Sprinena S!Catria: Buntria S!Camilla/S!Kagero: Bunny Boobies
  11. Special heroes of the 21st May

    Marth for obvious reasons Reinhardt just to see him in a wedding dress and a green form Berkut since he was about to be married to Rinea Anthony bc why not. He can be the ring bearer
  12. Sprite Thread Revival

    that ishtar was made by @Apples (I remember working with that sprite for something kinda dumb. Wish I still had it)
  13. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    Fits about right. Also he sounds like Zuko
  14. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    Does anyone know who Julius' VA is? I need to figure out if my hc voice is similar to canon
  15. Sprite Thread Revival

    I'm pissed that he isn't a red dragon. We need more than just Tiki