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  1. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) OOC

    Nice to see we can get the rp going again
  2. I only know that VA for Food Fantasy and I agree
  3. Who's The First Gen Favorite?

    Lon'qu bc Lonqu
  4. That was Marth's old english VA
  5. Try and understand where this alternate me came from and why she ships Reinhardt and Lukas
  6. Another addition I just realized: Whoever the fuck it was that brought us the gem of "BUT MAAAAARS"
  7. I've only heard him as Nate from Yokai Watch (but he does get villanous at times) and was kinda shocked to see everyone there getting va changes (Mainly the fact that Nate is now voiced by JULIUS of all people)
  8. Yes please. Especially if he can voice one of the more tragic characters, mainly Pelleas. (I loved his role as Ken/Digimon Emperor during Digimon 02 and I have been wanting to hear more of his work.
  9. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) OOC

    The group with Metal Face
  10. WoL RP Thread

    "Well I suggest you look in a mirror and leave them alone." Air said as he landed from his flight from the forest. "Just like you did me. If anyone should be killed, let it be me. I'm weaker compared to them." Did Uncle Pitoo's tough guy persona just take me over for a second? I just want to find Dad and Cy.... This guy totally looks like one of the abominations Cy told of in his dad's storybooks. "I'm not sure who you guys are." Air said as he turned to the group. "But I feel like we're all in the same predicament. No parents, just death and weird things like that guy about." When this is all over, I need to get checked out, I am not this cocky normally. Or is it that without Dad, I'm unchained and try to fill in for the both of us. Air shook his head I'm probably overthinking this and it's fight or flight....
  11. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) OOC

    Or you could trip him with his cape or grab his stupidly long hair and chuck him into a wall.
  12. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) OOC

    For Julius all you have to do is bring Ishtar into the conversation and loosely mention that you'd harm her and that sends him into a rage which allows him to be tripped easily and then pinned. Or just have Julia. She can deal with anything
  13. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) OOC

    I'll try
  14. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) OOC

    Even with that i honestly think that if I always have to add, I feel like I'm just padding out works and I don't want to pillow something out that can be said quickly
  15. WoL RP Thread

    "I have to find them... I just have to..." Air told himself as he started to walk off, not realizing that he was about to fall off Skyworld. "And there goes gravity." He muttered, still pondering what the Hades he's been thrown into within the last few minutes. The next thing the angel felt was his impact into the cold hard ground and the soft and gritty dirt within his mouth upon impact. "That was fast." He grumbled. "Now... Where am I?"