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  1. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    Guys, I demoted units like Ike because we have units with frickin DC in the lower ranges, Faye's job can be done by Gordin, Katarina doesn't have that skill to her anymore, MIST SHOULDN'T BE EXCLUSIVE JUST BECAUSE SHE'S RELATED TO IKE. SAME WITH OLWEN
  2. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    Fellica is Fallen Celica. I am a bad speller at times.
  3. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    I didn;t know many rankings off the top of my head (Felicia would stay as is). Saber and Luke haven't been seen since their debut banners so they should be demoted, Takumi got outclassed by most of Lyn's forms, Bridelia and some later archers. Pris would stay as is. And with Azura, did we need 2 5* ex dancers? Ninian gets a buff with dragon emblem.
  4. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    All of nothing? Look this isn't helping
  5. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    I'm not even a dolphin. I haven't spent a dime on this game. I just rely on Reinhardt, Zelgius anf Hector for everything. I don't know what phase teams are, I use shit units like Berkut, etc. Also @Pengaius I have an Abel as well (+atk -spd) so...
  6. I wanted to make my own version of the summoning pool so... 5* Only I Classify 5* worthy units of having A: OP builds, B: Units that will change the tides of Arena or C: Just badass dudes and gals 4*-5* These units are considered "exclusive for far too long" or "Outclassed by similar units." 3*-4* Fodder Units or Units that shouldn't be even close to 5* unless promoted or of a skill banner (Leo and Jakob) or have more units to fill their niche (Katarina) If I forgot units, assume they are where they are in the actual game. I didn't do any tt or ghb units bc they don't need to be summoned + a lot of them kinda suck. Sorry Berkut
  7. Building low tier units

    I'm working on a 5* +10 Leon (+3 atm) with his skills wip. He carries Slaying Bow (+spd), Ignis, G Tomebreaker (for Sonya) and Savage Blow. He's my favorite celica unit currently in game (CONRAD) so I have to give him the love he deserves
  8. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Festival Ryoma: Dancing Lobster, Gakupo Festival Xander: Xandancer Festival Elincia: Elincival Fest Michiah: Dawn Brigade L!Lucina: NOTALM
  9. Young Ike having his memory wiped by Sephiran. He looks 7, sounds like he's in his mid 20's. This is why I'm glad Conrad got 2 va's (one young, one current)
  10. New Voting Gauntlet!

    I want a battle of Fates: Male Corrin, Female Corrin, Azura, The Brothers and Anthony
  11. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Currently working on a 5* +10 of my favorite unit on Celica's path that's not 5* exclusive (or not in game CONRAD) Leon! He's +spd -res i believe, and he need's better skills (currently +4) Slaying Bow (spd refine) Ignis Spd +3 G TomeBreaker 3 Savage Blow 3 (the one I really wanna keep bc it helps so much and it's in character for him)
  12. Your Lowest Tier Heroes

    Clive, Canas, Lon'qu, Berkut, Boey, Leon (he's +4 5* and almost everyone can suck it), Seliph, Arthur (4*+10), Matthew, Henry, S!Leo, S!Frederick, Cain, Eliwood, Lyon, Abel, Oscar, Bartre, Titania, Julia (Tier 5? BULLSHIT SHE'S GODLY and that might be bc I rolled her with perfect ivs), Gordin, Takumi, Klein, Gaius, Chrom, OG Lyn, Arvis, B!Charlotte, Lukas (Tier 4? MY ASS HE'S TIER 4. He's at least 2),Soren, Nino (TIER 4 MY ASS), Faye, Lachesis, Lucius
  13. July Legendary Banner Expectations

    Credit Cards
  14. July Legendary Banner Expectations

    Boobs. Camilla, Tharja, stuff like that
  15. July Legendary Banner Expectations

    What I want: Anthony/Berkut/Conrad What we'll get: Waifu bait.