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  1. F to Heroes. I still love this game and I haven't spent any money on this
  2. Fire Emblem Expo

    What other plushies were there? Also I prefer PoR ike so this is a nice suprise!
  3. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Happy late Birthday @Dragoncat!
  4. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    Also random thing but Lethe's VA is also a major part of Food Fantasy, a game with a lot of Heroes VAs
  5. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Now it's the question of who do i claim?
  6. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Shit i can claim spirits? I didn't know that
  7. What would your dream banner be?

    Anthony Just Anthony
  8. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Cheese's Profile Plum's Profile
  9. FEH Technical Difficulties

    Whenever I open Feh, it goes to the title screen, I tap it and then it crashes to the home screen of my Ipad. My account is backed up and I've rebooted my ipad. Any ideas on what I can do?
  10. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    I think they need a bit more images of what ocs look like in particular but it's good! Also Shulk is afraid of caterpillars.
  11. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    I've read it!
  12. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    Is it bad I sent feedback to the devs via the feedback function about how uncomfortable Loki's art makes me?
  13. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    I think air is in that corner idk
  14. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    I like that format. Honestly I'd love to flesh Cheese and Plum out more
  15. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    He's not really a next gen kid