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  1. I hadn't quite settled fully on a team, but catching a Noibat on a whim and getting a Modest one swayed me. The team seems like it'll end up being: Decidueye, Houndoom, Vikavolt, Gardevoir, Swampert, and Noivern
  2. Something was going on in the meeting, but Kim mostly processed it passively for the time being, making sure Christina would be alright was more of a priority to her at the moment. It was going into the one ear she still had a headphone in, and sticking around to be looked at more thoroughly later on when she had time to wind down. More importantly, Christina's flaring emotions seemed to be calming down as she zoned in on Kim's own feelings, starting to filter out the mental bombardment that had been causing her headache. That was when Megumi asked for some medicine to be fetched, and asked for any advice on this turn of events... sadly Kim herself had none to give. "Situation like this unheard of, Doctor. As far as know, zero document cases. Know when I first show symptom, regular Doctor refer to TK specialist for further examine, but not have that luxury here. But, Chrissy prior situation also unheard of, she have some experience that, at least."
  3. Well, that seemed to settle that. Despite not being connected to the T-Link, Christina was still acting as a TK, which meant that... some combination of what had happened against the Luna had unlocked her innate potential as a telekinetic. And now she was suffering the effects of a telekinetic with no idea how to filter feelings, those memories stung all too well. "Okay, Chrissy listen." Kim noted, gently slipping her hand the short distance between their beds to gently squeeze Christina's, hopefully imparting some level of comfort. "I know hurts, but want you focus hard on me, okay? Try stay calm, just focus on feeling from me. Should be able tweak, manipulate feeling in head. Try remember what feel like when connect T-Link, use that baseline."
  4. As she heard her name called, Kim looked at Christina more intently, trying to focus through the general fuzz left upon her by the medication. She was acting strange, her emotions were spiking, and she was saying strange things. Plugged in, why would she ask if she was still plugged in when she obviously wasn't? It took Kim a few moments longer than it normally would have to connect the dots of Christina's actions, there was only one reason she would be asking those specific questions, after all. "Chrissy, calm... try calm. Can... feel, even not connect T-link?" Kim asked, the goings on of the meeting suddenly far less interesting as she looked over to her friend with concern.
  5. It seemed that she had passed out while waiting for Avery to return. Certainly not a difficult deduction to make considering that the Lieutenant had awoken in the infirmary, rather than sitting in the cockpit of the Artemis where she had been prior. A quick exchange with Doctor Megumi had provided a few details... she hadn't been out for very long, about an hour, her injuries weren't immensely severe... bruised ribs and second degree burns. Painful, but in no way life threatening. She'd need treatment to prevent scarring from the shock and burns, but that had already been brought up by the Doctor, and would be set up without much to worry about. That left pain meds for a while, a hair cut to remove the singed ends, and for as long as it was reasonable in their current state until further treatment, bed rest. Her own matters sorted, at least the ones that could be dealt with at the moment, that had left Christina. She was still unconscious, but according to the Doctor, she was alright and stable. They wanted to monitor her for a tad longer, which was fair. All that left was waiting. The infirmary had been rather uneventful for a little bit, Megumi handing Kim a pair of headphones to listen in to the meeting across the hall. She couldn't interject, unless she managed to stealthily construct a paper airplane outside of the Doctor's notice and hurl it down the hall with immense precision to deliver a message written inside, but that seemed more effort than it was worth, really. She wouldn't even have thought of such a thing if it weren't for the pain medication, all things considered. As for the meeting, the Captain had given her initial address, and Firmia had quickly asked about Tarquin's insubordination... certainly the topic of the hour, After having that train of thought shut down for the moment, Elaine reported the unfortunate, if unsurprising fate of the facility. So they had already scouted it out, had they? At least it was done. Continuing to listen in through one ear, Kim looked over at Christina's gently breathing form on the next bed over... hopefully she would be okay, like the Doctor had said...
  6. Official Pull Topic

    After scrounging up every orb available right now(luckily I had some Lunatic maps that hadn't been cleared due to laziness and falling out a bit with FE Heroes for a while) I shoved them all into the new banner(3 guesses as to who I was pulling for) Right as I was about to leave for work today, and on my last 5 orbs, my girl finally came home.
  7. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    Brave weapons are still going to be super good, right now people run them over legendary weapons sometimes as is. No amount of buffs to other weapon types will let them do what Braves do, you have no reason to worry.
  8. Well, as much as I would have preferred MY GIRL to be free instead of Joshua, at least him being booted off to the TT means the chance of getting Mia is doubled. And with Fjorim being free I don't even need to care about throwing everything at this new banner. Now give me the influx of fanart community. My girl needs it
  9. The legend of Whitney's difficulty comes from most people not knowing what to expect the first time playing, going in unprepared, and getting stomped by trying to brute force a Pokemon with higher BST than anything you'll have access to at that point in the game. There are a few options to counter her with, such as Geodude or the trade Machop, but a large majority of players didn't think to use those their first time through, and one time is enough for her difficulty to be paraded if enough people experience it the one time. Sure you knew what to do the second time and breezed through her, but that didn't make her not hard anymore, you're just a god of Pokemon, obviously. It's the same thing with the totems in Sun and Moon. The first time through, a lot of them can be tricky and they leave an impression on you. Once you know what you're doing and how they'll operate, you can pretty effectively deal with them. Whitney is notable for tripping up more first time players than most, because the tools to deal with her are more limited than most other gym leaders in the series.
  10. "Yeah... just... make sure okay." Kim replied, her vision blurring further as Avery brought Christina out of her seat and began to take her down the lift. Avery said something about bleeding... was that blood? It looked red, it was probably blood. That wasn't good. Hopefully she'd be okay- Kim's thoughts cut out at that point, the last of her adrenaline fading as she slipped out of consciousness, slumping forward in her seat.
  11. The buzz around the hangar began soon after the Artemis had touched down, various people moving around, a couple twinges of shock or surprise... another transmission from the Captain came through, ordering her to stay put and allow the crew to get them out of there. Well, that much was obvious, really. "Understood, Captain." Kim replied, finally having had enough time to return to English. The hangar was unlikely to have translators at the ready anyway. It only took a few moments for Avery to open the Artemis and come up to the entrance of the cockpit, just as Kim had managed to get her belt off and lay back into the seat. She must have been a sight to see, her front coated in bile and blood, suit and hair both singed in places from the electricity... not as bad as her last injury, she supposed. "Oh, Avery. Am... not okay, but could worse. Christina unconscious, can't get back to seat unbuckle... get her to infirmary first." Kim replied to the mechanic, vision starting to blur and haze further. With her adrenaline fading, she might pass out soon, but she knew for the most part the extent of her injuries, while Christina's were unknown.
  12. "<Understood, Captain, Doctor. The Luna appears to be pinned down and the shock to the Artemis' systems has subsided. Returning to the Heion Riese at once.>" Kim replied over the comms, as the thrusters on the Artemis came back to life, lifting off with it's one good leg and soaring into the sky, the movement causing Kim to lurch, holding back the bile in her throat. Seems the flight stabilizers were also damaged... not severely enough to stop her from returning to the ship, but enough to make the ride uncomfortable. It only took a few moments for the Artemis to fly into the hangar, landing unceremoniously, the damaged leg unable to maintain a regular standing position, causing the machine to fall to a knee.
  13. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    So the Hikiba was coming already, was he? Just great. Well, there was nothing to do for it but sit in on this little meeting of theirs, and try to figure out where they'd be going from here. It was sure as hell better than sitting outside and figuring out later on how utterly boned they were, at any rate. So with that decided, and any pretense of having a relaxing day on arrival quashed, Angelica found herself sitting on a chair in the designated meeting room, waiting for Kazemi to arrive.
  14. Further contact from both the Captain and Doctor Megumi... had she been speaking in Korean? She hadn't noticed, but it seemed the Doctor had pulled up a translator so it was fine. Stopping for a moment to consider the Doctor's request, Kim did her best to diagnose what she was feeling, at least to what degree her training would allow. "<Blunt force impact from a blow to the cockpit and electrical damage... some sort of augmentation on Vera's blade. I'm dizzy, my vision is out of order, and it hurts to move... based on that, I suspect several bruised ribs, pain isn't enough to think they're broken... almost certainly minor electrical burns under my suit, probably a mild concussion... that's all I can parse at the moment. Christina is unconscious, so I can't gauge her condition directly. Compared to me... less impact trauma, similar dosage of electricity... less pain tolerance.>" Kim replied, not having noticed anything else... yet. Who knew if that would remain the case? It seems the Captain wanted her to retreat, but... "<I'll... observe for a moment. I need to collect myself anyway. Weapons systems are online and both Vera and the enemy telekinetic are active... there may be a need for suppressive fire.>"