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  1. Kim had been about to bite back at this clone, if there was one thing her body was willing to cooperate on, it was fighting. She'd show her who was about to collapse... or would have, had it not been for the intervention from not only Christina, but Thorvald as well. She must have been even more overt than she had realized. As Chris continued with more information about their new enemy, it made it a bit easier to hold back on leaping over the table and introducing her face to the floor. At least she was being useful instead of outright antagonistic at this point. "Alright? Not... in the slightest." She eventually replied to Thorvald's inquiry. Even if she had come down from her rage to... well, still rage but slightly less rage, it didn't change the fact that her whole body was tensed to an extreme degree. Her shoulder probably felt more like gripping a rock than a piece of human flesh.
  2. Conquest Lunatic PMU: Making it harder

    Great Lord!Selena, and you can have the Dual Katana
  3. One of the worst things that can happen for a person's mood is being woken up early. Woken up early to learn that another member of your squad had gotten his legs chopped off and set on fire? Even if you weren't particularly close to that squadmate, even worse. But being confronted by an angry clone of your girlfriend who absolutely hates your guts, whilst the chemical imbalance in your brain is probably severe enough to be considered radioactive? Now that's just a recipe for failure on all fronts. Unfortunately, that was reality for Kim Seung-Min in their current debrief meeting, having only gotten about 20 minutes of shuteye before they were all called in for the meeting. By all accounts she looked like an absolute wreck, and if the Doctor hadn't been thrust with massive other priorities, she would have surely been shipped to the infirmary. Bags beneath her eyes that one shouldn't have unless they hadn't a moment of sleep in a fortnight, skin bleached white as a ghost, and despite being wrapped in Christina's coat, uncontrollable shivers wracking her frame every several seconds, accompanied by sweat rolling down her brow and face. Bluntly put, she was a total mess. A total mess who was still afflicted by lingering chemicals in her brain that screamed for conflict. No one knew that better than the stress ball she had grabbed when thrust into this position... the poor thing had already stopped springing back properly under the sheer pressure, and it had only been about 15 minutes... and now this clone was going to taunt her. If looks could kill, she would have certainly dropped dead, the sheer hatred pouring out from Kim's mind impossible to miss for the other telekinetics in the room... or for anyone else if they bothered looking at her face. To loose enmity of that magnitude... something was certainly amiss with Kim's head. "You're nothing... like my Chrissy. Even if... you have her face, her voice. Chris-ti-na~" Kim retorted, making sure to emphasize the latter part of her name that this clone oh so hated. "If every clone... is going to be as much of a... colossal bitch as you. I'll gladly... shoot them all down." Seung-Min concluded, slinging her own venom directly back at this clone. Not just that, as the aggression welling in her mind caused Kim's fist to slam down onto the meeting table as she leered at the clone, an almost feral growl escaping her throat. Of course, she had to shake her head after a moment, trying to clear it. Astin had asked about the unknown machines... it was important, she had to answer... she just hadn't expected them to come up so early in the meeting. "R-right, they... those machines. They were piloted by... telekinetics. Stronger than anything I've... ever felt. They were able to communicate... telepathically. Claimed to not be... human, insisted humans were... nothing but insects before them." That was enough to at least get the ludicrous alien business out into the open. There would surely be follow-up questions, but those could be dealt with in due time.
  4. That group to the South didn't appear to be faring well, but a stroke of either luck or misery was about to hit them again, as an axe man exited a nearby home and entered the field. Would he be friend or foe, she wondered? If he was a brigand, it seemed odd he hadn't been in the fray from the beginning, but who knew with these types. They didn't really have time to worry about it, as the remainder of the Eastern group closed in on them, and the leader she had missed earlier started to move as well. They had to clean up here relatively quickly if they wanted to make it out, let alone help the unfortunate guys down below. To that end, there was another blasted mage. "Aye, let's clear 'em out! I've got the spell slinger again!" Sylvia noted, as she pulled out her pike and charged the magus, taking a swing at him. Sylvia to 12.6, attack Mage 1 with Pike Graham hold position, attack Hunter 4 with Steel Bow
  5. I am aware. Jokes are a wonderful thing, friendo.
  6. Seems like a solid enough deduction to me. Good work on seeing the light xP
  7. FE Heroes needs more Mia. Fe10 Mia to be specific. All of my votes will be going to best version of best girl. Any other vote is a mistake.
  8. The brigands nearby had been nearly wiped out, though a second group seemed to be approaching from the East. On top of all that, there seemed to be more fighting going on to the South, but with their own hands tied, they couldn't do much for the riding duo along the way, at least not yet. Looking back to their own circumstance, one particularly aggressive fellow with a mean looking weapon was taken down as he approached, but not without taking up most of their available manpower in the process. Sylvia could only hope that the new additions to their enemy's rank didn't mess up her new allies too badly, as she moved to clean up one of the original bastards with her revolver. "Aye, Lily! Give me a hand with this one!" Sylvia to 8,6, attack Brigand 7 with Culverin
  9. As the last of the remaining adrenaline wore off and stopped pumping through her veins like mad, Kim felt herself getting more and more drowsy. Geez, having your mind and body run well into superhuman territory for even a small amount of time sure was tiring, wasn't it? Letting her eyes close without much resistance, Kim slipped off of Christina's shoulder as she drifted into unconsciousness, her head landing unceremoniously into Christina's lap.
  10. "It only... got bad after I unplugged. Would probably... be fine." Kim replied, without much conviction. Shivering a little bit as the coat was placed on her, it seemed Christina wasn't going to just let her go... focusing on Christina as she was told, the Lieutenant felt her eyelids getting heavy as she started to come down from her adrenaline high. "Mmm... soft Chrissy..." Kim murmured, eyes closing every few moments, barely catching herself as she started to slip from Christina's shoulder.
  11. "Selfish? How?" Kim mumbled, lazily focusing on Christina. It didn't seem to be doing much, her mind still running at a mile a minute, cold sweats still running down her face onto Christina's shoulder, and body exhibiting odd twitches and spasms at seemingly random intervals, occasionally seizing up entirely for seconds at a time as she tensed on some sort of reflex. That aside, her emotions seemed to be filtering... somewhat. Going from majority aggression focused to more normal... as normal as cycling through so many different emotional states so quickly could really be considered, anyway. "Mmm, shouldn't... just be sitting here. The others... are still fighting..."
  12. "Mmm, I'm... okay. You're soft." Kim mumbled as Christina stopped guiding her along after a few moments, her breathing ragged and erratic, hand reaching up to clutch her own temple as they stopped. If Christina had been paying any attention to Kim's mental state, it would have come across as a jumbled mess, different emotional signals firing erratically, at seemingly random intervals. It was as if her emotions were changing too rapidly to register physically, Kim's face not shifting even though it seemed like she was cycling through anger, sadness, elation and just about any other feeling one could think of. "Mmm, it's weird... my head... feels like it's running at full blast. More than full blast... uhn. I still feel tense, like I'm... fighting something, even though I'm not... anymore. Must have done... something to my head." Kim continued, as she rested said head against Christina's shoulder, using her soft blonde locks as a makeshift pillow. "You can just... call some help if I'm too heavy, Chrissy."
  13. Conquest Lunatic PMU: Making it harder

    Basara!Nina(Nyx), Horse Spirit
  14. My first PMU! (Closed)

    Swordmaster Marisa, Eirika route
  15. As expected, Avery looked at her incredulously before going off to look at the Artemis. Whether she believed somewhat or not at all Kim couldn't tell, she tried to focus on Avery's feelings out of confusion but no matter how hard she tried to zero in on the mechanic, she just couldn't parse anything. Her head hurt, her chest hurt... looking up at Christina as the girl placed a hand on her shoulder, Kim vaguely registered the suggestion that Makoto go with them to the infirmary. She didn't have anything else to explain, so that seemed the logical next step. Standing up out of her chair, perhaps that was a mistake. As soon as she stood, another wave of dizziness hit her, Kim nearly falling over, had she not managed to grab ahold of Christina's arm and fall onto her shoulder, taking a few moments to let her legs try to regain their strength. "Ugh... the hell... is wrong with me?" Kim mouthed softly, having broken into cold sweats, which Christina would surely feel with this contact... on top of everything else, something felt... terribly wrong. Like a disturbance in what feelings should have been normal, but in her dazed state she couldn't figure out what was off, what was missing...