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  1. if I have inventory room I'll give them to people, since might as well. If the opportunity comes up to use them, then great. Usually it doesn't come up that often.
  2. Just headcanon that Sanaki is a bridesmaid or a flower girl. It still fits with the bridal theme, and that dress isn't extravagant enough for the Empress' wedding. She's clearly trying to be low key in deference to the actual bride.
  3. It seems she had overestimated the opponent, or perhaps overestimated her aim. Either way, the first shot from her Culverin had been enough to deprive the brigand of his head with little delay. The swordsman who followed him up was a bit more adept, managing to land a glancing blow at the privateer's flank before receiving a shot in retaliation... this one not quite as lethal, giving one of the man's allies, who seemed to be able to heal from afar, an opening to close the wound somewhat. The man was still injured, but seemed sturdy enough at that point to take another body blow, and aiming for the head with her revolver against an opponent in melee was always a risk. Perhaps it was best to regroup for now. Loosing a warning shot to dissuade a strike at her back as she regrouped, Sylvia loaded more rounds into Culverin as she reached the rest of their line, pointing the reloaded weapon at one of the approaching horsemen with a rather mean looking blade, and taking the shot. "Aye, one of 'em can heal his mates from afar. Try t'finish off who y'can insteada woundin' 'em, so they can't get 'em fixed up and back in the fray." Sylvia also noted, to whoever would listen. Sylvia to 6,6, shoot Free Knight 1 with Culverin
  4. ""I've seen them... before. Certainly grabs attention." Kim replied, giggling a bit at the Captain's flustered reaction, before Abigail explained the game again, assured Jessica she wouldn't employ and strip tactics... and even noted that they already had a fourth, should the Captain choose to join in. Ensign Calvin, huh? Well, he seemed fit enough, he was military personnel, after all. "Well, I suppose it's up to you, Jessica."
  5. Considering Nintendo just recently bought a reasonable chunk of CyGames stock I wouldn't be overly surprised to see a potential Granblue Fantasy crossover on the horizon. Collab events are pretty par for the course in gacha after all, and the companies are now associated somewhat. Alternatively they might crossover with their upcoming mobile release between the two as a promotion.
  6. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Stepping inside of the Weyland Enterprises building with their unwanted entourage in tow, Angelica walked over to reception with an exasperated expression on her face, leaning onto the counter after a moment. "Is Kazemi-san still around here, by any chance?"
  7. Well, time to test it out in earnest, then. Spotting a brigand nearby with a relatively intimidating hammer in his grip, Sylvia decided he would be a decent first test. Better to engage someone like that from range anyway. Moving into range and quickly double-tapping the trigger of her revolver, Sylvia eagerly waited for the result. Sylvia moves to 8,2 and attacks Brigand 1 with Culverin
  8. Gender locked classes:Yay or Nay?

    There doesn't seem to be much reason to keep classes gender locked now that Fates broke the precedent. Before that, there was at least the consideration that it might not be taken well, but that's pretty well gone now. Hot take, gender lock all classes to female only, kick out all of the men so that for once they're forced to not only give a woman a singular starring role, but make sure no one can take it away from her. Down with burly buff dude saves the day
  9. "Well... Abby called it... chicken fighting. Something about teams of two in the water, trying to knock the other off. I don't think... I should be the one to explain though." Kim replied, looking over at the volleyball gathering again. Even Christina seemed to be playing, though Kim herself wasn't so sure she was the type who would enjoy what Abby was going for anyway. "It seems like... they've recruited just about everyone already, though." Kim noted, before pivoting back to Jessica and Abigail. It seemed the Captain was having a bit of embarrassment over her tattoo. "I wouldn't worry too much... about your tattoo, Captain. It's nothing too... severe, and it adds character~ At least it's not one of those... insert here tattoos, or something like that. I'm sure you can live with a little... bit of attention drawn to your butt by it." The Lieutenant added with a snicker.
  10. "I suppose that's... fair enough." Kim replied... was Abigail unaware that she was a telekinetic? It was certainly possible, with how little time the ex-rebel had spent on the ship so far. She hadn't exactly been hiding her abilities, but perhaps Abigail hadn't noticed... also, looking over in the direction of the volleyball court, it appeared that her options truly were few and far between, whether she knew or not. The only people she could see outright who weren't playing were Brant and Chris, and Brant seemed to be having a mental storm of his own... jerking her head at Abigail, who also appeared to be growing upset just looking at the man... well, that option was out. "Although... looking at everyone at the volleyball court... unless Jessica wants... to play, I think we might be out of luck... regardless."
  11. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Well, despite the annoyance of even more guardsmen following them along the way... did these buffoons really have nothing better to do with their time than harass non-Kigenese? Eventually they did manage to make it to the gates of Weyland Enterprises... hopefully Kazemi was either still around, or not far off.
  12. "I s'pose it's about t'be expected we wouldn't get too far without seein' more trouble." Sylvia noted under her breath as the ambush laid by the local brigands came into view. This was the path they had chosen, after all... one of hardship and potential glory, instead of sitting at the sideline. Well, here came their hardship in spades. "All y'all're lucky though. Sitting around that long with nothin' t'do but tinker with my Culverin... I gots a great show for ye." The privateer continued, a bit louder this time, pulling her piece from it's holster. At a glance, it certainly looked... different. Modifications to the revolving chamber and barrel, and re-aligned iron sights. Granted, Sylvia wasn't sure if anyone had paid it enough attention to notice, but a few test shots had her more than confident in the upgrades. Sylvia deploys at 5.2
  13. "Hmm... that'd be no good. I'm under contract, no bikini wrestling... unless it's on camera." Upon Abigail's initial response, Kim decided to toss a quick quip her way, adding onto it by blowing a light raspberry the blonde's way, before allowing her to explain what it was she had come over for. So it was a pool game... well, beach in this case, though it did seem more suited for pools, what with the sudden falls and likely tendency to take in a deep gulp of water... salt or otherwise, when one careened into the drink... still, it seemed like a neat little distraction. Of course, she mentioned as well that having never done it, she might be at a disadvantage, seemingly ignoring the obvious advantage that she would have had in her favour in such a thing. As they approached Jessica and eventually, reached the Captain, Kim continued to wonder about that... "It sounds... interesting. But I have to wonder why... you'd want me for something like a chicken fight. Especially as what seems... like a rather early pick."
  14. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "I suppose I may as well." Angelica replied to Norbert, soon further spurred on by the impatient Kigenese guard. What a bother... a shame really, what she wouldn't have given sometimes for the days when she worked solo and didn't need to worry about attachments like this... plenty of fond memories leaving upstarts like these unconscious in a ditch, left in an compromising or embarrassing position... still, the consequences of such a thing were too high to attempt it here... as cathartic as it might have been. "<Let's get moving then.>" Angelica added in Kigenese as she began the trek towards Weyland Enterprises... wondering for a moment if they had actually thought any of their conversations had been secret. It was always fun to fish out that level of discomfort, if nothing else.
  15. "What if... I had?" Kim replied, returning Abigail's grin with one of her own, listening to what the blonde had to say. Chicken fights? What was a chicken fight? Well, first things first, at any rate. "Actually it's... an older suit. I had worried it might be too small... so I brought an extra, but it seems... to be just fine." The Lieutenant began, chuckling a bit as Abigail trailed off, before moving on to her own inquiry. "I'm afraid... I can't say I know what... a chicken fight is. You would have to explain it to me... oh, but we should go and see Jessica... along the way. She went to sit down... when you called for me. I wouldn't want to... leave her hanging."