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  1. You could say the same about any character not wearing armour, which is a lot of them across the series. It's hard to stab someone that's flying past you on a big ass lizard, you know.
  2. I agree it was a missed opportunity, and we can only hope that some supplemental material like the Fates manga in progress go further into it. As it stands, I can see it as something that Camilla would do, it doesn't feel out of character for her to dress as she does, so it doesn't especially bother me. We see enough stuff in Fates to differentiate it from medieval times proper that I don't see it as especially world breaking, Garon clearly doesn't care, and any noble who complained to him for something so pointless in his eyes would likely just be executed and made an example of. Garon aside, who is going to oppose Camilla? Xander seems like the best bet, but he likely respects Camilla's autonomy enough to leave her be, or has tried and since grown tired of trying. We see other characters dress in similarly "unacceptable" ways within Nohr, such as Charlotte dressing as she does despite being on duty as a border guard, or Soleil's open courtship of other women. All we can gleam from this is that Nohr operates on a differing moral compass from our own, or from medieval times. The Superman analogy was mostly meant to differentiate from "something the game dev promised" vs "something I promised myself because I wanted it", wanting Superman in Smash is fine, getting up in arms because he isn't in Smash is silly. Might not have been the best example but it was what I had at the time. Still, the good thing about portable systems is that they can be played anywhere, taken away from screens and all of that. If you don't want people to see you playing Fates, it's easy to control who can see your 3DS most of the time, since it's small and portable.
  3. She doesn't really need a reason to dress the way she does, she does it because she wants to, and how her brothers feel about it isn't really relevant. It'd be nice for us to know why she does, obviously, but we don't. It sucks, but it doesn't make her any lesser as a character, it just doesn't make her a better one for having an interesting reason. When Camilla isn't dealing with Corrin or her other siblings, she's known to be ruthless and aggressive, exuding confidence in her abilities. It doesn't seem that out of place for her to portray that confidence in her attire. She feels like the type that would just... dress that way because she knows she can pull it off, and who is gonna stop her? As for the teens stuff, it wasn't to justify anything, I only brought it up because expecting Fates to be palatable for young children isn't really reasonable. The game isn't marketed to, or designed for young kids, and expecting it to be something it isn't just doesn't make for a fair comparison point. It sucks that you can't play it with the young ones if that's something you like to do, but being rated above E isn't something that makes a game worse. Imagine if someone got angry when the next smash game comes around, because Superman isn't in it? It'd seem like a silly complaint, why would you expect Superman to be in Smash?
  4. I've gotten sick of them all to be honest, they'd be a change of pace, but I want the opportunity for someone like Micaiah or Celica to actually get to have their own story without being railroaded or overtaken half way through. A different kind of male lord would be a step in the right direction, but at this point I want a solo female lord on principle. As for Camilla's lack of explanation, it's unfortunate to be certain, but I think it's a matter of perspective. We look at Camilla in an odd light because she's your sister, why is she dressed like that, etc, but to Camilla, she's just... Camilla. She isn't defined in universe by being Corrin's sister, that's just the lens we view her through. I'm sure she has her reasons, even if it's just being comfortable with her sexuality, which is perfectly fine even if most people cringe at the idea. I can understand the trepidation over the young kids watching, but the game isn't intended for young children... the ESRB rating exists for a reason afterall. Teens these days are exposed to far worse in media anyway, so the T rating makes sense. I get wanting to be able to play with your cousins, but decrying a game for not conforming to an E rating that it doesn't have seems misguided, at least to me. Sadly, the internet is just bad that way. You can't like anything without having some sinister reason or another. People bash Lucina fans in similar ways and she's got little to no fanservice in her design. You can't win some fights.
  5. Still better than Beefy McManGuy #942 tbh. Here's another unpopular opinion then, I suppose. Sexuality and fanservice isn't inherently bad character design, and Camilla's only real problems are that she's meant to be your sister figure and that the game's cameraman likes her more than most people. You can talk about impractical armour and riding clothes and all that, but it's been a series staple since forever and focusing in on Camilla for it is silly at best. Caeda rode a pegasus in a miniskirt in FE1 ffs, Camilla is not the root of all evil.
  6. I'm not even a fan of large busts, and I still don't see anything wrong with this.
  7. When half of the knights in the base game(Ignatius is pretty much Benny+, and requires using and marrying him off to even acquire, if you're using Ignatius he probably replaces his dad) don't care about Wary Fighter, it can't be considered all that effective. It helps guys like Benny, but Effie shows that having other advantages is better than Wary Fighter anyway. Fighters are still one of the worse classes, sure. But I feel Knights are worse than them, and again, I(and a large section of the player base) value Luck far less than you do. It's fine to place importance on it, but a bad luck stat being an automatic no sell is a sentiment that I haven't seen from anyone else. Granted, I don't really use Arthur, but Charlotte's negatives can be worked around in some degrees, removing gamble straight away is the first thing, her hit can also be improved with Bronze Axes or Brass Clubs if you have access to Hoshidan castles since her Str and Spd are naturally pretty good. In addition, she can promote to Hero if you really hate Berserkers. She's not great, but she's perfectly usable on Normal and Hard, I don't have much experience with Conquest Lunatic. Basically, fighters don't have to be good to be better than Knights.
  8. As an aside, Effie is one of the best Knight FE has ever seen. Maybe giving her good speed, good offenses, a good join time with maps near said join time involving a niche for her, and allowing her to promote to something other than General contributed to that... As for SoV, I haven't used Barons in either version of the game, so I can't say much about that. They should be tough for you to crack without countermeasures prepared. Your mage or hammer user not being able to kill a General "just because" isn't as good design wise. And Wary Fighter exists on Normal mode as well, it's not restricted to harder difficulties. I mostly find Wary Fighter more of an annoyance to deal with than difficult, it feels bad to be put up against moreso than making Generals difficult to deal with.
  9. That's fair enough. Though please, no more Wary Fighter. That skill is super annoying on enemy Generals while making your own Knights... marginally better at best.
  10. Really the biggest thing to make Knights better is to be a person who enjoys Knights. If you prefer to play slow and turtle, Knights are great for you. They don't need to be good for anyone else, really. I've not much exposure to Vestaria, was planning to look at it when/if that planned localization comes through, though that's a neat concept. It still suffers from the problem that Knights still(presumably) fall behind the rest of your army, and thus past the initial stages of a map, are unlikely to be adjacent to your other units unless you play more slowly to accommodate them. Still, it's something extra, it certainly doesn't hurt them to have that.
  11. Weapon triangle control makes Knights better at tanking, but they don't really need to be better at tanking. The class suffers because in general, Fire Emblem doesn't require tanks on the level of a Knight, and it would be bad if it did, because that stifles the ability to players to opt not to use a Knight. It would improve their offense a bit which helps, but the movement penalty is the most important factor. As long as that is around, Knights will never be a premier class. As for spotpass teams, it's a small extra bit on top of the meat of the game. It exists, but I wouldn't put much stock in it, especially since AI can usually be exploited. I don't think that FE is a series that would benefit from multiplayer anyway, but that's another can of worms.
  12. That's fine, Cavaliers would still be better than Knights, but I suppose it would help in some regard. The only way to make Knights better than they are is to either remove their movement penalty compared to infantry, make their overkill defenses actually matter, give them better offensive presence, or all of the above. Even if you did all of that, they would still be worse than Cavaliers, movement flexibility is just too important in Fire Emblem to ever make them truly on par. Which is fine, FE is a single player game, and as long as the characters are usable, which they usually are, balance doesn't really matter. If Wendy and Sophia can clear the game, it doesn't matter if they're the worst units, you can use them if you want to put in the effort.
  13. I never said Generals shouldn't have swords? I said that removing weapons from Great Knight wouldn't make General a better class. As for the second point, a Cavalier is likely going to go Paladin than Great Knight anyway, but the point was that making Great Knight weaker doesn't help Knights because it makes the better of their promotion options worse than it is already. How good Cavaliers are or aren't as a Great Knight compared to Knights doesn't matter here.
  14. I'm not particularly concerned with what the class is called in Japan to be honest, and I assume from the first point you meant that Axe Paladin was originally Great Paladin... which is fine, but again, isn't particularly relevant, really. Whether Great Knights should or shouldn't have WTA, or whether armoured horse units with WTA should be called something other than Great Knight isn't really as important as the fact that, atleast in the localized games, every instance of Great Knight does have this trait. It might be imbalanced, but FE has never been balanced, and even with full WTC, Great Knights aren't particularly overpowered. Making GKs worse wouldn't make General a better class, it would only hurt Knights by removing their better promotion option... and Knights don't need any more disadvantages.
  15. I think that fighter characters tend to be poor, but fighter as a class isn't as bad as knight as a class, so I prefer fighters to knights. We have a decent few examples of good, or at least plenty usable fighters, like FE9 Boyd, Nolan, Geitz(starts as a warrior, but all fighters become warriors in 7, so there's no real reason to make a distinction) and Barst. Even if a lot of them are bad, that doesn't make the class itself inherently bad, which I feel is the case with Knights. Admittedly, I also like fighters in Fates because small crit rates aren't as much of a be all end all for me as they are for you, but that's just a difference in playstyle. I was going with the translated names as I know them, if they intended Gold Knight to be Great Knight, that still only evens out the representation though, since 8/13/14 still say otherwise. Also, Ephraim and Eirika both promote to Great Lord. Whether they're intended to main axes or not doesn't particularly matter though, since I was talking about the incarnation of the class that has had full Weapon triangle access. Differences in names from localization doesn't really seem relevant.