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  1. Fun Fact: Ramza Mercurio is the only unit that can get to 99 Faith with no repercussions, so he could make for a capable magic caster...
  2. If you are going with FFT PSP you might want to look into the slowdown removal patch. The animations are too slugish otherwise.
  3. I'm currently tinkering with Awakening so I would like to know how to edit growths, any help I can get is appreciated. I'm currenlty using FEAT to decompress the .bin.lz files and the Class Editor and Character Editor 1.1 modules to edit my files. I would also like to note that the Awakening Nightmare modules aren't on the resource directory, should I make that question there?
  4. Fantasy Advance Wars? Huh, sounds interesting... Modern Day FE when?
  5. AccompaniedCheckmark
  6. True. He's a terrible character in every aspect.
  7. Something about the novelity of being the only hume with gun access...
  8. Al-Cid sucks... if you actually wanted to use him for some reason, I'd recommend going with a full viera team...
  9. The choice between FFT and FFT WotL comes down to the translation, engrish or pseudo-old-timey-english?
  10. Eirika's bases and growths change to the best between her's and Hector's. If possible, change her promotion to Hero (F).
  11. Disgaea is pretty grindy, but it's a cool game.
  12. My favorite is Looming Crisis (Also known as that theme that plays against Cinquleur, Ewen 1 and the Swordking)
  13. Man, Illua didn't even get to use Sheol...
  14. From what I understand, Training Wanted is repeatable till you complete Time to Act. The more you complete Training Wanted, the stronger the moogle team will be in Time to Act.
  15. Uh, noob question here. If I have physical Conquest, is that the only version I can randomize?