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  1. "Oh, you decided to join our cause... QUICK, BRING THE BLUE PAINT!!"
  2. I know pretty much nothing about Tactics Ogre... so let's shape the future of peace and forge our own path I say.
  3. The Ophiuchus sign has neutral compatibility to every other sign, it's also exclusive to Elidibus, the secret boss that lies at the end of Deep Dungeon. (There's also yet another party member there, you get him if he survives the battle against Elidibus). Well... was a good LP while it lasted.
  4. IIRC the Cloud sidequest is the same in the PSX version.
  5. Geez, how much did the villians grind to unlock Teleport on LITERALLY EVERYONE?
  6. EDIT: Forgot to click one more page... whoops.
  7. Actually, the mistranslation was "Defeat Dycedarg's elder brother!" It was hilarious.
  8. I hope FFTA3 manages to exist one of these days... Unfortunately the FFT series is currently gathering dust in SquareEnix's basement.
  9. There's actually a multiplayer map where you fight nothing but Argaths (I think 13 of them...) so...
  10. You could steal Elmdor's gear in the PSX version. Dunno why they removed that. Also a question, are you tackling Deep Dungeon/whatever it's called in WotL?
  11. Welp. You got Cid. The game is officially over.
  12. So... kinda late to comment this but the "dispose of Mustadio" scene is the only time a Phoenix Down is mentioned outside of gameplay. lol
  13. IIRC on the 1.3 mod you face dual gun wielding engineers instead. Ch4 is when they go kinda crazy with enemy-only classes...
  14. That kill graph is amazing. Although, I have a question... What is "Crime Deluxe"? I don't remember thieves having a promotion...