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  1. General US Politics

    The hardest part of the Trump presidency has been coming to the inescapable realization that ~40% of the country would in fact vote for the orange shitgibbon if he literally shot someone on 5th Avenue. And are fully prepared to accept any falsehood, atrocity, or disassembly of our institutions and values as an advancement of American patriotism and greatness because--well--Dear Leader says so...
  2. Do Assassins pick up desert items?

    So to put the matter to rest, what happens when you move an assassin onto a treasure tile in the desert? Something? Nothing? Does it cash the game???
  3. General US Politics

    There's a tight race down in New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District I've been keeping a close eye on. NJ's 2nd District covers a solid chunk of the Pine Barrens, back country, and podunk small towns between Atlantic City in the east and the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area in the west. (i.e. South Jersey's more Urbanized, liberal populations) Lots of trailer parks. Lots of biker bars. Lots of farmers and hunters and gun owners. Even in a state as liberal as New Jersey, its always been one of our most conservative districts and a tough nut for Democrats to crack. Democrats haven't won a Congressional race in the district since like 1992 or something. ...right now though, in the Trump climate, the district is looking mighty competitive... Its one of those districts that will never vote for a truly progressive Democrat, but that's winnable if you put up someone sufficiently moderate on certain issues, like gun rights. (dealbreaker issue in the 2nd district is that it will never vote for a Democrat who supports stricter gun control laws) There were a few Dems running in the 2nd district primary. The winner and the guy who's going to represent the Democratic ticket in November is Jeff Van Drew--a moderate state senator who was the least leftward-leaning Democrat in the field and was attacked by his rivals for not being sufficiently liberal in his platform and voting record (i.e. has an A-rating from the NRA. Voted against raising the minimum wage. Voted against gay marriage. Against legalizing marijuana. In favor of increasing funds for police and prison.) ...but thats the kind of Democrat you need to win in a district like the 2nd. And there's issues where he's still unmistakably a democrat + better on policy than the Republicans that the district has been sending to Congress to caucus with Paul Ryan and support the Trump Agenda and bolster the national GOP. -Supports environmental protection; actively works against the agenda of oil lobbyists -Supports increased access to and funding for public healthcare -Supports Planned Parenthood and Comprehensive Sex Education in the public schools ______ Most importantly--he's not a lapdog for Trump. Van Drew's Republican opponent, Seth Grossman, issued this statement after #TreasonSummit Trump's appearance with Putin in Helsinki: "Our President wrote the Art of the Deal. His mastery of diplomatic negotiation is second to none on the global stage. With North Korean aggression on the decline and a peace deal within reach, America has no reason not to trust his judgement in Helsinki. I stand with Trump!" ...which is all the reason I need atm to support his opponent... Not the ideal progressive candidate on the Democratic side--but hey, we gotta be realistic here--the ideal progressive candidate isn't going fly with the pineys. If Van Drew can get the 2nd District to flip for the Democrats, that's huge.
  4. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    ...So watching this has reminded me why despite all the goofy, over-the-top characters and bad writing--I really do love the general design and the gameplay of the conquest campaign. This past week I've gotten back into Fates again and done a Lunatic Conquest playthrough with nothing but basic content + path bonuses for buying fates and revelations (i.e. the boots, the dragon herbs, the dread scrolls, and the ebon wings) Just to make it a bit harder for myself--not visiting any MyCastles or using the skill purchase feature. Up to Sakura's Map. Closing in on the silly, silly end-game of fucking Hoshido to death in the name of peace and justice. Its been--a weird run. First time I've ever seen Camilla get legitimately RNG screwed on growths to the point of becoming a bad unit by the midgame. (But exact opposite of Rezzy's run--my Beruka got ridiculously strength-blessed and turned into one of my best units) Paired Beruka with Benny--VIP team right there. Oh--and Nina actually turned out pretty good for a change, coming off of a Niles x Felicia pairing. (i.e decent magic + res and speed on top of res and speed on top of res and speed). Inherited Felicia's tomebreaker + went into the adventurer class and got enough magic growth from Momma Felicia to make good use of the Shining Bow. Heals, one-shots fliers, doubles for magic damage against most physical units, and eats mages for breakfast. (never tried the Niles x Beruka pairing myself, but Momma Beruka doesn't really seem to be doing a whole lot for her)
  5. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Andddddddddd that's how they make Bud Light
  6. Texts From The Emblem

    ...okay...enough lines have been crossed in this thread that I don't feel weird about posting:
  7. General US Politics

    Same. Corruption, incompetence, fascism--all that I'd have said was true and accurate, but I would have stopped short of "traitor" and opined anyone accusing him of treason was engaging in rank hyperbole. Yesterdays performance puts us in "treason is no longer hyperbole" territory.
  8. Pokemon named after characters from other things

    Not gonna lie--I named my mismagius Hermione
  9. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Yes. Thats the joke.
  10. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Just heard this joke today The CEOs of Budweiser, Miller, Coors, and Guinness are out drinking together. The CEO of Budweiser orders a Bud Light. The CEO of Miller orders a Miller Light. The CEO of Coors orders a Coors light. The CEO of Guinness orders a other Coke. The other other three CEOs ask him why he didn't order a Guinness. He replies: "If you guys aren't drinking beer then neither will I."
  11. General US Politics

    Lets be completely honest here. If this was Obama, Republicans would have started impeachment proceedings yesterday.
  12. Rate the video game song above

    7/10 why not. Here's some guilty gear.
  13. General US Politics

    Yeah. Also considering the fact the guys just indicted for doing it are literally Russian military officers
  14. General US Politics

    Yikes. You know its bad when even Fox News can't spin it: ...I mean Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson will still spin it... But Niel Cavuto ain't no bleeding heart lib