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  1. Where Do You Fall Into The Color Pie?

    Is that based on the color wheel from Magic: The Gathering??? That definitely looks like its based on the color wheel from Magic: The Gathering. ... On the Red/Blue axis, I'd say. In good company with Jhoira
  2. Men of Serenes Forest!

    If for whatever reason law didn't work out, the only other thing I could really see myself doing is teaching. I did some substitute work back when I was still looking for a full time law job. Think I could've been a decent social studies or history teacher. ...yeah...that happens a lot... Broke my heart the first time I saw a 19 year old kid go to prison for selling a bag of weed. ________ Had a guy a while back who ran a photo sharing website. He had a lot of traffic. Hundreds of pictures coming in each day--thousands a week. He wasn't an active webmaster, he didn't really have any moderation team in place or procedures for reporting and removing inappropriate content, and he wasn't paying attention to what people were putting on the site. He was just hosting the platform and running it as a side-business to make a little bit of extra cash from users who paid for premium services. Well now--one of his users uploaded some child pornography. He didn't notice and it wasn't flagged and removed; it sat on the site for several days, and someone called in a tip to the feds. Domain registration and business address came back to his name. ...The State of New Jersey charged him with possession with intent to distribute and distribution, sent him to State prison, put him on a sex offender registry, and forced him to attend court-ordered treatment for sexually violent predators... That's the worst I've ever seen someone who had absolutely no business being in the criminal justice system get fucked by the law.
  3. Its good if it portrays characters acting as relatable human beings and in a manner that fits with their established character + fleshes out their personality (i.e. Eliwood/Hector, Fiora/Kent, Matthew/Jaffar, Louise/Erk, Vaida/Wallace, Karel/Dart--conversations I haven't looked at in years but just remember coming across as smooth and feeling like real conversations, not contrived script. ) Its bad if it portrays characters in a way that makes them come across as tropes and anime cliches and dating sim fodder--no semblance of anything that feels like a genuine person you can get invested in. If its good AND it also happens to develop otherwise unexplored lore or feelings or aspects of the character (i.e. Canas asking Renault if he believes morphs have souls, Oswin discussing the history of House Cornwell with Priscilla, etc.)--great. All the better. But that isn't strictly necessary to have a good support. You just need people acting like people, not like cartoon characters.
  4. First word comes to mind

  5. In general--the game designers intent to sex up their character designs makes it so that apparel from the colder regions of the franchise makes no god-damn sense. (same thing with the Illian miniskirts) Fates in a rare moment of oh wow; the writers actually addressed something that needed to be addressed at least attempts to proffer an explanation that members of the ice tribe have tribal magic that protects them from the cold. Hence how Flora and Felicia can walk around in their skimpy maid costumes without freezing to death. Since mages tend to fling around fire and ice, I guess you could make the argument that higher res= better ability to tolerate extreme heat and cold without adverse effects in the most literal sense. But story/game mechanic segregation probably applies there. (though come to think of it--all those Ilian girls in miniskirts are sporting some pretty respectable res. hmmmmmm.)
  6. First word comes to mind

  7. General "mass killings" thread

    >>>shot 8 people with a high power rifle and fled the scene >>>>>arrested and taken into custody Isn't it amazing how in these mass shooter situations with these confirmed armed-and-dangerous "suspects," the police consistently manage to approach the perp and make an arrest without perceiving any immediate need to resort to lethal force? ...its almost as if the officers casually gunning down black civilians because some verbal disobedience or twitch of the hand made them "fear for their lives" are full of shit, and literally getting away with murder...
  8. Men of Serenes Forest!

    ...well putting in your hours at the office or the warehouse or the yard or w/e you do for work is one of those things that separates the men from the boys. That's a nice wholesome direction for this thread to go; from talking about sex to talking about work. @Johann how long have you been a teacher? What subjects do you teach? Its less glamorous than it sounds. Mostly just desk work and manning the phones. I'm in year 4 of practice. First 3 years i was basically just working as a freelance attorney and trying to build a resume; networking with local area attorneys, covering Court for them on minor appearances, putting in some hours on motion drafting and document review that they didn't want to do themselves. Didn't really have any specialty area. I was doing a little bit of everything. ...did some criminal defense work ...some family law ...some immigration law ...some general civil litigation ...I very briefly dabbled in corporate law and fucking hated it (this is one of the reasons why at a level even beyond his politics--which I find disgusting enough in their own right--I hate Trump so much on a personal level. I've dealt with his kind before; narcissistic sociopath billionaires who use the litigation process and the threat of legal action to bully and harass, and who view the law as their plaything. They are just the worst kind of people.) Now finally in year 4 I'm starting to develop a specialty and narrow down my practice to the kind of cases I really like to do. I file lawsuits on behalf of employees who have been fired or punished by their employers after reporting that their employer was breaking the law, under New Jersey's whistleblower protection statute. I file civil rights lawsuits against entities that unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, etc. I represent victims of sexual harassment in actions against their harassers. ...and that's most of what I do now... Its good work. I didn't go to law school to help millionaires seize assets from other millionaires or pipeline kids into the prison system because they like a little bit of cocaine with their Super Smash Brothers and D&D--I did it to help people who have been wronged by the system, and use litigation as a weapon against wrongdoers who actually deserve to get fucked by the iron dick of The Law. I'm happy with what I do.
  9. General "mass killings" thread

    ...well we all know what needs to be done now. Armed guards in every Waffle House, amiright??? 🙄
  10. General "mass killings" thread

    Oh look; another one down in Nashville. Shooter is a mentally disturbed white male in his 20s with an AR-15. shocking no one.
  11. Men of Serenes Forest!

    ...or an unconvicted felon who beat the case. Never heard of that, but I did have one environmental law case. Sued a farm that was dumping stormwater run-off--heavily contaminated with lead-based pesticides--into a residential neighborhood, where residents were getting sick from the exposure. That wouldnt bother me. ...that's the part that would bother me. Not the innocent man accused; but the man who is actually guilty under the law, and who I'd be duty bound as a prosecutor to send to jail. When it is the law I believe to be a social harm in need of correction--not the man who broke it. That's why I could never be a prosecutor.
  12. SF Interviews 2.0 - Armagon

    I'm sorry, I should have been clearer. @SoulWeaver; I meant is there anything you haven't been able to do because of the rules of the LDS community that you would have otherwise wanted to try?
  13. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Civil is important too!!! I do a little bit of crim--but any time I'm in criminal court, im batting for the defense. Prosecutor is the one Job I would not want, and would make me hate my profession if that's what I had to do for a living 😕
  14. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Bahhh. Everyone hates lawyers--until they need one.
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    My freak flag flies proud 😜 Would you believe me if I told you I've never sued anyone who didn't really, really, REALLY deserve it?