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  1. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    ...maybe even a nod to how uniquely and annoyingly tricky she was to recruit in FE4. w/e Pulled a 5 Star Sigurd. That's one focus unit from his banner I didn't want (there's an overabundance of competent swordsmen in my roster--dammit, I want mages!) I'lll use him for the 40% bonus on TT and then probably bench him forever, unless I randomly pull another Hector or the game releases some other way to inherit distant counter. (I'm not sold on the usefulness of a res-tank that can't counter at 2-range) Xander's super-duper benched if Sigurd ever gets Distant Counter.
  2. Save your coins to Forge Killer Bows (iron forges up to steel, steel to silver, and silver to killer). Give all your archers killer bows. There is a skill on the Killer Bow called [Hunter's Volley]. When you see it, you'll shit bricks. Like Archer Atlas is actually busted. [Hunter's Volley] is good on all archers and makes all archers good. But Atlas in particular is built for abusing it.
  3. Huh. Exact opposite on our side of the pond. Language is weird. So is "Piss-Flaps" just like an Irish thing? I use to have an Irish roommate who said it all the time, and I've never heard that from anyone else.
  4. ...really??? Pussy is considered more vulgar than c**** in British English??? C*** is like N-word level you can't say that in America.
  5. OBJECTION: 4 letter word that begins with "C" That's funny though.
  6. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    ahhhhhhh. I see. I'll try it with Linde I guess. If all else fails, I'll break out that xander/rein/B!Lyn/Dancer squad. Mage emblem seems like a better way to go then horse emblem for this one, but I see some people here vouching that horseemblem works.
  7. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Haven't tried it on Infernal yet, but glad to hear it holds up. Brave Lance user as a Linde replacement eh??? Thats interesting. Might have to give that a try. Think 5 Star Effie with the Brave Lance / Death Blow / Wary Fighter combo can get the job done, or is the 1-movement on armor too much of a handicap?
  8. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Cheesed Lunatic with Desperation + Life and Death offense on Linde and Nino, and two dancers + wings of mercy shenanigans (Green Azura + Olivia) Gronnblade's stat boosts are added to damage affect with the +3/+3/+3/+3 buff from Azura’s song is absolutely disgusting.
  9. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Yeah not gonna lie. I don't ever see myself using Arden over BK, Ryoma, or Xander.
  10. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Kind of underwhelmed that Arden is the F2P 5-star giveaway for a 30,000 point trial run. ...i mean we just got the motherfucking Black Knight... Arden???
  11. General US Politics

    Hey--I got to post something informative and make fun of New Jersey. Its all good.
  12. General US Politics

    Correct. a [county] and a [district] are two very different things. A "district" is a political subdivision of a state that gets one (1) congressman in the United States House of Representatives. All districts in every state are supposed to have equal population, so that every congressman represents the same number of constituents. And no constituent is under-represented or over-represented. A "county" is a political subdivision of the state that has its own sheriff, its own police department, its own Court, its own prison system, its own judges, and its own jurisdiction to make arrests within the County + hear cases in County Court + send criminals to County Jail. They do not need to be the same size, because they are completely irrelevant to apportionment of legislative representation. A county is a judicial subdivision. Not a congressional one. By way of example: ...This is a county map of New Jersey... ...this is the district map of New Jersey... So if you live in Cumberland or Cape May County or Salem County , you are represented by the Congressman of the 2nd District of New Jersey and that is the congressional election you vote in. But if you arrested for armed robbery in Cumberland County your case goes to Cumberland Superior Court, if you are arrested for armed robbery in Salem County your case goes to Salem Superior Court, and so on and so forth. ...and just for the sake of lightening the mood...this is a real map of new jersey...
  13. General US Politics

    Might do some number crunching tomorrow. Generally the main thing you want to look for is the urban/agrarian divide; that's your best predictor of democratic vs. republican voter base. You could almost even make the case that religious distribution flows as a derivative of that prime factor, with high religiosity + church attendance corresponding to rural values. And secular humanism + rejection of traditional closed-community orthodoxies corresponding to urban values. ...and then the distribution of churches in Republican vs. Democratic districts really just becomes another way of expressing how urbanized or countryside your population is. IDK. I'll think about it. Gotta get some sleep. I have court in the morning. Thanks for cleaning up all the spambots btw. I'm assuming that was your diligent efforts.
  14. General US Politics

    They have it jerryrigged so that those three (3) blue districts are all 60-70% Democrat super-majorities. So they can just easily carry those three districts every election cycle but can't put up the numbers to be competitive anywhere else. Even though there's 13 districts, and Democrats are almost half the state. ...its literally just this...
  15. General US Politics

    It happens so often though. North Carolina is the worst offender. You were asking earlier if any of the redistricting actually effects the make-up government--ohhhhhhh yes it does. 49.3% vote for Republicans vs. 46.2% vote for Democrats in the 2016 election 10 North Carolina Seats in the US House of Representatives to the Republicans vs. 3 North Carolina Seats to the Democrats How in the hell does that happen??? This is how...look at this shit... ^^^ Forget Paid Trolls and Russian Collusion. That's how you rig an election.