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  1. General US Politics

    The year is 2019, Nazis are back, and Burger King + PornHub just joined together to make fun of the President of the United States. Who is Donald Trump. This is not the future I imagined.
  2. Conquest tiering discussion

    I think thats fair tbh. (at least if the parameters you're using exclude immediate reclassing to darkflier or dreadfighter or some DLC class) Its not that Odin doens't have potential. His base stats and early game are just so bad. And for the amount of investment it takes to get him up-and-running: hes not going to turn out amazingly better than units that join with solid bases and don't require extensive babying before they turn into "good units."
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  7. Google image war

    *ManBearPig Detected*
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  9. Official Pull Topic what you will tell the kids when they ask why they have to take out student loans F2P'd a +Def/-Res Tibarn in my first pack. ...acceptable...
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  12. @Rapier We still doing this? Doesn't look like OP was ever updated with new prompt + deadline
  13. Google image war

  14. A route split with the existing cast and nothing else should be entirely doable, but if they follow the gaiden/echoes road map then--yeahhhhhh--we'd probably see a new unit or two as part of the remake. I'd be more inclined to look at it from a story perspective than a gameplay perspective. As vanilla FE8 is pretty tame on gameplay, and unless they plan on adding a lunatic mode I don't think they need to do anything to make the gameplay even more player friendly. I think where a new character could really add value is in bringing some lore and backstory to the table that fleshes out more of the Magvel setting. I also really, really, really, really don't want to see them pull another Faye. (i.e. gratuitously added new character in a remake that fulfills a vital gameplay niche, but contributes nothing of substance + adds some cringeworthy moments to the story) ...maybe a clergyman from the Church of Rausten (could be a priest or a monk or a mage) to give us some more info on the country's theocracy, church politics, and doctrines ...maybe a freebooter from Carcino (could be a pirate or a merc or a thief) to give us more info on The Republic's mercantile culture, trade, and business organizations _______________ Not holding my breath for this one, but Dorcas basically meme'd has way into FE Heroes so maybe this is something we can make happen if enough of the playerbase memes hard enough: Recruitable Gheb on Ephraim's route plz. That even meets your "I do want another Jagen, so each route can have one right away" specs Joining 1 chapter into the route split as a prepromoted warrior sounds pretty jeiganish to me--If you make Seth go with Eirika, then Gheb could be the Jeigan of Ephraim's route.
  15. Google image war