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  1. General US Politics

    Unfortunate, but not unexpected. For once I hope I'm wrong. The polling has been all over the place--I've seen everything from Moore up +8 to Moore down -10 in the past week. I don't consider any of it reliable and I don't think anyone really knows how to predict voter turnout in an off-year election. Either way--if I've said it once, I've said it a million times. The beautiful thing about Democracy is the people get the government they deserve.
  2. General US Politics

    ...well today's the day we find out who wins the Alabama senate seat. It's Alabama. My hopes are high, but my expectations are low. This is a state where being a pro-choice democrat is still probably more off-putting to most voters then being a known child molestor.
  3. General US Politics

    ...well you have to hold someone in high esteem to begin with, to be disappointed when they're shamed for public misconduct. I never had a particular high opinion of Weiner to begin with--even before all the sexting stuff I always thought he was a pretentious ass. Of all the rich and powerful men being outed right now, the only one I can say I'm truly disappointed in is Louis C.K.
  4. General US Politics

    ...yeah AP confirming today--Franken's out. He had to go. Sexual assault really shouldnt be a partisan issue, but you can't be the party claiming the moral high ground on respect and tolerance and accountability for outrageous conduct in the age of Donald "grab em' by the pussy!" Trump. Then turn around and keep a guy like that around.
  5. General US Politics

    Like I'm trying not to be too hyperbolic about the Trump tax plan. It's bad policy. It's not the end of the world. I do think if it passes it becomes the GOP's Obamacare; a massively unpopular piece of legislation passed on party-lines that's going to become a rallying cry for the opposition going into the midterms, and carry them back to the majority. And it's sort of in the same boat as Obamacare where its subject to the political whims of the next president and congress; just because its passed doesn't mean it survives the shelf-life of this presidency. I'm much more interested in what's going on right now with Trump's Israel policy and plans to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, tbh. Any thoughts on that one?
  6. Who are your favorite dodgetanks of the GBA games?

    FE7 Raven post-promotion with a hand axe *dodge* kill *dodge* kill *dodge* kill
  7. Four Packs with F2P orbs 5-Star Pulled on Genny, Celica, and B! Cordelia fodder pulled two Hana's that I can at some point promote and sac out for Life-and-Death inheritance. I'd call that a decent haul.
  8. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    ...that is an excessive amount of grinding. Hit 100k and got all the free orbs. I'm satisfied.
  9. About Branded Mechanics

    ...This is actually something I would LOVE to see in a Tellius sequel, and an idea that I hope IS eventually uses as a central plot point in some future game. Like Fates already gave us a main-character that had both a dragon transformation and swords. I'm envisioning a game where the avatar is a branded of unspecified parentage, in a next-gen setting where this one particular branded has inexplicably been born with the power to use the abilities of his Laguz heritage. Avatar customization lets you choose any combination of one (1) beorc weapon class and one (1) laguz transformation. You could make your avatar: ...a flying archer that transforms into a hawk axe-wielding werewolf ...a thunder mage that transforms into a lion (i.e. "Thundercats; Hooooooo!!!") ...a dagger-tosser that transforms into a dragon The replay value and customizability there would be huge. And with Tellius-quality writing, you could actually work the avatar's identity into a compelling story (i.e. what does this represent in the broader context of branded evolving into the "future of tellius?" Beginning to appear openly and in greater numbers? Being reluctantly accepted by some factions, but still being met with dark suspicion or outright hatred by others?) Instead of going down the road of the Corrin circle-jerk.
  10. General US Politics

    Mueller now reportedly in possession of a previously undisclosed email from the Trump transition team, stating plainly that Russia "threw the election to Trump." (Flynn's cooperation + plea agreement announced, then one day later this--take a wild guess how prosectors came into possession of that email).
  11. General US Politics

    ...remember what Comey was fired for, all the way back before we even had a special prosecutor. Trump in his one-on-one meetings with the FBI director had two concrete demands as to how he expected Comey to show his "loyalty." (1) Put out a statement that Donald Trump is not personally under any criminal investigation. (2) "Take it easy on Mike Flynn. He's a good guy." Flynn was with him from the beginning. This was the guy who had all the access to the inner circle of Jared and Don Jr. and Ivanka, but none of the family loyalty. He knew who was doing what and on who's orders and could expose the whole thing, if The State flipped him with the threat of criminal prosecution. You say Miller is running out of cards. I say he just drew a full hand. (Further note that they offered no such plea deal to Paul Manafort. In other words--knowing what he knows--Mueller has deemed Flynn's knowledge-of-events + cooperation with prosecutors useful to his investigation, in ways that Manafort's wasn't)
  12. General US Politics

    Strongly disagree--look at the factual basis for the guilty plea that Flynn has admitted to. It's in the court documents: Flynn admits as true that he met with the Russians at the direction of and through secret back-channels established by Jared Kushner; lying to the FBI when he provides testimony to the contrary. There's a very solid picture of where this is going--Kushner is the next target. Flynn is the cooperative witness that has the dirt on Trump and his family. Mueller would not have let him off-the-hook with only a conviction for lying to the FBI about what he did, with no charges as to his underlying conduct, unless he delivered the goods. (Also now being reported on CNN that Trump has approached several Republican Senators and asked them to shutdown the investigation)
  13. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Opened Lute today--can do a proper +40% grind now (got to like 50k grinding at +20%). Been buffing the shit out of my grinding units with the SP gains. Finally got Raourblade+ and Life-and-Death 3 on Witchy Nowi. What a beast.
  14. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Nice Cordelia.
  15. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Lol witchy nowi with a hone fliers boost one rounds michalis player-phase turn #1. Cleared infernal on first try with witchy nowi / Camilla / hinoka / brave lucina. This is super-cheesable with flier emblem.