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  1. Google image war

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  3. General "mass killings" thread

    No. Just a thing for educated voters to be aware of.
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  6. General US Politics

    I spoke to my conservative uncle who voted for Trump in 2016. He told me I'm going to vote for Trump again if the Democrats put up Warren or Sanders or Harris. I will not support a leftist. Biden is reasonable. I will vote for the Democratic ticket if they put up Biden. ...then I spoke to one of my leftist friend who didn't vote in 2016... He told me I'll stay home again if they don't put up Warren or Sanders. Centrist Democrats act like they're better than Republicans, but they're the same corporate shills. There's the double-bind. Put up a candidate who can get the leftists that refused to vote for Hillary, and you lose the center. Put up a candidate who can get the centrists that flipped for Trump, and you lose the left. What to do?
  7. General "mass killings" thread

    (1) Lonely, insecure men are phenomenally vulnerable to toxic propaganda. The internet makes it easier than its every been to access anything-and-everything--nazi race theory, 4chan "meninism," white nationalist manifestos, etc.--and so we see an increasingly large number of lonely, insecure men being radicalized through the internet. (2) Trump's rhetoric and policies have made him an icon to White Nationalists around the world. Trump being elected president of the United States has emboldened them to act out in ways we have not seem them act out in decades, because it makes them feel like their beliefs are sufficiently mainstream that they don't have to be coy about it anymore. (2) is not false because (1) is true. (1) is not true because (2) is false. Both statements are true, and neither negates the other. _______ Also--Teachable Moment. This is What Implicit Bias looks Like: Same Publication. Same Editors. Cover When White Supremacist shoots up a Mosque vs. Cover When Jihadist Shoots up a Night Club See what they did there?
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  12. Coolest animals (in your opinion)?

    The Face you make when u being used as a living bong hit:
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