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  1. California mass Shooting

    I've outlined this in other threads, but I'll say it again here just to put a concrete proposal on the table and see if we can get some meeting-of-the-minds on common ground here. Don't ban guns. Treat them like cars. License needed to own and operate. Training Course + Field Test + medical fitness evaluation needed to get a license All guns must be marked with an identification number + registered with their owner All changes of ownership must be logged, recorded, and reported to public records Unlawful sales, unlicensed operations, and unsafe operations shall be punishable by degree of severity with fines, criminal penalties, and/or loss of license. Acceptable? Unacceptable?
  2. California mass Shooting

    ^^^ This. Come on guys--this isn't hard. ...I smell a ban incoming... But before @eclipse gives you the boot, to the point of the matter asserted: ...for the same reason we control food and drugs, automobiles, commercial airlines, and--well--everything. Civil order means you give up the state-of-nature existence of pure freedom to limit certain predatory, socially undesirable behaviors. It is socially undesirable behavior to give unrestricted access to guns to anyone regardless of age, maturity, training, criminal history, and mental state. We recognize this with other potentially dangerous instrumentalities. (i.e. fireworks, whiskey, tylenol) Other countries recognize the same public policy rationale applies to guns. America is unique only in that it has a 200+ year old founding charter stating that a fundamental right to gun ownership is part-and-parcel of America's national identity and can never be infringed, which we perpetually refuse to update or revisit or otherwise treat as a historic relic. So we have to make a square peg fit a round hole and go through these mental gymnastics everytime someone shoots up a school or a bar-scene or a house-of-worship, to explain why unrestricted access to guns is a good thing and actually makes us all safer. (those "immigrants" though...they're gonna get ya...)
  3. Any Magic the: Gathering players on this site?

    Ridiculous indeed. There's a reason they call it cardboard crack. Aye--Red/White aggro is a fun little beginner friendly deck thats doing pretty good right now, and can be thrown together on a budget with mostly commons and uncommons if you don't have a whole lot of mythics and rares yet. I think the version of that deck in Guilds of Ravnica with the [mentor] mechanic and all the cheap, efficient boros cards you can run with it ( healer's hawk, goblin banneret, boros challenger, skyknight legionnaire, truefire captain, etc.) is most definitively better then the Dominaria aura/equipment version of the deck. And I would definitely recommend picking up some guilds of ravnica packs if you enjoy playing in that archetype. I'm loving that arena lets me draft whenever I want without putting money into packs, and without having to go through the trouble of trying to get 8 busy friends together on a Saturday night where everyone's trying to do their own thing. The fact that its F2P accessible and makes drafting + casual constructed accessible without continuously throwing $$$ at the game is great. I agree--it doesn't have the same charm as getting your friends together, cracking open some beers, and playing around a long table. But I really appreciate the ease of access and free play. Definitely recommend downloading MTG arena if you want to play more and build more decks but money is an issue--I'm also at a point in life where I'm finding it increasingly diffcult to justify going out and spending money on cardboard everytime a new set comes out. What deck you running now with the Dominaria cards?
  4. Any Magic the: Gathering players on this site?

    mint condition Black Lotus sold for $87,000 on Kotaku back in July. You could put a down payment on a house with that collection.
  5. Google image war

  6. MTGArena? MagicOnline? Good-old-fashioned cardboard? How long you been playing? What was your first set? You follow the lore or just play the game? Where you play and what you running? ________ Always like to find out who else plays and talk game. Got into it when I was in middle school all the way back in the Invasion / Odyssey block meta. Met some of my best and oldest friends playing it--the game's been a part of my life for longer than it hasn't.
  7. Google image war

  8. General US Politics

    Aight---Dems did what they need to do last night. Retook the House Got subpoena power Actually competed at the state level and won some governorships (part of the problem in 2016 with the scarcity of viable candidates in the Democratic field is that popular and high-profile governorships have historically been the springboard for successful presidential campaigns--by neglecting state races and not having superstar governors rise to prominence within the Democratic Party, the Party set the stage for an election cycle where they didn't really have anyone except some crusty old Senators to take the field) Florida was a bit of a shitshow. Its one of the three big bellwether states whose political climate indicates whether or not Trump has the support to win reelection in 2020--the fact that we're halfway there and Florida is still going Red is not good. ...on the other hand... The Republican margin of victory in Florida was like 80,000 votes in a state of 21 million people. And while Florida didn't elect a Democrat in any state-level races, they did do something else that's particularly noteworthy. Florida voters passed a ballot measure restoring voting rights to 1.5 million (predominantly African American) disenfranchised persons who had been banned from voting as part of a criminal sentence. Provided that the persons have completed the rest of their sentence, and provided that the criminal conviction was not for murder or a felony sex offense. >>>>>>>80,000 voter margin of victory >>>>>>>>>>>1.5 million new voters ____________________ Speaks to the level of voter suppression and thieving dickery Republicans resort to to win some of these elections that they're getting governorships and Senate Seats with those kinds of margins in states where they're stopping that many people from even going to the polls. Competitive Florida elections are rarely decided by more than 1-2% margins. 1.5 million banned persons comes out to 9.2% of the state's entire voting age population. (Gotta wonder what the past few elections would have looked like if Florida wasn't actively suppressing that vote) ...thats just a tadbit undemocratic of them... Still. They're here now. They're restored. And Florida 2020 is looking very, very interesting if those numbers break down the way I think they're going to.
  9. Google image war

  10. Google image war

  11. Google image war

  12. Google image war

  13. General US Politics

    Last best hope would be that rank-and-file soldiers recognize any such orders handed down as illegal orders to massacre civilians, and refuse to commit the atrocity. The really fucked up part is if they actually do it--if they go full Einsatzgruppen Nazi deathsquad on a caravan of refugees and asylumseekers--Trump with all his bluster and machismo and cult-of-personality will almost certainly have ~40% of the country supporting the action + whipped up into a patriotic fenzy of thinking its "unamerican" to oppose it. ...This is what we're SUPPOSED to do to keep the country clean... ...This is American greatness on full display... ...You hate America and you want American workers to lose their job and you want American families to get raped and murdered if you're against this... ~40%. They'll be completely, unapologetically on board with that. _________ That to me is a stronger sign of national decline than any trade statistic or deficit figure. A nation cannot be great if its people are cruel and stupid.
  14. Yeah--thats why I was reluctant to really comment on it. Like with @DarthR0xas I can look at what he wrote last round, I can tap into my base of knowledge from playing Fates, and I can go Okay--there's something off about the dialogue here. I know how Nyx as a character talks and describes things--this isn't Nyx. This is the author talking in his narrative voice, putting it in quotation marks, and calling it Nyx's dialogue. If Nyx was describing these events in her own words and patterns of speech this isn't how she would be talking; Nyx doesn't talk like that. I can't do that with a fandom I'm not familiar with.