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  1. hello sf blog

    tfw you get an entire tier to yourself
  2. What are the good characters?

    Marcus isn't THAT great mind, he has pretty awful sped and overkill skill. Still, he can carry you out of pinches until at least the Dread Isle chapters, if not to right after.
  3. What are the good characters?

    Kent and Sain are solid characters Oswin is really great too if you don't leave him behind. Basically a second Hector! Priscilla is probably your best healer but Serra is no slouch if you leveled her good in Lyn's Story Raven is generally fantastic. Matthew is a decent thief but replace him with legault unless he gets really good Level Ups Florina has early game advantage but I prefer Fiora the most. Florina is still good tho esp for Eliwood Normal Mode Canas is a great unit just by virtue of being your only dark magic user Dart -can- be fun if you don't mind a super fast super strong super inaccurate character. If you find the ocean seal he can become a berserker. He has one of the ebst supports in the game too, with Rebecca. Fire x Fire gives obscene crits and attack boosts. Heath is a good flier if all your peg knights come out bad. As for pre-promoted units, all are more or less useable, but the stand outs are.... Marcus, just don't let him suck up early game EXP needlessly (or waste his Silver lance uses) Pent, he's just a solid all around magic user with flexible use Harken and Karel are both great sword infantry units and both are basically RNG proof Jaffar can basically replace Matthew/Legault as promoting either of them is no guarantee they'll come out good (and Jaffar is just solid all around and can still use lockpicks. Can't steal, though).
  4. Let's Discuss Judgral's Story/Lore

    tbf addressing its shortcomings and critiquing it doesn't mean we hate it or even that we all think its bad. I have a reply building up in the works to counter some points, but either way I think a lot of this conversation largely comes from love for the series and the game, not hate. If we hated it, we wouldn't care so much. Besides, FE4 -is- an old video game in the long run of things, and even when it was unconditionally praised it still had/has writing weirdness and caveats (like plot being dumped in chunks every castle taken is just the Fire Emblem standard back then).
  5. Fire Emblem 4 Plot Summary

    Chapter 3 lacked an Arden joke. otherwise 10/10 true perfection (I kid but they are short sweet and funny, and always like seeing a new one!)
  6. Let's Discuss Judgral's Story/Lore

    Wow, that's some hella replies. I've my own responses to get to, I'll post them later when I have more time to muse over them all.
  7. Of all the FEW characters you've played as so far, who is your most and least favorite to use? Why? Similarly, of the FEW characters you know of so far, who are you most excited to see added and least? Again, why?
  8. So while browsing the various threads in this subforum I cam across some quotes that struck my attention. Now this is not a call out post mind you, but it did make me think some on FE4 (and to a lesser extent FE5's) narrative. It's one of my favorites in the franchise (if not my most favorite, storywise), but I do fully admit it is flawed. But flawed in what ways? I know the infamy of the Blood Pact plot twist in Radiant Dawn and how many plot holes that opens up, but nothing in FE4 really struck me as THAT glaring personally. So, let's discuss then! What do we like and dislike about the Judral Saga? What would you like to personally fix or change and why? I am curious to know.
  9. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    God really I love so many how can I even pick some oldies but goldies tho "Doga will CHOKE THIS POINT" (and Doga in general) Sigurd + Fire jokes SIGURD'S PANTS Sirrius is Tuxedo Mask Pregnant Ninian (i created that one and still see it reposted sometimes all these years later, bahaha) any and all Dorcas memes, but I'm fond of this stupid family man one I made YEARS ago "Thany is the cutest little shota EVER" "Ayra could fuck a broomstick and still have amazing kids" FIIIYAAAH EMMMBUREEEEM opera Hectorcopter GENERALS ARE MECHA (I miss those custom sprites :( ) calling the Black Knight the BURGER KING Marty Party BANETOU (and by extension Wrys who is basically his successor in this kind of meme) Making fun of NoA naming Sety "Ced" because seriously why "I fight for my friends" ZIGLUDO YOU THINK YOU CAN STAND UP TO BATTA THE BEAST? Denning posting Knollroll Gerik's beard so pointy it can shatter glass god Im sure theres more but these are all off the top of my head (some are really obscure or just FESS-centric, lol). I don't really have any least favorites atm, I've been out of the loop too long to be exposed to bad memes :P
  10. What to do about Amelia?

    tfw i like gilliam :'( I used to make Amelia a general for the gimmick of it, but paladin suits her better. FE8 is ez mode though, so just go with what you like or need more! (Which you already picked armor soooo).
  11. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    Eliwood and Ninian is my OTP When I was much younger I heavily shipped Lyn with Rath, but now I'm conflicted because I like her with Hector and Kent too. It's a hard pick between the three. Hector I really only like with Lyn but yeah I also like Lyn with Kent and Rath so reeeeeee.
  12. In short, FE5 is hard mechanically, filled with tricky new functions and concepts and you have to think on your feet and learn the game to survive. FE6 Hard Mode is difficulty pretty much through virtue of brute force: the stat gains enemies get are ridiculous and early game you'll be hurting for it. Normal Mode FE6 I found to be a solid but not overwhelming challenge, though.
  13. While GRAPHICS aren't the most tell tale sign because, well yeah, GBA hardware, Magvel and Elibe seem to share similar aesthetics as well - not just of course the sprites for the majority of units, but also character designs and armor. And yeah, dragons being a rarity and Myrhh functioning the same as Fae... its grasping at straws, but they're meaningful straws! :P I would have liked some kind of Elibe cameo - a pegasus sister or maybe WALLACE somehow wandering in, but eh.
  14. Is FE 7's story really that bad?

    The "war dragons" as they're called in FE6 aren't trueborn dragons, they're artificial creations made of magic (heavily implied to be the same magic Nergal uses to create morphs). During the Scouring, as more and more natural born dragons died, they resorted to basically perverting their own race to make up for lost numbers, but they are nowhere as strong as the real deal. ANYWAY FE7 DEFENSE SQUAD REPORTING IN WEEEWOOOWEEEWOOO While I'll fully admit Nergal's flakeyness with regards to both his power level as remarked upon in-character and out-of-character can be frustrating, and there really is no explanation for why he tried summoning a dragon without first starting his war in Lycia first in the Elbert arc of the game, there are some things I guess I could try and defend. With regards to Nergal shrugging off Forblaze only later to get done in by it (and everyone else's weapons) - Despite Athos being all "if he really wanted to even I couldn't have saved you", I just feel like Athos is overselling Nergal here, and Nergal is probably bluffing a bit with the whole "hoho that tickled" bit. More to the point, he's basically totally out of his mind by this point too, and while vaguely defined insanity is not a good explanation for inconsistencies, its better than nothing I guess. He does say he's impervious, which blatantly shown to be not true, so.... I say he's bluffing. With regards to Ninian - Nergal didn't shapeshift her, she did it on her own accord. Now why he didn't mind control her or whatever like before, I suppose has to do with Ninian becoming stronger a character over her adventure with the lord trio. Where as before she was meek and honestly rather glum about resisting, now she's really made some friends and isn't alone and is in love with Eliwood (regardless if Eliwood loves her back or not, A support or no), and likely only gave herself to Nergal willingly so he'd spare everyone else, but had no intentions of doing his bidding. She likely shifted into her dragon form as a means of fighting back but Nergal thought it ammusing and instead let her run off, knowing if she ran back to Eliwood in this state no one would recognize her and she'd likely be attacked. So basically Ninian tried to be macho and it backfired hard and Nergal being a sociopathic creep rolled with it for the jollies. With regards to why Nergal accepted Ninian's ultimatum and didn't just blow the lords and Athos away and take Nils with him or why Athos didn't fight back then.... yeah, that's another plothole along the lines of "woops guess I didn't need my war after all I could've just sucked off Elbert the life energy I needed". Maybe that tiny bit of memory locked away in his mind of his love for Aenir and Ninian being his daughter clicked for a brief moment. I'd have to go over the dialogue again to be sure. Either way, hard to justify that part. With regards to the Black Fang, that I felt was justified in-narrative, or at least in supports. Before Nergal infiltrated them with Sonia, the Fang were a very small group of vigilantes. Sonia opened the flood gates and essentially let their numbers bloat overwhelmingly to the point they were effectively a small militia. Yes, I still say small, because where as other FEs imply your characters are just the named heroes leading unseen armies of randoms (most easily seen in the Tellius games with Ike leading a large crowd of soldiers), FE7 seems to imply what you see is literally what you get: Eliwood didn't take a small army with him, just his bodyguard captain, a single knight aspirant, and some hired muscle. Hector intended on going entirely ALONE, but Oswin tagged along by order of Uther and Matthew and Serra followed suit. Lyn definitely would not take all of Caelin's knights with her - they needed to stay with her father and safeguard the place, so she takes only those she trusts the most: Kent, Sain, Wil, and Florina. So while the Black Fang can seem a bit absurd for a "league of assassins", they've long since stopped being that. Legault's supports lament these sudden changes and influx of attendees and how he misses the "good old days". They number in the low hundreds at best. Large, but not unrealistically so for basically a militia. Either way, I still think FE7 has strong writing! The plot might have holes, but what separates FE7 from other FEs before it is this was really the game that gave character writing the polish it needed. Supports were great, characters got loads of depth in them, heck you even get little backstories you piece together through them (see: Renault). The non support writing is also good, even if the plot gets fucky. The Bern melodrama, the bromance between Hector and Eliwood, its all good shit imo. It's a somewhat bad story written better than it deserves to be.
  15. Just an idle thought I had yesterday. If Sacred Stones is for all intents and purposes a spiritual successor to Gaiden, bringing back various Gaiden elements such as repeatable battles, a world map, even some of the music... could we possibly see SS in the same light as Gaiden with regards to story? Consider that both Magvel and Valentia are the only continents we never revisit in a later game, but Valentia is to the west of Akaneia, so perhaps Magvel resides in the same world as Elibe? Now there is less to support this (namely no Elibe character cameos in Sacred Stones), but it would maybe help Magvel feel less isolated from the other games, as every other Fire Emblem has given a continent two games a piece (Five for Akaneia if you count the remakes and Ylisse from Awakening). So yeah, I dunno, idle thought like I said!