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  1. [FE5]Thracia 776 Menu Translation [WIP][5-17]

    Nope, the script translation messes with the text system, so it crashes on launch, if i remember correctly.
  2. map sprite palette problem

    You'll need to order the palette by pasting one pixel of each color(according to the order you can see downright in em) on the upleft of the image. right now, your image is fine, but its reading the colors in the wrong order.
  3. Portrait/Sprite Editors?

    ^but dont forget to use usenti for color count checking
  4. Fire Emblem PC game?

    If you're doing an fe pc game, dont expect peoples to care about the game itself, the first question will be "can i use this engine for my game fe6.5"
  5. Display enemy AI on the map

    There's an hack for FE8 that sets all enemies with the guard ai's move to 0(i think that's how it works, not sure), it probably doesn't exist for FE7 though.
  6. FEBuilderGBA tutorials? Cant see changes made in-game.

    After making your changes, did you do File>Save as(or overwrite)? that's what saves the edited rom.
  7. Magic and Weapons on menu screen

    No FE8 patch for now.
  8. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    LOAD1 0x1 unitlabel Dont forget to make sure you have the game set to fe8 in ea
  9. Putting Midis into FE8 Rom

    a .s file is a text file, its just called s for syntax highlighting. please open the file with a text editor and paste the text here.
  10. and vanessa editor.nmm?dl=0 Nightmare module for all of you who want to edit moulder and vanessa's starting classes/items. This probably already exists somewhere, but i figured why not share my version.
  11. [COMPLETE][FE8] Void's Blitzarre Adventure - v1.1.1 RELEASED

    He isn't the only one who made it, it's a community hack made by the guys at FEU
  12. Fire Emblem: Scions of Kings

    I think I can be president Really, I just need to get strong at politics, and there you go.
  13. Now, i'm fully expecting most peoples are gonna say FEditor+Nightmare, so i'm more interested in how many peoples don't use that method.
  14. Hex Editing and Game Freezes

    You need to use ctrl-b, which is paste overwrite, else, you will move all of the data after what you pasted, and all of the pointers will become invalid. or you could have used EA, which would have done that in the first place.
  15. What are you working on?

    Heroes features in FE8 cause why not