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  1. NES styled characters!

    Pretty sure arden was already being memed pretty hard before heroes(in midori, in fe4 itself, and in the old translations("POWER OF PURSUIT!").
  2. NES styled characters!

    Is the stacking technique just layering 2 sprites on top of each other? If so that would make sense(3 colors + 1 transparent = 6 usable colors)(it'd also explain the flickering with the sprites) but unfortunately, i'm fairly certain NESFE uses the background layer for mugs, not the sprites layers(hence why we can see the background color.). FE1, Not FF1.
  3. NES styled characters!

    that devdanved has a very weird nose. otherwise, I know this is gonna sound like i'm a whiny bitch, but that danved does not respect NES technical palette limitations.(which you probably weren't aiming to respect anyways, but shrug) by using usenti to split up that danved into 8x8 tiles, you'll see that the tile I highlighted has 5 colors in it. however, the NES palette limitations force you to only have 4 colors per tile, with a max of 16 colors(4 palettes of 4 colors). so, you'd have to remove some shading on that devdan. working on my FE1 hack all night is slowly locking me out from noticing anything that isn't technically correct aaaaa anyways, rant over.
  4. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    you'll be able to change the MU overall style, but stuff like haircuts/colors would be too complicated, and require a complete rewrite of the mug system.
  5. Help with making a Nightmare Module

    in other.txt: 4 0x08 Female only 0x40 Not Forgeable 0x48 You declare 4 entries, but there's only 3. pretty sure that's your issue. also, looking at your screenshot, I'm pretty sure Uses isn't right, I don't remember the Iron sword having 158 uses(unless you edited it, in which case my bad.).
  6. "Training/challenge" hack?

    if you mean vanilla FE without story, pretty sure there isn't anything like that. if you're searching for a storyless custom hack, closest you're gonna get is probably Void's blitzarre adventure, which lacks a substantial story(aka anything more than demon king killed my parents) because it was made in a week. Fire Emblem Resonance is another blitz that was made in around a week, and has almost no story, but the maps are overall less challenging(and fun) than VBA, imo.
  7. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

  8. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    We're getting some new characters, but except for the MU, no OC.(just familiar faces.)
  9. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    Thanks! and if you wish to help with halfbodies, you should probably join the discord server as it's where most of the sprites discussion is going on.(link to it is in the first post.)
  10. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    He will promote using the Fire Emblem.(You can promote any time you want)
  11. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    Yeah, that move 20 is caused by my built in debugger that I use for test purpose It's actually fairly useful, when you're too lazy to pull out the memory editor
  12. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    Update, cause the trailer is coming very soon.(yes, that is a true str mag split)
  13. Could an "Avatar" be made in a FE8 hack?

    Specifically, there is this: that allows you to get tactician naming working in FE8. There is no hack that completely ports over the tactician creation screen from FE7, though.
  14. Looking for FeBuilder expert (paid)

    Animations take a huge amount of time and effort to make. If you wanted to commission someone to make an animation, you'd have to spend much more than 1$(unless you meant inserting the animation, and not spriting it).