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  1. Final Version Is out! there's probably is gonna be no other updates after that one, as most of the team lost interest, and everything is pretty much done.
  2. [FE7] Any information regarding map encoding?

    Pretty sure map data is lz77 compressed? There's probably some documentation for it on the unified fe hacking dropbox: I can't take a look at it right now, but maybe nintenlord's folder has info, as he made the original map converters?
  3. [FE7] More than 7 Support Partners per Character?

    I didnt read through all this, but even then, I know the game only saves 7 supports for units, and stores 7 bytes for support level in the character struct, so expanding them would imply relocating/expanding those data, which would be quite the struggle.
  4. Potential ROM Hack

    Nobody will want to help your hack if you don't show some sort of progress. and usually, the project leader is the main hacker, if you ask someone to hack your concept for you, they usually will refuse. try to learn hacking, at least, it's really easy nowadays(, and If you ever get stuff done, post screenshots here, and people will be willing to help you. right now, it just feels like i'm looking at void, no offense.
  5. FEBuilder can basically do anything the other tools can. sometimes, it's worse at doing things that some tools, but it gets the job done, and is very easy to use for a begginer.
  6. Extend Chapter List in FEBuilder GBA

    It seems the extend list button is missing on that screen. I'll tell 7743 to add it in the future. in the mean-time, if you're hacking FE8, you can replace chapter 0x3B and 0x3C, as those are unused debug chapters. EDIT: If you're hacking FE7, chapter 0x42 is another debug chapter you can replace.
  7. For some reason, instead of loading the actual adress for the item table(which I assume febuilder gets by getting the pointer from the GetItemRomStruct function), it loaded 0x0. So, unless the creator of master version really didn't want people to hack his hack and moved said function, I'm pretty sure this is an febuilder glitch, you should report it to 7743 on the Fire Emblem Universe FEBuilderGBA thread:
  8. FE7 Class Change Past Recruitment

    With nightmare, no. You could use ram editing( to change her class, though. You would find her slot by going into the stat screen for yout first character then scrolling down until you find lyn.
  9. Did you patch the ups on a clean FE8U rom using NUPS? If you try to open the ups in an emulator directly, It wont work, because upses are a type of patch. the reason we distribute patches is because roms are illegal to distribute on this site.
  10. Alternative to FEditor

    FEBuilder is basically better FEditor, at that point, as it has much more features than it, abd is an all in one editor, and only breaks half as much. You can find it on, or here.
  11. V.1.8.3 Out. -Added Randy -Added enemy palettes for Lyn lords -Fixed Derek's enemy palette -Revised enemies on Chapter 10, mostly being a mix of unpromoted and some promoted units. -Fixed the Silque crash -Fixed Morps' animation error -Fixed the Furia crash -Fixed the Chapter 9 glitchy events -Altered the way ballistae work, namely the stats. -Gave Randy and Glitchyjoe battle quotes. -Fixed chests that crashed the game -New weapons obtained new icons. Cheers. Next update is probably going to either be more glitches fix, or inserting some part of the script.
  12. FE4 3rd Tier possibility

    Considering how FE4 promotions don't reset your levels, it would at first seem much harder to do than on, say, gbafe, but it's probably doable if you take the time to learn snes asm and decopher the machine code to then edit it and make it do 3 promotions.
  13. V.1.7 is out, more glitches have been fixed, and we now have a discord for talking about the hack/reporting glitches!
  14. Version 1.51 released, bugfixes, palettes, base stats, yada yada yada