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  1. Awakening(?)

    Pair Up:already done by circleseverywhere. Class Changing:doesn't sound hard at all.
  2. FE6 Merlinus Battle Animations

    Change $49ACE and $49AD8 to 00
  3. Any advice on finding safe GBA ROMs?

    Not only that, but you'd also need a rom dumper if you wanted to play on an emulator/hack your game, and that'd also mean your dumped rom would be different to the one you used to make your hack, which would make patching difficult.
  4. Any advice on finding safe GBA ROMs?

    As long as we don't give out links/site names for downloading roms, it's cool.
  5. Any advice on finding safe GBA ROMs?

    If the file being downloaded is a 8-16 mbs gba file, then you're sure it's the rom and its safe. If it's a .zip, then make sure that the file inside is the gba rom before unzipping, and there's no shady exe. If the file being downloaded is an exe, you should probably delete it, It'll either be a shady installer that will install other programs without telling you, or just a plain virus.
  6. Fire Emblem: Hereafter

    oh boy such hardcore you're the best me too i only play berwick hard mode thracia and fe12 lunatic reverse (You already lost my interest; this is the clichéest sentence i've ever seen about fe) FE is a strategy game; Most of the fun comes from planning enemy group wipeouts and pulling them off, not being able to know if x enemy, for example, has a swordreaver, Is just bullshit to me. So the tactician is an unit's who's only purpose is to observe units stats? Good luck making sprites for them. these two works against each other -you'll have to diversify your unit choice -you'll have to pick a main party and stick with it if you want it to get good Berwick mercenaries or riot Anyways, this is a pretty good concept, I like that you're trying to get away from the usual fe gameplay, although you're very ambitious. Do you have prior experience coding/desigining a game?(sorry if you said it in the thread and i didnt see it, it's 2 am in france and i'm tired.) I wish you luck trying to get it done.
  7. FEU CrossPost the source because I know that's all you came for: #include "Extensions\Hack Installation.txt" #define HookLocation 0x01C090 //Debug Bootup, obviously Unused PUSH //Removing a bit off mov bonus(suspend only uses 4) //Saving Routine ORG 0xA575C WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Loading Routine ORG 0xA6104 WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Using That bit to save and load bit 8 of class class ORG 0xA535E SHORT 0x6019 0x2180 0x4001 0x0149 0x8159 0 0 ORG 0xA57B4 BL(HookLocation); SHORT 0 0 ORG HookLocation SHORT 0x4668 0x8941 0x04C9 0x0FC9 0x01C9 0x7800 0x0640 0x0E40 0x4308 0x4770 POP Explanations: Basically, Suspend allocates 4 bits for mov bonus. however, normal save allocates 5 bits for it. so what I did, was I made it so mov bonus for normal save was 4 bits, and used the newly allocated bit to store the top bit of the class index, to allow for 0xFF, aka 255 classes, instead of the old 127 cap. Proper save expansion is coming soon™ I promise. Pictured here: Eirika with class ID 0x82. FEBuilder patch: how to install: put folder in config\patch\FE8U, and it should autodetect.
  8. Romhacking: 50 Character (Unit) Limit

    50 recruited units is the max limit, unrecruited ones simply dont get loaded into ram so there's nothing to worry about.
  9. Feditor Adv Issues

    To expand on what MCProductions said, FEditor has been outdated by a recently-released program named "FEBuilder". you can download it here:
  10. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    just have ifdefs that make it so if debug is defined then all enemy groups are empty and whenever you dont need to debug anymore undefine debug and recompile, buildfile master race
  11. Water Crest: Morps's Quest For Pants

    New update up. I mostly fixed some glitches, and changed the music. I also edited personal skills for some of the characters.
  12. Come Join Morps in his quest to retrieve his pants! Screenshots: Featuring: -3 Custom Chapters -Circleseverywhere's(and a bunch of other cool wizards that would be too long to list, special shoutouts to stan cause he's my french bro tho) skill system -Tequila's display growths hack -Some custom music made by a bunch of peoples, primarely alusq tho i think -Portraits ripped from FE1 and 4 Big thanks to everyone in the void's blitzarre adventure team, for making the vba buildfile that allows an easy to make fully custom hacks. Patch: Enjoy! and most importantly, reply soon
  13. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    Only hacks with a downloadable patch are added on this list.
  14. Fire Emblem 7 Redux

    Dont share roms, use NUPS to create a .ups patch instead.