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  1. Thank you all of you this just solidfied that it was a good purchase.
  2. Has it ever been approached WHY fire emblem games have such a huge passion for EVERY game having a dragon as an endboss. The only game that I played in the fe series so far that DIDN'T have a dragon as an end boss was the sacred stones por and radiant dawn. Everything else that I've played was always a dragon, for an end boss.
  3. Alright thank you both of you, this information really helps.
  4. So I finally got the money to buy it and already did super excited for it. However since its been out for a few weeks I have one simple question, to those who have already played and beaten it. Is it a legit faithful remake, or did I just purchase another "Shadow dragon".
  5. I could see that, but then what about the voice telling "Kiran" (Ive been guessing thats the avatars name) that hes the real zach and that he sould follow sharena and alphonse through the portal.
  6. I totally agree with your statement, I do think it is swept up a little. Still people should pay attentiom especially with that twist they threw in. Like Im not expecting a grand story or anything since its mobile but its pretty good so far and Im excited too finally see the REAL zacharais.
  7. So I dont know if you've seen the article or videos about the rts fire emblem planned after radiant dawn. But I thought what if this new game implents or becomes, something akin to what that game was originally going to be. Would you like that type of game, as a sequel to rd, or even part of the fire emblem franchise at all?
  8. So I have a question. Why does no one ever talk about the story? I dont think I have seen a single comment or thread about it accept for how fast people have beaten it. what fo you think of it, and its newest development?
  9. Thanks
  10. Im so happy i finally pulled roy at 4 star now all I need is lyn and hector.
  11. So i have to ask what is a good unit to counter takumi with he's way to op.
  12. I actually saw it listed on several sites but I don't really count ova's as anime. Plus I mean a more modern one.
  13. So out of general curisoity; we all know that there will be cg cutscenes made by studio khara that will be animated. I actually have been thinking about this for a while and would love to see it happen. If nintendo ever got a good studio to animate it; how many here would like an actual fire emblem anime, if done right I think it could totally work. I think it could furthermore because the glimpses shown of the game cutscenes in the trailers actually look decent and that it could possibly have some potential. Anyway what do you think yay or a big fat no.
  14. Cool
  15. So as a fan of the series I should think everyone should have a General something they are proud of by now when collecting merchandise. So my question to you is what do you have that you are prideful of. For me it would be my complete hard copies of path of radiance and radiant dawn.