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  1. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    this looks awesome is it completed?
  2. could someone private message me the iso link to an original radiant dawn?
  3. ghast > snakewomen


  4. so i just finished the hack and i will say i really loved it. the plot characters maps it was really enjoyable, and i loved what you did with the supports! I will say with just having certain characters only having 2 supports did make it difficult because i HAD to pair them up. I will ask in future patches if you can figure out in supports to get rid of some of the characters we don't get in the game and delete them because it confused me because i thought i had other options and by the end i was like oh i dont those are just characters from past games that just stayed. overall i loved it and i cant wait to replay it w/ the more patches coming out will say you're a dick for chapter 16 the map design and enemies were so good and well placed, but it took me like 2 hours to get past turn 1 god i hate you so much for how well you placed those certain enemies. But i loved it too to see how creative you got with the map design and placement, the ending was unexpected and i enjoyed it thoroughly yeah my fordra was op except for strength but i was disappointed with my keena her stats and durreks almost made me just bench them and not use them EDIT: i may of been rng screwed but when keena has 22 speed at level 13 sword master and breyett maxing out speed of 28 by level 12-15 sniper (i forgot when he did) it triggered me but i know that wasnt your fault <3
  5. thats rlly smart wow am i dumb thank you!
  6. what does the swapstone even do, is it just a long ranged weapon that does basically no damage?
  7. noo i passed it! damn :(
  8. this hack is really good so far really nice depth
  9. Another thing in future patches or if you make new hacks you may want to space out the amount of master seals you get i think being able to promote everyone by chapter 9 is a bit op theres 19 chapters right? space them out!! but overall this hack is amazing
  10. yeah i realised i did get rng screwed a lot i just have 7 uses of Cass's personal tome left
  11. Hey, i just finished chapter 7 and the first second red town house you can reach skips the cut-scene and you just get the red stone. if you had something thought you may want to fix that :)
  12. yeah i tried twice, it didnt work i even tried savestates they just swarmed me and i just had to finish the level
  13. Do we know if there's a way to kill every single enemy on chapter 7 i do want to do some arena grinding on those i want to promote for some extra cash or is it an infinite amount of reinforcements?
  14. The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

    woah, i played this nearly when it first came out and ive replayed the original atleast 5 times I am really excited for this if you ever need help with anything writing wise or such poke me i'd love to help ;)