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  1. Fixed. Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to use animation event assembler instead of Feditor to insert custom animation. But for some reason I got this message: Dark mage Installer.event, Line 13, Column 27: Didn't reach end, currently at Colon(:) I googled around but couldn't find any solution. Any idea how to fix it? My master animation installer event: Dark mage installer event:
  3. How about this one? (I tried to fix some issue addressed above Hope it's not too bad :(
  4. It works like a charm! Thank you!
  5. I checked this before but the download link is broken. @CT075EDIT: Sorry I tried to copy the data from the .dmp file before. It's not working anymore. I input it into an empty address but I guess that's not correct? So could you reupload the patch download link?
  6. So I repointed the weapon icon graphic as well as the item list. But when I assigned a custom icon for an item, this happened: I have absolutely no idea how to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. And what do you think about these two mugs? I mean they're still in progress but I want to make sure their angles are right and necks are not too long etc. before any further work.
  8. Thank you for the feedback! Very useful. (I actually didn't use vanilla mugs. All parts were custom. And when I draw, I have a tendency to give characters long necks.(dunno why lol))
  9. It's been a while. I made a new mug recently. Your valid criticism will be really appreciated! :)
  10. Now it keeps giving me a new error: File: FE7_custom_item.txt, Line: 2: Directive define requires range 1-2 parameters: #define Trainee Sword 0x9B
  11. I'm trying to make my own EA definition here. But it keeps giving me this message: File: prologue_events.txt, Line: 3: Directive include requires 1 parameters: #include FE7_custom_item.txt But I've already put my definition txt in the same file where EA is. And here's part of my event: #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS #include EAstdlib.event #include FE7_custom_item.txt EventPointerTable(0x06,Pointers) Don't know how to solve this...
  12. So after repointed standing map sprite table at 0xb2a610(free space), I inserted a custom map sprite at B2AE10(0x6B). And this happens... It only displays a shadow. I'm sure that map sprite itself works perfectly fine in other games. So I guess it must have something to do with hex. I already changed all these address 26706 2678A 2680C 26C68 27250 27B96 27C82 27D30 27DF0 27E84 27F5A 2804C to FF. But it didn't seem to work. Please help :( Edit: Never mind I figured it out lol Edit:Solution After use Standing map sprite editor in nightmare, open your rom in HxD, go to the address of your repointed table, to the address of that map sprite, you'll find it displays like 02 FF(unknown number) 01 FF(size 16x32) B4 C9 B2 08(graphic address). Change FF to 00 to solve the problem. (Don't know if csv have the same issue though)
  13. Hmm...I don't know. Personally I think the second one is fine with me. The head and the neck are both the original ones. The only thing I did was giving him a new armor...So if anything wrong, it should be the armor not the head?? :/
  14. Okay. Based on your feedback, I tried to fix them a little:
  15. Two new mugs: