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  1. help

    Welcome. Good luck with your project. :)
  2. help

    That's strange...I'm not sure about it, but here're the steps I usually double check when doing a custom chapter.(Provided that you're using Nightmare and all those stuff. I know there're other methods out there but I haven't experienced them myself) 1. Make maps in Tiled. (double check if your map has problem or not) 2. find the offset I want in free space. 3. use Tiled inserter insert it 3.run rom, you'll see tiles screwed up. 4. open Nightmare, edit chapter data etc. 5. run rom again, if nothing wrong, you'll see your masterpiece there. But in most cases(at least for me), since events mostly won't match map, units on the map will flash a bit and rom stops, but after you insert your own event based on your map, it'll be normal again. Order is very important. (Find the order suits you best) and hacking itself is quite unsteady. You'll never know if your game will crash next second...:( From my experience, don't open many engine(which can modify your rom) at once, make sure you do the correct order, better write in free space. Don't open two tilesets at the same time in Tiled. Based on all the discussions before, maybe something wrong with your map? Ditch it and redo another one maybe? (Haha I wrote a lot stuff. Hope you could find something useful.)
  3. help

    I've had some similiar issues earlier. Did you write your map at the offset of the original map? Somtimes that'll mess it up. Try to write it in free space maybe? oops I see you did write to free space there... my bad. But use Hexditor to double check. You can download a new clean rom and retry as well. Sometimes it's the rom itself cause problem.
  4. Question resolved. I'll put the solution here for people who might have the same issue: Condition a: (This considering that you insert the icon sheet using 32 x 32 in GBAGE like I did before) If you insert your custom icon at the original offset in the rom at C5EA4 (according to Blazer's tutorial), it's fine. But you might can't open spell animation manager in FEditor Adv. afterwards. Not only that, your already inserted custom animation may crash the game as well. To solve the problem, all you have to do is to repoint the icon offset to free space in your hack. Then open FEditor, click spell animation manager, save it and close. Then open it again, you'll find it back to normal! :D Condition b:(This is an alternative solution, which is better and easier) Don't insert the sheet 32 x 32. Instead, split it into 2x64 small sheets and insert them one by one. This method hasn't caused any problem so far(tested by myself).
  5. Not sure if I get it right but if you're saything that icon changing color in battle then I'll explain a little. In fact I just made some new icons to replace the old one. It's not like icon itself changing atomatically...(I'd like to do that but apparently a long road ahead of me to reach that level lol) I said this just in case that you misunderstood something...If you didn't, then nevermind me. :)
  6. I tried to insert my custom weapon icon into the game. The graphics offset is C5EA4. Before that, I already inserted custom animation and everything worked just fine. But everytime I inserted icon using GBA graphics editor, animation either glitches or won't play at all. FEditor spell animation manager won't open again as well. Finally I tried to delete nlz file and sav file and retried, but it still screwed up... I don't know what to do now. :( Can someone help me? To make it more detailed, I used the full icon sheet extracted from the rom.
  7. Oops I missed that corner. Now it worked. Thanks for the help.
  8. So I tried to insert a custom worldmap. Everything worked fine except that the transparent pixel on the upper left corner made the map not look very good. I tried to cut it off in Usenti but it didn't work. Is there any way to get rid of it?
  9. Update Ver 1.0 patch is now avaliable.
  10. I improved my prologue map a little bit. Hope it's become better. :)
  11. Update Some Screenshots of Chapter 2 Hopefully the map is better than the previous two... :)
  12. Yeah...there're many hacks did a good job on maps out there. I'll look at them for sure. I'll try to figure something out. :)
  13. I'll fill the map with a thousand enemies!XD I'll improve them in the future...or even redo them. :P Can you give me some suggestion about how to make them more interesting?
  14. Map Yeah, MAPS...:P I had a hard time making them. I'll difinitely do some improvement in the future. Can you give me some tips of makeing it? Enemy Placement Thanks! I'm glad you notice that! In fact, I edited it a lot of times. Elieen About this name...kinda intentional. It's from one of my fav characters in another game. But it doesn't have an english version yet so I translated it based on how it sounds like. I might replace it when I get other names.
  15. Hi everyone. I'm Rin and here's the project I'm working on. I called it 'Fire Emblem: Little Dream'. Patch download Some Notes The patch is for FE7. It is not a large patch. It has three chapters in total, including Prologue, Chapter one and Chapter two. In Prologue, you can get a hand axe from the village on the top right corner. It's better not forget to give it to your axe unit, because he won't show up in Chapter one, and there's no other axe user in your team for now. If one of the four lords die, it's game over. Known Bugs Credit Brief Background Story Brief Plot Updated Screen Shots Need This is my first hack, so please bear with my inexperienced work. I'll try my best to improve it. Please leave your feedback here, it'll help me a lot. Hope you all enjoy it!