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  1. How does the discord work?

    I know that this isn't exactly appropriate for this forum but I didn't know where else I could ask this question. I joined the Serenes Forest Discord server but I am confused as to how I am supposed to use it. I could type in messages but I have a message saying "you do not have permission to send messages on this channel."It would be nice if someone could help me out as I've never used Discord before.
  2. Would you like to see a enforced classic mode?

    I would quit the game if my file was deleted due to the death of a lord. This is a terrible idea.
  3. Question about pre-purchasing games on the Switch.

    Oh, I see. Makes sense. I personally prefer hard copies due to collectiblity and longevity but not everyone cares about those things.
  4. Rank the Pokémon games by difficulty

    Diamond and Pearl-I remember that that game had some pretty difficult sections like Mt. Coronet and Victory Road. The Gym Leaders were also pretty difficult. On the other hand when it's been a long time since I played that game and when I first played it I was younger and I was very bad at Pokemon(DP was my first pokemon game). Sun and Moon-Some Totem Pokemon like Lurantis were very difficult. Emerald- Don't really remember the game well but the caves were pretty difficult, especially the ones where you needed Flash. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire-Cruised through this game X and Y-Mega evolution and easy gyms made this game a joke.
  5. Rank the Pokémon games by difficulty

    There were Totem Pokemon that made me me reset multiple times. Totem Lurantis is one example that comes to mind.
  6. Things you don't like about your favorite games.

    I'll write some of my complaints with Fire Emblem games. Resetting in Fire Emblem is a pain. A Mila's Turnwheel-like feature should be implemented in all future Fire Emblem games Continuing with Fire Emblem, I hate the difficulty spikes that can get you stuck on a chapter. I've been stuck on Awakening chapter 19-20(don't remember exactly) and I'm not exactly looking forward to grinding.
  7. Question about pre-purchasing games on the Switch.

    How is the Switch perfect for going digital? How is a digital copy better than a hard copy?
  8. Personality Quizzes - Questions to Ease Your Boredom

    I'm a mage according to Quiz #1.
  9. Favorite gaming series

    I think Tales of Berseria is a good starting point. I've been interested in that game.
  10. Favorite gaming series

    Fire Emblem Pokemon Xenoblade Zelda Of these Fire Emblem is probably my favorite. I want to start playing non-Nintendo games.
  11. Playing FE4 for the First Time

    How did you get the game and what system are you playing it on. Is there a translation you're using?
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I'm talking about people for whom that's the main reason they play the games.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I always hear people talking about people who play Fire Emblem for Waifus but I've never seen these people online or in real life. I think the extent of the "Waifu Emblem" phenomenon is greatly exaggerated.
  14. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Maybe I'll start seeing it's flaws once I come back to it after playing older FE games.