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  1. I suggest first using a duel simulator to see which of the two fares better against various BLyn builds and merges (like maybe +Res BLyn with full horse buffs can survive a round of combat against neutral Atk Inigo but not against +Atk) and what common green mages he can stand up to more easily (unbuffed +Spd Inigo for example avoids the double from unbuffed +Spd Fury Spd Ploy Deirdre, which seems like a build quite a few people are going for with their Deirdre, me included, but not from a +Spd Sonya with the same build); Spd buffed Nino will always wreck him, but +Spd avoids the double from +Spd 4*+10 and 5* Cecilia with full buffs, but not from +Spd 5* Cecilia with full buffs and merges. Screw around with a duel simulator is basically what I'm saying. The other thing which I shall suggest you is: wait until the new Halloween units skills and stats are revealed, there might just be a new meta defining green/colorless unit that will influence your decision.
  2. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Yeah, I won't go so far as to accuse people who prefer the Shepherds to the Greil Mercs of "bad taste", but the amount of effort that went into the Shepherds is literally 0. Regardless of how much one may like them (I for example do kind of prefer Vaike to Boyd), the Shepherds are mostly gimmicky characters and walking tropes. They're so anime it's really hard to feel anything for them. The Greil Mercenaries aren't the most amazing piece of writing in the history of video games, sure, but not being so anime, not having such exaggerated character traits coupled with the few humane moments we see of many them makes them far more ralatable. The only exception being IMHO Volke, who is basically an edgy glorified info dump and plot device, but I digress...
  3. I'll actually try Blazing Wind out on Ayra, I don't mind foddering Sorens/Merrics and they're not useful for much else to me right now; also, by the end of the TT, she should end up with a too much SP for her own good anyway, so I can still go back to Regnal Astra; the heroes she ORKO with RA compared to BW are mainly bulky lancers + BK/Arden that she shouldn't be fighting anyway and with BW ready to fire only 6 units of the entire roster can survive her (Subaki, Gwendolyn, Clive, Arden, Black Knight and Lukas); forgot to mention she's +Atk-Res, for what it's worth; only issue is I don't know how much I'll use her for GHB, which is where it seems AoEs could really shine My other Sigurds are -Atk+Def once again and +HP-Def which is a big no-no to me; the best candidate I have for Close Defence would be my 4*+9 +Atk-Spd Beruka which I'll eventually build with something like KillerAxe+/Ignis/QuickRiposte while waiting for an Amelia to sack for her (that's how much I care for her and armor teams lol); she seems she could make use of many A skills (Earth Boost, though unfortunately I have never pulled a Boey, Fire Boost, since I pulled a Luke pitybreaker recently, Steady Stance, the problem being that I'm waiting for a strong EP unit to grant me with their presence in order to give them SB+Aether from BK+Bike in one go, or Close Defence) @mampfoid I'll probably wait until Christmas and see what units I get and what kind of fine stuff they'll give us for XMas + New Year; my Summoner Support is currently on my 4*+4 TRaven +Spd-Res Cecilia, but she probably won't need it anymore once she reaches +10 and as of now the only candidates for the SS are Sigurd and Beruka I'd say. My other big problem is that I have no idea yet on what kind of teams I'll use these units on; like, I know team building is key in any kind of at least semi-serious video game, but due to the nature of PvE content and the structure of AA (and Squad Assault too I guess, though I have yet to have a go at it) I find myself putting teams together on the fly to better deal with the current challenge; the only "real", stable teams I have are my Horse Emblem Team and a core of Ike+Julia+Valter which I sticked together only because I like the characters enough and I find they cover each other well enough for my tastes... but like, their C-Skills don't synergize with each other at all (Valter doesn't even have one yet). The aforementioned Eirika+PA!Azura+Tailtiu core is my first attempt at some real team building and it's once again a pretty standard core of buffer+dance+bladetome, in the same way it doesn't really require much team building skills to come up with a team comp of Roy/Xander+Cecilia+Reinhardt+BLyn +Def-Res Tailtiu is probably her best combination to run a Raven set, though how effective she is at running it debatable and she is probably overshadow hard by RobinM as a blue Raven; she can still run the standard LaD+Desperation Blade set pretty well; truth is, +Def doesn't open her up that many options, unless you're of those people who like stuff like CC+Owl tomes...
  4. Ok, I suddenly have like 6 characters to build, but let's get started with these swordies first (yeah, I am one of those who don't have a crap ton of them yet); this is both for Arena (I usually hover around tier 17-18) and I guess PvE content as well: - Eirika: She would be part of a Tailtiu+PA!Azura+Eirika core and her role would be to keep Tailtiu buffed and to erase greens from existence as much as possible; as such I'm giving her Moonbow and Triangle Adept which should allow her to kill many a Hector (without Moonbow she can't do it, unless she gets buffed by Azura), both Tailtiu and Azura will have Drive Spd 2 so doubling shouldn't be a problem; now, how mandatory is Rally Def/Rally Res in her assist slot? Also is Swordbreaker really her best B option? Seems kinda boring... - Ayra: ok, let me get wild: Growing/Blazing wind as her special, what do you think? I'm actually pretty baffled that with the introduction of SB, HB and now Ayra's "Swift Blade" no one is mentioning the AoE skills: their main drawback is their high cooldown, but the aforementioned skills take care of that and they are basically additional attacks that don't increase the enemy's special cooldown (at least I think) and now we even have Hardy Bearing to prevent such skills from activating Vantage and the likes; question is: do skills like Swift Sparrow influence the damage they do? Does Ayra really want a different seal than Hardy Bearing (Deflect Magic?)? And what would be best: Growing or Blazing Wind? Maybe another AoE? Does she still want Desperation with them? Are they still that bad of an option? They seem like they would be cool in GHB/TT at the very least - Sigurd: as a F2P would you merge the three I have + give him Summoner Support for a 47/35/35/40/23 statline (the best one I have is -Atk+Def) or would you keep two of them for Close Def + Spd Smoke SI purposes? I don't even know if he would be used in a cavalry team: he can't replace Brave Roy in any way and I don't really have other cavs I care enough to train...
  5. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    What, it's finally out and I missed it? Man, I'm downloading the demo as soon as I can! What would be a good starting team comp?
  6. Official Pull Topic

    FUCKING PULLED +ATK -RES AYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In like under under 40 orbs or something like that, I didn't keep count because I was just getting them from Chain Challenges and immediately throwing them at her banner, this is really an early Christmas for me! I knew listening to Girls of The Spirit Forest would help I hope all of you who are trying to pull her succeed in your efforts, she's really a beauty! Now on to bitch about her being power creep a bit more... Sigurd+Deirdre+Ayra+Tailtiu dream team is ready to wreck that TT left and right, let's go! (maybe with some Alvis here and there, we'll see...)
  7. What I sent you heavily implies that's not "what dataminers have deduced"; that's how the game works. Dataminers can generate a unit's lv.40 stats at any rarity through tinkering with the GP they find in the game files and the base stats of the characters. If you don't trust me (I'm not a dataminer after all) there's plenty of dataminers you could PM here or on reddit to clear your doubts. Again, what I sent you implies that what dataminers find in the game files are at the very least the base stats and growth points that they can use to generate the lv.40 stats of any unit at any rarity at any merge level. Unless you're telling me the GP values they find and the lv.40 stats being correlated is just a coincidence that for some reason is true for every single character in the game (after all, it's true even for Ayra; she has GP as every other unit, but for some bullshit reason whe has 5 more than she should, as well as 2 more base stats points). EDIT: Ayra just shows that there is a new class of units who work in a slightly different way. Except there really saw no need for such a class of powercreepers (because yes, she is powercreep).
  8. You're kidding me, right? Those are not quirky numbers some random fan with too much time on their hands spit out that one evening he was drunk, we're talking about datamined game mechanics used to generate unit's stats. I'm sending you via PM an excerpt from a dataminer that I found on Reddit which states, for example, that the lv.40 stats you see being shared when banners with new units go live are generated by dataminers through the aforementioned mechanics, they're not directly found in the game files. Which is why You can find pictures of 40+10 Xanders or 4* Ayras online. Because that's how the game works. And if a new unit comes out with a new pattern it means the devs changed/added some code to the game, which is exactly what did with Ayra.
  9. Here you go: https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Stat_Growth Had you visited that link a week ago Sigurd wouldn't have been in he Legend category (it was in fact called the CYL category) and the Special was just added specifically for Ayra. There are rules used to determine BST and Ayra most certainly doesn't follow them.
  10. Ehi thanks; Ploy debuffs unfortunately don't stack though, sorry
  11. Guys, what do you think of Drive skills on dancers/singers? I pulled a PA!Azura and 3 Tiltyus and I was thinking of adding my 4* +Atk!Eirika (should have promoted her way earlier uh...) to form a core of BladeTomeBlueMage-BufferRedSword-GreenDancer which seems pretty solid to me. Eirika will obviously carry Sieglinde+HoneSpd and I was wondering if Drive Speed could be a good C-skill for Azura. Problem is: since she's going to be dancing, won't people move away from her? Won't she be too far from allies for a Drive skill to be relevant?
  12. This. This so much. I don't know what's worse: Ayra's "introduction" in Heroes or Azura being DLC in Warriors. Geez. Seems like I won't be pulling for a better Sigurd.
  13. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    As I said, I'm too fond of it to let it go. While I use many FE4 names interchangeably now, my love for FE4 budded between the Tiltyus, Idas, Eltshans, Arlvises and Loputousus (god I love this word too much for my own sake) of this translation. And there are also many names for places and weapons in this patch that I flat out prefer to the new ones used by the Naga patch and official sources (Swanchika, ThorHammer, Wing Clipper, Barhara, Silesia, Holsety, DELMUD, seriously, who the heck thought renaming him to DERMOTT was a good idea?). Leaving aside the nostalgia factor, the font used in this patch fits FE4 graphics way, WAY better than the Naga's one.
  14. Holy war banner

    Hey, if I could give it to you... I just want my busted FE4!Sigurd with crazy offense (and actually middling bulk in the last chapters) back
  15. Holy war banner

    I was talking in case someone had a spare Ike obviously, like I have a spare BIke with... no one to give his SBreath to... No, I won't give it to BK. And wouldn't +Def-Atk be better for tanking than +Hp-Def? What am I missing?