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  1. Man the amount of unnecessary negativity in this thread is just... Anyway, I do not pride myself to be good enough to give you rebalancing advice and I'm not in the mood for replaying FE6 after losing my Ch.21 HM save so I can't give you any tips for this patch of yours, sorry. I just wanted to warn you though that when opening that file I see only Ch.1's unit stats and no one else's...
  2. Personally, I think the main problem are those lopsided growths, for which there is already a fix it seems (https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows/issues/15) though I have no idea if or how to make it work (I use Parallels to run Windows on my Mac and it's not working all that well, I just can't make the randomizer run). If anyone else could report their experience with this fix it would be... appreciated I think? Also I have no idea what other glaring flaws the randomizer has; I guess the addition of new randomization options would be welcome though (like randomizing enemy classes and promotions)
  3. Come on guys, the last 7 units, I beg of you!
  4. Instill dread in your foes with MaligKnight!Odin (S Beruka)
  5. Well, it depends on what you're aiming for. Optimization for pvp? Or do you want to use the children effectively in the game? Or do you aim to mainly make the parents better? I'm gonna try to rate them based on how much the parents benefit from their spouse in the main game since that's where I can give you the most useful advice. Later. As soon as I can. Writing from phone is tedious as hell. I can already tell you that MozuxKaze is pretty lackluster for the main game (though I hear it's indeed amazing for postgame pvp)
  6. Personally, I still use this patch while playing through the game and switch to Naga only for the duration of the epilogue: I'm too fond of it.
  7. To Xray I just want to ask a question: would you prefer a new FE installment with good plot and characterization or one with none of that but lots of fanservice selling much more than the former? (and I'm not hinting at any FE game in particular, I skipped Echoes and Fates is there with Genealogy in my top 5 FEs) I mean, I know I can't expect anyone to agree with me on the fact that a good dead game series is better than a bad but alive one but still... reading that "fanservice is good for the series because it prevents them it from dying" leaves me... painfully puzzled. On the actual topic, I love customizable avatars and I would like more customization ( possibility to choose the starting class, more appearance options), IS just has to learn how to handle them, otherwise I'm not against customizable characters with predetermined personalities and stuff (as long as they're not Corrin). Children once again I love them gameplaywise but only if their presence makes sense and a timeskip happens (and I will never understand how people can put on the same level FE13 and FE4's children, I think they were handled just slightly better in Awakening than in Fates). The everyone x everyone support system should be dropped, no question, I would even argue that it is in no way incompatible with customizable children. All it does is give us stupid and/or cringeworthy supports such as... most of Awakening's.
  8. HOPE SHALL NEVER DIE! I'm still waiting for units please (sorry for the double post)
  9. Problem is Ogier does not have particularly good growths, just look them up. His only noteworthy growth is his 45% Spd and he does have a 4 points lead in speed over Dieck at 20/20 but not only you will have to show against which relevant enemies this will be useful, I would even say that this lead is almost always irrelevant due to Dieck's much better Con (13 vs 8) which lets him use the Brave Sword, Durandal and all Blades with no speed penalty and better accuracy thanks to his better skill base and growth. In short Ogier (as much as I too may like him) is upon recruitment a worse unit than Dieck and even if both are trained he will not end up any better. And this is bad unit balance: why have two units with the same role and very similar stats join in different chapters with the unit joining later starting out worse than its colleague? There is literally no reason whatsoever to bother with Ogier in any kind of even remotely efficient run. Are we playing the same game? The one where EVERY axe (safe for the Iron and Killer versions) has 55 hit or less?! Bad weapon hit rates ARE the main cause of FE6's hit rate issues.
  10. I'm curious, did you mean Zealot or is there some hidden strength in Noah that I wasn't aware of?
  11. What the hell were you reading? Ever heard of friggin Perceval, Milady, Rutger? They might not be as broken as Sigurd or Pent but they are still amazing units and much, MUCH better than like 3/4 of the whole unit roster.
  12. Silver Swords have -1 Might -5 Hit but gain 1-2 range; Perceval is now a Berserker with A Axes and carries Silver Axe/Killer Axe/Hammer; Rutger now has Holyn!Ulster growths and a Brave Sword is added to his inventory; increasy enemy growths by 20%
  13. You might as well use the whole family: Adventurer!Camilla (S Niles)
  14. Uuhhh I actually had never noticed how Hinoka's mag growth was actually half-decent, interesting. Also, no else willing to submit a unit? Come on!