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  1. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Why not take a page out of FE4 and give Fire tomes +8 Wt and Mt? Also ^that
  2. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    Sweet, I will definitely try it out, hope this reaches completion!
  3. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Hand Axes have -2 Wt, -3 Mt, +10 Hit, +5 Uses and target Res (have them behave like Light Brands) All magical classes have +10 base HP
  4. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT ISN'T? My birthday is 34/16, what should I ask as presents?
  5. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Using Frederick, obviously Why are there bread crumbs in my bed?
  6. It's stuff like this that really makes me shake my head at people at times. This right here is probably even more irritating to me than fucking @DiogoJorge saying "I reply as I should" after never fucking answering my pings (except for once). Get this "there is no objectivity in life" shit out of my sight. This is FE. FE is a game. There are many ways to play a game, as such there are many ways to play FE. Every unit contributes in a different way in different playstyles. We, as rational human beings, can try to gauge how many each units contributes, after having set some metrics obviously (most often these metrics are hard mode efficiency metrics, other times they may be ltc metrics etc...). Sometimes reaching an unanimous verdict is hard, other times it's not. In this case right here, we're having difficulties agreeing on whether or not Lyn is a "better" unit than Marcus. So what? If you really believe there is no objectivity in life, that these discussions are pointless because "every opinion is subjective" then I'll take you the fuck on: come and prove to me that Sigurd is not an OBJECTIVELY SUPERIOR unit to Tiltyu in an FE4 efficient playthrough. Or that Perceval is not an OBJECTIVELY SUPERIOR unit to Wendy in an FE6 efficient playthrough. Having these discussions, however difficult it may be to reach a unanimous agreement, is fun, is interesting, is what some of like to do (provided the debate is actually clever and between experienced and open-minded players) and, which is is just as important, CAN BRING TO UNANIMOUS, OBJECTIVE conclusions (btw i know that unanimous does not equal objective). So. Shut. Up. Every judgement is relative in the sense that it's relative to some pre-established criteria. We know what criteria we have in mind. Understood? I don't need a fucking lesson in relativism, it's a view on reality I know well enough to hate it and consider it one of humanity's greatest failures. But I vented enough, let's go back to FE. I'll concede to you if you can prove to me that Sigurd is not objectively superior to Tiltyu in a FE4 efficient playthrough, that Sigurd does not contribute more than Tiltyu in a FE4 efficient playthrough. I'll take you on.
  7. I'm good because I say I'm good is your strongest argument? Quite the ego you got there bro for someone who can't even be bothered to reply to people quoting and trying to have a debate with you. Have a nice day and don't let the door hit you on your way out you "FE veteran"
  8. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Wait, you mean there is a class and sprite for female cavaliers AND female druids as well in fe7? Or are you hacking them in? Anyway, make Florina a female cavalier then and Raven... you know, fShaman!Raven seems an amusing suggestion, let's go with that
  9. May I say that saying this right here shows how much you still have to understand about FE in general to be considered a good player? First, promoted Lyn reaches based Geitz levels of durability at 20/18 (do you have any idea how late that is into the game? we know Geitz joins late too, but no THAT late; is Lyn even reaching 20/18 in efficient ranked?), but most importantly: Geitz has hand-axe access for 1-2 range in an EP heavy game (which Lyn doesn't have), starts off solid with great weapon ranks (Lyn doesn't) and takes up 0 resources to get to that point. Do you even know what opportunity-cost is? Do you know what makes (most, not all) prepromotes, Marcus/Geitz/Pent/Louise included, good? That quote right there shows how little you know understand about opportunity-cost, how little you know about fe7 units and their battle performance at various stages of the game and how little you value base stats and weapon ranks because "muh growths" Also, let me point out something to you, and this is important: One "should" play the game THE WAY THAT IS MOST FUN TO THEM, not the way you tell them, there is no "intended" way to play the game, no way you're "supposed" to use certain units. You're the only one that insists on using this word "should", while plenty of other experienced FE players here (many of them as proud as you are in their skills) debating with you have never even implied that: all we're trying to prove is that, in an efficient, fast-paced playstyle (not necessarily aiming to achieve 5* rank), some units (mainly prepromotes like Marcus/Pent/Luoise etc...) are better than others (namely Lyn and many other growth units) because they make the game considerably easier to the player than those growthies, because they start out decent-to-good and remain relevant till endgame, BUT we're not telling anyone that they "SHOULD" be used, there is no way they're "intended" to be used. So just stop implying that you are the only one playing the game "as it should be played". Saying stuff like "assuming one uses him as one should" does nothing but irritate people and make you look like someone not worth wasting one's time.
  10. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Do you care about standardized class genders? Cuz I propose Cavalier!Florina and Shaman!Raven
  11. The official Nino is good thread

    Hey, I did that too! Dunno why, first time I played FE6 I was determined to use all the "second choice" units: Fin, Ogier, Lilina, Sue, Raigh, Wendy all made it into my final team. Obviously it was only possible beacause I didn't allow those little shits Marcus and Zealot to steal their precious EXP
  12. If I were to write like a crossover fanfiction, these would be my FE servants, 1 per gender for each standard class: Saber = Ogma/Ayra Lancer = Lukas/Oboro Archer = Shinon/Rebecca Rider = Rath/Jill Caster = Lewyn/Linde Assassin = Volke/Patty Berserker = Hawkeye/Charlotte Ruler = Marth/Elincia
  13. The official Nino is good thread

    20/20 Wendy is gooder Pink > Green
  14. @ping thanks A LOT for writing that small essay on efficiency in FE, I don't really know why I used the word "effectiveness". Your last posts wrap things up really nicely; now let me go beat the everliving crap out of Idun with speed-capped Wendy! lol is oxymoron your second name? Last time I ask of you, just to be sure: is there any other reason Marcus is worse than Lyn other than the fact that he ends up with worse stats than her? Like, lets leave aside the fact that you don't really seem to have any kind of grasp on neither Lyn nor Marcus' performance throughout the game (since you still refuse to compare their stats with those of the enemy units), is there anything else that matters in a unit other than "big numbers"? Is a unit only a bunch of stats to you, FE7 veteran player DiogoJorge?
  15. You heard the man, you effectively complete the game in less turns than he does? Yeah you loser, you thought you were the better player? Nah, "clearly you rushed too much" and "there's room for improvement" Also who's this Balcerzak guy? Man, he must really suck at this game! I mean, he had 17+20 = 37 turns to spare, there's obvious room for improvement! @DiogoJorge I highly advise stepping down from this throne of yours and listening to what we're saying, proving to us that Lyn contributes more than Marcus in a ranked/efficient playthrough will be very difficult considering you don't seem to have any idea what "contributing" means, looking foward yo this ranked run of yours (no sarcasm this time) I'll leave the definition of "effectiveness" to the more experienced FE players out there (though I could try to give myself I think), however I can tell you one thing: you're the only person in the world that defines "effectiveness" this way. Literally the only one. @Aut @ping thanks for the stats! that format is looking hella clean