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  1. /Talk: Well, I hear some steps, I think they got out of there on their own. /Action: I go into the kitchen.
  2. /Talk: What about you, Leona? Anything to report? /Action: I come back into the cafeteria and place the box of Monokuma cookies on a table; I start munching on one.
  3. /Talk: I found a secret passage in one of the classrooms, but I don't think it can be used again. What have you found out, anyway? /Action: As I talk I check the kitchen to see if there's any food ready to be eaten; I'm REALLY hungry.
  4. /Action: I enter the cafeteria and let out a whistle with my fingers, it should be loud enough for the three Greenies to hear me. I think I see Leona in the cafeteria. /Talk: Hey, it's me, Koumal, I got out of there! Quick, have you found out anything of interest? Those two don't have much time left!
  5. /Talk: This is bringing us nothing. I suggest we split up and search individually. I'm going to search the two classrooms. /Action: Leaves the gym.
  6. /Talk: "I kinda have this feeling there's no such thing, but I guess it's one way to start..." /Action: I start carefully checking the gym's floor, lightly knocking on it every 30 cm or so with the heel of my left foot.
  7. /Talk: "You bastard! Ghh... Well then, Orange, Robin, any idea?"
  8. /Talk: Yeah, I'll have to agree with the bear this time. Screw colors, I'm going to the gym, two deployment slots left. /Action: I finish eating the sandwiches and leave the cafeteria.
  9. /Action: I enter the cafeteria and sit in a chair. /Talk: Hey, jam sandwiches! I'll take three, thanks!
  10. Well, I admit I had completely forgotten about that; the pull rates then change in the following way: for 1 single summon out of the 10 you do you have a 5% chance of getting a 5-Stars, a 15% chance of getting a 4-Stars, a 20% chance of a 5-Stars Craft Essence and a 60% chance of a 4-Stars CE. That's a measly 20% chance of even getting a Servant. My main other point though was that out of 169 Servants, 116 (68%) are almost or straight out unsummonable; have fun with your dupes. The best part? I already know I'll give in and play this hell...
  11. Ah, you meant using the actual Lck stat and not growth rate; well, good luck calculating average stats for LTCers and unit comparison.
  12. Luck is definitely not a useless stat and having it affect growth rates in any way would be IMO an overly complicated way to increase stats: why not upping growths in the first place? I can think of other ways it could be made more relevant, such as affecting how likely a unit is to be targeted by the enemy, or it could give the unit a 2xLck% chance of finding better weapons and items in shining tiles, or a 2xLck% chance of not getting damaged by a trap (such as the spikes from FE14 or those flame-erupting walls in FE6).
  13. To celebrate I did a few calcs I've been wanting to do for ages: out of 169 Servants, 57 cannot be pulled from the regular gacha because they're either enemy-only or limited (some of them becoming available whenever the devs feel like making them pullable, while others will probably never be available again, such as Shiki or the summer special waifus). And among that 33% of the total Servants there are many of the most loved and/or powerful Servants such as Gilgamesh and Iskandar. Then you have 20 5-Stars (18% of the total of pullable Servants) Servants whose pull rate is 1% and 39 4-Stars (35%) with a pull rate of 3%. That's a 53% composed of the most powerful and popular Servants locked behind a 4% pull rate wall that F2P can only dreamily gaze at while drowning in 1/2/3-Stars which have a 40% pull rate altogether; if you want the specific data there are 6 1-Star Servants (5% of the total), 11 2-Stars Servants (10%) and 36 3-Stars Servants (32%). TL;DR if you find Heroes gacha system frustrating then you're gonna LOVE Fate/GO's
  14. OH GOD NO! I found the strength to delete that... THING... from my phone, and now they TEMPT ME AGAIN!? Is the story at least any good?