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  1. Maybe I haven't been clear enough: it's not gachas relying on whales to sustain themselves that are unethical (that is just how it works), it's gachas (or any business similar to it) relying on addicted whales that are unethical to support because (supposing they were released knowing that only through addicted whales they could go on, which is equivalent to the scenario proposed by Mekkkah where the only reason the liquor shop opens is because they rely on the drunkard as a customer) they're planning to exploit poeple's addictions (while the previous kind of gacha did not plan on that). The problem becomes whether or not it's even possible to plan such a thing, or whether or not gacha games have stats on how many of their potential whales will be addicts and how many won't.
  2. School starts tomorrow, but as soon as I find some more free afternoons... I shall be ready when you are (the only thing I don't know if I can defend is funnily enough its plot: I love it but I never stopped to really examine it and much of the interesting stuff that makes gen 1 interesting happens off-screen; also I still want to know what the hell Byron was doing for the entirety of gen1!) Wait, what removed features? Weapon durability?
  3. Too many of them are. Definitely too many. You're actually getting me interested in counting them, I'll probably go do that one of these days (can't really be bothered right now, I'm busy playing... FE4 actually XD with the RR patch, it's plenty fun). On the contrary, I firmly believe those dating sim elements were what the IS team was counting on to make Awakening sell. And it seems like it worked. I highly doubt they were "experimenting" with the avatar+support system mechanics, they saw a way to put dating sim elements in the game and they jumped right ahead. Or maybe you know this too, I admittedly kinda don't get what you mean with that "in the case of Awakening, it was more of just combining two mechanics from previous games", I don't get what you're implying, if you're implying anything at all.
  4. Trust me, I know, which is why 90% of romances in Fates/Awakening (even the ones not concerning the avatar, but I digress) are bad. But you'll agree with me that that was the intention. I'm 100% sure there are no side objectives in any of the maps I brought as an example in my previous posts.
  5. I'll allow little old arrogant me to make a consideration: no one, not even Mangs (who's btw entirely correct in what he says IMO), neither on Youtube (as far as I've read) nor here on SF, has actually replied to one aspect of the issue that Mekkkah raises: what he criticized is that FE heroes and gacha games are developed with the specific for the specific purpose of milking gambling addicts. Let me explain: opening up a liquor store, as almost all people both here and on Youtube seem to agree, in a place where a drunkard lives is not unethical in any way: the drunkard is already taking his liquor somewhere else and your store will (I assume) provide a useful service to all the non-drunkards in the area. However what Mekkkah asks is: would it unethical to open up this store of yours knowing that the ONLY way for your store to economically sustain itself is through exploitation of the drunkard's addiction? Personally, I think that would be unethical: you're opening your store with the clear intention of thriving off another person's tragedy. It would obviously be fine if your store could sustain itself without even any drunkard buying alcohol off you (which is incidentally the case for all liquor stores I'd say and really the condition of every kind of business: you can't start a business hoping for someone to develop an addiction to your product, that seems pretty frigging unreliable). That established (but feel free to disagree, I'm really interested in other people's opinion on this) let's go back to FE heroes: was Heroes developed knowing that it could sustain itself only through gambling addicts (not whales because it obviously relies on whales to keep going, I'm talking about addicted whales)? If it was then I'd say that yes, it would in fact be unethical to support it. It it wasn't then it's all fine. And was Heroes developed with such a thing in mind? I... honestly have no idea, I even have my doubts whether or not it's possible for a gacha game developer to somehow quantify how much of his revenue will come from addicts and how much will come from free and responsible whales. As an aside, I have a curiosity about something Mangs uses as an example in his video: am I really the only one who thinks that if you open up a casino in an area where gambling-addicts are recovering from their addiction, while it's not really unethical, it's still pretty fucking dumb?
  6. If Sumia S-supports Chrom it's fine, I may laugh at the bad support chain between the two but obviously it has nothing do to with dating sims. However in Awakening/Fates there is a player avatar, a character that represents the player, a character the player is supposed to identify themselves with and that character can marry anyone in the game. If said character, customized by the player in order to better represent said player, it simulates a romantic interaction between said player and said character. This is why I say that Awakening introduced dating sim elements to the series. I've explained my thought process to you multiple times by now. Please point out a flaw in the logical steps of my thought flow. And no, S Supports = dating sim is not a step in my logical flow (I really wish I'd studied philosophy in English right now, but oh well...) Awakening's difficulty on Hard being fair has nothing to do with what I was talking about. I never said whether or not I find it fair or unfair and honestly, it's been 3 years since I last played Awakening, which means I honestly can't remember how difficult it is. What I was saying is that it's a badly designed difficulty because the maps themselves are very badly designed. Open-field maps with enemies rushing at you are some of the laziest and worst kinds of maps IMAO: there is 0 thought behind them on the developer's part and no way to handle them other than EP juggernauting. In that respect Awakening has some of the worst maps in the series and I provided you with quite a few examples. I don't know about Gaiden/SoV beacuse I only played a handful of Gaiden's chapters, so one one hand I'll refrain from judging the games entirely, on the other hand you're right, as far as I've read the community also judges those maps as some of the worst in the series. As far as FE4 is concerned, it's another matter entirely: FE4 maps are badly designed because they're way too big and due to their sheer size make infantry units way worse than they deserve to be; backtracking is also painful, as is slugging through deserts/Ch.1 forest. HOWEVER FE4 is also unique in that really no maps in the game feature open-field areas with enemies rushing at you from all sides and this is mainly because enemy placement in FE4 mainly consists of tightly packed groups of enemies moving towards the player all together and once you've dealt with them you... usually don't have much to do for another couple turns. It's still lazy, but not bad in any way, just unusual for the series. Maps in FE4 actually have a side objective under the form of villages to be saved and there is always one very clear direction that you're supposed to tackle them in (which is kinda unfortunate since it means there are rarely if ever multiple ways to tackle a specific segment of a chapter, and this is also what forces backtracking) and while they're pretty bad, these two elements (coupled with the aforementioned quirky enemy placement) make them far superior IMHO to open-field maps with waves of enemies and reinforcements just rushing the player with literally no clear paths for your units to take (as long as you can stomach the big-ass size of these maps, which I understand if you can't).
  7. S Supports are not dating sim elements. It's the fact that you have an avatar which lets you marry any character you like that is a dating sim element. If you remove the avatar, no sim simulator elements. Or are you telling me that giving the player an avatar so that they can marry a character in the game is not a traditional dating simulator element? There might be differences in the way we two perceive dating sims. Okay, this is not the answer I expected, so let's go back to that Luna+ thing: what I mean is that, and as I'm sure you know it's a widespread opinion, Awakening on Lunatic and L+ has an unfair and mostly unfun difficulty that relies on broken enemies as the source of its difficulty. That's bad game design, because there many other better ways through which you can amp the difficulty of a game: clever and elaborated map design, additional time constraints, different enemy placement etc... HOWEVER it's not like FE13 Hard difficulty is that much better of a difficulty, and that is my main issue: the difficulty (regardless of how difficult you may find FE13 on hard) mainly comes from badly designed, open-field maps with a shit ton of enemies coming at you (think Tiki's defense chapter vs CQ chapter 10 or even that mission in FE7 LM where you have to defend Dorcas' wife, think the first time you face Walhart, think Chrom+Robin vs Validar chapter, or that infamous Mila tree map, or even the Aversa map, the one in the main storyline). With that Luna+ comment I meant to criticize how very little thought went into both Awakening's map design and difficulty.
  8. That's an exception in the series which I feel thankful for. Sigurd could or could not have been an interesting character if given support conversations, we'll never now. Marth being well written outside of support conversations doesn't change the fact that Sigurd had much less of an opportunity to develop when compared with the majority of FE characters, which in turn does not excuse Sigurd being a boring lord. So I don't know why you replied to that. Dunno, for me in a game it's 50% story, 50% gameplay. If it's different for you I guess... good for you? Okay, so there is this game. In this game you can have your own character (or rather a perfect mary-sue that the game wants you to believe represents you, but let's leave that aside for a moment). In this game you can have your character marry any other character in the game. This game has dating sim elements. This game is FE13. Where am I wrong? FE13 Children had no story relevancy whatsoever. Time travel was done in such a half-assed way in Awakening that it only makes me laugh and I honestly didn't think Fates could handle their children in a worse way. You know, people coming back from the future to save the present is not really the most refreshing plot idea ever, especially when it's an excuse to put these broken children in the game. Lucina is the only child with story relevance, all the others are optional characters for christ's sake! FE4 children on the other hand have all the reasons in the world to be there: the story doesn't have to bend in laughable ways to include them, they're a natural part of it, if only because (if you'll allow the poor guy to have some kind of personality) Sigurd was too dumb of a lord for his story to end well for him and his army. But you seem to agree with me on time travel being badly handled in Awakening, so again, I don't get why you're defending the children. Taking Lunatic aside, let me ask you a question: what makes Awakening on Hard a difficult game? Or rather, what is the main source of difficulty for Awakening's Hard difficulty?
  9. @Armagon Your FE4 hate is so cute, I can always count on it to come through :) Read my post again please. Awakening could have been 10x better than it is but have the same marketing and it would still have saved the series. Marketing Awakening saved the series, not the game in itself, no game saves a series on its own unless it's like best-game-ever, think Ocarina of Time for popularity comparison. There's so much wrong here. 1) A character being bland is unfortunate: it doesn't mean that the character is bad, it only means that they are forgettable, which is not a problem at all... unless the whole cast is bland of course. 2) If all a character has going for it is one personality trait they're one-note and they're just a bad character, unless they're like that for comedy's sake (think Arthur), in which case it's all up to personal taste; Awakening is the king of one-note character with a couple of exceptions, out of the characters I listed Chrom is the only bland one, all the others are gimmicky, so either prove me wrong or don't waste my time 3) lol Sigurd is even more bland than Chrom, and you know what? because FE4, surprise surprise, DOESN'T have support conversations! his romance with Deirdre is infamously rushed and if I love him it's only because he's stronk to memetic levels; in the future don't assume other people's opinions, it's bad for your health FE4 has a reason for its bad map design: the big-ass maps are supposed to convey an atmosphere of grandeur, they're there so that the player can really feel the epic proportions of the conflict they're taking part in; in the end it didn't work as planned, at all, in the same way putting a fuckton of green units on the map doesn't work in that FE10 chapter where the Dawn Brigade is supposed to be participating in a big battle (all those green units are just annoying, steal your exp and you spend entire turns doing squat with your units because the greenies just cover your entire half of the map). Awakening's map design is bad because "lol map design? nah we're gonna put SIM SIMULATOR ELEMENTS and CHILDREN and TIME TRAVEL in the game why should we spend resources on MAP DESIGN? you say clever map design helps in making maps challenging but fun to play? nah Imma put LUNA+ on enemies because wynaut" Do you see the difference between the two? Nothing gets a pass just because the devs were being ambitious, neither in FE4 nor in Awakening, we don't do double standard at my house
  10. The following comes from an almost-elitist who hates Awakening with a passion, has CQ up there in his top 5 FE games, finds BR a worse game than CQ but for some unknown reason finds it more fun to play than CQ and thinks that Revelation is like x10 worse than Awakening. Why I personally hate Awakening: there's almost nothing good to it. I legitimately think that in order to like Awakening either it was your first FE game or you have very low standards. And also please stop saying that Awakening saved the series, it was marketing+marriage system that saved it, Awakening could have done without much of the stupid shit it has and it would have been a better game with the same sales ("Bring an Army! Trust nobody!" rings any bells?). broken pair-up system that makes the lower difficulty a literal cakewalk but suddenly becomes almost required in the harder difficulty and eventually makes them a cakewalk too bad worldbuilding (me Ferox! me good warrior! ahaa! me Plegian! me evil!), bad plot (so Grima doens't need the 5 MacGuffins to resurrect after all? power of friendship brings you back from the dead? am I watching Beyblade?), 80% of the cast is bland and/or one-note (Chrom, Kellam, Sully, Tharja, Cordelia, Kjelle, vaike, Miriel, Ricken etc...) limitless reclass system done the crappy way allowing for neverending grinding that destroy units' uniqueness because everyone wants the same skills which are the only thing that matter cringeworthy avatar pandering stupid-ass map design, even worse than FE4 because FE4 has an excuse to its bad map design in that it was an experimental and ambitious game while Awakening's bad map design has just no excuse probably something else that is not coming to mind right now... like broken kids with no reason whatsoever to optimize them outside of Apo As far as Fates is concerned, I actually haven't really seen any Fates hate after the first two post-release weeks, no one really bashes it like Awakning is bashed (maybe with the exception of Rev), and for good reason. The positives and negatives of Fates as a whole make for a pretty good base game: rebalanced reclass system where every unit, even the kids, retains their own uniqueness and no one is broken (I really don't buy into this "Ryoma can solo BR" thing and even the monster that is Xander+Charlotte pair up doesn't come even close to soloing those godforsaken MNs in CQ) mildly better cast with a few less bland/one-note characters and a couple more "why do you even exist" characters arguably the best skill system on the series where every unit has access to their fare number of skills and very few skills are useless rebalanced pair-up system where everyone can adapt it to their style and still be able to beat the game (I usually play with everyone in guard stance for additional stats and survivability, but I also have a Rev playthrough on hiatus where I'm using attack stance only and, while difficult, it's plenty doable; using guard stance on EP only and Attack stance on PP only seems like another interesting compromise) probably something else that is not coming to mind right now... And I'm gonna stop here, I don't feel like writing all the reasons CQ is an amazing game, BR is an okay game and Rev is a pile of steaming trash.
  11. Yeah, thought so. What about her weapon? Even if I were to ever pull an Amelia to giver her Slaying Axe+, I can't really count on it and I'm willing to throw 20k feathers at someone to give her a max might axe. Emerald Axe? Silver Axe? Plain old Killer for Ignis nuking? Legion's Axe? Something like Emerald Axe-EarthBoost (which I just realized I DON'T have after sniping greens with 230+ orbs, which means I'll need another A-skill)-QR/Axebreaker-Ignis seems workable. On one hand I really want her to do more than just counter lances, on the other hand I'm not sure she can at all.
  12. Okay, my thought process: the Nephenee banner is bait, I have 230+ F2P orbs, I'm gonna try for a 2nd Ike since CYL ends in a day, I can throw 100 or so orbs sniping greens and I'll still have a sizable stock of orbs for an eventual good Jugdral/Tellius banner. End result: 2 orbs left and 5* Sonya+Peri to show for it, heeeeeellllll yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!! BUT... I also got a potential 4* 40+8 Beruka out of it, and I love her so I finally have an excuse to build her. I have +Spd-Res, +Atk-Spd and +Def-Spd as my best IVs, which is the best to build? I was thinking +Atk since she's gonna be stuck with a Killer Axe for a while and her Atk stat could really use some help.
  13. That Elincia art is giving me nightmares, but... NEPHENEEEE!!!! FLYING RED SWORD!!!! OSCAR TO BREAK MY PITY RATE AND MAKE ME CRY!!!!! WRATH!!!!! AMITI!!!!!! I really, really hope not pulling for neither a 2nd CYL Ike nor my first Hector will be worth it!
  14. holy moly

    I'm not a spriter and a good critique by any means, but that Lyn looks so much like a man to me it almost scares me... There HAS to something wrong with her face, probably due to the male bases you used? Really digging your personal though!!
  15. You know, I just love how though every character in the game has 3+ builds thanks to reclassing and the game has many optional factors influencing how you play (skill buying, visitor + battle rewards, dlc, early my castle shopping for additional heart seals and the likes, kids or no kids) and yet in your posts you always assume everyone is playing the game as you play it. 9x+ hit rates? 25x3 dmg? What? How? What build? What partner in which stance? What weapon? I did one playthrough on Hard where I gave Arthur Zerker!Effie as a pair up bot and pumped him with experience, stat boosts and skills from reclassing: he ended up a powerhouse, but he had nowhere near those numbers. Actually, if you could provide the exact combat stats of your ArthurvsTakumi I'd be interested in calculating the chances of every outcome. And how is Vanguard!Arthur not viable? How is an Arthur with less crit post-promotion but overall better bulk, weapon triangle control and better stats in early-game not viable? He's plenty viable, it's just he can't accomplish the same things your Zerker!Arthur accomplishes: he is a unit to be played differently. I won't even argue with you, I don't even play on Lunatic while you always refer to that difficulty in your posts, you're probably by far the better player, but still...