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  1. I might write full suggestions for each class later, but let me recommend you at least Lodestar!Silas (he desperately needs the speed.
  2. Are growth rates the same from the earlier patch that you posted a few pages back?
  3. One idea I can suggest is having specialised 1st tier cavalry all promote into either one class having complete weapon triangle control (though it might be what you consider overpowered) or another one having access to the 1st tier weapon + bows (assuming nomad troopers and the likes aren't in your plans).
  4. Yeah, that's one way to put it I guess...
  5. I don't really know how much that helps. Gonzales aside, no one really needs Skill Books so she can have them Also tomes in FE6 are actually quite acurate (Fire having 95 hit and Aircalibur 85), while Roy's support not only gives her the same hit bonus but also nets her more Avo (which she desperately needs). Also I don't know if Astohl is worthy of being deployed in every chapter, his durability sucks.
  6. But... I'm having Tate hold the Delphi Shield Also he would be Miledy's only decent support partner (I mean, I know she can also support Lugh and Ellen, but they're never close). Also I'd LOVE to give Armads to Dieck (or Alan) but he's still a few points away from D-Rank
  7. I'm about to start chapter 17 of the Sacae Route on HM and I have yet to touch Zeiss, do you think it's too late to start using him? It is my first time playing FE6 Hard Mode (yeah I know Ilia would have been easier, but Shin is so much better at combat than Thany and Tate combined, so...) so I wouldn't want to make my life even harder but the next chapters will let me deploy more units than I had planned to and I love wyvern riders. This is my team so far: Roy (waiting for the opportunity to grab that last level), Lance, Alan, Percival, Lugh, Ellen, Miledy, Tate, Rutger, Dieck, Shin, Clarine, Lalum. I still have 1 deployment slot left and it's either Zeiss or Echidna I guess (Percival is still at C axes and I don't know if I'll manage to get him to S rank)...
  8. Ok, now... I may have been a bit harsh, it just means that a unit turning out amazing or worthless is highly dependent on RNG, therefore it is average stats that we should look at when evaluating a unit. As I said his Lilina turning out so dodgy is definitely out of the ordinary: 20/20 Lilina has on average 20 Spd and 23 Lck, so 63 Avd. But that is assuming a Lv 20 promotion (it might be advisable to early promote her in Hard Mode, but I don't know), having reached max level and being equipped with a tome that doesn't weigh her down. At the same 20/20 level (which still seems to me a bit unlikely) Clarine has maxed out Spd and Lck for 80 avo, while Shin and Rutger have 72 avo on NM. But if you have specific strategies to make something out of less praised units (which are possibly somehow efficient) they're more than welcome! It's mostly because if we're talking casual play then almost everything is fair, almost every unit is good and discussions end up being a bit shallow...
  9. Personal experience usually means nothing in this kind of discussions. And while I can't anything about Bartre because I never played his chapter and I don't even know how he plays out, Lilina is considered bad because she's slow (the fact that she was your dodgiest unit is definitely out of the ordinary), fragile and (at least in HM) has to be babied carefully: usually when a unit needs so much to be babied they're considered a bad unit. Lugh needs less babying and is around longer (though his magic IS kinda disappointing). Miledy is much better in HM than in NM thanks to HM bonuses. She's hard to take down, has amazing base stats for he level, good growths, levels up fast and can easily early-promote to get what is essentially a flying Percival with worse weapon ranks. She does find it difficult at times to double but I would say she's the best recipient of one Speedwing, so... EDIT: Flee Fleet is right though, Steel Lance sucks for her, give her a better lance as soon as you can, she needs the improved hit rates to accomplish anything (I remember the enemy cavaliers being quite dodgy)
  10. Actually, I'm looking forward to the changes the next FE game will bring about: it's exactly what I like about this series. It's not like Pokèmon which continuously adds mechanics onto its core, Fire Emblem adds stuff for a few titles, then removes it, then fixes it, then inexplicably forgets about it etc... But still it's an honour to be taken as a representative of the whole community of Serenes Forest, thank you good sir
  11. Yeah, who cares about being taken seriously when they are talking, only weird people do! We are not here to talk, we are here because oh my gosh look at this keyboard here it would be a waste not to press some random buttons! At least now I understand how you can give your controversial opinion on a delicate subject without even having played FE4. Also, Conquest is easily in my top 3 FE games, and I love Birthright as well so stop assuming stuff. Now. Many of us are of the opinion that a MU would ruin quite a few old FE games (but not all of them as I stated previously) and you have yet to prove us wrong.
  12. Who the hell is talking about holy weapons here?! Seriously, I was talking about basic item inheritance between three children and two parents. Also the fact that I love pizza doesn't mean I dip it into my freaking bean soup: it just doesn't work, it doesn't belong there! Old FE games were NOT conceived together with the idea of a marry-all-most-likely-overpowered MU in mind. Let's take another example: FE7. Let's say you start playing as a female avatar and marry Matthew. Then the Leila scene happens. Now I really wanna see IS handling THAT in the right way! It doesn't mean that all FE games are like that though: I can see a MU being added to FE9 for example. Ike is so popular there's no way IS will have the avatar overtake him, the game is pretty easy as is and due to how the epilogue is structured I can see the avatar not being able to marry anyone and just chilling with the Greil mercs at the end of the game.
  13. Don't put words into my mouth. Casual fans can enjoy the games however they want to, and for your information I love Corrin gameplaywise and I freely admit that Fates would be much more boring without them. Doesn't mean I don't have the right be be more than suspicious about the addition of an avatar in FE4: he has NO place there. Oifey and Lewyn in both gens, Shanan, heck even Cuan must know something about war, it's full of possible capable tacticians. And I repeat: what happens if your avatar marries say Aideen? Lana inherits Aideen's staves, okay, your son/daughter inherits your items and Lester... oh yeah he gets jack shit. Also Alec, Noish and comapny REALLY need another overpowered unit to overshadow them and compete with them for the decent gear. Well, I agree, and I know I'm not the only one one. Surprised? Also, about Chris: it's been a wile since I last finished FE11/12, but wasn't the general consensus that FE11 gave Marth some much needed development by making him a stronger character and by showing his evolution from angsty and vengeance-driven teenager to reliable and mature king while FE12 suddenly presents him as a wimp for no reason (see Elice's conversation with Chris in the prologue)?
  14. Lol what? I hope they never do that, also because they would have to to make the avatar broken to keep up with the other broken characters like Sigurd, Lex and Cuan and many of us do NOT want another whorshipped-by-all self insert. Also what if you use a male avatar and you marry, say, Aideen? Do you get three children or will the game replace Lana/Lester with the avatar's child?