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  1. Sprite Thread Revival

    Fancy, fancy. Out of curiosity, was there any difference in how you put Nanna together? I feel like something looks different about her.
  2. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Usually the Serenes Cipher Wiki doesn't update images or translations until after the set comes out now, what with the lack of card numbers on the reveals. Wish they didn't, it gets really annoying sometimes...anyways, Arran just dropped in the latest set, which only came out like a week ago, but he's still more available than Gromell, who's a Promotional card and thus really annoying to find even though he is a Tournament Promo. He's not...amazing, but at least his art looks epic and he's still better than Gromell, even with only 10 Support.
  3. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    @Saint Rubenio Does this help the bitter?
  4. Some YouTube drama or something.

    While I agree with the concept here, personally I can't stand Pewdiepie, I only tried one of his videos and I had to quite maybe five minutes in tops. Also, I'm fairly certain the actual purpose of the internet was to spread memes across the globe. Either that or allow us all to piss each other off more effectively, looking at nearly any internet forum's Serious/Political Discussion Subforum.
  5. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Same, I'll take the free pull as always, but honestly Cecilia's the character I like most here, plus Bow Roy...PLUS new FE6 Units coming in March, a(probable, we'll see who we actually get IDUNN PLEASE) win for me at least as I'm not a Tellius fan. Also silly Ana, IS obviously realizes it, they just don't care.
  6. Olivia, Festival Dancer Extraordinaire

    A lot is always two words, never one. This is one of the easiest screwups in all of writing. Grammar error fixed, good deed of the day done, now back to Smash. Also yes, that is the best Olivia art by far.
  7. I've been trying to find someone to fob off my extra two Carrot Lances to for a while now, actually. Any suggestions? Most of my Lance Units are ones that I feel do better with their own weapon.
  8. I have to wonder about all the other interactions. What do Selena and Beruka think of Spring Camilla? Does Noire have an opinion on Winter Tharja? For that matter, does Tharja have an opinion on Noire since we only have Summer Noire? What about Ninian's thoughts on Valentines' Eliwood? SOMEONE HELP
  9. There are Duma statues, actually - at least two, one within the Fear Mountain Shrine(it's the statue you talk to and challenge to progress further into the mountain), and one busted up one within the Secret Shrine.
  10. Classic Mode of Ike (Spoilers)

    Black Knight is an Assist Trophy, so it's highly unlikely he'll be an option for a fighter. Not to mention a fair amount of the non-FE Smash community(or at least those I see on a regular basis) seem to take offense with the fact that Fire Emblem has more reps than Zelda.
  11. Well, I come back after a full day of nothing but chicken and Smash Bros and find our friendly neighborhood Prussian's not dead after all. Looks like we both get a pleasant surprise, eh? Looking forward to seeing what you've got planned!
  12. As someone who's played each of the other four Smash games, Ultimate looks good. Perhaps not as tournament-intensive as Melee, but definitely a step up from Sm4sh, which was already a big step up from Brawl. Someone leaked the entire game early as a ROM, so a coworker of mine downloaded it onto his hacked Switch, and he says it's good enough he's still going to buy the actual thing in a couple days. We played two rounds, Chrom v Toon Link and Roy v Marth, since I wanted to test for differences between Sm4sh Roy and 5mash Roy and for differences between Roy and Chrom. Overall, this is gonna be good. Also the frick were you reading my mind with the opening insert for CF3?
  13. What DLC is worth getting for Awakening?

    This is completely dependent on what you find 'worth' your money. About half of the maps provide Einherjar Units, with a third of those maps also providing scrolls that can teach a Unit a certain Skill - All Stats +2 for Champions of Yore 3, Paragon for Lost Bloodlines 3, Iote's Shield for Smash Brethren 3, and Limit Break for Rogues and Redeemers 3. Smash Brethren 2 and Lost Bloodlines 2 also come with special Reclass Items, the Wedding Bouquet and Dread Scroll respectively, that can be used to give unique Classes to your Units, with the Bouquet turning any Female Unit into a Bride(using Lances, Bows, and Staves) and the Scroll turning any Male Unit into a Dread Fighter(using Swords, Axes, and Tomes). The additional Units themselves are alright, but you'll generally find the free Spotpass Units or your own Units to be better to use. There is also a set of three maps designed to help you get EXP, Gold, and Weapons, to make the game a little easier or if you need to grind for anything but don't want to deal with Reeking Boxes. There's one map devoted to each of the three, with one granting just EXP, one granting just Gold, and one granting just Weapons. Pick whichever appeals to you, or get all three. Also, the first time you clear the Weapon map, Infinite Regalia, you can obtain an Eldigan Einherjar. Since he doesn't appear in the free Spotpass DLC, this is the only way to get him. The Future Past is alright, but overall doesn't provide much in terms of Unit assistance, instead focusing on an alternate timeline where you basically failed. It's nice for character building, especially for the child characters, but it won't do you too much more. Harvest, Summer, and Hot-Spring Scramble are useful for building Support levels between your Units, and allow you to view some fun little conversations between characters that might not be able to talk to one another otherwise, like Lucina and Noire, or see more interactions between characters who can already Support, like Tharja and Nowi. Robin's conversations in these maps also change based on whether you married or fathered the other character in question(I believe it's Tharja, Cordelia, Gaius, Chrom, Lucina, Severa, Owain, and Inigo, but I'm not 100% certain on all of them), which is a fun little addition. I also find Hot-Spring Scramble to be a reliable source of EXP as well, though it works best with Units who've obtained the Paragon Skill from Lost Bloodlines 3 so it requires a little more work than EXPonential Growth, the EXP-focused map. The 'Challenge' maps, as I at least call them, are probably the most frivolous maps in the DLC, as they only provide Einherjar Units, which you won't be using if you're good at the game unless you happen to like the the characters. These Einherjar are the Whitewing sisters of Macedon, Palla, Catria, and Est. Of the three, only Catria can be obtained through the free Spotpass DLC, so a fan of Palla or Est can only get their favorite Whitewing through these maps. However, you'll only receive the Einherjar if you clear the map under certain conditions - Est requires you to defeat Algol before he leaves in 10 turns, Catria requires you to clear Five-Anna Firefight without a single Anna dying(it's a LOT harder than it sounds), and Palla requires you to be fast enough to kill all 7 of a special beefed-up type of Risen before they escape the map, hence my dubbing them the 'Challenge' maps. Finally, Apotheosis. Oh, Apotheosis. Meant to be the game's ultimate finale, this map pits you against several battles in a row, all of which feature enemies of often frustrating levels and power. At the end, though, awaits one of two prizes - a special Einherjar for Katarina, one of only two Einherjar with Shadowgift, allowing the user to wield Dark Tomes without being a Dark Mage or Sorcerer, or the Supreme Emblem, which is mostly there to sit in your Robin's inventory to show off during Streetpass exchanges.
  14. I mean, I'm down to take a look at anyone's stuff for grammar/spellcheck/etc. I recommend copypasting it into a Google Doc and sending me the link, though, that's my usual medium for written works plus it's easier to run up suggestions in. I'm also officially skipping this round - I wanted to do a piece involving Horace from Shadow Dragon, but in the end I'm too far behind Chloey and need to try and catch up(plus 5mash releases in two days so I can't guarantee I'd be able to focus on this either way).
  15. Sprite Thread Revival

    I mean, when you look at it, Forneus was messing with crap he had no way of really knowing anything about - he thought he could just casually create a perfect lifeform and expect that lifeform to a) come out right, and b) not be disgusted with the imperfect world around it. Grima is, when you get down to it, something that shouldn't have been attempted in the first place, something that obviously couldn't perform up to intended specs, and something that to be honest was probably doing the best it could considering the guy who made/raised it was almost certainly certifiably insane, raised an army of the dead, likely with intentions of using them against the Senate(read: humans) who locked him up, and specifically created Grima to replace his dead wife. This is of course before we get to Alm coming down and going hey, here's a thing sitting here I've never seen before, let's kill it, assuming you believe in SoV Act 6. Personally I agree with Vax's explanation, though.