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  1. Backlog? You mean you guys wait until games are finished before moving to a new one? Well, heck, that's a weird way to do that. I just bounce around all my games as I go - I'm in the middle of rerunning Echoes(my last save got overwritten), Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, two different cartridges of KH 358/2 Days, my latest Awakening runthrough, Shadow Dragon, Code Name STEAM, Conception 2 Children of the Seven Stars, and at least two more but I'd have to go find them again. Usually whenever I get a new game I play that one more than others for about a week or so then go back to bouncing.
  2. That's part of what would make it so fun for the rest of us! Eventually you guys would get bored enough to try them anyways, and then we get to watch you guys try and do the whole thing from memory!
  3. Somehow Duma Gate managed to survive completely unaffected by 2k yrs. of time, though(It's the Great Gate in Inigo's Paralogue for those who don't know), and the guy guarding it was reincarnated with literally the same name(Jamil) so that's cool. Also, wouldn't wishing Jugdral sank beneath the waves be a possible unpopular opinion? If so, you shouldn't have to try and beg not to be killed, right? The difference here is of course that we're all only rescuing Takumi because the game makes us, if it was up to us at least half of us would just let him die for being such an (self-censored). …that would certainly be worth seeing - those two locked in a room with nothing but a copy of Binding Blade, a copy of Genealogy and systems for both games. I legit never have trouble with Battle Before Dawn! This may or may not be because I don't have access to the game
  4. At one point I had a save file in Pokemon with a Deoxys my cousin(who was from Japan, I might add) traded me, along with my first ever Shiny, a Torkoal. At the time, I didn't know what a Shiny was and just thought it was weird that my Torkoal was yellowish instead of normal. I also was not aware of Deoxys' Rarity. I was also at the point in life where I would continuously get bored of a save file and just start over. You can piece together what happened.
  5. I disliked the unique poses completely overriding the character exclusive poses as opposed to just alternating between the two, but I've liked some of the helpfulness the ones I've been able to get someone leveled up to have, such as OverPriestess having access to the Death spell, OverFalconKnight having access to the Fire spell, or OverBowKnight having Bowrange +3, so I'd say overall it was good apart from the whole drop $15 on it thing I would, however, like to point out that I really dislike the Harrier's outfit design - the semi-open front seriously bugged me.
  6. Well, in that case, here we go. There's literally no way I'll be able to get all my favorites down in one sitting, so expect for me to either edit this repeatedly or else make multiple posts. I actually like putting Chrom and Olivia together despite how rushed it is - you get Olivia in the Chapter where Chrom has to get married at the end if he hasn't already married, so you have to have Chrom have no Support levels with any of his other marriage options(or have them married to other Units), then have him and Olivia Pair Up and participate in enough battles to have successfully reached C Support, then after you kill Gangrel Chrom proposes to Olivia and you're like "Chram, wait…you're not…seriously proposing to a girl you just met…this Chapter of course you are…" Thankfully it works out well in the end. Going back and looking at the Support conversations you never got to see in the actual game(thank goodness for the Support Log in the Extras), it's actually super adorable - Chrom's trying to be a good leader by talking to all of his people, but Olivia keeps running away because she's too shy. Also, Chrom's reply to Inigo in his Paralogue if this is your Chrom pairing is priceless. Another surprisingly enjoyable pairing is Libra and Tharja - it starts with Tharja concocting a memory-altering hex, something I'm sure almost all of us have wished we had at some point or another, and Libra offering himself as the test subject, which is an intriguing start. Over the course of the Support building, it's revealed that Libra had quite a dark past indeed, and you get to see the very elusive slightly sweeter side of Tharja, and the S-Support is frankly one of the cutest I've seen so far across at least 10 playthroughs. Gaius and Maribelle is also an interesting pairing because it actually gives some background to these two otherwise rather meme-y characters. Maribelle is most of the time seen as an arrogant little brat who speaks a bit contemptibly of/to just about everyone not related to Lissa, and Gaius is of course Gaius, so it can be difficult to take either seriously. In this pairing, however, we see not only that there's more to both of these two, but also that they actually have some intertwining history. It's also a rather amusing pairing as Maribelle wishes to become a magistrate and Gaius is a thief.
  7. Definitely could have been worse, though - a friend of mine called one of the nurses a couple cusswords when he got his out because she wouldn't tell him where they kept the unicorns. Thankfully, it's over now! Huzzah for science, I guess!
  8. I'd be ok with them not telling us much, but that would imply that they'd give us something more than "It's on the Switch, and it's at least a year away, now sit in the dark." which they haven't so far.
  9. As long as Camilla/Hinoka says something along the lines of "Motherly Incest or Lifelong Stalker?" as the question.
  10. You got this bro. …er, but keep away from the keyboard if you're still conscious afterwards and still under the effects of whatever they have you on - might end up with stuff let out that you thought was buried deeeeeeep down. Also, you did it wrong. Instead of just saying 'wish me luck' you should perform this like so: PEOPLE OF SERENES FOREST LEND ME YOUR POWER DO IT FOR HARAMBECAPTAIN KARNAGE JUST DO IT YESTERDAY YOU SAID Ooooookay, I let that get out of hand.
  11. Is there any reason you wanted to know this outside of curiosity? This would help us know if there's any particular pairing you're looking for help with. If you just want to know who we think is cute together and why, that'd be a good thing to specify up front.
  12. I was holding off until I could find a clip from SAO Abridged that would fit this, but four days is too long to go without being mentioned, so I'll just type the words from the clip I wanted… Wonder why it's considered 'S-Class'…(Reveal)…My gosh…IT'S…BEAUTIFUUUUUUULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, crazy good job! I honestly wasn't super serious about Layla, but HOLY COW. This makes me wish we'd got more background on her in Fates even more than I already did! Thanks a bunch!
  13. Welp, thanks again Kirokan, always appreciate the extra stuff! While I understand the lack of an Avatar ruining the whole point of it being specifically about Alm and Celica, and am glad they did Echoes the way they did, it still bugs me that I can't marry the Whitewings. Maybe in the future…also, seriously, quit messing with us about the Switch Fire Emblem already IT'S KILLING US ALL FOR GOODNESS' SAKE JUST GIVE US SOMETHING!!!!!
  14. I'M NOT ALLOWED TO PICK BOTH BAE AND MINI-BAE?!?!?!?! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?! Also, you misspelled Mini-Bae's name. Servera? For reals?
  15. @Vaximillian you can have my Sharena if you can figure out how to get her off my account - I don't want her, I have 40 slots for whichever characters I want and I still have too many people to choose from out of just the small number I've obtained.