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  1. Shouting attack names: cool or lame?

    RODA ROLA In all seriousness, it's a situational question - for example, I don't mind Luffy shouting stuff when it's "Gomu Gomu No...PISTOL!!!" but I do mind "Gum Gum...PISTOL!!!" in part because at least 'Gomu Gomu no' sounds cooler than 'Gum Gum' for something to be shouting at intended victims. I mean, come on: "Gum Gum...YOU DUM DUM!!!" -The Tiki Idol from Night at the Museum Seems legit.
  2. Alright, I'll wish them luck too!
  3. Eh, we'll see. Enjoy yourself and pray you don't get put in the same pool as Zero either way! I think I remember Ice Sage doing this before, do any of the others you mentioned play Smash?
  4. My brother and I usually watch the Smash stuff. You said you'll be under SHSL Jedi?
  5. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    I suppose you do have a point, and I will keep this in mind for the future, thank you!
  6. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Just to clarify, I simply said a surprising number of people, not that I thought the country at large believed this way(having only left my home state to go to California for vacations a handful of times, I'm hardly qualified to judge the entire country, and I admit that though sometimes my actions may seem otherwise). I was surprised as I expected the opinion to be less prevalent given the personalities and opinions in other aspects of life of the people mentioned. I wasn't trying to state that the country at large believes that way as a fact, just that the results of personal testing in my area were opposed to what my prior knowledge of those people had led me to believe they would be.
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Soulweaver

    -GASP- SITUATIONAL QUESTIONS?!?!?! HOW COULD YOU?!?! Ugh, I hate when people ask me this question, I can never decide which is better, and I usually end up choosing wrong when it actually comes up in my life. My general response is probably Flight as I don't particularly like being confrontational about most things, but get me in the wrong area or topic and I'll go a couple rounds with you. Autumn hands down - I put up with cold better than heat, in part because I'm usually wearing a jacket when I'm not in the bathroom or in bed for personal comfort reasons, it's got probably the least obnoxious of the pretty parts of the seasons since I don't need to shovel any snow and I don't have to worry about allergy season, I can just ignore my duty of raking leaves and let the lawn be a beautiful orange carpet. This being said, Utah Falls are a touch on the nippy side, so my ears don't always appreciate the season as much as the rest of me does. ...Frick. I forgot what those mean. Thank goodness for Google. Suburban. Eh, I dunno - we used to live in a more rural area, and it wasn't half bad before the city decided to try and screw all of us over for its own personal spending plans, but before that we lived with my grandma in another suburban zone, and that wasn't a bad existence either. I'm also one of those people who likes the company of people he likes, but dislikes feeling like there are people everywhere, so I suppose I could be convinced to go either way. Urban's definitely not for me, though, I'd feel constantly surrounded and paranoid if I were in like an apartment complex in the city. I've never taken the test, but a quick look into the different types from this site leads me to believe that I'm either INTP or INTJ, with me personally leaning towards INTP, though I may be incorrect as I don't know the exact specifications differing between the two and my comp won't allow me to access the test itself at this time.
  8. SF Interviews 2.0 - Soulweaver

    Oh boy, it won't let me edit the thing again. Sorry mods, I swear I'm not trying to make your life harder. First, I ran out of time yesterday to answer Sully's fourth question to the fullest extent. In addition to being a solid database for most of what I might be looking for involving Fire Emblem(the Wikia generally catching anything SF misses) and a place I can check Cipher cards to know what they do, it's also the closest thing to social media I access(technically I have a Facebook and a Deviantart, but neither is in my name, I rarely go throwing things around on DA and I only even have the Facebook so I can back up my mobile games' progress) on a regular basis, as well as one of the few places I can find people who don't totally zone out if I go off on a nerd-rant about Fire Emblem or, say, BIONICLE. Alright, that leaves Shoblongoo for now. I currently make fries at the Chick-fil-A down in Centerville Utah. It's not an amazing job, but it's not too bad either. Studying...uh...Fire Emblem? I'm afraid I don't do very much of...well, pretty much anything right now. I'd like to get back into coding, but the old laptop I was using has issues with its power cord and is old enough that it'd be cheaper to just buy a new one than fix it, but $10-11 an hour isn't a great wage to be getting a new comp on while also paying rent(and trying to play Cipher freaking non-internationalization committee). I could do it if I managed to work up the motivation, I just...haven't yet. Hm...well, as I mentioned in Rezzy's answer, I'd like to write a song and put it out using a VOCALOID software, in part because I doubt my own voice somewhat often. I've also kind of always wanted to go to Japan, I've just let the language barrier and the potential costs kind of shut me down. Can I say doing taxes? I really don't like those. Or talking on the phone with anyone, I tried that and it was awful. The XBox button configuration screwed me over the one time I tried Marvel Vs Capcom as well. And vegetables. Vegetables definitely go here...good heavens, I sound like a small child. I...actually have no idea. I'm not what you'd really consider wild. I guess...I kind of dated a girl before she was 16 in Utah? 'Tis pretty wild out here, where we sweep prophetic counsel such as food storage under the rug but you try hanging out with someone of the opposite sex one-on-one when one of you is older than 16 but the other isn't... To be honest, I don't do nearly as much looking ahead and trying to decide what I want out of life as I ought to, so this is a trickier question than it should be. I'd like to be married at that point, maybe with a kid or two, and preferably with a job that I like that also happens to pay well, though from what I hear out and about on the internet those two things rarely come together so we'll see.
  9. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Thank you sir, I'll be sure to take a look at it so I at least have a better understanding of what the issue is. I will keep that in mind, thank you as well.
  10. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    I'm sure this is a very helpful informative video. Unfortunately, I share a computer with the rest of my family, and my parents still haven't gotten around to removing the old Parental Controls from my account(3 FREAKING YEARS LATER), meaning that almost any video is blocked - I can't even see the video, it's just a big blank space on the page, like you hit Enter 13 times or something. Would you mind just putting a link up for me?
  11. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Probably not a great plan, I don't wanna derail the thread more than I already have. Hopefully you guys get why I avoid Serious Discussion as much as I can, though. I was quoting the implication people are putting up that Alex Jones is supposedly saying the shootings were staged. I haven't heard the man myself and can't pull source. Everyone I've spoken to about fake news in my ward, numbering at least twenty, around sixteen people from my work who have also engaged me in this discussion, at least ten people from the game store I play Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Cipher at each week, again mostly from them asking me if I heard the news. Average TV News station refers to CNN, Fox News, etc., and I should clarify that by completely trustworthy I mean they believe those stations to be reporting the news objectively without their own bias coming into play at all, which is a very difficult thing to pull off if you're not very careful, and I highly doubt the current mainstream media to be the sort to be so careful. Also sorry about the paragraphs, that's how most of my family writes so I tend to forget it gives some people nightmares. I appreciate your willingness to just let it go. However, I would like to point out that the third statement could be seen as exactly what you're saying you won't do. I'm not that short a fuse, but it could be said in a way that doesn't insult both my age(admittedly a mere 21) and beliefs. Those 'gun fetishists' are exactly the reason we don't have gun control, because we realize it's not actually going to fix the root problem and the risk outweighs the reward for us, hence why we've been fighting the gun control so fiercely. I assume you've read my later posts at this point, so you should have an idea where I stand on such things as what you mentioned. I won't respond to most of your post, in part because I feel I've done enough damage to this thread, but I will say from what I've seen of you I find, to put it nicely, we're destined to disagree on quite a lot of things, such as how to speak to people we don't take seriously for the context, and sometimes I let my personal issues with people poke through on here though I try not to, so my apologies for making it personal. I would also like to say I have no issues with people responding to me in a heated manner, so while I thank you for your politeness, if stuff slips out in anger at me I don't really mind. This all being said, I do apologize for derailing the thread as much as I have. You are of course welcome to reply to this, but chances are I won't be responding to such replies in the interest of both keeping the conversation on-topic and staying civil myself.
  12. SF Interviews 2.0 - Soulweaver

    Let's see...First Impression was 'oh hey, a drawer - uh, artist. Cool.' or something to that effect, I don't recall the first thread I saw you on. Current...well, you say you're a mom and like a decade older than I am, but I see plenty of stuff by you that makes me question this as sometimes you seem more of a child than the actual children on here do, rude though that may sound depending on context. Overall, you seem like a pretty chill lady to know. I drew up the blueprints to a Gingerbread house once...did I say that out loud? I actually haven't spent a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly I want to do in life. I would like to get married and have a family at some point, I suppose that counts, and being the guy making the games everyone else plays has sounded pretty sweet for a while now, so I guess you could say I aspire to be a father and husband, and hopefully a game designer. Oh, and learning Japanese has been on my mind for some time, though I haven't really got around to actually starting to learn beyond listening to VOCALOID music and memorizing some songs(I can sing almost all of Lost One no Goukoku in English and I know the first verse of Electric Angel and a little of Double Lariat). I guess I have also been wanting to make VOCALOID music for some time as well now that I think about it. For the most part I like them, but it also depends on the kid - I have a cousin who can really drive me up the wall some days, though this is mostly because I'm pretty sure he has some variation of ADHD and possibly high-functioning Autism(but don't quote me on either of those because I'm nowhere near certified for that), plus he's at that age little guys get when everything(EVERYTHING) becomes a sword once you find the handle. I do want children, but I'm also concerned my wife will fight me about naming them - names I find I like include Ether(Female), Xi(Female), and Lin'quon(Male, don't ask how I came up with that one because I have no idea), while chances are my wife is just going to want normal people names. I found Black Panther rather disappointing. As a gamer, I put a lot of emphasis on bossfights and how they're handled, and quite a few movies recently have let me down in that aspect, though the fight at the waterfall wasn't too bad. In addition, literally nobody of any importance dies - in fact, there are only two deaths played to be important, one of which is a guy who literally said 'Kill me so I can redeem myself for my past sins' and the other was a nameless Royal Guard member who somehow was so enormously important they had to slow-mo the kill, and it was somehow the one thing that convinced the other Royal Guards they needed to fight against Killmonger...even though they were already fighting him just then anyways. There's also the fact that after it came out I heard a bunch of black people on TV talking about how they 'finally had their own superhero' even though Luke Cage has been black for all kinds of time, and even Black Panther himself is old enough that when they initially said there wasn't enough white people in his comic they just slapped in him fighting the KKK, really got under my skin that they were acting like he'd just been thought up yesterday for some reason, and that kind of soured the movie for me. BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui uh, I know what, screw it, freaking BIONICLE. This actually came up at work literally two days ago, and two of my coworkers would 100% have strangled me if we hadn't been at work when I said I found BIONICLE 2 inspiring - as it was, the scripture quote 'and they laughed me to scorn' applied quite handily. Admittedly, the animation could use some work(especially the run cycle, it hurts to watch at times), and it skips the entire search for the Matoran who knew the locations of the Great Disks, not to mention the search for the Disks themselves, or the fight with the Morbuzahk, OR the subsequent battle in the deep Archives with the Krahka, all of which occurred before the scene where Duma ironically(for those who knew the lore, anyways) says Toa must prove their worth with deeds before making them look like weakling newbs. Nerd-out rant aside, several years ago I was in a rather depressing time in my life, and for whatever reason I ended up watching the movie with some younger cousins I was babysitting, and I reached Vakama's self-deprecation moment. His statement, 'I'm just some cross-wired freak who has weird dreams' struck a particular chord in me as I had such thoughts myself during down days, and it made me pay more attention to Vakama. To put it short, after watching the movie and Web Of Shadows and reading quite a few of the books, he became(and still is) pretty much the only Toa of Fire I really like(I do like Lhikan too, but that's mostly because he has gold armor), in part because he's probably the most human character in the entire BIONICLE universe. BIONICLE in general also very much appeals to me in part because I didn't have an overabundance of friends growing up and spent a lot of time playing with them, not to mention my aforementioned stress on bossfight quality - almost the entirety of the BIONICLE story is one giant bossfight against Makuta and his Brotherhood. You're gonna waste a question on asking me to raise the limit? I feel like that should be separate from the five-query limit. Hm...First impression was probably something along the lines of 'oh hey, a homesc - wait, why is he apologizing for it?' while're apparently a pretty decent poet by my standards, 'mighty Green Cavalier' and a pretty nice guy while we're at it, though I don't run into you very often on here so I'm afraid I can't say more. Awakening, as mentioned in Answer Three for Rex - again, it's clearly Sakurai's fault. I'd admittedly had my eye on it for a little while before Sm4sh came out since the boxart is sick, but Lucina and Robin convinced me to give it a shot. I started the game, a gorgeous red-haired Pegasus Knight came boldly flying in to deliver warning to our fair troops, heartbroken at her comrades' noble sacrifice to ensure she could reach the Exalt alive, and the rest, as they say, is history...JK I started with a Female Robin first and accidentally hooked up with Chrom because I didn't realize it would make me marry him if I didn't marry him off to someone before killing Gangrel. I believe Rex also already asked this one - I found out Kingdom Hearts had a card game, forgot about it, rediscovered it, wondered if Fire Emblem had a card game as well, looked it up, found Cipher, bought two decks, realized I didn't know how to play and it was in Japanese, looked up instructions, clicked the first link I saw, hey presto, a Forum devoted(almost) entirely to Fire Emblem. Well, for one it's a solid database for stuff from quite a few of the games, such as the requirements list for the Gaiden chapters that I needed to know during my Binding Blade run, and also has the English translations for Cipher, which I'd...not die, but be very sad without. 5 questions and two were already asked and the last wasn't even a real question as obviously IDGA..uh, I can't say that last one, but you get the idea, fire away. I'll get Shoblong's tomorrow.
  13. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    This depends on what you consider a conspiracy theory - I've been written off as paranoid simply for listening to the Andrew Klavan and Ben Shapiro Shows. Something I've heard people throw the 'conspiracy theory' label onto so they can blow people off as nutjobs that I believe is that Obama intentionally was the worst President we've ever had in an attempt to sell us to the Muslims(please please PLEASE do not even attempt to talk to me about whether he was the worst President we've ever had, I will ignore whoever does so). Also, while I don't believe all school shootings were falsified, I very much lean towards the theory that at least some if not all of the major school shootings were orchestrated by our own government in an attempt to get us to push Gun Control for them so they don't have to do as much work. I also take issue with the news media acting as though we've had all kinds of these deadly shootings when several of the shootings they're claiming happened were hardly as horrible as the handful of actually deadly shootings we've had, such as one where a guy used a gun to kill himself in his car in a school parking lot - technically a school shooting, yes, and horrible, yes, but is it in the same league as psychopaths(or brainwashed minions depending on which camp you subscribe to) walking into a school and just gunning down whoever got in their line of sight, no matter their age? Anyways, the mainstream media's actions regarding school shootings I find suspicious, and though I'm not the only one who believes they're only pushing their own agenda and not actually recording the pure facts like they're SUPPOSED to do, I find a surprising number of people who seem to think the average TV News Station is completely trustworthy.
  14. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    He technically 'has' to do no such thing. Perhaps you won't be convinced without more evidence, but he wasn't trying to convince anyone - Karnage was saying he found times Mr. Jones could be serious, and you jumped on him and demanded an example, which he promptly gave you, but you basically discarded his example without ever saying if you'd even watched the stupid thing or not. If you haven' seen it, it shouldn't be very difficult to look it up and see it for yourself, and then if you don't agree with him you can just say 'I disagree' and drop it. There's no need for people on here to always be about convincing everyone else their opinion is the right one, but that's more or less what I see a lot of every time I come on here, and is why I generally avoid Serious Discussion if I can help it. This being said, I will say that I've only heard the name Alex Jones in passing once or twice on one of the Daily Wire shows before today, and I still don't know who the guy is - and don't want to, particularly as I'm one of those so-called 'conspiracy nuts' you guys are busily blasting away at and am partially worried I may try to defend the man if I knew the story and thus end up with half of Serious Discussion(or at least you, Raven, judging from the Net Neutrality Thread) dogpiling me for going against the grain.
  15. SF Interviews 2.0 - Soulweaver

    You guys are really gonna have to tag me or Quote something I say on here so I know, I nearly forgot about this after getting home though that's because tax crap and identity issues yay. Anyways, here we go? I would also like to hear why you guys ask some of these if you have time - I know Rex usually starts off with a set list before individualizing any questions, for example, while some people just throw out whatever springs to mind. I assume Classical is Fire-Water-Earth-Wind? If so, probably Wind - Wind looks at everyone who would chain it down, gives them the bird, and leaves. Except Vacuum. Wind doesn't like that guy. Oh, and I relate to Air Toa not taking anything seriously enough, so I suppose that factors in. Leave it to BIONICLE to influence my choice in Elements. As for Chinese...I had to look them up. First off, somebody make that the Weapon Triangle for a future Fire Emblem(with the normal Weapon Triangle being fitted into Metal's place and adding Magic for all the others), the game isn't complicated enough yet. As for favorite, that's a bit trickier, especially if you mean in context since my comp only loaded pictures of the 'Weapon Pentagram' for me without explanations as to why they fit where they do or what they represent and refuses to load any of the websites off the search. On their own...still tricky, but probably Water - something about Water's showcasing of both perfect serenity and neverending rage appeals to me. Hm...I want to say Anger, considering my original member title on here was 'Eternally Raging RoyBoy' and my member title on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardmaker Forums is(I think, it's been a bit since I logged in there) still 'He who Rages Eternally' not to mention one of my favorite characters to write about has sometimes-severe anger problems, but I also spend way too much time loafing around on here so I guess Sloth might do in a pinch. Virtues...I had to look those up because me being me I knew all the bad ones by heart but forgot to learn the good ones somewhere along the way. I ended up with three or four different variations, so I'll go off of the first image setup I saw when googling it. I think I might go with Humility(depending on whether it can be considered humble for me to say I think I'm humble) as I don't usually like to say I'm all that, nor do I appreciate it terribly when people call me out for something good I've done, preferring to keep my good deeds(the few that occur) mysterious and anonymous if possible. I blame Sakurai - though Melee somehow got me hooked on Roy(I really have no clue how it happened, he's so freaking bad if you're not a dedicated main), my first foray into actual Fire Emblem was after hearing Lucina's special win quotes against Marth and Ike. I wanted to know who this random wench(as I don't allow myself to use the word most would) thought she was, talking down to such heroes like that, plus I was curious about Robin as well, so I bought Awakening one day walking home from work, decreed I would beat all the DLC(oddly enough, I'm only missing the Elincia one, and I haven't beaten Apotheosis Secret Path yet) and obtain a 100% Support Log before formally quitting the game, and eventually realized I apparently have a weird thing for redheads(which I may or may not have realized only after also playing several other games and may or may not have hit me only upon seeing Cordelia in a swimsuit for the first time[*heavy breathing*]). Actually, this was Kingdom Hearts' fault. I found out there was a KH card game during a Pokemon TCG Cities probably around five years ago since the store we played at had a box of the packs, but had no money to spend on them. To this day I have yet to see another store with KH cards, but a little while after Fates came out I was digging around the KH Wiki in search of help with a bossfight for KH2 and ran into the page for the cards, which led me to wonder if Fire Emblem had a card game, so of course I found out about Cipher, and decided I'd buy two of the Structure Decks(Chrom and Ike) and teach myself how to play. This of course required me to find rules, so I just googled it and the original Serenes Thread about the game came up. While I don't agree that the thread did a good job explaining everything(I was especially confused about Bonds and how they worked until I happened to meet some guys at my local game store who also played by a beautiful happenstance), it did eventually lead me to make my own Blog Post on the Fire Emblem Wikia detailing the game's rules as best as I could, which can still be found through a link in my About Me page, and it led me here, so it was good in the end. The SoulWeaver is my favorite Class in DragonFable, and would be my favorite Class in AdventureQuest Worlds but it's not a Class there so RIP that. It's also the main Class of the main character in my Story I write in from time to time, who is also technically me, so it kind of seemed fitting. Plus it just sounds pretty epic. I'm gonna have to get to yours tomorrow, @Rezzy, I've gotta go and won't have time to get back on tonight. Sorry, I will answer them though!