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  1. Hm…an excellent tale, plus an interesting idea. Liking where it's going as well.
  2. Here's an option: Make the last third be about the rival warlords, angry at Leona for breaking some old tradition - let's say not taking a husband immediately upon gaining the throne for the sake of this thread, though you could choose one of a million things - assaulting her in an attempt to remove the plague on their fair land, and she must fight them off. Another alternative is her small fiefdom then comes under attack, and she must purge the invaders attempting to subjugate the people who she once knew as brothers and sisters. A third option is of course the disgruntled advisor making a move to take over the kingdom(either her old one or the fiefdom, either way works) who must be stopped for the people's sake. Sounds like a good idea, I'd love to see it as it progresses further.
  3. I'm not the best at keeping up with RP stuff(especially with Echoes coming out tomorrow), but as long as you don't mind me mixing my own overarching storyline into it(to a limited extent of course) I'll give it a try should others be interested with two characters for now. Also holy crap, you went deep with the world building. First is Arilon, World Wanderer. Class: SoulWeaver(Personal Class, Infantry-Type Unit, 6 Movement, Weapons - Swords, Daggers{assuming those are available in this continent, ignore if not}, Tomes, Axes) Personal Skill(because I always like to look at it from a video game perspective): Otherworld Mystery - This Unit can wield any Personal or Legendary Weapon(e.g. Alondite, Ragnell, etc.) while in the correct Class if this Unit has achieved at least an A Rank in that Weapon Type in any Class. Appearance: Clad in Dread Fighter-esque garb, Arilon wears a hood obscuring the upper half of his face. His cloak bears a strange emblem belonging to none of the known lands(in all of FE), a blood-colored skull-like helmet with curving thorns. The sleeves of his gear also have strange slits down by the wrists, as though to allow blades to slide through, but no one has discovered what odd manner of blade could be properly used with such slits. Personality: A relatively quiet person at first, Arilon often assists people in need he comes across, which has occasionally gotten him in trouble as he takes the wrong side of an argument simply because he was asked for help first. However, he refuses to assist any cause he doesn't believe in himself, which has also gotten him on the wrong side of people in the past because they felt their plight worthy of assistance but he chose otherwise. As one gets to know him, however, he quickly becomes surprisingly light-hearted, shrugging off insults and often seeming cheerfully apathetic to the world around him and the gravity of many situations that would have others concerned. History: A traveler surrounded by mystery, he travels the land, searching for something, though nobody has been able to ascertain what exactly that something is. Things he's said implies that he has played a part in many legends, though not one person he's ever spoken to about his past has recognized the names and places of said events(coughotherFEworldscough). He also keeps a special sword wrapped in a magic fabric that he guards with utmost care, and only one person, sworn to secrecy, has ever seen the actual blade. Though many have called him an idle boaster, it's been proven that underneath his hood a blindfold constantly covers his eyes, showcasing his prowess in battle as well as some unknown skill, as his blindfold is never removed yet he never falters while moving about. Now for the other: Marita, Cheerful Traveler. Class: LightSworn(Personal Class, Infantry-Type Unit, 6 Movement, Weapons - Lances, Bows, Staves, Light Magic) Personal Skill: Offensive Defender - This Unit can use Shields to attack. Also, this Unit is immune to all "Seal" Skills. Appearance: Though Marita also wears Dread Fighter-esque garb, hers is more like the Hoshidan Dread Fighter than Arilon's Valentian-style gear. Also, hers bears a much brighter color scheme, with white and gold as opposed to Arilon's black and silver. She has hair described as "a blue almost black"(Hair Color 03 in Awakening I think) and a cheery aura about her. Personality: On the surface, Marita appears to not give a crap about anything in the world, but underneath she's been shown to be very caring, especially where children are concerned, and she will often help those she sees as being oppressed, whoever said oppressors may turn out to be. History: If not much is known about Arilon, even less is certain about Marita, with all accounts of her varying in great degrees about multiple things. The only agreed-upon facts about her are she's been following Arilon for some time for an unknown reason, and that her skill in battle is nearly on his level if not on par with him. She often refers to him as her "counterpart", though it's uncertain what exactly she means by this as it doesn't appear to signify any special relationship. She carries a special, intricate Lance that has a special covering upon the blade part, preventing others from viewing the blade, and she keeps this Lance on her person at all costs.
  4. I hope(though it's not likely) that Lando will have some sort of reference to the fact that he's supposed to be a Dual Wielding fighter - perhaps allow him to equip both a weapon and a shield at the same time? It's doable, but unlikely. As for the rest, mostly I just hope they're easy to get early on and remain usable the entire game - I don't want anything like Priam or Walhart, where I have to beat the whole game to get them.
  5. Ok, so I know there were at least two people on here who couldn't handle my gigantic wall of text, so I'm throwing this up here to let you guys know I'll be starting work on reformatting it to be more reasonable to read. I've already got to the first real change in scenery in the entry, so if any of you want to check my work on the first little bit and let me know if I'm doing it wrong that'd be appreciated. I'm not doing full double-enter breaks for a couple reasons right now, so expect just indented paragraphs because it took me this long to realize how to do that. It should still be much more readable, however. Also, there will be some minor changes made here and there, mostly me trying to address some of the few feedback things I've got. I assume this isn't a problem now that Scribbles is over?
  6. I want to see me a Performer juggling Axes around, but maybe that's just me. I think put two refresh Units in, but again, make it like Heroes where they can't give each other extra turns. An alternate route is to make it so no Unit can take more than two actions a turn, allowing each refresh Unit to hit each other once so they can catch up to the main group(seriously, 5 Movement is not enough when everyone else is on horses with at least 7), but preventing infinite loops.
  7. Ok, back again for a second round! More people you don't know! Also, I'm trying to make my peoples be usable across multiple Fire Emblem games, so let me know if I missed something important. Narika Shina Starting Class: Bow Disciple(Personal Class Infantry Type Unit with 6 Movement, Higher SKL, LUC, ATK, Lower SPD, MAG, Average DEF, RES, Usable Weaponry - Bows, Skills unfinished, Class Specialties - can use Longbows/similar Sniper-exclusive weaponry) Personal Skill: Earth Affinity - When this Unit battles, ignore opponent's Terrain effects. Personal Weapon: Brogue Arch[Later Artemis] - Bow, MT 15, HIT 100, CRIT 10, Cannot make followup attacks, but prevents opponent's followup attacks. Artemis stats MT 20, HIT 100, CRIT 15, when used against a Flying Unit replaces Flying Movement type with Cavalry Movement type for the rest of the turn(especially useful if you can hit someone out on the water where they then can't move). Growth Rates: SKL 100%, LUC 40%, ATK 35%, DEF 30%, RES 25%, SPD 10%, MAG 10% ReClass Options: Archer Tree, Sky Knight Tree, Outlaw Tree Concept: With insane Skill but atrocious Magic and Speed in an attempt to compensate, Narika excels as an Archer with their naturally high Skill caps, giving her a very high Crit potential. She has access to some Classes that don't allow her to use her exceptionally useful Personal Weapon but have unique and useful defensive skills in an attempt to make up for her general lack of offensive skills, which I avoided in part because of how high her Skill can go, particularly in her Base Class, which has a very high ceiling for her Skill. Her Personal Skill was kind of tricky to come up with as there isn't a lot of Earth Element stuff in Fire Emblem, but hopefully I managed a decent choice.
  8. We forgot to mention that the only acceptable reason to fight here is for our friends. Also, despite it being obvious, are you a boy or are you a girl?(Thanks, Prof. Oak) Anyways, welcome, and taking on 7 at once, impressive…and yet Fates isn't on the list…doubly impressive. Also, sweet, another artist! We'd love to see your art/music whenever you feel inclined to share it! Also, if you haven't already, I recommend checking out the Serenes Forest Scribbles entries from the previous two editions of said contest both for enjoyment and for inspiration. Can't give you the actual link to the entries because I can't find it, but it should be floating around here somewhere or you can PM Tangerine and ask.
  9. Hm…a lot of valid points here, and it's almost always better to get your issues out than let them sit and simmer in your head, so hey, that's good. To be completely honest, I literally only started Heroes because first, I heard Roy was getting an English VA, and second, Choose Your Legends meaning more Roy. Bet you guys can't guess my Smash Bros. main. It has, however, become surprisingly fun to try and collect all the guys I like(FINALLY GOT EIRIKA LAST WEEK!!!), especially in conjunction with my Cipher playing as I sometimes find characters I like to use in Cipher and then attempt to get them in Heroes and/or vice versa(Still crossing fingers for Shade in Heroes). Also, I know I might be in the minority here(hopefully not but hey, whatever), but I for one am really excited to see where Heroes' storyline leads - when do we get to actually see Zacharias? Are Veronica and ??? under contract like their captive Heroes but don't know it as the Xenologue/Chapter 10 seems to suggest to me? If so, who has them under contract and why? More importantly, do I get to recruit Veronica and/or ???(preferably Veronica if we only get one) at some future point? Will the Heroes characters make cameos in future FE games like I think they will considering they supposedly visit like EVERY FE world on a regular basis? Are we ever going to find out who the Hero Alfonse lost was(I think it's Xander btw) and why he/she/it(hey, it could be Limstella or another morph) left? I also found that I started liking certain characters more or less thanks to his/her Heroes portrayal. One example is Palla, who is probably tied with Est for my third-favorite Unit in Heroes after Roy and Eirika looking at VA alone, and my second-favorite to use. On the flip side, Arthur, who I used to like, is now barely tolerable for me in Fates because I always think of his ridiculous Heroes artwork whenever I look at him(comic book style? Really, guys?). Is there a lack of content in Heroes compared to other mobile games? Speaking as someone who's played KHUX, GoddessKiss, Brave Frontier, and some others, yes, Heroes could stand to have a little more story content. However, this is only Nintendo's 3rd attempt at a mobile game, and it's trying to be completely different from MiiFaceBook and SuperMoneyRaker so they don't really have any past experience to build on for Summoner games. Also, what I found out playing Brave Frontier, where lots of Units are special or unique thanks to Skills(and there's like 8k+ Units at least so it's waaay harder to get the one you want), is that long story updates can actually be really retarded when you just want the Diamonds so you can pull ANOTHER lame Unit when you JUST WANT LUKA GOSHDANGIT ahem. Sorry. I had some issues with the BF x VOCALOID event last year and I'm still working on them. Though it's not the same for everyone, Heroes feels kind of like casually playing Pokemon to me, where I don't care how viable such-and-such character is, I just want MAH BOI. Speaking of MAH BOI, that's probably the main point where my opinion differs from yours - Skill Inheritance. Is it making certain Units become cookie-cutter? Probably. Does that mean it's a bad thing? Not necessarily. Roy is of course my main example for this - for a character with a unique weapon, he's pretty trashy, with generally lower stats than, say, Lyn, who also gets Galeforce while Roy's Skill pool…yeah. Let's not talk about Roy's Skill pool. Thanks to Skill Inheritance, though, it makes people like me, who will have Roy on their main team no matter what, not get shafted because we're trying to use the guys we like instead of just aiming for the 6 IV Perfect Egg Move Ubers(Pokemon reference) - I can in theory sack Lyn to give Roy a decent attack Skill, along with Draug so he has a Brave Sword and Gordin to give him Vantage because why would I waste my first Gordin on Takumi when Gordin's like a flipping dime a dozen? Something I hope they don't do, though, is throw out a truckload of rare/seasonal versions of other Units - I pulled Spring Xander, who I can't stand because he looks ridiculous, but he's a seasonal rare, so I can't just dump his Skills off on a Unit I like better like Catria or Est. I'm excited for the CYL Units, but if the other seasonal stuff doesn't become a recurring thing and we start getting seasonal EVERYONE then I'm going to be bugged.
  10. I'd say keep Inherited Skills and leave it at that but reset them so the new owner has to regrind SP for them again if we're trying to discourage cheating the system - nobody trying for a FastPass would be willing to regrind 1.5x SP for any but the most important Skills like say Galeforce.
  11. My thoughts? send all your stuff to me Speaking as a HERO or Ancient Gears player, I'm afraid I can't approve of this whole "First Gen is best Gen" unless we're talking about the Abridged Series, in which case heck yeah, get me more of that! In all seriousness, though, there were some pretty fun cards in the first series, and the show was enjoyable, plus when I'm explaining Cipher to people I get to say "But Joey, these are all Monsters…" so that's always a great line to drop to make it more enjoyable for new players. I do still love to play, but right now Cipher is eating most of my money so I'm not as into it as normal.
  12. Oh, boy, I've been waiting for something like this! Expect to see me multiple times on this thread. Also expect to not recognize anyone I put up on here except Xion because I will make that a thing. Feene Glass Starting Class: Blade Disciple(Personal Class Infantry Type Unit with 6 Movement, Higher DEF, RES, MAG, Lower SPD, SKL, Average ATK, LUC, HP, Usable Weaponry - Swords, Skills currently unwritten but I'm working on it so I'll probably edit them in some time, Class Specialties - can use Rapiers) Personal Skill: Dusk Affinity - This Unit may equip and fight with Dark Tomes regardless of whether it is in a Class that can normally use Tomes(it can't use non-Dark Tomes if it doesn't have access to Tomes normally, though). Personal Weapon: Lotus Grin[Later upgrades to Ares in similar vein to Falchion -> Exalted Falchion] - Sword, Magic Weapon, MT 15, HIT 100, CRIT 5, can restore one use on a Dark Tome the Unit is carrying if said Unit defeats an enemy in battle(Trigger % 1/4 SKL). Ares Stats MT 20, HIT 100, CRIT 10, same effect but Trigger % 1/2 SKL, also effective against Monsters. Growth Rates(first draft, will likely be changed at some point): RES 100%, MAG 45%, DEF 45%, ATK 40%, LUC 30%, SKL 25%, HP 20%, SPD 10% ReClass Options: Dark Mage Tree, Myrmidon Tree, Mercenary Tree. Concept: With low Speed and high Defense and Resistance attempting to reflect her stats in her home game, Feene brings her astonishing MDF from said home game to bear with a guaranteed increase in Resistance with every Level, making her a good wall against Tome users or those foolish enough to attempt to strike her with a Levin Sword, Bolt Axe or Shockstick, while her strong Defense makes her a decent wall against those wielding more conventional weaponry. Her HP, however, is relatively difficult to increase as an attempt to counterbalance this, and her Luck and Skill aren't especially easy to increase either, making it somewhat tricky for her to properly trigger the skills her ReClass Options offer, such as Sol, Astra, Vengeance, and Lethality. Her Base Class can wield Rapiers as an homage to her fencing prowess. So that's the first one, there will be more. PM me or quote this to tell me I'm doing it wrong or to say you played her game so I can give you an air five over the internet!
  13. I voted once for Limstella, once for Idenn, and everything else for Roy because I want that special costume…and now I have to wait until fall…
  14. Oh, boy, an argument...Welp, guess I'll hop in here and see if I can't make it any worse! First off, an overview to make sure I've got both parts of both sides' points right - make sure to correct me if I'm wrong so I can fix it if I end up trying to address something that you weren't even saying: It sounds like Glaceon Mage is saying that it was BS that Yen'fay supposedly joined Walhart to protect Say'ri and yet has no qualms about cutting her down in the Chapter in which you fight him. She's also saying that Emmeryn and Tiki's 'defense' Chapters were kind of badly done as they're both just plain old 'rout' Chapters where you happen to also get a Game Over if this other side person dies(I don't know if it's a Game Over in Tiki's Chapter, but I think Chapter 6 does drop the G.O. on you), and that those Chapters should have instead given you a turn limit in similar fashion to the Ghostly Gold DLC in Fates, where if you killed all the guys it would just skip the Enemy Phases until more guys showed up or until you hit the specified turn. Let me know if I goofed in getting this down. Meanwhile, Harvey and Cerberus seem to be saying that it was perfectly reasonable for Yen'fay to fight to defend his own life, even should that include cutting down his own sister. They also brought up that the abovementioned 'defense' Chapters were fairly defense-based compared to other Chapters and are just fine as they are. Again, correct me if I'm wrong. Ok, so now what I think of each of the two issues that are being discussed, along with how I personally would handle said issues if it were me remaking the game: Issue 1 - Yen'fay vs. Say'ri Opinion: A difficult question. I think here I've gotta side with Glaceon, but hear me out before people start throwing stuff. Yes, it seems reasonable that Yen'fay would want to defend himself if his life was in peril, but if you stop and think about it, he's putting his life in peril simply by joining Walhart so that Say'ri will live. Knowing this, it seems kind of out of character for him to suddenly decide that if she's swinging first then to heck with the whole thing. Looking at the kind of person Yen'fay turns out to be, it really would make sense for him to allow his sister to cut him down to prevent him from being the cause of her death as he joined Walhart and probably killed a lot of people - who were either people he wanted to side with or else innocent bystanders - specifically to prevent being the cause of his sister's death. As for the Shepherds, honestly it isn't really their business why Yen'fay would choose the side he chose, and so him attacking them makes perfect sense as they're like neighbors you called in on your brother to side with you in an argument - he doesn't owe Chrom and his group any explanation and therefore makes no effort to spare them. Possible Solution? Well, let's take a look at this. Frankly, Excellus is the only reason Yen'fay is still sided with Walhart because he's the one who appears to have the capability to take Say'ri out of the picture at any time(despite not even attempting to do so when you rescue her), and therefore seems like the key to solving the problem, at least to me. I think I'd split that Chapter into two choices, one where you try to deal with Excellus before battling Yen'fay, which would need an excuse to go after him first - let's say because they find out Excellus is the reason the Dynasts are against them and so the obvious logical next step is to remove Excellus from the picture so that the Dynasts can safely join your cause without fear of retribution. The other choice would of course be to go after Yen'fay for answers. Once there, it's discovered that - through some mysterious intervention, I honestly have no idea how I'd try and make it happen, perhaps something similar to the battle against Validar in the Chapter where Basilio and Flavia join, with Say'ri required and locked in a special area with only her and Yen'fay and the rest of the group outside - only Say'ri can challenge her brother, and she must do so alone. When she defeats him, one of two things happens depending on the order you played the Chapters. If you already beat Excellus, Say'ri finds some way to mention this, probably by saying that the Dynasts are now arrayed against Yen'fay and Walhart thanks to Excellus' demise, and Yen'fay, surprised but happy, then says he has no reason to fear retribution or something like that and promptly joins the party. If you hadn't fought Excellus yet, Say'ri attempts to get Yen'fay to join, and Yen'fay, moved by his sister's pleas, is about to do so, but Excellus appears, attempts to kill Say'ri, and Yen'fay heroically takes the shot for his beloved sister, at which point Excellus leaves because bad guys have their own things to do, like wait for the proper Chapter so they can be killed at the right time instead of messing things up. This would then lend more weight to the battle against Excellus because now you're avenging Yen'fay, who you never knew was a pawn until he died in the vanilla game anyways. You could then also still use the Yen'fay SpotPass Paralogue in the event that you got Yen'fay killed, and not use it if Excellus died first - heck, if people only ever went for Excellus first nobody would need to know about the confusing lack of detail regarding the SpotPass Yen'fay. I feel like this would not only solve the issue at hand of Say'ri and Yen'fay dueling but also give the players a chance to feel like they have more of a hand in the story, like Fates was supposed to go but didn't really. Issue 2 - So-called 'Defense' Chapters Opinion: You know, I did like that about Conquest - that I had other things to do than just kill all the bad guys, particularly as I personally have issues with striking down unarmed Healer Units that can't do anything once all the guys with swords are crow chow and so enjoy being able to seize and feel like I did the right thing by letting them live - but in Awakening I'm afraid I'm not really seeing the need for Defense-based Chapters. Admittedly, Glaceon, yes, Chapter 6 was never a difficult thing as far as defense goes - I was always more concerned about not running Gaius over so I could get him than I was about Emmeryn dying. I mean, Lucina's right there, plus we got the OutRealm Gate literally two Chapters back, and I at least always spend a good half an hour to an hour level grinding the second that happens so I don't end up getting my guys killed so it wasn't like such an early Chapter was going to be difficult anyways. For Tiki's Chapter, though, it really plays like a Defense Chapter for me because I invariably just park all my Units three spaces away from Tiki in a fortress-style setup and let the Risen crash against me until they run out and the leader runs up to die. It's kind of funny, actually, because the way the AI is set up is so that they're all like little lemmings running straight into my indestructible(by that time anyways) crew. Either way, it ends up always ending in the same number of turns, so it's practically a Defend for X Turns Chapter for me whether or not that's the stated goal. Could I rush and kill them all earlier? Probably, but I'm not gonna try because the last time I did(on my most recent of like 12 playthroughs, I might add, so I'd like to think it wasn't just me being noobish) a Risen got through almost immediately, Tiki nearly got killed and I had to try and save her which was annoying as heck and would have failed if Tharja hadn't happened to be carrying a Mire at the time. What bugged me more was that Emmeryn's SpotPass Paralogue didn't follow the same rules as Chapter 6 - if they're after Emmeryn and we're trying to save her, obviously then it should be considered a loss if we fail, and there I agree with you Glaceon, but overall I felt Awakening didn't really need Defense Chapters and am going to have to go with the other two here. Possible Solution? Though I don't really feel that Awakening needed Defense Chapters, I do recognize that other people do feel that way, so I think I'd make the main Chapters follow a more standard kill-all-the-baddies idea, with maybe a seize or two thrown in for variety and only Chapter 6 being made into an actual Defense Chapter. However, I think I'd make the Paralogues take a more radical stance, with things like making you have to get so many kills with Owain in his Paralogue before the bad guys realize they're up against a hero here and scatter, or making it so you need to keep Anna alive throughout her Paralogue like in her Fates DLC level. When you think about it, the closest to a special requirement any of the Paralogues really gets to is Severa's because you have to either kill Holland and then consequently Severa herself or else get Severa to Holland so you don't have to make all that time getting GaleForce and Counter on her parents a waste. I would also make some of them be Defense Chapters, particularly Tiki's as that's pretty much what it was for me anyways, and I'd change Emmeryn's SpotPass Paralogue to be Defense as well to make more sense. This way, the game would both not be too much for newer players as they could just skip the Paralogues without much of an issue as the only Gen 2 character with real impact joins in a main Chapter, not a Paralogue, while also providing new challenges for players who've already got a playthrough or two under their belts and want something harder without being ready to bump that difficulty bar up any notches. You could then make each Paralogue have a different way of getting tougher on higher difficulty levels so that while the main Chapters just bump the levels up and start actually giving the bad guys Skills, with Paralogues you'd start to see things like Paired Up enemies or maybe Einherjar foes joining the fight - it stands to reason with all these 'calling cards' lying around that at least one bad guy's picked up an Edward or something. Anyways, hopefully I didn't make this any worse for you guys and hopefully at least one of you found my possible solutions to be something you thought was a decent idea.
  15. Hm. Where to begin…as someone who wants to go into video games as a job one day, I wrote up a big long list of what I like and dislike about both Awakening and Fates, but I'll try to keep it short. First off, I know a lot of people who hate on Priam because they say he's just Tellius fanservice and how Ike just fights for his friends, he doesn't get married to them, and other such stuff, but I loved Priam's concept - if Lucina's a descendant of Marth, it stands to reason that there would be descendants of other legendary heroes, right? I even wrote up an OC named Aer who is Roy's descendant in a similar vein, though unlike Priam and Lucina she doesn't just have the Binding Blade lying around. I would have loved a bit more story for Priam, particularly considering that he's the only character with no story development in the entire game as the most you get out of him is his Supports, which can only be with the Avatar(and Morgan if you S-Support him). I'd have either given him a couple backstory chapters or a couple post game chapters in the same fashion as Hidden Truths explaining why and to where he "Vanished like a breath on the wind" assuming you didn't wait the entire game so you could…you know, I don't know why you'd wait the entire game for anyone other than Aversa for Male Avatars or Walhart for Female Avatars so Morgan could inherit Shadowgift/Conquest. Speaking of, it always bothered me that Priam didn't have Aether - I mean, it's not like he's supposedly carrying the blood of the Radiant Hero himself and that ought to come with, I don't know, maybe the Skill his ancestor was supposedly the only one to possess? Nope, let's give it to Chrom and Lucina. I also would have loved Priam to be a Vanguard instead of a Hero, but I guess that would have been asking for too much. Pity he isn't in Fates where we could actually make him a Vanguard and give him the Ike's Backup sword and then pair him up with Ike for lols. In similar fashion, Emmeryn - what the heck happened? She jumped, she 'died', Gangrel apparently put her body on his mantel(clearly this guy should be in charge everywhere), Chrom killed Gangrel, we're never told what happened to Emmeryn's body, then bam, here she is with no memory and no explanation? Not cool. I'd add in at least one Hidden Truths type chapter for Emmeryn to explain this, and I would alter her Class - Cipher gave Chrom an Exalt Class, and I don't see why Emmeryn couldn't have had a similar Class instead of just being a Sage. I would have likely given similar exclusive Classes to Gangrel, Aversa and Yen'fay, and also made Priam a Vanguard - it kind of bugged me that the SpotPass 6 Units all had regular Classes besides Walhart as opposed to their own unique Classes. I'd modify Dark Falcon for Aversa, making it more unique than just regular Dark Flier, then give Yen'Fay a Class named Dynast, similar to Swordmaster but more powerful, give Exalt to Emmeryn, which would be a Sage but hopefully better, and finally give Gangrel his own Class, I can't think of a name right now, but it would be a unique variant of Trickster. Perhaps my biggest difficulty with all of Awakening was that the children were locked to the female Units, meaning that there were literally only two children who could have sibling conversations in the entire game, namely Morgan and Lucina, not to mention that the sibling conversations were always exactly the same. I would have made some of the children be linked to female Units and some to male Units, allowing for more sibling conversations, and altered the sibling conversations for Lucina and Morgan, hopefully giving the game a bit more depth. Yes, this would have meant that some marriages would have been childless, but is that really a big issue? I'd keep going but it might get REALLY long if I don't stop myself, so I'll do so here.