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  1. I'm honestly mostly happy with the game as-is, though I hope the seasonal Heroes won't change too much because I ain't spending any Orbs on more space for Units and I don't want my place clogged with rare Units I can't bring myself to get rid of because they may never return(I pull Spring Xander and then immediately get the opportunity to get the Whitewings, who I wanted more, but can't just Inherit Skill Xander onto one of them because Seasonal? That's just inconsiderate, IS). Really, the only thing I'm hoping for are the Cipher characters, particularly because I want to see how close my guesses on each of their voices end up to the official ones.
  2. Nah, man, bring it on, I got like a million old OpenOffice Docs I can just mix'n'match ideas from for pretty much anything you come up with. …Unfortunately, I plan on leaving on a mission this year, so I guess taking it easy for 2017 and consequently 2018 works for me. We'll see how things end up rolling along! …But seriously. If any sort of contest idea with a writing focus comes up while I'm still here I want to know about it, especially if Cipher gets involved - heck, I'd love to see an online Cipher tourney here someday!
  3. I don't know if you noticed or if you just never followed up and I misremembered, but you just have your first critique on mine, which is just confusing to most of the people here as they missed Eclipse's original critique. If you did follow up, do you mind switching the newer critique in? If you didn't follow up, ignore me. Also as a note to Tangerine, I'm probably going to be editing my piece sometime this upcoming week to fix the readability now that I have a decent idea of proper paragraph break placement. Is that fine for the official entry or will I need to copypaste it to a new Doc so that we can preserve all the entries exactly as they are?
  4. Yo, Tangerine, do you have the final results for the Writes? I wanted to see how it all ended up, but the topics seem to be gone.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't really thinking much about it because that's kind of how a lot of my extended family writes things, so I've kind of just assumed everyone was fine with the whole wall-o'-text thing. Ah well, something to remember for the next time, whenever that will happen to be as I think I might be unavailable for next year's Scribbles. Conditions…I don't think I'm familiar with this context of the word, but I'm going to pretend I am and go from there because I do almost nothing better than winging it. Originally, the entry was going to start at the point where Corrin is killed during the fight at Shirasagi, beginning with the actual switch-out for Corrin and Arilon(me), and from there progress through where my final entry was. I included the link, but I haven't gone back and added any paragraph breaks yet, so it's also kind of a wall of text, however it's only 5 pages as opposed to my 13-page final so hopefully you guys can find time to struggle through it and compare. The reason I decided to be the mediator instead of Azura was because I looked at Corrin making a split-second decision between families and thought that seemed ridiculous, so Arilon instead would've asked for 24 hours to decide as choosing to basically backstab a family is hardly an on-the-spot thing to decide, and wants to go around to each sibling to of course attempt to recruit them, which I felt I could do personally better than Azura owing to my knowledge from the games about what would convince each sibling(Appeal to Leo's sense of logic or Camilla's motherly devotion to her beloved brother, for example). I say would've because I didn't get that far writing the first draft. Anyways, I'd love to hear this "Individualized Review" however blunt it happens to be(can't improve if you run away from everyone telling you something you did wrong), so hit me! By the way, though I think it seemed kind of obvious, the reason I wanted to keep one of Sakura's retainers, specifically Subaki though I don't remember if I mentioned it in the actual entry, was because I was hoping to eventually go to Awakening and there hook Subaki up with Cordelia to give Severa/Selena her ultimate nightmare family with a perfect mother, perfect father, and perfect sister because Caeldori. I don't really know why, but I seem to have a somewhat sadistic enjoyment of Severa/Selena's inferiority complex - I can't stop pairing her with Subaki in Revelations so I can watch her have a meltdown for her A-Support with Caeldori. Finally, if anyone won Cipher packs and don't want them, I volunteer as tribute.
  6. Aw, man, who voted for me? I was the only one with 0 Votes! I mean, yes, I appreciate you liked my story enough to throw me a Vote, but that was my shot in the spotlight - the only written entry to receive 0 Votes! I would love to try and critique people's stuff, but unfortunately my comp SUCKS so I haven't been able to load, let alone read, any written entry dependent on Adobe Reader or on any site other than SF or Docs, and I'd rather not just critique some of them, so…sorry, guys, if yours was one of the abovementioned and you wanted as much feedback as possible, I kind of let you down. Thanks a bunch for your feedback, though, and I'm honestly surprised nobody's called me out on the last paragraph on the last page - it was kind of a last-second cheeky thing of me to do and I expected to get BLASTED for it.
  7. Sweet, thanks for the help with that! I think the reason I usually do writing the way I normally do is because it doesn't take up as many pages, and I occasionally print my stuff out to share with other people so I'm trying to conserve our family's supply of paper. I did focus a bit more on Camilla and Sakura than the others intentionally, but that's because I usually look at each of my individual "Story Fragments", as I call them, as that - Fragments of a whole. Sakura and Camilla have a larger part to play in the overarching storyline, so I focused on them more than, say, Xander or Ryoma, who won't have nearly as much importance. I've got to go run some errands now, but I'd be happy to send you a PM with a couple links to some other Fragments I haven't put up on my About Me page(which will eventually have a lot of the pieces) when I get back.
  8. Yeah, the Echoes Cipher DLC was the one I'm worried about - I doubt they'll give us the 2 Maps in the set because Cipher is Japan-exclusive and it's big enough over there that they probably don't really feel any need to share with the rest of us, but I hold on to hope that they'll give it to us as a chance to prove Cipher would be successful over here as well.
  9. How about one for the day Super Smash Bros was released? Different bonus for each Smash game barring Smash64 because no FE. Melee: 2 Orbs for each of Marth/Roy in your party(only for the first one - 3 Roys and a Marth will still only net you 4) Brawl: 2 Orbs for each of Marth/Ike in your party(same restriction) Smash4: 1 Orb for each of Marth/Roy/Ike/Lucina/Robin(M/F)/Corrin(M/F) you own(same restriction, but not only the Units in your party)
  10. I'm frustrated about that being a possibility as well, though I was glad Fates put both maps for Hidden Truths together for 1-1/2x price as opposed to two separate maps at normal price because it saved me like a buck that I promptly wasted on the Chrom Mii Fighter Costume for Smash. The bigger worry for me personally is that Series 4 DLC Wave, the one that a) is probably the only chance Nintendo might give us to prove that Cipher could get off the ground anywhere outside of Japan, and b) was notably ABSENT from the Season Pass that was supposed to give you ALL the DLC.
  11. Dear goodness - I came here to say congrats for the Amiibo victory, and ended up reading ALL of that About Me page. Don't do things in half measures, or did you just have a LOT of time on your hands? In all seriousness, though, it's astonishing how much detail you've put into all the fanfic stuff(also, slight applause for the Zelda names I saw sprinkled in), not bad!

  12. Huh, I never realized Priam could be Mist's descendant and still claim his title - after all, Marth was 'descendant' of the hero Anri(who I'd love to see a game dedicated to just for the purposes of better world building, btw) despite Anri supposedly dying alone and childless. Learn new stuff every day! Also, I thought they said he'd been traveling the world looking for strong foes, which seems like a common enough reason for wandering warriors in video games to…well, wander. Ah, yes, Zelda…I liked the multiple timeline concept because that's actually what usually ends up happening when you start jumping around in time like Link was doing in Ocarina(Killing Ganon and then going back and getting him arrested so that the whole killing him thing would be prevented? Dude what the heck were you think- oh right, he becomes like nine again upon going back, so that would explain the sudden brain fart in logic there), however I started doubting how well-thought the concept was once Toon Link got involved. We're all supposed to just roll with the fact that somehow all of Hyrule devolved from the more realistic(for the N64 Era anyways) Ocarina of Time to…Wind Waker? The legs alone just…no. While we're at it, Four Swords onward is kind of sketchy as well, meaning really only the Twilight Princess timeline manages to not end up being embarrassing for people who want Zelda to be seen as a more serious game a la Metroid, and even then it's still a little off. Anyways, in the meantime, I'd still love to hear the rest of your major points for the Anna theory. Mind shooting them to me in a PM if you can't add them here?
  13. The problem with the term "First Dragons" is that at least half the dragons in all of FE supposedly are one of the first if not the first. I chose Anankos as likely to be related to Anna should she actually secretly be one of if not the only First Dragons because of the Before Awakening DLC - Chrom is willing to admit in Awakening DLC that Jugdral is an actual kingdom, but in his Fates cameo he refers to Hoshido and Nohr as mythical, which would seem more believable if those two kingdoms(and consequently Fates itself) came long before Jugdral and the rest of FE. There is an alternative supported by the Amiibo characters' intro conversations, which is that Hoshido and Nohr are only reachable through Dragon Gates/Veins and are actually in some other dimension compared to the rest of FE, but I find this idea not as likely as FE's been fairly consistent with everything being all in one continuous timeline unlike some game series we won't name. Some people also say that the Hoshidan and Nohrian Royalty having Dragon Blood is a definite proof for Anankos being first, but I find that difficult as only two characters in all of Fates are actually descended from him(not adding names in case anyone hasn't played Revelations or the correct DLC level), meaning there were other Dragons around as well that apparently had nothing better to do than have children with humans because reasons. I like the idea of Anna actually authoring the entire series, though, and I'd love to see your other points some other time in some other thread or in a PM. Aw, man, that Emmeryn theory sounds legit. What I want to know is how on earth the Grimleal managed to get hold of all the Jugdrali Holy Weapons, and where one can find other such fancy things - specifically, what happened to the Sword of Seals and Elibe's Divine Weapons? Oh, my, controversy. By all means, throw it up here - the topic creator said he wants our "Weirdest, Stupidest, Crackiest Theories" so controversy will hardly be an issue in my opinion.
  14. Good heavens. I always thought either all the Annas were the same person because she's secretly one of the first dragons - probably Anankos' half-sister or something - and therefore has outlived literally everyone in the entire series, or else she has access to the Phantasm Mirror Septima from Azure Striker Gunvolt and all the Annas are just carbon copies of the first Anna, with her memories/personality/Skillset/etc, and the sister thing is just her really not-well-thought-out coverup story for when two copies end up accidentally running into one another, but I like that idea for Awakening better - I may have to add that to my theory now. The first reason is also why she randomly can build Support with Tiki in Awakening - she knew her mother personally or something, and knows that Naga's freaking daughter is CASH MONEY, but I like the second reason better because Gunvolt.
  15. Yeah, sorry about that - where to place paragraph breaks is probably my second biggest difficulty in writing, generally only beaten by the amount of dialogue I usually stuff my stories with. I've put some breaks in, but I'd appreciate tips on where good places to stop and start up a new paragraph would be.