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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Once more, you're talking to a RoyBoy. I don't normally get myself riled up on here, but fight me. 1 - If 5mash isn't adding new characters, then it had better be an HD remake of Melee/Brawl, a direct port of Sm4sh to Switch, or else Sm4sh but with the game physics engine of Melee/Brawl. Whatever path 5mash takes, if they remove anyone but Duck Hunt, Wii Fit, or the Mii Fighters and don't add anyone new, a LOT of people are going to be pissed off. 2 - Roy does not have alternate Specials(no DLC character does, though I wish they did) and can't be altered unless you use the ability badges to increase stats. I would also like to point at Roy's Tier Placement, even though it's not a huge contributor to this argument - I main him, and even I'll admit he sucks, though it's due to the inherent issues with his gravity, falling speed, and sweetspot placement considering that putting sweetspots that close to him defeats the purpose of being a sword fighter(though at least he can Ken Combo in the right hands now). Anyways, if you look at Sm4sh in general, Clones are usually placed within two spaces of each other on a Tier List made by anyone who actually plays the game seriously if not together in the same spot due to how similar Clones are in Sm4sh(usually very very minor changes such as Dark Pit's Neutral and Side Specials being literally the only difference, and Lucina only losing the Tipper mechanic on all but her Down Air and being slightly shorter than Marth and thus having an ever-so-slightly smaller Hurtbox). 3 - Um…what the heck does that have to do with the argument of Roy being dropped for 5mash? If anything, that should be cementing him a spot in 5mash. His popularity among the Fire Emblem community shouldn't be affecting his placement in a Smash Bros. game at all unless they're trying to make Re:Elibe and want to push a new game, which was why we got Corrin, and if they tried to use Smash Bros. to push a Re:Elibe then I think they'd go the route they did for Awakening and Sm4sh and use two characters, Roy and someone else. If you're also trying to address his CYL placement or whether he's popular in the Fire Emblem fanbase, that's a separate issue and should be stated as such. Also, you're discounting the players who know Japanese but aren't Japanese - and the players who went and found an emulator for Binding Blade and a translation patch - and still liked him after playing.
  2. New player. Any decks of these characters? (question)

    Well, first off, is there anyone you really really like and might use whether or not they're good? I kind of specialize in decks built around less-than-amazing MCs, while TheVinceKnight is better at coming up with more optimal stuff. Mae, Tiki, and Faye can all be easily added to decks of their color, and you can technically run Tiki MC, though using only Adult Tiki will limit your options. I have seen Oboro used as an MC by a friend, let me see if he still has his list lying around and I'll try to get back to you tonight or tomorrow with that and anything I can find for the other cards - I know Tsubasa can be used as MC, and there should be others. If you're planning on running Shade or Anna as your MC, I'd advise against it, but if you're set on it, I'll see what I can do.
  3. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Then I'm afraid we must duel for option 2 - as I said before, my RoyBoy pride is on the line.
  4. Do it! Let's see if we can get Anna Emblem - Commander Anna for Axe, Awakening Anna for Sword, Tellius Anna for Lance(yeah, that's stretching a touch but whatever), and Warriors/Fates Anna for Bow! As for me, I threw almost everything I had at Our Boi™ last time, so it's time for my next most wanted - Idunn, Limstella, or Nagi! Yeah, yeah, not likely, but I'll hope anyways!
  5. Cannon Fire Emblem Timeline

    I'm a touch confused about what it is you're trying to do with this thread. Are you trying to establish a canon timeline, ask us to let you know if you've got pre-established timelines figured out right, or something else entirely? Oh, it could be much worse, they could be trying to mash them all into one timeline like I did in my sig.
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I doubt this is unpopular amongst the elder fanbase. Before Camilla I might have argued against you, but now... I think Heroes is overall doing what it was originally supposed to do - get more people interested in Fire Emblem. For the average layman who only knows about it thanks to Smash Bros., spending money on their main's game is a risky move at best, and Heroes allows them a free look into the basics of Fire Emblem, letting them see if they would like the bigger dose of strategy the core games provide. I know I would have given it a shot before trying Awakening if it had been out when I was looking into Lucina and Robin. I agree the Awakening/Fates focus does need to stop, though, it's getting a touch ridiculous. The difficulty here is that non-Japanese players only have access to Marth in: - Smash Bros., where he doesn't speak English and is just 'that weird Japanese swordsman with the BS range' to most people; - Shadow Dragon, the remake that's probably the absolute worst Fire Emblem to start playing the series on and is generally disliked among much of the newer part of the fanbase, that also has minimal dialogue and thus expounds on character personality maybe three times total(and good luck struggling far enough into the game to find those three times if this is your first Fire Emblem); - Awakening, where you find out Merth isn't actually Marth, just Lucina, and then only have access to the SpotPass and DLC Marth Einherjar, which provide almost no look into his actual character; - Fates, where you have to find a Marth Amiibo before you can even access this option, and then only get minimal dialogue from him; - Heroes, where he was kind of meh at the very beginning since Lucina just did his job better and hasn't been upgraded or given recognition/alternate versions since(we're still waiting on a Weapon Refinement for Falchion that will just end up benefiting Lucina too and thus defeat the point), not to mention Heroes isn't exactly focused on developing any characters besides the Heroes-exclusive ones; - Warriors, where you kind of just end up wondering who the heck this fencing guy is because the game itself is more focused on Awakening and Fates so you end up confused by all the Shadow Dragon characters(for example, one comment I heard from a friend who never played SD was 'I thought Tiki had bigger boobs than that…what happened?'). Hopefully you see the reason fans don't really find him the most interesting of Lord characters. Personally, I think if they keep the Echoes idea going they ought to eschew the route most people are crying for(Re:Elibe and Re:Jugdral) and redo Shadow Dragon to be actually approachable by the masses, especially considering a hard copy of Shadow Dragon is surprisingly pricey for its supposed lack of love. Have you played Blazing Sword? It's just called Fire Emblem for the international release, but I think you'd like Marc. Hopefully they expand on his concept if we get a Re:Elibe.
  7. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    Yeah, I know, but my Ayra's always gotten herself beat into the ground whenever I try to use her, while my Lucina's probably my third most reliable Red Unit behind my Roy and Palla. Could be I got IV-screwed, and I haven't started putting major SI effort into Ayra yet, but then again my SI effort on Lucina is barely above minimal - I think I gave her Shove and some A-Slot that I'd need to go back and check on, and that's it.
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    …I'm trying to figure out if you're joking. Are you trying to start a fight? I assure you, we're all quite capable of verbally beating each other up without stuff like this getting involved. Also my RoyBoy pride is involved fight me
  9. Your Favorite FE character's favorite movie?

    Dang, Mulan was my choice for Lyn. Also YEEESSSSSSS I can practically hear him screaming it out in battle now...
  10. 2018 - Year of Legendary Pokemon! Distributions and more!

    Woot, as it were. This plus needing to go to GameStop for it means I might finally drop money on an Ultra S/M game.
  11. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    It weirded me out too - you have the capability to create a world's worth of undead warriors, and you just use the living ones? I mean, I guess you can make them go twice as long because you just Risen them as soon as they die, but he doesn't do that in-game(though that would have made it easily the best and worst final map for me personally depending on difficulty). Eh, my Lucina still performs better for me than my Ayra, so…I dunno, if you say so. I mean, the Brave Heroes were kind of that, right? Though…even then, some of them are outperformed by other stuff too, so I guess you have a point.
  12. Your Favorite FE character's favorite movie?

    Which version of Magnificent Seven? Also, I think Owain would prefer Lord of the Rings for its epicness.
  13. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    As someone who first bought Legends, then all the Legends DLC, then bought WiiU Warriors for my cousins for Christmas because they're crazy about LoZ, then went halfsies with them on the DLC so they'd have the content, then lost access to the 2DS Legends was downloaded on thanks to an unidentified issue with the LCD and had to go get it for a second system that I have because I liked the game enough to really want to keep playing, then had to go buy the DLC again for that system and decided to compound it with the WiiU pack so my cousins could enjoy Ravio, Yuga, etc. as well, and haven't found time to set money aside for a Switch yet, hopefully it's understandable why I'm passing this up - I've already let myself sink way too much money into this game.
  14. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    I believe you can check by going to the full map view on the bottom screen and checking the faction icons on the right that indicate what factions are involved in the battle. It's been a while, but I think the Endgame map is Ylissean Forces vs Grimleal. Hey, I'll take that too. Ayra wasn't enough, I will not be content until I can point at a new Unit and shout "UNLIMITEEEEEEED……………POWEEEER!!!!!!"
  15. Aqua hands down - my childhood self would go forward in time and strangle me otherwise(you guys know how that goes). Little 9-ish-year-old me bought a brand-new Sapphire on the internet with his own money(I still have the last vestigial page from the manual), waited weeks for it to come in the mail, crushed hard on May before starting the game, then found out the bad guys were...freaking pirates?! I would owe it to that little boy to join Aqua first. Left to my own devices…eh. Probably still Aqua, actually, though maybe Rocket since they're at least an actual organization of real bad guys - Aqua and Magma are essentially extreme Environmentalists, Galactic is basically a religious cult considering Cyrus' end goal, Plasma was an Animal Rights Movement gone wrong, and Flame looked more like Men In BlackRed. Haven't played US/UM so can't say for anyone exclusively there, and I don't consider the Ike Foundation as actual villains so yeah. I would need to go back and replay Colosseum before passing judgment on Cipher, so they might get me in the end.