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  1. Yo, what's the Timer at? I'm too lazy to click the link plus am trying to do a thing plus work through learning Unity at the same time so I ain't got time fo dis...goodness, that was painful.
  2. It means That Ho Over There, if my siblings spouting Begone Thot over and over again has taught me anything.
  3. The State of Global Politics in 2019

    I was not aware of most of the first and third sections. I'd heard in passing about the third paragraph in the first section as my brother routinely listens to Daily Wire podcasts and it was mentioned at some point, but I was on the way somewhere and forgot to look that up to double-check what I'd heard.
  4. The State of Global Politics in 2019

    I would prefer not to further discuss this, no, but I do thank you for clarifying with the requested examples, it did help further my understanding of the situation - some of the events I was previously aware of, but there were a couple I was not aware of, so I do thank you for your polite conduct and willingness to help me.
  5. The State of Global Politics in 2019

    As someone who is very much in the minority here, if my current member title didn't make obvious, I just wanted to state my opinion, if only so people on here can see the thoughts of someone with a different view. You are welcome to 'reply' which I learned a while back really means 'tell me I'm naive/imbecilic/evil/etc.' and I will read those responses, but this is advance warning that I will not respond to any replies I receive on here, mostly for my own sanity's sake as I actually hate this particular subforum and only come here like twice a year and have had too many run-ins with people who refuse to consider my thoughts as coming from anything but a poor, misguided fool. Should I avoid this? Perhaps, but I choose not to every now and then, I don't really know why, something inside me just refuses to be completely silent on these matters. The first and most major difficulty I run into on such overviews as these is that, unlike what everyone appears to think both in the country and out, the US is actually not designed to be a Democracy - it is stated multiple times by the Founding Fathers that they were attempting to set up a Constitutional Republic, which we have, over the years, corrupted into something halfway between that Consitutional Republic and a Representative Democracy, through such problematic events as the 17th Amendment, which eliminated part of the natural balance of the Legislative Branch - the point of Senators being elected by the States instead of the People, like the Representatives are, was that the Senators would be accountable to the States while the Representatives were accountable to the People, ensuring(in theory) that legislation sent through both halves of the Legislative Branch would be approved by and good for both the People and the States. This is important because it is the United STATES of America, not the United PEOPLE of America, meaning that, while yes, the People are important and should be represented properly, the States are also entities that should be represented with the same degree of care. This is of course not getting into the fact that the Senators answering to the States meant that they didn't need to try and pander to the People to convince them to reelect them, though they did need to do something to that effect with the States. The second issue I have with this report is that is assumes that perpetual Democracy is something to be desired. While Democracy can be seen as an admirable state of government compared to, say, outright Tyranny or complete Anarchy, in the end it's essentially doomed to self-destruct. Once part of the people realizes they can just vote themselves the other part of the people's stuff, the other part of the people is screwed unless they can obtain the majority vote and get their stuff back, in which case, people being imperfect, vindictive and all that, they're likely to abuse that majority vote to exact punishment upon the first part, which will then reobtain the majority vote and repeat the process. Eventually, either it devolves into something closer to Anarchy or someone figures out how to set things up so the people don't rip themselves to shreds, usually with something like a Republic or Oligarchy. Democracy isn't designed to function as a self-sustaining permanent form of government on such a large level - rather, it works as more of a limbo while a nation attempts to determine the direction of government it wishes to pursue, Republic, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Monarchy, etc. Democracy does function quite well on very small scales(think ordering food with a group of friends or a similar situation), but it's not as viable as other systems on the scale of National government. The third and last issue I will touch on here - and the one that I will limit myself to the least amount of time for various reasons - is that the article states, referring to Donald Trump and our Constitutional System: Assuming this is true, which I personally doubt as I believe Obama walked over the Constitutional System more than Trump has, does this report provide links to such instances of supposed disrespect so that we as a people may study them and determine whether we find disrespectful a proper and correct adjective to apply? It's quite possible that we individually may find we do not agree with the decree of disrespect placed on some of these examples which we are notably NOT given. ...So there you have it, some of my thoughts on this article. Since I'm the guy who listens to Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan, though, as stated before I'm already assuming you all are going to either politely ignore this as the mad ravings of an imbecile, or else crucify me as some far-right demon that you all hope is never allowed near your children. If - big IF - however, any of you should happen to appreciate this alternate viewpoint for whatever reason, even if only as a source of amusement or something similar, then I'm glad to know this wasn't a complete waste of time.
  6. Choose Your Legends 3

    Oh boy, glad to see this has been about how I expected it. Anyhoo, hurrah for the Micaiah fans, I certainly wasn't expecting that, and grats to the Alm bois too. Personally I'm hoping we either get Eliwood dressed as Roy to go with Brave Roy, or Old Man Eliwood considering the man supposedly would have completely turned the tide of the war if he hadn't been sick(plus he was basically the only game character ever to survive the Incurable Cough of Death, that's got to count for something).
  7. When you've played too much video games...

    I have days where I dearly wish I could Ridley Side Special someone across the ground and into a wall, does that count?
  8. Sprite Thread Revival

    Yo, thanks Peev! Sorry it took me forever, I’ve been trapped on mobile for the past couple weeks and only today remembered duh, I can get on Serenes on mobile. Are you ok with me posting it on DA and crediting you?
  9. Sprite Thread Revival

    Alright, guys, I have something to ask for, after like forever of just lurking. I want an Enraged Fjorm. Her mere sorrow at having both her mother and her sister killed in front of her is kind of off-putting, I expected a more Conquest-Takumi-esque response from her. While her cold control of the anger that undoubtedly exists within is admirable, you'd think she'd get like...a little mad at Surtr or something, not just sorrowfully determined to end him for the sake of us I was looking at Kingdom Hearts stuff and was reminded that Saix is actually pretty boss in battle and I forgot I have this fancy Axe that looks like one of his Claymores and would totally work with a Fallen Fjorm Unit. So yeah, if someone feels like doing something like this, here's a pic of a general pose idea. ...And another Saix pic because I'm in a Berserker mood today.
  10. It's all good, I'm mostly messing with you. Also awesome, glad to hear that! I'll have to see if I can take a look.
  11. Hm, fair point. You could potentially just do U or P in the slot, but I suppose it doesn't really do much since we don't have any cards that specify doing things just to Promoted or Unpromoted Class Units. If that changes, then yeah, probably just go with U/P.
  12. *takes a grand total of about three days* *says she's sat on it long enough as though it's been weeks* Dang it, Chloey, quit making me feel even slower than I actually am.
  13. Just checking to see if you guys already know, but I believe the section where it says 'Type' is actually used to state whether the Unit is Promoted or Unpromoted.
  14. Favorite fates/awakening child

    Severa, I feel the not-good-enough vibe she has and it stands out. Also I like watching her cry. Can't understand why, but I'm a sadistic little (self-censored) where she's concerned. Kjelle's pretty solid too, now that I've actually used her through a couple playthroughs, especially with Aether. And of course one must not forget the chosen hero of darkness, Owain Dark, always love him. For Fates...yeah, the only child character that really stood out to me was Caeldori, because I like Cordelia and because in her A-Support with Selena she makes her mother cry(again, no clue why that makes me happy, it just does). I guess Ophelia and Rhajat are ok.