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  1. IS MAKE THIS A THING If you have 5S Frederick set as your Defense Team Lead for 24 Hours and sees at least one battle, there would be a small chance of him finding an Orb. This chance would increase for every time you've merged another Frederick into him.
  2. Serenes Forest Support Group

    Welp, I'll officially offer to help out on here, I guess, though I don't know how helpful I'll be. Hopefully this thread helps someone who needs it!
  3. Hilarious Fire Emblem Incidents?

    It's because there's a disturbing number of people who don't know how to spell Chrome.
  4. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I actually don't argue as a general rule unless Counter's usability is involved, in which case put up your dukes boyo. I'm just pointing out saying someone is going at people's throats isn't the best way to end an argument for your future reference. I'm actually glad to see someone wanting to stop after less than a full page of discussion.
  5. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    He hasn't implied you've said any of these three things you mentioned, that's you implying that he was implying you said them. Even should that be what he's doing, is calling him out on it really going to end well? I can't remember a time I've ever said this and had the other guy go "Oh, my apologies, good sir, I shall take my throat-grabbing where it will not inconvenience you." He's even pointed out that he feels our biggest stigma is how we're always at our own throats, so chances are he realizes that what he's doing may come across as that to others as well.
  6. DLC characters announced

    Tharja…of course, it's not like we already had Camilla or anything…heck, they'll probably have a Support about stalking, haha…ha…oh, no… Azura…yeah, figured. Don't really need her, but it was already a given. Oboro…eh, people like her, I guess…plus the face. The face is always enjoyable, and we get it on Switch graphics so that's something. Niles…Niles. /facepalm Navarre…eh. He's been my favorite in Shadow Dragon outside the Whitewings so far, I'll take it. Minerva…why not? I'll give her a chance. Linde…who? Oh, that one mage girl who got herself killed four times in one Chapter during Shadow Dragon so I eventually gave up and stopped resetting the game and just let her die? Yeah, not feeling the need to have her. Owain…ah, yes…the one character in all of Fire Emblem that fits this kind of gameplay to absolute perfection, and they relegate him to DLC…am I the only one slightly salty about this? You better make him self-narrate the entire map, guys - I want the Saga of Owain Dark in its epic fullness. Olivia-(double-take)-Olivia? Wait…Olivia? Hold on, hold on, you mean THIS Olivia? Not some other Olivia I don't know about? (Long moment of awkward silence)…huh…and here I thought they didn't know how to catch us by surprise with anything other than unrealistic amounts of stupidity any more…dang, now I want to see a Support between her and Azura…too bad that's not gonna happen. Overall, this isn't helping the game's case for me, though that's in part because it has to be good enough to merit me obtaining either a Switch or N3DS in addition to the game itself.
  7. IS has asked you to design a game

    We'll just go with what I've played for now, maybe bypassing one or two if they didn't have anything that jumped out at me as special. Story: The main Protagonist is a somewhat close relative of a legendary hero(Shadow Dragon, there being only 68 years between Anri[who?T_T] and Marth), and as such has much expected of them. The game features a secondary Protagonist with their own story arc(SoV, Celica being ultimately a secondary Protag despite IS's assurances that she and Alm would share the spotlight), and you must choose which Protagonist to play as after a certain point(Sacred Stones, as you must select either Ephraim or Eirika to use as your main Lord). The primary Protag's Story revolves around the mysterious disappearance of {insert important character here}, eventually leading into the token dark-cult-of-nefariousness(Blazing Sword, since Eliwood's Story begins with his father's disappearance and leads into the Black Fang thing), while the secondary Protag's Story involves obtaining powerful artifacts to halt an invasion(Binding Blade, since Roy's party decides to obtain as many of the legendary weapons as possible to prevent Bern from using them). After you finish one storyline, there will be a short timeskip, then you will play through the other Protagonist's Story(Awakening, as it has multiple story arcs), with enemy levels scaled of course. Gameplay: Mages will have a short list of spells they can cast without needing a Tome, but will lose HP to do so(SoV). One Protagonist's Story will feature more advanced gameplay, with varied objectives, LOTS of Fog of War, more map hazards, etc.(Conquest), while the other Protagonist's Story will be a more basic playthrough, with more of a lean towards simple Rout or Seize objectives, fewer map hazards, etc.(Birthright) There will be an area where the player may level grind to make the game easier(Sacred Stones), but there will be limitations placed on it. There will also be optional Paralogues(Awakening), but they will only unlock if certain conditions are met during a corresponding Chapter, making them more like Gaiden Chapters(Blazing Sword/Binding Blade) than the Paralogues you may be used to.
  8. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Love how you have the pics where they're all being serious but Morgan's still grinning away. There's always that one relative...
  9. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    No, he's saying he thinks a lot of Awakening's criticism is mostly just people being negative. His opinion is "Awakening isn't all that bad." while the second sentence is his explanation of how he thinks that opinion counts as unpopular.
  10. Fire Emblem: Minesweeper

    Eh, I'd play it. You forgot to give them a turn limit so they can't just slowly feel their way across the map, btw.
  11. Will GHB characters ever be available for summons?

    Definitely not going to be appearing in normal Summons unless they decide to completely retire a specific character's GHB, which probably isn't going to happen for another couple years at least. Get them to introduce Unit Trading, and you can have my Xander - I didn't want him, I only beat the level because I was XP grinding my Catria. As for Female Robin, I think we just have Ursula, Zephiel, and Legion left for repeats before they have to cycle back around(someone tell me if I'm wrong), so them plus Arvis means…hm…still like four or five months assuming a GHB every month…tell you what, get them to make trading a thing and you can have one of my Female Robins too - I actually tried getting multiples of her, but I've forgotten why so I have like four sitting around not doing anything.
  12. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    No problem. If you're ever in doubt as to whether you're giving enough info for a request, the OP has a couple examples of well-worded requests as well as a couple poorly-worded ones.
  13. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    If you just want Summer Corrin's basic sprite, what you just did is fine. Anything that's a more detailed edit than just taking her off the wyvern would need more detail, like what pieces from what Units go where, do you want just the character or are you trying to get them in a background, is there a certain pose you're aiming for, etc.
  14. Ideas for for theoritical Fire emblem 6 Echoes

    Eh, I dunno, I think we could add the Hasha no Tsurugi characters and be fine - it's only Jemmie, Zeed, and that one Berserker from when Kilmar joins for the bad guys in the main story(and the Berserker could be skipped), and Al, Gant, Tiena, and Kilmar for the good guys, and the only thing it might add story wise would be a Paralogue-Epilogue where you just play through the last bit of Hasha no Tsurugi, locked to Al, Gant, and Tiena. Alternatively, they could maybe add some content from Hasha no Tsurugi as DLC, or one of the maps for the Extras section. I think I'd have it be that Al, Gant, and Tiena were separated, and they join you instead of you just getting Al's Sword, Gant's Lance, and Tiena's Staff, respectively, and then Kilmar…yeah, I don't know where exactly I'd put him. Probably in the Western Isles? Anyways, I'd say they could get away with adding just those four playables and two enemies, but no more than that…wait…I'm forgetting someone. Eh, whatever, hopefully you guys got my point.
  15. H-hi there...

    Hey, welcome! I like Henry and Peri, too, always glad to see someone who appreciates a character you do! If you have questions about stuff, feel free to ask people - if we can't help you, we'll try to find someone who can! Also, just so you know, if that Bat is an Axe-type weapon, nobody with the weapon types for Trickster Bag will be able to counterattack anyways unless they have Close Counter.