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  1. Your Spending Habits With Games?

    That would be a personal opinion, I loved Alpha Sapphire. Perhaps not as much as OG Sapphire, but I still greatly enjoyed it. Wish they hadn't made Contests look so glammy, I liked the simpler visual of OG Sapphire's Contests. As for the actual question, This depends on the game - I found myself enjoying Bowser's Inside Story enough to go ahead and give Paper Jam a chance without checking anything out about it(or playing Dream Team so I skipped an entry without realizing it), and same for Gunvolt and Gunvolt 2, but I looked up a lot of info on Samus Returns and still haven't gotten around to going for it(RIP that eShop sale for only lasting like a week) since Metroid isn't really my thing most of the time. For multiple copies of the same game, almost always no. There are three exceptions: I own three copies of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and two copies of Metroid Prime Hunters, both for multiplayer purposes - they're obscure enough games that when someone finds me playing it and asks about it, I can mention multiplayer and ask if they'd like to go a round in Hunters or try out some Missions in Days, then when they say they don't have the game I can say no prob, I got you covered. The third exception that I don't really count most of the time is Sm4sh on the 3DS - I have two systems since I wanted to play games with my brother, who couldn't afford a 2DS so I just bought a second one and let him use it like it's his, and we got Sm4sh twice so we could play since we don't have a WiiU. The only preorders I've ever got was for Fates because I wanted the little rubber keychains GameStop had for getting both, and for Roy's Amiibo because so help me if I missed Our Boi™'s Amiibo things would have been destroyed. Other than that, I've yet to see a preorder that interested me enough. DLC also depends on the game - sometimes I like the little aesthetic things, like Conception 2's alternate costumes, and sometimes I want to support the series, like Fire Emblem(though I don't usually pay for extra story content like the Deliverance DLC or Heirs of Fate since I believe those should be either free or in the base game), or Sm4sh 3DS(On my cartridge I got all Fighters except Bayonetta because I don't support the idea of her being in the game, I think all Stages, and a couple Mii Costumes, while on my download I got Roy and I think Cloud and maybe one stage and one Mii Costume).
  2. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    Who's that? Never heard of her.
  3. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    Eh, I'm only 21, I'd like to think I still count as a 'younger folk' for at least 4 more years. I've always wanted a Micro, I'll have to try to find one so I can play Megaman Zero again on that beautiful little screen.
  4. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    How dare you, sir. One does not simply 'move on' from games. I'll also refer you to No Game No Life book 5 to address your statement that once you've already played the game there's no point in playing it again. Also I have no idea who those people on your question thing are, but one of them is named Rise so go with them because the ship is called YuRise, which is amazing. Frick, you've got a Micro? They're frickin' expensive now. I used to have an Advance SP, but I gave it to a friend 'cuz she wanted to try some games out, and she moved so asking for it back would be awkward, not to mention I still have my DS so it's not like I can't play GBA games any more. I used to have access to my grandma's original Nintendo(miss me with that Classic Edition Remake crap), but one of my cousins somehow lost both it and his old N64, so RIP those.
  5. Do you think Sakurai is happy working on Smash?

    I don't think that's what he's saying. For one, we would have got Waluigi as a fighter too if that had been his goal, seeing as how people have been super super whiny about him being an Assist since Brawl. For another, Sakurai's smarter than that - he knows that no matter how much he tries to please the fanbase, pretty much all he'll ever hear from us is what a bad job we think he did. I mean, look at how he finally gave in and added Daisy only to have the internet blow up at him because we didn't also get both Waluigi and Toad at the same time. There's also the fact that they seem really, really focused on trying to replace Melee as the go-to Smash game for Tournament Play, yet refuse to give us what the majority of us would most likely want in a Melee Replacement - that is, Melee but with upgraded graphics and all the Brawl/Sm4sh characters added and Final Smashes. Instead, they have to watch us keep replacing the old Melee Replacements with new ones because the new ones are a little closer to Melee than the ones before them so they work better for tournaments than their predecessors. I think Sakurai actually does love making games and has a passion for it - a look at all the little details he goes into with each Smash alone showcases that in my opinion - and in the end, as long as he can see he's making people happy, he will be too. The major problem is that he's trying to cater to a fanbase of whiny little (self-censored)s, hence my own personal decision to stop being so vocal about what I don't like about Smash...even though I still think we have too many Mario reps.
  6. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    You missed the Game Boy Color, man! I've still got mine! Ah, the times I had playing Wario Land 3 and Pokemon Blue...
  7. Who do you want to see as Echo characters?

    (*still waiting for the SA-X to be recognized as even a Trophy*) While I understand why Dark Samus is the Metroid character a fair amount of people jump to for New Smash Fighter(those that haven't been shouting Ridley for years anyways), I'd still prefer a non-Samus Metroid rep, which was why I wasn't really bothered by Ridley's inclusion despite saying continuously I was tired of people asking for him - at least he's way more unique than pretty much any other possible Metroid rep. I mean, we have the six Hunters from Prime Hunters, the three from Corruption, and the SA-X in addition to Dark Samus as options, yet Dark Samus is the only one that gets mentioned at all. Rundas had a small group pushing for him during the Ballot, but that was it, and I'd say Ghor would be a more interesting option due to being a more unique character. If we absolutely must have a Metroid Echo Fighter despite the series offering at least ten potentially unique possible Fighters, then the SA-X is basically the only way to go since it's literally a Samus 'clone' in the home series, while Dark Samus, if her unique attacks as an Assist Trophy are an indication, would probably be made into a unique Fighter rather than an Echo.
  8. Apparently in a video he put up after the Invitational Armada claims Sakurai was taking notes on the stage during the tourney and 'looked disgusted' by Bayonetta, which was understandable as the Stage they chose meant she was getting kill confirms at like 50% which is an abomination. Caution is advised to those thinking she'll stay mind-numbingly broken. As for the thread itself... PICHU IS BACK. NO MORE NEED BE SAID.
  9. Sakurai: Let me show you a new Echo Fighter right now! Me: PleasebetheSA-XpleasebetheSA-XpleasebetheSA-X Trailer: HI I'M DAISY Me: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Sakurai: BTW Pichu's back Me: FRICKIN' SAKURAI I'LL NEVER TALK BAD ABOUT YOU AGAIN YOU MAGNIFICENT HUMAN BEING ...In all seriousness, holy frick. I feel a bit awkward having been pissed at everyone saying they wanted Ridley for being ridiculous, but I will hold to my opinion that we could have had one of the Hunters from Prime Hunters or Corruption and been at least as well off. I've already seen a bunch of people who wanted Ridley being (self-censored)s about how they knew it all along and take that you enemies of progress, and I doubt it'll get any better. On the other hand, that reveal trailer was beautiful(possible exception the very minor Other M reference when Ridley first breaks through the floor, please don't remind the Metroid fanbase that game happened).
  10. The Shadow Tactician: To Challenge Fate Feedback Thread

    My, my, naughty Caleb and Lucina. Also holy frick, that guy's gone straight past the whole alphabet and looped around to Backup Plan AA. Should be interesting to see what else he's got up that Expansion-Hexed sleeve of his!
  11. Feedback: Log Entries

    Apart from the initial spiel, which mentions Samus by name, this should be because unless you've played Fusion it's not until Entry 006(which I just got around to adding) that any Metroid characters or locations are mentioned in such a way as to be recognizable. This was intentional, as our protagonist begins the story with - indirectly mentioned in the early Entries - a difficulty retaining her memories, and by Entry 003 she has almost completely lost recollection of all events preceding Entry 001(which will be revealed around Entry 008-010 assuming I can stick to my current skeleton of where I want it to go), remembering perhaps 2% of her previous experiences, such as the two lines mentioned in Entry 003. Said events are directly ripped from Metroid Fusion's script with some liberties taken on my part, and in theory will help illuminate it when they're added. Another difficulty with recognizing it as a Metroid fic is that the two main games I'm drawing from are Fusion, a GBA game that a lot of newer Metroid fans aren't familiar with, and Prime Hunters, the DS game that only ever really gets remembered for having Multiplayer. Weavel, the character mentioned by name in Entry 006, is from Hunters, and as such I don't expect him to be recognized by people whose experience with Metroid consists of, say, Super Smash Bros. Once our protagonist gets to the Hunters' mysterious employer, normal Metroid stuff should start appearing, again assuming I can keep on track with my current plan - I may end up doing more worldbuilding before the employer is reached than I originally planned. Anyways, on to reference/explanations/etc. for Entry 006: I may have incorrectly defined Noxus' legs as 'double-jointed' as I'm pretty certain double-jointed is basically just a joint that can move both ways - think your knee but without the kneecap so you can bend it backwards or forwards equally easily. However, I have no idea what you call legs like those if not double-jointed so I can't fix it until I get that figured out. I'm making a non-canon leap in logic when stating our protagonist's former race can communicate telepathically, as I don't remember any mention of them doing so in-game. So she definitely wasn't an Alimbic.
  12. Log Entries

    Load Next Entry? Y/N Y Loading Entry 006... The noise wasn’t Her. It was, however, someone after me. I exited the cave to find three figures, all vaguely familiar from the dark recesses of Her memories. Two of them, one a dark purple being with elongated, double-jointed legs, and the other some manner of machine, the only one whose name I managed to pull up from the memories - Weavel - were already at the clearing outside the cave when I exited, while the third, a rather large yellowish creature with only one eye who made me think of an insect despite its humanoid shape, stood atop a small boulder nearby, seemingly primed to provide cover fire should whatever they were expecting to find prove hostile. Had my suit not been filthy and clearly not well-kept, something within me told me they would have attacked instantly, aiming to subdue first and ask questions later. As it was, they regarded me carefully, as though confronted with an exhausted yet frustrated and still immensely powerful beast. As I made no move to assault them, after a moment something in my helmet beeped, and I jumped in response to the noise. My small grasp on Her memories, however, quickly provided the information that the beep was a radio, one that I had never bothered to use - my old people could communicate almost instantaneously so long as we were within a certain distance from one another, so I had never needed it. I turned the radio on in time to hear one of the figures repeating its message - namely, that someone had hired them to find me and bring me back to them. Said client promised no harm would come to me once I reached him, and that no harm would come to me during the journey back so long as I was willing to ‘play nice’ with the Hunters he’d sent. Considering it was three to one in their favor, and that I was still in somewhat less than peak condition due to the loss of my transformative abilities, I decided it prudent to acquiesce to their mysterious client’s request. I was then surprised to learn that four Hunters, not three, had been assigned to find me, as a rather spindly red being seemingly materialized on top of a boulder quite a ways off. A sniper, it appeared, and with the ability to turn invisible - truly a formidable foe should you find yourself on its target list. On the way to their ship I found myself wondering how dangerous their client thought I was if he was sending such an elite team after merely me. Now I sit in one of the private quarters of their ship, getting myself accustomed to the new situation and entering this Log - my sixth. I do not know why I feel it necessary to enter my experiences here, but I have the feeling it has to do with Her somehow.
  13. Feedback: Log Entries

    Forgot to mention 4 was up until I came to say I found time to load 5, my bad. As you can see, we're hopefully getting close to actual information, rather than just showcasing our protagonist working on handling slowly losing her natural abilities(which frankly I think she's doing rather well). I've still got a fair amount of stage-setting to do, though, so don't expect any major action crap in the next two entries. I'm honestly not certain why I chose to have our still-unnamed protagonist not have pupils. Perhaps in part to force the difference between her and Her? Perhaps because having irises but not pupils is an image I'm curious about? Perhaps because I'm not-so-secretly insane? The world may never know. As for those of you who've never touched Metroid and don't mind spoilers, I suppose I can give you a hint as to the protagonist's identity. The game that carries all the info you need to realize who she is is Metroid Fusion.
  14. World-Building Notes Feedback

    I like that you've got rules you're keeping yourself to, it's definitely something I need to get around to with my own stuff. I'm also looking forward to seeing what else you have coming.
  15. Log Entries

    Load Next Entry? Y/N Y Loading Entry 005... I look almost just like Her now. Sitting here preparing to leave in my crudely constructed ship, I look into the reflective glass and see Her face looking back at me, but with one difference. Her people’s eyes have a black space in the middle - a pupil, I think. My eyes, however, lack this detail, with only white in the middle of the ring of blue. It disturbs me, and I do not know why. It still feels strange to be trapped in one form. Though I am quickly growing more accustomed to not being able to change at will, there are still moments where I try to alter myself by reflex. They are, however, few and far between. A noise outside - engines firing? It may be someone after me. It may be...Her. Either way, I suppose I need to find out.