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  1. …Normally I'd be ticked that I got trolled. In this particular case, however, I pretty much stuck my head in that guillotine, so touché. Also, …Bro. That's my line. My get-out-of-arguments free card that only works about 68% of the time. I mean, I guess it's not trademarked or nothing, but still. …Eh, alright, ya got me. I'll concede this duel to you gents. The difficulty I've had with the Cipher 4 is that at best they're mediocre in the TCG - Emma is the only one I've seen used at all by anyone but me, and that's just so they can Bond her and use her Rescue Bond Skill plus she has 30 Support Value. It's been terribly frustrating to try and get people to be excited about Cipher having OCs because said OCs are just so bad, though part of that is because they have to try and give the Lord characters the good cards(which they fail at sometimes - coughSeries5Roycough). Thankfully Yuzu makes a decent Main Character for a Whitewings budget deck.
  2. Curious as to how those Colorless Heroes Units will work with Face-Down Bonds, which we've all just called Colorless since forever - will you still be able to Deploy Heroes Units with no Face-Up Bonds? If so, this'll be interesting to see unfold...
  3. True, but so many people wouldn't shut up about all the things they did wrong with Fates(Anyone else remember that one hashtag the really butthurt guys tried to make a thing? #TorrentialDownpour or something like that?) that I think they decided to just move on without actually rolling out everything they originally had planned for it(STILL waiting on those Bond Festivals for example). Just an opinion, btw, don't go quoting me on that.
  4. Nope. I just get too much fun out of trolling for my own good, so feel free to ignore me(this also applies to at least 85% of anything I say that isn't about Cordelia or the Whitewings).
  5. Starting to look like saying you like Ike is the unpopular opinion now, Anacybele. He's not my favorite either, but that's completely because of Smash Bros as I'm starting to doubt physical copies of PoR and RD even actually exist so I doubt I can count that. Speaking of Ike, I'll toss in another one that seems fairly unpopular: Priam was one of the top five characters in all of Awakening.
  6. Emma is canonically 13 or 14, I don't remember the exact number, so it makes sense that she looks so little compared to the others. I'm running a challenge playthrough in Echoes right now where the only characters allowed are Alm, Celica, the four villagers and the Cipher 4, and Yuzu and Shade are definitely more helpful on Alm's side since his two villagers are Tobin and Gray, who suck at Magic - I finally got Desaix's Dracoshield thanks to Yuzu and that Warrior's Sword, though it took quite a bit of grinding to get strong enough to beat Cipher Legends 2 with only Alm, Tobin, and Gray. Whether you're challenging yourself or not, Yuzu and Shade will be more helpful in Alm's decidedly not-Magic-focused Army. Emma is slightly less helpful for non-challenge runs on Celica's team as she already gets the Whitewings, but RandalLando is very useful as Celica doesn't have a lot of high-Movement non-Fliers until lategame. I'm more hoping they're popular enough to get Cipher Internationalized, but if they get in to Heroes or other FE games I'll take it. Well, considering it's headcanon to a lot of players that Archanea was on the other side of Elibe's Dragon Gate, it's not too big a stretch to fit the Cipher 4 into that. I really want them to get Hoshido and Nohr firmly cemented in FE's world in a future game, with a definite tie to at least one game's continent, but I doubt they'll touch the two kingdoms again after Fates received so much backlash.
  7. Multiple people have - they're unfortunately not in the game at all, so no dice.
  8. Emma and Shade ran(don't know if it's still going or not) a column online, and for some time were the only real source of early info for anyone wanting to know about Cipher before they got really serious about it on here. As such, they have the most established personalities of the group over in Japan, but nobody's really gotten around to translating the column entries so the best insight I know about is the link I posted in my last comment. I don't know if RandalLando ever joined them, but I know Yuzu was introduced through the column as well. It's also thanks to the column that we knew Emma's age before the DLC was officially announced, though I think Shade's is still a mystery. All we really know without someone going through and translating to see if more got revealed is that Emma and Yuzu are Hoshidan and Shade is Nohrian. Assuming their first cards represented their homelands, RandalLando hails from Elibe for some weird reason. I was half hoping they'd give us a redhead knight to go with him so we'd have a classic red/green Cavalier duo, but no dice. Anyways, yeah, basically, unless you can get Kirokan or some other translation-y person to look into the column, we don't have a lot of info for them. You're also probably not the only one to not know about Cipher having OCs before this, all four of them are meh at best and aren't really winning anything noteworthy - Emma's the only one I've even seen used by anyone other than me, and it's just as a supporting card, nothing major, though Yuzu can make a decent Main Character for a Whitewings deck.
  9. Prepare yourselves... Fates…was actually inspiring.
  10. Yuzu is a Priestess because it's the only Female Sword-using Class and they were too lazy to throw together a female Swordmaster or Dread Fighter for her. You can get Subdue from the Royal Sword or either the Rapier or Zweihander, don't remember which. Subdue is guaranteed to leave the opponent with at least one HP. Try not to use Alm/Celica for it unless you have Emma and/or RandalLando on your team, though, as you need to talk to her with one of those two or Alm/Celica to end the map. Considering that Emma and Yuzu are Hoshidan and Shade hails from Nohr, I think this would've been better in Fates as well, but as long as we actually got them I'm happy.
  11. Possibly. I remember seeing a translation to the one I mentioned, let me see if I can dig it back up from my history. EDIT: Found the original Post on here, but it's possible someone like Kirokan could give you a better translation if you could get screenshots of the actual column.
  12. There's a special column somewhere in the huge maze that is the Japanese Fire Emblem Internet Stuff, originally just for Emma and Shade but now hosted by all four if I recall right, and there's quite a bit of personality there - for example, Emma doesn't know what a "Tea-Sea-Gee" is, and Shade locks her in a room with her until Emma learns.
  13. Erp, my bad, I was thinking about their JP VAs.
  14. Tinni's question is a no - Face-Down Bonds are considered as having no attributes to them whatsoever, and therefore don't count as Tomes because that would be an attribute for the Bond. Any effect on any card that requires a specific kind of Support won't trigger on a Failed Support - I had another example, but I forgot it. Either way, Nah won't trigger on a Self-Support. Patty's skill means they take an Orb if they have any, yes. I know I've had Arvis used against me before, but I can't remember what the ruling for that was. Let me check with the people I play with and get back to you on that one. I'll also need to go check the Tharja card and figure that out for you, but I've got work now so I can't check that yet.
  15. Speaking as someone who's been waiting nearly 2 years for Emma and Shade to get put in the games, I'm really happy with how this turned out, though I'm a little sad that they don't all get Supports with each other, instead opting for YuzuXShade and EmmaXRandalLando. I was kind of weirded out by how they split the four, though - I was sure Emma and Shade would go together, seeing as how that's how it's been in like every single Cipher set, and Yuzu and RandalLando would then be in the other, but hey, whatever, I'm just glad we got them so I ain't about to pitch a fit. I'll just throw out something I like and dislike about them all because. To answer that question, Emma is voiced by Delthea, and as soon as I found that out I knew she was going to be just right. Her "Bye-bye, bad guy!" is tied for my most favorite Crit Quote with Delthea's "Sorry, not sorry" because reasons. Also, after saying no a bunch of times to see if she's as coercive as Prof. Rowan(she is), I officially ship EmmaXStrawberryLollipop(it's strawberry, right? I don't really remember). Despite just saying I'd come up with something I disliked, I'm not sure there's anything I really can dislike about Emma - she's just too adorable, right down to calling RandalLando a poop instead of something else I'm sure at least some of us thought she could call him, I laughed until my sides hurt when she said that because it was so out-of-literally-nowhere. Oh, wait, wait, I got one, although it's more of a done-goofed for the writers than something wrong with Emma herself - she tells RandalLando that no man has ever become a Pegasus Knight, however, she's specifically been confirmed to hail from Hoshido, home to two male Sky Knights, Subaki and Shigure. Not knowing about Shigure can of course be forgiven because he might not have been born by the time the four travelers' adventure began not to mention DeepRealm crap is crap, but it seems a little off for Emma to not know about one of her own kingdom's Royals having a male Sky Knight for a retainer. Really wish she had Supports with the Whitewings, though, seeing as how she could learn a lot from them. Shade…I was really worried about Shade. Mostly, I was afraid we'd get another Camilla, just in here for da fanservice, but they actually did a good job giving her real clothes and an actual personality…and what a personality. I was definitely expecting someone more capable of handling frustrating situations than her weird freak-out at the start of her map, but after a couple playthroughs of the level to make sure I found all the little details it's actually kind of endearing almost to the point of seeming kinda cute. I'm also glad they made her a more motherly character, especially with regards to Emma(Do you think she's getting enough to eat? Do you think she knows to boil the water here before drinking it?), and I'm glad they figured out that Camilla was a little too Mama Bear and toned it back for Shade. I am, however, a little weirded out by her conversation with Ally!RandalLando if you take her into Cipher Legends 1 - she almost sounds like she has a crush on him or something, though that could be just me. I was also impressed with her VA - again, I was worried about another Camilla, but nope! On the flip side, though, her Portrait used for the bottom screen in battle and her Crit Cut-Ins…it rubs me wrong. She looks kind of like a psychopath, but I can't place what it is that I think looks wrong. I think it's mostly the slant of her eyes plus the fact that they look narrowed without meaning to be, but yeah, can't actually put my finger on it. I also didn't like the Saint Class - knowing Shade, I was hoping she'd be the only playable Witch, or else a female Arcanist/Cantor, but no dice - maybe next time if there is one? One last note for Shade, neither for nor against her, is her lack of a special weapon - I was hoping for either a special Ring or else her special wand you see in her cards that would give the holder access to a unique Spell, and not getting one was annoying. On the other hand, she was apparently attacked right before the actual fight, so it's possible she had said item and dropped it, in which case RIP. Either way, Shade is almost as high-quality Waifu material for me as the Whitewings, and they are some fiiiine Waifu material so that's saying something for me. Yuzu. First and foremost, #HeilRationBall. I was going nuts trying to figure out who her voice and manner of speech was reminding me of as there's nobody in Hoshido who talks like that, until I was playing Awakening and realized she sounds just like Say'ri, though I think they have different VAs. My headcanon is now of course that Yuzu founded Chon'sin on nothing but Ration Balls because those things are going to become one of the most powerful Fire Emblem Memes ever so of course you could reasonably start a country with nothing but them. Once again, #HeilRationBall. Also, she Crits like mad with her Warrior Sword, so that's great. I was, however, disappointed in her lack of a unique Class all her own - they could have made a female Dread Fighter or a unique Swordmaster battle sprite for her and had that as part of the download. I was also very disappointed that she was not given a "Ration Ball" Command that would appear once you got Marla or Hestia down to low enough HP so that Yuzu could force them a Ration Ball and cure them of their soullessness. I am, however, confident that this will be remedied in any future game that both Yuzu and possessed people are involved in. Overall, not as much to say about Yuzu as the others, but I liked more than I disliked about her. In conclusion, #HeilRationBall. Finally, RandalLando. I'm going to assume you all can tell what my biggest issue with him is so I'll skip that. While I thought their choice of VA for him was a bit of an eyebrow-raiser(it's apparently Xander), his voice just about matches up with what I thought he'd sound like, so that was a plus, and I liked his armor design. Overall, though, RandalLando is the one I'm disappointed in the most because he doesn't Dual-Wield. I mean, guys, that's like, his one gimmick in the TCG, that he Dual-Wields, and ya done let me down. Yeah, yeah, everyone can only hold one item at a time and that crap, but still, this had better be remedied if he ever shows up in another FE game.