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  1. hello there

    Well, glad to have you finally come out of hiding, welcome!
  2. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    The reason nobody's getting strength is because Eirika stole everyone's growths so she could prove her description wrong, duh! Also oof, I wish I could get to experience this 'too much move' now that I know what it looks like.
  3. Do I kill Nephenee for Marisa

    Marisa is Marisa. Nephenee is Nephenee. Marisa > Nephenee. I don't think I need go further.
  4. imagine life as a top down srpg

    YouTuber is a prestige Class?
  5. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    What does 'enough move' mean? I don't think I've ever experienced this phenomenon.
  6. What is your ideal pet?

    You want @Anomalocaris as a pet? Ooooo...kaaayy...I mean, my answer for this would probably have been something like a Slime Girl, so I'm one to talk, but...
  7. Alright, I'll bite. Why only Male Corrin?
  8. I'll agree here for the production of everything except Master Balls and the bike I mentioned. I don't know if they just haven't mastered mass-production of bikes or whatever, but Kanto at least is ridiculous when it comes to those things. Now, since I need to also actually contribute to the Topic so no mods come after me... Living in alternate worlds really only appeals if the rules of those worlds apply to you in specific manners - for example, BIONICLE sounds pretty sweet(the old series, not the new one) until you realize that in your current state you wouldn't have access to any elemental powers or Kanohi masks and everyone would view you as an abomination due to your completely organic physical structure. This is of course before you take into account things like the Kraata, which basically turn you evil on contact, or the Krana, which stick to your face and then you're One Of Us. Unless you were able to choose a new form to assume, I doubt anyone would take BIONICLE. Fire Emblem might be appealing until you realize the same logic applies - you'll be lucky to even have an E Rank in anything, and even Lissa probably has more stamina than any of us. Pokemon is actually one of the few worlds where you can get by as just your normal self, which is part of the appeal, and even then, you have things like the fact that most Fire Pokemon can casually cook you for dinner if you aren't careful. I wouldn't mind Yu-Gi-Oh! terribly so long as I could avoid any Shadow Games as I'm rather fond of my soul, thank you very much, and the Manga Penalty Games aren't much better(and so long as Stratos isn't banned over there stupid Konami).
  9. Eh, fair enough. I would like to point out, though, that any old Meowth can just create money at will since Pay Day is a thing. However you look at their economy, that really should cause some kind of inflation since you can just spawn coins off any old wild Pokemon. Looking at the normal price of a bike, I'd say it already has. I'm sure I'd laugh at this, but it's not loading for me right now, so I'll have to try and come back to it.
  10. An excellent question that I'd certainly rather not see anyone on DeviantArt answer for varying reasons. Myself, I'd probably have them all cosplay as each other because why not. This also means you can fulfill any number of shippings you may have since you can have multiple copies of individual Heroes - Robin x Corrin is your thing but you also like Robin x (Insert Unit Here)? No problem, just summon two Robins and pair one with Corrin and the other with your chosen Unit. Overall, Heroes is just a strange world to live in, though I do see the appeal. Did you ever watch the Game Theory about how rich a Pokemon Master actually is? It was kind of depressing for me.
  11. Especially once you realize all the Heroes you summon seem chill with pretty much anything you do to them, and that you can have multiples of the same Hero. I can't see this going weird at all. Nope.
  12. Master of Arms is so underrated

    I laughed way too hard at this. Anyways, on topic, I only ever tried Master of Arms on Mozu since she promotes to it. While it's probable she'd make a better Sniper or Kinshi Knight, I don't actually feel the need for either of those Classes no matter my Route - I have Takumi, Kiragi, and even Reina, who I enjoy using, on non-Conquest runs, and I don't really use Archers in Conquest outside of using Niles to Capture every single Shrine Maiden in Hoshido because SHUT UP. Because of this, any time I have specific plans for my Ebon Wing, Dread Scroll, or Exalt's Brand, Mozu makes the long trek to Mastering all manner of Arms or occasionally piggybacks her husband's Class with the Partner Seal(I don't recommend Sorcerer Mozu btw). I'll also definitely echo our 'Boro lover's commentary on the aesthetic superiority of the Master of Arms compared to the Great Knight, a Class that has always looked way too bulky for my tastes anyways even before bringing up the suspicious lack of pants or the fact that sideboob trumps panty shot every time.
  13. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    Another question of mine: Is it strange that my only real problem with Chrom is that they appear to have changed the glow animations for his Falchion? It was identical to Marth's in Sm4sh, hence my fear of his eventual addition(I mean, Ike with the Tipper Mechanic...that sounds horrifying for a casual or semi-casual like me), but now they've decided to make it red because Roy. I don't like the inconsistency.
  14. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    ...So I was the only one who was certain he'd be in 5mash after hearing his line about getting his chance another day during Sm4sh? In all seriousness, hey, I'll take it, I did feel kind of bad for the guy getting his spot swiped last time by his daughter and best friend despite being the actual Lord character. Also can I just say it'll be great to watch Viridi have to eat her own words about Chrom being a carbon copy of Ike but without Aether?
  15. Most challenging post game map?

    Fates doesn't actually have any really good postgame content. I guess there's the Heirs of Fate arc, but it's like seven maps of meh to ok difficulty. I wish there had been more of an Apotheosis there, I only recently finally got Einherjar Katarina and am currently training for that Supreme Emblem.