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  1. Sprite Thread Revival

    After going through the Herodex, I'm actually kind of digging Linde, Dead Celica, and Tailtiu for torso bases. Maybe take a look at them and see if any of them look decent to you? Linde and Tailtiu's don't look like they'd really work without more tweaking since they're more dress-y than Dead Celica's, but who knows, maybe one of them looks good to you. If none of them really seem right I'm down to take another look through. I actually like Base Ike more than Legendary Ike, I just only have him on my alt account, which I haven't really been putting as much time into as my main one(though I do have a pretty killer Selena I like to show off every now and then). Probably better that way, at least he sees some use on my alt instead of getting overshadowed by my main's Roy all the time. For the most part I just use Units I like instead of what's good - I have a bunch of Units that would have been better to invest in than Roy, like Ayra, but I like Roy more so Roy it was. Green is the exception, I've yet to pull a Green Unit that's been good enough to merit replacing my Brave Ike with, though Narcian might take the spot once I finish building him. Urvan's just such an amazing Axe, none of the other Axe Units I have can keep up with it, and my built Green Tomes consist of...maybe Deidre or Baby Azura? So yeah, I don't use those, Ishtar is my Ranged hitter and she generally mops up any Blue threats I would use a Green Tome for.
  2. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    What the heck on so many levels. Sorry, guys, I would have added a vote and probably made the tie worse, but I managed to not have access to a comp for a couple days and reading stuff on mobile is obnoxious. Alright, here we go, hopefully this is relatively easy while still managing to stretch you guys. I'll probably also post a for-funsies one for your enjoyment/amusement/whatever, this prompt occurred because of a weird idea I had. 'Write a piece depicting something in a different light than it usually is depicted' Hopefully self-explanatory - take the way we look at something, and flip it a different way. Easy example, take a movie or game and write a scene from the bad guys' PoV, slightly harder example, do a thing that points out how something we all take for granted is actually pretty messed up when you stop and look at it right. If nobody's down for this I have another idea or two I can run up instead.
  3. Sprite Thread Revival

    The real problem with Units like Joshua is that there are SO MANY RED INFANTRIES - you can't just say well I'll make them all because there's so many of them. I wanted to use Marisa but ran into the same problem - I already have a +8 Roy with enough Skills to build an entire team of Units off of, why on earth would I train any other Red Infantry when I'm just invariably going to end up using my Roy? The only reason most of the ones I have aren't still Lv1 is because I wanted to hear all the Lv40 conversations. Since I don't have either Idunn or Zelgius, I've had to use Tharja on the days when I need a Tome for my Armor team, and yeah, she's surprisingly fun - she was invaluable during the Halloween Henry TT+ as the only Unit I had built who could tank and take him in one round, thanks VF. She's also probably my best Red Tome period, I think the next best one I have, Arvis? Hm, I actually don't usually study Heroes sprites. Give me until tonight so I can go through and check and I'll get back to you.
  4. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    I've only had time to read Otts and Jotari's so far, I should be able to get the rest by tonight. I don't usually have much in the manner of critiquing, though, I usually read for the sake of reading and worry about what might have been wrong with it later. That's gonna depend entirely on who gets this round. Convince whoever it is to do a beginner-friendly prompt(and hope their idea of a beginner-friendly prompt is the same as yours) and you got it. If either of you are familiar with YuGiOh the Abridged Series, there's a video on YouTube where LittleKuriboh, the guy who made YGOTAS, put Episode 1's script through that and read it out, doing all the voices. Hearing Kaiba drop the 'Blue-Peeps Whitey Draguhn' left me on the floor laughing for about five straight minutes.
  5. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    That would be because I usually write everything in Google Docs and just copy-paste it straight over. If I click ‘paste as plain text’ then it also resets all the italicized/bold/underlined bits and I’m a touch too lazy to redo that, plus at the time I was also playing an MMO and was going to get kicked off of the comp in the next five minutes, so even if I hadn’t been feeling lazy I wouldn’t have had time to go through and refix everything. Though if I’d had time I would have gone through and refixed it this time, personally, double-spaced documents get on my nerves because it feels like they’re just trying to take up more space by adding more spaces, and same with the weird extra spacing for hitting enter here on Serenes, so that factors in for a lot of my stuff too. I don’t like people getting ripped apart either, actually, but in this instance it was somewhat necessary as she had nowhere else to hide the knife. My original idea was for a character of mine who would have gotten it M-rated for lots of smut because that’s how he works, and this, though more all-ages, is still a lot darker than my usual fare due to the nature of 23, who this was supposed to be a background piece for. Those two characters are basically the repository for all the really dark ideas I have, with 23 taking the violent bits and The Despicable Vick Tarine taking the smutty stuff, though Chloey can attest he can do clean stuff on occasion.
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    Ha, joke's on you, I don't use Sweep Skills with anything so he doesn't even have that! XP Yeah, BK's a touch on the janky side for Units in general, though he still randomly saves my bacon from time to time, usually on the rare occasion I actually have to put an Armor team together, since his only competition is my Winter Tharja, which I feel uncomfortable using when playing in public so it's usually just him for Red Armor, and dang, he's good - no merges and I've still yet to have him die to anything not named Reinhardt(curse you, bane of all Reds' existence!), at least not without taking one of them with him first. Incidentally, a request arises, for those interested: I'm looking for a Vanguard Mist. PoR Mist is of course too small for this to be conceivable, at least to me, so if possible use RD Mist's design(since she isn't in FEH unless I somehow missed a Unit). Concept is Ike died in PoR so Mist did all the neato stuff he did instead. As she's about 18 in RD and would be of slightly less muscular build than her brother's PoR variant, probably hold Ragnell in both hands if possible, if not no worries. As per usual, if this doesn't sound like something anyone wants to do, don't worry about it, I'll live.
  7. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Oh good, I wasn't sure if it was any good considering everything in it bar Necra herself was thrown together on the spot. The main difficulty I currently have with it is that now I have to actually work on backstory for this backstory, plus explain how she went psycho by the time she first meets Arilon. Should be fun once I finally get around to it considering my huge writing backlog even discounting catching up with you.
  8. Sprite Thread Revival

    What'd you say about my Joshua, punk? In all seriousness, Black Knight says hi, though I don't know if he still counts since anyone can get him with that Starter Orb Pack.
  9. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    BEHOLD A CONCEPT *le gasp* SoulWeaver knows big boy words?! Author's Notes(Post-Read please):
  10. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    ...An idea approaches. We'll have to see if I can get it put together in time, and if I can get a high enough quality of villain.
  11. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Even with a smartphone it can be tricky depending on where you live. I only had access to an emulator on my iPod because it was old enough my brother was able to get TweakBox and work around the security stuff. Even still, all our TB apps periodically crash and need to be redownloaded, which erased my Sacred Stones progress twice so I ended up just buying it on my cousin's WiiU so I could at least keep my data. Obviously there's more to it than that, my brother's more experienced with emulators than I am, but still, it's entirely possible Chloey's at a point where she really can't make it work - I only have access to emulators right now because we found an old Wii at the DI for 5 bucks because the disk drive doesn't appear to work, and my brother did all the setup and everything for it so he could play Melee SD Remix, Custom Robo and a bunch of Pokemon ROMhacks like Prism. Sorry for not joining in the discussion this round, I've been mostly unable to access a comp and reading all this on mobile is a drag, not to mention I'm STILL trying to catch up to Chloey for ST(entirely my own fault really). Nothing personal Ana, I liked the prompt, just never found time to put a thing together, which is a shame because I had a thing wanted to try out.
  12. Remakes of any old Custom Robo game, or a new Custom Robo.
  13. Sprite Thread Revival

    You disgrace to your family, how dare you choose WTA over your own father you ungrateful little piece of garbage, at least Sharena understands her place and uses a Blue weapon. In all seriousness, nice work Peev, looks pretty good! I might ask for something simple involving Idunn in a couple days, but not right now cuz I'm still busy finding time to post that Fallen Fjorm somewhere plus other game crap, just thought I'd heads-up the thread.
  14. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    But when do we get the 2.8 Final Round Prologue? On-Topic, I'm afraid the only idea I've got this round involves potentially spoiling/messing things up in Shadow Tactician so I'm passing this time around. Looking forward to seeing Chloey's story in approximately five-ish minutes and the rest of yours over the next couple days anyways!
  15. ...You frickin...somehow I did not notice this. I wish I had, now. Anyways, thanks for the critiques my dudes. I'll try and address some of them before moving over to the new thread. So yeah, thanks for the stuff, I'll see you all in the new thread!