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  1. Welp, two days of procrastination later and I guess I won't have my thing finished by the end of tonight, so don't wait for me I guess. I'll post it anyways once I get it done in case someone wants to critique, but in the meantime I need to get working on the other idea that hit. I'll also be out of town this next week, so it'll be a bit before you guys hear from me again(though yes I will get some editing done for ST).
  2. OH that. I'll see what I can do, I think I am going to throw something together for this, and I had an idea hit me in like the last ten minutes for something unrelated, so I'll do what I can...and yes, I will also get working on the other ST stuff too.
  3. Oh lol, I forgot I haven't updated the Gaiden Thread since I started it. Yeah, I mentioned in the Feedback Thread potentially having an idea for Fort Steiger around Chapter 21 or so, Chloey said throw it together and let her see, and stuff happened. I'm unfortunately substantially less dedicated about it than she is, though, which has contributed to her slowing down her updates, sorry about that for anyone here who reads it. I think I started actually being involved around Chapter 32 if memory serves, though there's bits and pieces in some of the intervening Chapters that I contributed to a little. If she's down for it we can add you to the chat we've used for a while and you can pull up my stuff since they're all in Docs right now and it'd take me a while to transfer them all over. Alternatively I can just send you the links myself, I don't recall if Chloey has anything that would be spoilery linked there right now.
  4. Oh fudge, I forgot about this. The question bash something out quick or actually work on ST so Chloey doesn't lose her
  5. I think you mean 'Because they screwed up and gave us a Lance Hector instead of our fourth Armads.'
  6. Dragalia Lost's connection to FE?

    Well, gosh, Dragoncat, don't act like it's such a bad thing, it's good to be able to see parallels between different games, intentional or not. Consider it...practice for if you're ever called upon to design a game, for example, you can look at other popular games and check for similarities and how likely it is those similarities have an effect on the popularity of said games. It can be a useful skill in several aspects of life, so this is overall good.
  7. Dragalia Lost's connection to FE?

    Allow me to direct you to the description of an Armor in AQW for my personal take on the answer: "...the enchantments on the armor cause the wielder to immediately know how to use whatever weapon is in their hand. Who needs bulky armor when you can use EVERY WEAPON IN EXISTENCE?" In other words, MAGIC HAX BRUH!
  8. If we really want to go out there with ideas, I'll go all in and say Merlinus Limstella.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes: character builds

    Couple things here. First, I believe that's a Double Post you've got there, which - in case you haven't heard of this particular phenomenon, since you're a newer member - consists of posting twice in a row, without anyone making any replies to the Topic in between your posts. Next time something like this occurs to you, I recommend editing your build into the Original Post so you don't get any Warning Points because those are bad. Second, I think you could probably just post this under a designated Topic for Sothe. Since the Heroes Analysis Sub-Forum does not have a Thread dedicated to Sothe, you can create one provided you follow the guideline set down in Ice Dragon's Rules and Guidelines Topic. Third, my apologies to any roaming Mods who may find this and wish to accuse me of mini-modding. Feel free to cover anything I've missed, and/or reprimand me as necessary, and thank you for your work here.
  10. Problem with mathematics

    And here I was hoping it was going to be that Calvin and Hobbes comic.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Sounds good, I've got a Narcian I've put some stuff into and am planning to give Dorcas' Hack-O-Lantern to, so I think that takes care of Guard, and I should have the QR Seal. I'll give Palla a chance as well, I don't normally use Gem Weapons but I may have to make an exception here, I suppose. I'll need to check my Ursula's stats, though, I haven't started Merging any of these yet so they're just +0 right now. Either way, thanks, I'll give this a chance next week, I'm not going to be able to get on mobile for the rest of tonight.
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Uuuuuugh these are getting really obnoxious. I finally managed to barely beat Infernal just today with F-Grima, Dagger Olivia, Ninian, and Veronica, and now I've got to make something new work for Abyssal because Grima dies to Michalis, buffs or no. I noticed the recommendation for Laegjarn, but mine is +HP -DEF so that idea crashed and burned pretty fast, although I don't actually have a Hone or Fortify Fliers right now and had to try and make do with Goad and Ward(hint it doesn't work). To be fair, she did her best, and kills Michalis on my turn after he drops her to one long as I have that Goad Fliers active, without my Palla she can't double him. Yes, yes, I know, just use Repo or Swap, but I don't have them on Fliers right now and can't use them for that. Any other recommendations for me to try tonight/next week?
  13. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Yeah, that was what he had in the Paralogue. Looks like Narcian's getting one Hack-O-Lantern in a few days then!
  14. What 5 crossovers would you like to see?

    Ok, here we go, I'm only doing three for now. This should be...interesting. AdventureQuest Worlds Warriors - given that the two Warriors crossovers I've played both try to draw from their respective other games, I would kill to see this. Conception 2 + almost literally any 2D Platformer, my choice would be Gunvolt - Conception bombed HARD as an RPG, but I'd be down to play a Gunvolt/Megaman/insert other 2D Platformer-style game using the Conception 2 characters as playables, particularly Serina thanks to her unique weapon. Kingdom Hearts + Project DIVA - yes. I went there. And yes. I do actually want to see Sora visit the Project DIVA world at some point just to see what would happen. It'd be like the Hundred Acre Wood. But with Miku.