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  1. Official Pull Topic

    The current Genealogy banner didn’t interest me too much, so I fancied spending some orbs on the Countering Weapons banner to see if I could get Ryoma or Dorcas. Funnily enough, I managed to pull Ryoma in the amount of orbs I had (which was around 40). What’s more, he was +Atk -Res which is one of his best IV sets. Successful summon!
  2. My current Nowi is +Def -HP, putting Warding Breath on her would turn her into a mixed tank. I have plenty of feathers right now so I can always promote a Chrom to fodder off for Aether. I have a 5* F!Corrin too, her IVs are +Spd -Atk. I have another on the sidelines that is Neutral, I wonder if I should promote that one and merge it, or would the current IV set do fine with the Shield Pulse Pavise build?
  3. I pulled these legendary heroes from legendary banners. I wouldn’t be consideing foddering any of these off if I didn’t have them already. I have both Nowi and A!Tiki at 5* with refined Lightning Breath. So Res Smoke could go to one of them. I don’t really go in Arena all that much. But as with the others, I have a Spring Catria already so I just wanted to see who I could give Chill Res to. Just for fun build ideas.
  4. So I have a few 5* dupe units just sitting in my barracks waiting to be used as skill fodder, but right now I have no idea who to use them on. The units in question are Legendary Ike, Fjorm, Spring Catria and Legendary Robin. I was thinking of giving Reinhardt Chill Res but was wondering if it is worth giving up Lancebreaker for it. As for the others I don’t have a clue. I will most likely use Ike for Warding Breath and Robin for Res Smoke as Cancel Affinity can be found on Mathilda who appears at lower rarities, and Fjorm most likely for Atk/Def Bond as the skill is unique to her. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. So I redownloaded the game today (I would never have deleted it if I didnt have it linked to a Nintendo Account), and I ended up spending money to break my pity rate. Not too much though, only £25. I was trying to budget how much I could spend without going over the top. All I got was a Legendary Lyn but hey, at least I still don’t have a 10.5% pity rate hanging. I now have new ways to approach summoning: budget my spending carefully and only try to buy the deals, and don’t spend orbs on any banner that isn’t Special or Legendary unless it contains someone I ABSOLUTELY want (which is gonna be pretty unlikely). On the subject of really wanting characters- this reminds me of the deal when I spent a load for Spring Lucina’s return and only ended up with another Spring Xander. That hurt reaaally bad. But I’m over it and have learnt from my mistakes. I would have loved to have gotten Horse Eirika, Fallen Celica, Halloween Jakob or Wrathful Staff fodder from Lyn’s Legendary Banner but I got none of them. Tis just how it goes.
  6. So after some more horrific summoning luck this morning, I’ve made a tough decision. I’m going to stop playing this game. Something which is basically forcing me to spend money to continue enjoying it is not something I should continue doing. I would much rather save my money for better and more worthwhile things. I’ve enjoyed this game since day one and I’m sad that it’s had to come to this. Farewell, Fire Emblem Heroes.
  7. I must say, I’m not really enjoying this game right now. Sure, its nice to pull for new units, and I’m happy when I get them, but at the end of the day all they end up doing is mostly sitting and gathering dust because I’m not good enough of a player to work out how to use them properly and without fustration. All in all, whats the point of building units if its not fun to try them out? Although I did pull a free 5* Elincia with good IVs from the new banner this morning, so that’s something.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    My worst legendary banner yet. My main account got Legendary Ike and Robin in ~90 orbs which were the only red and colourless units I didn’t want. Sub account got absolutely nothing in ~60 orbs. It’s like the game is telling me to stop playing.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    So I go and do some GHB Elite quests to scrape up some orbs to summon because I didn’t feel like doing any ridiculous Chain Challenges (and not even those quests were easy, couldn’t even make it to 20 orbs!), and what does the game reward me with? Nothing but unusable crap. Screw this game. For those that care I went into Hares at the Fair, summoned four colourless orbs (no greens and I have Spring Catria already) and came out with a 4% pity rate. I don’t even want to splurge on the orb deal right now.
  10. Of the current units in the 5* pool, the ones that I dont have and want most (one of each colour) are: Red: Horse Eirika Blue: F!Morgan Green: Dorcas Colourless: Faye Most of the others in the refined pool would be appreciated too, though these are the main ones. Other notable mentions include Hector for Distant Counter (if his IVs aren't better than my current one), Brave Ike for Steady Breath, Elise for merges and Genny for Wrathful Staff.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    Welp, I am disappointed Xander lost to Alfonse but I kinda saw it coming. What I did NOT see coming was Chrom winning against Catria due to multiplier shenanigans! Guess I’m going Team Chrom cos he’s the only one I have left out of the remaining four (would have loved to have gone Team Catria cos I recently got her but nope, thanks multiplier!). If only Bunny Lucina showed up for me, I would be on her team.
  12. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Happy Easter Sunday to you all.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Well the April orbs got me up to 20 again, and I noticed my rate on the Legendary banner was 8.5%. Must have left a small pity rate after my mass summon on it last time. So I summoned whatever I saw and ended up with yet another Fjorm. That’s three Fjorms I’ve gotten from this banner, she really loves me for some reason! This one was +Atk -Def but the +Atk -HP one I got before was pretty much optimal, so now I mave more Atk/Def Bond/Shield Pulse/Drive Atk fodder for whenever I need it.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    Since he has shown up for me THREE TIMES now, I will be going for Mister Original “Spring is Here!” himself, Bunny Xander. I almost didn’t want to support him out of spite as he blocked me from getting Bunny Lucina this morning, but I wanted to do it anyway for the lols so I will still go ahead as planned. I expect Camilla to win though. Because unfortunately people are low and go for... things. But again, this being a Voting Gauntlet, anything could happen. But if one thing is for sure... there will be salt.
  15. Tome Cavalry Elise alt with Ginunngigap when? Though honestly if any Nohrian sibling gets a non-seasonal alt it will most likely be Camilla, to my dismay... I am surprised that some of the aforementioned Fates characters like Kaze, Silas and Charlotte aren’t in the game yet. Saizo needs his brother, Silas was on all routes and was pretty close with Corrin, and Charlotte’s only appeared as a bride. I wouldn’t mind seeing Flora added either to go with Felicia. She could be the first dagger GHB unit or something. Funnily enough, this would mean the only retianer of Corrin’s that wouldn’t be available for free would be Jakob, and he’s only good in a Halloween costume.