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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Children of Fate

    I used Azura as my dancer this time (all she did was dance I think) and gave my Nino the atk+1 sacred seal so she could take out the lance cav (it would survive with 1HP otherwise). And somehow I managed to do it this time! Thank god Rein could eat an attack from Alm 😂
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Children of Fate

    Trying to do Infernal and getting absolutely nowhere and wasting stamina. So here’s what I’m trying to do: Celica w/ max summoner support, distant def and g tomebraker kills the green mage (though she needs an attack buff, I think). Typical +atk Rein build takes out the lance cavalier. Nino takes care of the blue mage cav. and then... it gets pretty cramped, and my team just dies. Rein cannot ORKO the enemy Celica, and he cant reach Alm either. And nobody can touch the axe flier. I also have a dancer which is usually either Inigo or Shigure as they can give extra buffs through refreshing others. but as I said, I run out of room to manuvre and someone gets picked off. What to do? Having 4 more orbs would be really nice...
  3. Anyone got some advice for Chapter 12? I really seem to have hit a brick wall with this one. :/
  4. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    anyone got any tips on who to use to clear lunatic? and can it be done without using Olivia, as I have Azura and Ninian fully trained but not Olivia. thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I don't post on the forums too often but I would absolutely love to have one of these made featuring my fave characters! Screen size: 1,334 x 750 pixels (I have an iPhone 7, I think thats the correct screen size but I'm not sure, I had to look it up. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) Front Team: Celica (back), Lucina (left), Mae (right), Shanna (front) Background: Elise, Priscilla, Faye, F!Robin (any order, special art) Many thanks! :)
  6. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I've posted in this topic before, but here's an update on all the 5* units on my main account. A very decent bunch, I must say! Ignore Zephiel though, he's just a 4*
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    So my initial plan was to join Team Robin, as he along with Merric were the only two mages I had and trained up properly. And then I did some pulls on the female mages banner... initially I got a 5* Tharja but I wasn't going to join her team anyway. But then today's pulls... I got Julia and Linde back to back (not from the same bunch of stones, but still)! Now which one to join... as much as I want to join Linde's team (because Linde is amazing) she's unfortunately pitted against blooming Tharja and is most likely gonna get destroyed... so I might join team Julia. But then if she wins she's gonna lose to Tharja too! In that case I'd have to bring out my Robin in the final round to tip the scales (I imagine thats what would happen anyway). The next voting gauntlet needs to have no massively popular characters in it. I was fine with Lucina dominating but now it's just getting silly.
  8. Ursula grudge match live now!

    Never mind, managed to do it. Disregard this post please!
  9. Good to know, I'll keep an eye out for any spare Hanas or Abels I manage to pull (Swordbreaker over Lancebreaker as Nino deals with most blues just fine). And I guess a special like Moonbow or Luna would be more reliable than Vengeance (as I would rather Takumi not take any damage).
  10. Right, Takumi now has a Brave Bow, and Azura Hone Atk 2 (only source of that I had was a 3* Gwendolyn). I think Azura still needs levels (she's only level 28) as lowered stats may affect the arena score a bit. And I will try full inheritance for now, if that still gives me troubles then I will take them off and see what happens. EDIT: So I just used Nino, Azura, Zephiel and Takumi in the Arena and I managed to do a whole run on Intermediate without losing, then a whole run on Advanced without losing! Would have been deathless if it weren't for one match where Azura got KO'd, but what can you do. I encountered a lot of Hectors on Advanced and had Zephiel not been there my team would have been walled! Thanks for all the help on the teambuilding @DehNutCase!
  11. I don't have many units with L&D, Nino has Fury and Desperation which seem to combo well together. But if we're using Takumi instead, who has Vantage as well as his default skill set (he had Shove too which only works in a pinch), would it be worth giving him a regular Brave Bow over his Fujin Yumi? Its all I can give him and it has 9 less might than the Yumi, but attacking twice with 41 atk sounds powerful. Though Klein has one more might with Death Blow and he has Quick Riposte too... decisions! Yeah Lucina is impossible to mess up, as long as you don't encounter anyone with Swordbreaker or a powerful blue unit or two. I had Nino to counter the blues that Lucina would struggle with. Without her... idk, maybe Cordelia would be better this time? Even if she isn't 5* with her murder set (I have 21 feathers, I'm so poor!) she could still be pretty good so may give her a go.
  12. My Ninian only has Fury 1, and is +Res -HP I believe. Funnily enough I pulled Azura yesterday, but she's +Res -Atk, and still needs levels/skills. Klein and Takumi have the same nature, +Atk -Def. And as I said Takumi is merged and therefore starts with a whopping 50 attack. But his speed could be better. I thought I mentioned I have a +1 level 40 4* Cordelia? I think she's +Atk too, not sure on her bane though. So if I just want, say, 2000 feathers a week, I guess it would be best for me to not run skill inherited teams. I'm not looking to be the best; I just want the feathers. It might be worth replacing her with Takumi in that case, Nino isn't getting enough buffs. But then what if I encounter a Triangle Adept, Bowbreaker, M!Robin like I did once? Maybe I wont without skill inheritance, but still he will be a threat without Nino around.
  13. So... basically just don't use skill inheritance or sacred seals? What I'm trying to do is build a team around Zephiel as he is a bonus unit right now. I'm just not sure if I have the units though... the team I tried was Lucina, Ninian, Nino and Zephiel, all 5* bar Zephiel. All decked out with inherited skills, but no sacred seals as I forgot to equip them. The only other "dominant" 5* unit I have is a +1 Takumi, and even then his usefulness has dropped in recent times. Other maxed 5*s I have: Marth, Lyn, Karel, Xander, +1 Spring Xander, Clair, Shanna, +1 Hinoka, Spring Chrom, Camilla. Then I have a bunch of maxed out 4*s that could do the trick too: Sharena, Effie, +1 Cordelia, +1 Nowi, both Corrins, both Robins, Ursula, Arthur, Michalis, Cherche, Klein, Kagero. Anything that works together here?
  14. I am having such a fustrating time in the arena recently. I just cannot get a winning streak going anymore, not even on intermediate difficulty. This is really going to hamper my hero feather production and they are such a pain to get otherwise. I think its just because I'm bad at this game and have no confidence in getting my units out there and losing constantly is not going to make things better. I just don't know what I am doing wrong! Is my team composition wrong? Well I only have a select few 5* units on my main account and unfortunately any holes in my team the game happens to find in an opposing team and picks it for me to face. I just want to have a chill time with this game and not get too competivive and overthink things because to me that only brings stress and overall isn't fun. I don't know whether anyone can suggest anything but any sort of help would be appreciated, thanks.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    So... I just somehow pulled a second Takumi on my main account XD No idea what to do with him, because I don't have anyone trained that can make use of Close Counter properly, and his IVs are pretty decent: +Spd -HP while my first Takumi was +Atk -Def. I read that attack is preferred over speed, but still I'm not sure if I should merge the two or keep them separate. Oh and I also pulled a +Res -Def Clair. Cool and all but now I have three 5* lance fliers! Ah well, can't complain really.