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  1. Is there any Gaiden expanstion project team currently working on? example: Add exclusive SoV character into Gaiden along expand story from FE15. maybe some map changes. I have no knowledge of rom hacking, but I would like to help by contribute some sprites and artstyle. and im happy to help Thank you
  2. Exclusive SoV character in Gaiden ingame style

    I can see the reason why. Most villagers are got complete makeover, there were no female Villager so i have to create in original form that somewhat resemble Faye.
  3. I used to post this on Reddit and Amino a while ago, This is a reupload of the posts, so go check it out: https://aminoapps.com/c/fire-emblem-amino/page/blog/exclusive-sov-character-in-gaiden-art-style/N43l_e4KuMuaG60KP8zJz6Pqo2GbqNwmk7n Hope you enjoy
  4. Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes Alm Chapter 1 theme (FE8 GBA Style) Here are my FE 8 gba style of Gaiden/Echoes chaper 1 theme, all thanks to . FE 8 Sacred Stones soundfont by circleseverywhere from Serene Forest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwek6smehhap7rq/Native_Instruments_with_MPiano.sf2?dl=0 FE 2 Gaiden portrait by Lyanthus from Serene Forest: Hope you enjoy