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  1. Ivy's (mostly) FE Art

    Thank you for suggesting those two together! Glad you like how it came out. :) Hands and feet are the enemy of the average artist.
  2. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Goin' for a real balanced team on this one. I forgot to switch bIke's special from Galeforce back to Aether, and Dorcas doesn't have an assist yet and yet here I am. Those stat boosts are nuts. I can't wait to get Joshua's Hat, and that Speed Seal. I will be getting lots of use out of that Speed Seal.
  3. Ivy's (mostly) FE Art

    @Rezzy Hands and feet are way harder to draw than they have any right to be. :/ In other news though I finished it!
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Give her the +atk seal, ether LaD or Fury, and make sure she’s always stuck next to units with hone attack/speed and she should be fine. Also this really should have gone in the question thread.
  5. Red and green have equal priority for me. I really really want a non -atk Ike and in general I need more merged for him so he doesn’t drop off too far in arena points. Another Celica that isn’t -spd would be nice but not nessary and I don’t know someone else might want Distant Def. Arya I still have mixed feelings about... in all likelihood she would get leveled to fourty and then give Swift Sparrow to Soren. I’ve wanted Hector for months and I regret not trying for him the last time he was on a banner. I won’t say no to more Derdrie’s and Spring Camilla can donate her weapon to Soren for a meme build. (When oh when will a mage flyer I like be released?) Colorless comes next, I still don’t have Brave Lyn and dang it I want her! Genny is cool and more than one Genny would mean I could give Lucius Rathful Staff and give him back a little bit of his dignity. Bridelia is the only one I don’t really want. I don’t care that she’s one of the best archers, if she shows up Leon gets a meme bow. I have next to no reason to pull blue. Don’t have or want Xander. Caeda is the one I’m most interested in from blue but she’s pretty low priority. I really really like Fjorm’s name but that’s about all she has going for her at the moment.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    I’m going to go with worse on both accounts. I still can’t believe how lucky I got on the Drocas front. I’m really tempted to try for a third but yeah that upcoming Hero Fest and a chance to finally maybe get Hector is holding me in check.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    @Rezzy is this seven Seliph’s now? I am jealous and sympathetic.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    So um, my WiFi decided that working last night was not the way to go, but right before that I had some stupid pulls. So then I decided I want more than one Drocas for fodder purposes and I want Lute in general, Mia would be pretty cool so I pulled again. Drocas #1 is +Atk/-Hp, so he gets to stick around for the foreseeable future. Drocas #2 however is +Res/-Def, so looks like Ike is getting Feirce Stance! Now I need at least one more so Seliph can have infantry pulse. Lute is +Hp/-Res, which is fairly unfortunate, but also pretty easy to patch up. No complaints from me, I’m not that far into Sacred Stones, but I do love my weird and/or grumpy mages. I also really need more blues in general.
  9. Ivy's (mostly) FE Art

    Oh dang you’re right! I completely missed that somehow! I will be sure to fix that, thanks for pointing it out!
  10. Ivy's (mostly) FE Art

    On his right hand?
  11. Ivy's (mostly) FE Art

    Oh I’m definitely going to be coloring it, shade it, the works. Background is probably going to kill me but I accept the challenge.
  12. Ivy's (mostly) FE Art

    I have continued doing a whole bunch of FE art. A lot of it is Soren. I've also started using the voice clips from Heroes to practice lip-sync animation. I have another one in the works but it ended up taking on a life of its own in terms of complexity and is not finished. And finally, @Rezzy I'm workin' on a nice big one of Soren and Ena bonding over tactician stuff!
  13. Share your headcanons with me, my pretties

    -Priam is a descendent of Mist and probably Boyd. -Other Parim headcannon, he is many many generations down the line from Ike and Mist, and is from a branch of the family that decided to go looking for Great Great Uncle Ike and eventually bumbled their way over to Valm. -Ike and Soren sometime after leaving Tellius with an A support adopt a three-legged puppy, because Ike has no self control, and Soren can’t say no. Wether or not they are in a romantic relationship here is irrelevant, they are dog dads now. -Kurthnaga is pretty much the best uncle ever. He spends almost all of his free time with Ena’s kid, gets the best bday gifts, takes the kid with him on diplomatic stuff, just a really fun uncle. Even though his behavior is heavily motivated by all of the loss his family has experienced. If he gets the chance he does his best to be a good uncle with Soren too and probably goes out of his way to find books on Goldoan tactics, and makes attempts at bonding that tend to end awkwardly because its Soren. I like both of these.
  14. Forum Rules

    Good to know, thanks!