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  1. Oh my this end map got real awkward real quick.
  2. I really like how the iOS update included a screen recorder. I don’t think my strategy will help very many people. I do think it’s worth noting that the Distant Defense seal has the potential to be pretty darn useful on this map, and that bIke will function pretty much exactly the same with Ather instead of Galeforce(maybe better honestly).
  3. I have pulled Stahl and Lon’qu so many times. Stahl is objectively useless, and there are only so many units who I want to put vantage on. I also am beyond sick of pulling Cecilia. I don’t think I will ever actually use Cecilia just because I am so sick of having her pop up when I’m after other greens. Same with Cherche to a certain extent. If I pulled blue more often I’m sure Donnel would be on this list as well.
  4. Pay Less 2 Win is almost certainly a scam.
  5. I have been waiting for this.
  6. I managed to save up a grand total of 17 orbs, and they they drop a banner with Soren (and Titania) on it. I got a 3* Cecilia, 3* Cherche, 4* Beruka, 3* Nino, and finally 5* Titania!! Yes! Finally I can complete my cav team! Unfortunately she is +def/-spd, but that is an improvement over my current +spd/-atk 4*. I'm just going to slap darting blow on her and let hone cavalry take care of the rest. @Rezzy Titania enthusiasm!!
  7. Young Tiki was my first 5*+Spd/-Def. She was great in that first month or so until I got another red 5*. Poor Tiki got put on the bench pretty much immediately after I got Seliph. I don't think I'll ever get rid of her though except to merge into a different nature.
  8. I was going to suggest a "Generic Tome" banner but then I remembered that there isn't a unit with Thoron+ yet. Sooooo that's out for the time being. I do wonder who will end up stuck with that weapon.
  9. Shadow Dragon: Merric Blazing Blade: Jaffar (Nino/Erk) PoR: Soren (Ike/Ena) Awakening: Chrom Fates: Leo (Forest/Keaton) SoV: Boey (Luthier) Also Heroes has given me an appreciation for Seliph and Julia despite not having played Geneology yet.
  10. At the moment I would most love to get: Jaffar(he has eluded me for so long!), Roy(normal or brave), Hector, Lyn (normal or brave), Lukas, Sonya, and no less than 10 more Sorens.
  11. If you don't want to inherit a different tome I would suggest trying out a build with ether: 1) Dragonic Aura/Fury3/Watersweep/Whatever 2) Dragonic Aura/LaD2/Watersweep/Whatever if you don't have a source of Dragonic Aura it would probably be best to stick with Growing Wind
  12. Um..... Wrong red Tellius girl me thinks. ha! I am not complaining though I've been wanting Sanaki. I was absolutely not expecting her to show up anytime soon though! She is unfortunately-atk/+spd, but I've made this work on Ike and Julia I will do it again!
  13. The fact that like 9/10 infernal strategies require Bridelia, Rienhardt, or Brave Lyn kill me a little bit on the inside. I ended up clearing infernal with Soren, Celica, Linde, and Ninian. Soren with an S summoned support and Celica and Linde with S support.
  14. My -res Soren could tank Rein just fine before I put LaD3 on him.
  15. My -res Soren could tank Rein just fine before I put LaD3 on him.