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  1. Bittersweet but for the greater good! (Sure helps to have another Nino you intend to keep though. Lessens the pain!)
  2. I FEEL KIND OF GUILTY FOR THIS BUT... I still love you Nino! My original 5* you is still one of my favorite nukes. (this brings me up to three units promoted to 5* specifically for Soren, I am nothing if not committed)
  3. I don't think so. I had it set to an empty team slot, so who knows if any of my teams were showing up in the arena.
  4. So I just realized I haven't had a defense team for the last however many days....
  5. Wellp I've been awake on planes, trains and busses for over 24 hours now so despite only having 11 orbs I decided heck with it and decided to try again for Sonya. No green :/, two red, two blue and a colorless. My pity rate was 3.75%. I'LL TAKE A SECOND LEON! Even better he's +def/-hp! My original was +res/-hp. This brings me up to two +1 5*'s! Thank you traveling!
  6. Finishing up with a score of 100,038, that's it I'm calling it done those last three orbs may or may not have been worth the effort. I would have liked to rank higher than 11983, but I'm getting on a plane tomorrow so I don't have the time or energy to do anymore runs tonight.
  7. I mean, it would probably be cheaper than an actual prosthetic!
  8. Hey! Ordinarily I would naw off a toe, but I need them for a lot of waking in the next few weeks. Tree bark is simply easy to get ahold of and tastes about as good, it's a fine substatute!
  9. Yes please! I would eat tree bark for three orb rewards to come back!
  10. I feel like I'm pretty bad at managing my feathers but playing since launch I've managed to promote eight 5* with a ninth coming probably next week. Roughly in order I have promoted; Narcian Michalis Nino Xander Jeorge Cecilia (gronnraven+ for Soren) Hana (LaD3 for Soren) Boey Next promotion will be a second Nino, so I can give Soren Gronnblade+. I've got a whole list going of characters I'm going to eventually promote. After this Nino will be Camus and then Ursula. I've got 11k feathers right now and it is a struggle to not just promote a bunch or 3* for SI purposes. In general though it seems like I'm able to promote two 5*'s per month between the arena, voting gauntlet, and TT.
  11. Aaaaagh I'm at 88k! I'm going to push on to 90k before I got to sleep and I'll finish it off and get to 99k and above in the morning.
  12. Oh oh oh! Black Cat Jaffar and Witch Nino! That would be precious. To not have vampire Leo would be just the such an obvious missed opportunity. Someone as a bedsheet ghost would be funny, or toilet paper mummy. Not exactly sure who though.
  13. Never underestimate the likelihood that people will jump always jump to the naughty meaning of any phrase ever. We are all middle schoolers on the inside.
  14. I love building up and using my favorite characters in general but my #1 guilty pleasure unit is Soren who has had two other units promoted to 5* on his behalf already with another three planned. If I run across people in the arena with Soren as their rep I'll send them a friend request if they have an interesting build on him.