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  1. Ike Vs The Black Knight GBA Edition

    Yeah.... That would've been a bit smarter for the video.
  2. Ike Vs The Black Knight GBA Edition

    Ohh! Hahaha, can't believe I didn't notice that. ... You have an Ike Lord mug lying around maybe? :)
  3. Ike Vs The Black Knight GBA Edition

    Thanks a lot! :) Wrong Ike portrait? What is the correct one? XD
  4. Ike Vs The Black Knight GBA Edition

    I wanted to let Ike finish with Aether, but after trying 5 times I gave up. xD
  5. Hi, I remade the 'The Black Knight Theme' and 'Unstoppable Destiny' in GBA format to use in hacks if people want. Here's a video: If I shouldnt have made a new topic for this, I'm sorry. Free to use, no credit needed, although appreciated. Unstoppable Destiny.s The Black Knight.s Video CREDITS: Ike Mug - MarioKirby Black Knight Animation - Luerock, Cipher Lee and CanasNiimeHugh Ike Animation - oracle_of_fire and Khrene Cleaver The Black Knight Theme GBA Ver. - Me Unstoppable Destiny GBA Ver. - Me Mist & Black Knight Mugs - Me (Lol, not proud of them xD)
  6. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    Encountered a bug in 1-2: I just completed the chapter normally except Oona died to the boss. I added the Savestate. StaffofAges1.sgm
  7. My No Pair-Up Lunatic Playthrough "Journal"

    You still doing this?
  8. Changing Army Commander In Between Chapters

    Thanks a lot mate! It worked flawlessly.
  9. Hi, Sorry if this is a noob question, but I just couldn't find an answer anywhere and I tried my best to figure it out on my own, but I'm just too stupid xD. Anyway, in a hack that we're making we change the controlled characters a significant amount in between chapters (Radiant Dawn style), so I'm trying to find a way to change the army commander in the status screen per chapter. The Auto-Cursor also glitches, because it can't find the 'leader character'. (In one chapter it goes out of the actual map into black nothing tiles and sometimes freezes, hence it's a big problem).Compare it to: In the first 10 chapters Lyn is the army commander and then for the rest of the game Eliwood. But then in our hack it would be per chapter. Would that be possible? Thanks for the help in advance! (It's a Fe7 hack btw)
  10. FEditor Adv Problem

    I tried what you told me, but it still didn't work. :( Would you have any other ideas? Cause I have no clue on how to mess with the ROM's Footer. EDIT: I tried saving 2 times in a row and for some reason it worked now. Thanks! Haha!
  11. FEditor Adv Problem

    Hey. So I have been working on a hack project for a while in my spare time now. Every time I faced a problem I managed to find the answer online (Thank this website) or found it myself. Anyway, I'm about a quarter into the hack I'm making and I was gonna import another animation from Fire Emblem 8 into Fire Emblem 7. But then this weird s*** happened. When I click on Class Animation Manager, nothing happens. It worked fine before. But now suddenly it doesn't. I was thinking it might have to do with something I have overwritten, but I haven't touched anywhere near the offset where FEditor patches. Here's a gif: As you see, the Portrait editor works fine (So does the Text and Class Animation Creator), but the Class Animation Manager (and Spell Animation Inserter, but I don't need it now) don't work. It works fine on a clean rom, but I really don't want to start over again. It would take me a long time to import all songs, data, chars, etc back into the rom. Anyone have any ideas?