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  1. I am slightly reminded of autumn, due to the name (maple is a tree, which is associated with autumn) and the instruments, specifically the electric organ (?), which sounds like Halloween. It's a good track; don't know anything about Touhou but I feel it would fit in a stage near the end of the game. 8/10. Final Boss (Shadow Showdown) - Drawn to Life
  2. Phew, been a while since I've posted in here. 28, 691.
  3. Will know that this time I was just skipping the enemy's turn when next thing I knew some random Entombed or something killed Alm. I don't know how; I think it had to have gotten a crit or something. *sigh* At least it wasn't as bad as the last three times where the final Cantor in the dungeon killed him.
  4. Technically incorrect.
  5. The balloon will pop. If you give a that a this...
  6. Doesn't have to redo the stupid Fear Mountain Shrine for a stupid fourth time because the stupid enemies mysteriously always attack Alm and stupidly always kill him.
  7. Wants to dance.
  8. Nice, jungle sounding fanfare. Very calming and catchy. 8/10. Steely Lillie! - Pokemon Sun and Moon
  9. Was recently banned.
  10. Doesn't have a signature.
  11. Correct! The person below me joined Serenesforest in the year 2015.
  12. Fairy Tail insignia avatar.
  13. Interviews

    Well hey howdy hey it's Anime's turn, and I'm the first interviewer! I. Favorite of the classical and Chinese elements? II. Which of the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues do you relate to the most? III. How were you introduced to Fire Emblem? IV. How were you led to Serenesforest? V. Do you have a favorite history or mythology to learn about? VI. What led you to choose that username? (Let me guess; you like anime, you like to make art, and 27 was your number in sports or something?) VII. Favorite Gravity Falls character?
  14. Ah, now this is a fun topic. All of the Kitsune and Wolfskin in Fates would just be fabrics, or in the least, fashion designers. Iago/Macbeth would be either the master manipulator responsible for everything evil that happens in Fates, or would secretly murder King Garon with his wife and take control of Nohr with a tyrannical hand. He would only be stopped once Corrin escapes and partners with Hoshido and unwittingly fulfills a prophecy to defeat him. Cain would kill Abel out of envy, and be cursed to wander the world by Naga. Odin would cut out his own eye, hang himself for nine days, and do numerous other exploits in an attempt to gain wisdom.