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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - Infinite Dreams

    VI. Fight or flight? VII. Do you have any favorite history or mythology to learn about? VIII. Favorite season? IX. Do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality type is, and does it fit you?
  2. Post a fact about the person above!

    Talking about Ultra Sun and Moon stuff that I have to scroll past really fast in order to not spoil anything for myself.
  3. It's fun and weird to read through old posts here. Especially since by "old" it was only about 2 months ago. That's so weird... 349.
  4. Serene Determination Feedback Thread

    Alrighty, thank you. I guess I can jump into this one at any time!
  5. We could gossip, but what is there to gossip about other than Eclipse's satanic "tee-hee~?" 347
  6. That would be the best celebration. So far we're good in this counting session but who knows. Mackc2 might surprise us with Eclipse, or worse, all the other mods. 343
  7. The Adventurer's Guide to Becoming a Hero

    Chapter 3: Of Thugs and Men, er, Women With their new companion Toimor, Pip, Wart and Keis reach Vikingland to find a boat, as well as a few mercenary barbarians to help them in their quest. Writing this chapter has made me hungry. Now I really want pizza. Mmmmm, delicious poor-man’s pizza... “We’re here!” Wart exclaimed as he ran to the town. Pip couldn’t stop the smile on his face. The town was all wooden and stone, and there were numerous thugs and Vikings walking around. A couple of them were wearing plain triangular helmets and holding signs stating “Remove the Horns!” and “Stop the Horned-Helmet Tyranny!” A few more barbarians were beating each other up in plain sight. Pip could have sworn that all of the thugs had beards, even the female ones. But they weren’t the reason Pip was smiling. It was the ocean. He had never seen it before, and it was beautiful. The blue waves, the sparkling waters, the giant green sea serpent popping out of the water and eating fish- it was all so unfamiliar and majestic. “It’s so beautiful,” Pip remarked. “Meh,” Wart complained. “You’ve seen one ocean, you’ve seen them all. Literally!” “Guys, focus on the task,” Keis stated. “We need to find a sailor, a ship, and a few barbarians to help us out.” “Technically, we don’t need barbarians,” Toimor said. “They would just be nice to have. I, for one, would like to tour this place for its musical heritage.” “No, we need a barbarian,” Keis snapped. What’s gotten into her? Pip wondered. But she made a point. There was no time to sightsee when the world was in danger. “So where should we go?” “Well, there is a famous tavern nearby for its mercenaries.” Keis responded. “It’s called the ‘Screaming Bandit.’” Almost on cue, someone screamed. “Did you say the ‘Screaming Bandit?’” Toimor asked. “You know of it?” Wart asked. “Do I know of it?” Toimor scoffed. “Why, it must be the most famous tavern in the world! Every bard band has played here before. In fact, it’s where the famous band Arrow Smiths started, as well as Taylor Quick!” “Then I see no reason not to go,” Pip said. “Come on!” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Entering the Screaming Bandit, the group decides to order food while looking for mercenaries. Loud music played over the speakers, or would have, if speakers had been invented at this time. But they hadn’t, and so the only music came from a screaming singer in the center of the tavern. “I guess that’s how this place got its name,” Wart grumbled over the music while covering his ears. Toimor certainly disagreed. “While she’s certainly not as good as the real one, this Selena Gnomes impersonator is impressive.” A waiter came by and asked what they wanted to eat. “I’ll take a pizza!” Wart yelled. “Excuse me,” Pip asked. “Do you know of any mercenary barbarians or sailors that we could hire?” The waiter pointed to a table in the corner where a lone barbarian sat shrouded in shadows. “Thank you,” Pip said as he got up. Keis flew with him. “You want to come with us Toimor?” He shook his head. “I, for one, am going to ask this Gnomes impersonator a few questions.” Pip and Keis crossed the tavern, avoiding a few fistfights between local thugs. They reached the lone barbarian, and Pip asked, “So, I heard that you’re a barbarian we can hire?” The barbarian left the shadows, revealing herself to be a woman. She had a horned helmet, and a button on her shirt saying “Make Vikingland Great Again.” However, she scoffed. “I’m a thug, not a barbarian.” “Is there a difference?” Keis asked. “Yes,” the thug snapped. “A college degree. Now what do you want?” “We need a sailor and a mercenary to help us defeat the Dark Lord. Can you help us?” The thug chuckled. “I’ve done a lot of things, but I ain’t never defeated a Dark Lord. I’d love to join.” “Great!” Keis rejoiced. “Now you just need to sign these papers and-“ “I wasn’t finished,” she interrupted. “You see, I’d love to join, but I’m in debt to Dr. Rudolf Moneybags. I can’t go with you until I’ve paid him off.” “How much do you owe him?” Pip inquired. “One hundred grand,” the thug stated. “Can we pay it off for you?” Keis questioned. “If you can give him a hundred grand, then I’ll join. But until then, I’ll be sitting here.” “Then we’ll try to pay it off,” Pip stated as he walked back to their table. He glanced at Toimor, of whom it appeared had taken center stage and was singing his rendition of “What Does the Unicorn Say?” He sat at the table with Wart just in time for the waiter to come bringing their food. “Wait a sec!” Wart complained. “This pizza doesn’t have any sauce!” “I’m sorry sir,” the waiter replied, “but this is the Middle Ages. There are no tomatoes to make sauce because we haven’t discovered America yet.” “Aw, nuts,” Wart whined as he took a bite anyway. Pip chowed down on his food as well. “You know Wart,” he stated, “you should try to complain less.” “But that would be too difficult,” Wart stated. He paused. “Huh, maybe I should.” They continued to eat their food. Pip told Wart about the thug they might hire, and the payment they needed. At this point Toimor came to the table. “Nice singing,” Keis said sarcastically. “Why thank you,” Toimor responded genuinely. “So now that we’re all here,” Pip stated, “we need to find a way to get one hundred grand.” “What a coincidence! Someone just gave me a hundred grand for singing earlier!” Toimor laughed. Wart spewed his drink all over the table. “Well that solves that problem.” “Then come on!” Pip said as he got up to ask the thug where Rudolf Moneybags was. “He’s in this tavern actually,” she stated. “He’s in that section. You can’t miss him. He’s a dragon.” “Gotcha!” Pip stated as he ran off. “Wait, what?” Wart staggered. They all ran off and quickly found him- a massive red dragon with a pair of spectacles on his face. “Mr. Moneybags!” Pip called out. “Doctor Moneybags,” the dragon corrected. “I did not go through eight years of medical school just to be called ‘Moneybags.’” “Well, the point is, we have the money to pay off your one thug’s debt! Toimor, show him the money.” “Uh, well,” Toimor shuffled his feet. “I never said I had money, just a hundred grand.” He pulled out a small candy bar with a red wrapper. This time Wart spat out the pizza he had just taken a bite of. “You mean, you got a Hundred Grand candy bar?” The dragon stared at it, then sighed. “I would have preferred a king size, but this will do.” He snatched it and ate it in one bite, wrapper and all. “Her debt is paid. She’s free to go.” Pip stood still for a moment. “Just go with it,” Keis said. “I have no idea what just happened, but lets just go back to the thug.” They walked back silently. When they got to the thug Toimor said, “Your debt is paid, I guess.” “Great! Thanks a lot! Now I guess I’m in debt to you. What do you need me for?” “Just sign these papers,” Keis said. “We need your help in defeating the Dark Lord.” The thug signed them and handed them back. “Wait,” Keis said. “It says ‘barbarian.’ Didn’t you say you were a thug?” “That’s my name,” she snapped. “Barb Arian. Occupation: thug.” “Ooo-kay then,” Keis muttered. “Now we need to find a sailor and a ship.” “Funny that you mention that,” Barb responded. “I happen to know a sailor.” “You do?” Pip inquired. “Well, not really,” Barb stated. “My sister’s landlord’s son’s pet fish’s cousin is one. But I can easily ask her to help us.” “That’s convenient,” Toimor stated. “But I guess that means we’re settled in Vikingland. Now, to find a wizard!”
  8. Adventurer's Guide to Becoming a Hero Feedback

    Alright, thank you! Take your time - the only reason I've been able to keep uploading consistently is because I already have the first 5 chapters written and am slowly posting them on here. But thank you. I did prefer this chapter to the first one, though I couldn't quite tell why. It's kinda funny actually - sometimes (well, most of the time) I'll just insert a random detail with no thought (such as the Doomsayer or here with the wooden path) and expect it to be forgotten, but often these details end up having a better reaction than the actual jokes I intentionally placed in the story. So when you give specific mentions of what you found enjoyable, it helps me discern what I think is funny from what actually is funny. So, thank you for that. Chapter three should be out now.
  9. Serene Determination Feedback Thread

    Hi Nym; sorry for being a bit late here, but I am curious about a few things before I begin reading the story. My main question is what relationship does this story have with "Skills"? I see that a few characters are the same between the stories (and in Serenesforest), so are they completely unrelated or is this story sort of a sequel to "Skills"? In other words, should I finish "Skills" before reading this one?
  10. Post a fact about the person above!

    Already at the Elite Four.
  11. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    Donkey Hote was one of my favorite stories in that time era. 9.4/10. Two muffins are in an oven. One of the says "Is it getting hot in here, or am I imagining things?" The second muffin says "Oh my gosh, a talking muffin!"
  12. 3x3 of the week! #4 Favorite Pokemon

    This one was kinda easy. I can even list them in order!
  13. Tomorrow is this thread's one-year anniversary. 339.
  14. SF Interviews 2.0 - Infinite Dreams

    Hello Infinite Dreams! I. Favorite of the classical and Chinese elements? II. Which of the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues do you relate to the most? III. How were you introduced to Fire Emblem? IV. How were you led to Serenesforest? V. Shall you be lifting/extending/otherwise altering the question limit?