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  1. Do nothing, as I'm not one to kick or KO, and they likely wouldn't enjoy a hug or high five.
  2. Interviews

    Aw, thanks for the nomination... but I've already been interviewed before. Anyway, I nominate TheSilentChloey and Gemma.
  3. *It missed* *Throws a water balloon.*
  4. A historical character.
  5. They have visited countries outside of their own. Well, yeah, I'm a fan. It's probably my second favorite TV show of all time.
  6. Where did all these deep and meaningful questions come from? I love it! Anyway, yes. I, and everyone else in this world, are immensely important. After all, there are about 7 billion people on this planet who have sentience and can discern right from wrong. And unless science can find other life forms of the same nature, this means that I am one of a single species - the only species - than can appreciate the universe and all its wonders and truly stand in awe of the world. This would mean that our human species (myself included) is the most important creation in all of existence.
  7. Phew. I was hoping this thread would go over well. I'm only about halfway through the original, though I did see Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play... and someone else's when he had a large break part of the way though. I would also like to watch or play Xenosaga of Xenogears, though yes, the same problems that you have have persisted. However, if you have a Wii U, you might consider getting the original of X. They are both really fun, but of course require a good investment of time and/or money, so it you're often busy then yeah, you might not want to get them. Oh wow, cool analysis. My personal theory is that the main antagonists for the first ~80% of the game will be Mor Ardain with an occasional Torna thrown in. But it will end with (gasp) the Indoline Praetorian as the main villain, serving some dangerous world-destroying Titan, of whom Torna has secretly been trying to stop and destroy. Although, that does sound a bit too much like the original... The voice acting... I'm actually OK with it. It's not perfect, no, but it works for its goals. My problem, however, is with the lines themselves. I feel it sounds like a poorly translated text of so. For instance, at one point in one of the trailers, I think Pyra says something like "I won't use this power, and I won't let you use it either!" And it never sounded good - the wording for the entire cast was always a bit off.
  8. "That's a whole lotta Izana! KEEHEEHEE!" Anyway, it's a cool theory, and I'd be willing to pursue it more. Of course, it should be noted that I highly doubt the games were intended that way, but they simply played out as so. It also questions what role Revelations has. Might it be a telling of the future when the "casual scum" and "elitists" meet together... and should we celebrate or fear what might happen?
  9. Hardin before possession badge.
  10. Germany grew in power and prosperity; during the Versailles Peace Conference everyone acknowledged Germany's success and gave them numerous rewards of land and money. In addition, everyone laid the blame on England - after all, Britain was clearly responsible for attacking Germany after Germany invaded Belgium invading France for attacking Russia etc. Anyway, there was a Roaring Twenties in Germany, most all the defeated countries went through depressions, a soldier named Hitler became a prominent artist, and the German currency was seen as one of the most stable and usable economic currencies in the world. In an alternate plane of reality, a banana...
  11. Stated r... too many times for me to count.
  12. (There will likely be spoilers for the original Xenoblade Chronicles and X. Do be warned.) The latest trailer (extended trailer here) came out about a week ago, but it occurs to me that despite what I believe numerous Xenoblade lovers on this site, we don't have an official thread. So, here it is! Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the third (yes, third) game in the Xenoblade series, though aside from a few small references these games are largely separate from each other. 2 takes place in the world of Alrest - an eternal sea of clouds. The people live on the backs of numerous Titans, rather than just two in the original. From the official website, it appears that the Titans are dying, and Rex (not me; the main character of the game) must team with a "Blade" named Pyra to climb the World Tree in the center of the world and find Elysium, a paradise. But on the Titans are numerous companies and nations that will help them, or stand in their way: Kingdom of Uraya - The starting region, I believe. They respect nature, and are likely akin to Bionis from the original. Empire of Mor Ardain - A mechanical military nation that rivals Uraya. Similar to Mechonis, but it should be noted that people live in this nation, not Mechons. So, I'll assume that the war in this game is one of political or religious motivation, not survival of the species. The trailer also notes that Mor Ardain has a scarcity of resources, so that likely goes into it as well. Imperial Providence of Gormott - A "plentiful land;" not much was shown aside from the fact that it is under Mor Ardain's control. Indoline Praetorian - Very "futuristic" looking; it is a theocracy that controls the supply of "Blade Crystals." I'm getting large High Entia vibes from this place. Argentum Trade Guild - Largely Nopon, they seek money and trade above all else, so they have managed to remain neutral in the conflicts for a good market (read: "exploiting wartime demands"). Torna - Mysterious and likely dangerous, they perform operations under the cloud sea to fulfill their goals. It should likely be noted that the narrator never says "nefarious" or "evil;" they are just secretive. Also notable in the trailer is that there were eight flags shown at the beginning, but six groups described. So, there are likely more nations yet to be revealed. The main conflict appears to be that everyone wants to get their hands on the "Aegis," a "Blade" who appears to be Pyra. Why? We don't know, but Pyra wishes for Rex to escort her to Elysium... also for an unknown reason. Blades are people who can enhance the power of the Driver, a "front-line" fighter. So, the Driver will fight enemies head on, while the Blade will provide support and bonuses, such as healing HP or increasing attack. However, that is just the combat usage. I don't know if Blades have any story purpose, such as how Shulk's visions were an important aspect of the original story. I've certainly missed mentioning some things, but what are your thoughts? Looking good? Not looking good? How will the story pan out? Will the gameplay be better or worse than the other games? How excited are you?
  13. Doubled their money and... got one spin? Was that it?
  14. Would you be alright if I were to nominate you for the Serenesforest Interviews? Bill! He and I could share bodies (that sounds weird) and achieve greatness via conquering and destroying the world. If not him, it would be Dipper. He's a good character, and likely fun, and I'd think we would get along rather well.