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  1. Should know that it is an (if I recall correctly) 87.5% chance that all Nym's hypothetical 8 sibling are male.
  2. Takumi's retainer.
  3. Depends on the game, and how far I am in it. Like in Breath of the Wild, I got game overs all the time at the beginning, but now that I've beaten all the Divine Beasts and have plenty of heart containers, it is rare that I die. Conquest, on the other hand...
  4. Has no signature.
  5. Was derped, like most posters in this thread.
  6. No lock? Just a key?
  7. Appears to have commented about Robert of Normandy at the same exact time as Fire Emblem Fan and myself.
  8. Might have no idea what just happened. The official name is "Bipper," by the way.
  9. "You shall not pass!"
  10. What is your favorite Disney movie (or if unknown, favorite movie)? Oh, heavens no! I just think cheerful, yet insane characters can be funny, that's all. In addition, I am currently in a slight existential/ nihilistic crisis right now, so I'm not normally like this (I think). And if you're wondering about the "Pain is hilarious" comment, that is just a quote that Bill Cipher says at one point.
  11. Was struck by a Sticky Web, and was ninja'd.
  12. Uses pink Robin in Smash.
  13. Yeah... what is it?
  14. Interviews

    21. Eastern or Western dragon? 22. Katana or broadsword? 23. Samurai or ninja? 24. Ever solved a Rubix Cube? 25. Top three movies? 26. Top three Disney characters? (Like from anything, not just Mickey, Goofy, etc.)
  15. 28,494.