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  1. Oh, so it's likely that there are only two Michalis? Well that's fine for me, but I guess my question is now just can I make a flying team viable with Takumi running around?
  2. So I wanted to make an all flier team using Ceada, Catria, Michalis, and Cordelia but I'm worried that since I missed out on the two Michalis options that I won't be able to protect my team from Takumi, any suggestions or ways I can still run this or is my idea doomed out of the gate?
  3. Agh I missed it, 4am is rough on west coasters :/
  4. Fair enough, I got a spare Setsuna and I'm trying to figure out where I wanna drop her bowbreaker, Julia maybe?
  5. How does a Linde with bowbreaker 2 sound?
  6. Legault, always, and I feel like anyone from Thracia really counts. Calleach, Riev, and Valter from 8 would be cool. Any of the Senators from 10. And Amy
  7. Can we be real that the girls kinda got screwed over in terms of titles. Like we knew what Eldigan's was gonna be, and Reinhardt got a really sick one (seriously, Thunder's fist? I wish I thought of that.) But Blue Mage Knight and Eldigan's sister. Ouch.
  8. Name: Lacheis HP: 17 Atk:7 Spd:7 Def:5 Res:8 Weapon Skill: Absorb (mt 4 recover 50% health) Assist Skill: Physic Special Skill: Solid-earth balm Level one Lachesis also she has Spur Res as her passive skill
  9. I honestly have no idea how to do that.
  10. I tried that however it seems that while the game registers his change of weapons he's still stuck with the devil axe for the cutscene. Is there anyway to make the cutscene skippable?
  11. Hello everyone, So I recently attempted to use a class randomizer to make a run of FE7 a bit different, however after completing the chapter to gain the Durandal I was forced into the cutscene where Athos attacks Nergal, Athos was swapped into Dart and changed into a greatlord without a ranged weapon to hit Nergal with so the battle became stuck, is there anyway I can get around this unskippable cutscene? Please and thanks for your help.
  12. How do you even figure that out though?
  13. Linde, heals people around her with Aura, buffs Res, hits hard and fast. All you can really ask of a mage.
  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I just pulled Julia and Fae! This is fantastic.
  15. Barst oddly enough, his voice actor makes him seem so, hunk-y.