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  1. Green tome users. Whether it's Julia or Nino. I just lack any direct counter. It's getting to the point where if I pulled a Hector I'd feed him to Lucina just so she can have distance counter.
  2. Something I've never been sure on. Is it moonbow as in what archers use? Or is it moonbow as in take a bow?
  3. Little off topic but this makes me wonder if the drug Izuka created was actually speeding up the laguz generation. But maybe not because it affections humans too. Just a possible thought though.
  4. So does Brash Assault give you a follow up attack even when you'd normally only hit once?
  5. My money for winners would be Faye, Alm, or Celica tbh. probably celica because waifu
  6. Is it possible to give people unique weapons through hacking?
  7. Her dignity.
  8. What does she lose when she takes damage? :V
  9. If anything it makes sense considering half the time Awakening wants to be Sacred Stones.
  10. Oh, so it's likely that there are only two Michalis? Well that's fine for me, but I guess my question is now just can I make a flying team viable with Takumi running around?
  11. So I wanted to make an all flier team using Ceada, Catria, Michalis, and Cordelia but I'm worried that since I missed out on the two Michalis options that I won't be able to protect my team from Takumi, any suggestions or ways I can still run this or is my idea doomed out of the gate?
  12. Agh I missed it, 4am is rough on west coasters :/
  13. Fair enough, I got a spare Setsuna and I'm trying to figure out where I wanna drop her bowbreaker, Julia maybe?
  14. How does a Linde with bowbreaker 2 sound?