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  1. I just pulled another Lyn, my first one is +res -def the other is -spd +def who do I keep and who gets merged? Since I'm running a brash assault Lyn I was wondering if losing the speed really matters but I feel like it does, thoughts?
  2. Clive - Why are you such dead weight?

    You guys are giving Clive too much flak, he does have a purpose.
  3. Saber's amazing, I feel like he's the new Haar, just throw him into a pit of enemies and watch them all get crit.
  4. I'm kinda interested in the Soloman class. They're all neat but outside of having Boey summoning stuff I don't think they're worth the cash.
  5. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    I used something similiar with Cecilia has a raven user. She wipes blue mage, cavalry, and archer. Eldigan for axe flyer (although Xander could have done it too) And then Xander for Lloyd. Horse Emblem trivializes plenty of maps.
  6. Little details that you like in Heroes?

    Zephiel spinning his sword whenever he activates a special attack.
  7. Underused Class Types

    Arthur will still probably end up as a Green Cav anyway since in story he is trained in wind magic when the game begins.
  8. Underused Class Types

    No please. Most Mage Cavs are blue and historically the class has a lot of lightning users(We still have Kempf and Ilios that can fill that spot). I hope they make her a Green Cav because we only have Cecilia right now. Hopefully Azelle will be a Red Cav.
  9. Usually Rein, Cecilia, Xander, Eldi, since Eldi and Rein are using the during combat buffs while both Cec and Xander have hone Cav. I would argue that having Rein in front makes more sense because if you put Cecilia in front people are gonna realize that's a horse emblem team and plenty of people run Rein by himself. But perhaps Xander might be best.
  10. Hey we have the same Horse Emblem members! I personally really like Cecilia, she does a lot of work with triangle adept and giving her a breaker skill makes up for her mediocre at best speed. I don't know much about Titania but she is the one of the Arena units so she'll snag you bonus feathers while we're still on this set. So my suggestion is if you don't have anyone who nabs you the bonus feathers for this arena set start giving her some levels, if you do I would just give Cecilia the 20k feathers since Xander will be in the next arena set regardless so easy feathers with a team you've already put together.
  11. I just pulled a -hp +def Takumi, I don't really have a place/need for a Takumi so would it be viable to just feed him to someone to give them close counter?
  12. I combined them to help with completing the seals then feed him to Xander since he also needed quick reposte
  13. That is also something I'm lacking.
  14. I have a Eldigan with neutral stats and no swordbreaker to give him, what should I use instead for his B-slot?
  15. Is it possible to pull a unit from a summoning sessions that is neutral across the board with no boon or banes?