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  1. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Switching characters is usually a feature in custom lobbies, but not in ranked/quick matches.
  2. Who would win in a fight? Robin or Corrin?

    As far as lore is concerned, I feel like people are looking way too deep into the whole Robin being Grima thing. While technically true, it really shouldn't factor into an actual fight involving Robin, since we never really see Robin channeling this power in any meaningful capacity. As far as I can remember, Robin's never really stated to be that powerful, and killing Robin doesn't seem nearly as complicated as killing full powered Grima. And by that point, I'd be really hesitant to call Grima "Robin". They may be the same being, but there does seem to be a point where "Robin" ends, and "Grima" begins. I really cant recall much of the lore from the mess of a story that is Fates, so I won't put any stock in Corrin, though. Gameplay-wise, though, Robin wins hands down. Access to every class, much higher maximum stats, access to more broken weapons and skills.
  3. Fighter Promotions

    I was just sayin'. Fighters technically have a longer history of turning into Heroes than Mercenaries do. I guess we could get really pedantic and say Forests are the proto-Hero, but that's no fun. Also Forests sucked.
  4. Fighter Promotions

    The first time Heroes were fully separated from Swordmasters, they were a Fighter promotion. Also Myrmidons and Mercenaries weren't unique classes until FE6.
  5. Fighter Promotions

    U srs? Boyd's the closest thing the franchise has ever had to a Barst successor. PoR Boyd has a 50% skill growth and a 45% speed growth. He even has a pretty standard 25% res growth. He also has a pretty tame HP growth at 75%. The only things typical about him are his 60% strength growth and 25% defense growth. He's very close statistically to Ike, a Mercenary. RD Boyd isn't much different. RD Boyd's bases, as a mid-tier unit, are pretty indicative of a typical Bord-type Fighter, mostly in that he's slow and bulky. But he brings over his Barst-esque growths, on top of now having doubled his defense growth. He'll start out being a typical Warrior, but after two or 3 levels, he's more or less caught up to certain members of the IM in speed, and will eventually start to catch up to or pass any of the Cavaliers, the Mages, and just about anybody who isn't a Swordmaster or Shinon. His other stats all being very respectable to start with.
  6. Fighter Promotions

    I am assuming a linear promotion. And if we're talking about a split, the Fighter's options are probably going to be Hero and Warrior, not Hero and Berserker as per Fates.
  7. Fighter Promotions

    That was unit streamlining, though. You still got a Warrior(Boyd) and a Berserker(Largo).
  8. Fighter Promotions

    I don't think streamlining classes is where the series needs to go. I feel like PoR hit the sweet spot. I've been against Fates' style of "EVERYTHING IS A CLASS" pretty much since day 1, but the inverse is equally bad. The Fire Emblem series needs a moderate amount of variety, for both good and bad. Goddammit. Typically bad stat distribution. Axes have been iffy throughout the franchise. Bows are an awful addition in every game that Warriors have used them when Hand Axes exist, which just makes the thing that makes them stand out feel really redundant and unnecessary(Unless you're like Geitz and can start out using the best bows in the game).
  9. Fighter Promotions

    Funny you mentioned that right after my edit. But yeah. IS needs to stop with the Cord/Bord bullshit. Just base every fighter on Barst.
  10. Fighter Promotions

    I don't think Warrior would properly ever get the.... *ahem*, the axe. It is an iconic class, as bad as it is. I think there just needs to be some rebalancing. Whatever they did in the Tellius games worked fine. Warrior's actually decent there, and they made it a fairly well-balanced class, as opposed to a class that ONLY focuses on HP and Str. Give them decent defense, give them decent skill, give them decent speed, and I think they'd be fine. Make them the "safe" option, compared to the Berserker's high HP, strength and speed that aids in their "high-risk, high-reward" playstyle. Also, if IS ever made a game where bows weren't shit and a game that also had Warriors, I think they'd fare much better. As it stands, Bows being shit and Warriors being in a game go hand-in-hand.
  11. Fighter Promotions

    Kinda this. There is an allure to a rare class that has potential to deal the most damage in your army by a hefty margin, even if it's inconsistent. Hero's overall the best, but there's something fun about Berserkers, even if a lot of them suck eggs. Warriors are the worst.
  12. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    THE KING has some tech
  13. Units that are good in spite of their class

    Are you talking just for FE8? Because Great Knights are good to great in almost all of their appearances in the franchise.
  14. Units that are good in spite of their class

    This is more a list of units who are bad because of their class, and not good in spite of them.
  15. An alternate system for balancing the weapon types

    It'd probably put them at where they(Or Rutger) were in FE6. Which... Is preferable to where they've been in every game since, as a class with little practical use over alternative sword classes.