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  1. What Do You Like About Helping People?

    It just feels good. I don't know how to describe it.
  2. Soul Calibur VI!

    Okay, I just went 50 matches with one of my buddies. We figured we should both practice a bit before going online. I think... I think I like Maxi. Seems like he's got a reasonable skill floor and a high ceiling. I really need to learn his stances. Really feels like I'm missing half of Maxi's set. The game's starting to feel a lot more natural, though.
  3. Soul Calibur VI!

    ANY TIME BRO You'll probably kick my ass because I haven't played SC seriously in over 10 years, haven't played many fighting games in general over the last 10 years, and... Have about 2 hours in the game.
  4. Soul Calibur VI!

    Went with the PC version.
  5. Neimi vs Innes

    Innes Neimi's better on paper, but her biggest demerits come from her starting out as an Archer with bad bases. These are the most notoriously difficult units in the series to get going. I can't think of a single game(Where this criteria applies) where any of the unpromoted Archers end up better than prepromoted Snipers.
  6. General JRPG Topic

    I was on board with Xenoblade's story until(mid-game spoilers):
  7. Do you love bacon?

    I try to eat free range chickens and grass fed beef. I'll never eat veal, because that has always been one step(More like 3 or 4 steps) too fucked up for me. Cows aren't the dumbest animals on the farm by a large stretch, but they're not super intelligent. They're probably about average intelligence for mammals. Pigs I probably give too much credit, but that's generally where I draw the line. Cows haven't demonstrated that they're smarter than pigs, so they go in my belly. Anything whale, dolphin, or octopus related also gets the "too smart" treatment, but that's much, much easier to avoid. Their strong emotions makes it harder, which is why I try to go grass fed. Anything to make their treatment marginally better.
  8. Do you love bacon?

    Not really. Not a big fan of pork in general. My moral/ethical cutoff for meat is if the meat is too smart. Pigs cross that line.
  9. Soul Calibur VI!

    I have a hard time calling Tira "anime" when her closest analogue is a western comic book character, and her design and personality don't really resemble any anime characters. The only thing that really makes Tira anime is the fact that she's in a Japanese game. Zasalamel is more anime, being the "tortured immortal villain that wants the evil power", and his overall design evokes more of an anime aesthetic. And he wields a scythe, which is the most anime weapon after giant swords, and he's basically an inverse grim reaper, another concept Japan is in love with. Tackling the rest of 3's cast, Setsuka's not very anime. The most anime thing is that she's a street thug in feudal Japan who happens to be a woman. Amy's kinda anime, mostly due to her dress, but I'd rather forget she ever exists. And Siegfried is literally every shounen protagonist from the mid-90s to today. "The pretty boy hero whose life was ruined by the main villain of the series. He's a 5'5 16 sixteen year old and wields a sword that weighs twice much as he does. But as it turns out this main villain is actually part of him and he has to deal with his dangerous super powered evil side!" Zweihanders were usually pretty close to claymores, and usually didn't get much heavier than about 6lbs. Siegfried's zweihander has to be over 200lbs, which really only happens in manga/anime and anime-adjacent video games. The only difference for Siegfried is that Nightmare never comes around to actually helping Siegfried and powering him up to deal with THE REAL VILLAIN! That's the only thing that stops him from being the BIGGEST anime cliche, way bigger than anything in 3, and even bigger than Talim. And yeah. Groh's straight up just a Fire Emblem character. Actually, he's like if you mixed a Fire Emblem character with a Valkyria Chronicles character.
  10. General JRPG Topic

    I'd prefer it be online. Not a huge MMO guy, I just really like FFXIV. But I'd give a DQX a shot, since it's apparently pretty good. An offline MMO, though? That just sounds like Xenoblade, and I do not like Xenoblade.
  11. General US Politics

    There are plenty of normal ass people who just happen to consider themselves conservatives, and don't devote themselves to politics. These are the people you'll probably be able to find plenty of middle ground with. There are also the disconnected people who have done nothing but listen to Fox News and have essentially been brainwashed into thinking one way. Generally these people are misinformed. Talk to them long enough and word your arguments in ways that connect to them, and you can probably find middle ground. Bernie Sanders was good at connecting with these people because of this. You're not going to find middle ground with the "new breed" conservatives. The ones who hole themselves up in their homes and just read biased news sources and shitpost about politics on Facebook, Twitter and message boards. These are the Proud Boys and modern age white supremacists who are convinced they're right because they listen to Ben Shapiro and Sargon of Akkad on YouTube every waking moment while calling people racial slurs in Overwatch. These people find a narrative they like, and stick to it like they're made of super glue. And if they don't agree with what you're saying, they'll just punch you in the fuckin' face.
  12. Soul Calibur VI!

    I really enjoyed SC3's single player content. Some of it was a ton of horseshit, but it was still a lot of fun. Glad that this game at least has the "Create a monster and go on a whacky adventure" aspect.
  13. Soul Calibur VI!

    Fair. It's just weird to see all of these reviews and see the general consensus(Among the reviewers) be "SOULCAL 6 IS THE FIRST NOTEWORTHY GAME IN THE SERIES SINCE 2!" Not sure how I feel about 3 being "the anime one", though. Maybe it was a slight change in art style, but I've always felt that the series as a whole has always been pretty anime. Talim and Siegfried are some pretty anime.
  14. Soul Calibur VI!

    I think a lot of places scrapped this practice, and I'm not sure if Japanese developers ever did it. New Vegas is kind of the one high-profile example of this, especially since the game was most commonly docked points for bugs, and the game's QA was handled by Bethesda... the company who would have given Obsidian a bonus if their game wasn't docked so heavily for having bugs. Also, I feel like a lot of the SC6 reviews are a little... off. I think it might just be because a lot of them never got super into the series, but a ton of them cite it as a "return to SC2" for the franchise, gameplay wise. Do I not live in a world where SC3 was highly regarded? By critics of the time and by fans of the series to this day? Because that's the world I remember living in. ... But who am I to say I'm a bigger fan? I never even bothered with 5.
  15. Amelia versus Eliwood

    Paladin Amelia has 21 AS vs Eliwood's 19 in this case, and GK Amelia has 22 VS 19. Neither can double Eliwood like General Amelia can in this situation. Eliwood straight up wins in these cases due to his extra bulk and greater strength.