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  1. Python's biggest boon isn't even his stats, it's BECAUSE he's an Archer that he's a solid unit. Being able to cover nearly half the map on even the biggest maps is pretty damn good utility in the late game. His solid stats are somewhat hindered by the poor promotion gains that Archer classes get. And yeah, Soldier's pretty worthless on units who aren't forced to be Soldiers.
  2. Oh, yeah. I added in that they at least wrote a reason for it, but Charlotte's still more extreme than previous FEs when it comes to skimpy-ness. It wasn't meant to be a knock against Charlotte(Of the 3 people I brought up, she's probably my favorite by a country mile). Just commenting on the design sensibilities.
  3. Caeda, the peggies and the Dancers are not comparable to Camilla, Tharja, or Charlotte. Or anything of that ilk. Yes, Caeda and the Dancers ARE fanservice. But while the peggies inexplicably wear miniskirts, they're pretty tame. Caeda wears a full leather breastplate and high boots that are nearly pants. Similar deal with other peggies who wear armor plates and skirts. Dancers, meanwhile, at least have a contextual reason to wear skimpy clothes(Which is still far from underwear. They all wear skirts and wrapped tops. Hell, Lara doesn't even wear dancer garb in her game because she's a thief, meaning her default outfit that you see in the game is a shirt and a skirt). Free movement is also why Lewyn and Homer(And for Homer, barely a shirt at all) wear loose clothing, as they're also performers. While Tharja and Charlotte ARE in their underwear. And Tharja's outfit makes negative sense, since she lives in a dry, arid environment, where skimpy clothes are actually more dangerous than helpful. The "well it's hot, wear less" argument doesn't make sense. The only time where less clothes are justified are in humid environments, which it definitely not Plegia. Charlotte's outfit only makes sense because she's specifically written to be fanservice, so there is some reason there, but it's still more extreme than the pre-Awakening games. Camilla's outfit is just straight up dumb. Not only does form-fitting metal hurt women in the chest area more than help them, she specifically has a leather strap RIGHT between her boobs for the sole purpose of drawing your eyes in. There's no excuse for Marth though. Put some damn pants on, you weirdo.
  4. I only care if it's done kind of tastefully. It's not like having large breasts makes a character inherently less respectful. As much as people like her for her breasts, I like Tifa from FF7 as a character. More than Yuffie and Aerith by a long shot.
  5. I do agree that Walhart is a wet thud of a villain, but I'd say his motivation it pretty much the only thing that makes him unique. While most other "conquerors" like Ashnard are a bit more charismatic and intimidating, their motivations are usually paper thin. Walhart's the opposite, in that the idea of culling the weak to ensure a population strong enough to stand up to a big catastrophe is a bit more of a fleshed out idea, but again, he has the personality of a grain of rice. I'd still much rather have Ashnard. Like, I actually kind of like Gangrel as a personal villain for Ylisse, and his arc was far and away the strongest. Validar's so bad that he's at least fun to make fun of and mock. Walhart having a more interesting motivation doesn't really make him an engaging villain. He just exists to say things a caricature of Genghis Khan would say. Actually, scratch that. The Genghis Khan caricature in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is waaaaaaaaay better than Walhart. Plus, SoV had to shoe-horn in a possibly non-canon post-game to even hint at an explanation for how Walhart knew about Grima.
  6. I'm gonna lose my mind if I don't get to see some new Orsin or Homer art.
  7. WELP, SO MUCH FOR THAT I mean, it wasn't a complete shut out, but the Vikings were pretty bad. So many penalties. It's like they knew it wouldn't be worth it to potentially injure Bradford, so he didn't even show up. At least Bridgewater is coming back, so the Vikings will have two pretty damn good QBs on hand.
  8. Yeah, but this only happened because there's already a Leo(Leonardo) AND Leo in Fire Emblem. Same reason Effie became Faye, because the Fates translators decided to randomly change names, creating a problem due to a lack of foresight. EDIT: Oh right, Leo from Fates was supposed to be Leon. Really, the Fates translators just fucked up all kinds of shit for the SoV translators.
  9. Just give each skill a numbered value, then put a cap on how big that number can get, like the Tellius games did.
  10. That said, I want the standards of each class to hold up across sexes. If male Axers are super big and buff, I want super big and buff lady Axers. If female peggies are frail and petite, I want male peggies to be frail and petite. Fates seemed to think making Charlotte a closet aggressive tomboy made up for this. At least we got ripped Rinkah.
  11. FE1/11 - Barst, for being a deceptively powerful, versatile unit. FE2/15 - Gray, for being a good Merc and a fun character. FE3/12 - Still probably Barst. FE4 - Leif, for being broken as all hell and retroactively(Via FE5) being my favorite lord in the franchise. FE5 - C'mon. You should know this. He's a very fun unit to build up, and hard partying bards are always fun to have around. FE6 - Miledy. One of the best units in the game and a solid character. FE7 - Canas, for being a cool dude with some great supports and a unit that can use Luna. FE8 - Don't really have one. Can't think of a standout unit that I really like. They're all just alright to me, except for Lute, who's garbage. I guess I'll be unoriginal and say Joshua, who I do probably like more than everyone else. I think I might have said Lute was my favorite ironically once, and the idea of it haunts me. FE9 - Another tough one, though it's mostly because I like everyone(Except Ilyana and Makarov). I'll go a different route and say Keiran, who is a fun archetype that I got a kick out of. Him being the logical extreme of the Red Cavalier, I can't help but get a little into it when he gets super passionate. FE10 - Compared to 9, I'll actually say Zihark here. Of the original FE9 characters, he's the one who I tended to enjoy seeing more than the others, and his existence is a good excuse to never touch Edward. Jill's up there, too. Basically, the members of Ike's crew who make the DB chapters more bearable(Except Ilyana). FE13 - Henry. Mostly in hindsight, seeing how wrong Henry could have gone. A character obsessed with blood, death, and loves cracking morbid jokes shouldn't be as fun as Henry is, especially in a franchise like Fire Emblem. But him actually having something of a moral backbone helped a lot... In contrast to you know who from the next game. FE14 - I guess maybe Beruka. I like the idea behind the character, and despite her butchered support with Saizo, she's still one of the better executed characters in the game. Basically, it seems that I like dudes with obscure magics and chicks on flying dragons.
  12. nothing personnel, kids
  13. I do agree that it's still far from perfect in Fates, which is why I think the system is out of place as a whole. BUT, I vastly prefer how Fates does it vs. Awakening. Whereas it's completely lopsided in Awakening, it's only kind of lopsided in Fates. You can get away with using OS on your phase, but it is generally better for DS. And the game using DS to make bosses harder gets a bit tiresome, but it's mostly just so you don't use OS and just ORKO every boss(Though that still happens plenty). I'd prefer if it was just gone in future games, though. There are spikes that aren't just the first chapter of each "arc", though. The Mila Tree with Cervantes, I recall, being the bigger jump than the first chapter in Valm. And after the Mila Tree, it more or less stays constant. It's true that it requires a lot of leveling, but I was more going for the extreme with Galeforce+Armsthrift on a Sorcerer, though that can be done fairly easily on a good chunk of the children, which is the only place you'll see that combo outside of the Avatar. Really the main problem that I probably should have clarified a bit more is that EVERY skill is treated equally, even when they're clearly not. The PoR/RD way of handling it made it so you couldn't just stack 4/5 overpowered skills on a character. There was usually a compromise. You could get maybe 2 or 3 more general purpose proc abilities on a character, or you could get one powerful proc or passive on a character. Right, not saying every pre-Awakening support was a winner. But I'd say Ilyana's supports are a lot more along the lines of the Awakening/Fates style of supports than the other support convos of the era. They don't really reveal anything significant about either character in the support that we didn't already know, and we learn nothing about Tellius from her supports.
  14. Right, forgot they got that C-A supports.
  15. Gregor's one of the handful that I like out of Awakening's cast. Henry and Cherche are pretty solid, too. As weird as it is to profess your love on the battlefield, it did give for some more active supports that actually involved people being on the battlefield. It also gave an excuse for two characters who didn't seem like they'd ever talk to start conversing with one another.