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  1. I never played this game before

    It does, one of the reasons I don't think it aged super well. They were using outdated midi throughout pretty much all of FF7. It wasn't until FF8 were they started implementing proper synthesizers and real instruments(Though there was still some midi). But yeah, old midi being pushed out of a PS1 was bad for the time, but better sound systems and new types of AV outputs nowadays has made it even worse. Midi horns in FF7 sound like farts a lot of the times now.
  2. Priam was hanging out in the Outrealm. It's likely that Ike's disappearance at the end of RD, is being implied as him literally leaving the world of Tellius in Awakening. Weapons and Chrom knowing names doesn't fill the massive holes that would need to be filled to explain that Tellius happens in the same world as Archanea. You'd think there'd be some mention of Ashera/Yune/Ashunera, literal Gods that people know about at the end of FE10, in ANY of the FEs between 1 and 5, and Awakening. Instead, Naga and the dragons are treated as Gods.
  3. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    The arena in FE5 is a bit less forgiving than the arena in other games. Honestly, the game tosses so much fodder at you, and the game has a pretty generous EXP curve, even in normal mode. Aside from accidentally leveling a character without scrolls, there's no real reason to arena abuse in FE5. You'll likely get more than enough EXP to level damn near two armies worth of units, which the game encourages.
  4. Awakening kind of closed a lot of doors that would make it likely that there's a single FE timeline by explaining that Outrealm and Dragon Gates can be used to travel to other worlds. There'd be no need to introduce these things, and then imply multiple times that Elibe/Magvel/Tellius are in different worlds if they weren't suggesting that these are separate worlds from the "Main" Archanea/Valentia/Jugdral one. Plus, yeah. Just look at the dragons in each world if you want to see how difficult it would be to connect all these worlds.
  5. I never played this game before

    The FF7 boss theme is pretty blood-pumpy, but nothing makes me lose my mind like 8's boss theme. Both FF7 and 8's themes start at an intensity of like, 11/10, which isn't how boss themes in the rest of the series are.
  6. Dumb College Classes You've Taken

    Team Sports, which I got a speaking-intensive credit for. It was a student-taught class where the students basically set-up the curriculum, and we were in charge of getting into groups and teaching the rest of the students how to play specific sports. It was mostly a class where we just showed up and played games. Survey of Western Music, where we just listened to a bunch of music and occasionally took a quiz. I finished the final in roughly 10 minutes. At my last semester at a community college before I transferred to a proper university and took the above classes, I took Strength Training, which was just an excuse to get credits to work out.
  7. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Counterpoint: The west is probably more familiar with Reinhardt than they are Roy right now *coughcough*.
  8. I never played this game before

    You'll probably enjoy 7, then. Have fun.
  9. Yeah, I'd say Awakening, when you could get Armsthrift, 50 luck and turn everyone into Sorcerers with Aversa's Night... That's pretty much what my last(And I mean LAST, I don't intend to touch Awakening again after that run) turned into.
  10. I never played this game before

    I really like it, one of my favorite FFs, but IMO, it's probably the most poorly aged Final Fantasy due to a number of factors. Namely it being an early PS1 game, and the developers at Square not really knowing how to use the tech, which they didn't really figure out until FF8. But it's a fine JRPG. And despite its legacy and ubiquitous...ness, it doesn't feel generic or familiar in the slightest if you've never played it. If you don't have a problem getting into older JRPGs and the graphics don't immediately melt your eyes, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  11. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    It could be clearer, but yes, the game does tell you to make Leif escape first or else everyone will get captured. Of course, there's a good chance that people aren't even playing with an English script because of how disjointed the FE5 translations are.
  12. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    A lot of this. I'd add on to a few of these: - It didn't just introduce Defend missions, it introduced Escape, and pretty much every objective type that isn't "Rout", "Kill boss" or "Seize". For better or for worse, it also introduced turn limits to completing objectives, if I recall. And, it has done something I don't recall seeing any other time in the franchise: It combined mission types. There's a chapter where, with one party, you have to Defend the Escape point while another party makes it through the map to reach the Escape point. The closest I think I've seen is missions where you have to keep a unit alive(Though they're usually not in your control) and you have to talk to them with a Lord to beat the chapter. Other games also do Defend chapters that end early if you kill the boss, but that's optional and not always enforced. Long story short, it did a lot to introduce new, unique scenarios to the franchise which had previously been "Kill everything in your way". A lot of what makes the game "hard" is that it really likes to throw curveballs at the player. The difficulty doesn't come from gradual stat-creep or non-stop bumrushes from suicidal enemy units(Though Defend chapters still become this), which I still see as pretty unique outside of Conquest and some maps of Radiant Dawn. - It has a very good balance within the roster. Due to how weak the enemies are on average, and how the game is a bit more objective-based, units that are weak in one or two key areas aren't in nearly as bad of a position as they are in most other games in the franchise. I'd say probably the largest portion of the roster compared to every other FE is usable to some capacity. The closest to a "useless" unit I can think of is Ronan, who is built as a squishy mage-killer that doesn't quite work out so well, and maybe Xavier, due to joining way too late and the stat caps hurting units like Generals in the late-game. Due to the capture mechanic, even the traditionally low-tier Bord-type(Marty) character is useful as a capture unit. At about the point where you start getting underleveled units, the game makes the best case for using a lot of them, as pretty much all of the low-leveled unpromoted units starting with Mareeta are effectively all Ninos/Ests. The way dismounting in the game also stops mounted units from running away with the game like they do in most other FEs. This isn't a flawless mechanic, as they probably get too nerfed with the weapon rank nerf, but a large chunk of them are still totally functional on outdoor maps. - I also think the Crusader scrolls are a fun idea. They're a solid way to take control of your units and fix their most obvious flaws. - Something non-gameplay related, I also think Leif goes through the most compelling journey of any FE protagonist in the franchise in this game. Again, yeah. Game's flawed, and there's a lot I'd fix if I was in charge of a remake, but what it does right I think it does very well. I think it's the FE that most resembles Conquest, which a lot of the more involved FE fanbase seems to rate as having the best gameplay in the franchise.
  13. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    I'd honestly be fine with either Jugdral or Elibe, but I think Jugdral's a bit more starved for attention right now. I think the team had more of a problem introducing an Avatar to Gaiden for SoV than they likely would have if Gaiden had an Avatar already 25 years ago. So I don't think they'd really have a problem remaking a game that already had open-pairings and babies. True, and it wasn't just anyone, I believe it was the director of SoV. But I don't think he gets the final word in what projects he gets put in charge of. It's likely investors and the higher ups at IS that decide what gets made. Plus, I have a major problem with Binding Blade being the next game to be remade: At this point, a decade and a half after the Elibe games, it makes no sense to remake Binding Blade before Blazing Blade. It may be how they were released chronologically, but Binding Blade was only made first because they got the idea to explore Eliwood's and Hector's friendship near the end of Binding's development. I think, especially now with a bigger audience who likely aren't even familiar with the events of Blazing, exploring the events and characters who influence Binding Blade BEFORE the events of Binding Blade is a much more appealing prospect than seeing Blazing be a prequel again.
  14. General US Politics

    They're not loans that are being taxed, but they're help for costs. The waivers are essentially the school paying you as a TA or assist on campus in some other way(I think one of my old lab partners is getting waivers to be a lab assistant at the University of Colorado). These waivers are essentially being taxed as income, and it's something a LOT of grad students do to pay for grad school, meaning they'll essentially have to pay what's being taxed out of pocket or through loans. Keep in mind, these waivers pretty much only count towards tuition. Cost of living and everything else? Still on you, on top of these dozens of thousands of dollars you now have to pay for school for the next 2-7 years. You're now basically forced to work two jobs, go to school, and still probably end up 100k in debt at the end of it all while also burdened with a higher income tax. If I am understanding correctly. It's not like I'm suggesting that they're taxing loans, but they're taxing a resource that keeps many students in grad school, and they're taxing it HEAVILY.