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  1. General JRPG Topic

    This is why I always stop through NG+ in a lot of games, Persona 4 being one of them. Part of the fun of games to me is the challenge. It's why when I got the hankering to play Persona 5 again a few months ago, I opted to start a new game completely rather than use my old save file and start NG+.
  2. I had a similar epiphany a few years ago. I miss my family, but it was worth the money to have a few less people who enjoyed A Million Ways to Die In the West out there.
  3. Your Spending Habits With Games?

    I generally buy at release for games I'm interested, and looks for deals(Amazon's 20% off New releases for physical games, Green Man Gaming for PC, stuff like that). For everything else, I'm comfortable waiting for a good deal. I'm a huge FF fan, and the PC version of XV is 60% off right now, and I am still sitting here like "Man, am I going to like this enough to justify $25?". Meanwhile I see Dragon Quest XI on GMG for $47 and I'm like "Pssssh. Steal.", and whip out my credit card so fast it rips my wallet in half and sets my pants on fire... and then I have to go out any buy a new wallet and new pants, and it adds up to like an extra $100, and I am still fine with it.
  4. Koko the gorilla has passed away

    Are parrots capable of comprehending what they say when they use human language, though? Koko knew what she was saying when she used sign language, and used it to convey thoughts and emotions.
  5. This guy looks like a vampire(Not to invoke those early rumors). He's way different from how we see Claude, and the only thing I can see connecting the two is "They both use bows". And with that, I ask "How many FEs don't toss like, 2-3 bow users at you within the first 5 chapters of the game?"
  6. Koko the gorilla has passed away

    I remember learning back in middle school about her using sign language to communicate with humans, and it blew my mind. "Holy shit, a non-human animal using human language to communicate with humans, that's crazy."
  7. Unlikely. We see an unnamed Archer ally at about 0:56 in the trailer, alongside Edelgard and Byleth, and he has an army. Unless there's a hidden 5th main character, it seems that everyone(Or just about) will have a squad.
  8. Miranda's not the one with the personal promotion, Asbel is. Mage->Mageknight(Well, female Mages become Magefighters in 4, but they don't exist in 5 and they're just a worse version of Mageknight in 4) is the standard promotion route in the Jugdral games, while Bards become Sages. It's just that you get 2 Mages in FE5, and more people are familiar with Mages becoming Sages, which isn't how it works in Jugdral. Miranda's not made any better or worse by her promotion. Asbel, meanwhile, is made better by having a personal promotion.
  9. Planning on FFXV. An FF megafan who has never bothered with FFXV. Maybe FFXII: TZA again. Probably the XCOM2 DLC.
  10. Go in to Nioh thinking "This is Ninja Gaiden inspired by Dark Souls" rather than the other way around. It's absolutely a great game, and the best Souls-like to come out, but it has its own things going on.
  11. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    How often is Lyn actually on the front lines with Florina? Florida's good for ferrying and hit and runs, which typically don't put her in range of anybody but your frontline fighters, which I'd argue Lyn is not a part of. Lyn's best somewhere near the middle or the back, picking off low HP units and axers(Which Florina definitely wants to avoid). The cases where I'd actually want Florina and Lyn together is strictly when there are a handful of sword units around. I'm not discounting her supports. She has good supports. The problem comes from her supports potentially being used way differently from Lyn, which leaves her in awkward positions for most chapters that aren't defense chapters where she acts as a passive buff for them, and usually not the other way around. She has possibilities, but using them in an argument between her and another mediocre unit is not the best look for her. And I'm not discounting the Energy Ring. I mentioned the possibility of using the LHM stat boosters on her, but disregarded that because I personally don't see myself ever doing that, and I don't see anyone doing "optimal play" doing that(They also probably wouldn't use Guy in this case, honestly). Lyn takes a LOT of work to get significant payoff versus Kent, Sain and Florina, and Kent and Florina would get more use out of the LHM Energy Ring. Sure. If you give every stat booster in LHM to Lyn and get her to level 9, she'll be slightly better than base HHM Guy. That's really not an argument I care about anymore at this point.
  12. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    The argument was both of them without the Mani Katti or the Killing Edge, though. I'd assume without supports, too, but even with them, Lyn is matching BASE level HM Guy at recruitment with a whole support level and 6 levels on him. If we're assuming the whole game, then even at 20/1, Lyn has yet to catch up. She won't catch up to Guy in strength until 20/17, and in the end(Without supports), they'll both average 21 Str, but Guy will have 10 HP over her, and outside of that, they'll be statistically identical, with Guy getting a passive +15% Crit boost. She can get attack boosts from Florina, but you're really not using Florina to her maximum potential if you keep her tethered to Lyn so Lyn can get her support boost. And, well, it's not like the context of this thread really matters anymore due to how hard this has been derailed, but the 3 units in question that are being assumed that you're focusing on are Florina, Sain and Kent. Lyn getting to 9 isn't going to happen in that case.
  13. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    ? Assuming Lyn gets to level 7 at the end of LHM, which I'd say is pretty typical, her average stats(Without giving her the boosters) are all worse than Guy's hard mode base stats, aside from Luck and maybe 2 points of Res. If you actually use Guy and get him 2-3 levels prior to Lyn's re-recruitment, which isn't out of the question, as 13x is a very axe heavy chapter, and 13, 14 and 15 are easy enough for him to pick units off in, it's really not a contest if Lyn doesn't have her Mani Katti. But again, even without that, a level 3 HM Guy will be better across the board than a level 7 Lyn, and she likely won't match him until level 10 with her strength. She has better support options, but much of those outside of increasing her dodge-tankyness go towards bridging the gap between her and Guy, since she'll be wanting more attack, which Guy has naturally, or more crit, which Guy eventually gets.
  14. I do think 3 is better than 2, but I always liked 2, which probably helped me deal with 3 a bit more. My confusion was aimed more at the fandom than at Dark Souls 2 or 3. I never had to eat my words like a lot of people did.