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  1. Because the intent clearly isn't for people to set up dummy battles so people can get free max leveled Corrins, late game items and weapons, and ideal skill setups for every single character in the game with 0 risk and no effort beyond time invested immediately after the feature is unlocked. The intent was to have players work towards this, but there were so many gameplay exploits(Like simply not giving your My Castle team proper equipment among many things) that just made what IS was trying easy to bypass. And that's not even going over how fundamentally at odds the online component/My Castle in general is with every single other part of the game. I strongly assume that if you were to ask most players that put much time into My Castle, most would say the online part of it is a broken mess, even without factoring the rampancy of hacking. The few good things I've seen about it were people simply saying that the feature was there and that IS was trying... which aren't the greatest endorsements of the feature. It's the equivalent of a participation trophy. Most of the time when I see the feature brought up, it's mostly complaints about it being a boring, broken timesink.
  2. So you're saying the very exploitable online My Castle features aren't "controversial"?
  3. You sure do like to tell people who don't like controversial stuff in Fates to ignore all of it.
  4. I'm not even referring to that. Even without hacks, things like an army of broken Corrins is still possible. Getting items from a MyCastle that's much later in the game is still possible. You can still cheese for non-hacked skills.
  5. My Castle flatout breaks the game. They can't leave it the way it is. Even if it is just online nerfs, it needs to be changed. I also feels like there's a huge identity crisis with My Castle and the rest of Fates. Things like splitting routes, kids, and restrictions on reclassing emphasizes replaying. My Castle, by far the biggest investment in the game, emphasizes you playing the same file and refining your castle forever.
  6. Splitting Magic

    If they diversify the tomes a bit more, the Tellius/Jugdral way would by my preferred. Fire hitting hard consistently, wind being light but noticeably weak, and thunder being the middleground having high accuracy and crit is something that they've done, but it's never been noticeable enough. It's almost always boiled down to "Oh, wind is so much lighter and not much weaker, why would I choose anything else?" with Thunder and Fire getting the shaft. So some balanced diversifying, with Light and Dark being rare, strong and having unique properties of their own, would be my preferred way of doing it. Tellius was moving in the right direction by giving Thunder effectiveness against Dragons, Wind effectiveness against Peggies, and Fire effectiveness against Beasts, so every magic had a use, but they fucked up the mage class balance so hard in FE10. Alternatively, the Anima/Light/Dark simplification was fine with me. As much as I liked my Lightning/Fire/Wind mages, I agree that the clutter without any real balance made that style a bit more clunky than it should be. The GBA style did a much better job at making each magic feel unique and each mage class feel special, though Dark Magic was still too heavy in general. So if they just want to go back to a style that works and not try to fuck around with the Jugdral/Tellius approach and make it better, then the GBA way is fine. I can't say I like the Fateswakening style. At all. Cramming every magic into a single rank is the polar opposite of what I want. Aside from Nosferatu and Aversa's Night, which only become remarkable for how stupidly broken they were in Awakening, none of the magic in these games felt special or unique. I couldn't even remember 3 magic tomes that weren't those fucking bizarre animal spirits from Fates. Like, I'm sure Fire and Thunder were there, because they're always there, but beyond that? Ehhhh? And I have no idea what made magical classes unique in these games. They all did the same thing, except Sorcerers could use the broken magics and Dark Knights had horses.
  7. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Homer's really pretty easy to train. He can get to promotion within a chapter or so of recruitment, and even at 10/20 he keeps pace with Ced statistically, though obviously he loses his main edge over him in this scenario. His usability is pretty comparable to Mareeta, who joins 3 chapters earlier but at a lower level without Elite. He starts off competently offensive, and his growths+Elite cause a pretty crazy snowball effect. Depending on how you pick your targets, it's not even that unfeasible to get him to 20 on just his Lightning Tome and half of a Fire Tome. Once he gets Wind, it's a pretty quick path to 20 for him. Sara gets the shorter end of the stick since she's not as offensively capable right out of the game, but she's got crazy staff utility. And with Elite, she should be your main staffer for everything except Warp for a good while. By the time she hits A, there's really not much of a reason to not have her do something on every turn after her recruitment. Luna+A Master weapon with Galzus is bonkers, but it's still not that much different than a Wrath crit in the late game. And now the more I think about it and breaking it down like this, the more Saias might be more worthwhile than Ced to some degree. Really depends on if you've trained up Asvel/Linoan/Homer/Sara or multiple of those(And you really should, as they're all really good). If you have, another one that mostly just hits harder isn't as appealing as somebody who gives an extra +6% to hit/evade to everyone on the field. Anyway, my point with this wasn't to go "Pfft, the Gotohs of this game suck, look at these basic-ass units showing them what's up", it was more to go "The Gotohs of this game aren't that much more broken than a handful of similar units you could train up in their place."
  8. Unfortunately, welcome to PC gaming. Developers don't like to compress their shit like they do for physical releases, and it can end up taking up a bunch of space. You get higher quality content, but chances are you won't notice it too much, since it's generally raw audio and hi-rez textures(Not more detailed, just higher resolution). This is why CS can go from 3ish GB on the Vita to nearly 6 times that on PC, though there is some actually new content and numerous improvements on the PC version from what I understand. BUT, it still shouldn't be any bigger than a PS3/360-era game, and those were compressed to fit on about 10GB discs. Something like a Call of Duty game can take up 50 gigs on PC in cases like this when devs are especially lazy.
  9. Try this: It might seem a little sketch, but it's legit. And you'll need the 17 gigs, unfortunately.
  10. Thracia 776 Support Branch

    Leif is basically a bicycle wheel.
  11. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    I think there's a certain comedy that there's a conspiracy theory around the US's #1 conspiracy theory nut. The idea that anybody would believe it makes it funnier. Bill Hicks and Alex Jones being basically the exact opposite of each other makes it even better. "What if Bill Hicks went from far left crazy comic to far right crazy commentator?"
  12. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Without turning this into a political discussion, I have a very strong "live and let live" philosophy towards life. Drug laws generally baffle me because of this, since the punishment for somebody simply getting caught while on drugs is insanely disproportionate to the "crime" committed. Nonviolent crimes are similar, but those don't seem quite as disproportionate with how "justice" is dealt.
  13. I've still been meaning to get around to the 3rd game. Might be a game I commit to this summer.
  14. I played through FC and SC both over a winter break during college a few years ago. The fact that I crammed them both into a month and a half-long period should say how much I liked them. Probably my favorite JRPG cast since Dragon Quest 8. I wasn't the biggest fan of the battle system, since it just made the fights go on forever a lot of the time, but it was solid. Tried to play through Coldsteel shortly after. It didn't grab me in the same ways, unfortunately. It felt like a cross between Persona and Trails in the Sky, only never reaching the highs of either. I got a dozen or so hours in and quit. Haven't really tried to go back to it, but maybe I'll get back to it some day.
  15. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Honestly, I'm not sure FE5 needs "reasons" for 3 Gotohs. Mostly because most Gotohs are insanely overpowered and don't usually play by the rules of the game, while the FE5 Gotohs are limited by the rules of the game, which EVERYONE else is also restricted by. Athos' only weakness is his low HP. But he'll have better stats and S ranks in everything while your other Mages won't even come close to his stats and can only S rank one weapon type. The Laguz kings stay transformed while the rest of your Laguz can't(Except in FE10 where there are a few ways around this), and they'll have stats that absolutely blow the rest out of the water. Galzus, Ced and Saias are more like a "Karel"-type of Gotoh. If you train up Homer, he'll have better stats than Ced, and if you train up Sara, she'll have comparable stats with waaaaaay better skills, and Ced's only remaining selling point becomes Holsety. He has some other things that are better in movement(Vs Homer. Sara's got a whopping 5 movement stars) and leadership, but Homer gets 5 PCC and Sara has Wrath, so they'll be hitting crits a bit more often. He'll probably have a better staff rank than both, but he's joins at a time when your already established staffers can keep doing what they've been doing. Galzus has 5 movement stars and "Soft Aether", but Orsin has Wrath, better stats, and the almighty Pugi. Mareeta will have comparable stats, the same skills(Depending on the route you go), being a bit weaker in bld, def and HP, but her personal weapon gives her Nihil and can save you from some shitty situations in the last two chapters. Saias gets the short end of the stick of them all, since his biggest selling point is his inventory, which can just be given to your other staffers, but he still has respectable stats and movement/leadership stars.