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  1. General US Politics

    The WH's sad attempt to blame the democrats really needs to have some repurcussions. It's flat-out propaganda if nobody calls it out. YOU CONTROL ALL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT. MORE DEMOCRATS VOTED FOR THE BILL THAN REPUBLICANS AGAINST IT. YOUR SHITTY MEDDLING WITH THE BILL IS THE REASON THIS IS HAPPENING, YOU ORANGE BOWEL MOVEMENT. THE REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ALREADY REACHED AN AGREEMENT THAT YOU FUCKED WITH FOR NO GOOD REASON. Couldn't even get a month into 2018 without some major political* fuck up by the president. A domestic political fuck up, at least. At least the senate gets a nice paid vacation.
  2. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    To be fair, a lot of anime cliches ding "Bad writing" in my head. Yeah, you could make an anime inspired game and have good writing, I guess the problem is more being derivative. Say what you will about Metal Gear Solid's writing, but it is anime as all hell, and it manages to avoid a lot of traps you see out of "anime" simply because it doesn't feel as derivative with how it takes those elements. Similarly, of the Xeno games(Since I know you're a fan), Gears is my favorite writing-wise, but it's still hella anime. It just feels like it's relying the least on overt cliches(Or at the very least, it felt like it did a better job of carving its own identity), while it felt more like the Saga and the Blade games leaned more on more common anime crutches. Not particularly in a bad way in those cases, it just felt more noticeable, though there were moments from the Saga and Xenoblade 1(Didn't bother with X or 2) that made me go "Goddammit anime". I can only take so much of things like "Dumb excitable protagonist who can't social cues but loves his friends is the chosen one", because it's something I've really never liked and it has been done to death. And the dozen or so other modern anime archetypes that get aped to hell and back also make me roll my eyes. It feels like a lot of writers use those archetypes not because they have anything interesting to do with them, but because it's all they know how to write. Unless you're doing deconstruction or analyzing those kinds of characters like what Hunter x Hunter does, it's really hard for me to like anything with those kinds of anime tropes.
  3. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I'd say it's a bad thing. Some anime is so good it's hard to compare to virtually anything else. Most anime is so bad that I am ashamed ever having to admit that I actually manage to occasionally enjoy anime. So the more FE is like anime, the lower the bar is. I'd take a million generic FEs over what we get out of the post-FFX JRPGs that like to take inspiration from anime.
  4. Fair enough, but it's not really relevant to this discussion. Naga was still against interfering past making blood pacts, which still is pretty hands-off for dragons. The ONLY other dragons said to even remotely come close to Divine Dragons are Earth Dragons. If two Divine Dragons(One going through degeneration) are altering the environment of a whole continent by simply existing there, it should stand to reason that a full-blown Earth Dragon trying to actively exert his influence would do something similar, no? Yet we don't see that with the hundreds of years that Galle and the Lopto blood flourished that anything like this ever happened. No mention of "Oh yeah, crops got kinda shitty" or anything. Julius has nigh-invulnerability, but he can't fly, he can't span a whole continent in like, a day(Well, he can, but through Warp Staves, not through any dragon involved means), and if he's not ACTIVELY using the Book of Loptyr, he's not really any different from any other Holy Blood descendant. All of these things would be passive to a normal Loptyr. He'd be a high-flying, death breathing catastrophe, like we saw of Grima when his full body came out, as opposed to an insanely strong teenager who has to wait for his problems to come to him and can't do much without his book. I mean, I guess if Kaga said it I'll have to accept it, but it seems... off with the presentation of FE4 and 5 and how they treat the holy blood children. They're treated as big deals, but not some religion-inspiring figures like dragons in Archanea are. The cult of Lopto don't worship Galle and his descendants, they worship the dragon itself. There has to be SOME reason that the dragons were given orders to not act in Jugdral beyond giving their blood. If humans with dragon blood are just as powerful as dragons(And in somebody like Reinhardt's case, somebody without dragon blood being just as strong as those with dragon blood, and thus being just as strong as a dragon), then why would Naga worry that dragons fighting in Jugdral would cause the same problems that plagued Archanea? It seems like these questions would be answered pretty quickly if it boiled down to the humans with dragon blood having a fraction of the power that actual dragons have. Also yeah, I overlooked that detail. I also remembered Medeus had the same ability and that it's an Earth Dragon specialty, but figured it was too late in the argument for it to matter.
  5. Yeah, they hang in Archanea when they're in the human side of things, but to suggest that they couldn't just pop on down to Jugdral is silly. They actually do this to make the blood pacts, then leave the humans to sort shit out for themselves. If I recall, Holsety flat out says he would have helped the humans and could have dealt with the situation, but Naga specifically told him not to interfere, because they didn't want the continent to get torn apart in another dragon war and get ravaged like Archanea. Seliph's final words on Holsety/Lewyn confirm this. We know that the dragons can go to Jugdral if they want. Loptyr out in plain sight would have stopped the situation from being 90% a human problem, and would have turned into a full blown dragon problem. So the dragons didn't hang around to the clean up, but they showed up to gave the human janitors the tools to do it. You keep pointing out that Loptyr is using a human without seemingly acknowledging what this means. Humans are nowhere near what dragons are physically. Divine and Earth dragons are essentially that world's version of gods and demons, with the other dragons being lesser gods. A human channeling a dragon's powers is going to be nothing compared to a full-blown dragon using dragon powers. Case-in-point: Every other holy blood and holy weapon wielder. They're miles above normal humans, but they're nothing compared to what we know of proper dragons(Duma and Mila being able to just passively influence the environments around them, for example). They're probably stronger than manaketes as well, but manaketes took a massive blow to their power in order to live stable existences. Any time a full-blown dragon shows up proper in the Archanea world, it's generally a huge "Holy shit!" moment, whereas the reaction to Julius and holy weapon wielders is more "Wow, don't mess with those guys". Julius is still a human, even when he's completely controlled by Loptyr. He's still limited in many ways as a human that Loptyr as a dragon wasn't. And yes, I know what Grima is and why he got to avoid degredation. The last bit is a hamfisted metaphor on what Loptyr was compared to his old self. Loptyr through Julius is a body builder going through cancer treatment. He lives on, but his power isn't what it was, and it will likely never, ever be what it was. I guess the simple way of putting it would be "Just because he was able to live on doesn't mean he is just as strong as he was before", which is the point I've been trying to get at here.
  6. Okay, but ask yourself: Would Loptyr have bound himself to humans(A race he was trying to subjugate and exterminate) if it wasn't necessary to effectively "stay in" the war against the dragons while still flexing his powers? Earth Dragons were physically and mentally degenerating and losing the war. If Loptyr could have maintained full power in his physical form, I guarantee he would have done that as opposed to making a pact with Galle, which should say a lot. Loptyr wasn't a dumb dragon, he knew what was best to stay in the fight, even if that thing meant limiting his own abilities. Making a pact with Galle allowed him to last longer, but a full-fledged Loptyr raging about probably would have been similar to Grima's rampage in the Awakening's future. Both at their height are nigh invulnerable to anything not related to Naga(Hell, Grima's personal skill is the exact same passive ability granted to people using the Book of Lopto). Differences being: Grima had the opportunity to take out Naga, and he took it. Loptyr was at risk of physically and mentally degrading, Grima wasn't, Grima just needed long naps. A body builder with cancer who goes through chemotherapy will probably live longer than not, but I guarantee it doesn't make the body builder physically stronger than they were before.
  7. Julius needs the book and to actively use it to use Loptyr's power. Julius also has a human body, and does not have many of the benefits(Like flight) that a full blown dragon would have. Loptyr in the flesh would have been a much bigger threat. Still would have gotten slapped around by Naga, but it would have been much crazier than Julius.
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    Ashunera is the balance of order and chaos. Functionally not much different than Yune and Ashera apart, just now a single, united entity. So I'd imagine Ashera's power of order still held once she became part of Ashunera. And... look. There's no way around it. Anankos is poorly written. His powers make no sense. He can manipulate space and time at some points, but he struggles to do a lot of things we see weaker villains do in previous games. Ashera was able to effectively wipe out humanity aside from a handful of powerful individuals in an instant, which isn't warping space and time, but as a demonstration of power, is way more than Anankos does.
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    No, because once Ashera is defeated, Ashunera is reborn, who consists of both Ashera and Yune. Ashera still technically exists, certainly in more of a capacity than she did when she was sealed/secluded, and Ragnell was never damaged when Ashera was gone in the first place.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    The Outrealms and Dragon Gates throw everything out of whack. First off, Chrom is DLC in Fates, so you really can't take anything he says at face value. The Owain, Severa and Inigo trio confirm it's a different world, and the supports of the reincarnated kids from Awakening suggest that Fates takes place AFTER Awakening. "I feel like we've met in a past life" and all that. Second, Priam hangs around in the Outrealms. Chrom knowing about Ike doesn't mean anything when people start hopping through dimensions. It very likely could mean that Awakening took the "Ike disappeared" ending of RD and extrapolated it to "Ike literally went to another world", that world being Archanea, where he became as big of a folk hero as Marth. The lore of Tellius doesn't fit in well with the world of Archanea. Dragons are entirely different entities. The Ragnell is also cracked and in bad shape, likely meaning that Ashera's power doesn't protect it anymore. This would have to mean it's somewhere Ashera's power doesn't reach, and since Ashera's probably the most powerful being we've seen in the franchise... It'd be unlikely that her power would wane anywhere in the world of Tellius. The only ones we actually know for sure are connected to Awakening are the first 5 games in the franchise. And Jugdral barely has anything to do with the Archanea stuff since it takes place on a far away continent, and not a stone's throw across the ocean like Valentia/Valm.
  11. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

    "Saving on creativity" is a very, very, very nice way to put it. Outright lazy and nonsensical would be a better way to put it. There are a billion sayings about being too ambitious, and a lot of them would apply here. The moment they realized they didn't have enough characters to make two games worth of content, they should have adjusted their goals to meet them. It's a sign of desperation when you're so eager to meet your initial goals that, instead of reevaluating your goals, you cut corners and cheat to get there. And desperation is never a good look. The Awakening characters in Fates simply make no sense. Even if you want to ignore the implications in Rhajat's dialogue that Corrin is ALSO the reincarnation of an Awakening character(Robin), there's really no reason for these characters to be there. They're simply there because IS bit off way more than it could chew with Fates, and in order to cover their asses they needed to be blatantly lazy and pandery, which is not what anybody should want out of the franchise. Even doing the "Woah, we went back and forward too many times, how did we get here?!" route instead of using Anankos as a plot device, it still would reek of desperation.
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    Counterpoint: Fates at least goes into its lore a little bit. It's lazy, and it feels like things like legendary weapons are given out like candy at random, but at least we know how and why they exist. We don't even know about half of the shit that's supposed to be important to Magvel's world. We don't know shit about the titular Sacred Stones beyond them being able to "seal evil", and 3/5 of the "heroes of yore" who built the damn continent aren't even given names. Fates also has at least two distinct major cultures in its world. Everything in Magvel feels very same-y, barring the desert samurai.
  13. Chances Brady's jacked up hand causes problems for the Pats? The Pats seem kind of hush-hush about the whole ordeal, which is causing me to raise my eyebrows a bit.
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    "On the distant horizon" could imply a different continent in the Archanea world, like Jugdral or Valentia. Which I'd be all for. It's the most fleshed out world in the FEverse. The only thing I'd like as much would be another game set in the Tellius world. Either way, it'd be nice to get more out of these worlds, where the rules and lore are already pretty set in stone. After Fates, I don't trust IS to build a new world. The other FE that has just one entry in its world, Magvel, might actually be worse than Fates in terms of building its world.
  15. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

    That's what I'd think. Camus didn't want to show his face in Archanea ever again, took a boat, and ended up on the nearest landmass. Which would be Valentia.