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  1. You didn't just say you didn't like it, you said it was unnecessary. Which could be inferred as being "bad".
  2. No. Christ no. He's a stupid blue hedgehog that eats chili dogs and runs fast. Shadow the Hedgehog is "Edgy Sonic", and he's one of the dumbest things to come out of video games. Ever. Stick to goofy shit. Don't try to make Sonic something it isn't. They've tried that before, and it ended up with Sonic nearly boning a human. SatAM wasn't bad, but that was before the franchise had so much baggage.
  3. Holy shit, how did I never put together that Thracia was liberated and united in 776? It's like Fire Emblem's America. Right down to the flying dragons and child murder cults.
  4. The only ones I bother with are FE amiibos.
  5. The only way to do it now without it seeming shoehorned is to do it how FE4 did it. Time travel worked once, and only once. So unless there's an actual progression in time in the game to justify children, I don't think they'll fly. They could do something weird and left field like the Derprealms, but that really hurt Fates' presentation, characters AND story.
  6. If/when they remake Blazing Sword, they should at least let you pick hard mode from the start.
  7. Fight Club for newbies vs. vets. Settle it once and for all. If you want some good topics, there's probably a lot you could do, looking around here. Like "Next remake?" "Hopes/Expectations for FE: Switch?" "Future FE crossovers/spin-offs ala Tokyo Mirage Sessions/Warriors?"
  8. Because "A noose" is 6 letters, and "I don't even know how" is 16.
  9. If I could possibly know of a way to fix my least favorite character, Gaius, I would have. I could have said "Remove the candy puns", but that's really ALL he has to his character. There's no way to fix that without removing him as a character or just making up a new personality entirely to replace his. As a unit, he's fine. Like every other character in Awakening, there's really no way for him to have awful stats. But yeah, the only way to fix him would be to remove the candy puns, which would more or less be the same as removing him from the game entirely. So for a more extreme way of expressing that, Gaius is unique among my "least favorites". Units like Tharja, Takumi and Xander at least have something worthwhile to discuss about their actions and personalities. Hell, even Vaike, I could say "Go more into why he's such an egotistical shithead", and with a competent writer, something decent could come out of it. But Gaius, expanding on his character would be "Explain why he likes candy", which is one of the dumbest things I've typed out in at least a week. That's not a thing worth expanding on for a serious character. That's a thing worth expanding on for an Aqua Teen Hunger Force character.
  10. You could dual wield Thunder AND Wind, and you'd be matching what Fire wielder have to put up with. But yes, wind is super OP. Genealogy devs were smokin' something when they decided to make swords and wind flat out better than the other weapon types.
  11. The more I think about it, and the more I think about "unorthodox" characters, the more I want the game to do well. Which brings me back around to wanting to buy this. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine Marty going toe-to-toe with Barthe. I mean, there's 0 chance of that, even if they pick super obscure, but trying to imagine those two extreme units and how a fight between them would go down would be so dumb.
  12. Marque There. My friend Jacques(He goes by Jake because people kept calling him "Jackie") taught me that if you want a name to look deceptively feminine, just make it look French.
  13. Favorite - Canas: More con More speed No death by random blizzard Perhaps have his wife be playable Remove the Vaida support Give him more to talk about him in his supports. Pent and Canas fanboying over each other, and Canas and Bartre helping each other by using their interests is fun, but it'd be nice if Canas had like, one more area of interest. Least favorite - Gaius: A noose
  14. As far as opening cinematics go, I think FFVIII's is the best/most memorable. That whole CG scene is burnt into my brain, with that music. For best intro gameplay, if you consider everything up until the opening of MGS3, then that. Otherwise, MGSV's hospital opening works, too. As for WORST memorable opening cinematic? I'll flip it and put FFX's opening on there, purely because I think Otherworld is possibly the worst song in the FF franchise(Barring... well, you know the one. From the XIII games. Chocobos.). The whole sequence is pretty and all, but the song sounds like a mostly deaf person heard muffled sludge metal, and decided to emulate it. This one might not qualify, since there is a small stretch of gameplay where you control Tidus before the cutscene kicks off proper, but I'm putting it there, dammit. Worst opening gameplay segment is RE6. Though it might secretly be a good opening, since it does properly give you an idea of how bad the game you're about to play is. But taken on its own, that opening sequence, where you're slowly walking around as Leon, going through interactive cutscenes at the slowest pace, followed by that awful highway scene... it's bad. Real bad. I'd rather play as Roxas for 3 hours.
  15. Robin and Awakening's story didn't stop it from being the best selling FE of all time up until that point. IS still had problems with it and tried to fix the problems, and arguably broke it more. If they still see the flaws in Fates that they first saw in Awakening, and still want to fix them, I can see them making the shift towards Avatars being more of support characters rather than the leading characters.