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  1. How is Frederick a Jeigan, and not an Oifey? He has meh bases, but good growths, and the existence of Second Seals makes him able to level up infinitely to fit his better growths. Plus, Jeigans are crutches for EARLY game stuff, like, first few chapters early. Once units start getting around level 10 unpromoted, they start matching or beating typical Jeigans, due to the lack of payoff in leveling up a typical Jeigan. Frederick isn't going to be matched until promotion, given that his EXP curve is pretty generous, and he has growths about on par with Chrom. Even if you don't Second Seal him until later in the game, he'll still be a solid unit the kids start showing up. He'll stay ahead of most of your party until they start promoting themselves, which is more characteristic of Oifeys. You basically have to deliberately bench him to get him to fall behind. And yeah, I think it's worth recognizing that there's a big difference between Oifeys and Jeigans, separating them as their own archetypes. The intent(As Jotari mentioned) is much different. Jeigans are supposed to get you through the early game chapters, and aren't really meant to be used past the mid-point. They have bad bases You basically have to bungle things up pretty bad, or deliberately handicap yourself to use them at end-game. Oifeys, meanwhile, are meant to be viable units MUCH longer, well past just the early game. Bringing them to the end game is still fairly situational, but much less situational than a Jeigan, and they can still pull some weight in those final chapters. On top of this, Jeigans are typically old veterans, either middle-aged or well past that(Jeigan, Dagdar/Eyvale, Marcus... FE3 Arran arguably breaks that mold), while Oifeys are more in their prime of mid-late 20s/early 30s(Don't let the moustache fool you, Oifey himself is only about 32 in gen 2), so not only is there just a statistical division, there's also a role/age discrepancy.
  2. Donkey Kong is not at Microsoft. Retro has made two games for the main series. Donkey King Country Returns, which was on the Wii and 3DS, and Tropical Freeze, which was on the Wii U. Plus, DK's been in everything. Microsoft got everything that Rare created when they got Rare, but Donkey Kong predates Rare, and wasn't part of the acquisition(They did get the Kremlings, though, so the only really identifiable baddies in Donkey Kong can't be used).
  3. Titania and Seth fall under "Oifey" territory. We haven't really seen a Jeigan since, well... Jeigan in FE11(Arran for FE12), and we haven't seen a NEW game with a Jeigan since Marcus in FE7. Jeigans have already been gone for a long time.
  4. Kliff, being innately more magically blessed, makes a good mage. While we have yet to see Faye's growths or stats, Pegasi were ridiculous in Gaiden, so having another always helps. Grey and Atlas have great strength(REALLY great for Atlas), but need help with skill and speed(Though Grey seems to have gotten a considerable buff that actually makes him one of the fastest units. Atlas is still probably going to be slower than Slingblade on a tractor.). Mercenary's bases buff these considerable. Tobin Archer because idgaf about Tobin or Archers. Match made in "bleh"ven.
  5. I mean, of all the things I'd praise Persona 4 for, story really isn't one of them. It's incredibly fun to follow the cast and their shenanigans, but the actual story and mystery they're trying to solve overstays its welcome after the second fake out of who the person responsible for the murders is. And that's not even the last fake out. Plus, the stakes are really minor for what the story ends up being. It'd be fine if this was its own self-contained thing, but Persona 4 is an SMT game. And while it may not take place in the same universe where stakes are at a constant high like the mainline series, it DOES take place in the same universe as Persona 3, which basically reminds you that something bad is probably going to happen once you deal with all of the Dark Hours and reach the top of Tartarus(That bad thing being the apocalypse). More personal stories are fine, but Persona 4's last few segments set up this whole premise as super dire and important, which kind of betrays the first... 4/5 of the story(Which itself was falling apart near the end). Persona 4's strengths were its characters, overall design, atmosphere and the high quality of the interactions between characters. As long as those are in tact, and the story is better than the average JRPG, Persona 5 should be fine. and don't get me fuckin started on marie oh my god don't get me started
  6. Nintendo's going to continue supporting the 3DS until the Switch has a really strong userbase. Given that the Switch is selling well, I imagine that this will be the last "big" year for the 3DS as far as reveals are concerned. I think we'll probably see a bunch of Wii U rereleases for the Switch, with maybe a few surprise announcements of new games. I suspect we'll see a new Retro project, whether it be a new DK(Though I could see a Topical Cream rerelease) or a new project entirely.
  7. According to Amazon, I pre-ordered it when I pre-ordered Echoes. Could have sworn I pre-ordered it earlier, but either way. I've been hyped ever since Atlus started teasing in 2012ish. I even bought Catherine just because I wanted to support P5's development in some way. Even though I ended up hating Catherine.
  8. Looks more like a Kuwabara pompadour.
  9. So Python is a blue haired Kuwabara. I can dig it.
  10. I think it roughly translates to "Nintendo wants your money, please buy these plastic toys."
  11. You may be right. I forgot Clive has the same kind of color scheme as Zeke.
  12. The Gold Knight we see at the mid-end point sure looks like Zeke(Blonde hair, bright blue armor), so I'm pretty sure he hasn't been left out. Maybe he won't be as big of a deal, but I'm pretty sure he's still there.
  13. The art/art history classes I took in college made me appreciate water-color styles like this a lot. I like your style.
  14. Giving Celica a sibling(Or any sort of relative) would be a big change to the story, given her role in the grand scheme of things. It's entirely possible, but yeah, it'd be pretty big.