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  1. Rank the Ultimate roster by (canonical) strength

    Fair. ZS Samus and Falcon are definitely fighters, though.
  2. Rank the Ultimate roster by (canonical) strength

    To be fair, Link also got his ass kicked by Bongo Bongo. True enough on the Stalfos, but multiple Stalfos/Lizalfos are also generally treated as a "trial" for Link in at least two dungeons as well. He can do it, but contextually it's considered a challenge. Basically what we see out of Sheik/Zelda is that she's not as strong as Link or Ganondorf, which is to be expected. But she manages on her own when she's not presented with things that would be a challenge for Link. Aside from I think Nabooru(Who goes toe to toe with adult Link) and Link, Sheik is the only person in Future Hyrule shown to be capable of traversing it.
  3. Rank the Ultimate roster by (canonical) strength

    Well, she's specifically OoT Zelda. All we saw of her as an adult outside of her Sheik abilities is her getting captured by Ganon, who is well above even Link on his own. Zelda Zelda in Smash can be anyone from A Link Between Worlds Zelda(Current) and Twilight Princess Zelda(Brawl/4), who, yeah. They don't poses any combat abilities outside of potentially some magic. It got weird in Brawl when it was TP Zelda turning into Sheik, but I'd argue that since Sheik is a OoT only thing, Sheik is OoT Zelda, who is pretty likely to have gotten actual serious combat training from Impa. Compare Sheik to everyone else in Future Hyrule. Almost everyone else is scared shitless of just going outside. Zelda as Sheik doesn't mind going to the most dangerous areas, though she leaves a lot of the heavy lifting to Link. We do see her go up against Bongo Bongo, and she gets handled pretty badly, but it also did the same to Link. Yeah, Samus is supposed to be powerless without the Varia, but I think that's supposed to be relative to her with the Varia, which is very powerful. Losing her suit doesn't remove her Chozo DNA and military training, however, which would easily make her combat trained. Nope, no actual bounty hunter-ing in the games, but it's what he does for an actual living. There is this, though: However, this isn't the Douglas Falcon who we all know as Captain Falcon. But it shows the Falcon Punch is a force to be reckoned with.
  4. Rank the Ultimate roster by (canonical) strength

    Sheik(While not explicitly stated, it's pretty likely that she's been trained by Impa for those 7 years, giving her abilities to get around Ganon-fucked Hyrule and aid Link), ZS Samus(Chozo and military trained, highly athletic bounty hunter even without her Varia Suit) and Captain Falcon(Also a bounty hunter) should be at the very least in the "trained for combat" tier.
  5. i am only doing this because i have too

    Any fan of Canas is a friend of mine, so welcome.
  6. Hoenn Does Not Have Too Much Water! ...kinda

    This is true, but Pokemon hasn't declined severely. The most severe decline in sales was from GS to RS, where the series lost about 7 million in sales(From 23 million that GS sold to 16 million), and actually picked up again for DP, and the series continues to hover around 16 million in sales with each gen. Its prime has likely passed, but it's not so extreme that it'd be that significant. A terrible, unplayable mess like HYP! might have sold just over 1 million as opposed to just under 2 million. Nintendo's not going to be hurting in either scenario, and any publisher would be thrilled to have a game that bad sell that well.
  7. Hoenn Does Not Have Too Much Water! ...kinda

    People know what a turd is. Hey You, Pikachu! sold 2 million copies despite costing way more than your typical N64 game(Which was already expensive), and the N64 in total only selling about 30 million units. Oh, and that game was virtually unplayable and had about 30 minutes of content in it. But it was Pokemon so people bought it. A small handful of misses in a giant bag of hits doesn't disprove that the Pokemon name is nearly synonymous with massive sales.
  8. Hoenn Does Not Have Too Much Water! ...kinda

    Nobody knew what the hell Pokemon Channel even was. I'm still not really sure what it is.
  9. Hoenn Does Not Have Too Much Water! ...kinda

    It's a Pokemon game. You could sell a turd with Pokemon trademarks on it and it'd fly off the shelves.
  10. Hoenn Does Not Have Too Much Water! ...kinda

    Surf being fast doesn't negate the water routes in Hoenn being nearly universally uninteresting and tedious, and the things you have to do in water, being repetitive. This isn't like the Swift Sail in Wind Waker HD, where you actually WANTED to be in the water a lot of the time and fast speeds helped considerably. "Just use these items that make you not encounter Pokemon in a Pokemon game for a large chunk of the game because the Pokemon, like the routes, are also incredibly limited and repetitive" Still doesn't fix the problem. See: 3 I don't remember Diamond and Pearl being as bad, but saying "Oh, it wasn't as bad as the most generic Pokemon game in the series" isn't a glowing defense. The 7.8 is accurate. A modern score for a modern Pokemon game that lines up with the original scores of the original Pokemon game. The complaint of too much water is accurate. Even if a lot of it is optional, it makes it so roughly half of the map is just something nobody wants to set foot... flipper in. A Pokemon game with a map that is half nothing is a poor Pokemon game.
  11. You're getting $10 in Amazon credit with each game purchase. Factoring tax, it's going to be about a $4-5 increase, at least in the states. Actually it looks like it's about a $3 increase for me. Certainly not enough for me to go "RAW RAW I'M GOING TO SHITTY GAMESTOP INSTEAD
  12. Nobody's going to ditch Amazon because of an "effective" $5 increase in games.
  13. It's likely that this is the reason Amazon's removing the 20% discount. GCU was the only semi-legit competitor to Amazon Prime when it came to games. Now that they don't offer 20% off, Amazon doesn't have to, either. Anyway, doesn't impact me too much. I'm a PC gamer, and Greenmangaming still exists, so legit discounts between 20-25% still come my way. If I feel like a scumbag, CDKeys and G2A are there. Mostly just Switch games and the odd PS4 exclusive that interests me that will be a problem now.
  14. Call of Duty. I want to see Eliwood's head get blown off, and Hector has to report that he's FUBAR. For real though, I've been saying this since FEW, and Three Houses makes me feel this even stronger, but we should get a Kingdom Under Fire-style FE game. I doubt anyone gives a shit about that franchise anymore, so I doubt it'd even be a crossover at this point, but a squad-based FE RTS where it becomes a hero focused action game once a battle starts seems like it'd be a solid game. It's kind of how I imagine Fire Emblem actually goes down, anyway.
  15. Yeah, Arvis and Azel were actually cool with each other. Azel thought he was kind of a dick, but Arvis loved Azel.