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  1. Yeah, but that prerequisite isn't crazy hard to hit(Which is why I gave him the tip to train the lords).
  2. Shitting on Validar somehow always results in the best comments around here. I do agree that Gharnef is probably the worst villain of classic FE. There really is just nothing to him. At least with villains like Garron and Validar, there's something intrinsically baffling to their actions and behaviors, and how people react to them, that make them a bit more entertaining. At least more interesting to discuss. Gharnef certainly isn't as bad as those two are on a very basic level, but his absence of... anything just makes him boring to talk about. So depending on your priorities, I could definitely see an argument for Gharnef.
  3. It'd be nice to have another option outside of the same 3 companies we've had these last 16 years, but Atari hasn't even really had a place in the console landscape since before the NES came out. They're also not a mega-huge corporation like Microsoft, the last company to make a dent on the console market, so I do not see anything good coming out of this. So yeah. Unless they have some huge bombshell of an announcement that makes an Atari Box appealing, this will probably be the the last we ever hear from Atari. Making a modern console is expensive. I don't even know how they have the capital for R&D for this kind of thing if they aren't putting everything they have and them some towards it.
  4. Blasphemy. Wil has speed problems, and speed is arguably more important than strength(His main selling point over Rebecca) to a certain degree, given the squishiness of FE7's enemies. Plus, Rebecca's got better support options. However, it doesn't really matter if you're dedicating yourself to one bow user. Rath blows them both out of the water. He's stronger than Wil, only slightly slower than Rebecca, and tankier than both. Plus, he has a horse and gains a close range option at promotion. His supports are sketchier, and he has noticeably worse availability, but neither of these are big enough problems to negate his natural advantages. Or you could just use Geitz, one of the least RNG-screwable units in the game.
  5. SoV gave us a prologue chapter for no real reason, so I don't see why they couldn't do the same for Holy War. It'd certainly help more than the prologue chapter of SoV did, considering how much shit goes down JUST before the start of FE4 that'd help flesh out FE4 and 5 more.
  6. This is also true. I personally don't like using Marcus, just since I find using prepromotes early in the story fairly boring, but Marcus is end-game material in his own right. I remember lending my best friend FE7 back in middle school, and finding Marcus on his team in the last chapter when I got the game back a few months later. Just don't use him exclusively. Your other units will need love, too.
  7. There's a lot I want out of FE4 and 5 remakes for more explanation. Tying the two together more would be nice, since there was a solid 5 years between FE4 and 5 in terms of development. I already like the stories of the games, but I'd want an FE4 remake to cover the Rivough/Isaach conflict a bit more, since that was around the same time(A bit earlier) as gen 1 of FE4, and I always thought the idea of seeing Galzus in gen 1 of FE4 somewhere would be something that'd be a nice addition. I mean, you get the princess of Isaach, the next male heir to the Isaach throne, and another Isaachian royal related to the two during gen 1 of FE4, and FE5 establishes that it was responsible for Galzus and Mareeta, who are both pretty major characters of FE5. You could be right, but again, these things don't get covered thoroughly in the games, so it's a bit hard to determine. It leaves a lot up to interpretation. There's stuff like Reinhardt being considered the second coming of Tordo that would make it very interesting if it was explored more.
  8. Obvious FE5 fanboyism is probably getting to me here, but it's one of the reasons I do wish FE5 would get a remake. Obviously I don't think every character should get tons and tons of dialogue(FE5 has a pretty huge cast as is), but characters core to the story probably should get a lot more. On top of making Raydrik and Veld better villains, Reinhardt getting more screentime would probably be essential to a remake. He probably would, given his popularity in Heroes. It almost seems like Galzus' role as main fucker-up-of-shit mad dog of the antagonists should be given to him in the story, but that'd be hard to do. But yeah, him cozying up to the main antagonist of FE4's(And by extension, FE5) fiancee should get more exploration. Now that I think about it, Reinhardt actually gets off easier than you'd expect. I mean, his sister still kills him, so that's pretty tragic, but how many characters in the history of fiction have a thing for the most evil man in the world's lover and don't get pilloried and flayed in public? Also, more Reinhardt should mean more Kempf. We need more Kempf. Because Kempf is such a smug asshole that getting more of his cowardly shenanigans would be nice.
  9. Yeah, the GBA game that's just called "Fire Emblem" is FE7. It's a pretty straight forward Fire Emblem game, and a solid starting place for a "classic" Fire Emblem. A bit on the easier side, but it'll probably be challenging enough for somebody who's never experienced permadeath-only FE games. Some general tips: - Don't be super liberal with Lyn's Mani Katti, Eliwood's Rapier, or Hector's Wolf Beil. They're the best weapons for these units for a long time, and breaking them early can make things difficult. I'd say leave them as boss killers. - Speaking of Lyn, Eliwood and Hector, make the best use of them you can. You'll want all of them to be reasonably high-level, pretty much max level unpromoted, by chapter 23. Of the 3, you'll probably get the most use out of Hector. In general you'll want all of them to be capable of being on the front lines at all time, as there can be some tricky recruitments that need you to haul-ass, so them not falling behind is key. - Give your thieves all of the torches for fog of war maps. They'll make the best use of them. - If you don't like Erk, or you do, but he's turning out poorly, don't bother using him. You'll see why eventually. - Canas, however, is worth using, and having a dark magic user with Luna for the final chapter of the game can save you some frustration. So to add to this, always make sure you have one Luna tome after you get Canas. - If you beat Eliwood's story and still want more, Hector's story is a harder, different version of the game. You get some extra chapter maps, more story, and an extra recruitable unit on Hector's route, which makes the game worth replaying if you've still got an itch to play. Also, replaying Lyn's mode on hard basically removes the forced, scripted segments, so you can replay that and try different stuff out(Like using the Knight's Crest on someone else). That's basically it for my tips. I'm sure others will have more tips. Like I said, FE7 isn't super difficult, so you can just use whoever and have fun with your first run.
  10. No, he just didn't think they were real. Olwen didn't think they were real until shortly before recruitment, which is why she defects. The game seems to imply that while commoners are fully aware and being tortured by the child hunts, the Lopto sect keeps their armies in the dark to keep them from defecting. Though Reinhardt does eventually learn about them, and he considers it too late to defect at that point, so knights honor eventually gets in the way with him. Which is why he ISN'T recruitable.
  11. I was thinking that this was probably just a showcase thing, and their stats don't really mean anything right now(We saw something similar with SoV, where some videos a month before the game came out, characters had higher stats than the final version), but I didn't want to insinuate that the OP wasted his time.
  12. *coughcough* Corrin having the highest strength, Ryoma having the highest HP, and Chrom having the highest skill seem like errors.
  13. He doesn't have one, and villager might actually be how they portray him, if they ever try to give him something canon. I could see him also being a merc, though, since his look and attitude fit with the merc line. Plus, his stats are pretty much just a more extreme version of Gray.
  14. Garon's pretty hard to beat in terms of just being a bad, awful character. Manfroy's the worst when it comes to committing atrocious acts.
  15. Yup. They just brought back Zima, for anyone interested in Phoenix mode drinking.