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  1. I said this in the SoV thread about the remakes, so I'll say it again here: I think it'd be better to remake Blazing Sword/Blade first. As a prequel, it does very little to set up the plot to FE6. It introduces Zephiel and his dick of a father that led him towards becoming the Zephiel we know and love from FE6, but aside from that, it doesn't really do much. What it does do, however, is establish several compelling characters, and seeing their fates in FE6 would have much more impact and hit much harder. For example, Hector: Since the stories are inherently not that connected to one another, it really doesn't matter which comes first. However, establishing characters first and then showing how they impact the story later on would make the following stories more compelling, which is why I think it'd be better for them to remake FE7 first, so people jumping into the franchise can get that connection to characters like Eliwood and Hector. I understand that FE6 has aged much worse than FE7, and that it never came out in the west, making it more sensible to remake first from a game-design perspective. But narrative, I'd want FE7 remade first.
  2. Forsyth and Python are a good duo. A bit more straight forward than Gray/Tobin and Mae/Boey, but they have a good schtick going. Python as the naturally talented one who doesn't give a shit about anything other than making snarky comments and can't take anything seriously, and Forsyth as the clumsy/completely out of his element one who absolutely does everything the best he can with 110% effort.
  3. SoV has a very Greco-Roman vibe in general, and that's clearly where a lot of the inspiration for a lot of the game came from. How is a hoplite/centurion out of place? Certainly makes more sense than Hindu Ninjas.
  4. I was so close to posting this same exact thing before ultimately deciding against it.
  5. The only problem with the hair thing is that several of the children from FE4 show up in FE5, where they're obviously static characters, and characters like Nanna and Deirmud show up with specific hair colors. Though FE5 already canonized some pairings(Ced being Lewyn's son, for instance). Honestly it'd be neat if you could import data from FE4 into FE5. Like, say you pair Lachesis and Lex or something, and Nanna and Deirmud had skills that they inherited from Lex, and altered growth rates. They'd have to come up with why Ced is neglecting his duties as Prince of Silesse, why Karin would fly across the continent to find him, and why he has Holsety and the Sety scroll if Lewyn isn't his father, though. Also, on the subject of a Binding Blade remake, I'd honestly prefer if Blazing Blade got remade first. All things considered, Binding doesn't really benefit a whole lot from not knowing who these characters are supposed to be related to. It'd be a lot more emotionally impactful to know what happened to Zephiel before he became a tyrant. Knowing Roy and Lilina's parents would help invest us in those characters off the bat. And, things like While most of the events in FE7 don't really contribute to what happens in FE6, I do think that it would serve much better as build-up to the events of FE6, rather than how IS handled it as a prequel. But FE7 has aged much better, and doesn't need to be updated to reflect information revealed in another game like FE6 does, so I can see why FE6 would get the remake first, since these games seem to exist to modernize older FEs and expose a wider audience to them.
  6. I give everyone permission to use the phrase "Coldsteel the Hedgehog the Human" when referring to Deen. I know, that term fits so well, is so genius, and will be used so much that I should really put a trademark on it and sue the pants off of everyone and buy a gold throne, but I'm willing to make sacrifices for the greater good.
  7. I expect the Tellius games to get HD remasters instead of remakes. Maybe they'll get them somewhere down the line, but I don't think that will be until EVERY 2D FE has been remade.
  8. Like: Pretty much everyone. Gray's probably my most favorite. Least: Faye and Deen. Faye for reasons everyone's mentioned, Deen for being Coldsteel the Hedgehog the Human. Not even joking. He straight up says "It's nothing personal" when you fight against him, like that shitty Sonic OC.
  9. Stylized 3D, whether it be cel-shading or something similar. Regular 3D would be fine, too. PoR and RD don't look bad by any means, outside of the map sprites being a bit low poly.
  10. I did that for most maps where it was just a game of keep-away. At least on Alm's side. Celica was SOL and had to trek through that shit herself.
  11. The maps are still the weakest part of the game. They're definitely a lot more tolerable now that the game isn't as slow as Gaiden was, but there's still a massive reliance on constant choke points, and in the last few acts, choke points that deliberately exist to keep to from reaching Cantors as a first priority. The sheer randomness of Cantors just turns these maps into wars of attrition that you can't really handle in completely logical or planned-out ways, which isn't great for a strategy game. A map like that would be fine here and there, but that's every single map with a Cantor, which is like, every other map in the late game. And the maps that don't rely on choke points have awful terrain, tons of unused and unnecessary space, are visually uninteresting, or have baffling enemy placement. There are a few good maps in there. I do enjoy the Delthea/Sluice map, even though it is just another choke point map that's also a spiral full of mages and bow units so they can take pot-shots at you as you wind inwards towards the boss.
  12. While I won't say this game completely redeems the franchise after Awakening and Fates, I will say this it has washed away a lot of the doubt I had that IS could capture the FE magic that did make me fall in love with the franchise. It makes me a lot more excited for FE: Switch than I was previously. A lot of the modern bells and whistles that come with modern game design has made the Gaiden-ness of this game a lot easier to swallow. Random map encounters are less of a drag when I can just hit the "charge" tactic, hold the L button, and mash start. These unnecessary encounters that could take upwards of 10 minutes in the old game end up taking only 1 or 2. The writing(For both the characters and the plot) are consistently solid throughout the whole game, and it doesn't have the last arc fatigue that every FE since RD has had. Dungeons are even fun to run around in and explore, and it actually made the idea of a SS remake seem appealing to me, since the idea of running around the Valni Tower or Lagdou Ruins would make those games segments a lot more bearable. I would be totally fine if FES had dungeons like this and expanded. All around a very positive experience with the game. I'm in the post-game, and got to near the end of the dungeon before Alm took some Dragon Breath to the face and I got a game over, which pissed me off. But yeah, game's like a 9/10 for me. It's got a lot of fundamental issues that are just inherent to Gaiden, but they're really mitigated and easy to accept. Only occasionally do I stop and go "Right, this is a Gaiden remake. Of course this aspect sucks." Weird how this year's been. Resident Evil 7, SoV and Breath of the Wild have rekindled my love for three of my favorite franchises, after years and games of disappointment. I now realize I can get excited for new projects in these series again. Mass Effect: Andromeda, however, makes me never want to see Mass Effect ever again, after giving BioWare/EA benefit of the doubt and consistently enjoying the original ME trilogy... Aside from the last 30 minutes.
  13. Shadows of Valentia actually does this. Obviously, a carry-over from Gaiden, but yeah. There are resurrection shrines. You can bring 9 units back from the dead in a playthrough, which really should be more than enough. It makes me wonder, though. FE1 and 3 had the Aum staff, which could bring back 1 unit, FE2 has resurrection shrines, which could bring back 3 units at a time, and FE4 had the Valkyrie staff, which could possibly(Not really practical, though) resurrect everyone. Makes me wonder why after 4 games in a row, IS hasn't put in any way to resurrect dead units in any other games outside of remakes. Seems like it'd be a no brainer for the babbs who want to play classic, but don't want to reset after deaths. It'd be helpful in bridging the gap between Classic and Casual.
  14. I didn't realize I could even recruit them until after I had gotten Est, so I was worried I missed them, too.