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  1. i think i had him chip on EP with spear first but strat's prolly different oof no devil axe eggsmashing then RIP
  2. i forget how op steel axe wexp is lol assuming he doubles and kills every enemy with steel axe he'd need 37 kills to reach S rank which is a lot but not unreasonable garm by egg map though think thonk wouldnt audhulma seth do the job
  3. steel axe gives 2 wexp and i had an entire defend map for him to train his axe rank garm gerik on eph route would be a lot tougher though, 220 wexp just doesn't look feasible even with a bunch of devil axe abuse, theres only so many eggs to smash and snags to break
  4. all this discussion about killing the demon king when you can 0.06% CoS double crit speedwing!garm!dozla and be done with it B)
  5. duessel destroys fe8 0% 2: electric boogaloo EDIT: TIL reginleif gives 2 wexp what a lad
  6. Trainee Units.

    ross - berserker: waterwalking and mountainclimbing gives ross a niche you won't get until dozla (the former being more relevant), especially if you've promoted him as early as possible. pirate -> zerker gives the most speed (tied with hero, but pirate gives an immediate +1 speed at tier 1), and the +15 crit is pretty good with the killer axe - having around 50-60 crit is nice. the extra con is cute, but all of his promotion paths put him at 12 or more con anyway which is enough for chucking hand axes with no AS loss. going hero is also a good option, since he basically becomes a zerker ross with worse terrain data and no crit in exchange for C swords (which isn't too useful). warrior is his worst option but pirate -> warrior isn't all that bad. they all feel pretty similar amelia - paladin: no contest here. getting a slightly stronger offensive option in axes does not in any way outweigh 2 extra mov. or go general since if you're using amelia you're most likely memeing anyway ewan - mage knight: all different iterations of ewan serve essentially the same purpose - a unit who hits res. going shaman is frankly rubbish for him since he's now deprived of building his anima rank. and mage knight vs sage is an obvious comparison: mage knight gives more mag, more con, and more mov AND canto, whereas sage gives... light magic? really? and a higher magic cap? ok but you're already ORKOing everything with capped mag and good speed (which MK gives more due to higher con). the +1 bulk from sage also doesn't help his bulk enough to outweigh the everything from MK.
  7. What Should I Promote Franz And Amelia Into

    seth isn't perfection since he can't fly B)
  8. i'm doing an FE8 0 growths run. what i want to do in chapter 15 is to have cormag airlift saleh over to valter's area on turn 1, on the palm tree tile thing. however, this means that cormag is in range of most/all of the enemies in that area. but, i need the enemies to attack saleh instead, because he's the only one who can ORKO everything with +3 spirit dust and excalibur. saleh has to take an angelic robe, mainly to substantially improve the reliability of a later bosskill. i haven't gotten to that chapter yet (pretty far from it) but i'm just planning ahead and i want to make sure my stat booster distribution is correct. here are their stats in case anyone needs them: saleh: 37 hp, 22 mag, 18 skl, 14 spd, 11 lck, 8 def (+1 from forest), 13 res. equipped: excalibur; 40 atk, 24 crit, 136 hit, 39 avoid (+20 from forest) cormag: 33 hp, 15 str, 11 skl, 13 spd, 4 lck, 12 def (+2 from dracoshield if he needs it to let saleh be targeted instead), 3 res. equipped: spear; 27 atk, 10 crit, 92 hit, 30 avoid if they do target cormag instead of saleh, would they target cormag if i don't put the angelic robe on saleh? if not, how about putting the robe on cormag? maybe don't equip excalibur first?
  9. Is this a run in Hard mode 2 possible?

    promote catria and palla, give palla speedwings, and reclass sirius and MU to dracoknight nothing wrong with raising marcus to lv 11
  10. FE10 Tierlist 2017

    then you realise hes not worth feeding exp to and you bench him
  11. Hangman

  12. Hangman

  13. Hangman

    but hey, we have pelipper now in gen 7
  14. Hangman

    huh. i always do both limbs per guess