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  1. So who do I want added? Well Norne and Malice from FE11/12 (very obscure characters), Marisa, Gerik, and La'rachel from FE8, Haar,Jill, and Zihark from FE9-10, Sumia, Noire, and Severa from FE13 (Selena does not count), FE14 Charlotte and Shigure (we need their normal versions I mean). But as to who I'm voting for....Probably Severa tbh.
  2. Should Inheritable DC Weapons Be Available?

    Honestly I agree with @Glennstavos, that's the way I would want them incorporated.
  3. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    In terms of music and connection, definitely Echoes. Now in terms of gameplay, FE12. In order to get the true ending you either have to train up these 4 units or protect them. I honestly did use Minerva and Merric on my team so that was no problem, so protecting Julius and Sirius was also no problem.
  4. So I'll be honest, only a few games have done this to me. The first was Project X Zone 2, I originally got it just for the FE reps in it, but it has became my third favorite game of all time. I've beaten it 3 times and I do plan on doing a 4th ng+ on the hardest difficulty. The second was Valkyria Chronicles. I knew of it but knew very little, so I decided to get it one day and it has become one of my most favorite games. It's honestly just that amazing. The third and most recent was Xenoblade 2. I avoided all spoilers I could on it, I got it as soon as I could. I played through it so much that I had played over 100 hours before beating it. I enjoyed every bit of that and I'm still putting in hours postgame. I knew it would be good but honestly how good it is surprised me. While it may have a little difficulty living up to the masterpiece status that Xenoblade 1 carved for itself, I still prefer 2 overall and 2 actually replaced 1 in my favorite games list.
  5. Rate the video game opening above

    It's the prequel game to those ones. Honestly I find that if you like the Project X Zone's OPs this one should blow those out of the water. Odin Sphere: Heard of it, never really looked into it. I'll say the environment looks amazing and the character design looks interesting. I like how it introduces each of the characters as well, well briefly that is. Since to better coincide with things I'm going to x/100 scale now, so I'll give it 90/100. The music is also very fitting. So onto a gem of a game I discovered this past year. Valkyria Chronicles Came out in 2008 back on the PS3 and 2 or so years ago got a remastered on steam which led to a ps4 port of it. Now on it's tenth anniversary the 4th game in the series is being released. (Coincidentally the day I beat Valkyria Chronicles was the day 4 was announced)
  6. Rate the video game opening above

    I'd give it a 4/5. I like the animation of the characters (reminds me of Rune Factory's) and the presentation of the the op (reminds me of God Eater 1). Though the backgrounds changing is a nice touch but honestly throws me off but it is a good contrast with the characters. Also the music doesn't seem to fit to me but that's just me. Namco X Capcom's op: Animated by the same animator of Kill la kill and Gurren Lagaan. Also the starting op of a crossover series of games. Came out in 2002 on the PS2 of all things. Sadly this one never got localized but the subsequent sequels are both localized on the 3ds today and most recently have Included Chrom and Lucina in them. Also just a note major Xenoblade 1 spoiler in that same game so beware.
  7. Who's your best unit in any Fire Embem Game?

    So my overall favorite is Cordelia and she is always used no matter the game. But my best unit, well in terms of stats that'd actually be Nah. She has a BST of 408 on one of my save files (with a dragonstone+ of course but still high). Beyond Awakening though Amelai from Sacred Stones was the best unit that run as general (she soloes a perfect copy of herself in the arena) and then In Shadow Dragon Caeda was a monster of war. In Echoes Delthea became my favorite unit due to her high attack and then the starsphere on top of that made her insanely powerful, though Mathilda is arguably just as powerful and more balanced with little use of the starsphere.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Well the day before yesterday I got my second to last rare blade, Zenobia. So today while playing, I just did a rare crystal with +1 bravery booster (was my only booster) on Nia......I pulled KOS-MOS. Figures the one I wanted since the beginning of the game would only come 20 hours after I beat the game.
  9. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    I never expected equal representation but fair representation. Meaning at least have the main characters present to accurately depict their series. I guess that is true that Blazblue itself would have the most but only having 2 RWBY reps in the game in the base roster seems wrong. Actually that's a good point, waiting on pricing may be best here. I was honestly expecting it to be a full $60 game and then about another $40 for the rest of the roster but if it is that price then that's a bit more reasonable.
  10. Awakening(?)

    So you're thinking of making Awakening but on the GBA? I want to say that it should be possible except for arguably the most defining features of Awakening, Pair-up and class changing. Also the children but if Genealogy did it it should be possible on GBA I think. I've seen Pair-up done in the GBA games and it's basically just rescue with stat modifiers. Honestly I think Awakening is fine as is and really trying to make everything it has (unique characters with models, or sprites in this instance, Lots and lots of dialogue and scripting based on parents, and incorporating adding in some of the classes and weapons) is a lot of programming that is honestly not worth it in the long run. Most fans would rather play the actual thing and only those really interested in the idea would play it. I hate to sound like such a downer but it really does seem impractical. I'll be honest I don't even know if some of the stuff in Awakening could be programmed into GBA. I will say nice concept but overall very impractical. But if you want to do it then go ahead, just know it's a lot of work and the payoff may not be equal to Awakening nor what you expected.
  11. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    So I was planning on getting this prior as it had caught my eye and I'd figured I'd get into Blazblue (another fighting game for me to try to get good at besides Smash, Street Fighter, and DOA) but due to overall lack of familiarity with the roster (mostly know some of the Persona and RWBY characters) I was keeping an eye on it. Now I'm wondering if I regret putting it on my most anticipated titles of 2018 due to this. I'm sorry half the roster as dlc? Also the unbalanced representation erks me (is a big support of series getting proper representation, so doesn't mind 6 FE reps in smash but still says they shouldn't have more reps than Zelda). Honestly I'm heavily considering passing on this game now.
  12. What are your favorite gaming genres? Least favorite?

    Favorites: RPG/JRPG's, Some Shooters (not a big fan of COD for example but sign me up for Battlefront 2 despite EA), Action/Adventure, Crossover games (Something about a good crossover makes it memorable), and some fighting games(So never played Tekken but I'm at least decent at Smash and still trying to improve in DOA and Street Fighter) Least Favorite: Sports games, Platformers (There are exceptions like Galaxy, Odyssey, and Sonic Colors that are in my personal collection), never got into Puzzle games (like Candycrush or whatever), and never got into Visual Novels. Also anything that has any amount of blood and gore turns me away (One game or two I think are the exception to this), and also no horror and no games focusing on crime.
  13. Just started Xenogears - helpful tips wanted

    Sorry I honestly have no idea what this game is like in specific but I was trying to be helpful. Just asking how exactly are you playing these on pc? Are they on steam? (Xenosaga in question cause if so I'm stopping my search for physical copies)
  14. Just started Xenogears - helpful tips wanted

    I found this on Gamefags so hope it helps and good luck. -Always make sure your characters and gears have the latest equipment. Gears are mostly independent of character stats or equipment. Search out people who might upgrade you, especially early on, or else you can get your party stuck in a calamitous situation *hint-hint*. For gears, your engine is responsible for attack power-make sure you get this. On the same note, however, don't try to upgrade every single gear you have, or you'll go broke. Generally, you'll know who will be in your party and can upgrade accordingly. -levels are not important, aside from being the requirement for deathblows and new ethers, which are generally quite low. Stat gains don't contribute much, and are somewhat randomized on top of it. As such, running away from the game's sometimes numerous random encounters carriers with it little penalty, nor does grinding contribute much other than money (which is not an issue if you budget wisely). -For characters, deathblows are crucial to combat. Avoid making the mistake of always using deathblows to kill regular enemies, or you'll end up facing bosses with weak deathblows. You learn deathblow by performing normal attack a certain number of times-each successive character you add to your party needs less attacks to learn new deathblows, so you don't have to worry that they'll take too long to learn new deathblows with. There are 4 different triangle attack animations and 2 square attack animations, and these each count differently, so make sure to mix things up accordingly. If a deathblow is stuck at 100, it means you are either not at the proper level or have not met certain plot conditions yet. -In gears, response is a very useful stat, though it goes unexplained. Response is responsible for both evasion and accuracy, so response boosting items when stacked together will produce significantly better results than other accessories. -Don't neglect ethers, especially in gears. The game doesn't explain this in detail enough, and many first time players ignore ethers (myself included) because a default ether attack is rather weak. Ether borrows from the character's ether stat, and it actually benefits from equipment that affects the character. In the special attack menu for gears, you'll find fuel consuming attacks that are governed by the ether stat. Ether amp is another stat that isn't explained enough-it's how much the standard ether attack is magnified by. I'll leave it to you to discover ways in which you may or may not want to use ethers. Just consider it and be on the lookout for things that may help you. -Keep a backup save. Update it before going to a new dungeon.
  15. Nintendo Direct Mini 2018-01-11

    Which is what I meant. I haven't heard anything else about PoR or RD beyond that so I thought I'd clarify is all. Though i there has been other rumors then like I've said I haven't heard about them and it's just a coincidence that heroes is also adding RD stuff.