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  1. Tomodachi life, almost as weird and crazy as miitopia (Bob Ross may or may not be a guard beside a Magikarp and Dawn from pokemon may or may not be a grandmother, also Callie from Splatoon may or may not be a mother of an inkling)
  2. New mystery isn't that bad, I played through it not too long ago and I used like 20+ units (Marth, Kris, Luke, Roderick, Cecille, Norne, Navarre, Samto, Malice, Linde, Merric, Katarina, Astram, Ogma, Midia, Palla, Catria, Minerva, the first female cleric you get (forgot her name), and then I used Julian a lot for chest stealing, and Sirius was used once, Gordin, Ryan, and Draug were planned to be used but got benched)
  3. It's been a while since I last posted, so on my file, I'm on the very last level, and oh boyo is it rough But in other news, everyone is at least level 18/19 (engys are 20), I've maxed out all upgrades that are available, everyone either has or is missing one potential, and I've recruited some of the secret characters, Mainly Lynn and Audrey, but Knute has been unlocked and I don't plan on getting Oscar. I also found a useful grinding map, due to potentials (along with two specific orders) Alicia can scout rush the Barious ruins map in one turn. So getting 26k exp and 40k cash in about two minutes really helped speed up training and unlocking Knute
  4. So the 20 unit limit on the final battle is not limited to ten to each side, I brought more of Alm's side in my playthrough (who was it: Tobin, Faye, Gray, Kliff?, Clair, Lukas, Forsyth, Python, Clive, Mathilda, Silgue?, Delthea, and for Celica's it was Palla, Catria, Est, Kamui, Mae, Boey, Saber, and Sonya)
  5. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    I like the seasonal heroes no question but I say every other month or so as it's really killing us (the exception would be if say a very special holiday would have been missed) though if they added a way to get out of season heroes (kinda like the upcoming banner) then I'd be fine with it.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    So I said to myself that I would be saving orbs until the legendary banner, but I couldn't help myself and did a yolo summon, and it was Sakura (neko version)! I've be wanting to get her ever since the banner started (I did get sidetracked trying to go for Katarina/Amelia) She's also +atk, -res, which the boost is great but res is iffy due to her role as a mage killer, but she wasn't going to see competitive play anyways, I just wanted her cause she looks adorable. But finally got her and don't have to worry about another Elise breaking my pity rate (well she didn't as she appeared at 3% but still)
  7. Official or Unofficial Skirmish Type Mode?

    Fates had the online battle mode that was 5v5. Beyond that there is nothing like it in the series except maybe the gba arena, which can be up to four teams with 5 members fighting it out (each unit is worth point, and you get points for KOing or damaging an enemy) but there's only one map for that.
  8. Hey there

    Welcome to the site (at least as a member).
  9. Do You See IS Moving Forward With Fates's Weapon Triangle

    So I honestly don't like Fates weapon triangle, but I can see a variation of it. So same thing for melee types, I do honestly prefer the magic and anima triangle, the way I think of it is "Fire prospers in wind, wind moves storms, and lightning is the source of fire". Anyways beyond that I can see them possibly including Echoes style of bows (which have 1-3 range base if I'm correct) and are higher damage then daggers, so dagger can be weaker but more accurate and maybe higher critical since the user often controls where it goes (ie go for arteries) and both of these can be neutral to the triangle, will bows probably be better, of course, but if they still keep the fact that most daggers are res-tanky and/or dodgy then it could serve as a niche weapon. Also it may be OP but say maybe have daggers have a built in armorslayer due to them being small enough to get in-between the plates. That would also give them more utility. IDK just some ideas. Also definitely staves and stones should be neutral.
  10. So really excited for this, in terms of weapon buffing, I'm so excited. For starters my Ephraim is -Atk, so giving a Siegmund with more might will help a lot. And then Growing Flame on my Lilina will be even better. So already two of my four main five stars are getting buffed, since Ephraim is getting buffed, Eirika probably is as well, so that makes three, and Brave Lyn is probably going to be allowed the same treatment due to fairness. So my entire main team gets buffed. Also unrelated by I am really excited for the legendary summoning (I spent $70 trying to get Bride Cordelia and only got Bride Caeda, this time will be different) (note: Read above, RIP Eirika, maybe in the future or they forgot to include it in the entire list of legendary/prf weapons)
  11. Hacker Rant(and Plan to Foil It)

    Just saying it is possible they bought those skills and have grinded much in the game to be that powerful besides the skills. Ditto on the Apotheosis thing This is a personal experience, but I did encounter a hacker online in the Fates Battle mode. So he had 5 avatar units, all level 99, with each of them holding a combination of the personal weapons of the royals (by that I mean duplicate of them, so multiple raijinto, siegfried, yato, etc) and had skills on them not released in the US version (main one I remember being Iotes Shield and some other unreleased skills). Also almost all of the units were cavalry with enhanced movement. Funnily enough the guy named them after the Black Fang in blazing sword since one of them I remember being Ursulla and another was Linus. I immediately forfeited as I did not want to deal with that (the miracle assassin Midori can only go so far)
  12. I feel like my entire world has been shattered I hope this is just like a neurological connection/bond or through Ash's aura or something like that, I still like the original Pokemon episodes.
  13. First video game crush

    So my first one was probably Dawn. I did have a crush on May too but that was mostly due to the anime. Another notable one is Rosie from fossil fighters. Nowadays it's Cordelia.
  14. Male Robin is the only marriage Cordelia has that doesn't bring up Chrom but as said it delivers a satisfying viewpoint of a otherwise not seen part of Cordelia
  15. Paragons

    I agree with what's been said about Marth. Though I do have some notes to add. Marth did try his best to not lose any casualties in war, which he acknowledges as near impossible but it's this concern for others that helps builds Marth's character. Also the relationship with Kris shows that not one person can win a war, they need allies, and Kris does that by being Marth's best friend/bodyguard. It's even said at the end of FE12 that Marth wants Kris to be written in the history books, but Kris denies, saying that the people need a hero to look up to, that it must be Marth alone. This kinda goes with my personal timeline theory where FE1/2/3 are how the events were recorded in history books while FE11/12/15 where what actually happened. I also want to say that Marth endured many hardships, countless deaths he couldn't prevent, but his reliance upon others to help him allowed him to continue on his quest. There's another thing I want to bring up, Lucina, she impersonates Marth during Awakening. Well in Warriors, she and Marth talk, she tells him that she used his name as a symbol of hope, that since he is the hero king (and partly due to Kris's impact in history being un-noted) he is seen as the ultimate savior and image of hope. Marth however doesn't see himself as such. This also relates to his relationship with allies as they do realize he is the main leader and the one that will be seen as the main hero. In short, Marth is a hero in every way, very humble, and able to perform many tasks, but he doesn't do it alone, his strength comes from others and that is why he is the face of Fire Emblem.