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  1. Red: Hana, Hinata, Adult Tiki, Laslow, Selena Blue: Subaki, Sully, Donnel, M! Robin, Odin Green: Bartre, Barst, Hawkeye, Beruka Colorless: Gaius, Lissa Stalkers: Fae, Soren, Abel.
  2. Hope it works out soon! I'll be looking forward to this whenever it comes back.
  3. Ey! Congrats! Glad you're enjoying it so far, just don't be worried when the game hands your butt to you due to random BS (it happens to all of us unless you read ahead and plan, but where's the fun in that?)
  4. I agree with the tellius way, have skills behind scrolls and have them take up x amount of skill slots on a character (while also being class restrictive, Knights do not need Astra)
  5. *raises hand and looks around* What he's my secondary in smash? Anyways I'm indifferent on which Ike I want, yeah I've seen more of RD Ike but I like PoR Ike design's better.
  6. Very first one, Roy/Elise, both of them were on a alt though and it was through a rom and the data got corrupted so yeah. But on my main file it was Lilina in the sibling banner (like the first new character banner) and she's remained my figurehead to this day, I don't remember her stats as now she's merged some and fully maxed out in terms of skills.
  7. Lol about Hans anyways in my playthrough of valkyria I've managed to get through chapter 15 Also I have the perfect image ready to be used for a chapter in the future.
  8. Markyjoe1990, he does a lot of playing through roms and hosts a yearly contest called ragefest (basically he plays hard maps that people make). Collector Togami, does a lot of stuff related to "what if's" in certain games, also he tries to include every bit of dialogue (at least in echoes) in videos so people can enjoy that. The only other one I really know of is our very own Shadowsofchaos, but as far as I know they don't post too much stuff.
  9. Made up idea but I'm calling this "unlikely heroines" concept is basically heroines that start off small and are 5* only Red: Lyn Blue: Delthea Green: Amelia Colorless: Faye
  10. Well there is a few Special switches coming out soon (splatoon 2 and Odyssey) plus for some reason my local gamestop has like 3 of them that have been there since launch so IDK
  11. Typically infantry axe users for me. Every other class (besides Griffon Rider) I like
  12. So Far I've enjoyed Primrose's tale and will get to the other tale. I'll toss in some ideas on my side here too Good Great Artstyle Music is pretty good despite being semi-limited (demo of course) VA is pretty good Combat is nice Likes the exploration and hidden areas Neutral The dialogue, while it is presented very well, the content of it definitely seems a bit more mature and vulgar then what I'm used to Not saying that more mature dialogue is a bad thing but something unexpected Level caps, I know this is a demo and all and of course they won't let you go all the way up to 99 or whatever, but I feel like level 15 is still a little low, given some enemies are still tougher then you at said level in the demo Bad Broken combat, this is not in boss fights, but basically in any free battle you can "stun" lock enemies, it's done best with two characters, but basically have both use up their burst at turn 1 and shield break the enemies with the weapon that they're weak against, then next turn since they're stunned, attack with 1 move, then repeat these two turns until you have 4x burst and go all out, while fun, it makes combat boring with how easy it is to break Skippable dialogue please, I know it's important but if we've read it and died have the option to skip please HP meters please, it's so annoying to just go off wits and hope you're doing good damage to a boss when in reality you're only doing 1% of it's health a turn In hidden areas, please make it so it changes so we can see the character, like in houses, as of right now we just see the landscape and have to guess where we're going Quest log, as the few quests in the demo I had no idea what needed to be done and I actually finished one before I had started it A glitch I found in one area was the camera got stuck in the overworld, I basically had to retrail where I was back up to the village before the camera zoomed back and refocused on me, has only happened once but is worth mentioning.
  13. Well I pulled a 5* today. Though it wasn't the Nephenee I wanted, I guess I'll take Oscar. -Atk,+hp is such a terrible nature though, to be honest he's mainly going in the collection so yeah. Yep seems to be true for me right now, besides the dupe Oscar part, I hope that doesn't happen.
  14. I can confirm it wasn't in legends (what a shame, I always wanted to listen to Eclipse of the Sun)
  15. So far nothing on the tellius banner, but on my last chance at getting brave Ike I got the last tempest rewards and did two summons first one: 4* Fae (ever since I pulled her once she has kept appearing for me) second and last summon on brave heroes: 5* Julia.... +Spd -Def (checks wiki) Hey that's one of the most optimal natures for her! And I finally got her after literally getting every other unit in their first banner.