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  1. Cipher OCs in Heroes?

    I'd honestly like to see them get added, just they don't have much to work with in terms of who'll they'll be, Unless Randal gets an axe, he will probably be a lance cav. Emma could possibly be another sword flier but otherwise has no leeway. Shade I say has the most leeway being any mage type or a cleric. Yuzu has some if they possibly made her a infantry axe unit. I'm not too familiar with the newer ones so I don't know what classes they would be. As said I love to see them in but between the characters that need to be added (beast units, more older game reps, more fan favorites) it's unlikely for them and even if they probably won't have their own niche. I just wanted to briefly toss up a idea, what if them being slowly added to cipher means they have their designs and characters already established. And the way they could be added into heroes is if they were characters in FE switch, I know it's a longshot but it's a way to bring them into the mainline series besides being dlc in echoes, and them being in cipher earlier at least introduces them to some players.
  2. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    Sorry, I assumed VC4, I forgot that was a thing. Nothing I've heard on it coming to the west.
  3. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    I don't know if you didn't noticed the image or not fully read my first comment, but the switch version is coming to the west and is in fact the version I pre-ordered the Special Edition with. Also as stated the official website has links to pre-order the game with or without the special edition on all three consoles it's releasing on, PS4, XBox One, and the Switch. Nothing on PC/Steam yet but that'll probably happen after console release.
  4. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    Yep, definitely brought my interest back up. Funnily enough I was talking about VC4 and how I wanted a SE on a discord server yesterday, which was put down immediately, and low and behold it gets revealed the next day. I did say the Amazon and Gamestop dates but they do vary so who knows for certain, as you said it's at least in the fall so the wait isn't too much longer.
  5. Honestly I don't want big bosses in FE warriors or it's sequel, unless it's done a lot better, because spamming attacks at it after already barely clearing a maps objectives and going over in time because of that is not something I'd enjoy, and while a part of FE, most of FE is warriors against warriors, so no giant bosses would make it better.
  6. So Valkyria Chronicles 4 has officially announced the Special Edition for the West. As seen in the image, the Special Edition comes with the game for the appropriate console, the collectors box, a 100 page artbook, the two dlc missions about squad 7, and a tank figure. Pre-orders for this and the normal game are open, and can be found on the official website. I would link it, but since it's a page where items can be bought I'm not sure if that's breaking rules so I'll leave it to discretion. The special edition and the normal game will be released in October, I believe Amazon has a date of the 21st while Gamestop has what I'm assuming is a placeholder of the 30th. The special edition costs $99.99 USD (likely a result of the tank figure). I have already ordered my special edition, and I've decided on the switch version since I'll likely play it more. So I wish all special edition hunters good luck and hope everyone is somewhat hyped for this game.
  7. Is there any evidence of Grima not leaving a skeleton in echoes? We know it happens in Awakening but lets say in Echoes it's unshown because they didn't want to make a model for it, and even if Grima did just vanish, his spirit could have just went into the Valentian Falchion much like how Mila did and simply waited there for 1000 years to recover before doing what I mentioned. Also what evidence is there that Grima escaped the battle with Alm/Celica, just how he vanishes? I like to think they sealed him thinking they killed him since Falchion no longer had Mila's blessing. ANd though I think they sealed him, just the game devs didn't do the model or animation of his skeleton because too much work that wasn't really needed. I will admit what I've said does require a lot of what ifs, but it's just how I fill in the holes and make it fit with the continuity of the timeline and lore. Besides what I say may not even be true since we have no definitive proof so feel free to disagree or not believe what I'm saying, just throwing my ideas and thoughts here and what I believed happen, which is probably different from your perspective.
  8. Besides the Archanaea characters being timeline wise gone, we can possibly assume years have passed and they were personally requested to be escorts by that merchant, which means the royal knights and their mercenary comrades could have been brought along. It may not make much sense but best explanation I have. Anyways a theory of mine that correlates some with the timeline is that Alm/Celica do defeat Grima, but only seal him in the Falchion for about 1000 years since Mila's blessing had worn off. After 1000 years, which ended the Alm dynasty, Grima broke free, destroyed the Valentian Falchion, and caused terror on the world until the first exalt put him down and founded Ylisse. This explains the end of the Alm dynasty and the continent name change from Valentia to Valm in his honor and why the Valentian Falchion is missing in Awakening's lore.
  9. Funny school stories

    So back when I was a late sophomore and junior, our PE teacher who only taught freshman took the class out many days and were walking around campus playing pokemon go. He of course was into it because of the fad, but still semi funny seeing the gym teacher go crazy over a jigglypuff or whatever.
  10. Fire emblem echoes pick my units

    Delthea is my pick and I'll say goodluck.
  11. How often do you use effective weaponry?

    I like most only use them in rare scenarios. There's one place I do use them though, in FE8's postgame dungeon gauntlt, I use them along with iron/steel weaponry to get through the many waves of enemies just so I can save silver/brave/legendary weapon durability for the final map with all the necrodragons. Cause those necrodragons are scary if you aren't prepared.
  12. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    If it is gen 1 remakes I may pick them up as much as I would have rathered seen and probably skipped over gen 8 or definitely picked up gen 4 remakes.
  13. Depends on the mother, I've done a grandmaster Morgan on my Lucina run, then Falcon Knight on Cordelia's, and Sorcerer on Tharja's. And will do falcon knight again on Cordelia's 2nd run. Then Manakete for Tiki run and Dark Flier for Aversa's run.
  14. That's exactly what it would be, and she would be my main. I would only swap from her when the game made me swap. Gods I'm still hyped for VC4 and they better bring over the Edy and squad 7 dlc.
  15. This, I would buy this game just to beat up Resetti cause he ruined Animal Crossing for me early on into my gaming career. I honestly would want Xenoblade warriors, with 3 games of characters and guests like Kos-mos and T-elos there would certainly be a roster to choose from. Another series I'd like to see but isn't Nintendo is Valkyria Chronicle Warriors, it's by Sega and with VC4 coming to the switch the series is decently popular. Plus I really just want to see Edy gliding across the battlefield with dual SMG's. I will admit it'd be very hard to transfer a 3rd person strategy rpg to a hack and slash but ever since my brain came up with the idea while sleeping it's something I want.