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  1. Disturbing Content

    Well I assumed rotting, as other zombies we've seen are rotting. Plus Eirika and Ephraim are absolutely disgusted by it. Plus A reason just popped into my head about the corpses, Vigarde was probably held together by Lyon's magic while Orson's wife could have been through Riev's magic. It does explain how Vigarde could do multiple actions while the other could only say 1 word. The magic difference could mean that. Just a theory.
  2. Disturbing Content

    This thread was way darker then I expected, but contributing to the thread Orson's love with his deceased yet necromanced wife. Just weird as he is implied to bang a rotting corpse, plus the fact it speaks and only says "Darling" makes it even more weird, I'm honestly thankful it never had a sprite
  3. Holiday banner predictions

    So we know of Christmas Robin and Tharja. So I'm saying Christmas Male Corrin and Christmas Takumi.
  4. [SEIZURE WARNING] What Fire Emblem is all about

    I died at "Is this brawl?"
  5. Which Starters did you Choose?

    Original Firered (1st game): Squirtle Restarted firered (restarted as pokedex for heartgold and the fact my blastoise couldn't beat the first lite four member at level 100): Bulbasaur Ruby: Mudkip Emerald: Mudkip Pearl: Chimchar Platinum: Infernape Heartgold: Cyndaquil Soulsilver: Chikorita Black: Tepig White 2: Tepig X/Y: Greninja Alpha Sapphire: Treecko Omega Ruby: Mudkip Sun: Rowlet Yellow: Pikachu Whenever I get ultra sun/moon: IDK tbh, never thought of it, probably Rowlet again. Also have to finish yelllow, ruby, emerald and start Gold, Silver, and Blue Out of all of these besides my original blastoise (may you rest in peace since you got deleted, why did I teach you surf and not have the bright idea to look up where the move deleter was is beyond me, all I remember is crying a lot due to you) the one I'm most attached to is my Platinum Infernape, still on that file as I mostly never transfer, though I can since I do have the capability to, but I never will as Platinum is still my 2nd favorite game of all time.
  6. I have a question, did you ever recruit Linde? I believe she's recruited in the same chapter as Jake by visiting the village. On my playthrough I mostly used Marth, Caeda, and Draug, this nearly screwed me over later into the game but Navarre, Ogma, Minerva, Midia, Astram, Cain, Abel, Merric, Linde, Lena, and Maria. It's all up to preference though. Also Marth never promotes, he just goes up to level 30. This is true for both ds games. Good Luck with the rest of your playthrough, if you want to continue Marth's story after this I recommend FE12, it would have to be through emulation though, but it's a really good game, supports are added, along with more characters and you can recruit everyone in one playthrough, no unit sacrifices required.
  7. Have you made it to the post game?

    Yeah I beat it a long time ago. it was before I made sure all my units were even stronger so yeah.
  8. Yeah, 8ish hard levels left plus I haven't done some of the normal skirmishes either (to be fair when I needed cash/exp I just had Alicia scout rush Barious since you get 40k cash and 20k exp in roughly two minutes. I will probably playthrough my third time of the game just to get my main squad back. Susie has been killed, but in an alternate pocket dimension where nothing will proceed. I did also try the Selvaria dlc and beat the first level, though I was mostly trying to push back the endless wave of scouts and shocktroopers that were spawning (one of them threw a grenade that immobilized my tank making it into a turret) and for some reason the enemy likes evading more then usual. Anyways I'll probably beat that soon (maybe A ranking all of it too) and then move on to the Edy challenge maps. I agree that most folks are busy too, I myself have two of my last finals today. Afterwards I got one more then I will be trying to clear out my backlog (between Bravely Default and Xenoblade Chronicles at the moment) But I still like seeing this letsplay progress so always looking forward to it on my end. I forgot that's how the artist draws the characters. Anyways looks like we have a new Marina (Sniper, likes cats instead of wolfs) and I am ready for VC4 because I honestly think it'll be a while before I can play VC3
  9. Buying old games and feeling good about it

    I understand this a lot. I honestly feel the same way. However I am also an fan and want to play those games, so I have emulated a few games (mainly 6,7, and 12). However if they were to release them on VC or an remade version (or even bring the older version to the west on the original hardware) I would by them instantly (especially 12). Now on the topic of buying used games, think of it as this, somebody bought that cartridge from a store that bought it to sell from Nintendo. You're just reimbursing them for it is all. I would love to buy my games straight from the developers honestly, but due to timing and my interests back then it never happened. So this is how it works. So me emulating games is what I consider a fanright, I deserve to play them if I desire to. I honestly would buy the games I've emulated if they were localized (or in fe7's case if I had the spare money to buy it) but we can't help if the company decides to not bring a game overseas.
  10. Warriors: Fates DLC set for the 21st

    0-0 Wow okay. Well I know who I'm going to get that on first (Marth since he was an fully optimized weapon plus with Paragon he will level up quickly making him even better, as if he doesn't solo the entire game)
  11. I can't beat Berkut on Chapter 5

    It's been a while since I last played echoes but the best I can offer is bait switching, bait Berkut and the other physical units into attacking your knights (if any) or Cavaliers, they should live, then have archers deal damage and mages too, heal up those damaged units, and then finish them off. For the mages/Rinea a dread fighter really helps to tank all that magic, this combined with healing and basically dogpiling should hopefully get you the win.
  12. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    to summon: Bride Cordelia (two banners and one of them with $70 in orbs and nothing), Katarina, Nephenee, Amelia, Lucina, Lyn, basically every 5* only unit (except Delthea, since she just came home) and Tailitu, and Chrom, Chrom hasn't come home yet to be added: Normal Charlotte, Severa (no selena does not count), Python, Forsyth, Ophelia, Micaiah, Pegasus Knight Minerva (hey if they're doing the cipher cards like with bride Charlotte then I say do it), Marisa, Gerrik, Quan (since I do know of the knight trio with him, Sigurd, and Eldigan), Frey, Norne, Malice, Samto, Feena, Myrrh, Bantu, Nah, and the laguz.
  13. Physical game condition (I think I have a problem)

    Basically the same with Armagon. Well for discs I'm super careful and put them back into the case, most of my ds and gameboy cartridges are in large cases though, and those are in a glass cabinet, the exception are the games I play a lot, which are usually in a portable case. For the actual physical cases stickers don't bother me since a good amount of my games are pre-owned. Younger me though may have lost or thrown away some of the cases which I'm mad at myself now but I still have some of my old ds cases
  14. Overall Favorites: Bow Users

    Norne, cause she's adorable, Python cause I like his nonchalant personality, Neimi cause she's just a normal girl, Noire cause her alternate personality would kill me otherwise, Takumi cause he is the only one to deny Corrin at first, and then Setsuna, cause she is so chill and a pretty good unit.
  15. Hilarious Misconceptions You Had About Video-Games

    Oh boyo, let's see Younger me: "The best video games series is Pokemon, the only others ones that exist are Mario, Donkey Kong, and Final Fantasy which everything else is a spin-off of. Younger me was stupid.
  16. Breath of the Wild-Champion’s Ballad

    I have that limited expansion so yeah.
  17. Bayonetta 3, 1 & 2 coming to Switch

    Well I'll finally be able to play them, whether or not thats a good thing with my backlog is up for discussion
  18. Breath of the Wild-Champion’s Ballad

    Okay looks interesting story wise. Liking the new outfits, now I have to say a motorcycle?! Welp sorry Epona looks like you're getting replaced.
  19. Good class for Atlas

    I honestly put him through the mercenary line, yeah you get 3 mercenaries guaranteed, but the extra levels help and one loop through the line and then something else is probably fine, I know some people put him through archer so maybe that afterwards.
  20. Sorry for double posting, but update on my end, already beat ng+ with everything in the campaign A ranked. Got two of the final achievements left, those being wings of solidarity and excellence in armament. All that's left is splintered horn and the randgriz crest of honor. Going to work on that one next. I did manage to beat skirmish 1 on hard with an A rank as well. Basically my lancer had eough movement to capture the base in one less movement then with Alicia. So yeah, all that's really left for me is the hard stuff now.
  21. It was a joke because Katarina is the only other purple haired mage I know of in the series besides Lute.
  22. And what's the one support she has that doesn't talk about Chrom whatsoever and helps her get over herself, it's Male Robin. OTP right there, I don't care if Lucina is canon Cordelia ftw! Doesn't help Cordelia's original design did resemble Lucina I still consider that to have happened and then somehow a wormhole opened and took their purple haired mage kid and transported them to Magvel.
  23. Overall Favorites: The Holy Faithful

    So my favorite of them all is Lissa. But mentions to Silque (nice enough cleric, really my only one when I went through echoes since promoted mages can heal), Lena (my main healer in shadow dragon), and Maria (who I consider to be Lena's pupil)
  24. I'll be A ranking some of the other skirmishes later. I'll attempt those challenges too and attempt the imperial dlc as well. I do have a strategy that works, just small little things interfere with it. Also for the achievement I read it's just Hard that matters out of it and expert
  25. Things you lost from not saving?

    Nothing too major for me. So one of mine was: I was playing Pokemon Ruby on my ds lite, I had caught Groudon on my first attempt and was using him in the gym battle against Walllace (bad idea I know) and one of the cats I owned at the time decides to crawl up on my chest and run their head against my ds, specifically the gba pack. (The cat was able to do this cause I was laying on a couch). I was unable to catch Groudon again as much as I tried. (This was about 8-9 years ago, so it was after Platinum came out). The second one was most recently, I was playing through new game+ on valkyria chronicles (which has you play through all the story levels again in the way they were unlocked) so I got through the first 5 or so levels pretty quickly, I then decide to go do an expert level side battle, I immmediately left due to how underprepared I was, but if you know Valkyria the only way to exit a battle is either go to the title screen or load from a previous save, so I had to replay those levels again. Saving is important guys!