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  1. I totally can see Dallas, Karl, and Homer being tank operators though that's just me.
  2. Yeah I'll check it next time, I thought quoting a spoiler would still have the spoiler so yeah. I understand, I refuse to spoil Xenoblade 1 and 2's story so yeah.
  3. Nice you got through that level, the next level I imagine will be hard with the mod since you're evenly spreading exp. And in base game it was hard as heck, until you leveled up classes to max. Good luck. Also unrelated note, sorry for very late edit but I edited the comment into spoilers, I've basically been without wifi for a week and will be for 4 weeks so yeah.
  4. Personality wise Rem and Ram match up near perfectly to Flora and Felicia with exception. Rem doesn't commit suicide that way, though she does kinda commit suicide in alternate dimension ways but it's more self sacrifice. Watch the show it'll explain it better I promise. Just know Subaru is hated, especially in the middle by everyone, but it gets better.
  5. yeah, the RE; Zero anime left me wanting more but I haven't checked out the webnovel yet, probably should. How could I forget those two? I really do think they were influenced a lot by Rem and Ram. I also think Jakob is inspired a bit from Black Butler.
  6. Dead or Alive 6 announced

    Huh, neat I guess, Being honest as a semi-fan who only got into this series to play with a friend the gameplay looks normal. However as much as I do enjoy fanservice I kinda like that they are getting rid of the jiggle physics, if I get it I can actually feel comfortable and play it in front of family, which is the main reason I haven't touched 5:LR is because of the jiggle physics and only occasionally play dimensions on my 3ds. Anyways that's a future release, I need to get good at blazblue before I pick up another fighting game series (cause Naga knows I'm terrible at street fighter and no longer as good at smash as I used to be)
  7. Best Ruler

    Awakening is 13, fates is 14, echoes is 15. I said 15 cause I said 2 earlier which is Gaiden
  8. Best Ruler

    I'll be obscure and go with Tibarn, a strong, but kind and smart leader and rightfully feared for his abilities. I know it's off topic but in my timeline theory that I believe in, FE 1,2, and 3 are ho aw the history books viewed the event while FE11,15, and 12 respectfully are how they actually happened, and this comes basically from it making sense some characters being forgotten (Ones like Kris, Katarina, Conrad,etc), the better reasoning on the situation in the remakes not being understood in history, as it's made for the general public, and mostly from fe 12, Kris does state at the end that they wish to be Marth's shadow and forgotten from history because Marth was the hero the people needed to idealize despite Marth really relying on the strength of others, also why would the Altean kingdom ever allow the truth of the assassination subplot on Marth to reach general public eyes, as it would make him look bad even though it was by Gharnef. That's just my theory though and is in no way canon though I think it makes sense.
  9. Yes to the Cordelia and Erza one and double yes to Hinoka and Lora. I really want them to hurry up with the RE: Zero anime purely because I need more of the story, but maybe I can wait till I clear out my anime backlog some more. Anyways my contribution to this, Clair from Echoes looks like Forte from Rune Factory 4, though with a bit more armor and a cape.
  10. I really need to try to play the dlc again, I think I beat the first map but not an A rank so have to redo it anyways. Enough of my talking though, congrats on beating the dlc despite how easy it seems for you. Oh boy Kloden, yep I remember that, good luck with that.
  11. I think the game heavily implies Kiran is of our world, with the examples given and the brave heroes referencing people cheering their names, which could be seen as the CYL poll.
  12. Who Would You Want To Be Your Mirage?

    I'd like Cordelia to be my mirage, but personality wise it'd probably be Stahl since me and him are pretty alike in most ways.
  13. E3 2018 Schedule/Discussion/Hype Thread

    I'm mostly excited for the Nintendo one obviously. I'm expecting smash news of course, that's like guaranteed, FE switch needs to be revealed if it's coming out this year, I'll probably expect Metroid Prime 4 to be talked about, but that's about all I have for revealed stuff. Maybe a trailer for Xenoblade 2's story dlc akin to BotW's Champions Ballad trailer. As for new stuff I want TMS#FEswitch port, a new Kid Icarus, a New Golden Sun, and that's about it for my expectations. I've learned hoping for a new Kid Icarus and Golden Sun is usually the most I can hope for. Also don't know if it will be at Square Enix or Nintendo but probably will talk a little about Octopath Traveler
  14. Confronting my dad about failing a class

    A way I got my parents to relate to my struggles was trying to explain the material to them or have them try to understand the material, often once they realize the stuff you're doing they're understanding and supportive. Heck my parents barely understood what was in my middle school math textbooks, and I'm taking tier 3 and 4 college math classes in the next school year.
  15. Your dream/joke crossovers and all-stars?

    So I have a roster idea, anyone familiar with the Project X Zone series? *sees lack of hand raises* well basically it's a crossover extravaganza game. And a brief history of it is that the series started off with a japan only game between capcom characters and bandai namco characters, which later expanded to include Sega, and in the most recent entry, Nintendo. Now they haven't confirmed a third game yet nor do I think one will happen with how PXZ2 ended with everything being solved. The exception is if they retcon some of the events that happened but that's besides the point. In short, the way they game is there are 2 character paired together that are set together, past examples include Ryu and Ken (street fighter), X and Zero(mega-man X), Yuri and Flynn (Tales of Vesperia), and sometimes there are oddballs, like Chun-Li and Morrigan (Street Fighter and Darkstalkers), Dante and Demitir(Devil May Cry and Darkstalkers), Chun-Li and Xiayou (Street Fighter and Tekken), and many other odd combos, though usually series stick together. There is also solo units that can be swapped between unit teams, examples include Heihachi(tekken), Estelle(tales of vesperia), Captain Commando (his name), Natsu (soulcalibar), Ulala (space channel 5), and often the solo unit does have a team to go to such as Alisa (god eater) going with Ciel and Nana (god eater 2), Vashyron/Leanne going with Zephyr and Leanne/Vashyron (resonance of fate), and so on. So I decided for my list of PXZ3 to keep most of the old cast (because their interactions are amazing) and almost double the roster from 2 with some newcomers and bringing back older entries. I will say that the list and games themselves do reference spoilers a lot, especially the Xeno series, also the games try to keep mostly realistic characters, which is why Sonic isn't in the series nor are pokemon and mario ones I'd expect to be included. Also keep in mind that this is my personal list and I know and doubt that if there ever was a 3rd PXZ game it wouldn't have half these characters.
  16. What happened to Alm's Falchion?

    Answering the main question here. If we take some liberties from awakening, such as the falchion only being able to seal grima for 1000 years or so with a goddess/divine dragon blessing, my headcanon is Thabes Labyrinth happened, and Alm used the Falchion on Grima, who is stated to vanish at that point (I still say the body is there but the game devs didn't program a body to remain) and that used the last of Mila's blessing on the falchion (of which I'm guessing the blessing at full power can slay a god such as Duma, but otherwise can only put them to sleep, no idea on why Naga can't do that or another theory, that blessing to kill a god is very limited and requires all of a gods lifeforce to perform) anyways Alm used the Falchion to defeat Grima and possibly sealed him in it to his lack of knowledge, him and Celica then unite Valentia or have already united it (another idea is they went to archanaea only after a few years had passed in order to unite Valentia and mainly brought their royal knights and the mercenaries once they were hired for the job since they were building their own kingdom) which lasts for about 1000 years before Grima reawakens, destroys the Falchion, and terrorizes Valentia to the point it is no longer united and starts to terrorize Archanaea before the first Exalt uses the Falchion and Naga's blessing to seal Grima away for 1000 years, then awakening happens.
  17. 'Shocking' news on May 31st?

    Based on rumors I've heard, it could be a major series reboot. I honestly wouldn't mind adventures getting the anime treatment, I at least enjoy early adventures a lot and haven't gotten to the newer ones yet.
  18. Cipher OCs in Heroes?

    I'd honestly like to see them get added, just they don't have much to work with in terms of who'll they'll be, Unless Randal gets an axe, he will probably be a lance cav. Emma could possibly be another sword flier but otherwise has no leeway. Shade I say has the most leeway being any mage type or a cleric. Yuzu has some if they possibly made her a infantry axe unit. I'm not too familiar with the newer ones so I don't know what classes they would be. As said I love to see them in but between the characters that need to be added (beast units, more older game reps, more fan favorites) it's unlikely for them and even if they probably won't have their own niche. I just wanted to briefly toss up a idea, what if them being slowly added to cipher means they have their designs and characters already established. And the way they could be added into heroes is if they were characters in FE switch, I know it's a longshot but it's a way to bring them into the mainline series besides being dlc in echoes, and them being in cipher earlier at least introduces them to some players.
  19. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    Sorry, I assumed VC4, I forgot that was a thing. Nothing I've heard on it coming to the west.
  20. So Valkyria Chronicles 4 has officially announced the Special Edition for the West. As seen in the image, the Special Edition comes with the game for the appropriate console, the collectors box, a 100 page artbook, the two dlc missions about squad 7, and a tank figure. Pre-orders for this and the normal game are open, and can be found on the official website. I would link it, but since it's a page where items can be bought I'm not sure if that's breaking rules so I'll leave it to discretion. The special edition and the normal game will be released in October, I believe Amazon has a date of the 21st while Gamestop has what I'm assuming is a placeholder of the 30th. The special edition costs $99.99 USD (likely a result of the tank figure). I have already ordered my special edition, and I've decided on the switch version since I'll likely play it more. So I wish all special edition hunters good luck and hope everyone is somewhat hyped for this game.
  21. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    I don't know if you didn't noticed the image or not fully read my first comment, but the switch version is coming to the west and is in fact the version I pre-ordered the Special Edition with. Also as stated the official website has links to pre-order the game with or without the special edition on all three consoles it's releasing on, PS4, XBox One, and the Switch. Nothing on PC/Steam yet but that'll probably happen after console release.
  22. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    Yep, definitely brought my interest back up. Funnily enough I was talking about VC4 and how I wanted a SE on a discord server yesterday, which was put down immediately, and low and behold it gets revealed the next day. I did say the Amazon and Gamestop dates but they do vary so who knows for certain, as you said it's at least in the fall so the wait isn't too much longer.
  23. Honestly I don't want big bosses in FE warriors or it's sequel, unless it's done a lot better, because spamming attacks at it after already barely clearing a maps objectives and going over in time because of that is not something I'd enjoy, and while a part of FE, most of FE is warriors against warriors, so no giant bosses would make it better.