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  1. Shadow Dragon Tips/Pointers/Tricks

    I guess another tip from an average FE fans experience with it, don't focus all your levels on 1-3 units like I did, that made it really hard come endgame. Also t should be noted that gaiden chapters aka paralogues in this game require a certain unit count in your amy, basically to access the gaiden chapters you have to kill off units. The first example is you lose one unit in the prologues, I'm not referring to an scripted event btw, so you lose one unit besides whatever scripting to get this character. I know this gaiden requirements honestly are terrible and I never let anyone die cause that's how I play FE.
  2. I'd definitely say Grima for their expanded lore. The only other one I can think of is Female Corrin in warriors.
  3. DLC in the ds games?

    I wasn't fully sure on how they were unlocked but makes sense. Well thanks for the link and confirmation on stuff, I myself have no use for it as I already beat FE12 but others can use it. I have never heard of spoofing the internet connection and doubt I could do it so Shadow Dragon will remain basic for me.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I did not know about Seiren so more to flip out about. So funny thing I've learned is (and works here), you can dodge all one hit kill moves by moving to the side and you'll barely live or run out of it's range, I've done that and they just sit there until they go back to neutral position. I did that on the final boss and ended up killing it without a chain attack due to this being postgame. But yeah that's a strat, That part did anger me first time through so on the second attempt I made sure to end the final boss.
  5. DLC in the ds games?

    So no dlc in terms of buying content. There was the online shop (which cost in game gold) which in shadow dragon was the only way to get Elysian whips legitly and have falcon knights. New Mystery also had an online shop but didn't sell anything not already in the game, just extra copies. Also I think it has downloadable bonus chapters originally from the satellaview and some bonus characters I think, of which IDK how to get the characters but the rom of FE12 I used did have the bonus chapters mentioned. It is also common knowledge that of course the internet capabilities of the ds are dead and the shops can no longer be accessed. This can all probably be bypassed with hacking of course but IDK if you're up to that or capable of that.
  6. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I'll put mine in spoiler just to save room, uniques:58. All in total: 70 There are some I need to evolve (grand hero battle units, tempest trial units, many 4* units) so the number can go up. Most of the characters I'm missing are 5* only or seasonals. List Below in spoiler in case anyone wants to know
  7. Skyward Sword for switch is rumored to be at E3 I personally want to see Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch port, Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn remake/port, then 3 obscure games I want on the switch, Valkyria Chronicles 3 port, Super Robot Taisen OG saga endless frontier exceed port, and Namco X Capcom remake. Also Xenosaga collection. I would also love it if FE12 happened to be released even on VC but it'll never happen. For changes TMS would need the update to not have the gamepad reliance of the wii-u, and the others are fine.
  8. General Mario Kart series thread

    Is it just me but whenever I play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe even after a long hiatus I always get first place? Then usually top 5 every time but always the first match online I get 1st 95% of the time. Anyways ds is an old classic for me since I remember spending so much time playing that with friends. 7 was a nice game and fun but the online was meh. 8 deluxe is by far the best one I've played.
  9. Most Powerful Unit in Fire Emblem

    If I recall this right the single most powerful hit in FEwas dealt out by a specifically built Male Morgan. It was over 600 damage. Otherwise I'd say it'd probably be one of the more recent lords due to the higher stat caps then the other games.
  10. Games that need a remaster/remake?

    Something to note, I feel like Xenoblade 2 did a better job of keeping all the characters relevant, yeah there is less than XB1 but they are kept more relevant.
  11. Games that need a remaster/remake?

    So the themes I honestly enjoy a lot are Silver Fallen Angel (Excellen's theme), Ash to Ash (Lamia and Aschens theme and nearly every version I like), All Correct (Haken), Fairy Dan-cing/ Fairy Rom Antic (I don't know who's theme this is in the original games I just know Niege has a remade version of it in Exceed), So Close Yet So Far Away, Dark Knight (I believe to be Axels theme), and of course Infinity at the Area Where it Exceeds. I guess Kaguya's theme too but preferably the Exceed version. I'm considering getting Moon Dwellers as well eventually.
  12. Games that need a remaster/remake?

    Man all this talk about Xenosaga has me hoping something happens with it. Whether it being a 4th game or a remastered/port. Something I remember reading a while ago though, Bandai Namco sold its shares of Monolith Soft to Nintendo a few years back (after Nintendo had claimed most of Monolith), now I don't know if that means Nintendo just has more access to the studio and the IP (Xenosaga in this point) or it it's just the studio and the IPs are still with Bandai Namco. Sources: Record pages of 2010 and 2011 showing shares have changed hands (In japanese so translate or knowledge will be useful). Either way I hope something is possible they bring back Xenosaga so it can be more easily experienced. 2010: 2011:
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  14. Games that need a remaster/remake?

    Who wouldn't? After all I enjoy both Xenoblades a lot (still need to eventually beat the first one) and their work in the Namco X Capcom series.
  15. Games that need a remaster/remake?

    MAKE IT PLATINUM HD Anyways in other games I would like to see a remastered or brought over port, Namco X Capcom (only on ps2 in japan only), Super Robot Wars Endless Frontier + Sequel of the same name but with Exceed (played through part of the first one and was fun enough but the sequel takes it up to 110 instead of 100), Xenosaga episodes I,II, and III. (Hey KOS-MOS is becoming more popular due to Xenoblade 2 so why not), Valkyria Chronicles 3 (Besides getting it in english, the game finally getting graphics better than the psp would make it probably the best in the series due to story tone and most balanced gameplay), and my personal hope/pick, FE12 (I don't care how bad it would be, how low the chances are, I want FE12 remade, literally a english port would be fine, I enjoyed the game too much and constantly say it needs to be better known and liked) Super Robot Wars, basically imagine kinda the gameplay of FE, but with mechs, a lot more flashy animations, and with more dimensions than three zelda timelines. Also very great music.
  16. Awakening's reputation precedes it. An insane thing I saw today.

    That is crazy, I got a used copy from gamestop like a year or two ago and it was only like 35 USD. Granted it was mostly for more save files and to get the case since I had originally gotten awakening for $27 USD digitally back at E3 2015 sale
  17. Seeing Delthea take no2 like the amazing mage she is.
  18. Hey @Ertrick36, It's fine. I understand things getting tedious and not wanting to continue on with them. I'll be waiting patiently for any updates whenever they may be, just try to keep up the good work and I understand. Also it may just be my file but Elysse is actually best lancer, she continually 1 shots tanks without hitting the radiator even late game. I'm going to go back to my file soonish and work on it more as well actually (I got distracted by warriors and xenoblade 2 for a while) in anticipation of 4's japan release next month. Also it's been confirmed Edy and squad 7 are in the game too, at least through bonus stuff in the collectors edition that we have no word of in the west let alone a release date in the west.
  19. Rena Strober singing Lost in Thoughts

    Wow Rena really puts a lot into her role. I knew she took Azura's role very seriously but I didn't know of this and I appreciate her performing this.
  20. The Grimleal Religion

    I wasn't referring to that but this In New Mystery, Tiki is in the army before chapter 22 (presumably) and you get Nagi in 22 so they have met. I take it you were referring to shadow dragon since that's how you unlock Nagi in that game. Anyways while they may have no interaction literally the only characters that do interact after their introduction or other character recruitment are Marth, Jagen, and Kris. So while it may not be showed there probably was some type of interaction.
  21. The Grimleal Religion

    You forget you can get everyone in new mystery. Tiki and Nagi can co-exist. As said the seal may have prevented Gharnef from sensing it. Also are we sure it's the same city of Thabes? Cause in echoes it is destroyed/abandoned, but in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery it is not in the same condition. I'll just say that the Falchions and Divine Dragons/deities throughout the Archanaea games may or may not vary a lot between games and what is actually "canon" or known. I'll mention Star Wars, which is basically in several conflicts of it's own including pre-disney lore (EU/Legends), The Clone Wars (mostly conflicting a lot with legends). and the New Trilogy (again conflicting with legends and a lot of OG trilogy stuff). Ultimately I want to say believe what you want to believe, I think what I've said above about Grima and just so anyone with Star Wars knowledge I believe in most of the clone wars stuff mixing between the two with some altercations and I believe in the Mara Jade storyline that the new canon threw out.
  22. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    So been a while since I posted so I figured I'd give an update on my progress for comparison
  23. Thank Lord Arceus!!

    If it's the one both me and Dragoncat are thinking of, it was bloody hard. I barely made it after much planning and it drove me to literally get all my main units to level 20 promoted immediately afterwards out of frustration.
  24. Do you sell your games and/or systems?

    I sell or trade-in games I don't really want or ones that were bad purchase. The only notable ones I've traded in were some random wii games (think the biggest name in there was a dragonquest spin off), Animal crossing ds (younger me enjoyed it briefly but grew to hate it and is still how I feel today), Mario 64 ds (I wasn't a platformer guy until recently and even then only somewhat do I like them), there was some random minigame filled game that I got rid of due to all my progress getting deleted somehow (I'm an only child and usually never reset games so IDK it had a new file on it too in mine's spot), and then the one time I got a dupe of a game. There was the time my family sold our SNES a few years back and while I liked it for street fighter 2 turbo and wario woods we rarely played it enough to justify keeping. I still honestly wish we had it as I did enjoy street fighter and feel like now I would appreciate it more beyond spamming (at least if DOA, Smash 4, and SFV have taught me anything is that I enjoy a decent fighting game, probably why I'm hyped for Blazblue somewhat)
  25. The Grimleal Religion

    Well we're just assuming divine weapons need additional power to slay gods. Did she outright kill the gods or combat the gods? Cause if it's combat it could mean just mean sealing. Though all of this could all be wrong for what we know. I feel like in personality Chrom matches Sigurd but I don't think Sigurd ever met Tiki so Seliph is an possibility. The only reason I brought in Ike was aether and his radiant dawn ending along with the outrealm gates being present in awakening. All we definitely know of the the royal family tree is Anri, Marth's father, Marth marrying Caeda, his sister Elice, then later Chrom, whoever he marries (for "canon" reasons lets say Sumia), Lissa, whoever she marries, Emmeryn, Lucina, Cynthia (by the Sumia option), Owain, Male Robin (who is the "canon" Robin and marries Lucina), and by that extension Morgan. This honestly is raising more questions that need an explanation. I'd say Forneus was human and so was the senate. They could have possibly been the precursors to the divine dragons (which could explain that Alchemy that created Grima also created the divine dragons) and have been long before any game in the timeline. Though that is just a unlikely possibility.