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  1. Let's have fun with "What If-s"

    So what if Robin somehow ate a second seal due to Morgan's pranks?
  2. Attack the Poster Below!

    *Quickly summons Agnes and has her cast Stillness before the attacks hit Waits for effects to wear off *Quickly throws a stun grenade and then activates 125% Blood Rage and targets the next poster before attacking
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Well I did my free summon on genealogy, low and behold the 5* Effie that appeared (not like I had a 4* one on day one) Also update, I have managed to pull PA Inigo and Azura, still working on Olivia/Shigure (I really want Olivia). Funnily enough both of those have some of the worse natures, both being -spd +def.
  4. How Far Can We Count Before A Mod Shows Up (the answer was 703)

    14 Oh Apotheosis, what an experience, Limit breaker alone won't make it easy, it helps, but having Brave Weapons with ma might and then focus on hit, always make sure everyone has full hp. Also tonics can help as well. I've beaten the normal path with non-optimal pairings, but overall Apotheosis requires a lot of planning to take on the secret route. I still need to do the secret route. I recommend watching omegaevolutions playthrough to get some strategies to beat it.
  5. How Far Can We Count Before A Mod Shows Up (the answer was 703)

    Ah I feel bad for you, growing up with the series has been interesting at least. My parents supported it as they knew it was just fantasy, they just recalled my ds whenever I got too into and was ignoring everything else and getting the games half done in a day. I will forever defend Platinum though, as due to nostalgia and it actually being one of (if not the) best main series games. Haven't played Snap but I know it's a favorite for many. I'll be honest I'm in that stage now where being a long time fan makes you feel old and you don't belong, so my hype for pokemon games is low compared to when I used to play nothing but it (actually true, I used to only play Pokemon until high school sadly, I thank the gods for smash 4 existing and getting me out of my pokemon centered world, all it took was Fire Emblem to do it too, well that and Zelda and Kid Icarus and Xenoblade, basically all my favorite series nowadays overtook pokemon in my heart, well smash 4 didn't get me into God Eater and Valkyria Chronicles, that was due to Fire Emblem cause crossover game, I'll stop rambling now) 289
  6. Need help with a trade evolution.

    Yeah that's me, I was waiting for you to pop up
  7. Need help with a trade evolution.

    Okay I'm getting on, I don't see you in my plaza, but let me double check (this is why I prefer X/Ys link thing)
  8. Need help with a trade evolution.

    So my FC is 5387-0292-4872. It'll adjust to my irl name since that's what I put as my mii. Is there anything in particular you need for your dex so the trade will double benefit you? I might have something in my pc even though I hardly play sun and haven't completed the national dex yet.
  9. Need help with a trade evolution.

    Hey I can get on sun real quick and help you do it, I'll be right on. Do you want to do the Friendcode exchange?
  10. How Far Can We Count Before A Mod Shows Up (the answer was 703)

    I honestly say wait till November 20th for the new one. For starters more content, better graphics, all dlc is free, all 3 star wars eras, class based system so specialized roles, balance- by that people can buy loot crates and unlock stuff in their inventory, but can't use it until the appropriate rank/level, which means it's not pay to win, everyone starts off the same and can earn the same things, plus the best stuff in the game will have to be earned, campaign. The old one was just the original era +rogue one, only certain stuff was op while everything else was trash, dlc cost money until they made it free for the new game, no single player, glitchy a lot of the time, powerup pickups just ugh. Compared to the new one the old is really a breath of fresh air. I played the open and closed beta last week and it feels a lot better then the last game in just a beta, I actually enjoyed myself playing it compared to the previous one. 278
  11. How Far Can We Count Before A Mod Shows Up (the answer was 703)

    276 Coming back late, but I am also a big Star Wars nerd, I did grow out of between 2012ish to 2015 (mainly due to episode 7) then fell out of it until this year with Battlefront 2 reviving my love (I get to be an HD clone trooper, so entirely worth) the Clone Wars was by far my favorite era, even though he's not in BF2 yet, I hope Rex is a hero at some point (or can we go old school and bring back the early 2000s clone wars with Arc Captain Fordo) Oh hey Tailow, cool I guess (Not Lucario cool, funnily enough, Lucario isn't even my favorite pokemon, just the one I identify the most with, definitely second favorite though)
  12. How Would You Fix Such-and-Such Class?

    Give pegasus knights higher strength caps
  13. Favorite games by letter

    Not sure if I've played a game that fits every letter but here goes Azure Striker Gunvolt (though I haven't played it yet) Bravely Default Code of Princess Dead or Alive (filler basically since I've only played dimensions) Etrian Odyssey (another filler) Fire Emblem Awakening God Eater 2 Rage Burst Hyrule Warriors I (I got nothing) J (I got nothing) Kid Icarus Uprising Lego Battles (cause why not) Mario Galaxy Namco X Capcom (Haven't played it yet due to region lock but it's here hands down) O (I got nothing) Pokemon Platinum (shout out to Project X Zone 2) Q (I got nothing) Rune Factory 4 Smash 4 Tales of Vesperia U (just going to put Ultra Street Fighter 2 here since I do plan on getting that) Valkyria Chronicles Wario Woods (cause it's the only W game I have ever played) Xenoblade Chronicles Yugioh Zelda: Skyward Sword # (I got nothing)
  14. How Far Can We Count Before A Mod Shows Up (the answer was 703)

    227 Nah got discontinued after season 6, with that season only airing on netflix due to Disney buying Lucasfilm and wanting to get Rebels started
  15. Badly describe your favourite characters

    Female: Person who can't run worth anything. Is worried about her body. Tries but fails to get noticed by someone. Probably has PTSD. Doesn't approve of relying on plants. Constantly tries to one-up everyone. Male: Average guy, suffers from being forgotten about along with probably diabetes. Also has the worse nights sleeping. Is surprisingly helpful in times of need though.
  16. Would YOU like to see a Second generation?

    I honestly say No. I do like how Awakening utilized them (and Genealogy opinion is based off others) But ultimately I feel they've become redundant with Fates doing it in a not as good way. If they can make it so they make sense and are actually plot important (Awakening kinda did this with Lucina telling you she brought other allies back in time with her) but mostly they did nothing besides being great units.
  17. Dang it Edy you had one job and you blew it! You were already a rising star so that's why they targeted you and sadly you'll never attain your dreams of Stardom. At least not as soon once you get out of the Ragnaid tank (since assuming it works like Bacta). I remember this. He is a Sniper, I remember as I had moved Edy ahead enough to Flank that I accidentally found him and Edy killed him instantly. Man all this talk of Edy makes me want to use her even more in Valkyria (but she's already deployed on every map as it is)
  18. Favorite soundtracks?

    Sacred Stones by far has the most favorite tracks I like (Comrades, The Battle Must be Won, Powerful Foe, Princes Despair, Arena theme, the Final Battle, most of the map themes, Ray of Hope). Blazing Sword is probably next (Rise to the challenge, Strike, Across the Plains, Eliwoods map theme). Then Echoes (all the versions of the battle theme, Heritors of Arcadia, What Lies at the End, Undaunted Heroes, Cipher theme, Unity), New Mystery (Tearing Shadows, Dark Emperor Hardin, Chris's map theme), Then Awakening (ID Purpose, ID Hope, Conquest, Champion, Duty) followed by Fates (Dusk Falls, Shigure End of All, Alight, Perplexing Dreams, Road Taken, Thorn in You, Path of the Hero King) and then Shadow Dragon (We've got Trouble, Together we Ride, Map 1) I have yet to fully experience PoR/RD but shout outs to the Devoted. As for other game's soundtracks, have you guys not heard Xenoblade Chronicles and Bravely Defaults?! Also honorably mention to Kid Icarus Uprising.
  19. Grape-Kun has Passed Away

    Rest in piece little guy.
  20. Duma is Loptyr? (MAJOR SPOILERS for FE4 and Echoes!)

    Huh, never knew that is was set that Genealogy/Thracia happened before Anri. Well that's an edit to my timeline theory (doesn't impact much tbh, just their placement) I did know that Echoes takes place after Shadow Dragon, I'm not that daft. (Plus I did play Shadow Dragon and Echoes) That is true, though as you said Anna does appear in those separate universes. I just see Anna as a constant in the many possibilities that is the FE timeline. I honestly think that the timelines all emerged from different events happening during a version of their scouring or something similar, results in different gods being in power, different legendary weapons (such as the presence of the Falchion or an equivalent, like the Tyrfing), different people that resemble each other in different timelines (Harken, Astram, Isadora, Midia, the red/green cavaliers, Wyvern Rider with Wyvern names of other Wyvern Riders) But I guess Jake doesn't confirm it given they didn't even bother to give him his own portrait.
  21. Separate Pokemon anime for older fans?

    I have not played Orre but I know of the Shadow Pokemon and it could be interesting. Ranger Games Spoilers
  22. Duma is Loptyr? (MAJOR SPOILERS for FE4 and Echoes!)

    Can I get proof of that year placement? If I remember right 1000 years before Echoes matches up roughly with Anri slaying Medeus. Also don't Anna and Jake appear in Genealogy? (Checks) Jake does at least, and I assume it's the same Jake. So wouldn't that make Genealogy/Thracia happen either right before or after Echoes? Anyways I don't think they are the same (Different Dragon names for example) Though I do remember a theory being tossed around that the remnants of the Duma faithful took over the dreadlord control magic and later became the Grima Faithful (due to the Creation in echoes) though that hasn't been confirmed
  23. Separate Pokemon anime for older fans?

    I know of the Pokemon Adventures Manga being localized (I myself having the first 8 issues) and it's definitely darker then the games from what I remember. As a young child I grew up with Pokemon, it's made me a gamer and has impacted my life. So I of course watched the anime, so gen 1 - gen 4 I watched. Gen 5 I watched to a point but it didn't interest me. Insert Rant Gen 6 basically got my hopes up, Ash actually looked like he had aged some despite still being 10, this was the series that introduced Mega Evolution and hence I thought maybe Ash would get good enough this time to actually win the league. I stopped watching after Korrina's episode due to Ash not getting a Lucario plus life stuff (I was so mad, it would have been perfect since the games have Korrina with 2 Lucario and Ash is a powerful Aura user, just not trained) I came back to watch the Kalos league, and the way Ash lost was utter crap. First off Alan's Charizard took a massive thunderbolt from Pikachu before mega evolving, so it did do super effective damage. Then it went up against basically a Mega Greninja while Mega evolving itself, so while Greninja had no type advantage, it did had type resistance to Charizard, and assuming Pikachu did about 1/3-1/2 of Charizards health, Ash should have won due to Greninja having higher hp, higher avoid (ninja) and using special attacks (Charizards aren't bulky, especially in Special Defense, which is Greninja's specialty besides speed). Okay rant over. So yeah, unless they gave us a anime where Ash doesn't suck and isn't forever stuck in marketing land, then I'd be happy. But overall a newer, better anime for veteran fans would be great, I wouldn't even mind if they made Pokemon Adventures an anime given I love adventures (Only have the first 8 volumes, would like to get more but I'm trying to get them in order). Also can we be real and say a Ranger Anime would be amazing. Give us another Ranger Game Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokemon Company/Creatures Inc or even a Mystery Dungeon one (There was a short one of Mystery Dungeon if I remember right)