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  1. I always thought Nephenee was super overrated. She's not. She's a monster in Radiant Dawn, and is worthy of my praise. Plz come home Nephenee. Those two -Atk Oscars aren't enough for me.
  2. Some characters NOT from Fire Emblem Steven: Child Of The Stars (Infantry, Sword) Description: The son of the infamous rebel Rose Quartz. He's half gem, half human, giving him an array of powers. Compassionate and pacifistic, he prefers to not harm others if it can be avoided. Stats: 38/30/25/35/30 Weapon: Rose's Sword - 16 Might. Grants Defense/Resistance +3 When Attacked Special Skill: Rose's Shield - 3 Cooldown. Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from adjacent foes by 80%. Passive Skills: Close Defense Gem's Blessing: Unit is immune to out of combat damage (Fury, Poison Strike, Savage Blow, etc.) (Non-Inheritable) Breath Of Life Thor: Prince Of Asgard (Infantry, Axe) Description: The prince of Asgard, the realm of the gods. Uses his godly might to defend those in need. Brash, short-tempered, and fearless. Stats: 40/36/29/33/20 Weapon: Mjolnir - 16 Might. Unit automatically makes a follow-up when at HP ≤ 50% and attacking a foe that can counter. Special Skill: Blazing Thunder Passive Skills: Odin Force: Unit gains Special cooldown charge +1 per attack. (Non-Inheritable) Wrath Savage Blow Samus: Legendary Bounty Hunter (Armored, Lance) Description: A feared and respected bounty hunted who travels across the galaxy. Quiet, and is often mistaken for a man by her employers due to rarely removing her helmet. Stats: 38/35/30/35/30 Weapon: Chozo Lance - 16 Might. Speed + 3. Accelerates unit's special trigger -1 Special Skill: Energy Blast - Cooldown 4. Grants +80% to unit's attack. Passive Skills: Steady Blow Chozo Physiology: Grants the movement type of an Infantry unit. (Non-Inheritable) Hone Attack
  3. @Rezzy You're not the only one. I think Oscar is the best green cav in the series. Forde is the best red cav in my humble opinion. Sure I already have Clive and Camus, but why not add more Lance Cavs to my army!
  4. Still no Laguz, but a great banner overall. I quite like all of these characters. Though why no Kieran? If you're going to add Oscar, you'd have to add him. Maybe he's a tempest trial reward. (Is it too much to ask for Naesala though)
  5. More Characters! Valbar: Reliable Shield (Lance, Armored) Stats: 50/38/27/38/15 Weapon: Silver Lance+ Special Skill: Pavise Passive Skills: Armored Blow, Gravity Ploy Kamui: Aimless Drifter (Sword, Infantry) Stats: 36/36/36/30/20 Weapon: Wyrmslayer+: 12 Might, Effective Against Dragons Assist Skill: Swap Passive Skills: Steady Blow, Live For Bounty Kliff: Studious Peer (Blue Tome, Infantry) Stats: 32/30/39/26/26 Weapon: Thoron+ Special Skill: Holy Vestments Passive Skills: Swift Strike, Seal Resistance Julian: Noble Thief (Dagger, Infantry) Stats: 32/36/38/25/16 Weapon: Brave Dagger+: 6 Might, Speed -5, Allows Consecutive Attacks. Special Skill: Raging Tempest: 4 Cooldown. Damage Is Increased By 50% Of Unit's Speed. Passive Skills: Life And Death, Gentilhomme: All Female Allies Within Two Spaces Receive +3 Defense/Resistance During Combat. Lena: Macedon's Angel (Staff, Infantry) Stats: 31/30/35/20/33 Weapon: Sleep: 5 Might. Afflicted Units Cannot Attack Or Move For One Turn. Assist Skill: Physic Special Skill: Serene Mist Balm: All Allies Gain +2 Attack/Resistance For One Turn Passive Skills: Demoiselle: All Male Allies Within Two Spaces Receive +3 Strength/Speed During Combat. Wolf: Aurelian Hero (Bow, Cavalry) Stats: 32/35/32/25/21 Weapon: Slaying Bow+ Special Skill: Dragon Fang Passive Skills: Fury, Hone Speed Sedgar: Aurelian Star (Bow, Cavalry) Stats: 32/32/35/21/25 Weapon: Slaying Bow+ Special Skill: Cutting Breeze: 3 Cooldown. Damage Is Increased By 30% Of Unit's Speed. Passive Skills: Attack/Speed+, Hone Attack
  6. We're missing Forsyth, who's the green Christmas Knight for Echoes/Gaiden, so please IS. Also, give me Python. Edit: Oops, double post.
  7. You forgot Elincia and Micaiah.
  8. I really like making these Sain: Emerald Spear (Cavalry, Lance) Stats: 37/38/31/28/20 Weapon: Slaying Lance+ Special Skill: Escutcheon Passive Skills: Darting Blow, Hone Attack Kent: Crimson Shield (Cavalry, Sword) Stats: 38/32/34/25/25 Weapon: Slaying Edge+ Special Skill: Holy Vestments Passive Skills: Death Blow, Hone Speed Alen: Reckless Knight (Cavalry, Sword) Stats: 40/35/30/30/19 Weapon: Firesweep Sword+ Assist Skill: Shove Passive Skills: Fire Boost, Seal Defense Lance: Calm Knight (Cavalry, Lance) Stats: 40/30/36/28/20 Weapon: Firesweep Lance+ Assist Skill: Swap Passive Skills: Wind Boost, Seal Attack Lugh: Child Of Anima (Infantry, Green Tome) Stats: 35/30/35/18/30 Weapon: Gronnwolf+ Assist Skill: Rally Speed Passive Skills: Warding Blow, Red Tomebreaker Chad: Lycian Lynx (Infantry, Dagger) Stats: 35/30/37/25/22 Weapon: Poison Dagger+ Special Skill: Vengeance Passive Skills: Pass, Savage Blow Lute: Prodigious Mage (Infantry, Blue Tome) Stats: 30/35/30/18/35 Weapon: Excalibur Special Skill: Iceberg Passive Skills: Speed +3, Threaten Resistance Garcia: Warrior Reborn (Infantry, Axe) Stats: 45/39/28/28/18 Weapon: Garm: 16 Might. Speed +3. Unit is immune to movement based skills (Knock Back, Drag Back, Lunge, etc.) Special Skill: Blazing Flame Passive Skills: Fury, Threaten Speed Joshua: Tempest King (Infantry, Sword) Stats: 38/31/37/22/28 Weapon: Audhulma: 16 Might. Grants Resistance +3. Unit takes 7 less damage from ranged attacks (Bows, Staves, Daggers, Tomes). Special Skill: Glacies Passive Skills: Desperation, Threaten Defense L’Arachel: Light Of Rausten: (Cavalry, Staff) Stats: 33/29/32/17/32 Weapon: Latona: 12 Might. Grants +3 HP. Damage dealt by this unit is calculated the same as other weapons. Assist Skill: Rehabilitate Special Skills: Heavenly Light Passive Skills: Live To Serve Oscar: Agile Horseman: (Cavalry, Lance) Stats: 38/30/35/28/23 Weapon: Ridersbane+ Assist Skill: Rally Speed Passive Skills: Vantage, Ward Cavalry Kieran: Veteran Knight: (Cavalry, Axe) Stats: 40/35/28/33/18 Weapon: Poleaxe+ Assist Skill: Rally Strength Passive Skills: Brash Assault, Goad Cavalry Boyd: Mighty Soldier (Infantry, Axe) Stats: 42/38/30/32/15 Weapon: Slaying Axe+ Assist Skill: Smite Passive Skills: Brash Assault, Drive Attack Rolf: Faithful Student (Infantry, Bow) Stats: 35/33/36/28/22 Weapon: Hunter's Bow+: 12 Might, Effective against cavalry units and flying units. Special Skill: Cutting Breeze: 3 Charge. Increases damage dealt by 30% of unit's speed Passive Skills: Darting Blow, Seal Defense/Resistance Shinon: Deadly Adept (Infantry, Bow) Stats: 35/35/35/25/17 Weapon: Silencer: 14 Might. Effective Against Fliers. Grants Speed/Attack +3 Special Skill: Raging Tempest: 4 charge. Increases damage dealt by 50% of unit's speed. Passive Skills: Death Blow, Savage Blow
  9. Use your best guess as to who I'm supporting. My main team is Eliwood, Clive, Nino, and Innes, so I'll just figure out where to go from there. I'd imagine Innes would get pretty annoyed at Nino though.
  10. Some Random Characters I've Made: Luthier: Awkward Mage (Infantry, Blue Tome) Stats: 35/37/25/20/30 Weapon: Saggitae+: 12 Might. Allows unit to attack up to three spaces away. Special cooldown +1 Assist Skill: Rally Attack Passive Skills: Triangle Adept, Seal Speed/Resistance Tatiana: Lovestruck Saint (Infantry, Staff) Stats: 32/30/32/17/35 Weapon: Absorb Assist Skill: Physic Special Skill: Heavenly Light Passive Skills: Drive Resistance Ethlyn: Paladin’s Sister (Cavalry, Staff) Stats: 30/30/34/20/30 Weapon: Pain Assist Skill: Recover Special Skill: Cool Ice Balm: Grants +3 Defense/Resistance To All Allies. Passive Skill: Calming Staff: Erase All Stat Bonuses (Rally, Fortify, Etc.) On The Unit You Attacked. Lex: Lordling Of Dozel (Cavalry, Axe) Stats: 40/38/25/35/16 Weapon: Brave Axe+ Special Skill: Ignis Passive Skills: Sturdy Blow, Brash Assault Azelle: Fire Of Youth (Cavalry, Red Tome) Stats: 32/32/35/20/27 Weapon: Raudrraven+ Special Skill: Growing Flame Passive Skills: Desperation, Red Tome Valor Tailtiu: Child Of Thunder (Infantry, Blue Tome) Stats: 30/29/37/19/32 Weapon: Blarraven+ Special Skill: Blazing Thunder Passive Skills: Wrath: When unit is under 50% HP, Grants -1 To Special Cooldown When Attacked, Or When Attacking, Blue Tome Valor Lewyn: Bard Of Gales (Infantry, Green Tome) Stats: 32/31/38/17/31 Weapon: Forseti: 14 Might. Grants +3 To Speed. Unit Automatically Makes A Follow Up When Below 50% HP. Assist Skill: Play Passive Skills: Desperation, Hone Speed Bors: Wall Of Ostia (Armored, Lance) Stats: 45/32/35/38/19 Weapon: Brave Lance+ Assist Skill: Rally Defense Passive Skills: Steady Blow, Spur Speed/Defense Wolt: Arrow Of Bonds (Infantry, Bow) Stats: 38/33/33/22/22 Weapon: Firesweep Bow+ Special Skill: Luna Passive Skills: Seal Speed/Defense, Speed Smoke Legault: The Hurricane Stats: 34/27/38/18/30 Weapon: Hurricane Dagger: 11 Might. Inflicts Defense/Resistance -5 on foe after combat. After combat, all units within two spaces take 4 damage. Special Skill: Iceberg Passive Skills: Poison Strike, Defense Smoke
  11. I'm so happy that Ike won! He's my third favorite lord, so I'm happy with the outcome. Still pretty peeved off that Lyn got beat by Whoremilla though.
  12. My ID is 8907438232. Add me if you support team Hector!
  13. I am not alone.
  14. I'm expecting Lyn or Ike to win. Camilla and Tharja stand no chance! Death to fanservice!
  15. I'm super torn between Ike and Lyn, they're some of my favorite lords, but I can't have both.