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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    If it’s married characters, maybe Eliwood could get a shot to win? He probably still won’t though. :(
  2. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Decided to make even more FE7 Characters. Renault - Burdened Bishop (Infantry, Blue Tome) Description: A bishop wandering The Dread Isle. Shrouded in mystery, and has a troubled past. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Stats: 36/29/34/28/30 Weapon: Luce - 14 Might. 16 Might. If foe's HP is 100% when combat starts, unit receives Attack/Speed+2 during combat. Assist Skill: Reciprocal Aid Passive Skills: Red Tomebreaker, Breath Of Life Dart - Badon's Commando (Infantry, Axe) Description: An amnesiac pirate who is also Rebecca's brother. Foulmouthed, yet kind. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Stats: 45/38/35/25/15 Weapon: Brave Axe+ Special Skill: Dragon Fang Passive Skills: Life And Death, Brash Assault Erk - Studious Mage (Infantry, Red Tome) Description: An Etrurian Mage and a student of Pent. Charming, but very uptight. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Stats: 36/32/35/20/26 Weapon: Raudrraven+ Assist Skill: Swap Passive Skills: Triangle Adept, Threaten Speed Geitz - The Wanderer (Infantry, Axe) Description: A nihilistic warrior on a journey of self-discovery. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Stats: 43/35/32/28/20 Weapon: Slaying Axe+ Special Skill: Blazing Thunder Passive Skills: Sturdy Blow, Axebreaker Harken - Troubled Warrior (Infantry, Sword) Description: The sole survivor of Pherae's Knights. A troubled individual with various mental issues. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Stats: 40/35/32/32/19 Weapon: Brave Sword+ Special Skill: Draconic Aura Passive Skills: Death Blow, Seal Speed/Defense
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    Ugh. Since Karel lost I'll go Team Soren. He is my second favorite character in this gauntlet, and I want to beat Takumi.
  4. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Decided To Completely Remake My OC. Ethan: The Lord Of Gems (Infantry, Sword) Description: A globetrotting adventurer from Pherae, in the Lycian League. Dubbed "The Lord Of Gems" for his love of gems and jewels. Stats: 38/36/34/34/16 Weapon: Ulfberht - 16 Might. Slows special cooldown (special cooldown +1). Adds total bonuses on unit to damage dealt. Ethan's most prized sword. Special Skill: Glimmer Passive Skills: A) Sturdy Blow B) Guard
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    If Karel loses I'm either going to Soren or Katarina. It depends on the outcome.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    You are both wrong. Titania and Olwen and the best girls.
  7. Create a CYL Hero!

    CYL Marth could be either his promoted version from Warriors or we could have pantsless Marth from FE1. Maybe they could give him a horse. CYL Celica and Alm would be their Overclasses. Celica could have a sword and Alm could have a bow. CYL Sigurd could maybe be an infantry lancer? Just get rid of his horse and give him that lance that's named after him from Awakening. CYL Seliph would be Knight Lord Seliph (Obviously). he could also have a lance since his regular version has a sword. CYL Leif could be Master Knight Leif from FE4. CYL Eliwood could either be FE6 Eliwood, or his special outfit he wears in his epilogue. CYL Hector could either be FE6 Hector, or his special outfit that he wears in his epilogue. CYL Eirika and Ephraim would be their promoted versions. CYL Micaiah could be her Third Tier outfit. CYL Elincia would be and infantry staff unit, like she is in one of her Cipher cards, and she'd have her unarmored outfit from FE9. CYL Chrom would be his promoted version, and he could either have a spear, or the Exalted Falchion CYL F!Corrin (Ugh) could be Nohr Noble Corrin, and could use tomes. CYL M!Corrin (Ugh) could be Hoshido Noble Corrin, and could use staves.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    I hope Karel slices Takumi into little tiny pieces. I don't like Takumi. He's literally Innes + Shinon + Inferiority Complex. You can bet my blood is roiling right now. Edit: If Karel wins against Takumi, someone needs to draw Karel chopping up a pineapple.
  9. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Decided To Make Some More FE4 Characters, More Specifically, Those With Holy Blood. I Also Redid My Lewyn And Quan. Claud: Duke Of Edda (Infantry, Staff) Stats: 36/32/28/18/35 (149 Total) Weapon: Silence - 8 Might. Eliminates All Stat Bonuses On The Target. (I felt sealing a unit's magic for one turn is too harsh) Assist Skill: Valkyria - Heals Unit To Full Health And Eliminates All Stat Penalties. (Not Inheritable) Special Skill: Heavenly Light Passive Skill: Live To Serve Lewyn: Wandering Prince (Infantry, Green Tome) Stats: 33/30/39/17/30 (149 Total) Weapon: Foresti - 14 Might. Grants +3 To Speed. Unit Makes A Guaranteed Follow Up Attack When At 50% Health Or Lower That Can Counter. Special Skill: Iceberg Passive Skills: Swift Strike, Desperation Brigid: Abducted Heir (Infantry, Bow) Stats: 36/34/34/23/23 (149 Total) Weapon: Yewfelle - 14 Might. Grants +3 Strength. Unit Restores 10 HP Every 3 Turns. Special Skill: Astra Passive Skills: Darting Blow, Bowbreaker Quan: Lord Of Leonster (Cavalry, Lance) Stats: 40/36/30/30/17 (154 Total) Weapon: Gae Bolg - 16 Might. Grants +3 Defense. At The Start Of Your Turn, Units Within 2 Spaces Suffer Defense/Attack -3. Assist Skill: Rally Strength/Defense Passive Skills: Fury, Lancebreaker
  10. What is going to be the next main series banner?

    As unlikely as it is, I want to see another Blazing Blade banner. My ideal picks would be: Canas (Red Tome, Infantry), Oswin (Lance, Armored), Pent (Green Tome, Infantry) and Louise (Bow, Infantry) But I think its more likely we would get a Thracia banner. My picks for that would be: Leif (Sword, Infantry), Nanna (Staff, Cavalry), Finn (Lance, Cavalry) and Orsin (Axe, Infantry) If we get a Radiant Dawn banner, I wouldn't be surprised. My picks for Radiant Dawn are: Micaiah (Blue Tome, Infantry), Sothe (Dagger, Infantry) RD!Ike (Sword, Infantry) and Haar (Axe, Flier)
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    I changed my mind. I'm going Team Soren. I like him more then Karel anyways. Edit: Eliwood will be my lead (as always).
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I just beat Genealogy yesterday. Dealing with Ishtar and those three Falcon Knights was a pain in the ass.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    If they ever make a FE4 Gen 2 banner I would want Ares, Diarmuid, Larcei, and Arthur on it. I would like Arthur to be a Mage Knight, and maybe even a Red one. Get ready for Divine Mystletainn! It's a Killing/Slaying Edge mixed with a Wo Dao! Diarmuid could have the Beo Sword. I want him to have 35/30 Offenses with 30 Defense. Larcei is Ayra, but even more broken.
  14. Create-A-Hero Thread

    PUGI PUGI PUGI PUGI PUGI PUGI PUGI PUGI PUGI Orsin - Wild Axefighter (Infantry, Axe) Stats: 46/33/36/33/20 Weapon: Pugi - 13 Might. Allows Counterattack Regardless Of Distance, Accelerates Special Trigger -1 Special Skill: Reprisal Passive Skills: Wrath, Savage Blow
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    Going to be on Team Karel! He's from my favorite Fire Emblem game so I'll support him the best I can!