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  1. I'm glad you like them!! You're welcome; glad to be of service~ @Hero_Lucina, for your Anthony sprite, you mean Anthony from Fates? Or is this an OC? (Since @NekoKnight's doing the first, and @BANRYU's doing the second, I'll take the third on the list).
  2. @Sire I decided to add the backgrounds to the images...mainly to show the sense of scale that you'd asked for, and so they'd be all done! Well, hopefully I did this all correctly... :'D If not, I'll send over a .png of everything without the background. I decided to keep her eyes closed while using the reference pose to keep with the mood; but, I can open them and make them match her eye color if you'd prefer! Making the Flametongue attack actual full-scale would entirely cover I had to take some artistic liberties with it. I hope it's okay! I can move the sword, as well. Please let me know if it needs any further adjustments! @BANRYU I'd love to be a part of the team if you'd like to have me~ I actually don't really have many other samples...the only other one is the image I used for my avatar; I'll supply that, as well.
  3. @NekoKnight I checked my files, and I have 001-008...but then a skip until 014 (Gaiden Castle) and 015 (SouenGround). Are there files 009-013 in the game that I don't have, or was there just a skip? I've created a file for everything I have, just in case you'd still like it! I'll PM you the link to it~ @Sire Well, I want to do what's best for you; this is your request, after all. I want you to be beyond happy with it, if I can so help it. I'll opt to keep the background out; but, I'll do the additional poses so you can choose/locate where you'd like them~ :D Today's a bit hectic, so I can't promise they'll be done today, but within the next few at the very least.
  4. (Highlight for emphasis) I was actually in the middle of doing my proper response when I saw this. I really don't mind doing corrections to make them align with how the original requester does something (I do graphic work for a living, after all), but whoa there that highlighted section is gonna ruffle some feathers. Skill is something that isn't dependent on the person requesting to come in and ask for corrections. That's more of the artist working with them to ensure the piece meets their specifications. Skill is technique; it's how the artist brings all their knowledge and experience into creation. Since I wish to avoid double positing (and can just condense my main response here), I have no issue with a lot of the corrections you'd asked for. I understand you'd want to the final product to be as close to your vision as possible. And, for that, I'm more than happy to make those corrections for you! But, please understand that asking for two new versions when you initially specified that the pose was up to the artist's/spriter's interpretation can throw them; I certainly can't deny that seeing you request an additional two certainly did perplex me a bit. I'll do them for you, since that's, ultimately, what you'd like, but please keep in mind for the future that such requests can get a bit hefty, even if they don't seem it. Additionally, certain specifications weren't even mentioned until after you got to see everything; please be careful with your wording, as your sentence makes it seem as if they hadn't been met, rather than things needing to be tweaked given how everything had come together. I wouldn't say that anyone's putting up with your requests; I believe it's safe to say that all of us want to create and receive something that exceeds expectation. We're more than happy to work with each other to achieve that goal. If you wish to step back for a bit after this batch of requests, then alright, but we'll be here should you decide to return. If you'd prefer, I'll readjust the sprites but leave them out of the backgrounds; that way, you can place them where you'd like. Please let me know if that'd work for you! I know you initially mentioned it, but I'd rather confirm before continuing working.
  5. :'D Ah, well, for the most part, it's taken me all day...I've had to take a break now due to something popping up, but... @Sire I finished your requests! I fulfilled them to the best of my ability. Please let me know if anything needs to be adjusted! Not too sure why the eyebrows look off-color...I colored them correctly. I can fix that if you'd like. I wasn't sure if there should be an enemy...since you didn't ask for it, I didn't add one. I'll add one if you'd prefer, however. For Iris, I made the metal match the cloth color...but I wasn't sure what to do with the gold, so I left it. I hope that's alright!
  6. Ah, well, thing is...while no one'd said anything...I decided, since they're pretty big regardless, I'd at least start...and, now I'm nearly done. I've gotten all three of them essentially done...I'm trying to get Evelyne's hair right; I matched it with the reference image rather than Hana's color, so now I'm attempting to correct that... :'D
  7. I think I'll be able to handle these; @BANRYU would that be alright? I don't want to step on any toes...
  8. Oh wow haha ;; Thank you so much for thinking of me! I'm glad you like my avatar~ I even checked his damaged sprite...nothing. That really is strange!! There's some sorcery at play, but I can't make heads or tails of it unless, of course, it's just an something that went unused, but even still...
  9. Excuse me for butting in... What @Vaximillian said is a really good idea~ Additionally, if you have the character, and are limited on time/stamina, add them to your party and go to the Home screen - they'll be one of the top four characters on the screen. Honestly, I don't think they're anything...I checked in 2-5 and even took a screenshot during his attacking animation (thinking they're underneath the cloak and can only be seen during that), but...nope. I even tried lunatic to see if it was a special-only part of the pose...since I don't have him, I can't check that. But, I managed to get a screenshot anyway just to show (under the cut for size): My guess is they were intended to be used, but were ultimately scrapped...?
  10. I have 13 5* units at the moment (none promoted) chart reads like this (in order of received): For a simple tally: +IV: ATK = 4, DEF = 3, SPD = 2, RES = 1, HP = 1 -IV: SPD = 3, ATK = 2, DEF = 2, RES = 1, HP = 1 Neutral = 1 I'd check my other units, but I'm always switching around who I keep or not based on if I summon a better spread version or I'm not too sure how helpful that'd be, since I don't count inheritance fodder as a unit I'd be keeping...
  11. I haven't set up who has what yet, no, so she doesn't have it at this time~
  12. Alright, sounds good! Thanks so much!! I'll go do SP grinding and see what skills I have available to me~ :D
  13. Hmm, that could definitely work! Thank you! I'll have to give this a shot; what should I do for Ursula aside from Blarblade and Hone Cavalry?
  14. Drat. You're right. How could I possibly forget the most amazing, overpowered combination that makes every lunatic chapter a breeze? Truly, I have been a fool! :P Ohhhh, this looks like an interesting set! I hadn't thought to run a Brave Sword+ on him...everything I read up on made him a Hector/green check, so he'd keep his Ruby Sword+ or get Armorslayer. I do like this a lot, though! Thank you!! I'm guessing this'll need to be horse emblem, since he needs a hone cavalry boost?
  15. I'm not sure if this has been asked before (I'm sorry if it's been discussed already), but I managed to pull a +SPD/-RES Stahl yesterday. Since Stahl's one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise, and I managed to get his optimal spread, I really want to make him as strong as I can so I can use him for arena. I had been planning on making a team with him, a +ATK/-HP Azura, either a +ATK/-SPD Fae or +ATK/-DEF Nino, and a +ATK/-SPD Takumi, but I'm not sure they'll work well together. I'm open to horse emblem builds, but I lack the essential unit that is Reinhardt... I know he's outclassed by a lot of units, it possible to make him work somehow?