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  1. Alrighty! I'll get to work on that :D
  2. @SSbardock84, would you still want the Edward sprite done? If so, I'll get to working on that~
  3. My Tempest run's all done~ I went slow (since I just wanted the Phantom Speed seal) and am at 40.1k. I used 5* 5* Alfonse, 5* Anna, Sharena, and Genny for my first team (since I wanted to give them all a near-equal amount of HM...and my other units needed more SI to work better with Sharena)...followed by 4* Tharja, 4* Nino, Azura, and 5* Masked Marth. I had to use the second team ~75% of the time, but my speed was generally an A, so my score wasn't too hurt by that. It was so nice to just take it easier and run through Hard rather than pulling my hair out over the Lunatic levels. I hope all of your Tempest runs (if you're still doing them) are going well!
  4. You're welcome! :D
  5. There's a reddit page that updates all the assets with each new banner release - weapon sprites are included~ it's toward the bottom of that first post. I hope it works for you!
  6. I'll try again more in the's super late (err, early?) for me, and I really goofed up my final map on my second attempt (I beat it my first try, but not...super well). Losing on the second level lunatic with only a 20% unit gets you only ~115 points. That's...pretty low. Guess I'll just stick to the higher lunatic...luckily the new seal's a whole 10k lower, so I won't have to stress about it as much~
  7. They seem good~ just have one question. @InigoPadalin, do you mean armored like a Draug or Hector type of armor...or do you mean an infantry unit with some more armored pieces on the outfit? Any specific unit you were thinking for the armor? Oops that was actually two...
  8. You're welcome~ :D
  9. D:! Oh, gosh, I hope you're feeling better!! Please, take your time; your health's more important!! The new OP looks good~! Also, @Hero_Lucina, your edit made me laugh so much; that's too great.
  10. Sounds perfect! :D I hope he works well for you! Good luck in Tempest~!
  11. I'm not too sure, sadly. LaD2 might suffice and not hurt him as badly, but how bad it'll be regardless I'm unclear (assuming you mean you don't have the feathers for a 5* Hana rather than no fodder). If you're after blue mages, TA might be better? Though that leaves him open to a world of hurt from reds...though, I doubt he could really...DO much against them otherwise. When I ran through with him during the previous Tempest, he couldn't handle red mages even with his increased Res since their stats were so inflated.
  12. Ohhhh that's a nice nature for him!! Maybe LaD3? Since it'll boost his attack and speed further...he's squishy defensive-wise as is. Though it makes him able to take magic a little less reliably...if he's there for physical duels, that might work? I hope I'm not overstepping bounds suggesting this...?
  13. Ohhhh that sounds like a really solid team!! Reinhardt alone is probably going to trivialize a lot~ Yeah, that makes sense for Soren. I'm not too sure what skill would work best for him...I guess it depends on his nature? Mine's going to be TA3 and Green Tomebreaker 3 since he's +RES/-DEF. I...need to give him some of the skills, but...
  14. Mm that's true~ that's definitely reassuring. Yeah Sharena squad~! Mine's 5* now (training her up to level 40)...I need to give her some good skills, though! Good luck to you!! Who're you going to put your Sharena with? I'm wondering if I should do Sharena, Marth!Lucina (Cleric build), Soren, and...not...sure? I have a +ATK/-HP Hinoka I could raise up and use, maybe? ...Oh sugar muffins that's a very true point. U-g-h. Well, hello again grind... :'DD So much tea's going to be drunk during those two weeks haha! I wonder what kind of seal it'll be this time...
  15. ...Do I use my 60 orbs to try to summon a 40% hero or just drag Sharena around for that 20% (my Clair and Lukas have pretty bad natures...-SPD and -DEF respectively)...? Unless the there are new seals, I'm just going for the 5* this time. I haven't been able to do much I still won't have 4 full teams for this Tempest ._.; Plus, lacking that 40% multiplier's going to destroy my desire to do much of it.