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  1. Soren. I really...really want Soren. I'm not even sure if they're going to add him, and if they do, he'll probably be a Green Mage in a Red meta, but I don't care. I love him and want him; I've stockpiled ~150 orbs (and am slowly working on getting more). Ike too! And Elincia and Lucia...I want Micaiah super bad, too. And all the Laguz... ...I want some PoR/RD characters, apparently... :'D
  2. I was late on the Fates train - I didn't get the game until the end of June because I'd been working on a large freelancing project, and got all three routes as a little reward to myself. I've invested ~300 hours (mainly my Revelations much skill purchasing/money and support grinding...I plan on filling the support log for the Gen 1 units and I regret this decision immensely...may just try to get everyone to A rank with each other and S rank only who I want...), but...haven't completed a single route yet... :'D I've been really slow with playing (on Conquest 20, Birthright 18, and Revelations 18 - the intention was do each the same chapter for all routes, but Chapter 18 happened and then I decided you know what I've changed my mind let's do the rest of Conquest, then the rest of Birthright, and then the rest of Revelations). I've gotten so slow partially out of frustration for Fuga's frustratingly annoying whirlwind of nonsense...and watching Corrin go around making the most ridiculous of decisions with little to no emotional reaction doesn't exactly motivate me to continue, either. Plus, I've been busy playing/doing other things. All this time later, I find myself more invested in the characters (and have had numerous discussions about them, both for their good and bad aspects) than the actual story. Birthright's story offends me the least (and, I think is the most sensible...even if BR!Corrin is a little too indifferent to/unaffected by the slaughtering Nohrians by the masses...and oddly detached when Chapter 26 happens...), Conquest's is a mess of missed potential and hypocrisy, and Revelations is the magical slide of questions and confusion. ...I think worldbuilding would've helped the story out a lot, too. What's the name of the continent? How did people forget about the magical place just a few generations later? Why does Revelations add the whole shtick of the "HURRY CORRIN YOU NEED TO GATHER YOUR PARTY BEFORE THE SKIES CHANGE", when...that literally isn't brought up/a concern in the other two routes? So many questions with no answers, and it's frustrating me to no end. Tl;dr: I think I like Fates as a concept. The characters (a good portion of which, I do really like) create so many potentials for interesting conversations, developments, and happenings...but since everything revolves around Corrin, a lot of the gray morality and even a large batch of the characters get thrown aside in favor of patting our dear Corrin on the back for "not doing something as bad as Garon's clearly done so here's your happy-ish ending".
  3. Ah, that makes sense haha! Sorry, when you said you hated her more, I thought it meant that it was another reason on top of others. Thank you for clarifying!
  4. Not to drag this off topic, but I think Azura being kidnapped shouldn't be reason to hate her (though, you're entitled to dislike/hate her character). She was a child when it happened...she couldn't really fight back. Plus, she establishes how minimally guarded she was. Even if she kicked, bit, punched, flailed, screamed, cried, one was really around to help her, thus she was easy to kidnap. Basing it off of Xander's feelings isn't fair, either (which is what I'm guessing is the feeling, based on your reply); she didn't intentionally harm him. Even if she went with her kidnapper(s) willingly, she was, still, just a child...a traumatized and abused one, at that.
  5. That's what I believe too, yes.
  6. Ah this is a tough, TOUGH question. Honestly, I love both sets of siblings...!! If I had to pick between the individuals, though... Xander vs Ryoma: ...Uh. I dislike them both in the story, and find them rather sweet and personable in their supports. I like and dislike them in this regard about the same, though I seem to find myself a little more frustrated at Xander moreso than Ryoma... Camilla vs Hinoka: Contrary to how I see a lot of people say Hinoka's pretty bland, I find that's only true in the story. While I do think she desperately needed more plot importance/lines, I find her supports to be pretty interesting. Hardworking (to a fault), dedicated, loyal, and headstrong (to a fault), she does things with the best of intent...although her efforts don't always have the desired result. Camilla wins partially because I went through Conquest first, and partially because I find her character so fascinating. A troubled woman who struggles with the concepts of being a woman, a mother-like figure toward her siblings (moreso in English than in Japanese, but...), and all while haunted by the demons from her past. Of course, she gets reduced to Miss Fanservice, so...the game doesn't let her really be much more than that, even within certain supports. Leo vs Takumi: ...UHHHHHHHHHH this is hard because I love and adore both of them. I simply cannot choose. They're both so very flawed, and so very human. Feeling as if they're living in their older brother's shadow, feeling distant from their other siblings, struggling with their own personal frustrations and insecurities...! Both are extremely well developed in the story and within their supports, and I love them both so very, very much. Elise vs Sakura: This was extremely, extremely close. Both are extremely sweet, strong willed, and are extremely loving. Elise wins by just a hair because I find her role in Birthright to have left such a strong impression of her and her character. Sakura definitely deserves some credit: for as bold and outgoing as Elise can be, Sakura is courageous and is willing to put herself in uncomfortable and even dangerous situations for the sake of protecting the lives of the innocent. That takes a lot of guts, and I find that extremely admirable. Excuse me for butting in, but I do have an answer for this: he's definitely aware of what happened...spoilers for the Nohrian Drama CD (I'm using a translated version, and haven't translated this myself...from what I can hear/understand, it's at least close to what's being said):
  7. Got 71 one orbs and am waiting for some Tellius characters...I still have most of hard and all of lunatic maps to go through, too, so I could start pulling...but the only heroes I'm potentially interested in are in the Family Bonds. *shrug* Forever regretting not actively attempting to get Takumi when his banner was still up... >:T
  8. Hm, yes and no. Yes because I'd just like to customize what my summoner looks like. Not seeing their face doesn't impact the gameplay/my playing experience in any way, but I like that sort of thing. I'm fine without it, though. No because I don't want them to be a usable unit. I like how the game is letting me use/learn about characters from games I haven't played before, and to get more invested in them (and thus the older games). Giving the summoner gameplay viability would take away from the actual heroes we're meant to be using (because a spot for arena battles would, probably, be for the avatar - especially accounting for what skills/type/weapon they'd have) it risks throwing balance out the window (especially if they're a guaranteed 5*).
  9. Agreed with all said! Another one who I think desperately needs some development is Yukimura. Being a Corrin-sexual means basically no development in terms of supports, and the three games doesn't help out much either. While I find his father-daughter type relationship with Sakura, in-particular, to be sweet, he's never really...around, otherwise, aside from a few select chapters. It's especially glaring in Birthright. Why isn't he more proactive in the plot? Wasn't he Mikoto's tactician? You'd think he'd be really helping out in the war effort, or at least be there back at "home base" to give everyone updates for how things are going...more than a measly line or so that just drops his name.
  10. Fae, Sheena, and (as of today) Lyn. Haven't started to level Lyn up yet, but I love Fae and Sheena to pieces! I'm sitting at 20 orbs and am wondering if I should do a pull tonight or tomorrow when they shift when the Focus characters are...I struggle because m-a-n do I want Takumi... >:T (I know he'll still be around to pull but...hmmmmm...decisions...)
  11. Thank you! And, I certainly hope not... :'D That'd be...vexing, to say the least!
  12. I. Have done it. I can't believe it went as well as it did (especially since my team was a bit underleveled), but @eclipse helped to guide me in the right direction! Sheena took a whopping four damage the entire fight. Eliwood took care of Narcian, and Clarine healed the damage (she got a bit ganged up on by the Blue Tome user and Narcian at one point, but she lived with 7 HP, and eventually healed all the damage off). Sully managed to nudge Clarine away from danger, and Sheena did cleanup work after Narcian went down. I'm so happy to finally have him!!
  13. Shall do! Thanks again! :D
  14. Hmmm...I haven't used any of my shards yet, so I could start dumping those into Sheena if worst came to worst...I'll see if I can train them up, and what I can do from there! Thanks so much! :D
  15. I definitely planned on using Clarine--healing seems paramount. But, uh, if it'd take a whopping 10 stamina potions for him...errrrr, maybe he's not worth it...