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  1. The Game Awards?

    Exactly it doesn't always has to be the typical favorable new metroid game to the west that show up there. I know Metroid would be better since its way more popular in the West than Japan by far and FE while imo more bigger now I doubt Japan would tune in there since its mostly a western event so a direct makes obvious sense for Three Houses. But if Metroid Prime 4 isn't coming in 2019 or if anything is not substantial at all don't even bother wasting time on it and wait for next years E3...
  2. It depends on what kind this definitely wasn't the best. But overall I obviously expect a great notable difference in the next trailer when their finally ready again. It better after all this huge amounts of waiting and no status surely their probably almost done at this point and near the bug testing stage.
  3. The Game Awards?

    I'd place my bet on that if there's no 2nd direct this month that would be the sole reason I'd watch it since those event are always bad, boring and I don't care for it. Of course January is the obvious safe bet hopefully in the 1st week which would be best imo.
  4. OST predictions and expectations

    Yeah I have a good feeling of that too it would be kinda ridiculous to wait until a couple months very close to release to finally start advertising your big spring game of next year.
  5. What do you want in Three Houses? ( Mechanics and such )

    Very true they know who to pick for the job and she will be great and so far its great!
  6. What do you want in Three Houses? ( Mechanics and such )

    Thought of a few more: -Replace the 2nd gens(if there is one) with a student/trainee system. This would help with many not liking that feature that don't want it there but giving something familiar and more fitting. -Accessories that affect overall gameplay than just the hub area. -More varied avatar customization nothing too drastic but things like skin tones(if able), way more hairstyles, eye colors, more eye shapes, more facial structures and at least bring back the 3 different body builds from Awakening.
  7. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Yeah I agree after that news I change my tune on whose likely now!
  8. What do you want in Three Houses? ( Mechanics and such )

    -I would like to see supports more interactive than just the typical side-by-side portraits we're use to. When I saw the scene Between Byleth and Edelgard about training a specific weapon skill with how everything was layed out I got Persona vibes from it! So I hope they took a page from it. -I hope portraits have mouth motion again. -I like to see weapons like wind/storm edges come back. -Return of light magic -S Supports should be either a romantic relationships-being engage then marriage endings(unique not generic text stuff with Byleth the player they'll likely get unique confessions and stuff but the Player endings are pretty generic then again most of Fates's overall were as well I hope they're better this time). -Being able to replay story scenes and chapters I don't see why this hasn't been a thing yet VC4 did it great to add make them very hard based on where you are on the current story on your file. -An actual good postgame something like Sacred Stones's creature campaign with the extra areas. Maybe a secret new unexplored part of land you couldn't go to during the main story. -A new game plus that can carry over things like renown rewards(unless that'll still be universal), gold, regular/forge weapons, slight boost in stats for every character from clear file data. -Keep the evolving weapons thing from echoes one of the very few things from that game I like. -Definitely keep grinding maps especially for building support points at least.
  9. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Ignoring now ANYWAY yeah Dante would be amazing such a gain if he was included!
  10. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Or no one cares what your "logic" is here and can say whatever they want over a small prediction list because everyone one has an opinion and that no one knows who'll get added at this point please drop it this looks sad over a comment about an Arms character of all things....(not even a fan of that game either at least a bunch of the designs look cool I guess). Maybe but we'll see I guess I rather see a new FF rep though but whatever.
  11. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Whatever makes you sleep I said what I needed to say that's it from me here.
  12. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    just because their iconic doesn't mean fan favorites like Twintelle on Minmin can't get added instead it's anyone's game and whats already shown proves that....they would've been much better than those 2 imo but oh well don't care which 5 comes *shrugs*
  13. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    I'm guessing: -Bandana Waddle Dee -Xenoblade Rep either Elma, Pyra/Mythra -Octoling maybe but not as an echo different weapons -new 3rd Party rep (Square, Bandai Namco or something else like Banjo or Geno) -Dixie Kong, Another Arms character not confirmed as assist/fighter costume, a new retro character or something I'm not sure if we'll get another FE DLC newcomer this time around (this reasoning is NOT because I fear the impending salt from Smash and even some FE fans I could care very less for those type of people and I'm sure Sakurai feels this way too I mean look at today's final Smash direct). Three Houses doesn't really need a rep to market the game FE is big enough it'll be fine if it was it would have to come before the Spring release and if Sakurai looked into the early developments of the game maybe Alm or Celica(moreso Celica) even that's probably unlikely to me there is a future Smash they'll get in if not DLC. Again the DLC is very likely already planned out which 5 will get it. If Edelgard or Byleth get in I'd be SO happy their my favorites so far!
  14. I believe Incineroar is popular in Japan for Gen 7 final Evolutions next to Primarina so that might have something to do with it too.
  15. So many deconfirmations RIP.... :( Anyway it was an alright Smash Ultimate Direct finale not the BEST Smash one overall. Lol Piranha Plant was strange yet awesome can't wait to try and main Incineroar too! Awakening Tiki was a great choice as an assist trophy I'm glad FE FINALLY got more assist trophies than just Lyn alone(this should've happen since 4) although the 2 choices would've been great playable choices oh well....No trophies suck I'm might give the spirits story mode(World of Light) a chance it doesn't look like it'll top Melee's(adventure) maybe a small bit or Brawl's(subspace) imo but pretty ok.