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  1. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    Sure, I think that might be near last of what they could show before the release maybe (which to me so far feels like it's coming really fast honestly lol).
  2. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    Back to update my previous wishlist: Since we got some things about the Officer's Academy(which I heavily doubt that's all it has and they're probably keeping other places/features in it still secret for now). I think they gotta talk about things many are wanting to hear about one thing obvious is: -Supports: while there were a bunch of signs in the 2nd trailer's segments and even more so in the recent new jp Switch CM from analyzing it that needs some time. While I'm 100% sure there'll be romance and S supports between characters(obviously including the Avatar) to put that out there. They need to explain how it'll work will the system be the usual or will getting there be a new different kind like ie Persona style at least for Byleth? what does reaching S with someone will do? I doubt 2nd gens will be in so what else besides lovey dovey fluff for Byleth. Strong paired Gambit Boosts? Different types? More chances to use it in battle? Obviously again needs context. Only thing we can almost guarantee right now from the CM is support bonuses are Very likely here with something else we can't see yet maybe a new pair up thing we'll see. -Other customization options for Byleth: I feel this is also important. While I'm not like some people that think he'll be completely silent(since avatars never really speak in cutscenes anyway beside one time with Corrin). I really hope there's more than Name and Gender. Like Birthday setting and Boon/Bane system have to be a given right? makes sense. I still hold out for different appearance just if there's another focus on online play like what Fates did. If so it would be jarring in PvP to just see Byleth clones just with a different name and gender imo. -Fluff about the other characters that are not the Main Protagonist or the 3 house leaders: A personal thing I doubt they'll talk about most characters on each side that might be when they have an official site and add some character profiles with little things to get the idea.
  3. New Switch Trailer with brief Three Houses footage

    Yeah it's definitely more fluid than before which is great! It was obvious he wasn't gonna be silent outside a few cutscenes but any small tidbit is nice to see great voice too I sorta recognize his VA. Always love the jp CMs are always so grounded and chill!
  4. The Special edition up for preorder

    Hell yeah snag mine from Amazon ASAP when I got the alert been 3,000 years of tracking it!!!!!🙏
  5. Countdown Thread (Game comes out 7/26)

    March 17, 131 days to go!
  6. Which house is the best?

    Im here!!!! But likely some are saving the best for last!
  7. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Tacticians

    I'm VERY proud of my Awakening daughter!!!!*headpats*
  8. The inevitable school festival

    Agreed more convos with the others the better although I just want Dorothea 2nd at least which so far has a great chance of happening(please!🙏) maybe Petra also good atm(another great choice!). I'm honestly expecting for Males it'll be Male Byleth and Claude but since Byleth's an avatar despite being the main Protagonist likely won't be counted so Claude and Dimitri(yeah not predictable) or maybe Claude and Sylvain, Linhardt(if Japan also likes this guu), Raphael or Ashe.
  9. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    Yeah including name since that makes sense for the other Avatar customization options.
  10. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    Yeah that's why I leave out saying appearance since its unlikely here any other customization option is fine.
  11. Any worries?

    Agree with the first part if we get some cool scenes in supports it might be relegated to our Avatar only and I'm not talking about only confession scenes either since it could be demanding outside of that which is fine and those customization options are pretty much a given to happen. The second part is definitely my biggest worry. I really hope we don't go three times in a row with this at the very least small snippets of new details within the coming months and not going with a "last minute thing", but they should know this game needs as much attention with the remaining time they got.
  12. Supports in Three Houses

    Agreed "outcry" over wonder I avoid topics like this like the plague too overreacting I'll enjoy whatever romance I can possibly make when I get the game.
  13. Supports in Three Houses

    Same, Its literally Cold Steel pretty much that's why I'm keeping out of this and waiting for more info. Its a waste of time when looking at it not huge as some are still for some reason trying to portray.
  14. Supports in Three Houses

    As of now Dorothea, Edelgard, Petra, Bernadetta, Mercedes, Leonie, the blonde girl or Teacher Lady! Since I'm likely going Black Eagles first Dorothea or Edelgard are my top priority with Petra strongly up there.
  15. Praying for a school defense chapter

    I'd welcome this greatly!!! I played some JRPGs with the whole "attack on assumed safe haven" this would potentially have a great impact in the story!