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  1. Classes You Know About, Expect to See, or Want to See

    Now I'm wondering if the Armsthrift skill will return since if that would be the case it'll be valuable which also depends on if skill buying returns.
  2. Classes You Know About, Expect to See, or Want to See

    Although I dislike the HP costing aspect of combat arts if that concept returns I can see that being a thing in a risky situation.
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Probably the next direct likely around September. Also I expect famitsu stuff to roll in around that time. As for release we know from the recent cipher livestream they're gonna have a series set for Three Houses (S16) I believe and they never release a new game series set until the game is already out so there a good window to speculate. I hope they will have another possible FE direct solely for Three Houses alone before release but time will tell if that'll happen.
  4. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Oh ok ^_^ I still don't think it would be the case especially for his supports which would feel very one sided to me even with a choice select unless the choice select is unique dialouge dependant over just answering 1 thing per chance. An overall choice select with Byleth has great potential which can help with the social aspect of FE where depending on the choice can effect outcomes and deeping relationships with the other characters like in this games likely My Room interacting mechanic to build support points so I'm not against that.
  5. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Fates was easy because it uses assets from Awakening so it took little time. This game is using all brand new assets just because we saw one teaser in one state doesn't mean it'll look the exact same till release lots of games on Switch prove this i.e. Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 there's a reason bunch of trailers puts disclaimers of "footage not final".
  6. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    I was referring to the trailer was of stock footage from early stages when they making the game obviously they wouldn't keep it like this. I'm expecting August or September since a direct is likely happening around there.
  7. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!'s been a while since I been here since I'm starving for more info probably soon anyway back to topic. I'm gonna say no since I'm gonna also safely assume the trailer is a very early build of the game when it was just in early stages despite already having english VA and text with lip synch not added yet. As evidence show characters like Mercedes and Hilda (plus that archer guy during the different camera view) don't have unique character models or react to being hit (referring to Mercedes here). Plus Edelgard during what I'm assuming is a new "My Castle" building in her 3D model her face looks so....lifeless with no emotion....I'm sure the final true build will definitely fix these issues so I would wait for a new trailer which likely will show clear changes.
  8. I know we're all excited about our lady axe lord, but...

    Same plus have a great sleek regal design!
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Well he'll likely be customizable especially stats and growths so it's unlikely he'll be slow unless you intentionally make him from Boon/Bane combinations.
  10. I know we're all excited about our lady axe lord, but...

    That's why I already stated she'll obviously be WAY more important than that.
  11. The 21 Crests/Emblems (for quick reference)

    Yeah I'm very intrigued how they'll be used in the story and if they'll have a unique use.
  12. Which story structure do you predict for FE:3H?

    At this point with barely any info I can at least assume its gonna be straightforward with the 4 main characters all together for the same reasons, maybe letting US pick a house to go with first but the other 2 might be partially absent till a few chapters in SS style. I doubt they'll make it super complex which way they'll do it.
  13. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    I guess we can say don't look very close to gamexplain for anything that informat about FE.
  14. I know we're all excited about our lady axe lord, but...

    Oh I agree I definitely expect her to be much more than that.
  15. I know we're all excited about our lady axe lord, but...

    I honestly don't mind Byleth being the Protagonist while Edelgard being in the "Azura like" role as deuteragonist" I just hope she doesn't get a good amount of moments and just "there" for the rest and your right the trailer did focus on Byleth and Edelgard the most with the goddess at least that's a good sign at least.