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  1. When Do You Think We'll Next Get More Information?

    Very true silence could be a good sign at hard work being made which from the first trailer shows yeah its definitely needed...., but at the same time it can be worrisome if it's TOO silent (2017-first trailer was pretty brutal in this which figures given IS's track record of when they reveal their upcoming games). I can still see some small bit of info on this game before the year's over till January. I can definitely see March as well if no major 1st party title comes besides it during the month seeing as we have 2 spring games on the way(other being Yoshis Crafted World which I see being after Three Houses given its history with the previous title and JRPGs usually fill in the early spring slot).
  2. When Do You Think We'll Next Get More Information?

    Yes the animations and graphics definitely don't look fluid or as good as they said it's going to be so I'm not shock they didn't show more yet and the release was pushed to Spring but that could probably be due to Smash Ultimate releasing last minute of the year (assuming of course the trailer was stock footage they had a long time ago at early stages of its development and use because they might assume people were really worried they were becoming purely mobile. Ok maybe not the last part Naga forbid lol but I'm sure a bunch thought of that). But assuming its not there likely wasn't enough time to improve on what they showed significantly. At this point in time I'm expecting more info either in December after Smash is released at the earliest or in January in a regular direct or a FE focused one.
  3. When Do You Think We'll Next Get More Information?

    I'm predicting either December after Smash Ultimate's release within those coming weeks or January in a direct. Another Fire Emblem Direct is very possible as well not sure on another new spin-off game too soon within it though so probably a Three Houses focused one(which I DEFINITELY prefer). But whatever the next main direct we'll get later is definitely gonna have FE Three Houses in it.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Wow...not even a single mention after all those 2019 games seriously really?!.....I'm a bit disappointed and sad but I like the direct otherwise. Looks like the next direct whenever that'll be (either later this year or January at max) is definite for this game with much needed info. I guess the board's still gonna be barren for a very long while. At least when it does show up again it'll likely look much better since it looked so unpolished at E3 so the wait will definitely be worth it!
  5. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    ^Well we gotta wait some more till we find out since its been delayed. I doubt it will be long probably around next week.
  6. With my (so far) positive optimism I'm just waiting for a bit more info at this point. Judging from this board's um........inactivity it's very apparent as well although I can obviously see why the hype is dead atm. At least there's stuff to play in the meantime till something even small surfaces in the coming months.
  7. Weapons/Game mechanics speculation thread

    Found another thing: -Terrain bonuses looks to be as we know them pre-Echoes as I saw forest terrain gives +10 avoid(thank Naga).
  8. Weapons/Game mechanics speculation thread

    I guess I'll tune in here: (Based on official fact sheet and trailer) What we know: -There will be a hub area for our character to explore similar to Fates's My Castle(a thing I notice its in the actual world oppose to a different dimension looking closely at the map and area shown make what you will with that). -There will be a way to interact with other characters and build relationships (meaning ways to build up support points to raise support levels by various means more further proof in trailer with an idle Dimitri seen just like Fates having idle characters around the base). -There will be a building to improve a weapon skill (wherever its Combat Arts or Weapon levels has yet to be seen) -Although not confirmed yet but dungeons most likely will return given the area Claude was fighting that Iron Maiden looking enemy which *screams* dungeon to me.
  9. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    Again very hard to tell or give any conclusions with limited info although since she does say that you dare walk the same path with her that obviously at least confirms that you'll follow in her main objectives in the game so at least whatever the last line pertains to either slight timeskip, temporary split up, etc it won't be long especially if its very early.
  10. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    Well I feel whenever the next Nintendo Direct comes probably not the rumored September one I keep hearing about if it happens(we could get newer gameplay if it does reappear there since I doubt they just reuse the E3 trailer I mean the english trailer is VERY close to 1 Mil views in such a small time we obviously know of its existence). If not the supposed upcoming one probably around the winter Direct since that's when the official site is suppose to open up.
  11. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    My thoughts exactly I think it'll be along the lines of Corrin and Azura Conquest since that's the only time the duo splits for a bit where you don't have early access to her or Sacred Stones with a mini character route choice. But I'm guessing if it happens it'll be a prologue segment maybe like SD but like Awakening where if a timeskip happens it would be small-minor with 0 changes to the characters appearances (which is very likely) again this is extremely difficult to tell from a single vague trailer until when Naga knows a new trailer will come out that'll have new stuff.
  12. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    WAY too hard to tell probably a special place also she never said "world" again hard to speculate with little info we have atm.
  13. I wasn't pessimistic(for now anyway) but I feel I'll enjoy this game love my customizable Avatars in games(hopefully Byleth will be a great Avatar protagonist) and marriages(as long as its written very well and limit non-avatar pair choices that'll make it better but of course NO 2nd gens at all) I also second wanting Persona like supports so I can't wait to see more! Of course I want the story to be good too that fully delivers this time! I just want more info at this point nothing story dumping but more interesting stuff since this'll be a brutal wait especially since ONE trailer alone definitely won't cut it at all.....
  14. A Bishop would be the 2nd best to Paladin/Great Knight imo a strong unit that's like an emergency button that can heal to prevent wasting EXP but helping other units being a heal tank for early game.
  15. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    That'd be awesome exactly the things I can see happening! also an idea I had was from taking notes from the Persona series reaching S-Rank could give unique passive skills/abilities that are perma lock per pair that would be cool as well!