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  1. Ninian straight up just reminds me of that girl from Me!Me!Me!. Still decent. Sanaki just feels weird (and not because she is 10/13). It's hard to describe but I'll just say that the color choice doesn't blend well for me. I might not like Tharja but wow I really like that art style. Sorta tempted to summon but I'll pass. And now we wait to see how Groom Marth looks. Oh boy.
  2. I'm hoping the first part of your username is actually true cause geez that's going too far. Have you ever taken time to consider that people who have over 80 5*s (including me) also have other things to do outside of playing this game? As much as we wanna play this game, we're too busy and have little time to play lunatic+ maps. Any chance that we do get to play lunatic maps and that chance is soon wasted as most people will initially struggle before having to stop playing and go back to work. Now I don't know if that situation applies to Anacybele, but I think you should be cautious of how you word what you say cause you'll give off quite the wrong impression to the wrong people. And talk about how you're able to clear this and that with so few units, cause that'll TOTALLY help Ana's situation here. Sorry if I end up sounding rude, but your post ends up sorta coming off that way.
  3. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Yeah I suppose that makes sense as to why it'd be difficult to implement. Though I really doubt team size is gonna be that big of an issue (ultimately, we'll never know if that's an issue unless we get an idea of how many active outrealms there are). I actually really like your idea of suggesting where players should attack, but I also get the feeling that trolls might abuse this function.
  4. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Welp, now that I've played quite a bit of Grand Conquest, I would like to share my thoughts. I can't deny that I was having fun. I already liked the idea of rival domains despite its flaws, and now that we can actually use our brigades to fight other players' brigades, I couldn't help but be excited. With that being said, there are quuiiite a bit of issues that I'm hoping IS sorts out next time. My biggest gripe with this mode is as I'm sure other people can easily agree with, the stamina system. 1 hour just to refill one stamina is ridiculous. It's difficult to try to stay on top of the game and engaged when you have to wait 8 hours and by then you already missed out on like a good 10 rounds or something. I personally think 30 minutes is much more suitable. On that note, tiers. Tiers need to be increased (just don't increase the percent of your score that goes to neighboring areas) as that immediately kills most of my interest in playing this mode because then there's a lack of an incentive. Sure you could still try and get your team the most areas, but you'll start finding that unless you've saved all your conquest lances on the last round, you won't be making that big of a difference. As an aside (and you don't have to agree with me here), I don't consider the final round to be the most important one. It's actually the 2nd last round that really matters. People need to secure their areas for the final round before attacking the other areas. In the previous two battles, my team was saving their lances until the last round to go on an all out offense but it didn't matter as our team was the most at risk of losing areas. In the first battle, our team (Alphonse) lost all 8 of our areas that were at risk and in the 2nd battle, our team (Alphonse again) lost 5/6 areas that were at risk. The other teams only needed to defend 1/2 areas, so they can focus their efforts in a small area whereas my team just decided to battle where ever they wanted without paying much attention (still, good job team Alphonse). That leads me to my other big gripe, lack of communication. While it might be difficult to implement, I would actually like a list of the people on my team and also a team chat. It's quite frustrating cause I can't simply go on any Heroes forum and tell Team Alphonse a potential strategy I have in mind since everyone is separated into different outrealms. You'd have to be quite lucky to meet someone on a forum that is both in the same outrealm AND in the same team. And there's my thoughts. Just wanted to pop in for a while. I'm tired and hungry so I'm probably gonna go back to being inactive again. EDIT: Outrealm 2491 Team Sharena in case you're wondering. ;D
  5. Opinions on Camilla

    To simply put, I liked how IS tried to explain the reason behind why Camilla is who she is and all, but they executed that poorly. Design: 6/10 Development: 4/10 Overall: 5/10
  6. Rival Domains Discussion

    This mode is exactly what I've been wanting for a long time. I'm too excited playing this mode.
  7. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    I'm at least glad we got new Awakening characters and not just alternates. A bit disappointed that it's children, but I'll take anything besides costumes at this point. Unfortunately, I wasted my orbs though I'm gonna try my best to snipe for F!Morgan. As much as I like Chrom's art style, something about his character design throws me off and I'm not sure why.
  8. I was tempted to hold off spending the rest of my orbs and try to also snipe Hardin but I gave into the pressure in hopes of getting any 5* at that point. At least I got L'arachel again... ;-; (Lucky you. Totally not jealous right now) But seriously, congrats.
  9. Rip me and my orbs... This is probably the highest pity rate I've gotten on a regular banner as of now. I'm not mad but wow. O-o
  10. Illusory Dungeon!

    But this is casual mode. I know that won't be an issue in expert. Oh well, it's just a minor issue that I can live with. Also, this mode seriously reminds me of Taiko no Tatsujin. Holy crap.
  11. Illusory Dungeon!

    Alright. Gave this mode a go and thought it was pretty okay. I've already beaten all casual stages on normal and hard and gotten S-rank on each of them (except floors 36-40 on hard). Not willing to try expert at the moment cause I'll get wrecked. The difficulty can be quite challenging as it can easily throw you off if you don't pay close attention, even if you try to memorize the patterns. That surprised me, but it certainly made this mode more fun than I anticipated. Don't have much to say about boss battles. They're just cool. That's all. However, on casual mode, I don't like how the tap button is only at the bottom. I rather tap anywhere on the screen. I screwed up several times because I was too focused and my finger ended up slowly slipping away from the button. Also was hoping for a change in music after clearing every 20 floors, but was disappointed instead.
  12. My quick thoughts: -Hector and Ephraim were no surprised considering how they both placed in the top 10 last year -First instance where having two versions of a character (Marth) screws them from winning. Not sure how I feel about that -Reinhardt was a complete surprise, but I'm glad he's getting this much love (even if it's mainly through hilarious memes) -Kinda shocked that Tharja placed 10th. Was expecting Tharja to place higher than Camilla cause FEH has given Camilla more attention (via costumes) compare to Tharja -Also shocked at how low Corrin placed as well, not sure why though (maybe also given too much attention) -Neat that Nino placed higher compared to last year -Not surprised that Eirika didn't win, the Sacred Memories banner kinda killed her momentum. Otherwise, I'm sure she could've won -So uh, how did Veronica win? O-o (not that I'm angry or anything)
  13. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Oh neat. Must've skimmed over the part where it says that. It's true I can get Hector anytime soon but I found myself lacking any interest in pulling any green orbs. Despite what I just said, I really don't mind much about what hero the community chooses. I merely said Hector if I were given a choice between him and L!Ike. And besides, a 0.16% of getting Hector feels like a 0.0001% knowing my awful luck.
  14. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I'd rather get another Hector to merge or get distant counter fodder than get another Ike when I can just summon him right now (plus he'll probably come back in the next legendary banner cause Gunnthr√° is back). Then again, I wouldn't mind Ike Emblem.
  15. Is it just me, or does this FEH channel feel a bit lackluster? I'm not saying it was bad, in fact it was pretty decent and I couldn't stop laughing at Effie secretly eating Feh's cake. But in my opinion, with how each FEH channel somehow topping the previous one, I think I sorta set my expectations way too high on this stream. Illusory dungeon is going to be the end of my life with how many floors there are and how much of a time sink that's gonna be. Also, CAMUS WHERE ART THOU?! ;-;