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  1. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Unlike some people I've seen elsewhere, I'm glad that we're getting new characters (rather than special ones) from the newer games. A bit disappointed that they're children (especially since I didn't really bother much about them in the original), but oh well. Midori is probably the only character I would want on this banner. Here's hoping it actually happens.
  2. I'll actually give in to microtransactions and pay as much as possible to get that.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Me: I want a Mia. *First free summon. Gets Mia* Well that was unexpected, but I'll take it! (Feh probably took pity on me after that 4.50% focus rate during the voting gauntlet)
  4. This update.... This is too much for me too handle. Also Feh is as adorable as ever.
  5. Dammit @Rezzy! I only just realized how glorious that new name suggestion is.
  6. Literally my Twitter feed right now: "Shanna won the Gauntlet. I'm honestly disgusted by the #FEHeroes community. Hope you're happy your garbage Pegasus Knight crushed a number of better written characters. Another reason why Tate is a superior Peg Knight. I'm ashamed at Team Takumi for giving up in the last hour." Just a chain of this copypasta. Thanks Shanna for breaking my Twitter! :D
  7. Wait Team Shanna unexpectedly won again...? What....? Uhhh.... *proceeds to hide in a corner*
  8. Yeah I immediately would've spent those 8 orbs in desperation. You good sir have good patience. Also fortress defense Azama is either my most genius idea or my most silliest idea.
  9. Welp, going to get no 5 stars from the voting gauntlet banner for the short hair girls. I currently have a 4.50 focus rate and can't spend anymore orbs. Rip me. I probably should've continued to hoard orbs instead of getting tempted. Also we need those warrior maps to return cause I love to get some easy SP.
  10. It wasn't too serious. Don't worry. I just knew someone who friended me and that guy got mad because I didn't join Amelia when he kept constantly bugging me. I don't want to talk to that guy anymore. He was too much into gaming. But yeah, even I think getting threatened like this is absurd. I'll admit. I kinda exaggerated a bit in that previous comment. *flashbacks to the Brave Heroes gauntlet and Lyn losing*
  11. Just for the record, I was actually threatened when I supported Katarina instead of Amelia. It really pissed me off. Seeing Amelia lose makes me satisfied. But I totally understand the frustration because Team Amelia got their victory snatched by the multiplier.
  12. I take a break from this site for so long and come back to see comments like these. It's great to be back.
  13. Wait Shanna actually won? I chose her as a joke. I wasn't expecting to win. Ouch...
  14. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    I honestly don't know either. Let's just say a few months now (I also finished building my Oboro skillset) It would be a shame if I changed it.... oops. I wish I could summon but I blew all my orbs trying to get Elincia but got Seliph and Eirika instead.
  15. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    I'm tempted to summon Olivia and Inigo but I think I'm gonna ultimately pass on this banner. I seriously need to start hoarding my orbs.