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  1. Well there goes my arena chain...
  2. Phew. After several months, I finally managed to bring all 108 of my units to 4*+ level 40. Never felt more proud in my life. Now the real question is what to do now.... (Also walking away from a 4.25% focus rate for the CYL banner. No Brave Roy in the end)
  3. 3 characters? Also odd to see Oscar without Kieran or Nephenee without Brom. I do have a guess that Zacharias might be the fourth character. I got the impression that he might join at the end of the lastest story chapter. I'm at least hoping that's the case. I'm really starting to get sick of chasing him.
  4. Maxed out my first ally support which was Katarina & Nino. They were already on my main team so it wasn't difficult. Meanwhile, I started to level the Brave!Ike & Lukas support only to realize how awkward it is that both are voiced by Greg Chun.
  5. Alright. After some thought, I'm gonna settle with and focus on these pairings: -Lucina & Minerva: Always ended up on the same team -Katarina & Nino: Their backgrounds. Also found them to be a pretty adorable powerhouse duo -Brave!Lyn & Camus: Eventual horse emblem -Lukas & Brave!Ike: Defense and Power duo -Laslow & Lloyd: I don't know why -Reinhardt & Jeorge: I also don't know why -Mae & Hector: I seriously also don't know why I'm gonna cancel the following supports: And here are those that I want to get a support for but not at the moment:
  6. I'm proud of you. Can't wait to see the Lucinas' reach s-rank.
  7. For me, Lucina and Minerva. Both of them end up in the same team no matter what. So screw it. Though if anyone has Lucina and Masked Marth/Bunny Lucina, etc. Please pair them up. I'm interested to see how that goes. XD
  8. Check the ally you are supporting in summon support. Nice background ain't it? Wish I could upload mine for Katarina...
  9. No multiplier. Congrats Team Ike on your victory! More importantly, no more massive salt fest!
  10. Aw. I was just about to ask if Camilla was gonna get one last multiplier. Rip Google Doc. Team Rank: Somewhere around 7,000 Overall Rank: 13,000 something something
  11. Pretty sure Team Camilla spent a bunch of flags against Lyn. Especially that last multiplier. Or probably saving them so they can repeat what they did to Lyn against Ike.
  12. Yeah I was referring to twitter. The whole dox situation is pretty sickening.
  13. I thought I would wake up to finally see people calm down after Camilla won. I was wrong.
  14. Made a tough choice. Don't know how I feel. I'm still glad I have that Catria on my side though. This entire gauntlet has been awkward.