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  1. I'm just using my second Priscilla who is 4* level 1 so I don't have to deal with useless healer allies
  2. New personal best of 4,804! But will it be enough to get into tier 20?
  3. IntSys actually made an official score tracking site here! https://support.fire-emblem-heroes.com/voting_gauntlet/tournaments/4
  4. So according to the scores, team Priscilla is approximately thrice the size of team Clarine. 19,504,102 to 6,917,737
  5. Entered my first battle too quickly before my friends joined the team, so I was stuck with a useless 4* Subaki and Gwendolyn. RIP
  6. No mages in this banner. It's all physical units.
  7. New skills: Weapons grant Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 at full HP but user takes 2 damage after combat. Basically discount Ragnarok. Close Def: 1-range version of distant Def Lance/Axe Valor: grants x2 SP for respective weapons. Praise Seal Atk/Spd, our first double seal skill, still probably going to be useless There's also +HP/Def and Def ploy
  8. https://m.imgur.com/a/PkWRW Don't blame me if you get a nosebleed
  9. Swimsuit banner is all awakening. Oh well.
  10. So they somehow made the tier list even worse than before. This is why I find gacha tier lists to be a complete waste of time and effort. I'd rather have a detailed unit guide for each unit than a tier list.
  11. Sent a request!
  12. Should be able to make it into tier 19 with my score of 4792, since I'm around 3k/9k with 2 days left to go. Arena quests have gone fairly smoothly despite the map rotation. Apparently all I needed to do was add Camus and Michalis to my arena team to make these maps manageable. *Clash of two virtues plays in background*
  13. Lancebreaker 3 skill fodder. Keep them for now, you never know when you might need that skill.
  14. Sent. Username is Luke.