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  1. This is not okay https://twitter.com/CuvSspkcmPj9Qou/status/920943288860884992
  2. The files for unreleased banners are already in the update data, just encrypted. IntSys already planned to put her on a scumbag late release banner long before that whale tweeted. That being said, her being the 4* TT reward may still be a possibility as I remember reading somewhere that Arden only had 5* stats in the data while Ayra had 4* stats as well. Just clinging on to hope at this point
  3. To put things into perspective, I have yet to see someone actually happy about this development (besides those lucky bastards who got Ayra on their free roll), and this is possibly the most pissed off I've ever seen this fanbase become. How did we go from "free CYL unit for everyone" to this?
  4. Well, guess I'm never getting Ayra. Don't have any incentive to roll for an infantry sword (with pity breaker risk), even if she's the best infantry sword in the game. Deirdre is still higher priority for me.
  5. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Just checked the twitter account and Google translated the comments. Japanese fanbase is just as pissed off as we are. Hopefully IS will rethink their banner methods.
  6. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    So the 40% selection consists purely of newly introduced units. That's just garbage game design, and basically forces players to get lucky or pay up if they don't want to suffer. One thing I did notice is that all the bonus units are gen 1 characters, which hints at a separate gen 2 banner+TT, maybe next month? (Ishtar pls)
  7. What the fuck IntSys. That is possibly the worst 40% unit selection to ever exist in a tempest trial. And having Ayra on a banner where you can be spooked by Eldigan? I'm at a loss for words.
  8. Did someone say red mages? Lilina is +1 and both her and Katarina have Redblade+ so that's 2 dead Tharjas as well.
  9. Well, I lied. Promoted my Arvis because I have no self control. Currently running Ardent sacrifice, Growing flame (not enough feathers to promote Iceberg fodder), fury 2 (goddamnit Hinata), recover ring and def ploy
  10. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I don't have galeforcers, so I just killed all the reinforcements with bladetome spam as usual. Nothing really different from the BHBs, just more enemies to take out. I didn't even get to see Valflame in action because Ephraim oneshots his ass even on infernal Def ploy at 4* is nice, but I don't have any units that use it well. (No, I'm not going to promote an Est for this)
  11. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    Distant defense 3 is now mine. Going for spd+3 (squad ace version) next, because 3 points of speed is a lot, all things considered. Also lets me patch up Minerva's -Spd IV if I want to.
  12. I'd say Lukas would be a good promotion, especially with those IVs, but I prefer the QR set over brave lance.
  13. New week, new runs Arena: 4,844 Team: B!Lyn, Cecilia, Ninian, BK Arena Assault: 4,866 Didn't lose a single match. Sigurd's absurd tankiness is annoying but that's all he really does. He's just hard to kill. Lots of Amelias this week. Also ran into a weaponless BK in arena assault, not that I'm complaining. Dancer wise, Azura is by far the least threatening of the PA dancers, due to how the AI's movement works. With the ranged dancers, there is a constant risk of having them refresh B!Lyn or Reinhardt, which is really scary on maps with walls.
  14. What are you doing with your feathers?

    Arvis looks good for a free red mage, but as someone with a +Atk Celica and +Spd Katarina, I doubt I'll 5* him. Saving my feathers in case Ayra becomes a GHB, or if she's not, then I may just keep saving those feathers.
  15. I'm hoping that Julia will be a 40% bonus because I don't have anyone else from FE4. Not even Seliph She is the tempest banner unit so there's a pretty high chance she will be 40%, but then again, BK wasn't a 40% despite that.