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  1. Still no SS units, but I did get desperation fodder and a 4* Mathilda, whose Ridersbane was given to my 4* Clair for lulz.
  2. Decided to actually compile a list of all the 4* characters I still don't have. It's quite a lot, though not as much as before thanks to the summon rate swap.
  3. I'm already past 70k with 75 stamina potions still ready, though I probably won't need to use any. Easiest TT to date. Switched Michalis out for Delthea once he capped HM so I could run Alm, Celica and Delthea with Ninian for triple steroid unit fun.
  4. I've been out of QR fodder for about a month now. Giving QR to Berkut, Xander, Michalis and my other slow bulky units kinda burned through my Subakis rather quickly. I've been rolling blues, but the rate swap only turned my 3* Jagen/Gwendolyn problem into a 4* Jagen/Gwendolyn problem. Don't even ask me how. I did unfortunately "waste" one on Camus since he really doesn't need QR, though it's too late to take that back now. I'm also out of hone speed, but the quest datamine indicates that we'll be getting a free Matthew soon, so I'm not too concerned about that.
  5. Arena this week is full of Ikes and Hectors for some reason. Nowi was also fairly common. 4,798 score, probably won't bother to improve on it because I'm dropping out of tier 20 either way. Also, fuck arena assault. Especially the wall map and goddamn Azura on it.
  6. I've beaten all of those already. What made you think I haven't?
  7. Still no sign of a SS unit, but I did finally pull Lukas, at 4* with +Atk -Spd. Unfortunately, I'm out of QR fodder at the moment.
  8. Here you go. He's just a straight up better Niles
  9. From the datamine, Narcian GHB will be rerun once again. Probably with infernal this time. Rip everyone who's been waiting for Camus/Xander
  10. Datamining has begun. It's not done yet but here's the link to the post anyways. Amelia has Armour BST with the trainee boost lol. 173 BST. Tana has 34/36 offense apparently.
  11. I haven't actually merged any of my 5*s intentionally. I usually just 5* one copy of a GHB unit if I like them and keep the rest as emergency skill fodder. Or if I don't 5* them, I get one copy to 4* level 40. Especially for units like F!Robin who is the only source of Blue Tomebreaker, and Narcian for lancebreaker 3, those tend to get used as fodder but I will keep at least one copy. I don't feel the need for merges since I'm not a whale. Besides, if I pull a F!Corrin or Frederick before the 21st I won't need to sack Valter, I only mentioned him in case of an emergency.
  12. Gave him reposition. I don't have any Luna fodder right now so I'll have to wait for Valter's GHB
  13. Just promoted my +Spd -HP Raven. 38 speed with brave axe and L&D for quads. What do I give him for his special and assist skills?
  14. TBH even before the banner arrived, Seth would have been screwed either way. Lance Seth would have been just a worse Camus, like every other non-Camus lance cav in this game. I say just roll for him if you really like his character. That's basically what I've done all this time. If my faves have good stats, that's just a bonus. If their stats are bad, so be it, I'll find a way to make them work anyways.
  15. Beat infernal this time, thanks to horse emblem. Had to spend quite a bit of stamina though, since the inflated stats gave even Xander trouble killing the legions. However, clearing the quests on the lower difficulties became a cakewalk once I figured out the infernal strategy. Now that the GHBs and BHBs have intro dialogue, I really want to see another rerun of all the previous ones before the C&L BHB