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  1. Well hey, you can't really fault someone for wanting to optimise their favourite character, even if they're outclassed. Regarding the arena, I'm still able to keep my record of getting a deathless run on the first day of every season, despite fighting enemies with +3-5 merge levels, while my team is completely unmerged. I even had to fight a nightmare team of +3/4 Reinhardt/Julia/Tharja/Ninian and still won without deaths.
  2. I was thinking of a reverse wings of mercy skill, sort of like this: Shelter: Allows ally units below 50% HP to warp to a space adjacent to this unit.
  3. Michalis convinced me to promote him to 5*, despite not knowing him much beforehand. I'm also planning to promote Camus once he's released. Then there's also Alm, as SoV isn't released worldwide yet, but I've seen a lot of the leaked stuff, and I definitely like what I've seen so far.
  4. Found my first Armour Emblem team in the arena. It's not very threatening, because 1mov. 4,788 score is now rank 3,626. 5 defense wins, highest is 289 points.
  5. Your Defense team is the leftmost one. As for a good defense team, stacking blue units should give some victories. From the units you have, I believe Ninian, Sharena and double Linde should suffice. Use SI to deck out your team with skills and level everyone to 40, as most players are around that scoring range, making it more likely for someone to encounter your team.
  6. Day 2 of the fortune teller event is up now. Azura is today's "grand pull"
  7. TBH, I like fury more now that it doesn't affect your arena score. Back when scoring was BST based, fury's bonus stats would cause you to be matched up against merged units, essentially negating the stat advantage fury is supposed to give, but with the new system, fury is worth the same as any other A skill, and thus using it now gives the stat advantage it is supposed to provide.
  8. Do you happen to have a spare Olivia from all those reds you pulled while hunting for Ike?
  9. I promote characters I like to 5*, 3 so far. Unfortunately, this has led me to have a surplus of sword units, but I don't really mind (I don't intend to promote any more swords after this anyways). The rest of the feathers are used to promote skill fodder for inheritance.
  10. Promoted Zephiel and pulled a Ryoma. Ryoma's -Atk, which is disappointing, but at least it's not -Spd. Sacked Cain for SI as Zephiel needed threaten Atk to complete his kit (and I already have a crapton of 5* swords so no big loss).
  11. Rolled for Hector, got a lobster instead! Edit: +HP -Atk @Rezzy I'm blaming you for this.
  12. Yep. Hoping for Tharja to lose because of this new mechanic.
  13. No, it means that if your team is currently losing, each flag will be worth 3, so spending 200 flags when your team is not in the lead will amount to 66,000 points instead of 22,000 like before.
  14. X3 score multiplier means comebacks are very possible now. Here's hoping that every match ends up like Ephraim vs Chrom now. (Not sure if I can handle that kind of stress though)