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  1. FE6 set sounds probable. While I would like a FE8 set, I'd like a little more time to save up some orbs for that banner, especially since I also want to pull on the inevitable SoV banner.
  2. Zephiel's map is 9-2, 9-3 is Ursula's
  3. 9-3 used to be one of the toughest missions for me, but it turns out promoting Michalis to 5* was an excellent choice as he destroys that map. I recommend a high strength green flier that can OHKO the green mage cavalier and Ursula, and a dancer. My strategy was to bait the sword and green tome cavaliers with a sword unit (Lyn), then have Michalis kill the green cav, then dance him and kill Ursula. Lyn finishes off the red cav, and the knights were easily picked off by Lilina (any mage will do)
  4. I prefer Ignis as his skill as it adds a flat 28 damage when it activates, and it has a faster cooldown compared to blazing thunder.
  5. Corrected the main post accordingly. However, the only relevant red unit that isn't OHKOed is Eldigan, as Draug and Hinata are nonexistent in the arena, and Chrom and Seliph are only used by those without better alternatives, and don't pose as much of a threat as say, Lucina and Ryoma. However, once Zephiel and Xander are released, those two will also be relevant reds that cannot be OHKOed. Edit: messed around with the combat calculator, and apparently all those sword units you mentioned deal a grand total of 0 damage to Ephraim. He can't OHKO them, but it doesn't even matter anyways.
  6. Just checked, you're right on that. Fixed the main post.
  7. Quick riposte is enemy phase focused, allowing him to always double when attacked regardless of the enemy's weapon type, but the main con of this is the HP threshold is more restrictive. However, if you use him as more of an enemy phase tank, it works very well, as he then doubles any unit that isn't 2 range. One more thing to note is that unlike lancebreaker, quick riposte doesn't prevent him from being doubled. His main role on the team is to remove swords, and he is now more effective than Sharena in this regard, as neither can naturally double the relevant sword users without swordbreaker, but Ephraim utilises swordbreaker and Triangle adept better due to his higher Atk and Def. He also has a better matchup against other lancers with lancebreaker or quick riposte for similar reasons. Ephraim can also now serve as the team buffer as well, since his weapon has the same effect as Eirika's.
  8. I've decided to do a write up on Ephraim, but I'm not sure if it deserves it's own thread, so I'm posting it here. Ephraim's neutral stats: 45/51/25/32/20 He has the standard bulky physical unit stat distribution, with high Atk, Def and HP, but Low speed and lower res. However, skill inheritance has allowed him to patch up his flaws, and is quite possibly one of the best lancers in the current meta. This set allows him to OHKO most relevant red units thanks to Tri Adept 3 (those who are not OHKOed are rarely seen in the arena, aside from Eldigan), and TA also reduces all damage taken from unbuffed swords to 0. Lancebreaker allows him to double other lancers for massive damage off that 51 Atk stat, and has the added effect of negating Effie's wary fighter. Since most of the meta is red and blue, this set performs very well in the arena. Be wary of fury builds though, as the extra def and spd may prevent an OHKO. Threaten Def and Moonbow are good enough to not need replacing. For his support skill, I suggest Draw back for utility or reciprocal aid to replenish his HP. Counters: any green unit, due to TA. Red mages are no problem, but blue mages that can double him (Linde) will most likely ORKO him as well. My personal set, tailor made for my +Spd Ephraim. Speed boon gives him +4 speed, combined with speed+3 or fury 3, he reaches a good 32 speed, which is a key speed tier that prevents him from getting doubled by threats like +Spd Takumi and Sharena, while also allowing him to double other blues like neutral speed Abel, Nowi and Ephraim naturally. However, +spd variants of those units will require rally speed or threaten speed to be doubled. I prefer speed+3 since it preserves his HP, which is important for the next skill. Swordbreaker then prevents him from getting doubled by the >36 speed sword users, instead letting him double them for clean ORKOs, essentially removing threats like Lucina and Eldigan instantly. Threaten Speed is there if you want him to double even more things. Otherwise, threaten Def can still be kept. Draw back is for utility, which has saved me on a few occasions. Due to his increased speed, he can go up against some axe wielders like Camilla and still win. He even doubles neutral Julia, one of his supposed counters. Counters: HECTOR. Minerva is also a huge threat, as are green units with Triangle adept, but those aren't very common. Others are not so much counters, but more like checks since he can win most 1v1 encounters if played well, but keep in mind that he will lose a lot of HP when fighting magic units like Tiki(Y) and Nowi, and will not be able to survive being attacked by more than one. Looks familiar? This is basically the exact same blade-buffing set that placed Eirika in S tier, but with the added advantage of being a blue unit with front liner stats. This set also leaves his A and B slots free, which allows him to run parts of the previous 2 sets like Tri adept and breaker skills. This allows him to serve a double role as sword killer and buffer, and is arguably his most potent set. Counters: Depending on your choice of A and B skills, usually the same as the previous 2 sets. Good teammates: For the first set, a green counter is always required. Any sword lord can fill this role. For the second set, a speed buffer works really well. With rally speed, Ephraim does not get doubled by even the fastest units like Linde, and will never be ORKOed as a result. For the third set, blade users like Nino and Tharja benefit greatly from the buffs. Other teammates that work with all sets would be dancers, who go well with any team, a magic based unit, to prevent high defense units from walling him, and a Hector counter, as always. If you spot any mistakes in the calculations, feel free to correct me, as I haven't had the time to double check all the matchups.
  9. 4,524 offense is now rank 3,891. Also got my first defense win this week worth 266 points
  10. Ninian, Lilina, Ephraim, Lyn
  11. Increased my highscore by 10 points to 4,524. Currently rank 3521 The highest I can possibly score with this team is 4564, but that would require backing out until I get a 652 point enemy team for 7 times.
  12. The rest of 9 has been completed. Beat 9-2 easily. Michalis kills the blue knight, Roy kills the green knight and Narcian, and Ninian kills Zephiel. 9-1 was completed only needing Michalis and Roy (and a dancer). Kagero was just tagging along. Thinking back, I only really lost 9-5 as I didn't expect Michalis to be able to tank 2 hits from the blue mage, otherwise I would have probably won.
  13. I beat 9-4 without deaths, but 9-5 had to be cheesed with a light's blessing. Will be trying out the other 3 when my stamina refills. Edit: 9-3 has been completed on first try! Apparently Michalis just destroys the map.
  14. Fliers is done. Armours is a lost cause, so my stamina is going to be used to complete the lunatic challenge quests. Is the 9-5 one even possible without cheesing it? RIP my light's blessings.