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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Free roll 5* once again, just like Shiro, fittingly enough. Unfortunately he's -Spd +Def so probably won't be used much. His skills are all 4* obtainable so he's still safe from foddering at least.
  2. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    Skipping Karel, no experience with him Ninian The only dragon dancer in the game. Poor Atk stat of 24 gives her awful killing potential, but rather than focus on that, she does have great survivability with decent defense, good Res and Spd and the largest HP pool of any dancer and access to water breath for even more bulk, and thus gets a base rating of 6 due to that niche. Dancer bonus gives 1.5 for infantry dancers for a final rating of 7.5
  3. Sacred stones finally gets seasonals, that's nice, but still a pass for me. I don't have enough orbs to waste here. What happened to Innes' hair though?
  4. Official Pull Topic

    About damn time. +Spd -Atk, no complaints here. I hate how green orbs always refuse to show up whenever I snipe green.
  5. M!Grima basically took out most of the new earth map for me, but for Ike I had to have my L!Ike duel him over 3 rounds of combat before he went down.
  6. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    Abstain from both. I've never pulled either and I'm not familiar with how they play post refinement
  7. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    Rating criteria And now finally the unit I've been waiting forever to rate Ephraim Some units get powercrept as time goes on. Ephraim however, has gotten stronger after both major unit building changes. After SI, he was able to replicate Eirika's buffing niche, and refinery gave him one of the best upgrades with automatic follow up attacks at 90% HP and above. This makes his poor speed mostly irrelevant, giving him great matchups against red and blue units with deathblow. It synergizes well with his high Atk and Def, making his once mediocre statline surprisingly optimised for his new role. He was also the first unit to get both a sidegrade and upgrade, after getting access to flame Siegmund, allowing him to run a mixed phase build, and unlike his mounted version, can use steady breath and wrath. However aside from player phase utility, his enemy phase performance doesn't quite match up to Lukas and Shiro, and loses his buffing utility. He does falter against defensive greens and can't take a magical hit, limiting his enemy phase, but as long as you don't pick fights you can't win, he'll be fine. Though the thing I like most is how easy it is to slot him into a team, as he covers both blue offense and buff support, and doesn't require a dedicated team setup. combat rating of 8, +0.5 for buffing utility for a final rating of 8.5. (Eirika didn't get the +0.5 as the -0.5 from needing a specific team setup balanced it out) Julia I've grown quite fond of using her as well. Back during Reinhardt's reign of terror she was basically the premier counter to him, though those days are sadly over. Julia has high Atk and Res, middling to poor speed and paper thin def. Her speed limits her player phase performance, mostly relegating her role to enemy phase mage tank. Naga's defensive buff isn't much so I'll only consider divine Naga here, which negates enemy buffs, neutralising bladetomes and hone based emblem teams. Dragon effectiveness is also a really useful bonus due to how common they are. She easily one shots most blue dragon builds that aren't optimised for magic tanking, and can usually one shot green dragons after a hone buff. However, she can fail to one shot red dragons and if she can't kill them, will die from the counterattack due to adaptive damage+QR, unless the dragon isn't running LB+ or some form of DC. As far as competition goes, there are many better candidates for the green slot on a team, but she does have her uses. 7/10, dragonslaying utility and great matchups against green and blue mages makes her a good pick for arena assault if nothing else.
  8. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Ursula is a really easy boss. Running my old Ephraim+bladetomes (Nino and Katarina) team. Dancer slot just rotates whoever hasn't capped HM as usual. Since the scattered fangs units are a myth to me, this will probably be my team for the rest of the event.
  9. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    Finally, we're done with the launch units. Eirika Before refinement, she was mostly a dedicated buffbot due to her poor offensive statline, even when compared to launch units. However due to bladetomes being very common then, she carved out her own niche. Refinery allowed her to copy the buffs of her allies, and as those buffs are invisible, they can stack with visible buffs up to +12, giving it great synergy with tactic and wave skills. Still, she does require being near her allies and a specific team composition which limits her flexibility. But I do like that they made her refinement complement her niche rather than trying to completely change her. 7/10 Seliph If I thought Eirika's statline was bad, his is even worse, with way too much put into HP. Before refinement he was basically the bottom of the barrel. After refinement, he gets Sigurd's ability to tank magic when combined with the deflect magic sacred seal, but that's about it. His stats are still bad and there are high Res swords who can tank magic normally, and DC swords who can retaliate against mages instead of purely tanking the hit. 3/10
  10. I remember using nearly the exact same argument in my old arena rant after score inflation prevented me from getting to tier 20 with my normal teams. Honestly I still don't really understand it either. You basically spend a crapton of feathers on characters you probably don't even like, and the only real payoff is slightly more coins and stones every week because the feathers most definitely do not even out anytime soon. Probably just the novelty of having high scores. Getting your favourite character to 5* +10 I can understand, but this, not so much.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    So while rolling for flying Nino, the game decides to give me my fifth brave Ike. Okay? I mean, I can't say no to steady breath but this is ridiculous. +HP -Spd, but he's fodder anyways.
  12. Info on new AA scoring system, which begins this week (last week used the old system, scores were just inflated for some reason) Using a hero with the corresponding blessing to the season adds +1 to your final score, for a maximum of +28. You can probably already see the new maximum on the top rankings. This also means that for those aiming to maximise score, your choice of units is now even more restricted. Terrible change IMO especially for those lacking blessings or AA reserves.
  13. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    This one was ridiculously easy compared to the previous few GHBs. I kinda wanted Nino to kill her brothers again so I brought her with Ephraim, Celica and PA!Olivia. Killed the lance wyvern first then retreated, Linus then pivoted right where Nino could nuke him, and cleaning up afterwards was easy.
  14. New Voting Gauntlet!

    Seeing as they didn't do a bride gauntlet like people expected, this one probably won't be a summer gauntlet. Another random theme most likely. Hopefully this means we'll get 2 block banners for 2 free rolls.