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  1. Official Pull Topic

    No new 5*s, but lots of fodder 4*: Roderick, Athena, Catria, Selena 3*: Florina I just wish one of them was desperation fodder, because I really need that right now.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I got my feathers. That's enough for me
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Dumb masses will be dumb. I guess they really wanted to get rid of those flags.
  4. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Prediction tracker predicts rubber banding all the way until the end of the match. Probably best to save flags for the end in this case.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Now I'll have to pick between honor (Sigurd) and feathers (Tharja) I don't have a Sigurd, but I do have a level 1 4* Tharja I can use for bonus. However, I really don't like her. Hmm...
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Faye and Tharja landed in same hell, with Faye leading. It depends on how many non-multiplier flags each team is willing to spend now.
  7. You call those healers? Meet the new healer meta.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Team Katarina lost, but I got over a million points, so I'm satisfied. Probably joining Faye next because of the bonus (and probably the multipliers as well)
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Looks like joining team Katarina for the feathers was the right decision. inb4 we pull a Shanna For extra lols, I have Deirdre as my current lead
  10. Time to use the Reinhardt
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Grabbed a duplicate Genny right before the 8% banner ended. Time to run Wrathful+Dazzling Elise. Free pull on kids banner had only green and colourless, so I ended up with a 4* Lachesis.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Time for team Katarina once again it seems. If she goes down early I still have Priscilla and Faye for bonus points. (Yeah I'm going feather hunting again) I also have 3 4* Tharjas but don't expect me to ever join her team.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    If that's the case, I feel like there could have been more appropriate choices. Priscilla and Katarina don't really fit the theme as romance is only a very small part of their character.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I don't understand the choices at all. On one hand you have Sigurd and Dorcas who are in proper relationships, and then we also have unrequited lovers, and lastly, the stalking creeps. What is the qualifying requirement for this anyways?
  15. What's your feather roadmap look like?

    25k feathers now and not sure what to do with them, as there's no new GHB anytime soon. Maybe I'll give L&D to Elincia, but I'm still lacking desperation fodder.