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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Yes which is why I figured they must have spent flags, if both teams were close in size and the leading one spends less they wouldn't pull ahead unless the team size difference was larger than what would have been expected from the CYL results (which very well might have happened). However I agree on that the casuals would have spent less flags... maybe Lyns team just was that much larger.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Plus there is a lot of overlap in the Lyn and Lucina fanbases as many are fans of both, I would wager that a lot of Lucina fans now join team Lyn
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Wouldn't team Lyn have have to use a fair amount of flags if the team sizes were close?
  4. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Even worse than i thought then... oh well
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Sigh we lost... hopefully Lucina doesn't lose out on a smash bros 5 roster spot because of this... I just wonder how close it really was, how did the team size compare between Lyn and Lucina and how did both of them compare to Ike. It looked as if both had higher scores than Ike last i checked and he should have had more multipliers due to the larger team size difference between him and Roy.
  6. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    I think this was the hardest infernal map yet took me quite a few tries before i figured out a way to beat it. The key was putting escape route on my ruby sword olivia and letting her bait the green cav and the red cav mage to the upper left corner then escaping to help the rest of the team in the lower part of the map.
  7. Who do you hate seeing on a map

    Without question horseblade emblem with dancer support, spring camilla flier emblem with dancer support and regular blade emblem with dancer support. I've basically abandoned any strategy that requires enemy phase baiting due to those teams since there is often no way to bait only one blade user, courtesy of the dancer, and no one can survive two blade users in one turn...
  8. Crossover Ships?

    CeciliaxReinhardt because they work so well as a team.
  9. Which nature is better for Leo +speed -hp or neutral? not sure which one to merge.
  10. What units do you use the most?

    My arena core team: Reinhardt, Hector and Olivia.
  11. Except in the situation where the defense team has a dancer and you can't bait the blue tome without also getting attacked by the green tome. Since triple (cav) mages+dancer teams are common in the arena G.tomebreaker can be really useful on Cecilia.
  12. Rank 960 in tier 17 with 4834, hopefully it will be enough to promote to tier 18 next week. Faced 1 cav emblem team, 1 flier emblem team and 1 triple mage+dancer team. Team was Reinhardt, Hector, Olivia and Roy.
  13. Like when they have a dancer that will bring in their second reinhardt/cecilia/any mage to finish hector off.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    Pretty much the reason I joined team tharja, the other teams can be such bullies haha.
  15. Indeed, I also run reposition shenaningans to escape that scenario xD, however I have found situations where it is not possible to escape, depending on map layout and enemy team comp (particularly if they are horse emblem teams with multiple cav mages), such as with reinhardt first then a second cav mage right behind and a dancer behind the second mage (happens quite often if the defense team has draw back).