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  1. What is the most broken unit you can make?

    I've yet to try this but it's an idea I've had for a while F!Corrin Master Ninja +Skill -Luck -Dragon Fang -Hoshidan Unity -Nohrian Trust -Quixotic -Shurikenfaire Jakob Paladin -Aether -Rend Heaven -Luna -Pavise -Aegis Obviously a set to spam skills, like I've said I haven't tried it yet but it seems really powerful to me. And of course they've got the S-rank
  2. Awakening children vs. Fates children

    I made this under the assumption that this would be gameplay-based only but that's a fun idea to think of actually. However Owain and Inigo would not be able to recruit their respective children as in their timeline they kinda don't exist
  3. Least Favorite Character

    I have very little experience with the franchise so far (having only played awakening and conquest, as well as about halfway through birthright), but so far I'd have to say probably Mireille. She's really bland, I don't like her design, her child is one of my least favorite, and she's outclassed by almost every magic user in the game.
  4. Idk if this has been done before but let's go Say, theoretically, the children characters of both these games were to face off in a battle. Which side would win? Now obviously there are many factors that could change the tide of battle, for example. 1. Fathers/Mothers (Awakening/Fates respectively) 2. Class Options 3. Skills 4. Dlc/No Dlc 5. The fucking avatars *sigh* 6. Are the children paired or not? To make this simple, let's say this 1. Remove the non-tied parent from the equation. This makes things simpler because no one wants to spend hours on numbers and class pools 2. Children's final class will be their "canon class" as follows Great Lord - Lucina Hoshido Noble- Kana F Nohr Noble- Kana M Grandmaster- Morgan M/F Hero - Inigo, Severa, Soleil Sorc - Ophelia Sage- Laurant, Rajhat War Monk- Brady Wyvern Lord- Gerome, Percy Falcon Knight- Cynthia, Shigure, Caeldori General- Kjelle, Ignatius Sniper- Noire, Kiragi Spear Master- Shiro Strategist- Forrest Butler- Dwyer Beast Classes- Yarne, Selkie, Velouria Manakete- Nah Master Ninja- Asugi Merchant- Midori Paladin- Sophie, Seigbert Adventurer- Nina For the most part, these give each character a unique model, or are either implied or stated directly at some point. Both Kana's were picked randomly because fuck. I was originally planning on allowing reclasses to gain skills, but that allows more options than anyone wants to count, so we'll be sticking to just the four skills (Rip luna, galeforce, rend heaven, quixotic, etc.) 3 Avatars will be granted no boon/banes to make things less complicated (Fates' talent is irrelevent as reclassing is not allowed) 4. This fight will be played with no supports, and pair ups don't exist. The personal skills of fates will apply as well 5. Dlc is not allowed I personally am going to have to side with awakening. Even with the numbers/personal skill disadvantage, almost all of the kids are good one way or another. Lucina with Aether and rightful king, not one but two Morgan's, and units like Severa and Inigo really stand out. Imo the only stand out characters from fates are Shiro and Ophelia. The other ones are decent at best (Percy, Soleil, Seigbert) and some are kinda trashy (Dwyer, Forrest, Kana) Of course they'll become great once you factor in the other parent, however they're irrelevant for this test. So thats basically it. Which side would win in your opinion?